28 Mar, 2018

“Joint response” in the “Skripal case”

Merkel and Trump approved “the joint reaction of European countries and NATO members to the poisoning of ex-intelligence officer Sergei Skripal in Britain.”

As the official representative of the German Federal Government Steffen Seibert said, the leaders of the countries “welcomed the coordinated actions of European countries and NATO allies, which became a strong signal of unity against the backdrop of what Russia is doing.”

Prime Minister of Britain Teresa May, speaking on Monday in the parliament, said that the expulsion of diplomats from 18 countries is a serious warning to Russia.

“I found great support among our friends and partners in the EU, NATO, America, and not only, but we send a signal that we will not tolerate Russia’s attempts to violate international law and undermine our values,” May said.

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Pre-school education in France will become mandatory

French President Emmanuel Macron announced that since 2019 all children from the age of three will be required to attend kindergartens. In his opinion, the reform will increase the role of preschool institutions in the educational system

At the bottom of the lake in Switzerland, found a shoe thrown out 5 thousand years ago

Archaeologists have discovered on the bottom of Lake Greifensee in northern Switzerland a hole in the shoe of a man who lived 5 thousand years ago, TASS reported. According to the authorities of the canton of Zurich, it is a rare artifact. Boot made of bast, looks like bast shoes

The underground section of the subway in the new Moscow will be covered with a continuous canopy

Ground subway in the new Moscow on the section from the station “Salarievo” to the station “Stolbovo” Sokolnicheskaya line will be covered with a solid metal canopy, the report said Moskomarkhitektury. The total length of canopies will be about 6 thousand running meters, specified in the message

In Altai flood flooded about a thousand houses

About 40 settlements and about a thousand houses were in the flood zone in the Altai Territory, the authorities organized the evacuation of the population, the press service of the regional head of the Ministry of Emergencies.

The court refused to lift the ban from the investigation of Navalny about Deripaska

Security measures that allowed to block the investigation of Aleksei Navalny about businessman Oleg Deripaska and the head of the government apparatus, vice-premier Sergey Prikhodko, are left in force.

Minstroy has developed rules for managing low-rise buildings

The Ministry of Construction of Russia has prepared a bill regulating the rules for managing houses no higher than three floors, including townhouses and individual houses, the ministry said.

Owners of townhouses and low-rise complexes will receive the right to hold general meetings, choose a management organization and enter into a contract with it. In addition, as soon as the bill comes into force, the management companies will receive the same rights to collect debt as the management company, which manages multi-apartment buildings, is specified in the article.

According to the document, the owners of low-rise complexes and townhouses will have common property. It will include roads, driveways, sidewalks, children’s and sports grounds, parking lots, elements of landscaping and landscaping, explains the publication.

In St. Petersburg will be built the first in Russia House of Charity

In the northern capital, the first mortgage pile of the church of St. Basil the Great – the architectural dominant of the future House of Mercy – is established. Thus, in the city began the construction of a project of federal significance, accumulating in itself medical-social and spiritual-enlightening directions.

Telegram-channel for doctors launched in the suburbs

Telagram-channel “Doctors of the Moscow Region” was launched by the Ministry of Health of the Moscow region, the ministry’s press service said on Tuesday. The goal of the project is to involve doctors in the region

The Ministry of Finance plans to disclose the cost of large state contracts

Finance Minister Anton Siluanov said that the Ministry of Finance plans to introduce disclosure of prime cost for large state contracts

The Russians were charged more than 2 trillion rubles of bad debts

The number of discontinued cases of collecting citizens’ debts to banks increased: in 2016, 14.3 million cases were closed for 1.9 trillion rubles. Growth of write-offs of bad debts of Russians is connected with increase in crediting and falling of real incomes in the past to year, have informed “Izvestia” in ФССП.

In Mari El lending to natural persons for 2017 was 26%

For 2017 in Mary El, the loan portfolio of individuals grew by 26%, legal – by 23%. In addition, the overdue debt on loans to residents of the republic is at the level of 4.7% (from natural persons) and 4.7% (from legal entities).

The smallest apartment in Moscow costs 3.5 million rubles

In the business class, the smallest apartment – an area of 22.3 square meters – costs 6.2 million rubles. In the elite segment, the area of the smallest apartment was 32.5 square meters, and the cost – 8.7 million rubles

Credit euphoria of Russians

One of the leading German newspapers Die Welt published an article on “credit euphoria”, which the Russians surrendered, buying up housing in the suburbs of Moscow.

“The fall in interest rates on mortgages causes a real credit boom in Russia. Experts warn that many families live beyond their means. The consequences are especially noticeable in the suburbs, “writes Die Welt.

As a result, banks still remain in positive territory due to the influx of new customers, but instead of improving the economy, the country can get a “credit bubble that swells and eventually bursts,” when a huge mass of mortgages can not pay for their apartments.

In addition, the mortgage is often purchased unfinished apartments, which entails a certain risk: the number of developers-bankrupt in Russia over the past nine months has doubled.

Inspection of the building of the shopping center “Winter Cherry” is completed

Employees of the Ministry of Emergency Measures of Russia have completed the survey of the building of the shopping and entertainment center “Winter Cherry” burnt in Kemerovo. During the work on the construction sensors were installed, fixing the vibration.

Police of Catalonia used batons against the supporters of Puigdemon

Police of Catalonia used batons to disperse protesters protesting the arrest of ex-head of the government of Carles Puigdemona region. This is reported by the agency Europa Press


The Russian long-haul airliner is preparing for rebranding

The future Russian wide-body long-haul passenger liner Il-96-400M is expected to be rebranded. He will receive a new designation – Il-496. According to Izvestia, the principal decision has already been made, but in official documents this name will begin to appear from next year.

“Kalashnikov” acquires 60% of the developer “Buranov”

Rostekh corporation will completely exit the capital of NGO Molniya, the developer of space vehicles Buran. Belonging to her now 60% of NGOs will acquire the concern “Kalashnikov”, TASS reported citing the deputy head of Rostek, Alexander Nazarov.

“Gazprom” and “Naftogaz” began negotiations on the severance of contracts

“Gazprom” and “Naftogaz” last week began negotiations on the dissolution of contracts for the supply and transit of gas. This is, according to Interfax, the deputy chairman of the board of Gazprom, Alexander Medvedev.

Oil trading ended in Mexico

Russian “Lukoil” and DEA Deutsche Erdoel, owned by L1 Russian businessman Mikhail Fridman, became winners in four areas of hydrocarbons in the coastal waters of the Gulf of Mexico. This is reported by RIA Novosti.

Lukoil and Italian ENI won a tender for a hydrocarbon site in the Mexican province of Cuencas del Sureste. Participation Mexico City – 65 percent, the ratio of added investment – 1.5 and payment of 59.8 million dollars.

The second place in the auction was a consortium DEA Deutsche Erdoel and Premier Oil with a payment of 14.17 million dollars.

Agreement with Kazakhstan on disputed oil in pipelines

The Russian government approved and decided to ratify the agreement with Kazakhstan on controversial technological oil in the pipelines Tuymazy-Omsk-Novosibirsk-2 and Omsk-Pavlodar, reads the government resolution, published on the official Internet portal of legal information.

The Central Bank wants to share the losses from sanation with the owners of banks

The Bank of Russia plans to divide expenses for the rehabilitation of banks and insurers with their former owners, presenting them the lost profit from the money spent for financial rehabilitation. This follows from the amendments to the law “On Bankruptcy” prepared by the Ministry of Finance and the Central Bank for the second reading in the State Duma.

Ministry of Finance at auctions on Wednesday will offer OFZs for 30 billion rubles

The RF Ministry of Finance will offer bonds of a federal loan (OFZ) of two series for a total of 30 billion rubles at auctions on March 28, the ministry said.

The Ministry of Finance opposes the growth of non-oil and gas taxes

The Ministry of Finance of Russia considers it impossible to increase the tax burden on the non-oil and gas sector. This was stated by the head of the ministry Anton Siluanov at an expanded meeting of the collegium of the department.

Chinese CEFC plans to sell assets at $ 3.2 billion

Chinese energy company Huaxin (China CEFC Energy company), whose purchase of a stake in Rosneft was announced in 2017, plans to sell assets worth 20 billion yuan (about $ 3.2 billion). This was reported on Tuesday by the agency Bloomberg.

Vice-president of “Lukoil” gave his wife shares of the company for 110 million rubles

Senior Vice President of Lukoil Azat Shamsuarov gave his wife Gulnara Shamsuarova 28 370 shares of the company. This is stated in the message of Lukoil. Based on the quotations of the company on the Moscow Stock Exchange as of March 27, the present share package was valued at 110.06 million rubles.

The Ministry of Finance is considering the sale of a 100% diamond producer, Kristall

The Ministry of Finance is considering the option of selling 100% of the largest diamond manufacturer in Russia – the Kristall plant in Smolensk, Deputy Finance Minister Alexei Moiseyev told reporters. Last week, he stated that the agency was considering options for privatizing the plant.

Ukraine does not let go Sberbank

The National Bank of Ukraine denied the Belarusian “Paritetbank” in the purchase of the Ukrainian “daughter” of the Savings Bank, the press service of the National Bank of Ukraine. As noted in the message, this decision was made in connection with the applicant’s incompatibility with the requirements of Ukrainian legislation.

RFPI is considering the possibility of investing in the airport “Vnukovo”

The Russian Direct Investment Fund (RFPI) is considering the possibility of investing in Moscow’s Vnukovo airport, told reporters the head of the fund, Kirill Dmitriev

Bank Vozrozhdenie announced the fulfillment of all the requirements of the Central Bank

Bank Vozrozhdenie fully complied with all the regulations of the Central Bank, the chairman of the bank’s board Mark Nakhmanovich told reporters.

Norilsk Nickel unites gas producing assets

The Board of Directors of Norilsk Nickel made a decision to merge the gas producing assets – Norilskgazprom and Taimyrgaz, according to Norilsk Nickel.

IPhone builder bought the manufacturer of accessories for Belkin

Taiwanese giant Foxconn, which supplies Apple components for smartphones and collects iPhones at its enterprises, bought out American company Belkin, reports The Verge. Belkin produces accessories for various electronics and owns such brands as Wemo, Phyn and Linksys.


Beijing notified Seoul in advance of the visit of the leader of the DPRK to China

The Chinese authorities warned South Korea in advance of the visit of DPRK leader Kim Jong-un, who was held from March 25 to 28, to Beijing. This was announced on Wednesday at a briefing for journalists by the official representative of the administration of the President of the Republic of Korea.

We invite Secretary of the Workers’ Party of Korea Kim Jong-no and his wife Li Sol Zhu to visit China again. – Xi Jinping, Chinese politician

The media published a presentation of the British Embassy on the “case of Skripal”

A presentation on the “Skripal case”, which was shown to foreign ambassadors at the British Embassy in Russia on March 22, was published by the newspaper Kommersant.

This is Teresa Mei’s failure. The largest manipulation of the world public opinion is revealed, in which the British authorities are involved. Rate it. On the basis of six pictures, the decisions of the state responsibility in chemical attack were taken. – Maria Zakharova, Russian diplomat

The State Department compared Russia with a “monster from the depths of the sea”

Another correspondence exchange of “courtesies” occurred on Tuesday between US and Russian diplomats in Washington: the State Department compared Russia with a monster from the depths of the sea, and the Russian embassy in the United States recalled that such epithets were used by Nazi propaganda.

Leave the city before April 25

The Consulate General of the Russian Federation in Seattle will be closed on April 1, the diplomats themselves are ordered to leave the residence of the consul general until April 25. This was reported by the consul-adviser of the diplomatic mission Halit Aisin.

“Access to the premises stops on April 1 at 23:59 local time,” – he quotes Tass.

“Naftogaz” appreciated the decision of Germany on “Nord Stream 2”

The company “Naftogaz” called the decision of Germany to issue a permit for the construction of “Nord Stream – 2” unpleasant, but predictable. This follows from the message of the Ukrainian corporation on Facebook.

In the Congress of South Carolina is running a former professional clown

Former clown Steve Lough (Steve Lough) is running for the Congress of South Carolina, according to the State.

CNN learned about Zuckerberg’s intention to testify in the US Congress

The founder of the social network Facebook Mark Zuckerberg plans to testify in the US Congress at the hearings on the protection of personal data. This is reported by CNN, citing sources in Facebook

In Kiev, the losses from the Crimean bridge were estimated and the Kuban of the Ukrainian

Minister of Infrastructure of Ukraine Volodymyr Omelyan told about the financial losses of the country from the construction and the subsequent commissioning of the bridge across the Kerch Strait, the agency UNN.

Japan expects explanations from China because of Kim Jong-Yin’s visit

The visit of leader Kim Jong-yin to China with his wife was held March 25-27 under cover of secrecy: reports about him appeared after the departure of the government train from Beijing. Earlier, China sent an explanation to US President Donald Trump.

Trump did not discuss with Putin “the case of Skripal”

US President Donald Trump did not discuss the poisoning of former GRU Colonel Sergei Skripal by phone with Russian President Vladimir Putin by phone, because he did not want to inform him in advance of his plans to expel Russian diplomats because of the “case of Skripal.”

Moldovia expelled three Russian diplomats

Three Russian diplomats are required to leave Moldova within seven days. This decision was made on Tuesday by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and European Integration in solidarity with Britain, TASS correspondent was told in the department

Russia does not plan to appoint a new ambassador to NATO

The Russian side is not going to appoint a new permanent representative to NATO in the near future. RF in the alliance will be represented by a temporary solicitor, a high-level interlocutor in Russian diplomatic circles told Izvestia

The motorcade of former Brazilian President Lula da Silva fired unknown

The unknown fired at the motorcade of former Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva in the south of the country. As reported on the page of the ex-head of Brazil on Twitter, the cortege was fired at least three times

May sent a letter to Putin with condolences after the fire in Kemerovo

British Prime Minister Theresa May sent a letter to Russian President Vladimir Putin with condolences in connection with a fire in the Kemerovo shopping center “Winter Cherry”, in which, according to the latest information, 64 people were killed.

The US State Department condemned the incident in Kosovska Mitrovica

“The United States strongly condemns yesterday’s events in Kosovska Mitrovica, which exacerbate tensions and threaten regional stability,” she said. Naouert added that Washington calls on all parties to avoid further escalation of the situation and to overcome differences by peaceful means.

Earlier, in Kosovska Mitrovica, as a result of an attack by armed special forces on a peaceful assembly of Serbs, 32 people were injured.


At the exercises in the Arctic, the Pacific Fleet fighters for the first time repulsed an air attack

Today, on March 28, for the exercises in the Arctic Pacific Fleet destroyers (PFU) for the first time worked out a reflection of the attack of the air attacks of the conventional enemy, reported to the RF Ministry of Defense. The pilots of the Kamchatka Naval Aviation Base of the Pacific Fleet

Britain urged the West to renew the concept of deterrence

The incident in Salisbury occurred on March 4. Skripal and his daughter have undergone, according to the British authorities, the effects of nerve agent. Later London stated that this substance was allegedly being developed in Russia, and accused Moscow of involvement in the incident.

About four thousand military VVO will take part in exercises in Transbaikalia

More than 4,000 servicemen and over a thousand units of weapons and military equipment of the combined-arms association of the district take part in the exercise at the training range of the Eastern Military District “Tsugol” in the Trans-Baikal Territory.

The Pentagon showed humanoid robots and an air battle of the future

The US Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) presented a computer-generated video clip that shows how the air battle in 2030 could look like using advanced technology and invited viewers to share their ideas

In the US, they said they could win in any war by 2028

US Army Secretary Mark Esper said that in 10 years, in 2028, American employees will be able to defeat “in any war,” Defense News reports.

OSCE has documented thousands of ceasefire violations in the Donbass since the beginning of the year

Observers of the OSCE Special Monitoring Mission have recorded more than 10 thousand violations of the ceasefire regime at the contact line in the Donbas since the beginning of the year, the first deputy head of the OSCE CMM in Ukraine, Alexander Khug, said on Tuesday.

Khusit brought down on the Saudi military a hail of mines, there are dead

Husit insurgents on the eve of the rocket and artillery bombardment of the position of the Saudi army in the cities of Saudi Arabia, located on the border with Yemen. This Tuesday, March 27, RIA Novosti reported with a reference to a military source in the province of Saada.

Croatia will purchase from Israel a squadron of used F-16s

Croatian authorities will acquire a squadron of F-16 “Barak” fighter fighters from Israel. This decision was voiced after the meeting of the National Defense Council, held on Tuesday evening. The competition for fighters was declared by Croatia in 2017

The UN will send an assessment mission to Raccoon

The UN next week will send an assessment mission to the Syrian city of Rakka, which will study the humanitarian situation in Syria. This was stated by the UN Deputy Secretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs Mark Loucock


Viktor Proskurin said that he disappeared from the screens because of the fight against cancer

The 66-year-old famous actor Viktor Proskurin on the air of the program “The Fate of a Man” told that he had to leave TV screens because of the fight against cancer

Volochkova spoiled in the church after inappropriate dances

Fans condemned Anastasia Volochkova for inappropriate publication of several photos and videos, where she fun dancing in a karaoke bar. The Fallovers shamed the dancer, who immediately allowed herself to post a stormy party after the post about the tragedy in Kemerovo.

Andrey Krasko’s daughter wants to return to Russia

The 14-year-old daughter of the late artist Andrey Krasko Alisa wants to return to Russia. The girl dreams to come to Moscow and visit her grandfather. Russian actor Andrei Krasko passed away in 2006.

Angelina Jolie spins a secret romance

Angelina Jolie broke up with Brad Pitt in September 2016, but only now (18 months later) 42-year-old Hollywood actress admitted to her life a new man. According to Western media, this mysterious contender for Jolie’s heart is “pretty attractive and aged”

Model Victoria`s Secret struck the audience saggy breasts

Model Victoria’s Secret Alexina Graham struck the audience saggy breasts.

“Sunny” daughter Irina Khakamada thanked her mother for her life

The girl came to the program alone. She said that for the sake of today’s transfer she had to get up early. Also, the girl told the audience that her mother found out about the genetic disease when she was still pregnant.

Scandalous singer accused the director Konchalovsky of her husband’s illness

The man believes that those illegally increased the area of their apartments. A year ago, Samusenko filed a lawsuit against Denis Voronenkov’s relatives. 35-year-old singer and presenter Milena Deinega said that her husband suffers from health problems.

Katya Zhuzha first appeared in the world with a young lover

The ex-participant “Dom-2” Katya Zhuzha is in a relationship with the 23-year-old racer Artem Markelov. Duvushka first appeared with a young lover at the concert “The Devil’s Teens Awards 2018”. Katya Zhuzha presented to the public her new handsome man

Pregnant Sati Casanova can no longer hide the rounded belly

The singer appeared on stage in a loose dress with an overstated waist. Thanks to the effect of wind on the stage, many noticed that the outfit overlaps the markedly rounded belly of the pop singer. Fans suspect that Sati Casanova is at least the fourth month of pregnancy

The Star of “Pulp Fiction” will appear in the new film Lungina

American actor Harvey Keitel, known from the films of Quentin Tarantino “Mad Dogs” and “Pulp Fiction”, will play in the new film by Pavel Lungin “Esau”. The shooting will take place in Israel, and on the big screen the picture will be shown next year.

Fox postpones the dates of the premiere of “X-Men: Dark Phoenix” and “New Mutants”

The changes also touched on the release of the spin-off of “The X-Men” “The New Mutants” (The New Mutants), in which another actress from the “Game of Thrones” – Macy Williams. The original date of the film’s premiere was April of this year. Previously, the studio had already transferred to the premiere.

Javier Bardem will play the role of Ernan Cortez in the new series Spielberg

Amazon Studios will release a new mini-series. The painting will be dedicated to the Spanish conquistador Ernan Cortes. The main role will be performed by Javier Bardem, and Steven Spielberg will be the producer of the new series.

Days of Korean cinema will be held on Sakhalin for the first time

The Consulate General of the Republic of Korea in Vladivostok on April 13-14 will organize Days of Korean Cinema in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk. As it became known to RIA “Sakhalin-Kuriles”, for two days the audience will be shown five films of different years. The paintings will be shown in the “Best Cinema” in the TRC “City Mall”.

Joe Wright screens the best-selling “Woman in the Window”

Joe Wright is going to make a film adaptation of novel writer A.J. Finn “Woman in the Window”, the production of the future film will be occupied by Fox 2000 studio, this was announced on March 26 by the Screen Rant portal.

Naomi Watts will play along with Gibson in the thriller “The Level of the Boss”

Oscar-winning Naomi Watts (“King Kong”, “Impossible” and others) is about to replenish the cast of the thriller actors “Boss Level” in which she will be formed by Frank Grillo (“The Night of the Night”, “The House of Fear” and others) and Mel Gibson “Braveheart”, etc.). As the director and scriptwriter of the film will perform Joe Carnahan (“Narcombaron”, “Fight”).

In April, the comic book “The Death of Stalin”

The publishing house “Exmo” on April 3, 2018 will launch the comic “The Death of Stalin”, which formed the basis of the scandalous film of the same name Armando Iannucci, this was reported by the Moscow agency on March 27.

The Bolshoi Theater awarded the Golden Mask Award

In the White foyer of the Bolshoi Theater of Russia the “Golden Mask” award was given in the honorary nomination “For outstanding contribution to the development of theatrical art”.

The winners were 12 representatives of the theater – actors Vladimir Andreev, Valentin Gaft, Alexander Shirvindt, Ivan Krasko, Vladimir Recepter, actresses Alla Pokrovskaya and Galina Anisimova, choreographer Nikolai Boyarchikov and others.

The main ceremony of awarding the “Golden Mask” award will be held on April 15 at the New Stage of the Bolshoi Theater in Moscow.


Apple introduced an updated iPad for students

Apple today officially introduced a new version of the tablet iPad for schoolchildren and students, writes Reuters. Its main difference is a more powerful processor and integrated training programs.

Huawei introduced the flagship smartphones P20 and P20 Pro

Huawei, the Chinese manufacturer of mobile devices, presented to the world public its two new P20 and P20 Pro phones, which will be equipped with the most advanced cameras on the smartphone market, which in turn is confirmed by the high positions in the DxOMark rating.

Smart speaker Xiaomi Mi AI Mini Speaker is estimated at $ 27

Xiaomi Mi AI Mini Speaker will allow you to set an alarm or a reminder, take notes, read the latest news, report the results of sports events, calculate the duration and distance in transit and so on.

Apple began selling accessories for iMac Pro separately

Apple began selling accessories for iMac Pro separately. Now Magic Keyboard and Magic Mouse 2 in the color “gray space” are available in the company’s online store.

More than half a million Android users downloaded a cunning virus

With the help of a dangerous code, hackers tossed users with banner ads and links that filled the entire screen. The virus was activated only six hours after the program was downloaded. According to experts, such applications have managed to download more than half a million times

The court in the United States recognized the copyright infringement of Oracle by Google

The US Court of Appeals for the Federal District came to the conclusion that Google illegally used the Java programming language, which was developed by Oracle specialists. This is reported by RIA Novosti with reference to the documents of the court.

“Yandex” updated its “Disk” for Windows and macOS

The developers emphasize that in the new version of the application it became more convenient to search for files and also create archives and collections and thematic presentations. In the Windows application, another useful utility is tested – notes that can not only be printed. but also to dictate

The flagship smartphone Nokia 8 Sirocco went on sale

The company HMD Global began selling its new flagship smartphone Nokia 8 Sirocco. At the moment, he appeared in China at a price of about 750 US dollars or 600 euros. European sales should begin in April.

OrCam has created a video camera-helper for the visually impaired

The company OrCam has created a unique video camera-helper, which is designed to facilitate the lives of visually impaired people. The device is not able to compensate for real vision, but it has a number of advantages. OrCam is a compact video camera, which is attached directly to the shackle.

Motorola introduced the president and announced new smartphones

Motorola changed top management, appointing another president and the head of the board of directors. Also, the date of release of new models of smartphones was named. Aimar de Lancasan, ex-president, wants to pay more attention to home affairs and family

A new bug has been detected in macOS High Sierra

In macOS High Sierra, users discovered a new bug in the OS. It allows you to view passwords from encrypted APFS disks. The error in the operating system opens passwords to APFS disks that were initially unencrypted and then encrypted.


Scientists have revealed the uniqueness of water properties

Japanese scientists from the University of Tokyo studied the structure of water in detail and determined that its properties depend, among other things, on tetrahedronity, or in other words on the degree of distortion of hydrogen bonds. Also, the water volume is affected by the volume of the polyhedron (density) and the degree of stability of the configuration of the molecules (energy).

The higher the tetrahedronity, the more water will be more similar to water and the stronger its density anomaly will be. In this case, the maximum level of density is observed already at 4 degrees Celsius. With decreasing strength of tetrahedral interactions, scientists observed a transition from a fluid with anomalous behavior, characteristic specifically for water, to a usual liquid with a monotonous density flow.

In Russia, a new supercomputer “Govorun” was created

Created by Russian scientists, a superpowerful machine can take its place in the top ratings of the domestic systems of the corresponding class. Presentation of a new computer, named after the ex-editor-in-chief of the scientific publication “Programming” Academician Nikolai Govorun, was held on March 27.

Scientists have created an “intestine” for mixing rocket fuel

Japanese specialists have made a new device that allows mixing solid rocket fuel components. This is reported by the publication IEEE Spectrum. It is noted that the device and the specific movements of the apparatus are similar to the true intestine with its peristalsis

Scientists have calculated the consequences of the US transition to vegetable food

A group of scientists (Israel, USA, Switzerland) calculated the resource load from production, cultivation of plant and animal products. As a result of the analysis, we came to the conclusion that after the USA switched to a vegetable diet, another 350 million people could be saved.

The foam metal proved to be resistant to explosion and debris

Researchers from the University of North Carolina, in conjunction with the US Army’s Office of Applied Aviation Technology, conducted a new study of the properties of composite stainless steel foam and found that this material is more resistant to explosion and debris than standard army armor

Visible light made the organic film thicker due to electron transfer

Chemists for the first time received a composite organic two-dimensional material that expands upon irradiation with light due to the transfer of electrons from one type of molecules in the crystal to another.


NASA has postponed the launch of a new telescope as of May 2020

Only in November 2016 the assembly of the main segments of James Webb was completed and it was announced that the NASA experts are now beginning their ground tests in order to launch into orbit in October 2018. At the end of September last year, the launch was postponed to March-June 2019.

Altai to create a laser locator for monitoring spy satellites

In Altai, a laser locator will be created to monitor near-Earth space. As Izvestia was informed in the research and production corporation “Precision Instrument-Making Systems” (NPK SPP), the construction of a new telescope will be completed in 2019.

Scientists from Russia discovered a galactic water maser the size of the Sun

Scientists have found extremely compact parts in the source of maser radiation in the water vapor line at a frequency of 22 GHz. The double part contains components the size of the Sun.

The ESA and Iceye are working on a new radar satellite for space

According to the BBC, representatives of the European Space Agency and the Finnish company Iceye began to experience a new development, which is a radar satellite of a new generation. Specialists are confident that the new spacecraft will be cheaper and more compact than its counterparts.

Discovered a giant planet in the center of the Milky Way

A giant planet weighing about 0.75 times the mass of Jupiter is located in the galactic bulge of the Milky Way


In the Russian Federation because of airbags recall 520 cars Jeep Wrangler

Authorized representatives of Jeep in Russia will notify all owners of Wrangler cars that came under review, informing about the need to visit the dealer for a free replacement airbag.

Toyota showed the new generation of Toyota RAV4 on video

The Japanese company Toyota has published, perhaps, the latest video converter of the new generation RAV4 crossover. The fact is that on March 28, the auto show starts in New York, within which a long-awaited novelty will be presented, which received a modular TNGA platform.

Waymo will use unmanned Jaguar I-Pace

The basis for a new unmanned vehicle will be the electric Jaguar I-Pace, which will be equipped with the technology of autonomous driving from the former division of Google. In total, Waymo plans to buy 20 thousand cars of the British manufacturer.

On the Russian market will be a new version of the SUV Infiniti QX80

In November 2017, the SUV Infiniti QX80 presented at the Auto Show in Dubai, and now it should appear on the Russian market. SUV is available to buyers in the US, Asia and the Middle East. Russians can order a car in May, the cost is still unknown.

Skoda named the date of the premiere of the new crossover Skoda Vision X

As it became known, the product version of the new product from Skoda will be presented in the framework of the Geneva Motor Show, which will be held in March next year. In the model range, the new model will be located a step below the crossover Karoq. At the heart of the new crossover is the MQB platform from Volkswagen.

Novitec introduced the updated Lamborghini Aventador S

Novitec, which positions itself as a well-known tuning studio, presented an updated version of the Lamborghini Aventador S supercar. With the tuning package, the car became even more powerful and more aggressive in terms of appearance.

Shortened Volkswagen Atlas Sport declassified on the “live” photo

Judging by the pictures, the car will receive a design in the style of the Volkswagen Cross Coupe GTE model of 2015 and will differ significantly from the seven-seater Atlas, which is already on the market. Volkswagen Atlas Sport with a shorter wheelbase will be available only in a five-seater version

Rolls-Royce introduced the Wraith coupe with falling stars in the cabin

The automaker of luxury cars Rolls-Royce introduced the Wraith coupe with falling stars in the cabin. This is a new technological solution in interior decoration. This version of the car called Luminary Collection will be released in a limited edition – 55 copies.

AvtoVAZ may start production of a new unusual electric vehicle

The delegation visited the assembly line of the Kalina model and the exhibition hall of the AvtoVAZ museum. A meeting was also held to discuss the issue of the manufacture of cars for people with disabilities, in particular the electric Zetta, as well as Lada models with manual control.

AvtoVAZ refused to issue a sedan LADA Vesta Signature

Recall that the debut of Lada Vesta Signature took place in 2015. From a conventional sedan, a luxury car is distinguished by an enlarged 250 mm in length, due to which the legroom for passengers has been increased. Now we know only about four copies of Lada Vesta Signature, issued by AvtoVAZ.

Crossover Bentley Bentayga will go to record Pikes Peak

The motor of the crossover will remain unchanged. Recall, the most powerful Bentley Bentayga equipped with a W12 608-strong ICE. With this engine, the car accelerates from 0 to 100 km / h in 4.1 seconds.

On the web there were pictures of the BMW M8 coupe from the Nürburgring

The network has photos on which the new BMW M8 is shown during the tests on the Nürburgring track. Therefore, we can assume that soon will be released serial versions in the bodies of the sports coupe and convertible

Company Zotye has updated a parket with design Volkswagen Tiguan

The Chinese company Zotye has updated the compact car parker Domy X5, which is very similar to the 2015 Volkswagen Tiguan. The new crossover is positioned as a special series, however, according to experts, the same changes will soon occur in the standard version of the model.

The flagship crossover FAW Besturn R9 will be presented in Beijing

Auto Holding FAW plans to present at the Beijing Auto Exhibition a serial version of the new flagship cross, a subsidiary of Besturn. I would like to note, it was previously expected that the new car will be released under the name Xenia R9

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