13 Jan, 2019

Ivanka Trump can lead the World Bank

The daughter of US President Donald Trump Ivanka can become president of the World Bank. Reports about it Financial Times. It is emphasized that the publication did not indicate the source of this information.

It is assumed that the process of discussing candidates for the post of head of the bank will be held until mid-February, and the approval process – until mid-April.

In addition to Ivanka Trump and Nicky Haley, United States Secretary of the Treasury for International Affairs David Malpas and head of the United States Agency for International Development Mark Green are among the candidates.

As noted, the current head of the World Bank, Jim Yong Kim, will leave his post on February 1. Kristalina Georgieva, executive director of the organization, will act as president of the organization.

The Washington Post reported earlier with reference to informed sources that Ivanka Trump could use her personal e-mail for official correspondence with US officials, thus violating the rules of the White House.

Briefly about the main thing …

The United States sent a landing ship to cover the withdrawal of troops from Syria

The US Navy sent a landing ship to Syria with marines, helicopters and other aircraft to cover the withdrawal of its troops from the country. It is reported by The Wall Street Journal, citing sources at the Pentagon.

Syrian air defenses repel Israeli missile attacks

Syrian air defense weapons repulsed Israel’s air attack over Damascus’s outskirts, and anti-aircraft gunners managed to hit most of the missiles. This was reported by the government channel Ikhbariya. According to him, the raid was made at 23.15 (0.15 Saturday Moscow Time).

Macedonian Parliament approves renaming of the country to Northern Macedonia

“According to the results of voting, the draft law on constitutional amendments, for which 81 out of 120 deputies voted, is considered adopted,” said Parliament Speaker Talat Jaferi.

According to the changes, the country will now be called the “Republic of Northern Macedonia”.

OSCE Mission lost drone as a result of shelling in the Donbass

The unmanned vehicle (UAV) of the monitoring mission of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) was fired in the area of ​​Popasnaya in the Donbas. This is reported on the organization’s website.

The term of investigation of the case of arrested Ukrainian sailors is extended

The term of the preliminary investigation of the criminal case against the Ukrainian sailors arrested after the incident in the Kerch Strait has been extended until May 25. They are accused of illegally crossing the state border of Russia. On the extension of the investigation reported TASS source close to the investigation.

US Department of State decided to ease restrictions on assistance to the DPRK

The US State Department decided to relax the existing restrictions on the provision of humanitarian assistance to North Korea, according to Foreign Policy magazine, citing sources. According to them, the ban on travel to the DPRK of US humanitarian workers was lifted, and the blocking of supplies of humanitarian aid was also weakened.

Ukraine will buy Turkish drone drone

Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko announced the signing of a procurement agreement for the needs of the Ukrainian army of Turkish shock drums Bayraktar TB2. These newest drone operational-tactical level drones can be upgraded with “modern high-precision missile weapons to destroy armored vehicles, engineering and fortifications, as well as naval targets,” Poroshenko wrote in Facebook.

Trump announced the “first in half a century” reduction in drug prices in the US

US President Donald Trump said that in 2018, drug prices in the United States declined for the first time in almost half a century. Trump noted that in the first 19 months of his presidency, Americans saved $ 26 billion on prescription drugs.

“Our policy to market more affordable generic drugs works!” – wrote the head of the United States.

Russian Navy plans to put on alert up to 32 “Poseidons”

In the future, the Russian Navy (Navy) plans to deploy up to 32 Poseidon strategic unmanned submersibles on combat duty. About this on Saturday, January 12, reports TASS with reference to a source in the military-industrial complex.

NBC officially broke up with leading Megin Kelly

NBC officially broke up with “star” TV presenter Megin Kelly, said in a statement. The stumbling block during the negotiations was the multi-million dollar amount of Kelly’s contract that has not ended.

One of the reasons for such fame is the repeated criticism from Donald Trump. In June 2017, Vladimir Putin gave Kelly an interview on Russian-American relations, previously she moderated the plenary session at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum.

US Army activates operations in Somalia

According to the information provided, the US Army (along with the forces of the Government of Somalia and other countries of the African Union) has increased in recent months the number of air and ground operations against jihadists in Somalia and other countries of the Horn of Africa

In India, they said that the era of the Soviet SVD was ending in the country’s army

The media in India, citing the command of the armed forces of the country, reports that by the end of January 2019, 5,719 sniper rifles from Italian and American manufacturers will enter the country. This is a batch of sniper weapons in the framework of a previously signed contract with foreign manufacturers of small arms.

The Indian army uses Dragunov sniper rifles chambered for 7.62 × 54, acquired in Russia in the early 1990s. But the army wants to modernize its forces and replace rifles of the Soviet era. SVD have a range of 800 m and are not equipped with modern systems of aiming, bipod. Also, ammunition is very expensive.

In Belgium, died member of the protest “yellow vests”

The participant of the protest action of “yellow vests” in Belgium died under the wheels of a truck, reports RTBF. The incident occurred on January 11 at the town of Wiese, where protesters on the highway blocked the movement of trucks.

Named countries with the highest mortality due to poor nutrition

German researchers from the University of Friedrich Schiller in Jena recorded in the CIS countries the highest mortality rate due to malnutrition. Uzbekistan was in the first place, where 394 people per 100 thousand people became victims of food habits. This is followed by Turkmenistan, Kyrgyzstan, Ukraine, Moldova, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Tajikistan and Kazakhstan.

A list of countries where people follow the diet, eating a lot of vegetables and limiting themselves in fatty meats and fast carbohydrates, led by Spain, Israel and France. In these countries, between 43 and 46 people per 100 thousand died from unhealthy eating habits.

It is reported that the findings of European experts are based on data from 1990 to 2016.

Aeroflot began selling tickets at subsidized fares

Aeroflot began selling air tickets at subsidized fares to Kaliningrad and the cities of the Far East. This is stated in the message carrier. Tickets can be purchased both on Aeroflot’s own flights, and on flights of the affiliated airlines Rossiya and Aurora.

In the State Duma offered parents to tell children about alcohol

As an anti-alcohol propaganda, parents themselves could tell their children about alcohol and be the first to give a taste. This proposal was made by the deputy head of the State Duma Committee on Information Policy, Information Technologies and Communications Andrei Svintsov.

“This is the culture of alcohol consumption: in a family, in the presence of adults, give 50 grams of good quality wine to a teenager at the age of 16. Anyway, sooner or later he will try it,” the words of the deputy are conveyed to the Moscow City News Agency. needed to be done. And most parents do just that. “

Revealed the loss of the USSR in the course of breaking the blockade of Leningrad

The losses of the Soviet troops during the breakthrough of the blockade of Leningrad and the further offensive in 1943 exceeded 170 thousand people killed, wounded and missing.

ALROSA sales increased by 6% in 2018

Russian diamond mining company ALROSA reported an increase in its sales in 2018, this follows from the company’s press release published on January 12. According to the company, in the past 2018, its sales grew by 6% to $ 4.507 billion.

The government expanded the boundaries of PDA in the Chukotka Autonomous Region

The Chairman of the Government of the Russian Federation, Dmitry Medvedev, signed a decree on expanding the boundaries of the territory of advanced socio-economic development (TOR) “Beringovsky” in the Chukotka Autonomous Region and renaming it to the TOR “Chukotka”.

Trump earned $ 35 million in real estate sales in 2018

US President Donald Trump earned about $ 35 million over the past year by selling part of his real estate. On this January 11th edition of Forbes writes, having analyzed data in property archives and open sources.

The Central Bank recommended not to charge interest after the court decision to recover

The Central Bank notes that for fixing the debt, creditors may terminate the contract with the condition of termination of interest and penalties from the time of termination, and also include in the content of the contract conditions on the termination of interest and penalties, including conditions on debt restructuring, upon the occurrence of certain circumstances.

IMF accused of withdrawing money from Ukraine

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) provides loans to Kiev so that foreign companies withdraw their money from Ukraine. This was January 11 on the air of one of the Ukrainian TV channels said Ukrainian political scientist Taras Zagorodni

“In general, cooperation with the IMF should be stopped. This is not a charitable organization … They give money during a crisis so that foreign companies can easily withdraw their money … And second, God forbid, our country does not stop buying imported goods, so that we always feed off another economy. Therefore, the money is sent to the foreign exchange reserves, so that they are at the National Bank. If the creditors see that you have gold and foreign exchange reserves, they understand that you can still lend money or restructure those that exist, ”said Zagorodny.

Tatarstan “Svyazinvestneftekhim” became co-owner of KamAZ

The Svyazinvestneftekhim JSC owned by the government of Tatarstan became the owner of 2.8% of the shares of PJSC KamAZ, follows from the materials of Svyazinvestneftekhim. The company told Interfax that they acquired KamAZ shares to diversify their investment portfolio.

Pension funds of the Gutserievs require 16.5 billion rubles from Otkritie FC

Both NPFs are owned by the Safmar Financial Investments holding of the Gutseriev family and undergo a merger process. Bonds worth 17.2 billion rubles were purchased from Otkritie Holding in 2015-2016.

China lowers growth goals

China plans to reduce the target value of GDP growth to 6-6.5% in 2019, reports Reuters, citing people familiar with the policies of the country’s leadership. Last year, the target was “about 6.5%.” The economy is slowing against the background of the ongoing trade conflict with the United States and lower domestic demand.

Since the beginning of the year, flour has risen sharply in Russia

Flour prices in Russia at the beginning of the year went up significantly, it was a reaction to the substantial increase in the price of grain, which occurred in early December last year, according to the Institute for Agricultural Market Studies (IKAR)

“The growth turned out to be serious: for the period from December 27, 2018 to January 11 of this year, the price, for example, of high-grade flour, immediately increased by 500 rubles and reached 19,500 rubles per ton with VAT,” the IKAR general director told Interfax Dmitry Rylko.

Rotenberg’s company will receive 46 million rubles for the PR campaign against corruption

Rotenberg’s company won a tender worth 46 million rubles to organize 120 anti-corruption events in the regions – round tables, seminars and conferences. The relevant data are available on the website of public procurement.

The salary of Tatarstan agrarians for the year increased by 6 percent

The salary of Tatarstan agrarians for the year increased by 6 percent. This was announced by the Minister of Agriculture and Food of Tatarstan, Marat Akhmetov, at the traditional Saturday video meeting in the Government House.

National Welfare Fund for 2018 increased by 7.6%

The National Wealth Fund (NWF) for 2018 increased by 7.6% – up to 4 trillion 36 billion 48 million rubles compared to 3.75 trillion rubles at the beginning of last year. This is reported in the materials of the Ministry of Finance of Russia. The volume of the National Welfare Fund in terms of dollars amounted to $ 58.097 billion.

National Bank of Ukraine refused to enter in the country payments in foreign currency

Ukraine will not introduce settlements in foreign currency, said Oleg Chury, deputy head of the National Bank of Ukraine (NBU), UNIAN reports January 11. According to him, the NBU is conducting a large-scale liberalization of the foreign exchange market, but this does not mean that the settlement in foreign currency will be allowed.

Gas prices increase in North Ossetia

From January 1, 2019 in North Ossetia, the price of natural gas increased by 2.3%. Now its cost is 5 913.28 rubles per thousand cubic meters. It includes value added tax. The decision on the increase in the cost was approved by the republican tariff service.

Gibraltar received the first batch of LNG for power plant.

The first batch of liquefied natural gas (LNG) arrived in Gibraltar for use at the new power plant, the government said. The government of Gibraltar reported that in the evening of January 9, LNG tanker Coral Methane arrived at the new terminal at the Northern Mall.

In Bashstat reported on the rise in price of gasoline in Ufa

According to the report of Bashstat, prices for 12 days increased by 1.6-1.7 percent. As of January 9, the average price of diesel fuel is 46.56 rubles per liter, AI-92 gasoline is 41.33 rubles, AI-95 is 44.31 rubles, and AI-98 is 49.07 rubles. Recall, on January 4th, the cost of fuel increased at Lukoil gas stations, on January 5, Bashneft raised prices.

It is also noted that, compared with the average prices of January 9, 2018, diesel fuel went up by 14.8 percent, AI-92 gasoline – by 10.2 percent, AI-95 – by 9.4 percent, AI-98 – by 10, 3 percent.

Accommodation in St. Petersburg for the year went up by 9%

It turned out that apartments in St. Petersburg went up by 9%. As reported in the press service of the service, at the end of 2017 the average cost per square meter on the secondary housing market in the northern capital was 99 thousand rubles. In December 2018, it reached 108 thousand rubles.

Serebrennikov received the White Elephant Award as best director

Director Kirill Serebrennikov was awarded the White Elephant Guild of Film Critics and Critics Award as the best director of the year 2018 for the film Summer.

Eddie Murphy confirmed filming the continuation of “Trips to America”

Filming will be done by Paramount Pictures studio, whose management wants to attract the largest possible number of actors who participated in the work on the original film.

Haruki Murakami is 70 years old

Famous Japanese writer and translator Haruki Murakami is 70 years old today. His books have been translated into 50 languages ​​and are bestsellers both in Japan and outside his home country.

Beloved Freddie Mercury received more than $ 50 million for “Bohemian Rhapsody”

Queen Freddie Mercury’s beloved soloist Mary Austin became richer by 40 million pounds (51.4 million dollars), she was paid a fee for a film about the Bohemian Rhapsody group, according to Daily Mirror. The picture of the British rock group earned at the box office about 600 million pounds (771.1 million dollars).

Alexey Herman shoots a film tour of the theaters of St. Petersburg

Alexey German Jr. became the artistic director of the film, which tells about the modern theatrical life of St. Petersburg. The “heroes” of this project will be not only the Mariinsky Theater, MDT, BDT or Aleksandrinka, but also young and independent actors, theaters, directors.

Moscow Art Theater will open for spectators backstage

The Moscow Art Theater named after Anton Chekhov will open backstage for the audience, Teatral-online.ru reports on January 12. January 27, everyone will be able to visit those nooks of a cultural institution that are not accessible to the viewer on ordinary days.

The Destination franchise is waiting for a reboot.

The first “Destination” was released in 2000. For eleven years, the cycle has grown to five films, a total of more than $ 665 million collected in the world box office.

Martin Scorsese will shoot a film about Bob Dylan

Streaming service Netflix announced that Martin Scorsese will direct a documentary about the legendary Bob Dylan concert tour Rolling Thunder Revue. In the picture, according to Variety, will include new interviews of the author-performer.

Photos from the personal archive of Marcel Salimzhanov presented at the exhibition in Moscow

The exhibition presents photographs and posters of performances staged by the director, costumes and details, as well as photographs from the personal archive of the director and video recordings of his performances. The chief director of the Galiaskar Tatar State Academic Theater, Kamal Salimzhanov, was 36 years old.

The adaptation of the game “Minecraft” has found a new director

Warner Bros. Studios nevertheless decided to launch into the production the long-suffering film adaptation of the popular video game “Minecraft”. This is evidenced by the appointment of the director, who became Peter Sollett, whose assets are mainly television projects, including episodes of the series “Vinyl”.

Kazan project of the inclusive studio “E-Motion” became All-Russian

According to the press service of the E-Motion studio, on January 20 and 27, 2019, an interview with the heroes from Samara will be released on #HumanS channel. They were the head of the “Inclusive Volunteer Club” Alexey Trancev and Andrei Chadayev, who was able to master such a rare specialty as a master optician.

Sylvester Stallone showed Rambo the cowboy

Sylvester Stallone presented a new frame from the fifth film dedicated to John Rambo. On it the famous veteran is depicted in the image of a cowboy.

Brexit with Benedict Cumberbatch showed in the UK

On the British television channel Channel 4 showed the film director of the series “Black Mirror” Toby Heyns Brexit. The picture tells the story of political strategist Dominic Cummings, who led the Vote Leave campaign for leaving the UK from the European Union.

Tyumen team made a film about the work of a blind photographer

In November last year, the Tyumen citizens presented the photo exhibition “Just Live.” Author Nikolai Meryugin never saw his work, he is blind

Cranberries have finished the last album

The Cranberries group shared their new information about their new album, which will put an end to the existence of the group. As reported on the band’s Facebook page, the disc was named “In the End” and will be released in 2019.

Personal customer videos were viewed manually by Amazon employees.

During the investigation, The Intercept journalists found out that employees of Ring startup specializing in the production of smart gadgets in the field of home security treated the data of owners of their devices very casually: they not only had access to archived records, but also could observe what was happening in customers’ homes in real time.

Apple will start making future clothes

The American company Apple may be engaged in the production of clothing. Reports the edition Apple Insider about it. The authors of the portal noticed that the corporation filed an application for the patent “Fabric with embedded electrical components”

Google stops producing Chromecast Audio players

Google has reported that they are discontinuing the release of these devices due to the fact that many other audio devices have appeared in the company’s product range. The Verge edition notes that the cost of Chromecast Audio was $ 35, and alternative Google devices are much more expensive.

Xiaomi is investing $ 1.5 billion in artificial intelligence

In an interview with Bloomberg Television, Xiaomi founder Lei Jun said that the company is now actively engaged in its development. Plans to enter the market of premium devices and expand its presence. At the same time, for Xiaomi, the development of artificial intelligence and Internet of Things devices remains an important priority.

Within five years, they will be allocated $ 1.5 billion. Thanks to AI and IoT, Xiaomi will become not just a manufacturer, but a technological corporation that can create entire systems that are used not only in private homes, but also “smart” cities.

The new gadget will paint the pigment spots on the skin

The American company Procter & Gamble presented at CES 2019 a gadget that recognizes pigment spots on the skin and disguises them.

CES 2019: MSI Optix MPG341CQR monitor for gamers and streamers

MSI showcases the so-called “smart gaming monitor” at CES 2019, a panel labeled Optix MPG341CQR.

Lenovo patented a flexible laptop

Recently, Lenovo’s patent application for a laptop-transformer with a flexible display and keyboard was published online.

Xiaomi introduced the smart home surveillance camera Yi Home Camera 3

In Las Vegas at the annual exhibition of technologies Consumer Electronic Show, two Chinese manufacturers Xiaomi and YI Technology presented a joint development. She became the YI Home Camera 3 “smart” surveillance camera, which is able to protect the premises from illegal entry and similar threats.

Hisense introduced the world’s first piezo LED-TV

At the annual technology exhibition CES in Las Vegas, another innovative TV was shown. Every year, manufacturers bring to the event serial and conceptual TVs. Hisense, a large Chinese company, unveiled its new Sonic One TV. equipped with LED screen.

Announced Smartphone Vivo Z3i Standard Edition

In the middle of last fall, the Chinese company Vivo Communication Technology Co. Ltd. introduced the smartphone vivo Z3i. The announcement of the new version, which has the name Vivo Z3i Standard Edition, was held the other day. Mobile phone model Z3i Standard Edition from the developer Vivo has the number 1813A / T.

Samsung’s smartphone leasing program launched in Russian regions

Back in October last year, Samsung launched a program in Russia for the free exchange of flagships every year. It is called Samsung Forward. Initially, the leasing program was available in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Murmansk and Nizhny Novgorod.

Alcatel’s smartphones have discovered an application that steals money

An application that steals money has been found in Alcatel smartphones. This program was engaged in loading the battery, pumping traffic, downloading paid programs, connecting third-party services.

Wikipedia in 2019 uses Google Translator to translate articles

To achieve the goals of the company will help Google Translator. Currently, the Wikimedia Foundation platform uses Apertium software for its work, which allows to translate at least 400,000 articles. In 2019, the amount of content is planned to increase.

Female bones can increase their strength with brain cells

In a print edition of Nature Communications, a group of scientists at the University of California at San Francisco and the University of California at Los Angeles published the results of their research in the study of brain cells as a control of bone density in women.

Global warming has turned birds into brutal killers.

Ornithologists managed to find out that temperature fluctuations lead to the fact that birds become aggressive and start killing their rivals. All this is due to the increasing competition between birds that feed on the same food.

Neural network created a photo of the dish according to its recipe

Israeli developers from Tel Aviv University have created a neural network that is able to generate an image, having only its textual description. They demonstrated this by creating a photograph of the dish, based only on its recipe.

Warming oceans in the world is accelerating faster than previously thought

Scientists say that the world’s warming of the oceans is accelerating faster than previously thought, which has serious consequences for climate change, because almost all the heat trapped by greenhouse gases eventually accumulates in the oceans.

Artificial intelligence learned to identify congenital diseases by photo

Programmers have uploaded 17 thousand photos of people to the artificial intelligence system, as well as images and information about 200 diseases. Then programmers conducted a test on 502 images. It turned out that the algorithm correctly identified 91 percent of pairs of snapshots, and when retested, 64 percent.

Scientists have created an artificial eye of the insect

As a first step, researchers are laser beams through a double layer of acrylic glass formed on a substrate. The beam caused the lower layer to swell, creating a convex dome. The researchers created a facet of these tiny lenses that could be bent to create an artificial eye.

Scientists have found a substance that prevents metastases in breast cancer

Swiss scientists for a long time conducted large-scale studies of various substances. As a result, experts have identified a substance that can stop the spread of metastases in cancer

Discovered a new role for brain cells in biorhythms and behavior.

Studies by British scientists have shown that astrocytes, neuroglial cells that support brain neurons, have a much more important function than previously thought. It turned out that these cells do not just “assist” neurons in the regulation of biorhythms, but actually control the process.

Gadgets before bedtime – one of the causes of circadian rhythm disturbances in humans. Scientists from the United States found that the light from the screens of smartphones or other devices harms the cells of the retina, which as a result of “reload” natural biorhythms.

Scientists talked about the benefits of termites for rainforest

In times of drought, termites help rainforests retain moisture, soil helps decompose fallen leaves, and plants grow better. The experiment dates back to 2014. Then environmental scientists decided to establish what is the use of termites for the rain forests of the island of Kalimantan.

The mechanism of cell death from excess iron

Russian doctors have released a review of scientific articles, which showed how iron atoms trigger the processes of ferroptosis – programmed cell death. Article scientists published in the journal Free Radical Biology and Medicine

Iron is involved in many processes in living organisms as a catalyst or oxidizing agent. Also, iron atoms are contained in many biologically active structures, for example, in the heme of hemoglobin, where they perform the function of binding oxygen

Physicists have received a spontaneously forming anti-spiral

Scientists have noticed that when fluid flows out from a circular tank with small holes, special spiral-shaped flows form at the bottom. Their distinctive feature is that the sleeves approach the center during rotation, and do not move away from it, as happens in an ordinary spiral. The results are published in the journal Physical Review Letters.

Petrels used as live buoys to collect data on sea currents

The trajectory of the movement of birds in rafting on water is determined by the flow, which can be used to collect data on its characteristics, Spanish scientists have found out. They equipped GPS-trackers of Mediterranean petrels (Calonectris diomedea) living in the Balearic Sea, and compared the data on their movement through water with satellite data on current changes. Article published in Scientific Reports.

Russian scientists have lost contact with the space telescope “Spectr-R”

The only Russian space telescope “Spectr-R” does not accept commands from Earth. On it informs RIA “News” with reference to the director of the Astro-cosmic Center of FIAN, academician Nikolai Kardashev. According to him, all attempts to establish contact end in failure.

Attempts are now being made to improve the situation, sessions are being held today and tomorrow … There are different communication systems, some of them work, some do not work. There are some signals. Such failures have already happened. It can all earn. We hope so. – Nikolay Kardashev, scientist

SpaceX launched the Falcon 9 rocket with a series of satellites Iridium Next

Ilon Musk will fire every tenth SpaceX employee. This is explained by the need to cut the company’s expenses against the background of “extremely difficult tasks” ahead of it.

Received the first ever black hole photograph

Astronomers who are trying to get the first ever photograph of the horizon of events of a massive black hole in the center of the Milky Way, said that they received very high-quality data with high resolution. This will allow you to see the “shadow” of the black hole, if it really exists.

InSight probe officially began searching for traces of “marsh shakes”

The descent module InSight made a successful landing on the Elysian Plain at the equator of Mars in early December of last year. He became the official heir of another NASA geologist probe, the Phoenix Lender, who landed on Mars in May 2008 to search for traces of life and water in its soil.

Scientists: The third part of galactic clusters remains hidden from science

Most of the mass probably consists of hot gas that floats between galaxies, and may consist of dark matter. Since clusters of galaxies have always been considered extremely bright, these traditional clusters are easy to detect with simple telescopes.

Indian astronauts will be trained in Russia

According to the chairman of ISRO, the first manned space flight is scheduled to take place in December 2021, and two unmanned flights – by December 2020. Preparation of the manned program is in full swing. The astronauts will undergo initial training in India, and more advanced in Russia.

In Britain, created a universal communications satellite

One of the British companies has created the stuffing of a new generation of communications spacecraft, which will be able to replace all the existing satellites.

In Samara, create a 3D printer for the construction of a base on the moon

Scientists of the Samara State Technical University are developing a heliolithograph. A unique 3D printer is designed to print building material and structures from the lunar soil, from which it is planned to build a Russian base on the moon. This “RG” reported in the press center of the university.

The three-row crossover Renault RBC debuts in May 2019

The company Renault will present a new three-row cross-van RBC, built on the basis of the Datsun Cross crossover, in May this year. Meanwhile, Renault continues to test the novelty on the roads of India – the next spy shots published on the eve of local media.

The extended SsangYong Rexton Sports pickup will be a global model.

SsangYong company announced the start of export deliveries of the extended Rexton Sports Khan pickup from South Korea. According to experts, this step is dictated by the desire of Koreans to discover a new market segment and customers.

Published render of square Mercedes-Benz GLB

In the summer of 2019, Mercedes-Benz can officially show the public the new GLB-Class, which is based on the compact A-Class range.

Cadillac will launch an electric car for competition with Tesla

Concern General Motors is going to start producing premium electric cars, which will be sold under the brand Cadillac. Such cars will be able to compete with Tesla electric vehicles, as well as “green” models of Mercedes-Benz and Audi brands.

Off-road hatchback Ford Focus RS 4×4 presented

In front of the car, an independent designer installed off-road lights above the license plate frame. Outwardly, everything in this renderer is very cool, but the issues are comfortable landing in the car, since the thresholds are very high, and the handles in order to catch up to them there.

Mitsubishi showed supercar Delica D: 5 of the new generation

Mitsubishi demonstrated the Delica D: 5 new generation. An updated super SUV debuted at a Tokyo auto show. The model is still presented as a conceptual model, but its differences from the existing production version remain entirely external.

Gemballa introduces wide-body Porsche

The company Gemballa presented a package of improvements for the Porsche 911 Turbo. The list of improvements includes an aerodynamic body kit made from carbon fiber, which includes a new hood, bumpers, fender, diffuser and 50 mm wide wheel arches. Standard 572 hp gasoline turbo-tester and 700 Nm of torque, they “swung” up to 807 forces and 1,098 Nm of torque. According to the authors of the project, acceleration to 100 km / h in such a sports car takes 2.38 seconds, and the maximum speed is 370 km / h.

Cars from the show Fast & Furious Live are sent to the auction

Cars used in the Fast & Furious show are auctioned after last year’s financial difficulties. The show toured Europe in 2018 and was supposed to be global this year as well.

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