11 May, 2018

Journalist Shevchenko leaves the Human Rights Council

Journalist Maxim Shevchenko said that he is stopping his membership in the Council for the Development of Civil Society and Human Rights under the President of Russia (HRO).

The public beating of paramilitaries in the center of Moscow and the massive brutal arrests of non-violent civil protesters throughout Russia and the lack of a coherent and adequate response to these events have become the last feature for me, beyond which membership in the HRC becomes impossible. – Maxim Shevchenko, Russian journalist

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A special day for peace on Earth: Trump named the date of the meeting with Kim Jong-un in Singapore

Trump promised that “something very good” would happen at their upcoming meeting. Previously, Trump said in his Twitter that his meeting with Kim Jong-no will be held June 12 in Singapore.

“We will both try to make this a special moment for World Peace!” – the American leader promised.

The long-awaited meeting between Kim Jong-no and me will be held in Singapore on June 12. We will both try to make it a special moment for world peace! – Donald Trump, 45th US President

Kudrin was invited to head the Audit Chamber of Russia

Head of the Center for Strategic Research Alexei Kudrin was invited to become chairman of the Accounting Chamber, a representative of Kudrin told RIA Novosti.

The Accounting Chamber is a body of parliamentary control and an important expert structure. We attach great importance to the one who will assume the post of its chairman. It should be a person who has extensive experience and knowledge in the field of finance and management. – Vyacheslav Volodin, Russian politician

The US Finance Ministry announced the expansion of sanctions against Iran

The United States and the UAE uncovered and took measures to eliminate Iran’s financial scheme aimed at financing the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC), the US Treasury Department reported in a press release

Merkel urged Europe to stop relying on the US

German Chancellor Angela Merkel said that Europe needs to stop relying on the US. This is reported by Sptunik International.

It’s not so anymore, the US will not just protect us. Europe needs to take fate into its own hands – this is our task for the future. – Angela Merkel, German politician

Armenian President initiated resignation of heads of law enforcement agencies

Armenian President Armen Sargsyan signed a decree on appointing the heads of the National Security Service (SNB) and the police, the relevant documents were published on the website of the head of state. Thus, the new director of the National Security Service was Arthur Vanetsyan, and the country’s police was led by Valery Osipyan.

I have just signed a proposal to the President of Armenia on the dismissal of Vladimir Gasparyan from the position of the Chief of Police of the Republic of Armenia and George Kutoyan from the post of Director of the National Security Service. – Nikol Pashinyan, Armenian politician

Victor Orban elected Hungarian prime minister for the fourth time

Victor Orban was elected prime minister of Hungary for the fourth time, having received the overwhelming majority of votes of the deputies of the parliament. His candidacy was supported by 134 parliamentarians, against 28 people elected.

Puchdemon told who is worthy to govern Catalonia

The former head of the Catalan nationality, Carles Puicdemond, nominated a candidate from the Together for Catalonia Party Joaquim (Kim) Torr as the head of the government of the autonomous community.

I cried and retired after being reprimanded by Trump

The US Internal Security Minister, Kirsten Nielsen, wanted to resign after being reprimanded by President Donald Trump in the presence of the rest of the government.

Moscow did not recognize the decision on “compensation for the Crimea”

Dmitry Peskov, a spokesman for the Russian president, commented on Naftohaz Ukrainy’s reports that the court in The Hague ordered Russia to pay $ 159 million to 18 Ukrainian companies and one individual as compensation for assets lost during the reunification of the Crimea with Russia.

You know that Russia was not represented and did not send its representative to this trial, so we do not consider ourselves to be a party in this case. – Dmitry Peskov, Russian statesman


Trump announced his desire to conclude a “good deal” with Iran

President of the United States Donald Trump said that he wants to achieve a “good deal” with Iran after withdrawing from the Joint Comprehensive Nuclear Action Plan (NAPP).

Israel showed video of the destruction of the “Pantsir-C1” missile system in Syria

The press service of the IDF has published a video of a missile strike on the Pantsir-S1 anti-aircraft missile and gun system in Syria. It is noted that the video was taken off the Spike NLOS rocket

Tests of the new landing helicopter Mi-38T will begin in May

Already this month, the testing of the new landing helicopter Mi-38T will begin. Transfer of equipment to the Ministry of Defense of Russia is scheduled for the fourth quarter of 2018, RIA Novosti reported. The new combat vehicle has significant differences from the basic certified Mi-38 model.

Trump reported on the capture of the five most dangerous insurgents IG

President of the United States Donald Trump announced the detention of five “most wanted leaders of the Islamic state” “(a terrorist organization banned in Russia).

The five most wanted leaders of the IG have just been caught! – Donald Trump, 45th US President

NATO ships arrived in Tallinn for the Open Spirit exercise

The first permanent mine action group of minesweepers of NATO arrived in Tallinn Mine Harbor on Thursday to replenish supplies of ships and prepare for the forthcoming Open Spirit exercises, the press service of the Estonian Defense Forces General Staff reported.

May and Netanyahu urged Russia not to allow new missile attacks of Iran

British Prime Minister Teresa Mei and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said in a telephone conversation that Russia should prevent Iran’s new missile attacks on Israel. This is reported by RT with reference to the press service of the head of the British government.

Iranian authorities: US can not restrict the country’s right to self-defense

The Iranian authorities said that limiting the right to self-defense on the part of the US and its allies is an “open violation” of the principles of international law.

Israel demanded from the UN Security Council to condemn Iran’s bombardment of the Golan Heights

The Israeli authorities have demanded from the UN Security Council to condemn the rocket fire of the Golan Heights, which was carried out by the Iranian forces


The main knowledge for work “at the construction site” in Russia

State Duma Speaker Vyacheslav Volodin believes that Vitaly Mutko has all the qualities and knowledge that are necessary for the post of Deputy Prime Minister for Construction. According to him, “a plus” is also a good knowledge of the Russian language.

He is distinguished by a good knowledge of Russian. This is extremely important at the construction site. Those who are keen on foreign languages, understand less and less, and it will be difficult for them at the construction site. – Vyacheslav Volodin, Russian politician

Bloomberg: in the US can cancel the principle of network neutrality

As reported by the agency Bloomberg, the Federal Communications Commission reported on the termination of the June 11 this year, the rules of network neutrality or “open Internet”, which was adopted under Barack Obama.

Russians warned of a new form of Internet fraud

Specialists of the anti-virus company Doctor Web reported a new kind of fraud on the Internet – cybercriminals steal money from people seeking social compensation.

To receive the promised compensation, site visitors are asked to enter in the special form the last digits of any document, as well as their first and last name. As a result, information on the available payment will appear on the screen, for which it is required to transfer a small amount of money allegedly to the scammers for the services of the platform itself.

The Ministry of Emergency Measures proposes to change the rules for inspecting Shopping Centers

Specialists of the Ministry of Emergency Measures of Russia have developed a bill that will change the procedure for inspecting the safety of the SEC and other similar facilities.

In particular, it is proposed to inspect buildings entirely, and not exploit it legal entities separately. Also, the department wants to give up preliminary notices, which allow tenants to hide existing violations.

In addition, it is planned to expand the powers of the Gospozhnadzor, to conduct inspections of objects more often, and to legislatively fix the participation of the Ministry for Emergency Situations in issuing permits for the construction and commissioning of facilities for mass stay of people.

Vostrikov said that he had not received payments from the owner of the “Winter Cherry”

A resident of Kemerovo, Igor Vostrikov, who lost three children, his wife and sister, during a fire in the “Winter Cherry” shopping center, said he had not received from the co-owners of the shopping center the promised payments, all funds came from the reserve fund, the authorities in turn claim that the money of the owner of the building were transferred to the families of the deceased.

The Nevada Court authorized the death penalty for the first time in 12 years

A court in the US state of Nevada for the first time in 12 years allowed the death penalty of a convict for murder.

The Supreme Court ordered the involvement of owners in cases of blocking sites

The Supreme Court ordered to involve the owners of Internet sites in legal proceedings about their blocking, said in the ruling on the case of blocking the resource bitcoininfo.ru, published on Thursday. The Supreme Court considered the complaint of the site owner bitcoininfo.ru Nikolai Tonkoshurov

In the Duma they suggested punishing for involving teenagers in protests

The bill on responsibility for involving minors in unauthorized rallies has been submitted to the State Duma. The maximum sanction envisaged by the proposed amendments is a fine of 500 thousand rubles. and 1 million rubles. for a repeated violation.

Children’s procession will be held in Samara

May 13 in Samara, the children’s procession will be held. The event will be timed to the Day of Remembrance of the Great Martyr and Victorious George and the celebration of the 73rd anniversary of the Victory in the Great Patriotic War.

The RF Ministry of Finance lowered the forecasted rate of inflation in 2018 to 2.8% from 4%

Earlier, the Russian Central Bank reported that in the current year, inflation is projected in the 3-4% range, and in 2019 – at a level close to 4%. Also, the amendments increased the forecast for GDP in 2018 to 98.234 trillion rubles from 97.462 trillion rubles, laid in the federal law on the budget.

In Switzerland, after the euthanasia, the oldest Australian scientist died

The oldest scientist in Australia, 104-year-old David Goodall, died after euthanasia in Switzerland’s Basel, the Australian news portal news.com reports. According to the publication, Goodall asked not to hold a funeral on the occasion of his death and bequeathed to donate his body to any medical institute.

Hospitals and libraries will increase labor productivity

For example, in polyclinics and hospitals, the speed of the patient’s passage through the admissions department will be the criteria for increasing the productivity of labor, the time for issuing and issuing books in libraries, the speed of registration and the number of papers necessary for the trip of the university professor at the universities, Izvestia explained to the Ministry of Economic Development.

How Russian tourists celebrated Victory Day in Turkey

Yekaterina Shatova, a former Yekaterinburg journalist now living in Moscow, described on her Facebook page how Russian tourists celebrated Victory Day in one of the Turkish hotels.

“I returned from Turkey, fully enjoying the performance of my compatriots on May 9

They began to notice much ahead of time, broke a bunch of glassware, which for some reason they dragged to the pool, showered the bottom with debris. On the 9th morning the main … aki carried their gadgets with speakers and at all possible loudness began to twist “Victory Day” and other netlenki. In all the bars tables were shifted, clowns-jurobasy with St. George ribbons shouted: “Standing, for a great race, hurray-hurray!”.

Amur Perinatal Center received money for free procedures

Governor of the Amur Region Alexander Kozlov instructed to check the perinatal center in Blagoveshchensk, whose employees took money from patients for free procedures. Violations revealed the government’s anti-corruption management

How US sanctions hit the business of Deripaska

Russian businessman Oleg Deripaska returned to the owners three leased private aircraft. The reason was US sanctions, reports Reuters.

It’s about three Gulfstream G550 aircraft. The director of Freestream Alireza Ittihadiyeh told the agency that the aircraft belonged to Credit Suisse and Raiffeisen. According to him, the companies controlled by Deripaska took their leases through a private company.

VTB increased the maximum term for loans in cash up to 7 years

Increased loan period allows you to manage the amount of the amount received and the monthly payment. In particular, the client can choose either a smaller payment amount or get a large loan amount at his disposal.


Lolita will try to hand over to a psychiatric hospital a conflictful neighbor

The singer stated that she would demand to send the man for compulsory treatment, the radio station “Says Moscow” reported on Thursday, May 10. Lolita noted that the man has the citizenship of Russia and Bulgaria and lives next door to the singer in a residential complex in Burgas.

Karl Lagerfeld threatened to renounce German citizenship because of Merkel

Famous German fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld said that he thinks about giving up citizenship of his native country because of German Chancellor Angela Merkel, who, in his opinion, is conducting an incorrect migration policy.

Happy Gauguin Solntsev massaged the back of his 72-year-old wife

Someone from the network immediately began to play a trick on the newlyweds, namely, over a big difference in their age. However, there were many who were happy for the couple, noting that together they look quite harmoniously.

Mikhail Zadornov left two wills

One document includes all the information about the property in Russia, and another offers to distribute the Latvian real estate Zadornov. However, the details of the wills are still unknown.

The inheritance of the satirist is estimated at one hundred million rubles. The heirs will get real estate and intellectual property of the humorist

The creators of “Smeshariki” and “Pokemon” jointly withdraw the cartoon

The Russian group of companies “Riki” and the creator of the animated series “Smeshariki” together with American studios Baboon Animation and 3 Beep will jointly create a comic cartoon “My Friend Finnik”. Denis Chernov, the leading director of “Smesharikov” will create the tape.

Nikolay Karachentsov interrupted treatment for cancer because of a new disease

Nikolay Karachentsov, who left for treatment in Tel Aviv, was forced to interrupt radiotherapy because of a new illness. Fortunately, the disease was easy, the actor is already continuing the treatment course

Anastasia Volochkova was persecuted because of St. George’s ribbon

Anastasia Volochkova decided to celebrate Victory Day in the company of her relatives near the fire on the lake shore. In the published photographs from the rest, Volochkova demonstrated the St. George ribbon. Many subscribers found this act inappropriate for Anastasia

Julia Samoilova did not qualify for the Eurovision final

The singer Yulia Samoilova, who represents Russia at the international song contest Eurovision in Lisbon, did not qualify for the final. Thus, Russia in the first since 2004 did not qualify for the Eurovision final.

Adult Swim ordered 70 new episodes of the series “Rick and Morty”

American television channel Adult Swim ordered another 70 series of the animated series “Rick and Morty.” This is reported by one of the authors of the animated series Justin Reuland on his Twitter page. He accompanied the recording with a drawing in which the characters discuss future adventures.

Paul McCartney and Adele became the richest musicians in the UK

The second place is taken by composer Andrew Lloyd Webber, whose fortune is estimated at 1 billion dollars. Group U2 took third place with a combined income of 772 million dollars. Singer Adele became the leader in the list of the richest musicians from the Foggy Albion, up to 30 years old.

Robbie Williams dreams of representing Great Britain at Eurovision

The leading semifinal of the Eurovision Song Contest-2018, Scott Mills, said that singer Robbie Williams still hopes to represent Great Britain on the vocal confrontation.

In the network appeared the official trailer of the new “Predator”

The web has a duplicated trailer sequel to the movie “Predator”, the video is published on YouTube. The new picture was a continuation of the famous militant in 1987 with Arnold Schwarzenegger. The director was Shane Black, famous for the films “Iron Man 3”, “Glorious Guys” and “Lethal Weapon”.

The third part of “Bad Guys” with Will Smith received the date of the premiere

Looking for the first or second part, Jerry Bruckheimer will return to the producer’s chair. Start of filming – August this year. “Bad guys 3” have been hanging about in Sony’s plans since 2009.

In the film came the biography of Mary Shelley “Beauty for the Beast”

Viewers will not have to confuse the picture with the famous work “Beauty and the Beast”, on which, in fact, and expect the distributors. For the big cashier this costume drama, dedicated to the once well-known English writer of the eighteenth century, will hardly be collected.

The story of Austin Powers can be continued in the new film

At the premiere of the thriller Vaughn Stein “Conceived” British actor and comedian Mike Myers spoke about the possible continuation of a series of films about Austin Powers. This was reported by “Gazeta.ru” with reference to NME

Tanya Tkachuk, the soloist of “My Michel”, was getting married

The soloist of the popular band “My Michel” Tanya Tkachuk told a popular gloss about the attitude to fashion, her creativity and plans for the future. So, the ex-Annunciation girl, when asked about her favorite songs from her repertoire, answered that most of all she likes new compositions.

Spotify removed the songs of R. Kelly and XXXTentacion from the playlists

Spotify removed the songs of R. Kelly and XXXTentacion from the editorial playlists due to the mismatch of their music with the new service policy – the ban on the promotion of content that incites enmity and violence.


The profit of “Rusal” in the first quarter of the year was $ 544 million

“The company’s profit in the first quarter of 2018 was $ 544 million compared with 187 million in the same period in 2017,” the document says. The revenue of “Rusal” for the first three months of this year was $ 2.744 billion (an increase of 19.5% compared to the first quarter of 2017)

The Bank of England retained the base rate of 0.5%

The Bank of England retained the benchmark interest rate at 0.5% per annum. The regulator reported this on Thursday following the meeting. The Bank retained the main parameters of monetary policy at the same level as before.

UTair ordered 30 Boeing-737-MAX aircraft

UTair Aviation has ordered 30 Boeing-737MAX aircraft from Boeing, it follows from the materials of the American concern. The agreement was signed on April 7, 2018. What modifications are in question and when the beginning of deliveries is expected, the materials are not specified.

International reserves of Russia for the week fell by $ 2 billion

International reserves of Russia for the week declined by $ 2 billion, according to “Gazeta.Ru” referring to the Central Bank. May 4, they amounted to $ 458.4 billion against $ 460.4 billion on April 27.

Outflow of funds from bonds is expected very soon

With a decrease in ruble rates, the Russian currency becomes less attractive against the backdrop of a rate hike in the United States. Therefore, over time, on the horizon of the year, you can expect an outflow of funds from bonds, which will increase pressure on the ruble.

“DOM.RF” places bonds for 10 billion rubles with a yield of 7.16-7.27% per annum

The term of circulation of securities is 10 years, an offer is expected in 13 months. The indicative rate of the 1st coupon is announced at the level of 7.05-7.15% per annum, which corresponds to the yield to the offer at the level of 7.16-7.27% per annum.

WSJ announced plans for Apple and Goldman Sachs to issue a credit card

IT-corporation Apple and investment bank Goldman Sachs are preparing to issue a credit card under the Apple Pay brand, writes The Wall Street Journal with reference to sources aware of the plans of the companies. According to the newspaper, the map can be released in early 2019

Antimonopolschiki brought the case to “TAIF-NK”

The Office of the Federal Antimonopoly Service for the Republic of Tatarstan initiated the case against OJSC TAIF-NK due to a rise in gasoline prices. This was reported by the press service of the department.

In March of this year, the company increased the production of gasoline by 65 percent, while reducing its supplies to the domestic market by 24.6 percent (8.6 thousand tons) and increasing the export shipments by 556 percent (40.6 thousand tons) , the report says.

In Tatarstan, the OFAS found that the company TAIF-NK violated the agreement signed by the Federal Antimonopoly Service of Russia, the Federal Service for Environmental, Technological and Nuclear Supervision and the Federal Agency for Technical Regulation and Metrology in 2011 in order to prevent a shortage of oil products in the regions of the country.

According to the document, the supply of petroleum products to the domestic market should be at least 20 percent of the volume of processed oil. At the end of 2017, the volume of deliveries of PSC “TAIF-NK” to the domestic market was 12 percent.

Iraqi Oil Minister to attend St. Petersburg Economic Forum

The Ambassador of Iraq in Russia stressed that the head of the country’s oil ministry will attend the forum. “He confirmed his participation,” – leads the news agency RIA Novosti Hadi

“Lukoil” sold the energy “daughter” in Bulgaria

Lukoil sold Lukoil Energy and Gas Bulgaria, a subsidiary of the energy company in Bulgaria, from Lukoil’s materials. In “Lukoil” RNS confirmed the fact of sale, explaining that the deal was carried out at the end of last year.


In Adygea, unknown people attacked the house of the former vice-governor of Kuban

Unknown in Adygea made an armed attack on the house of the former vice-governor of the Krasnodar Territory Murat Ahedzhak, as a result, the mother of the ex-official was killed, a source in the power structures of the republic told Tass on Thursday.

In Russia, a criminal case has been filed on Vinnik’s allegations

Vinnik wrote several applications to the law enforcement agencies of Russia on crimes in the sphere of financial technologies, after which the investigative department of the Interior Ministry opened a criminal case against unidentified persons, RIA Novosti reports.

It is noted that all of them are registered, but the investigation is not being conducted. According to the interlocutor of the publication, this may be due to the involvement of “influential persons” in money laundering through crypto-currencies.

The Russian was arrested in Greece at the request of the United States in the summer of 2017. The US authorities accuse him of laundering from $ 4 billion to $ 9 billion through the exchange crypto-currency.

The Consulate General of the Russian Federation in Hong Kong was evacuated because of a bomb in times of war

In Hong Kong, people were evacuated in the central region of Wan Chai in connection with the operation to neutralize a World War II bomb. The projectile was discovered by the builders of the metro, TASS reports.

The fire at the mine Raspadskaya in the Kuzbass was liquidated

The fire at the Raspadskaya mine in the Kemerovo region, of which 195 workers were evacuated, was liquidated, Tass learned from the press service of Raspadskaya Coal Company, which includes a mine.

In Lviv, unknown people burned a gypsy camp

In Lviv, unknown people burned a gypsy camp, UNIAN reports with reference to the Verkhovna Rada Commissioner for Human Rights Lyudmila Denisova.

In Australia found the bodies of seven people with gunshot wounds

The incident was reported by the local newspaper Tweed Daily News. As specified, the bodies of the dead were found in a house in the village of Osmingson (Margaret River wine region, Western Australia).

The Russian model died in the US after sex under drugs

In the American city of Fort Lauderdale, Florida, the police find out the circumstances of the death of the beginning model from Russia. According to TASS, the body of 18-year-old Olga Langil was discovered in the apartment of 41-year-old doctor Nualah Parikh.

In Moscow, saxophonist Matvey Sherling was found dead

Russian saxophonist Matvey Sherling was found dead in Moscow. The body of an 18-year-old musician was found in an apartment on Bolshaya Nikitskaya Street, REN TV reported.

According to the television channel, the alarm was raised by the father of the young man. The man could not reach his son, and no one opened the door to the apartment. In this regard, it had to be broken. Arrived at the scene physicians found the body of a young man in one of the rooms. According to preliminary data, the cause of death of the musician could be severe poisoning.

In the near future, the investigation of the circumstances will take place law enforcement agencies.

Drunken Ukrainian military staged shooting at the station

In Ukraine, at the central bus station in Mykolayiv, a police patrol detained two soldiers who opened fire on a passenger platform, Novosti N reported. It is noted that both men were drunk. During the detention, one of them resisted.

In Vladivostok, the former chief accountant of the “Post of Russia” was convicted for theft of 33 million

The Frunzensky District Court of Vladivostok sent a three-year general colony to the former chief accountant of the Post of Russia branch, having found her guilty of embezzling 33 million rubles

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