22 Aug, 2018

“It was not a deeply meaningful discussion”

Assistant Secretary of State Wess Mitchell at the hearings in the Senate said that the only result of the meeting between Trump and Putin was an agreement on a meeting of representatives of the Russian Security Council and the US National Security Council to be held in Geneva.

On the question of the senators, whether the presidents discussed the treaty on the reduction of strategic offensive arms (START III), but Mitchell refused to answer the question unambiguously, noting that the talks were not deep in content.

“These were not profound discussions,” he said.

Briefly about the main thing ……


For the completion of a problematic facility, the authorities are not required to respond

There is no formal duty of the authorities to be responsible for completing the problematic object, the head of the Ministry of Construction Vladimir Yakushev is sure. And he explained:

“Any co-investor is a co-investor, he must first understand the risks and be ready to share them with the construction company.Today, the regional government voluntarily solves the problems of defrauded co-investors.A conscientious taxpayer can ask a logical question: why his taxes should, for example, go not for the improvement of yards, but for the completion of housing co-investors who decided to invest in a certain project and brought the developer money voluntarily? “.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs was allowed to pay informants

The material form of encouraging citizens to help the police in capturing criminals and uncovering crimes was approved by the Ministry of Justice of Russia. The amount of fees can vary from a few thousand to ten million rubles.

PhD students will receive benefits for travel in public transport in Moscow

Lixutov said that from September 1, graduate students will receive the same benefits for travel on public transport, as students and residents. According to him, starting from September 1, a monthly metro pass will cost 380 rubles for graduate students instead of the current 2075 rubles.

I was repeatedly approached by graduate students of various Moscow universities, asked to restore justice, because students and residents receive benefits on travel by public transport, and graduate students do not receive. – Sergei Sobyanin, Russian politician

The Ministry of Health discusses the introduction of frightening pictures on alcoholic beverages

Bottles with liquor can provide images, with information about the dangers of alcohol, similar to those that are published on packs of cigarettes. The “Izvestia” was told about this in the Ministry of Health, where the prospects for such a decision are being studied.

Russian TV channels removed content from the main page of “Yandex”

The largest Russian media holdings Gazprom-Media (owns the channels NTV, TNT, TV-3, etc.), NMG (REN TV, Channel Five) and Channel One have removed their channels from the main page in Yandex .

Media holdings believe that Yandex promotes piracy, writes Kommersant. Companies are ready to return content back, only if Yandex “clean out pirated versions” from the search issue, a source from Kommersant said:

“This is the only way to influence them so that they remove pirated content.”

Moscow authorities received 4 applications for rallies against pension reform

The Moscow mayor’s office received four applications for holding September 2 rallies against raising the retirement age, Tass reported in the capital’s department of regional security and anti-corruption. “All applications are under consideration,” the department said.

Airlines have inflated prices for flights from Russian resorts

In the last weekend of summer, on August 25 and 26, the minimum prices for flights from Sochi to Moscow exceed the cost of tickets for other dates by almost three times. So, if on September 5 for the flight you have to pay 4 775 rubles, then this Saturday the ticket will cost 12 288 rubles.

Tourists refuse to pay a holiday fee in the Kuban

The resort fee was collected from mid-July in Anapa, Gelendzhik, Hot Key, Sochi and Tuapse region. Tourists were ordered to pay 10 rubles a day when arriving at the hotel

People refuse to give money to the resort fee, arguing that they have already paid for the ticket, which already takes into account the amount of tax deducted by the hotel. Others believe that the place of residence “all inclusive”, so they have nothing to worry about.

Meanwhile, the amount of fines for refusing to pay a resort fee is from 500 to two thousand rubles.

Muscovites will be able to book a parking space in the parking lot of the hospital

Earlier, the head of the Moscow Department of Health announced the launch of another service, through which patients will be able to find out the reason why they can not enroll in a doctor of narrow specialization. The approximate start dates: the end of 2018 – the beginning of 2019.

“Natalie Tours” received about 12 thousand claims from customers

“Reporting on the situation, Vladimir Vorobyov, currently managing tour operators within the group, confirmed that the company has already received about 12 thousand claims from tourists-customers of the company, work is underway to determine their legal status,” the report says. association “Tourist assistance”

The Ministry of Energy proposed to increase the utility tariffs from July 2019 to 4%

The Ministry of Energy suggested that after increasing the VAT rate to increase utility rates in January by 1.7%, and from July 2019 – by 4%, RIA Novosti reports with reference to the deputy head of the department Vyacheslav Kravchenko.

A Nazi accomplice who was living in the US was deported to Germany

The US deported to Germany Jacob Palia, a former guard of the Nazi concentration camp, the last known criminal of the Third Reich, who lived in the States. The corresponding statement is published on the website of the US Department of Justice.

Italy does not admit migrants to the port of Catania

The new Italian government since June 2018 has banned the entry into its ports of ships of non-governmental organizations that transport illegal migrants. The authorities of the country believe that it is necessary to help migrants “at home”, and not in Europe.

In Mexico, allowed to have sex in public places

The authorities of the city of Guadalajara in Mexico have passed a law permitting the employment of sex in public places, reports NBC Washington

“VKontakte” will provide users with access to the data collected about them

So far, we are talking about users in the EU countries, where in May the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) came into force. Thanks to the document, the user can find out all the information that the platform collects about it, including the technical one.

Regions have checked for execution of programs of overhaul

During the check, experts from the All-Russian People’s Front (ONF) analyzed the level of implementation of the 30-year programs, implementation of work plans, collection of contributions and the efficiency of using these funds by regional operators – on the basis of these data, a certain number of points was assigned to the regions. So, the first place in the rating was occupied by the Kursk region (313 points). It is followed by Sverdlovsk (292) and Lipetsk (289) regions, as well as Moscow (288), Belgorod (278), Tula (278) and Kaliningrad (278) regions. Worst of all, the overhaul program, according to the study, is being performed in Chukotka (16). Also the outsiders of the rating were Kabardino-Balkaria (26), Ingushetia (39), Altai (44) and Tuva (52)

Expenses of Russians for additional education of children

While free education in the 2017/18 school year was received by more than a third of children (34.7%), on average, families spent 25 thousand rubles on such classes

More than half of the apartments handed over in Moscow are inherited

58% of the capital’s economy class apartments and comfort, which are currently rented, transferred to the owners by inheritance or a gift contract. This is stated in the study of the company “Incom-Real Estate”

Vladimir Yakunin received a German work visa

The head of Russian Railways Vladimir Yakunin received a German work visa, – DW reports. This publication was confirmed in the Foreign Ministry of Germany. In Berlin a few years ago, the Institute of Dialogue of Civilizations was registered, the founder of which is Yakunin


Russian oil and gas companies increased bonuses to top managers

This is evidenced by the data of the companies’ reports for the first half of 2018, which Izvestia got acquainted with.

In the first half of the year, the employees paid in addition 5.8 billion rubles, and the total amount of compensation increased to 10.6 billion rubles.

The largest increase in remuneration in January-June occurred in Lukoil, which raised the premium part to both members of the board of directors (almost 66 times) and management (14.5 times). Payouts for each top manager this year amounted to an average of a record 316 million rubles.

Gazprom allocated only 243 million rubles for compensations, spending an average of 78.5 million rubles on one top manager.

“Rosneft” reduced the premiums of the board by 32% from 2.4 billion rubles to 1.6 billion rubles. On one top-manager it was necessary about 150 million rubles.

Congress of the Children’s Goods Industry

The Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation has started an active phase of preparing the Congress for all participants in the market for children’s goods. On Monday, an online registration service for the Congress of the Children’s Goods Industry began.

This year, the key theme of the Congress will be the digitization of the children’s industry. During the plenary session, the issues of changing the paradigm of managing business processes under the influence of digitalization will be touched upon. The introduction of advanced technologies, robotization and automation of the production process, the integration of artificial intelligence into industry in many ways simplifies the release of goods for children and ensures their compliance with GOSTs. At the same time, new technologies form new challenges. So, on the agenda there is a question about digital safety, first of all, our children. A discussion will be organized around these problems.

The US reported the freezing of accounts of Deripaska and Vekselberg in Cyprus

In April 2018, Reuters, citing two sources, wrote that as a result of US sanctions, the assets of the Renova Group were frozen for $ 1.5-2 billion. Then Forbes reported the blocking of $ 1 billion on Vekselberg’s personal accounts in Swiss banks.

CBR renewed the purchase of currency for the Ministry of Finance

The Bank of Russia resumed buying the currency for the Ministry of Finance after the break, according to the materials on the regulator’s website. Prior to this, the Central Bank did not buy currency on the domestic market, starting from August 10. With calculations on August 20, the regulator bought a currency of 17.5 billion rubles.

Money is enough for only one economic crisis

The funds of the National Welfare Fund will suffice only to survive one crisis, similar to what happened in Russia in 2008-2009. This was stated by the head of the Accounts Chamber Alexei Kudrin during the parliamentary-public hearings on pension reform.

Today there is no reserve fund, today there is only one National Welfare Fund. It will be enough for one such similar crisis, as long as we do not have more funds … We can not tie up pension system payments to him. – Alexei Kudrin, Russian politician

The surplus of the British budget in July reached 2 billion pounds, higher than the forecast

The surplus of the UK budget in July reached 2 billion pounds ($ 2.55 billion), which is 1 billion pounds more than its size in the same month of last year, according to the National Statistics Office (ONS).

The Central Bank placed coupon bonds of the 10th issue

The Bank of Russia placed coupon bonds of tenth issue for 58 billion 833.569 million rubles at par value. Demand for securities amounted to 58 billion 833.569 million rubles at face value, according to the materials of the Moscow Stock Exchange. The volume of supply was 201.176 billion rubles at face value.

Raiffeisenbank increased its net profit by 14%

Raiffeisenbank in the first half of 2018 increased its net profit under IFRS by 13.95% compared to the same period last year, to 17.352 billion rubles, the report of the credit institution.

Increase the minimum price for cognac and champagne

The minimum retail price (MRC) for cognac is proposed to increase from 371 to 500 rubles, for champagne – from 164 to 175 rubles. Chairman of the National Union of Consumer Protection Pavel Shapkin told TASS. Based on the results of the meeting of the working group on consumer protection in the sale of alcohol products to the expert council of the Rosalkogolregulirovaniye.

The proceeds of MTS increased by 7%

Excluding the transfer, MTS Group’s revenue for the II quarter of 2018 under IFRS increased by 7.6% as compared to the same period of 2017 and amounted to 114.9 billion rubles. Net profit of MTS for the quarter, taking into account the transition to a new standard, decreased by 3% and amounted to 14.3 billion rubles.

Double the subsidy for gasoline

The government can revise the size of the budget subsidy for oil companies – the so-called damping premium, which, if world fuel prices rise, will allow them to maintain low prices of gasoline and diesel fuel on the domestic market.

11 million barrels of strategic reserves

The US Energy Ministry is to sell 25 million barrels of crude oil from the country’s strategic reserves for three fiscal years (starting October 1 in the US), starting in 2017, and 58 million barrels in eight years, starting in 2018.

Novatek to build a terminal for LNG under Murmansk and Kamchatka

Novatek announced plans to build a terminal for liquefied natural gas (LNG) in the Ura Bay of the Murmansk Region. This was announced by Leonid Mikhelson, Chairman of the Board of the company at a meeting on the development of the Northern Sea Route in Sabetta.

Germany demands to save at least a third of gas transit through Ukraine

“After the completion of the construction of the North Stream-2, the Russians must transport at least 30-40 billion cubic meters of gas through Ukraine,” the minister said.

Approximately this minimum amount of transit required was previously announced in Kiev.

Rosnedra announced auctions for three sites in Yamal

Rosnedra announced auctions for geological exploration of three sites in the Yamal-Nenets Autonomous District. The estimated resources are 681 billion cubic meters of gas, RNS reports.

India plans to conduct an IPO overseas “daughter” ONGC

The Government of India has invited the state oil and gas company ONGC to conduct an IPO of a subsidiary of oil and gas production outside the country – ONGC Videsh, Reuters reported citing a government letter.

Licenses to return to regions

The State Assembly of Yakutia proposed to the State Duma to change the Federal Law “On Subsoil” in such a way as to restore the regions the right to determine the conditions for issuing licenses and to fix the duty of subsoil users to participate in the “socioeconomic development of the subject of the Russian Federation and municipal entities”.

Tyson Foods buys McDonald’s meat supplier

One of the largest food American corporations, Tyson Foods, will buy Keystone Foods from Marfrig Global Foods for $ 2.16 billion, the first company said in a statement. Keystone Foods supplies chicken, beef, fish and pork to retail stores and fast-food chains.

The government allowed Rostekh to sell shares in Technodinamics

The government allowed state corporation Rostek to sell more than 460,000 shares of the joint-stock company Tekhnodinamika. The corresponding order is published on the official Internet portal of legal information.

Medvedev gave a contract for work in the port of Gelendzhik company Timchenko

Stroytransgaz, controlled by businessman Gennady Timchenko, will build a complex of coastal and maritime infrastructure in the seaport of Gelendzhik. The corresponding decree was signed by Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev. The document is published on the website of legal information.

Megafon attracted credits from Gazprombank

Megafon attracted two loans from Gazprombank for a total of 15 billion rubles, and does not exclude the use of these funds to buy GDR as part of delisting the company’s securities from the London Stock Exchange (LSE), the operator said. Buyback August 22 will hold a “daughter” of “Megafon” – Megafon Investments Limited (MICL).

Profit of FC Otkritie decreased by 12%

The profit of the bank “FC Otkrytie” according to IFRS in the first half of the year decreased by 12% – to 1.8 billion rubles, the bank reports. In 2 quartiles, the bank received a loss of 3.232 billion rubles against a profit of 1.707 billion rubles. a year earlier.

The authorities of Venezuela recorded prices for food

Representatives of 33 branches of the agro-industrial complex of Venezuela agreed to fix prices for their products. The meeting with the producers was held by the vice-president of the country Tarek El-Aissami. Already on Wednesday the Venezuelan Ministry of Food will publish a list of fixed prices

China proposed to build a high-speed highway to Vladivostok

The Chinese authorities offered Russia to build a high-speed highway (VVC) between Vladivostok and the Chinese border town of Suifenhe

Rosneft half of profit on dividends

The Board of Directors of Rosneft recommended that by the end of the first half of 2018, half of the profits under IFRS should be allocated for dividends, according to the company’s website. So, for each ordinary share of Rosneft, holders of securities of the company will receive 14.58 rubles each.


He committed a crime at the direction of Trump

The former lawyer of Donald Trump, Michael Cohen, who agreed to the deal with the investigation, swore under oath that he paid two women for silence at the direction of his client, his lawyer Lanny Davis said.

Microsoft said “Russian hacker attacks” before the elections in the US

Microsoft Corporation claims that it has recorded new attempts by hackers to influence the congressional elections in the United States. Such information appeared on the official website of the company.

Russia offered Ukraine to exchange the crew of the ship “Nord”

“I want to remind you that for the fifth month people with passports of Russian citizens can not return to their territory,” Tatyana Moskalkova stressed. According to Moskalkova, the crew of the ship “Nord” could be exchanged for the crew of the Ukrainian vessel “YMK-0041”

Lavrov spoke about preparing Putin’s visit to Serbia

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said that the visit of Russian President Vladimir Putin to Serbia is currently being prepared.

Putin assured Merkel of preserving transit of gas through Ukraine

Russian President Vladimir Putin told German Chancellor Angela Merkel that Russia plans to preserve the transit of gas through Ukraine. This was reported by presidential press secretary Dmitry Peskov, reports RIA Novosti. “Putin said that transit through Ukraine will be preserved,” Peskov said.

The topic of forecasts of gas consumption volumes on the European continent was discussed. It was stressed that these forecasts are now very contradictory and there are different concepts. – Dmitry Peskov, Russian diplomat

Putin called on the military of different countries to strengthen partnerships

The text of the appeal of the head of the Russian state is published on the official website of the Kremlin. Vladimir Putin noted that a large-scale review of the latest developments of military equipment traditionally attracts many Russian and foreign specialists and promotes the strengthening of partnerships.

This large-scale review of the latest developments in the defense industry brings together leading Russian and foreign specialists and serves as a popular platform for discussing issues of military-technical cooperation. – Vladimir Putin

Citrass announced the completion for Greece of an odyssey with a debt crisis

Greek Prime Minister said that new times are coming Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras announced the completion of an eight-year odyssey with a debt crisis. The Greek prime minister, on the occasion of the completion on August 20 of the third aid program of 86 billion euros, made a televised address to the people.

Russian ships came under US sanctions

The US Treasury Department imposed sanctions against six Russian courts, two individuals and four companies because of the DPRK. This is stated in the message of the Office for Control over Foreign Assets of the US Treasury, published on Tuesday, August 21.

The US postponed duties on cars from the European Union

US Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross said that the White House postponed the decision on the expediency of imposing a duty on the import of cars from the European Union

Trump does not plan to make concessions to Turkey

American leader Donald Trump said that the United States does not intend to make concessions to Turkey, Izvestia reports. Trump noted that he was sad from the actions of the Turkish authorities.

I am extremely sad about what Turkey is doing. I think they make a terrible mistake. There will be no concessions. – Donald Trump, 45th US President

The government of the Federal Republic of Germany criticized Putin’s proposals on Syria

Recall that earlier Russian politicians blamed the West for not participating in the restoration of those regions in Syria, where the fighting ceased. However, in the government of the Federal Republic of Germany, it was answered that this issue is “not a priority for them”.

Manafort was convicted on eight counts

At the trial in Virginia, the jury unanimously recognized Paul Manafort, former head of the campaign headquarters of President Donald Trump, guilty of eight counts of eighteen, Bloomberg reports.

Facebook deleted pages “related to Russia and Iran”

The Facebook company deleted a number of pages and groups in its social network, as well as in the Instagram service, explaining its actions by the fact that “agreed unreliable actions” were carried out from the accounts, and “part of this activity has origins in Iran and some in Russia.”

Estonia and Latvia want to collect damage from Russia for “Soviet occupation”

“The Ministers of Justice of Estonia and Latvia emphasize the importance of remembering the period of Soviet occupation and are studying the possibility of demanding compensation from the Russian Federation as the successor to the Soviet Union,” the statement said.


In Russia, began to develop a plane with vertical take-off

Russian experts began developing a plane with vertical take-off on behalf of the country’s President Vladimir Putin. Deputy Prime Minister of Russia Yury Borisov announced this at the International Military Technical Forum “Army-2018”.

C-400 will go to Turkey next year

Rosoboronexport will start implementing a contract for the supply of S-400 complexes to Turkey next year, the head of the company Alexander Mikheev told reporters.

Russia and Burkina Faso signed an agreement on military cooperation

Russian and Burkina Faso defense ministers Sergey Shoigu and Jean-Claude Buda signed an intergovernmental agreement on military cooperation, which provides for the exchange of experience in peacekeeping and fighting terrorism

Iran showed the first fighter of its own production

At the ceremony before the Day of Defense Industry, President Hassan Ruhani attended.

An airplane that can carry different types of weapons will participate in air support operations, writes Tasnim.

T-14 “Armata” began to enter the Russian army

The Armed Forces of Russia began to receive the newest tanks T-14 “Armata”. This was stated by Deputy Prime Minister Yury Borisov. “Over one hundred samples have already been contracted and are being sent to the troops,” Borisov said at the fields of the International Military Technical Forum “Army-2018”.

The helicopter Mi-28NE with missiles “Chrysanthemum-M” is presented

The upgraded Mi-28NE is equipped with a new anti-tank guided missile “Chrysanthemum-M”, the use of which will increase the range of damage to armored targets to 10 kilometers.

The outfit of the “soldier of the future” was shown at the forum “Army-2018”

Exoskeleton made of carbon fiber, which is designed to facilitate the movement of soldiers with loads of up to 50 kg, is presented at the military-technical forum “Army-2018”, held in the suburbs.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia has presented the armored car for transportation of terrorists

A vehicle designed to transport suspects in terrorism and extremism was first presented by the Russian Ministry of the Interior. Armored car type “AZ”, manufactured at the Moscow enterprise “Technique”, was shown on August 21 at the military-technical forum “Army-2018”

Boats for strengthening in the Black Sea

Ukraine’s ambassador to the US Valery Chaly said that Kiev is working to get a boat from Washington to strengthen its positions in the Black Sea basin. This Chaly told during a press conference on Tuesday

The fighter crashed in the south of Sweden due to a collision with a bird

In the south of Sweden, the JAS 39 Gipen fighter of the Swedish Air Force crashed. The cause of the disaster was a clash with the bird, reports Expressen TV on Tuesday, August 21. The incident occurred near Ronneby.

Russia is developing a new generation of anti-submarine weapons

In Russia, new samples of anti-submarine weapons are being developed, the general director of the Techmash concern Vladimir Lepin told RIA Novosti.

The cartographic system arrived in Tartus

The Russian military delivered a mobile digital map system to Syria, the equipment will use the creation of electronic city plans and electronic topographic maps.

In Syria, militants detained more than 500 supporters of dialogue with Damascus

Militants detained more than 500 supporters of the dialogue with Damascus for two weeks in the de-escalation zone of “Idlib”, the fate of most of them is unknown, said the head of the Russian Center for the reconciliation of warring parties in Syria Alexei Tsygankov at a briefing.

China announced its readiness to deepen military cooperation with India

The head of the Chinese Ministry of Defense, Wei Fenhe, at a meeting with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, said his visit to India is aimed at deepening contacts and cooperation between the two countries in the field of security and the military sphere, the statement of the Chinese defense ministry said.

Russia called the threat of an increase in the US military contingent in Norway

Russia perceives as a threat of an increase in the military contingent of the United States in Norway. The Russian embassy in this Scandinavian country noted that the growing US military presence on the border with Russia can not but cause Moscow’s strong concern.

Japan intends in 2019 to increase defense spending by 2%

Initially, Aegis Ashore was planned to be deployed by 2023, but the Japanese authorities intend to accelerate the process. Each complex will cost Tokyo at $ 917 million. These measures in Japan are considered necessary due to the unstable situation on the Korean peninsula.


In Venezuela, because of the earthquake, a two-hundred-foot skyscraper tilted

Interior Minister of Venezuela Nestor Reverol said that the last five floors of the 200-meter unfinished skyscraper in Caracas, known as the Tower of David, banked 25% after the earthquake with magnitude from 6,3 to 7,0, NTN24 reported.

A teenager has died in Chechnya, who blew himself up in an attack on policemen

A young man who blew himself up during an attack on policemen in the village of Mesker-Yurt in Chechnya, died in hospital, a source in law enforcement agencies told RIA Novosti on Tuesday.

In the suburbs there was a mass poisoning

As a result of poisoning in the suburban Kotelniki more than 20 people were hospitalized, one died. This is reported by the city news agency “Moscow” with reference to the Ministry of Health of the Moscow region. It is specified that a total of 26 people were injured.

The police returned a bag to a pensioner with a million rubles

The police returned the bag to the pensioner, which contained the amount of 1 million rubles left to them in a trolley bus in Chita. This was reported to journalists on Tuesday in the press service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia for the Trans-Baikal Territory.

A resident of Samara was removed from a flight in St. Petersburg for a drunken riot

A resident of Samara was removed from the flight in St. Petersburg for aggressive behavior aboard, a case was filed of an administrative offense, the words of the official representative of the Ministry of the Interior of the Russian Federation, Irina Volk, are quoted on the agency’s website.

Nurses of the Sakhalin hospital tied a small patient with pantyhose

Patients removed the suffering kid in the video. The author of the video from Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk claims that it was made on August 17 in the infectious department.

“I was lying with a child, this five-year-old kid was alone there, he was taken from a dysfunctional family.” Frankly, he did not bother anyone, did not run, did not get the nurses. “The kid ran from the room for fun, to play, and asked people the corridor was eaten and drunk, the nurse wrapped it in a sheet and then tied it with pantyhose, all supposedly on behalf of the head physician. “Poor could not even say anything, he can not speak,” the girl said.

More than 20 cars damaged in Tula torn from the building roof

As reported by news agency “Tula news”, the incident occurred on the Novomoskovsk highway. The roof slipped from the building, jumped in the trees, flew across the roadway and fell on the cars parked next to the car dealership. Machines intended for sale

Teenagers who killed a young man in the Urals were charged

The investigation accused four teenagers of beating up a young man in the town of Berezovsky, Sverdlovsk region, SUSK reported on Tuesday. Earlier, the court arrested one of four teenagers, who, according to investigators, participated in the beating.

The cause of the death of a child in a car locked by the mother is named

The cause of death of a five-year-old child, who spent almost three hours in a closed car in the Moscow region of Stupino, was a heat stroke. This is written by the “Moskovsky Komsomolets” with reference to the results of the autopsy

In Croatia, a cleaning lady beat a tourist with a metal rod

A resident of the UK was injured at the hands of a hostel cleaner during her trip to Croatia. The woman beat the tourist, who refused to pay extra for the room, according to the Daily Mail. According to 26-year-old Laura Denmar, she and her friend booked a room at the hostel before the trip to Croatian Split.

The plane returned to Ufa because of the burning engine

The pilot decided to deploy and make an emergency landing at the airport in Ufa. As a result, the aircraft landing was successful. On board there were 202 passengers.

An earthquake occurred on the Vanuatu archipelago

An earthquake of magnitude 6.7 occurred in the Republic of Vanuatu on the New Hebrides archipelago in the Pacific Ocean, according to the US Geological Survey (USGS).


Dmitry Tarasov showed the face of his youngest daughter

Yesterday Dmitry Tarasov and Anastasia Kostenko baptized her daughter. The young mother shared her photos with the followers of her Instagram photo, made after the ceremony, and told that her sister, Xenia, became the daughter of Milana, who all the time was near and supported Anastasia.

Guys, thank you both for taking great responsibility and we, in turn, are glad that we entrusted to you our dear man. Now our princess is under the reliable wings of the Guardian Angel. Everything went very atmospheric. – Dmitry Tarasov, Russian footballer

49-year-old Evelina Bledans has made ECO

In Bulgaria, the artist has prayed a lot that fate would give her another chance to become a mother. According to Bledans, the idea of IVF came to her after a girl appeared in one of the TV shows, who considered herself to be her daughter.

Madonna came to the MTV award in the form of a viking

Award MTV Video Music Awards is considered one of the most honorable and popular in the US. Unlike many other ceremonies, here the success of Western artists in making clips is taken into account

Pugacheva in leather shorts supported Loboda at the concert

After the performance, the stars were photographed together in the dressing room, and the sexy Pugacheva in leather shorts looked no less attractive than Loboda in a shiny red overall. During the concert, Loboda presented the audience with an honored guest, calling her “great and inimitable”

Yuri Loza compared himself with the group Eagles

The occasion is a disc of the melancholic American collective Eagles Their Greatest Hits 1971-1975, which came out on top of the list of the best-selling albums of all time according to the American Association of record companies, squeezing Michael Jackson.

Daughter Terekhova left the theater because of sex scandal

Recently it became known that the leading actress of the Theater of the Moon Anna Terekhova with a scandal lost her role in one of the new productions. According to rumors, the reason for this was the novel director Daria Popova with the young actress Daria Tsyplyaeva, who eventually replaced Terekhova, who had served in the institution for more than 20 years.

Konchalovsky showed a passion for Vysotsky in public

Director Andrei Konchalovsky celebrated the 81st anniversary in France. The company was made up by his wife, television presenter Yulia Vysotskaya, and younger brother, cinematographer Nikita Mikhalkov. The director and his family spent a holiday in the open air.

Buzova told about sex and gays on the show “Married to Buzov”

Olga Buzova told about sex and gays on the new reality show “Married to Buzov”. To the representatives of the non-traditional orientation, the TV hostess is positive, but the project is waiting for a real opportunity to fall in love.

Mother sent the star of Ranetok to a rich lover

Ex-soloist of the band “Ranetki”, and now videobloger Lena Tretyakova said that many years ago was kept. However, the affair with the rich fan did not last long.

Tretyakova noted that most of all then she was struck by the reaction of a close environment. Everyone persuaded the girl to return to the rich boyfriend.

“They assured me that I was the last idiot.” I missed this guy, I would live in chocolate, love – then she will come, “the actress recalled the mother’s words.

The actress of “Harry Potter” got married

British actress Afshan Azad, who played Padma Patil in four films about Harry Potter, married her lover Nabil. Despite the fact that Afshan was brought up in a Muslim family, her fiancй professes Hinduism, and the wedding ceremony was held in accordance with the traditions of this faith

Ex-participant of “Doma-2” Gobozov broke up with the girl

Fans of “House-2” discuss another scandal – the separation of Alexander Gobozov and Olga Zharikova. Recently, the couple left the project together, and the young man hinted that he was ready to marry as soon as he formalized a divorce with his ex-wife. Zharikova herself told about the rupture of relations.

Former PR-agent Buzovoy told about her earnings

The ex-agent of the TV presenter reported that Buzova’s official salary in “House-2” is 380 thousand rubles a month, although the other leading ones receive four times less.

Sami Naseri was discharged from hospital after being beaten

In early August, the French actor Sami Naseri was beaten in a karaoke bar, where he quarreled with other visitors – a verbal skirmish turned into assault. As it turned out, two months ago, the performer of the main role in the French film “Taxi” found a fracture of the eye’s orbit.

Visiting George and Amal Clooney

Recently British journalists found out that Megan Markle and Prince Harry spent several days on Lake Como in Italy. There the Duke and Duchess of Sussex came to visit George and Amal Clooney.


Rare canvases from the Tretyakov Gallery will be presented in the park “Zariadye”

Pictures from the Tretyakov Gallery’s collections will be included in the exposition “Representing Russia”, which opens in the Exhibition Hall of the Media Center of Zaryadie Park on September 6. Guests of the park will be able to see 55 canvases by famous artists such as Alexei Savrasov, Isaak Levitan and Alexander Borisov

Holiday of dolls. The Kremlin in Izmailovo

On August 25 and 26, an exhibition of author dolls and toys will be held in the cultural and entertainment complex “Kremlin in Izmailovo”. The Boyar Hall will host the author’s works, which will be presented by more than 100 authors from different cities of Russia and foreign countries. There will be folk dolls, fairy-tale characters, interior and portrait dolls made of porcelain, papier-mâché, wood and polymer clay.

Adults and children will be able to take part in master classes: punch a toy out of wool, paint a nesting doll or porcelain face, a wooden Japanese kokeshi doll, make a doll of paper.

The program also includes creative presentations and performances by children’s puppet theaters. The exhibition will be open from 11.00 to 20.00. ”

Novgorodians will split the medieval camp near the Peter and Paul Fortress

During the Days of the Novgorod Region in St. Petersburg, which will take place on September 28-29, under the walls of the Peter and Paul Fortress, a medieval camp will be split.

The main theme of the Biennale of street art “Artmosfera”

“The Biennale will again take place in the format of a collective exhibition of street wave artists who entered the field of contemporary art from the graffiti environment and other practices of working with the urban space,” the press service recalls.

Moscow Book Fair

The Moscow International Book Fair will open on September 5 at VDNKh. The main theme will be children’s literature, – TASS reports. Space 75 of the pavilion will be divided into thematic areas: “Books in the City”, “The First Microphone”, “Literary Living Room” and “Children’s Stage.”

Night of cinema in Gallery A3

August 25 at the Night of Cinema in the Gallery A3 of the Association “Exhibition Halls of Moscow” will be a mini-exhibition and film screenings dedicated to the work of the outstanding artist of the national cinema Yevgeny Eney.

The world of poetry IS. Turgenev in etching BA. Diodorova

To the 200th anniversary of the birth of IS. Turgenev Russian State Library of Arts (RGBI) presents the exhibition “World of poetry IS. Turgenev in etching BA. Diodorov “.

The hardships and joys of the Trubetskoy family

August 29 at 16:00 in the House Museum of the Trubetskoye (Irkutsk, Dzerzhinsky st., 64) will be a literary and musical composition “The hardships and joys of the Trubetskoy family” dedicated to the 228th anniversary of Sergei Petrovich Trubetskoy.

Trubetskoi was arrested and sentenced to 20 years of hard labor followed by a life-long settlement in Siberia. Salvation of Sergei Petrovich was his wife: the princess decided to share his fate and the first wife of the Decembrists in 1826 obtained permission to go to Siberia. Katorga the prince was serving in the Blagodatsky mine, the Chita prison and the Petrovsky factory.

The State Museum LN. Tolstoy to the 190th birthday of L.N. Tolstoy

In September 2018, Russia and the whole world will celebrate the 190th anniversary of the birth of the world-famous writer, an outstanding thinker, philosopher Lev Nikolaevich Tolstoy.

The State Museum LN. Tolstoy – one of the oldest literary museums in Russia, invites you to take part in the jubilee events that will take place at all museum venues.

Proverbs and sayings of the peoples of Russia

“Without the corners the house is not built, without a proverb it does not say” – the Russian National Library invites to the exhibition devoted to Russian proverbs and sayings

Exhibition “The Great Dream: Idea, History, Reality” in Peterhof

On August 3, at 15:00 in the Upper Garden of Peterhof, the poster exhibition “The Great Dream: Idea, History, Reality”, author of the concept Sergey Bondarev, curator of museum items of the “Grand Palace” department, photos of the St. Petersburg photographer Oleg Trubsky. The exhibition is timed to the fifth anniversary of the Museum of the fountain business. In the center of attention of the famous photographer – Peterhof water conduit, a unique hydraulic structure of the XVIII – the first half of the XIX century, which determined the brilliant destiny of Peterhof – the fountain capital of Russia.

“St. Isaac’s Cathedral: To the History of Creation” – an exhibition in the Russian Museum

The exhibition, timed to the 200th anniversary of St. Isaac’s Cathedral, opens a little-known page in the history of creating an architectural monument. The interior of the cathedral, as it appears today, looks different than he thought. The Russian Museum has a unique complex of preparatory materials for the paintings of St. Isaac’s Cathedral, which represent not only all the necessary stages of work, but also working materials of artists, preserved in dozens and hundreds of drawings.

Exhibition of Ruth Baumgarte in the Marble Palace

Exhibition Ruth Baumgarte in the Marble Palace represents the African cycle of a German artist. The exhibition is timed to its 95th anniversary.


“Dovlatov” and “Summer” will compete for the “European Oscar”

The list includes five Russian paintings, including “Summer” directed by Kirill Serebrennikov and “Dovlatov” by Alexei German Jr., the press service of the film academy said. Also on the list of “European Oscar” were “The War of Anna” by Alexei Fedorchenko, “Arrhythmia” by Boris Khlebnikov and “Hayk” by Sergei Dvortsev.

A series of films about Gogol turn into a series

A series of mystical films based on the works of Nikolai Gogol will be turned into a series of eight episodes. This was told by the producer of the film Valery Fedorovich, – RIA Novosti reported.

Makovetsky and Peresild will play in the series “Zuleikha opens his eyes”

Let’s hasten to calm – Zuleikha in the film adaptation of the book is still playing Chulpan Khamatova, and the role of Julia Peresild is the fateful beauty of Nastasya. In general, the casting in the project is completed.

The series “Shine” extended for the third season

The series “Glitter” (Glow) was extended for the third season – writes the publication Variety, referring to the official representatives of the popular streaming service Netflix. The fact that the series “Shine” will be extended for the third season, it became known two months after the release of the second season of the show.

Eva Longoria will play the mother of Dasha the Traveler

Eva Longoria signed up for the participation in the game tape based on the famous animated series “Dasha the Traveler”. The star of “Desperate Housewives” will be reincarnated as the mother of the main character.

Started shooting the sixth season of the series “Brooklyn 9-9”

On Monday, August 20, began shooting the 13-series sixth season of the series “Brooklyn 9-9”. Continuation will release the channel NBC, intercepted the comedy project, after that Fox closed the series on May 11. The cast also noted the start of the filming of photos on Twitter.

The trailer of the movie “The King Out of the Law” is published

Netflix posted on its Youtube channel a trailer for the movie “The King Outlawed” with Chris Payne in the lead role. Chris Pine is known for the works “Startrek”, “Wonder Woman”.

BBC published trailer mini-series Press

On the official channel BBC in YouTube published trailer mini-series Press Michael Barletta. The premiere of the multi-series film is scheduled for autumn.

The American Vandal Trailer

The responsibility for a horrible crime is borne by an unknown person, hiding his identity under the pseudonym Fecal Robber. The second season of the “American Vandal” will be available to subscribers of Netflix on September 14.

Danny Boyle refused to shoot a new film about James Bond

British director Danny Boyle left the chair of the director of a new movie about the spy James Bond, according to the official Twitter of the Bond.


Facebook introduced a system of assessing the reliability of users

Facebook social network introduced a system to assess the reputation of users, determining the degree of trustworthiness on a scale of zero to one. The system, which was not previously reported, sotsset has been preparing since last year, reports The Washington Post

VKontakte launched services for food and taxi orders

Social network “VKontakte” launched services for ordering a taxi, eating and organizing holidays. This is reported on Tuesday, August 21 in the official blog of the social network. The platform of services was called VK Apps.

The new iPhone will receive faster wireless charging

It became known that the new iPhone in 2018 will get faster wireless charging. As noted by Western sources, the device will receive a special FPC coil with a unique flexible printed circuit.

Samsung announced two “affordable” curved gaming monitors

At its conference on Gamescom 2018 in the German city of Cologne, a South Korean company announced several game monitors of the CJG5 series.

The 27-inch version with the expansion of 2560×1440 and a frequency of 144 Hz is equipped with two HDMI-ports and an input for DisplayPort. The cent on the monitor is still available only for the British market, but on the shelves of American stores the device will cost about 300-350 dollars. The 32-inch version has the same characteristics, but it will have to pay a little more – about 450 dollars.

Leagoo launched the cheapest T8s smartphone with 4 GB RAM

The company Leagoo launched the cheapest T8s smartphone, equipped with 4 GB of RAM. The Chinese manufacturer offers users a mobile device at an attractive price, as the cost of the novelty is 89 dollars

In Gmail for Android, you can now cancel sent messages

In Android-version of Gmail, the function of canceling the sent message appeared. The user will be blocked for 5 seconds, the Android Police reports.

The European Union imposed fines for terrorist content

The European Union imposed fines for Internet companies such as Facebook or Youtube for the spread of terrorist content. Now, if such content, placed by someone from online services users, will not be deleted within one hour after appearing on the network, the service will be fined.

Against Google filed a lawsuit

US citizen Napoleon Pataxil sued Google for illegally tracking the movements of millions of users. The case will be considered by the District Court of the Northern District of California.

Oracle in the lead of the magic quadrant Gartner for mobile development platforms

Oracle announced the positioning in the segment of leaders in the Magic Quadrant of Gartner on the platforms for developing mobile applications in 2018. (Magic Quadrant for Mobile App Development Platforms).

WhatsApp warned users about the speedy removal of their data

It is reported that the messenger WhatsApp warned its users about the imminent removal of their data from the server. Unfortunately, since November 12, users of the Android operating system will not be able to upgrade to its updated version without losing data stored there for more than 12 months

Samsung will release a giant 17.5-inch tablet

Sources say that Samsung Galaxy View 2 will be equipped with a display with a diagonal of 17.5 inches. The model will be somewhat more compact than its predecessor, and not only because of the smaller diagonal, but also due to the thinner frames around the display. The resolution of the latter will be 1920 x 1080 points.

LG will release two new versions of the wireless headset Tone Plus

The company LG Electronics said that it will present at the exhibition IFA 2018 two new versions of the wireless headset Tone Plus.


Russian scientists created a unique photodetector of an atomic thickness

The study was supported by a grant from the Russian Science Foundation. One of the main achievements of scientists note that the unique photodetector is only an atom thick, which qualitatively distinguishes it from other developments.

The use of milk for breakfast reduces the level of glucose in the blood

Scientists from Canada have concluded that eating dairy products for breakfast reduces blood glucose and significantly increases satiety.

The turn of the magnetic poles will deprive the Earth of the “shield” from radiation

According to scientists, over the past 300 years the power of the magnetic shield has significantly decreased. If on Earth there really will be a revolution of the poles, then the planet will become defenseless before cosmic radiation.

The recently described auroras were not at all polar

Physicists have found that the mechanism of the appearance in the sky of stives – colored luminous bands up to a thousand kilometers in length – is fundamentally different from the mechanism of the appearance of auroras.

To do this, scientists investigated the data on the style described in 2008 – even before it became clear that this is a special type of auroras. Most likely, this type of luminescence, like the aurora borealis, is caused by processes in the Earth’s ionosphere, but it is not accompanied by a strong increase in the flux of charged particles, scientists write in the Geophysical Research Letters.

Ducks on unmanned vehicles

On kraudfandingovogo platform Kickstarter appeared project Duckietown – a small model of the city with unmanned vehicles that carry rubber ducks. For the first time it appeared in 2016 thanks to students from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and now you can buy a set for creating a city with dots any researcher can.

Japanese scientists have created artificial platelets from the patient’s cells

The platelets formed from the patient’s white blood cells do not cause rejection. From leukocytes, multifunctional cells are formed, which makes it possible to create almost any cell of the human body. Subsequently, scientists grow cell lines of megakaryocytes.

Modifying blood group enzymes were found in the intestine

The most common classification of blood groups is based on the presence of specific carbohydrate chains on the surface of erythrocytes (red blood cells). Depending on the presence of the remainder of a sugar, the blood can be divided into four groups: I (or 0), II (A), III (B), IV (AB).

Bye Aerospace made the first flight

In April, it became known about the first flight tests of the prototype of the electric aircraft Sun Flyer 2, developed by the American company Bye Aerospace. Now the company said that it conducted the first flight of the prototype of the medium-altitude solar-electric plane StratoAirNet; The flight was conducted from the Northern Colorado Regional Airport.

Oxygen destroys bacteria resistant to antibiotics

Members of the American Chemical Society have developed a method to combat antibiotic-resistant bacteria. This is the idea of methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus.

Ants taught robots not to create traffic jams

The scientists found that to increase the speed of digging narrow tunnels in the ground, the ants are ready to step back and wait until their relatives with the soil particles are out. This behavior allows not to create congestion in tunnels and significantly increases the efficiency of work.


New Ford Ranger Raptor: premiere at Gamescom

The company Ford introduced its new extreme pickup Ford Ranger Raptor for Europe. It was the first car to be premiered at the world’s largest computer games exhibition Gamescom in Cologne. I must say that the place of the premiere was chosen not accidentally.

Sedan Suzuki Ciaz received an update and a new gasoline engine

Japanese company Suzuki introduced a restyling version of the Suzuki Ciaz sedan with a new gasoline engine. The model has greatly changed both externally and internally, becoming brighter, more expressive and more modern than its predecessor.

Changan has developed an update for the crossover Changan CS55

The Chinese auto giant Changan officially introduced a restyling version of its best-selling crossover Changan CS55. The novelty is noticeably “freshened” inside and out, getting even more useful options

GAZ showed new off-road minibus and pick-up truck “Sable 4×4”

The Russian auto giant GAZ demonstrates very interesting new cars. It should be noted that the all-wheel drive minibus “Sable” is very much expected. It has a modern cabin from the NEXT family and its front design.

Rally Porsche Cayman GT4 Clubsport Rally has passed stage WRC

Company Porsche has sent on a debut arrival the new rally coupe Porsche Cayman GT4 Clubsport Rally. The novelty has become a participant in the next stage of the world rally-championship WRC, held recently in Germany. The winner of the German stage WRC last weekend was the famous racer Ott Tanak.

New BMW M140i in camouflage at the Nurburgring

According to rumors, the BMW M140i will be built on a front-wheel-drive platform, and under its hood will be a 2.0-liter turbo engine with a capacity of about 340 hp. Presumably the sports hatchback will be offered only in a five-door version.

Porsche Project Gold

The company Porsche told that very soon the car 911 will leave in a single copy, the release of the model is timed to the anniversary of the brand. Previously, the network was published pictures of the car, but the characteristics were not discussed. In the engine compartment, the car will have a 6-cylinder M64 / 60 engine, which produces 450 hp.

The prototype KIA Forte GT with a turbo engine was seen during the tests

There were spy shots of the KIA Forte GT model with a turbocharged engine that was undergoing road tests.

The car will receive a revised rear bumper, a new radiator grille, double exhaust nozzles and large air intakes.

The machine will be driven by a 1.6-liter engine that generates 255 hp. The company intends to significantly refine the power plant in comparison with the basic version of the model.

Nissan Kicks based on Renault Duster will have a new design

Nissan’s auto holding continues to test the Kicks crossover, which is designed for Indian motorists. Most recently, the network has been published the first photos of the new car.

In 2021 there will be a car Alfa Romeo GTV

There was information that the company Alfa Romeo is developing a new supercar GTV with a hybrid power plant. As it turned out, the novelty will be released on the market not earlier than in two years. Specialists noted that the supercar will receive a modern power plant with a 2.9-liter motor

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