11 Jan, 2018

Julian Assange received the citizenship of Ecuador

Founder WikiLeaks Julian Assange, who has been living in the Embassy of Ecuador in London for the sixth year, has obtained Ecuadorian citizenship. Passport issuance took place on December 21, 2017, El Universo reports with reference to proven anonymous sources.

According to the publication, the act of civil status in the name of Assange was assigned the code of Pichincha province and number 1729926483. This is confirmed on the website of the Internal Revenue Service, where the specified number corresponds to a person named Julian Paul Assange.

On the same day, when the publication on the site of El Universo was published on the conferment of Ecuadorian citizenship to the WikiLeaks founder, a photo appeared in his Twitter on which Assange is dressed in the form of Ecuador’s national football team.

Briefly about the main ….


The US Department of State recommended that Americans avoid trips to Russia

The US Department of State recommended that Americans avoid traveling to Russia whenever possible because of the increased level of danger, according to a special portal launched by the agency for travelers. All countries are divided into four categories.

Putin’s election headquarters was headed by a doctor, teacher and head of KamAZ

Head of the Center for Gifted Children “Sirius” Elena Shmeleva, Dima Rogacheva, president of the National Society of Children’s Hematology and Oncology Alexander Rumyantsev, as well as the general director of KamAZ, Sergey Kogogin.

The FBI set up a working group on “interference in elections”

The FBI set up a working group to inform US citizens and US companies about attempts to use disinformation and manipulation of social networks to “interfere” in future elections, Bloomberg reported citing sources in law enforcement agencies.

Ukrainian protesters blocked the border with Poland

Several dozens of activists in the Lviv and Volyn regions of Ukraine blocked checkpoints on the Ukrainian-Polish border. This was reported by Interfax-Ukraine. The reason for the protest actions was changes in the Tax Code of Ukraine to limit duty-free import of goods.

The EU explained why Ukraine refused to allocate 600 million euros

The European Union refused to allocate 600 million euros to Kyiv in connection with the failure by the Ukrainian authorities of four of the 21 conditions for the provision of economic assistance, said the head of the EU Delegation to Ukraine, Hugues Mingarelli, on Ukrainian Radio.

The US and Russia are moving towards closing the information field, the expert believes

Restrictive measures taken by the US authorities and similar countermeasures by the Russian authorities are leading both countries to a gradual closure of the information space for each other, Washington is not interested in an open exchange of information and establishing a dialogue with Moscow, said Alexei Fenenko, a senior fellow at the Institute for International Security Problems of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

So they ask me to comment, and it’s boring to comment on it. Thank you, although we did not notice signs of racism and harassment in the work of RIA Global. I think, and it’s not far off. – Margarita Simonyan, Russian journalist

US demands Iran to release protesters

The US appealed to the Iranian authorities with a demand to immediately release all political prisoners, including detained protesters, the White House statement says

Putin appointed a new ambassador of Russia in Uruguay

Russian President Vladimir Putin appointed a new Russian ambassador to Uruguay, he became Nikolai Sofinsky, who succeeded Alexei Labetsky. The corresponding decree of the head of state was published on the official portal of legal information on January 10

In Moldova, banned Russian news programs

Speaker of the Moldovan Parliament Andrian Candu, instead of President Igor Dodon, approved a law that prohibits the broadcasting of news and information-analytical programs from Russia, the press service of the parliament said.

US court blocked Trump’s program on migrant children

The San Francisco court blocked the decision of US President Donald Trump, who ordered the abolition of the program to protect against the deportation of children of illegal migrants.

Puchemond intends to head again Catalonia

Puchdemon proposed to carry out the procedure for approving his candidacy on video communication or to instruct someone to read out his speech, RIA Novosti reported. In Spain, the ex-head of the region can not appear, as he is being sought there for attempting a mutiny.

Ambassadors of Russia and Iran summoned to the Turkish Foreign Ministry because of the situation in Idlib

On January 9, the Russian and Iranian ambassadors summoned the Turkish Foreign Ministry in connection with the “violation of the AAA ceasefire.” Chavushoglu said that the army of the Syrian leader Bashar Assad is fighting with the “democratic opposition” with the support of Moscow and Tehran.


Norway bought from the US 52 F-35 fighter at $ 10 billion

Norway bought a batch of American weapons, including multi-purpose fighter fighters of the fifth generation F-35. The total cost of aircraft will be 10 billion dollars

Russian ships will equip anti-mine drones

New Russian minesweepers will be equipped with domestic mine drones, Izvestia reports with reference to the Russian Navy’s Main Command. It is noted that the tests of the mine complex “Diamant” have already been completed, the first set was included in the trawler “Alexander Obukhov” in the Baltic Fleet.

Russia will begin construction of helicopter carriers in 2020

The Ministry of Defense of Russia and the United Shipbuilding Corporation (USC) will begin production of domestic helicopter carriers as early as 2020. The state order will be fulfilled at the shipyard “Northern shipyard”, TASS reports.

Russia deployed the second C-400 division in Crimea

The Russian military deployed in the Crimea a division of the most advanced anti-aircraft missile systems (SAM) in the world – S-400 Triumph. The SAM systems were delivered to the peninsula in December of last year, and on the alert duty “Triumphs” will be engaged on January 12, the Defense Ministry said.

The Pentagon announced the elimination of three leaders of Al-Qaeda in Yemen

The United States Central Command said that as a result of the air strikes in Yemen in November and December last year, three al-Qaeda leaders were liquidated (banned in the Russian Federation). According to the Pentagon, on November 20, Umar al-Sanaani was liquidated in the province of El Beyla

In Iran, several groups that were involved in the riots were rendered harmless

Iran’s security forces have neutralized several groups and individuals involved in organizing the riots in the country at the end of last year, the Iranian Ministry of Intelligence says.

Pakistan suspended cooperation with the US in defense and intelligence

The head of the Pakistan Defense Ministry, Khuram Dastgir Khan, said on Tuesday that Pakistan had suspended cooperation with the US in the field of defense and intelligence after Washington decided to freeze financial assistance to Islamabad.

Russia called on the US coalition to respond for the destruction in Syria

Russia called for the entire international coalition led by the US to respond to the devastation in Syria. The catastrophic situation in the city of El Racca has become the main topic of closed consultations at the UN. They were organized on the initiative of our country.

They talk about what they are interested in saying … I think that those who fought there with IGIL should also take responsibility for the restoration of the city. But so far this process is very slow, and we said this today. – Vasily Nebenzia, diplomat

In Myanmar, the military first confessed to the murder of Rohinj

The military first recognized its involvement in the death of Rohinj from August 2017. Earlier, the military denied the UN accusations of violence

APUs are experiencing air defense in the zone of “ATO”

The Armed Forces of Ukraine conducted a comprehensive training in the detection, capture and escort of the air target, as well as its training fire through the Buk-M1 refueling complex in the vicinity of the settlement Red (near the village of Volnovaha).

The Sovfed explained why Russia is building up its nuclear potential

Russia is building up its nuclear capabilities in accordance with the realities of today, the international political situation, without being tied to the US reaction, RIA Novosti was told on Wednesday by the head of the defense committee of the Council of Federation, Viktor Bondarev.


New York sued oil companies because of global warming

Mayor of the City of New York Bill de Blasio sued the oil companies in connection with climate change.

Poland increased gas export to Ukraine by half

Supplies to Ukraine of gas from Poland increased two-fold, exceeding 700 million cubic meters. m per year. From August 2016 to December 2017, the oil and gas company PGNiG increased its presence in the market of the neighboring country.

In Germany, the convoy was stopped with American howitzers

Traffic police in Germany stopped the transport convoy with US howitzers M109, which was coming from Poland, because of numerous violations, it was denied further adherence, the police of the federal state of Saxony said.

US Air Force banned flights of 28 ground-attack planes due to hypoxia in pilots

The US Air Force command prohibited the flights of 28 A-10 Thunderbolt II attack aircraft due to symptoms of hypoxia detected in pilots flying pilots.

Defective composition paralyzed the work of the second metro line in St. Petersburg

The defective structure clogged the movement along the second (blue) line of the Petersburg Metro in the evening hour of the January 10 peak. Because of it, traffic along the northern part of this branch is suspended, two subway stations are closed. On platforms in the evening rush hour there was a large congestion of passengers.

Landing ship of the Russian Federation “Yamal” collided with a dry cargo ship of Sierra Leone in the Aegean Sea

Cargo ship “Orka-2” became the culprit of the incident, which violated the International Rules for Preventing Collisions at Sea (COLREG-72). The ship followed a parallel course and began overtaking the Russian ship on the port side.

Those who learned about “VIP-numbers” in the “Matrosskaya Tishina” were forbidden to visit the SIZO

The investigator of the main investigative department of the Investigative Committee for Moscow prevented the visit of the Matrosskaya Tishina and the Kremlin Central to five members of the Public Monitoring Commission of Moscow. About this RBC told a member of the capital’s OOC Ivan Melnikov

FSB has told about plans of the arrested person for preparation of act of terrorism of the cadet

Accused in the preparation of the terrorist attack, the cadet of the Military Space Academy named after Mozhaysky Vadim Osipov before the arrest planned to set fire to the barracks of the academy, barricading the entrances and exits, said during the exit session of the Moscow Military District Court in St. Petersburg,

The number of victims of landslides and floods in California increased to 15

Victims of landslides and floods in California were 15 people. This was reported by local authorities on Wednesday, January 10. At the same time, the state is afraid that the death toll could increase in the near future, TASS reported.

Priest Grozovsky called gossip accusations of pedophilia

In the Priozersky City Court of the Leningrad Region, a lawsuit is being conducted against the priest Gleb Grozovsky, who is accused of violence against three girls. The man does not admit his guilt and believes that rumors are being discussed in court.

There was a video of the incident with the investigator and the Interior Ministry generals near the elevator

A source in the Ministry of Internal Affairs provided RBC with a videotape from the surveillance camera, on which the misdemeanor of the investigator of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Moscow region was sealed, for which he was reprimanded. He went to the elevator and left before two MVD generals, and high-ranking leaders remained on the site.


The third shipment of gas from Yamal LNG arrived in France

The third tanker with a liquefied natural gas (LNG) lot from the Yamal LNG plant arrived in France, according to the global positioning system for ships. The tanker “Fedor Litke” is located in the port of Montoir (Montoir). This week the second batch of fuel from Yamal LNG was delivered to Spain.

The Ministry of Finance did not rule out the replenishment of the NWF in 2018

Replenishment of the National Welfare Fund (NWF) this year is possible while maintaining the level of oil prices and exchange rate ratios that emerged in 2017. This was stated by the Minister of Finance Anton Siluanov.

“Rosneft” sold the network of filling stations in Ukraine

The companies are owners of Vostok LLC (Kiev), which owns a network of filling stations in Ukraine. According to the agency, the network of gas stations has about 150 objects. At the end of February 2017 it became known that the company “LUKOIL” closed the deal to sell its last asset in Ukraine.

Penalties for illegal mining of precious metals may increase 5 times

This year, the authorities can tighten sanctions for violating the rules of mining, use and storage of precious metals and stones. The maximum penalties are planned to increase fivefold – up to 250 thousand rubles. The Ministry of Finance of Russia is preparing the corresponding amendments to the Code of Administrative Offenses.

Inflation in Russia in 2017 was 2.5%

For comparison, inflation in Russia in 2016 was at the level of 5.4%, and in December 2016, the price increase was 0.4%. According to the Federal State Statistics Service, food prices in December 2017 in annual terms increased by 1.1%, for non-food products – by 2.8%. The growth in prices for services was 4.4%.

AFK Sistema’s “daughter” sold 9.6 million shares of MTS for 2.5 billion rubles

AFK Sistema’s “daughter” sold 9.57 million shares of MTS for 2.5 billion rubles. a subsidiary of the mobile operator – LLC Stream Digital.

The Ministry of Finance spent the last trillion rubles from the Reserve Fund

The Ministry of Finance spent the last trillion rubles from the Reserve Fund, according to the department. Means in foreign currency in the amount of one trillion 420 million rubles went to cover the budget deficit.

China may suspend the purchase of US government bonds

China may suspend the purchase of US government bonds, Bloomberg reported citing sources

MOF has placed OFZ two series of 38 billion rubles from the limit of 40 billion rubles

The RF Ministry of Finance auctioned on Wednesday a federal loan (OFZ) of two series of 38 billion rubles from the proposed 40 billion rubles, the Moscow Stock Exchange

The catch of fish in Russia in 2017 increased by 2%

The catch of sardines of Ivasi, mackerel and saury in 2017 increased 2.5 times and amounted to almost 74 thousand tons against 30.6 thousand tons in 2016. Including, the development of Ivasi grew almost 2.5 times, to 16.12 tons, the catch of mackerel increased more than 5.5 times, to 51.43 thousand tons.

Interfax reported about the imminent merger of VTB Insurance with Sogaz

The decision was made with the consent of the parties in the context of the merger of VTB Insurance and Sogaz, Interfax reported, citing a source in the financial market. In the UK “VTB Insurance” and “Sogase” declined to comment on this topic.

BelAZ considers proposals for selling products for crypto currency

“BelAZ always tries to keep pace with the times, as well as making its products more accessible,” the Belarusian Automobile Plant considers its decision at the enterprise. The Belarusian Automobile Plant is considering proposals for the sale of products for crypto currency, the report said on the official site of the enterprise

Europe will lose a billion dollars due to Russian gas

European companies in 2018 will lose one billion dollars because of the reduction in natural gas supplies to Ukraine. The reason for the decrease in volumes was the decision of the Stockholm Arbitration, which obliged Kiev to restore the import of gas from Russia after more than two years of interruption

The rise in prices for gasoline in Russia in 2017 almost tripled the rate of inflation

For the whole of 2017, gasoline went up by 7.3%, which is almost 3 times higher than the inflation rate for the same period (inflation in the past year was 2.5%), Interfax reported. Earlier, “Yugopolis” with reference to the opinion of experts, reported that in 2018, gasoline prices can significantly increase.

Realtors proposed to enter the insurance of real estate transactions

The Russian Guild of Realtors (RGR) proposed to introduce insurance for transactions with real estate. Protection of the property rights of the acquired real estate must be valid for all transactions, regardless, conducted by its buyer and seller or hired a realtor.


Dog owners in Switzerland were banned from interfering with pets barking

The Swiss authorities imposed a ban on the use of automatic devices that work when the dog starts to bark, and with the help of irritating factors make the animal stop the noise. This was reported by the press service of the government of the Confederation

The State Duma may recognize some bloggers as media-foreign agents

Bloggers who receive money from foreign governments can be recognized as media-foreign agents in Russia. This was on Wednesday, Deputy Chairman of the State Duma Peter Tolstoy, who is one of the authors of the law.

“Under the law on media-inoagentah will fall bloggers who receive money from foreign governments, but not from private individuals”, – quotes the statement of Peter Tolstoy channel “360”.
The Council of the lower house of the Russian parliament will consider the draft on Thursday and decide on its inclusion in the agenda of the State Duma session on Friday, RIA Novosti reports.

There will be no more strikes. A large trade union was recognized as an agent

The St. Petersburg court liquidated a major trade union, the MPRA, by recognizing it as a foreign agent. A suit was filed by the prosecutor’s office. The local administration of the Ministry of Justice and the Federal Tax Service were interested in the process.

Putin promised to equate the minimum wage with the subsistence level

The minimum wage (minimum wage) will be brought to the subsistence level earlier than planned. This was stated by President Vladimir Putin at a meeting with workers of the Tver Carriage Works.

I can say that yesterday I met with the Minister of Finance – we have a positive dynamics of the Russian economy: less than we expected, a budget deficit, and gold and foreign exchange reserves are growing. That is, the Russian economy is on the rise, and this trend continues. – Vladimir Putin

Metropolitan Joseph called Epiphany bathing “secular entertainment”

The document is published on the website of the diocese. Mass swimming in the Epiphany is not a religious precept, but only recently with the help of the media, which has become a popular custom, and therefore can not be called, as secular officials say, a cultic measure

The State Duma rejected the bill on assistance to those who are below the poverty line

The State Duma rejected the bill of the Communist Party faction on assistance to persons below the poverty line, which is among the documents proposed for priority consideration during the spring session of 2018. The bill proposed to introduce monthly assistance at the expense of the federal budget.

In Russia, the level of self-sufficiency in potatoes has decreased

The department stressed that over the past 10 years, the sowing area for potatoes in households fell by 1.7 times, the number of households fell from 20.2 to 18.7 million units

In Poland, Szczecin will be sent to scrap metal monument to Soviet soldiers

The authorities of the Polish city of Szczecin decided to utilize the memorial “To the memory of those who fought for Szczecin” and send to the scrap metal sickle, hammer and five-pointed stars. This is reported by the Polish Radio. The Soviet monument stands at the intersection of the Polish Highway and Neringa Street.

In Sri Lanka, women will be allowed to buy alcohol

The law on the prohibition of women buying alcohol from Sri Lanka since 1955 will be abolished by the country’s authorities. It is assumed that women who have reached the age of 18 will be able to buy alcoholic beverages.

The State Duma saved more than 700 million rubles in 2017

The State Duma in 2017 saved 706 million 320 thousand rubles, including 55 million 500 thousand rubles at the expense of salaries of deputies, their assistants and employees of the apparatus. This today, opening the spring session of the lower house, said its speaker Vyacheslav Volodin.

Last year, the economy was 779 million rubles. This is until 2016. In 2017, the savings amounted to 706 million 320 thousand rubles. At the same time, we decided to solve all the problems that the apparatus was supposed to solve. – Vyacheslav Volodin, Russian politician

For the mortgage real estate property tax, physical persons will have to pay

The Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation has considered the appeal concerning payment of the tax to property of physical persons for the real estate got under the mortgage. Article 400 of the Tax Code of the RF recognizes such citizens as taxpayers, since they have the right of ownership of housing.

In the British school for girls were forbidden to call students girls

Teachers of the grammar school for girls in the British city of Altrinheim were banned from using the word “girls” when addressing students. The reason for this decision was the reluctance to offend transgender people, according to the Daily Mail.

The State Duma will prohibit drunkards from even approaching the workplace

The State Duma introduced a draft law to amend the Labor Code, which gives employers the right to dismiss employees if they are seen at work in a state of intoxication even outside of working hours.


To the snow-covered Swiss resort the trains started to go

Earlier it was assumed that the trains will start on Wednesday morning, but the rescuers did not have time to clear the way from the snow by this time. On Monday, the ground communication with Zermatt was interrupted due to snow and avalanches. At the resort there were 13 thousand tourists, among whom were Russians.

A convenient way to get to independent tourists in Egypt

“While direct flights to Hurghada and Sharm el-Sheikh will not resume, the most convenient option for independent travelers will remain a connecting flight through Turkey,” said Skyscanner.

Ministry of Culture released free pocket guide to Omsk

Tourist guide to Omsk is preparing to release the Ministry of Culture of Omsk region. It will consist of 7 routes to the city center. It will be issued in A6 format on 100 pages


Trump plays a dinner in honor of the anniversary of his inauguration in the lottery

President of the United States Donald Trump organized a lottery, in which he will participate in a dinner in honor of the anniversary of his inauguration, RIA Novosti reports.

Michael Douglas pre-denied information about long-standing harassment

According to sources, Douglas learned that it is possible to publish information about his harassment of a woman and previously commented on “untruthful information.”

Ricky Martin married with his boyfriend

Singer Ricky Martin married with his boyfriend, a Swedish artist of Syrian origin, Dzhvan Yosef. This is reported by the portal E! Online.

Timur Tomayev became the winner of the contest “New Star”

Variety performer from Vladikavkaz Timur Tomayev became the winner of the contest “New Star”

2018 in Turkey declared the Year of Troy

The authorities of Turkey declared 2018 the Year of Troy, RIA Novosti reported. In connection with this, festivities took place in the town of Canakkale and the ancient city of Troy in the north-west of the country.

Serena Williams with her daughter starred for the cover of the magazine Vogue

23-fold winner of the Grand Slam tournaments, American tennis player Serena Williams, along with her daughter Alexis Olympia, starred for the cover of the February issue of the magazine Vogue. The photo is available in the official “tweet” by Serena Williams

Already the third: Another daughter of Angelina Jolie began to dress like a boy

Another daughter Angelina Jolie refused to dress and began to dress like a boy. 13-year-old receptionist Zahara held to the last and wore romantic dresses. But it seems that the influence of the sisters affected her.

The film on doping in Russian sports was nominated for a prize

Awards will be awarded on February 3 in Los Angeles. Recall that the director of the Icarus was a British amateur rider Bryan Vogel, and the main character is the former head of the Moscow Anti-Doping Laboratory Grigory Rodchenkov

Bald Antonio Banderas posing against the background of the portrait of Nicholas II in the Russian Museum

The famous actor Antonio Banderas was photographed against the backdrop of the portrait of Nicholas II in the branch of the Russian Museum in Malaga. The photo was published in the social network Facebook on the page of the branch of the Russian Museum in Malaga.

Prince Harry’s bride Megan Markle removed her pages in social networks

All of their accounts in social networks were closed by the future wife of Prince Harry Harry Actress Megan. According to the BBC, the girl decided to delete her pages in “Instagram”, “Facebook” and “Twitter”, because her accounts “have not been used for some time”.

The first trailer of the film “Gogol. Wii »

The second of the planned four tapes will again show the nervous young clerk Nikolai Gogol, who is investigating the murders of young girls by the Horseman in the village of Dikanka

Actor James Franco accused of sexual harassment

Famous world public Hollywood actor James Franco was accused of sexual harassment. In an interview published on YouTube, the artist rejected accusations against him of attempting to force oral sex and seducing a minor.

Sergei Semyonov said that he would prefer Diana Shurygin not to know at all

The young man became very famous thanks to the hype, which was due to a noisy trial. The guy said that he would prefer not to know Diana at all. Semyonov said that if he could change his life then he would prefer not to meet Shurygin.

The first channel will show the ice show of Tatyana Navka “Ruslan and Lyudmila”

At the premiere of the show “Ruslan and Lyudmila” the Olympic champion became the guest of the show “Evening Urgant” on the First Channel.

Celine Dion was not scared of a drunk fan on the stage

Recently, the artist performed with her new program in Los Angeles. In a pause between the songs, she invited one of the spectators to the stage. However, when the woman climbed onto the stage, it turned out that she was in the basement and could hardly control her body

Users criticized the figure of Julia Proskuryakova in a swimsuit

Singer Julia Proskuryakova posted a few days ago in her microblog Instagram video, which shows how she enters the ocean in a swimsuit. Fans have considered the grown-up figure of the singer of songs

Ukrainian singer wants to present Belarus at Eurovision-2018

Ukrainian performer Alekseev, whose real name is Nikita Alekseev, wants to represent Belarus at the international music contest “Eurovision” in 2018.

Ukrainian TV channel filed a lawsuit because of Dobronravov from “Svatov”

In Ukraine, LLC “TV Company Studio 1 + 1” filed a lawsuit against the Ministry of Culture and the State Agency for Cinematography because of Russian actor Fyodor Dobronravov from the series “Matchmakers.”

Representative Ivan Krasko beat the lover of his wife Natalia

PR manager and director of the eighty-seven-year-old Ivan Krasko beat the young lover of twenty-seven-year-old Natalia Krasko. As a result, the injured young man formed abrasions. This incident occurred on one of the TV programs

January 14 “Russia 1” will show the film “Valaam” with Putin’s participation

The shooting of the unique film Valaam took four seasons at the Valaam Archipelago, where they interviewed Russian President Vladimir Putin. In addition, the audience will be shown fragments of a unique cinematic chronicle.

Natalia Vodianova tried on a wedding dress by Jacqueline Kennedy

Supermodel Natalia Vodianova shared on her page in Instagram a video on which she tries on a wedding dress with lace.

Sister Sherlock Holmes will play Millie Brown

British actress Millie Bobby Brown will play the sister of the famous detective in a new series of films about Sherlock Holmes. Enola Holmes, the younger sister of two famous for their genius and deduction of the Holmes brothers, does not have unique abilities from the brothers.


Hacker has been following computers of thousands of users around the world for 13 years

Ohio authorities believe that Philip Duracinsky himself created a virus program, gave it the name Fruitfly and with its help from 2003 to 2017 watched the computers of thousands of people

The US Senate demanded from Apple to explain the deliberate slowdown of the iPhone

The head of the Senate Committee on Trade, Science and Transport of the US Senate, John Thune, demanded from Apple CEO Tim Cook to explain the deliberate slowdown by the company of the work of the old iPhone models. The corresponding letter was sent personally to the general director. The answer must reach the Senate no later than January 23.

Sony introduced a robot dog with artificial intelligence

Company Sony introduced in its Tokyo headquarters, a new electronic robot-dog aibo with elements of artificial intelligence. The first devices were handed over to the owners, who purchased the novelty in the preliminary Internet auction.

Sneakers with a built-in pass were issued in Germany

In Germany, sports sneakers, made with the elements of the upholstery design in the metropolitan of the German capital, and also with the built-in annual travel ticket were issued. This is reported by the Berlin Transport Authority (BVG).

Facebook plans to release a gadget for video communication

Facebook is planning to create a new gadget for video chat, music. Specialists of the well-known social network will create a camera for users to chat on video chat. The device “Portal” is presented at the end of spring.

In the United States invented “smart” panties, allowing you to manage the house

The American company has developed a high-tech underwear, allowing a person to monitor his own organism and even control what is happening around him. It is reported that in the foreseeable future, “smart” panties and beagle holders will become public.

Huawei accused of spying on users through smartphones

The letter of lawmakers states that the Chinese company cooperates with a certain telecom company, whose name is not called, as well as with the special services of China. In turn, representatives of Huawei deny this information.

Ukraine will launch the first solar power plant in Chernobyl

The first solar power plant will be launched in Ukraine in Chernobyl

Yandex has assigned its media services to a separate company

The service “KinoBeach” introduces users to new films and talks about news from the world of cinema. In 2018, Yandex intends to significantly expand the opportunities for users of KinoPoisk to watch movies online.

In the past two years, media services have shown excellent results. They proved the consistency of their business model: subscribing to music and selling tickets – this is absolutely not typical and at the same time a source of income that is noticeable for Yandex. We see excellent prospects in media services. – Arkady Volozh

Microsoft plans to update the Xbox Live achievements system

According to Windows Central, Microsoft is now working on a new “Career” system for Xbox Live. Previously, the developers talked about plans related to the update of the functions of the achievements system and the Gamerscore score counter.

The new rocket satchel will be dispersed to 320 kilometers per hour

At the CES 2018 technology exhibition, the American company JetPack Aviation presented a new version of its jet pack. According to the manufacturer, JB11 can be in the air twelve minutes and accelerate during the flight to a speed of 320 kilometers per hour

Facebook will release a new gadget for video chatting and listening to music

Developers of Facebook will release a special camera for chatting on video chat. The device was named “Portal”, it will be available to users from May 2018. The novelty will be a camera with a microphone and speakers.

Lenovo introduced the virtual reality helmet Mirage Solo

The company Lenovo brought to the exhibition CES 2018 the world’s first self-contained virtual reality headset Mirage Solo with support for the Google Daydream platform. The helmet is based on the Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 chip and can work without connecting to a computer or a smartphone.

The Turla group distributes the backdoor along with the Flash Player installer

Turla hackers combined their own backdoor and installer Adobe Flash Player into the package, and also implemented special techniques to ensure that the domains and IP addresses of the fake software downloading resembled the legitimate Adobe infrastructure.

Photos of the smartphone Nokia 1

The network published the first photos of the new smartphone Nokia 1. According to information received from the company, the gadget will work under the guidance of the Android Oreo operating system.

Razer introduced a wireless mouse without batteries

The company Razer, specializing in the release of gaming accessories, presented at the CES 2018 wireless mouse without batteries. The gaming gadget is charged from the rug right at the time of use, reports Neowin.

Avast has introduced a new version of Cleanup Premium

Avast Cleanup Premium provides higher performance, free disk space and provides reliable support with a number of new features.

Microsoft: “patches” for Meltdown and Specter will seriously slow down PCs older than two years

The patches released by Microsoft, protecting the processors from the attacks of Specter and Meltdown, can significantly slow down the work of old computers on Windows 7 and Windows 8 operating systems. This was reported in the official blog by Windows vice-president Terry Myerson.

The largest bank of biometric data was hacked

The Tribune has paid only about eight dollars to get access to personal data of a billion people in the world’s largest biometric biometric bank of the Agency of India for unique identification (UIDAI).

Apple has localized its cloud storage in China

It is known that, in accordance with the requirements of Chinese legislation, which were adopted in July 2017, Apple iCloud’s cloud storage will be localized in China.


Scientists: “Alien Signals” generate “dead stars”

It was later found out that the origin of flares is affected by the magnetic radiation of neutron stars or magnetars, which overcomes the powerful fields of black holes. At the same time, the power of mysterious radio signals far exceeds what a single magnetar can produce.

Chemists made reusable paper for inkjet printers

Chinese chemists have created a paper in which text and color images can be washed and printed several times, using a conventional inkjet printer. The paper does not lose its properties even after nine cycles of erasure-printing, scientists write in Nature Communications.

Scientists have found birds with wings in Australia absorbing 99.95% of light

American ornithologists at Yale University have discovered bird birds in Australia, whose pen is capable of absorbing 99.95% of light rays. The animal’s feather looks darker than any other natural materials on the planet

NASA showed a panoramic view from the center of the Milky Way

NASA has published a video in 360 degrees, which allows you to “walk” through the center of the Milky Way.

Scientists first created muscle tissue from skin cells

Scientists from Duke University (USA) managed to create for the first time in the laboratory muscle tissue with the help of stem cells derived from human skin cells. The results of the study are published in the British scientific journal Nature.

Physicists once again violated the second law of thermodynamics

The second law of thermodynamics says that the entropy of closed systems can only increase, but physicists have proved the possibility of reducing it. True, this applies only to quantum systems, to which such dogmas have no relation.

Physicists first received an image of interacting electrons

Physics specialists from Russia, the United States, Germany and Spain have presented a method that will help to study the process of electron impact on each other. It is noted that scientists managed to measure the correlation by analyzing the spectrum of different elements of the square of the wave option.

Tesla started installation of solar tiles in the homes of customers

Tesla began installation of tiles with solar panels on customer homes. According to the company, the cost of one square meter of unique coverage is about 220 dollars. The company noted that the service life of the shingles is at least 30 years.

A tablet on a polymer matrix will allow taking HIV medications only once a week

Placement of the active substance on the polymer matrix allows you to enter a weekly dose of the drug at one time, orally. Once in the body, the matrix releases small amounts of substance evenly and gradually over seven days.

The most ancient rock drawing of a supernova explosion was found in India

Indian astrophysicists from the Institute of Basic Research of the Tata have discovered a rock carvings depicting a cosmic phenomenon, which, according to experts, is a supernova.

NASA showed a massive black hole tearing the star

Many users were impressed by the large-scale simulation, built by NASA astrophysicists, who showed how the process of merging a black hole and a nearby star is going. According to scientists, first a black hole tends to break a star to absorb all the material that makes up the star

Scientists have discovered a completely new kind of planetary systems

Astrophysics of the University of Montreal found a new kind of planetary systems. It is noted that it is fundamentally different from those already known. Scientists explained that, unlike already open systems, in this exoplanet approximately the same size and rotate around a common star

Roskosmos approved the launch plan for the first quarter of 2018

The plan includes launches within the framework of the Federal Space Program, federal target programs, as well as international cooperation and commercial projects. In the first quarter of 2018, according to the ISS program, two launches from the Baikonur cosmodrome are planned.

In Russia, scientists are developing a system for tracking dangerous asteroids

Another part of the satellites will rotate in an elliptical orbit around the luminary. With the help of these devices it will be possible to observe the space between the Sun and the Earth.

India will put into orbit 31 satellites per launch

The Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) planned on January 12 launch of its own production vehicle PSLV-C40, which will bring 31 satellites to near-earth orbit. This is reported by The Hindu.

Not just a dream: scientists unraveled the riddle of the action of anesthesia on the brain

A new work by scientists at the University of Queensland (Australia) sheds light on what happens in the brain when it is under the influence of general anesthesia. It turned out that drugs do not just euthanize a person, they break the connection between brain cells


The timing of the appearance of the crossover Citroen C3 Aircross in Russia

For the Russian market is preparing a crossover Citroen C3 Aircross next generation. In Europe the car is already sold, and in Russia its appearance is expected within the next three months. This is stated in a press release issued the day before by the French automaker.

Experts named the safest cars in 2017

Euro NCAP experts rated the safest cars in 2017. The results were published on the company’s portal. The safest representative car was recognized as Volkswagen Arteon, whose overall safety is estimated at more than 90%.

BMW has updated the compact 2 Series Active Tourer

The web has a photo of the updated BMW 2 Series Active Tourer. According to information from company representatives, the car will be on sale in the world market already in the beginning of March this year.

Carbon Subaru VIZIV Performance will be presented in the STI-version

January 12 in Tokyo will open an automobile exhibition, and one of its exhibits will be the show car Subaru VIZIV Performance with carbon body elements. The audience had already seen this car last year, but this year the Japanese decided to submit it in the STI-version.

Mercedes-Benz is testing a new compact crossover Mercedes-Benz GLB

On the pages of the US motoring publication motor1 new spy photos of the new compact crossover Mercedes-Benz GLB, which passes road tests in winter conditions, are published.

The very first Land Rover was accidentally found next to the Land Rover plant

The find was accidentally made a few kilometers from the brand plant in Solihull, where the car was assembled in 1948. The car was exhibited at the Amsterdam Motor Show in 1948. The last time it was demonstrated to the public in the 1960s, and in the 1980s it was bought as a restoration project.

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