19 Mar, 2018

Kim Jong In gave the floor

South Korean Foreign Minister Kang Kyung-hwa said that North Korean leader Kim Jong-In “gave his word” to abide by the agreement on the denuclearization of the Korean peninsula. This is reported by the CBS News channel.

“His promise is very valuable, because this is the first time that words come from the most high-ranking leader of the DPRK,” the minister said.

She also added that she was very surprised by the decision of US President Donald Trump about meeting with the North Korean leader.

According to her, this “very bold decision” demonstrates Trump’s intention to “solve the problem once and for all.”

Briefly about the main …..


Twitter will prohibit advertising crypto currency

Social network Twitter will prohibit advertising Crypto and ICO.

The new microblogging service policy will enter into force within two weeks and will operate in all countries, Sky News reports with reference to its sources.

Previously, similar measures were taken by Facebook and Google. Technological giants fear that advertising crypto and ICO can be fraudsters deceiving users.

In the Ministry of Labor reported a growth in wages by 7% in 2017

In Russia, average salaries last year increased by 2.4 thousand rubles, or 7%. This is reported by the newspaper “Izvestia” referring to the data of the Ministry of Labor. As specified, the nominal accrued wages in 2017 increased by 7.2% – up to 39.1 thousand rubles per employee per month.

Experts in Russia will develop a slimming program for schoolchildren

Excess weight, which begins to suffer a child, goes into the stage of obesity. Scientists from Russia intend to work together with nutritionists and other doctors to develop a special weight loss program for schoolchildren.

Roskomnadzor for 2017 blocked about 8 thousand pirate sites

Roskomnadzor blocked about eight thousand pirate sites last year. This is reported by the newspaper Izvestia. The agency explained that it is about resources that host movies, serials, books, music, as well as programs without the permission of authors or rights holders.

Medinsky presented patriarchal medals of the ROC to the founders of the church in Troitsk

Minister of Culture of the Russian Federation Vladimir Medinsky took part in the ceremony of presenting the Patriarchal Medals of the Russian Orthodox Church “In Memory of the 100th Anniversary of the Restoration of the Patriarchate in the Russian Orthodox Church” in the Church of the Life-Giving Trinity in Troitsk on Sunday.

In Brazil, disgruntled girls organized a “naked revolt”

Someone even managed to fix the process of “naked rebellion” on the camera of the smartphone and throw into the network video. Girls demand more severe punishments for drivers who violate the rules of the road in Brazil.

Visitors to fast food are exposed to high-risk health

Fans of fast food establishments put their health in great danger, because only in the previous year, a third of Russians after visiting such institutions became infected with an acute intestinal infection.

Life in mobile applications

By the end of 2017, Russia entered the top five countries for the largest number of downloads of mobile applications: on the whole, Russian users spent about $ 500 million on them – just 40% more than a year ago.

In the top 20 popular applications in the country for the first time entered the Chinese ShareIt of Lenovo, which allows you to share files over Wi-Fi.

The most dynamic categories in Russia were “drinks and food” (100% growth), e-commerce (50%), health and fitness (40%), sports and finance (35% each). The situation “provides great opportunities” for Russian companies, analysts emphasize: the country has a high share of downloads of local developer applications – 24%. For example, in the UK this figure is 12%.


Andrei Skorokhod of the Comedy Club apologized to the insulted Buzov

The conflict between the TV presenter, singer Olga Buzovy and humorist Andrei Skorohody lasts about three weeks. Finally, the resident of the Comedy Club apologized to the beauty, who was offended by the comparison of her appearance with the monster from the movie “Predator”.

56-year-old wife of Emmanuel Vitorgan promised to have another child

From previous marriages, the artist has an adult son and daughter. And at the end of February, a 56-year-old wife gave Emmanuil Gedeonovich a daughter, Ethel. According to the artist, the wife postponed the pregnancy for such a late period because of health problems.

Boris Korchevnikov scared the fans with a painful appearance

Boris Korchevnikov shared a photo with Instagram. True, the appearance of the host in the picture leaves much to be desired. The fallovers were seriously frightened by his soreness and showered the idol with worrying questions

Angelina Jolie is getting married for the fourth time

The British millionaire became the elect of the 42-year-old Hollywood actress, reports thestar.com. “Angie is so much in love that very soon, for the fourth time, will go under the crown,” – brings the magazine Life & Style the words of girlfriend Jolie. She also added that it was the actress who initiated this marriage

35-year-old Svetlana Khodchenkova is getting married

Svetlana Khodchenkova, who turned 35 years old, has established a personal life: the actress was going to get married. It took 8 years after the divorce from actor Yaglych, and during this time the star never went to the registrar.

Andrei Malakhov first showed a photo with his wife and son in a stroller

Andrei Malakhov first published a general photo with his wife and son in a wheelchair. The TV host became a father at the end of last year.

Ararat Keshchyan confessed that he tolerates his wife’s shortcomings

Russian actor Ararat Keshchyan in an interview with the media said that many couples are too easy to divorce and do not seek to maintain a relationship. In this category, he did not take himself, because he tries in any case to find a compromise and accept the flaws of the second half.

The Junior Eurovision Song Contest will be held in Minsk on November 25

Children’s song contest “Eurovision” will be held in Minsk on November 25, 2018, Belteleradiocompany

Anfisa Chekhova showed a piquant handstand

Russian TV host Anfisa Chekhova was able to surprise her subscribers with Instagram. She showed a piquant yoga stand on her hands. 40-year-old celebrity from Russia Anfisa Chekhova continues to amaze her numerous fans and subscribers in social networks

Jolie talked about the secret of sexuality

Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie in an interview with InStyle said that she was attracted to people the most. She confessed that she considers beautiful people who do not sink under another’s notions of beauty.

Fans are shocked by the frail Chromina from “Dom-2”

Fans of the reality show “Dom-2” are shocked by the change in the appearance of the heroine of the telestroy of Elena Khromina. The girl became completely unattractive, even frightening.

Sati Casanova told about the replenishment of the family and the benefits of marriage

In an interview with journalists, the singer Sati Casanova told about the replenishment of the family and the benefits of marriage. After the performer married Stefano Tiozzo from Italy, they spend all their free time together, and for the sake of his wife, he moved from a European country to Russia

Neil Young is not going to leave the stage for the rest of his life

In an interview with Rolling Stone, the famous rock musician Neil Young said that he considers absurd various farewell tours of musicians, which they create before leaving the stage. Despite his age, Young firmly believes that in the near future he is not going to leave the stage and retire.

Became known the date of the start of the shooting of a new film about Batman

According to published information, a new solo film about Batman can start shooting no earlier than in 2019. According to Screen Rant, now about the project there is not much information. Prior to this, it was reported that the new film would not be part of the continuous DC universe.

The creators of the “Game of Thrones” announced the recruitment of actors for new roles

The creators of the popular series “The Game of Thrones” announced the recruitment of actors. They will have to play two new characters. Now the authors of the show are looking for an actress who could play a young mother between the ages of 25 and 30

In the theater named after the Leningrad City Council, a banner was created in support of Yuri Butusov

March 17 in St. Petersburg at the Lensovet Theater after a five-hour play “Macbeth” viewers supported the artistic director Yuri Butusov, stretching in the hall a few banners in his honor.

Krasnoyarsk artist entered the long-list of the Contemporary Art Prize of Russia

The project “Kipish-grad” by the Krasnoyarsk artist Alexander Zakirov is included in the long list of the Russian award of Sergey Kuryokhin in the nomination “Art in public space” for 2017. This is reported by the TV company “Channel 7”. “Kipish-grad” is aimed at transforming the urban environment.


Called the guilty of the Boeing Flight MH17, the pilot committed suicide

The former Ukrainian pilot Vladislav Voloshin, suspected of attacking Boeing 777 of Malaysia Airlines, committed suicide. This was reported by the police of the Mykolayiv region. A retired military man attempted suicide at home.

The helicopter with the daughter and son-in-law of Trump on board refused the engine

The helicopter returned to Ronald Reagan airport in Washington after one of the engines refused during the flight. On board the rotorcraft were the daughter and son-in-law of US President Donald Trump, who occupy the posts of advisers to the head of state.

In the US during the performance, the acrobat Cirque du Soleil

In the US, during the performance in Florida, the acrobat Cirque du Soleil Yann Arnaud was defeated. This is reported on the Facebook page of the circus. As noted in the message, the incident occurred on March 17 during the Volta show, which was shown in the city of Tampa in Florida.

In Japan, a passenger ferry hit the lighthouse

In Japan, at the exit from the port of Akashi, the passenger ferry “Fukuoka-2” collided with a 10-meter floating lighthouse. As reported by TASS, on board the ship there are 509 passengers and crew members.

The media called the possible way of poisoning the violin

The poisoning substance, which was exposed to the former employee of the Main Intelligence Director Sergey Skripal and his daughter Julia, could be in the ventilation system of the car of the ex-colonel of the GRU.

In the Kuril Islands area an earthquake with a magnitude of 5.6

An earthquake of magnitude 5.6 occurred in the Pacific Ocean in 75 km from the coast of the island of Urup on the Kuriles, reports the Altai-Sayan branch of the United Geophysical Service of the Russian Academy of Sciences

In Britain, a car drove into a nightclub

A car drove into the night club building in the British county of Kent. The incident occurred around midnight in the city of Gravesend. Various injuries were received by 13 people.
“Take note, please, that this incident is not considered to be related to terrorism,” the message said in the official Twitter account of the police said.

The Palestinian stabbed a man in the Old City of Jerusalem

The Palestinian attacked a young man in the Old City of Jerusalem, wounding him with a knife. Subsequently, the victim “died of his wounds.” According to preliminary data, the attack was a 28-year-old Palestinian living in the vicinity of Schem.


Experts warned of a virus stealing money from Android-smartphones

A new version of the Fakebank virus, which attacks gadgets running the Android operating system, was able to intercept user calls to banks. This was reported by experts from Symantec. Malicious software can work with both outgoing and incoming calls.

Owners of Sony PlayStation 3 will be paid cash compensation

Owners of Sony PlayStation 3 can now receive compensation, just as a group of users did in its time, which sued the company money. A group claim is planned to be filed because of Sony’s decision to deprive PlayStation 3 of the option to start the Linux system

How to properly charge your smartphone

Experts advise not to charge the smartphone at night, since after a full charge, the battery starts to waste energy and again replenish the loss. Such a stressful operating mode will lead to rapid deterioration of the battery.

Experts recommend avoiding extremes and preventing both the complete discharge of the battery and its 100% charge. Optimal experts consider the level of charging in the range from 40% to 80%.

Also, experts advise not to allow hypothermia and overheating of the smartphone. This will help keep the battery and the gadget working.

The device for printing on beer foam is created

Company Ripples has presented the device, allowing to print images on beer foam, has informed site Mashable. A mobile application to the device allows you to load into it any picture and get a one-color copy that does not affect the taste of beer in any way

In late March, Apple will introduce the new iPhone SE 2

According to some thematic publications, most experts assume that at the planned event Apple will show a new iPad tablet, a new laptop MacBook Air 13 and a new smartphone iPhone SE 2.

On the Web a day before the announcement published the characteristics of Vivo X21

On the web a day before the announcement, which will be held on March 22 in Thailand and March 23 in India, published the characteristics of the smartphone Vivo X21. The gadget will be released in two versions. In one version, the fingerprint reader will be located on the rear panel, and in the other – below the display.

HTC U12 Plus appeared in the official Twitter account of the company

As part of the official Twitter-account of the company appeared smartphone version of HTC U12 Plus. In the social network, the Malaysian unit published a survey among users about the favorite applications for the Android operating system.

Startup XEV for three days printed on a 3D printer budget electric car

Based in Italy startup X Electrical Vehicle (XEV) was able to print for three days on a 3D printer electric car. The company is preparing to launch a batch production, reports CNBC. The company showed a prototype of a two-seater electric car LSEV in Shanghai.

The case Xigmatek Mystic 9 is equipped with three fans Galaxy Premium

The company Xigmatek has prepared for release a modern computer case version Mystic 9, which is designed for gaming systems. This novelty is designed for installation of the motherboard, which has a standard size ATX, Micro-ATX, Mini-ITX.

LG is preparing an entry-level clamshell smartphone

Network sources declassified the entry-level smartphone LG Folder (LM-Y110), the output of which on the European market is expected in the near future. The device is made in a folding case.

Assassin Xiaomi Redmi Note 5: Lenovo S5 with artificial intelligence

A well-known company Lenovo recently published a teaser of the new S5 phone. As it turned out, the smartphone will work on the operating system with the integration of artificial intelligence. It is believed that the novelty will become a real “killer” Xiaomi Redmi Note.

Asahi Glass for folding smartphones created a flexible safety glass

In the spring in Los Angeles at the Display Week 2018, Asahi Glass is going to present its new unique development. This unbreakable and flexible glass, which is intended for transforming and folding smartphones

The “easy” version of Facebook for the Third World

The Facebook version, called Facebook Lite, which is developed for third world countries, makes it possible to use the site in obsolete 2G networks.

Windows 10 will be able to open multiple applications in one window

From the very beginning of the work, developers are trying to improve the operating system and are not going to stop there. The new Sets allow users to open several applications in one window at once and make it easy to switch between these tabs

Hackers infected Trojan 500 thousand computers in Russia and Turkey

It is known that the virus was called Dofoil. On March 6, he infected about 500,000 computers in Russia and Turkey. Victims of the Trojan are users of the torrent client MediaGet.


Scientists: caries causes cancer and is transmitted through kisses

Scientists have found that caries carries not only a problem with the appearance of teeth. Caries increases the risk of contracting cancerous papillomavirus and can be transmitted through kisses or through drinking from one container. It is reported that tooth decay is a dangerous problem that must be treated.

Rating of morning habits dangerous for health

A sharp rise from the bed, triggered by an alarm clock, causes the release of stress hormones that can lead to heart rhythm disturbances, aggression, pressure drops, fainting, blood flow disorders, spinal cord injuries. Doctors recommend not to “break” from the bed, but to finally get out of bed and slow to get up.

Morning is not desirable to start with thoughts about problems and grasping for popular devices. The balanced start of the day has a good effect on the psychological state, emotions and nervous system.

When washing, it is advisable not to use hot water, which causes a negative effect on hair follicles and skin. Contrast or moderate shower, on the contrary, will charge with vivacity until the end of the day.

The last in the list of bad habits is coffee, which negatively affects digestion and stomach. Regular use of this drink can cause gastritis.

Rating of healthy habits

Scientists believe that the movement increases sensitivity to insulin and has a positive effect on the body as a whole and this despite the fact that the volume of loads does not really matter. For the prevention of heart disease, running, fast walking, swimming, basketball, bicycling and tennis are perfect.

The second line of the rating is the control over blood pressure. Achieve a normal level of indicators will help normal weight, the rejection of alcohol and salt.

The third place went to control the level of cholesterol.

The fourth place is the control of blood sugar level.

The fifth line of TOP is at the right food.

The sixth place went to weight control, and the seventh place – to quitting smoking.

Scientists: Babies can think logically and build hypotheses

According to scientists from the University of Mars Hill, an appropriate study was conducted in which they checked the ability of babies to think and build logical chains. So, the children were shown those things that they had never seen

Scientists invented drones-bees for pollination

One of the world’s largest retailers, American Walmart is going to pollinate the fields with the help of bees-drones. It is expected that insect robots will help agrarians search for problem areas in the fields, and also fertilize them and even pollinate them.

Scientists: Ancient people used advanced technologies

Ancient people, who lived three hundred years ago in Africa, possessed advanced technologies. American anthropologists discovered a number of artifacts during excavations in southern Kenya. Finds were finely manufactured tools, whose age is about 305-320 thousand years.

It is noted that some tools were made of obsidian, whose sources were located at a distance of 24 to 88 kilometers from the site of excavations. This suggests that trade between different tribes was conducted.

In addition, crystals of manganese and ocher were found, which were used as a coloring material.

Scientists have created technology that shows the brain in a colorful 3D projection

Scientists from the UK created a technology that shows the brain in a colorful 3D projection. This cleaning solution, with which you can consider the brain sections in a colored form, as well as in three-dimensional space.

Scientists: Antarctica does not melt due to soot from other continents

Antarctica does not melt because of soot, brought from other continents, say scientists.

Scientists have learned to measure molecular conductivity at room temperature

French specialists have developed a method for accurately measuring the conductivity of individual molecules without using a scanning tunneling microscope. The method makes it possible to measure at room temperature.


On the ISS will test a new system for obtaining water from urine

It is planned that the experiment will be held in the small research module “Breaking Dawn” of the Russian segment of the ISS. The total mass of equipment for obtaining water is 100 kg, and the productivity is 3.5 liters per hour

NASA published a picture of a pink storm on Jupiter

The NASA space agency published a photo that captured a storm on the largest planet of the Solar System of Jupiter. The picture appeared on the Twitter account of the agency.

Attempts to find life on the exoplanet Proxima b failed

Scientists said that they faced a failure in studying the exoplanet Proxima b. It was not possible to find life on it. The international group of astrophysicists in recent months has been closely following the point in the starry sky

New Horizons will go to the distant object in the Kuiper belt

Not a single satellite has managed to overcome the distance that New Horizons will reach, reaching Ultima Thule. The uniqueness of this object is its unusual orbit, which distinguishes it from other objects that make up the Kuiper belt.

Massive black holes destroy one star each year

A group of American astronomers has conducted a series of studies, during which it was able to find out the truth about massive black holes. As it turned out, the latter are engaged in the destruction of other “inhabitants” of the universe.

Precious metals on Mars speak of a major collision

Specialists managed to establish that on the red planet there is a huge amount of precious metals. Their presence can only indicate that in the region of 4 million years ago there was a major collision of Mars with an asteroid.

Scientists have found out how many tons of debris people left on the Moon

Experts of the space agency NASA have calculated how many tons of debris people left on the Moon. According to them, there are more than 180 tons of garbage on the Earth’s satellite, including flags, satellites, hammers and a golden olive branch.


The first render of the new sedan Nissan Altima appeared on the web

The automobile concern presented it several days ago. The four-door will have a whole list of innovative technologies, including the Nissan ProPilot system. It is expected that a new four-cylinder engine will be installed on the sedan.

In China, presented a new electric car LvChi Urano

In China, there was an auto-presentation of an electric car LvChi Urano. Demonstration of the novelty was held at the motor show in Shanghai. According to the representatives of the automaker, the model LvChi Urano is able to accelerate to 100 km / h in 3.5 seconds

Alfa Romeo MiTo turns into a crossover

The future of MiTo and Giulietta was underscored by Alfa Romeo chief Reed Bigland, pointing out that these models are “on a completely different level than Giulia and Stelvio.”

In the network published the renders of the new BMW 3-Series

The network has published new spy photos of BMW 3-series, which allow you to better consider the new design. The current version of the BMW 3-series is available in the car market for six years already, this year the presentation of the new generation will take place. BMW 3-series G20 will receive a modern design and a number of elements from the 5-series.

The Russian car market will release an updated version of the Ford Cargo truck

In 2016, only 66 of these machines were sold. In 2017, sales dropped to 27 units. However, manufacturers are betting on the change of the distributor and expansion of the service points of the model.

BMW showed its beautiful crossover X4

Bavarian premium engineering company BMW has presented its updated BMW X4. On the Internet, a video was posted with comments on the innovations shown. It is noted that it is worth to focus on a number of changes in the exterior design of the BMW X4 GO2.

Five mandatory “chips” of all AMG models

Five systems that are necessary for every “charged” car Mercedes-AMG – sports division of the German automaker.

So, under the fifth number of this rating is the drift mode, due to which, additional engine power is transmitted to the rear wheels of the car.

Mandatory function number four is a proprietary application from AMG, which keeps the statistics of arrival.

“Launch control” is a function of the car, which allows it to start with maximum power, became mandatory function number three.

The second place in the TOP-5 mandatory functions was the proprietary all-wheel drive system Mercedes-AMG 4matic, which distributes the torque from the engine depending on the current traffic situation.

Well, he topped the rating of mandatory things – 4.0-liter V8 biturbo. According to the company’s representatives, without a powerful engine, the car can not be called a Mercedes-AMG.

On the “budget” Kia Sportage put an artificial intelligence system

Automakers from the company Kia intend to release a new “budget” version of the model Sportage. In it, the developers intend to put the system of artificial intelligence

Mercury redesigned the 1957 Ford Fairlane into an electric car

The company Mercury converted the car Ford Fairlane into a unique electric car, the car had before the replacement of the gasoline engine. Instead of DVS under the hood installed electric motor company Siemens.


In Venezuela, because of the cash deficit, alternative currencies are multiplying

Another alternative official local currency appeared in Venezuela due to cash shortage. As the deputy of the parliament José Guerra reported in his microblog on Twitter, the city of Elorsa in the state of Apure issued its own currency with the name of the same name.

“IDGC of Center and Volga Region” increased its profit in 2017 by 3.5 times

According to the results of 2017, the net profit of PJSC IDGC of Center and Volga Region under RAS amounted to 11 billion rubles, which is 3.5 times more than in 2016. The company’s revenue amounted to 90.8 billion rubles, which is 12 billion more than in 2016. The profit from sales increased by 5 billion – to 15 billion rubles.

The Ministry of Agriculture named the priority of the new food program

The development of dairy cattle breeding is in the priority of the new program for the development of the agro-industrial complex until 2025. As Izvestia was told in the Ministry of Agriculture, in 7 years it is planned to increase milk production by 1.3 million tons. The ministry’s proposals have already been sent to the government.

“Dom.rf” evicts non-core assets

The corporate portfolio of Russian capital is put up for sale The Russian Capital Bank, which recently transferred to the ownership of the development institute Dom.rf (formerly AHML), gets rid of non-core assets.

“Veteran” was presented an account for 300 million rubles

The structure of Gazprom is looking for traces of pension money The statement of embezzlement from the NPF Veteran (denied a license in July 2016), about 300 million rubles. came simultaneously to the Prosecutor General’s Office, the CID and the Ministry of Internal Affairs

The EAEC prepares agreements on trade with China and Iran

“We want to sign these two agreements in the first half of this year: with China – on trade and economic cooperation with Iran – a temporary agreement on the formation of a free trade zone,” Sargsyan said in an interview with Belarus 1 television channel.

The UAE signed a deal with Total for $ 1.45 billion

The oil company of the capital of the United Arab Emirates signed a concession agreement with the French oil company Total at 1.45 billion, March 18, the agency Associated Press

North Korea was compared to pirates

In 2017, the UN Security Council tightened sanctions against Pyongyang. In September, restrictions were imposed on the supply of petroleum products and a limit was set for North Korea’s supply of crude oil. Also, North Korea was banned from buying condensates and gas condensate liquids and selling textile products.

North Korea successfully avoids international sanctions, using the tactics of the “golden age of piracy”. This is written by NBC News.

“It’s a bit like the pirates of the 18th century,” said Hugh Griffins, leader of the North Korean expert council on the DPRK. “They rename the ships, hide their nationality, draw other names on the sides of the ships.”

Switzerland and Norway are again warned about the risks of the formation of a “bubble”

The central bank of Switzerland said that the rapid rise in housing prices in the Confederation could lead to an early correction in the market. With a similar statement about the situation in his country, the chief financial regulator of Norway also spoke.

Novak called the conditions for Russia’s withdrawal from the OPEC +

Russia will be ready to consider a possible exit from the OPEC + deal provided that the balance and stabilization of prices on world oil markets is reached, the Russian Energy Minister said in an interview with Bloomberg TV, Tass reports. According to the minister, this could happen in the third or fourth quarter of 2018.

The date of the opening of the first refueling of Lukoil in Tashkent became known in Tashkent

In Tashkent, the official opening ceremony of the first Lukoil car refueling will be held on March 20, Podrobno.uz reports with reference to the company representative. As noted, the first gas station in Tashkent was built as far back as January 2017, but still remained in non-operating condition.

The export of Gazprom to the far abroad increased by 29.4% in March

The Russian company Gazprom has increased its exports to the far abroad to 9.7 billion cubic meters, which is 29.4% higher than the level achieved in the period from March 1 to March 15, 2017, Gazeta.ru reports referring to the holding’s message. This indicator is fixed against the background of strong cold weather in Europe.

The Ministry of Transport of Russia intends to tighten the requirements for the quality of aviation fuel

As noted, in the draft of the Ministry of Transport of Russia draft new rules for ground handling of aircraft control of fuel supply will be significantly toughened.


Klimkin called on the EU to impose sanctions on Schroeder

Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Pavel Klimkin in an interview with Bild called on the European Union to impose sanctions on former German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder

Support rating of the Japanese Prime Minister fell to a record low

The support rating of the government of Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has fallen to the lowest since 2012. According to a survey conducted by the newspaper The Asahi Shimbun, for the past month the rating collapsed by 13% and amounted to 31%.

Expert DGAP: “Trump overlaid Europe with tribute”

The expert of the German Society for Foreign Policy (DGAP) for the United States, Josef Braml, in his interview Deutschlandfunk, was extremely pessimistic about the possibilities of Europe to influence the emerging situation

Trump ordered employees of the White House to sign a non-disclosure agreement

President of the United States Donald Trump ordered high-ranking employees of the White House to sign confidentiality agreements that go beyond his tenure as president, writes The Washington Post.

The place of talks between South Korean and North Korean diplomats has become known

Finnish Foreign Minister Vesa Häkkinen said that the talks between the diplomats of the DPRK and South Korea will be held in Helsinki. The meeting will be held “in the near future”

Trump will present a plan to combat the “opioid crisis” in the US

On Monday, US President Donald Trump will present a plan to combat the “opioid crisis” in the United States, according to Andrew Bremberg, director of the White House Home Policy Council, whose words are quoted by Politico.


Militants shot down Syrian military aircraft in Damascus

The Syrian Air Force aircraft was shot down by militants on Sunday in the area of the Kalamun Range in the province of Damascus. The press service of the Free Syrian Army published a photo showing the moment of the fall of the Su-22 combat aircraft that flew this morning from An Nasiriyah airport in Eastern Kalamun.

Kurds have promised the Turkish army “a constant nightmare” in Africa

In the administration of the Syrian province of Afrin, the Turkish army was promised an ongoing guerrilla war throughout the region.

Germany predicted North Korea’s nuclear strike across Europe

The missiles of the DPRK are capable of reaching the territory of Europe and Germany, the head of Federal Intelligence of Germany Ole Diel told the Bundestag deputies

NATO will change the approach to Russia against the background of the poisoning of Violin

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg announced the need for a new approach to Russia against the background of the poisoning of ex-colonel GRU Sergey Skripal

What makes military technology invisible to missiles

To make tanks and other equipment invisible both in the optical range and for infrared radiation, the military used metal-organic frameworks – complex polymer materials, similar to honeycomb and possessing high porosity and strength.

Military of Israel destroyed the tunnel under the Gaza Strip

Representatives of the Israeli armed forces say they destroyed the Hamas tunnels built under the Gaza Strip, the Associated Press reported March 18. A new tunnel built by the opponents of the Jewish state was to connect with the old

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