21 Jun, 2018

Kim Jong Un for Peace and Stability in the Region

The leader of the DPRK, Kim Jong-un, during a meeting with Chinese President Xi Jinping expressed his readiness to make efforts to maintain international peace and stability, Xinhua news agency reported.

Kim Jong-un, accompanied by his wife, arrived in Beijing on a two-day visit on Tuesday. The meeting took place on Wednesday in Diaoyutai State Residence in the west of Beijing.

“I am ready, together with my comrade-in-chief (Xi Jinping), to do everything possible to raise the relations between the DPRK and China to a new level, and also to play a valid role in maintaining international and regional peace and stability,” the agency quotes Kim Jong-Un.

Briefly about the main thing …


The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ecuador said that Assange’s asylum in London “is not eternal”

The refuge of WikiLeaks editor Julian Assange in the Ecuadorian Embassy in London can not remain eternal, the head of the Ecuadorian Foreign Ministry Jose Valencia said.

The European Union introduced retaliatory measures on US duties

The European Union has approved a response against the United States, which has previously imposed duties on steel and aluminum. This was reported in the European Commission. Under the restrictions, American goods supplied to the EU fell by € 2.8 billion.

Russian Interior Minister arrives in the US for a summit of police services

Russian Interior Minister Vladimir Kolokoltsev arrived in New York. The head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs will take part in the second summit of the heads of police departments of the UN member states.

Romanian Foreign Ministry confirmed the presence of Romanian citizenship in Karina Turcan

Detained in Russia on suspicion of spying Karina Turcan has Romanian citizenship, RIA Novosti reported to the press service of the Romanian Foreign Ministry. On Tuesday, the Lefortovo Court of Moscow arrested Turcan, who is suspected of espionage.

Hungarian parliamentarians approved a package of bills “Stop Soros”

The Hungarian Parliament approved a number of bills known as “Stop Soros”. In particular, they impose restrictions on non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and criminalize assistance to illegal migrants

Kim Jong-un promised to maintain peace

DPRK leader Kim Jong-un promised to take relations with China to a new level and help maintain peace and stability in the world and on the Korean peninsula. Statement North Korean leader made during a meeting with the Chairman of the People’s Republic of China Xi Jinping


Preparation for cancellation of shared construction

Leading Russian banks began preparing for the transition to new models of lending to developers in connection with the cancellation of shared construction. Representatives of credit organizations told Izvestia about this. From July 1, 2018 in Russia begins to work a new scheme for the sale of housing.

Medvedev held a meeting on changes in pension legislation

The head of the government Dmitry Medvedev discussed with deputies of the State Duma, representatives of the presidential administration and the United Russia party proposals on changing the pension legislation.

Real incomes of Russians continue to fall

The real disposable income of Russians in May 2018, according to preliminary data, grew by 0.3% in annual terms, and by April 2018 – decreased by 9.3%, the Federal State Statistics Service (Rosstat) reported.

Council for the control of children’s recreation

The authorities of Moscow and the Moscow region will create a coordinating council that will supervise the organization of children’s recreation, including safety, food quality and holding joint cultural and sporting events.

On the territory of the region there are about 100 camps. Tens of thousands of children every year they rest. Our task is to make sure that everything organized is at the proper level: both safety and food. – Andrei Vorobiev, Russian politician

The Supreme Court explained when single pickets turn into a rally

The authorities have the right to refuse to hold a public event in only two cases: if the application is submitted by a person who does not have the right to act in this capacity, or if there is a place where mass events are prohibited.

Moscow plans to double the residential development in Moscow

The pace of housing construction will grow in Moscow in 1,5-2 times, it will happen due to renovation and recognition of apartments apartments, said Deputy Mayor of Moscow on urban policy and construction Marat Khusnullin at the III Annual Forum of Real Estate in Russia.

Moscow annually builds 8-9 million square meters. m of real estate per year, of which 3-3.5 million square meters. m – housing, from 200 000 to 500 000 square meters. m – this apartment. Most likely, most of the apartments are considered dwelling. – Marat Khusnullin

Fines are raised for violations when moving the railway tracks

The State Duma adopted a government bill on raising fines for the relocation of railroads in the wrong place in the first reading. Punishment for such an offense may be a fine of 5 thousand rubles or deprivation of the right to drive a vehicle for 3-6 months.

Ministry of Labor will help civil servants when transferring to other regions

According to the bill, civil servants will have to provide professional growth in a new place, and their spouses will receive additional professional education.

The Council of Federation approved a law on fines for issuing links to banned sites

The Federation Council approved a law on imposing fines for operators of search Internet systems for issuing links to banned sites in Russia. The decision was made at a meeting of the upper house of parliament on June 20.

Advertising is a specialty of doctors under the ban

Use images of doctors in the advertising of medical schools can not be specified in the explanations of the FAS, sent to the territorial bodies of the service. This applies not only to images and video, but even text up to the indication of the specialties for which students are trained in an educational institution.

Deputies of the Arkhangelsk City Council handed over the building of the former school of the church

People’s representatives at today’s session decided the fate of the building in the village of Turdeevsk on Central Street, 28. The former school will be transferred to the parish church of Novokvinsk and the Kholmogory diocese of the Russian Orthodox Church for free use.

The government takes the burden of disease on itself

From the payment of medicine for unemployed regions will be liberated The government is ready to finance contributions to the compulsory medical insurance for pensioners, students and the unemployed from the federal budget. Now treatment of these categories of the population – more than 50 million people – is funded by the regions.

Drivers supplemented the budgets of the regions

In 2017, the regional budgets received more than 69.3 billion rubles, received from the fined drivers. This is stated in the study of the audit and consulting group FinExpertiza, provided to Izvestia.

The authorities will no longer compensate for the loss of housing in case of natural disasters

In the event of natural disasters, Russians will not be able to rely on free compensation: they will be given new housing without property rights, Vedomosti reports referring to the amendments prepared by the Ministry of Finance.


Near Moscow Klin breathed in formaldehyde

“Over the past day, the concentrations of formaldehyde in Klin exceeded the maximum permissible rate by 1.5-1.8 times,” the agency said in a press release quoting Interfax. According to the summary, the day before, on June 18, the concentration of formaldehyde in the city was at the upper limit of the norm – 0.9 MPC.

“All the banks are white from the fish”: because of the waste of petrochemicals, Saima

“You wake up in the morning – the fish on the shore is plentifully floating in all sizes, and small, and large, all the banks are white,” says the clerk Claudia Nikitin.

It should be noted that this is not the first time chemical waste enters the river. And even in more serious cases, according to the employees of the environmental prosecutor’s office, it was not possible to identify the guilty parties.

Baikal is threatened by dangerous filamentous algae

Near the village of Listvyanka in Baikal, flowering of spiral filamentous algae was found. Scientists fear that because of it the lake can swamp. The alarm was scored by Igor Khanaev, head of the diving research and underwater monitoring group of the Limnological Institute of the SB RAS.

South Urals call for forest subbotniks

All not indifferent South Ural people can take a direct part in an environmental project or report on the locations of unauthorized landfills in the territory of the forest fund.

Forecasts of scientists: a period of strong floods on the Don river will last 10 years

As the scientific adviser of the Federal Research Center of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Academician Gennady Matishov said in an interview with RIA Novosti, this period can last at least 10 years.

Minister of Ecology of the Chelyabinsk region refused to discuss the problems of the ONF

Officials of the ministry left the meeting. Discussion of the situation on the introduction of the territorial scheme of waste management in the ONF turned into a scandal: representatives of the regional Ministry of Ecology left the room, refusing to discuss the problem.

Uber will encourage drivers of electric vehicles

The driver will receive a salary for transportation of passengers and separately – for driving an electric car or a hybrid. The purpose of the innovation is to increase the popularity of such cars in megacities.


Chinese hackers attacked US satellites

American computers that control space satellites are attacked by hackers from China. This was stated in the company Symantec, dealing with developments in the field of cybersecurity.

Kim Jong-un promised to destroy the Sohe missile range

North Korean leader Kim Jong-no promised to US President Donald Trump to destroy the Sohe missile range in the province of Pchelan-Pukto in the west of the country. An agreement on this was reached during the summit of the two states, CBS News reports.

Russia will start building its helicopter carriers after 2020

Russia several years ago signed an agreement with France on the construction of two helicopter carriers of the Mistral project. However, because of the conflict in Ukraine and imposed sanctions against our country, Paris broke the contract. As a result, ships acquired Egypt.

The US strongly condemned attacks on oil facilities in Libya

“The United States strongly condemns the recent attacks by the armed forces under the leadership of Ibrahim al-Jadran on the oil ports of Ras Lanuf and As-Sidra and the ongoing violence that damaged the vital oil infrastructure of Libya and violated the export of oil,” Naouert said in a statement.

The Russian Foreign Ministry does not rule out new provocations in Syria

According to the official representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova, there was information about the provocations being prepared. This is reported by the newspaper Izvestia. If these data are confirmed, Russia will report this in advance to prevent such actions, Zakharova noted.

It’s just paid-up customized activity, and of course, we receive signals that such provocations are being prepared and, of course, we will be talking about them, if reliable information is received, to say in advance in order to prevent such actions. – Maria Zakharova, Russian diplomat

Estonia announced the violation of the air border by a Russian Interior Ministry plane

The Russian Interior Ministry plane violated Estonia’s air border in the area of the Vindloo Island, the main headquarters of the country’s Defense Forces reports. On Wednesday afternoon, a Tu-154M plane of the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs near the island of Vindloo allegedly entered the airspace of Estonia.

Pentagon “not in the know” measures taken by the DPRK to denuclearize

US Secretary of Defense James Mattis said on Wednesday that he was not “aware of” the measures taken to date the DPRK to denuclearize. So he answered the journalists’ question after meeting with the head of the defense department of the Federal Republic of Germany Ursula von der Läien in the Pentagon

Scientists from the United States have learned to find Soviet mines – “petals”

American scientists have found a way to discover Soviet-made “petals” of PFM-1 installed in Afghanistan and other places of past military conflicts with the help of drones.


In Colombia, the Russian leader Andrei Borodin perished

As told RIA Novosti press secretary of the diplomatic mission Evgeny Naumov, Borodin’s body was found back in May in a locked room in a hotel in Medellin.

“According to police, there is no crime there, it was non-violent death,” the diplomat said.

“The embassy completely keeps under control the situation with the deceased and is in contact with local authorities,” the diplomat noted.

Naumov also said that Borodin’s mother had flown to Colombia to take his body home.

Extradited to Russia Gagiev is in custody

In Russia, extradited from Austria Aslan Gagiyev, the leader of a criminal group, was accused of organizing dozens of contract murders. According to the investigation, since 2004 members of the criminal group killed 60 people.

Today, at the request of the Prosecutor General’s Office of the Russian Federation, Aslan Gagiyev, the competent body of the Republic of Austria, was extradited to the Russian Federation and imprisoned. – Svetlana Petrenko

In Novosibirsk, a forced landing aircraft “Aeroflot”

Boeing 737 Aeroflot, which flew from Moscow to Tomsk, for technical reasons forcedly boarded in Novosibirsk, told RIA Novosti an official representative of the West Siberian Transport Prosecutor’s Office Oksana Gorbunova

In the Irkutsk region, an unknown substance was leaked

The leak occurred due to the depressurization of the tank during the installation work. The Ministry of Emergency Situations noted that in order to prevent further spillage and evaporation of the substance, it was brought to another position. Specialists in radiation, chemical and biological protection work at the scene.

Seven people were killed when a truck hit a tent with food in Mexico

Seven people were killed and 12 wounded near the town of Tuxtla Gutierrez in the Mexican state of Chiapas in a truck accident.

In the Khabarovsk Krai the catamaran with tourists turned over

One tourist died after the catamaran turned over on the Amgun River in the Khabarovsk Territory during the rafting, five more people were evacuated from the scene by helicopter, the EMERCOM of Russia in the region said on Thursday.

In Greece, the plane that was flying to Moscow left the strip

The Airbus 320 plane of the Ellinair airline, which was carrying out the flight Heraklion-Moscow, left the lane during taxiing at the Nikos Kazantzakis airport, holidaynews.gr reports. None of the passengers were injured, they all safely left the plane

Former director of “Anji” was arrested on charges of fraud

Former executive director of the football club “Anji” Eldar Isayev was arrested on charges of fraud. The decision to arrest was taken by the Tver court of Moscow, he was sent into custody until July 19, it follows from the file of the case in the database of Moscow courts

In France they detained a man trying to attack passers-by

In France in Tours, a man was detained, who intended to attack passers-by with a knife, and also tried to throw one person off the bridge. This is reported by the radio station France Info. It is noted that a 30-year-old man, shortly before his arrest, asked the police to open fire on him

The arrest of the Magomedov brothers was declared lawful

The Moscow City Court rejected a complaint about the extension of the term of the arrest of the co-owner of the Suma group Ziyavudin Magomedov and his brother, accused of organizing a criminal community, fraud and embezzlement, until August 5, RIA Novosti correspondent reports from the courtroom.

The Brazilian fans will be punished for a dirty trick over the Russian woman

Several Brazilian fans provoked a scandal, filmed a video of insults against a Russian woman in Moscow, one of them has already been dismissed from work, others are being investigated. The incident occurred on Nikolskaya street.

In India, the plane landed urgently due to a hydraulic system failure

Airbus Airbus A321 Air India with 176 passengers on board made an emergency landing in the city of Mumbai due to hydraulic failure, writes Financial Express, citing the source. According to the publication, flight AI 985 followed the route Ahmadabad – Muscat.


Volochkova danced in a bath with a Mexican journalist

The ballerina decided to teach them to bathe. Volochkova met the film crew in a rather frank red dress. In it she gave lessons in the bathhouse, she danced “the dance of small swans”.

Actress Anna Tsukanova-Kott became a mom for the second time

The star gave the wife a second child. 29-year-old actress Anna Tsukanova-Kott for the second time became a mother. This happy mother reported on her blog in Instagram.

Born Soloveva parted with Zhidkov because of Arntgolts

While the fans sympathetically wrote Lilia, trying to comfort her, calm her and find out what happened between her and Ivan, others went to the actor’s page. There, under the photo, where Zhidkov was captured from the Arntgolts, they concluded that it was because of the ex-wife Solovyov that she announced the break.

The continuing booze of Yevgeny Asin

Dana Borisova spoke about the condition of the singer now. According to the TV presenter, she saw footage of video filming, on which Osin lay on the floor. I thought it was an old record, and decided to visit Zhenya. He only opened the door to me because he knows. But the guard at the entrance assures that Osin has been out of the street for many days.

“At 10 am, Zhenya did not knit a bast,” Borisova said, “I suggested that he go to a monastery where alcoholics are assisted through occupational therapy.” But Zhenya refused, shouted that he was not a drunk, that they were writing drunk journalists into drunks. he has an obsession: he called me to go to St. Petersburg to earn money – they say, there he is waiting for a producer with a contract. “

Yegor Creed made fun of the final of the show “Bach”

Daria Klyukina won the project “Bach”, the main character of which was Yegor Creed. However, judging by everything, after the show their ways parted. The artist did not comment on the relationship with the girl, and at any convenient opportunity laughed at her.

How is the holiday Meladze and Janabaeva

Singer Valery Meladze posted in his Instagram post with a video on which he jumps from the “roof” of the yacht into the water. In the signature, the musician dedicated this jump to his audience and compared it with the feelings that he feels every time he goes on stage to his listeners.

Kate Middleton and Prince William announced the date of the baptism of Prince Louis

We did not have time to rest from the wedding of Megan Markle and Prince Harry, as a new important event is coming to the royal family – the baptism of the youngest son Kate Middleton and Prince William-Louis

Vera Brezhnev denied rumors of parting with Konstantin Meladze

Vera Brezhnev decided to refute the rumors spreading in the Web about the parting with Konstantin Meladze. Ukrainian singer published in Instagram a new photo with a lover in the section Stories

Kirkorov spoke about the alleged conflict between Pugacheva and Buzov

In the past few months, Olga Buzovaya’s fans have only been discussing her unexpected friendship with Philip Kirkorov. The beginning singer is removed in the clip of the king of the pop scene, constantly appears with him at social events and does not get tired to admit how important the opinion of the artist is for her.

Filipok is sure that Alla Borisovna does not feel negative to the TV presenter and hopes that her friendship with her will not affect the relationship with Pugacheva

Angelina Jolie stated that she has better children than Brad Pitt

Recently, the actress said that she considers herself a good mother and generally brings up children better than Brad Pitt. Recently, an American court issued an agreement that would eventually allow Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie to spend an equal amount of time with their children.

Enrique Iglesias called Anna Kournikova a superhero mom

The singer admits: he no longer thinks of life without a son and daughter. Enrique Iglesias dreams of becoming a worthy dad to her kids and growing them good people. At the same time the artist admits: now he works a lot, and their moms are engaged in the kids, Anna Kournikova

Vadim Kazachenko will be checked for sanity in a psychiatric hospital

In the next issue “Let them talk”, the actor acknowledged the attack on the ex-spouse in the building of the Moscow City Court, but not his fault. Now it became known that in tomorrow’s issue of the talk show Vadim Kazachenko will be checked for sanity in a psychiatric hospital

Paul McCartney recorded two new songs, I Do not Know and Come On To Me

New songs appeared after four years of creative “idle time” ex-Beatle and will be included in his new album Egypt Station

The first photos of the reunited group ABBA appeared

The first photos of the ABBA group, reunited 35 years after the collapse, are published.

Kevin Spacey returns to the big cinema after sex scandals

The American actor, producer, screenwriter and director Kevin Spacey, after all the troubles and sex scandals that seemed to have been destroying his career and his usual life, returns to the big cinema.

Star “Game of Thrones” plans to get a haircut after the series ends

The eighth season, as is known, will be the last for the “Game of Thrones”, and the stars of the popular HBO project are already preparing to forever say goodbye to your favorite TV series. Emilia Clark managed to name her shooting colleagues “a family that she will always miss”, and Kit Harington is going to get a haircut.

Mozart’s manuscript at an auction in Paris was left without a buyer

The Mozart manuscript was presented at auction on the sale of the remaining collection of the Aristophil investment fund, the French company selling rare works of art, which ended its activities in 2015 by a court decision against the background of a fraudulent proceedings against clients who filed claims against the founder of the investment fund, Gerard Leritie.

Scenes with dances from 300 films were collected in one video

Scenes with dances from almost 300 films and cartoons were mounted in one video clip. The seven-minute video is published on Vimeo by CLS Videos.

Stars of the Tatar stage shot a video in support of their native language

At the height of the debate about the study of native languages, Tatarstan musicians also decided to express their position in their own way and created a video about their native language. Music was written by composer Elmir Nizamov, poems by Razil Valeev.

The singer from Buryatia took part in “Voice of Astana”

By the 20-year anniversary of the capital of Kazakhstan, Astana, a large-scale festival “Voice of Astana” was held. 20 entertainers from all over the world came to the international competition. Participation in the festival “Voice of Astana” was made by Buryat singer Dulma Sunrapova. True, she did not represent Russia, but Mongolia

Robert Zemeckis will remove the adaptation of Roald Dahl’s novel The Witches

Roman Dal tells us about witches who settled among ordinary people. A small boy, living with his grandmother, learned to recognize the habits of evil witches and avoid meeting with them, because the child is the desired prey for them.

New movies: “8 Ocean Girlfriends” and “Night Shift”

Among debutants of this week on the domestic screens, the favorite in the fight for box-office success is the “female” version of the well-known trilogy of Stephen Soderbergh’s “8 Ocean Girlfriends.” Fight with him will be two horror films and a couple of Russian films

There were photos and videos from the filming of “Terminator 6”

There were photos and videos from the filming of “Terminator 6” by Tim Miller and James Cameron

In Uzbekistan, a remake of the “Caucasian captive”

In Uzbekistan, a remake of the Soviet comedy “The Caucasian Captive” began, reports Darakchi. The painting will be called “Shurik of Tashkent” (“Shurik in Tashkent”). It is shot by the Uzbek director Sanjar Chodiev, who “decided to breathe new life into the characters of the legendary film”


Fuel prices will rise

Prices for fuels and lubricants in Russia have stabilized and will continue to grow within inflation, the head of the FAS, Igor Artemyev, said at a meeting of Russian President Vladimir Putin with members of the government, the Kremlin press service said.

Over the past period, we note the stabilization of prices in retail, wholesale, and the decline in stock indices, which indicates that this stabilization is becoming more and more solid. And we can say that in the coming years these prices will grow further within the limits of growing inflation. – Igor Artemyev, Russian politician

The hope of an oil shortage

The head of Rosneft Igor Sechin, speaking at the annual general meeting of shareholders, said that the world market is waiting for the oil deficit in the next ten years.

Saudi Arabia expects OPEC countries to increase oil production

The Saudi authorities are planning to discuss with the countries that are part of OPEC the issue of increasing oil production by 600-800 thousand barrels a day, and this amount is proposed to be divided proportionally between the states of the agreement on the reduction of oil production.

The Saudi authorities are planning to discuss with the countries that are part of OPEC the issue of increasing oil production by 600-800 thousand barrels a day, and this amount is proposed to be divided proportionally between the states of the agreement on the reduction of oil production.

The Ministry of Defense owes Gazprom almost 12 billion rubles

Earlier it was reported that the reform of payment for housing and communal services in enterprises included in the Defense Ministry fell through: debts for electricity and heat were preserved and continue to grow. For example, the debt for electricity grew by 25% and amounted to more than 15 billion rubles.

Kazakhstan introduces ban on import of Russian gasoline

Until the end of the week, Kazakhstan plans to introduce a three-month ban on the import of Russian fuel and lubricants by rail. This is today, June 20, during a briefing in Astana, said the Minister of Energy of Kazakhstan Kanat Bozumbayev.

“Gazprom” has increased since the beginning of the year gas supplies to Germany by 13%

The meeting noted the continued growth of Russian gas exports to Germany. According to preliminary data, from January 1 to June 19, 2018, Gazprom supplied to the republic 28.2 billion cubic meters. m of gas, by 13.1% more compared to the same period in 2017

China lacks any gas

According to Platts, last year China bypassed South Korea in the purchase of liquefied gas and became the second largest consumer in its volume after Japan. This year, LNG purchases in the Middle Kingdom are estimated at 47 million tons (almost 65 billion cubic meters). At the same time, LNG supplies from the USA are also growing.

The State Duma Committee approved the project on increasing duties on the export of gasoline

The State Duma Committee on Budget and Taxes supported the amendment granting the Cabinet of Ministers the right to raise export duties for light oil products, commodity and straight-run gasoline up to 90% of the oil duty this year

Ministry of Health in collusion with “R-Pharm”

The Federal Antimonopoly Service suspects the Ministry of Health in collusion with R-Pharm. An unscheduled audit was conducted in April. According to Andrei Tenishev, head of the FAS anti-cartel department, one of the violations of the Ministry of Health, revealed in her course, concerned the creation of preferential conditions for the pharmaceutical company R-Pharm.

How much would a dollar cost without a budget rule

Government policy leads to a decrease in the ruble against the dollar, Finance Minister Anton Siluanov acknowledged. If it were not for the budget rule, at current oil prices the dollar could cost 50 rubles, and not 63-64 as today.

The current budget rule is aimed primarily at ensuring the predictability of the ruble exchange rate, and this rule we prepared together with the Central Bank, and the Central Bank fully appreciated all the advantages of implementing such an approach. – Anton Siluanov, Russian statesman

State Duma Committee approved the bill on increasing VAT

The State Duma’s Budget and Taxes Committee recommended deputies to pass in the first reading a government bill on raising the rate of value-added tax (VAT), the correspondent of the REGNUM news agency reported on June 20

Banks ask for a discount on co-investors

On Wednesday, Interfax reported that VTB appealed to the Ministry of Economic Development with a request to reduce the amount of payments to FSV by escrow accounts, which will accumulate the funds of equity holders from July 1.

The National Bank of Belarus reduces the refinancing rate to 10%

The Board of the National Bank of Belarus (NBB) has decided to reduce the refinancing rate from June 27 to 0.5 percentage points to 10% from 10.5% per annum, according to a press release from the information and public relations department of the National Bank of Belarus.

How not to pay minorities

The Ministry of Finance continues the practice of an unplanned increase in severance tax for Gazprom: this will ensure the receipt of funds to the budget that it could receive from the monopoly when dividends are paid in 50% of the profits.

This time, a 47% increase in the severance tax will remain in force until the end of the year, which will result in Gazprom paying an additional 72 billion rubles. Payments for the company are unpleasant: this year it again has a record investment program, but compared to higher dividends, the scheme is beneficial to Gazprom in that it will not pay minority shareholders

The Chamber of Accounts found violations of 1.8 trillion rubles

The Accounts Chamber for the year 2017 revealed violations of 1,865 trillion rubles. This was announced by the head of the department Alexei Kudrin during his speech in the State Duma. According to him, this amount is almost twice as much as in 2016, and 3.5 times more than in 2015.

The total amount of revealed violations, deficiencies in receipts and use of funds amounted to 1 trillion 865 billion. This is almost twice as much as in 2016 and 3.5 times more than in 2015. At once I will say that 760 billion of this amount are violations of accounting in Roskosmos – Alexei Kudrin, Russian politician


Visa and MasterCard are testing cards with a fingerprint scanner

Payment systems Visa and MasterCard test bank cards with built-in fingerprint scanner. It is planned that this technology will increase the security of payments made. Now the cardholder does not have to enter the PIN code

Analysts told about the level of digital literacy of Russians

The study is published on the website of the Analytical Center of the National Agency for Financial Studies (NAFI). According to the data received as a result of the population survey, the literacy rate of Russians is at the level of 52 percentage points out of a hundred.

Innovative convertoplan experienced a steep takeoff

The engineers have already checked the modern machine with a horizontal landing, which was carried out until the aircraft completely stopped. The innovative V-280 Valopotoplan was tested with a steep takeoff, in which it needed to get up in the air at a slope of 80 degrees.

In Beijing, the delivery of robots couriers

In Beijing, the capital of China, the giant of Internet trading JD.com began to deliver purchases using robotic couriers

The web has a photo of the smartphone Huawei Mate 20

Representatives of Huawei at the CESA technology exhibition in Shanghai confirmed that the release of the new Mate 20 series is expected in October. The web appeared a photo of the alleged smartphone. Despite the poor quality of the image, you can see the appearance of the future flagship.

Xiaomi Redmi 6 Pro showed on the “live” photo

The first “live” photos of the long-awaited Redmi 6 Pro from the Chinese company Xiaomi appeared on the web. Presumably, the smartphone will be presented on June 25. The novelty will receive a cutout at the top of the display.

Huawei P20 Pro received the ability to recognize motion super slow-mo

In the video on the camera Huawei P20 Pro was written ignition of the lighter, resulting in the appearance of fire the device automatically switched to super slow-mo mode. It is worth noting that the camera on the Huawei P20 Pro was recognized as the best among all smartphones by the version of DxO Mark.

Huawei will reduce the scope of the smartphone to fractions of a millimeter

Curved displays are used to create the illusion of framelessness in Samsung’s flagship smartphones and in the two thousand euros worth of Huawei Mate RS. The patent application states that the applied processes of assembly and fabrication of structural elements make it possible to make the device protected from dust and water.

Nubia Z18 got the finest frames without a cutout

Smartphone Nubia Z18 does not have a cutout, typical for the iPhone X, the gadget has a very thin frame, the screen takes up almost the entire surface of the front panel.

The Meizu 16 smartphone will use copper heat pipes

Meizu 16 will use heat pipes made of copper. This innovation in the design of the smartphone is reported by Huang Zhang, the head and founder of Meizu.

Huawei designs a powerful mobile processor Kirin 1020

The platform will provide support for mobile communication of the fifth generation (5G). Earlier it was reported that Huawei intends to present a 5G-smartphone tentatively in the third quarter of next year. Obviously, this device will use the projected chip Kirin 1020

The first snapshot of the smartphone Samsung Galaxy S10

On the expanses of the network appeared the first image of the future smartphone Samsung Galaxy S10. The author of the photo is an insider under the nickname Ice Universe.

Presented full-screen budget smartphone Lephone Dazen 6A

The company Lephone has released a smartphone Dazen 6A, which is the last with a FullView display. You can buy it for 115 dollars. Presented by Lephone budget full-screen smartphone Dazen 6A has 5.7-inch HD + display with protective curved glass (2.5D).

Live photos of Motorola One Power confirmed the “brow” and a double camera

Motorola One Power will receive the screen almost in the entire front panel with a cutout in the style of the iPhone X. This is not the first Moto freak, but it differs in design from the recently released Moto G6. The edges of the new smartphone is smaller, there is “monobrov”, the double camera is organized vertically and has a different design.

Samsung has launched a blockbuster platform for logistics

Samsung has launched the Cello Square 3.0 logistics block-platform. According to Insider.Pro, the site was developed by a subsidiary company Samsung SDS. The new platform is designed to improve the logistics of the corporation and increase the accuracy and reliability of international parcel delivery.

ASUS Prime B450-Plus charges to budget segment

Note that all connectors for expansion cards belong to the PCI Express family, respectively, a network or sound PCI-card can not be connected without the use of an adapter. The power system of the AM4 socket of the ASUS Prime B450-Plus includes six power phases and an 8-pin EPS12V connector.

Energizer Hardcase H500S: rugged smartphone with protection from water and dust

The device is made in a case of increased strength, due to which it is not afraid of falls from a meter height. The smartphone can withstand half an hour immersion in the water to a depth of 1.2 meters. In addition, the new product is protected from dust.


Instagram celebrated a billion subscribers with the announcement of a new service

As previously reported BakuToday, according to telecom operators, the traffic of users of the popular dating application Tinder has grown significantly against the background of the passing mundialya in Russia.

The EU Committee approved the law against the memes

The law, which obliges popular sites to install filters with the prohibition of the publication of copyrighted materials, was approved by the EU committee, the website of The Independent reported. For the adoption of the law, 15 members of the committee spoke, while 10 opposed.

Telegram users reported messenger messaging

According to the service Downdetector, in some countries Telegram worked with serious failures. In particular, users reported that they did not send messages, and others could not receive them.

Facebook has built in non-stop video ads in the messenger

Representatives of the social network Facebook earlier reported a lack of space for advertisements. So, more than a year ago in Facebook Messenger appeared static advertising, but this was not enough

New browser will allow you to earn on viewing ads

The new browser Brave thanks to the new technology will allow you to earn on viewing advertising on the Internet. Users will receive Ethereum crypto currency. The test version of the browser will include about 250 ads, for interaction with which people will be able to receive money

What eBay agreed with DHL

One of the world’s largest sites eBay agreed with the global logistics operator DHL, and these two companies promise to simplify the life of those Russian entrepreneurs who sell their goods abroad.

Facebook will help bloggers and brands unite

Facebook attracts new bloggers and other personalities, and seeks to make money on their content, helping authors find cooperation with well-known brands

Google: Web Light does not affect the ranking

Pages Web Light are loaded 4 times faster and weigh 80% less than usual. More information about Web Light technology can be found here. Recall, the other day Google Search Console began to show statistics on Web Light pages in mobile search.


Woven from light and imagination. Scientists have explained all the mysteries of mirages

The word “mirage” comes from the French verb se mirer – reflected. Here lies the error, since the mirage is not associated with reflection, but with refraction, refraction. According to the principle formulated by the French mathematician Pierre Fermat in the 17th century, a ray of light always looks for the shortest path.

In Veliky Novgorod discovered the remains of the oldest bridge

Employees of the Novgorod Museum-Reserve for several years conducted underwater excavations, which resulted in the discovery of the oldest bridge that once existed in Russia. According to TASS, the researchers say that the building was built in Veliky Novgorod in the 10th century.

Scientists: coffee will replace insulin diabetics

Experts came to the conclusion that painful injections of insulin can be replaced without harm to health by a cup of coffee. This is because such patients receive new synthetic protein regulators along with caffeine. Medicines with this substance can replace standard methods of treatment.

MIT engineers have found a way to control robots through brain waves

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) has found a way to make the process of interaction with robots much easier. You can now control machines through brain waves. In their work, they used the signals of this organ, which he submits when he sees an error.

Artificial Intelligence independently learned to collect Rubik’s Cube

The new system of artificial intelligence DeepCube independently for 44 hours has learned to collect a cube of Rubik. Now the program solves the puzzle as well as systems based on human knowledge, reports Gizmodo.

Scientists: A smile makes a person’s face more memorable

Scientists from Canada in the course of continuous research found that the smile makes a person’s face more memorable. On the opening of the researchers reports “Gazeta.ru”, referring to a note published on the portal medicalxpress.com. It turns out that such people can be more easily recognized in the photograph.

Scientists offered to feed the cows with bacterial livers instead of hay

Scientists proposed to transfer cattle to protein biomass instead of vegetable feed in order to slow down or even stop global warming. Producing new food for animals can be bacteria that process methane.

Scientists: Wild bees and bumblebees prefer blue flowers

Individuals of wild bees and bumblebees prefer to pollinate flowers, the colors of which are dominated by shades of blue. This conclusion was reached by scientists from the United States, who conducted a number of experiments, the material was published on ScienceDaily

Square nanomagnets learned to behave in concert

Russian physicists have found a way to control the magnetic properties of square nanoparticles located along the nodes of a flat square lattice

Age of man learned to determine by blood

Geneticists from the United States have learned to determine the age of a person by one drop of blood left on the crime scene, which will help police and detectives find guilty and injured more quickly, according to an article published in the journal ACS Central Science.


The first cosmonaut from the UAE will travel to the ISS in April 2019

The ten-day flight will take place in April 2019, reported in the co-corporation. The cosmonaut will travel to the ISS on the Russian “Union of MS-12”. The UAE cosmonaut’s return is planned by the “Union of MS-10”, the press service of the Russian Space Agency

China will begin to study space “atmospheric showers” as early as 2019

The observatory for the search for cosmic rays will be put into operation in the mode of limited functionality in Sichuan province in southwest China as early as 2019, Chinese scientists reported, the Xinhua news agency reported on June 20.

Astronomers have found the missing matter of the universe in the intergalactic medium

Observations of very distant galaxies allowed astronomers to track the evolution of normal matter in the first two billion years of the universe, after which more than half of it seems to disappear without a trace.

Scientists of NASA and Donald Trump plan to protect the Earth from asteroids

American scientists from NASA with the support of President Donald Trump began to develop a plan to protect the Earth from the destructive impact of asteroids. This is reported by the foreign media.

The phenomenon of noctilucent clouds can be associated with an ancient volcanic eruption

Noctilucent clouds form in the upper layers of the atmosphere, at altitudes of about 90 kilometers, and are illuminated by the Sun, shallowly descending the horizon (therefore in the Northern Hemisphere they are observed in the northern part of the sky, and in the southern hemisphere – in the southern).


Elijah Wood will release his own computer game

As the specialized publications write, we are talking about the joint offspring of Elijah Wood SpectreVision and Ubisoft. The game will be called Transference. It will become a full-fledged game, not a separate plot of virtual reality, Elijah Wood said.

A third of the world’s population plays video games

Specialists from NewZoo conducted a study and concluded that one third of the world’s population or 2.3 billion people play video games. 51% of them use mobile devices for this. According to experts, this year the video game market will amount to 140 billion dollars

Facebook announced a new gaming platform with interactive video

The social network Facebook has announced the appearance of interactive video viewing functions for live broadcasts, reports The Verge. The new platform will allow to conduct live interviews and quizzes among the audience on the air

Updated interface CS: GO from Valve angered frenzied gamers

The developer of Valve added Panorama UI, than angered frenzied gamers. Updated CS interface: GO showed players a news line and animations for weapons and cases, but new opportunities remained invaluable

Xenonauts 2 went to Kickstarter

Studio Goldhawk Interactive six years ago, used the service Kickstarter, to raise money for the creation of a strategy Xenonauts. Now the developers want to repeat this with the second part, Xenonauts 2. The game campaign has already started, and on the project page you can download the demo version of Alpha Combat.

Everyone in Remedy wants to continue Alan Wake

Creative director Remedy Mikael Kasurinen in an interview with DualShockers said that all employees of the Finnish studio want to work on the continuation of Alan Wake, the story of which ended in the most interesting place. Recall that the lake in a quiet town actually turned out to be an ocean.

Street Fighter V will have lootboxes

After the scandal around Star Wars: Battlefront 2, many game publishers decided to abandon lootbox in the upcoming games, but Capcom decided to go against the latest trends: 2.5 years after the release of Street Fighter V, there will be lootboxes. However, the company is not going to make money on them.

Wargaming announced World of Warships: Legends

The company Wargaming announced that soon “Ships” will go on a big campaign on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Owners of these platforms will be able to immerse themselves in sea battles with World of Warships: Legends – a console version of the network action game

Heroes of the Storm appeared Iral and the battle for Alterac began

With the latest update of Heroes of the Storm on the live servers appeared heroine Irel, new guises and a battlefield – the Battle of the Alterac Pass. And in the Nexus started a new large-scale event – the battle of the Horde and the Alliance from the Warcraft universe.

“There should always be a twist” – authors Cyberpunk 2077 about the structure of tasks

Before the start of the conversation about science fiction RPG journalists became interested in the philosophy, which developers adhere to when working out tasks. According to Mills, any quest – whether it is multi-stage and long or very small – must contain a kind of “twist” (an unexpected turn)

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