28 Sep, 2018

Kudrin Says High Poverty in Russia

The poverty level in Russia remains high, although this year, for the first time in four years, real incomes of the population and pensioners are expected to grow, said the head of the Russian Audit Chamber Alexei Kudrin.

In 2017 real disposable incomes of the population decreased by 1.7% of GDP, despite the fact that we saw economic growth, although real incomes of the population were projected to increase. Over the past 4 years, living standards, real incomes of the population have decreased by 11% – Alexei Kudrin, Russian politician

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The State Duma passed a law on pension reform

The bill on changes in the parameters of the pension system passed final reading in the State Duma. Taking into account amendments and accompanying initiatives, pension changes have become more socially focused and comprehensive – they will be able to improve the living standards of both current pensioners and future

Medvedev: Russians’ lifespan reached historic highs

The life expectancy of Russians at present is about 73 years, which is the historical maximum. This was stated by Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev, Interfax reported.

Today, life expectancy has reached a historic high in our country, about 73 years. Now it is necessary to go further .- Dmitry Medvedev, Russian politician

In India, the criminal prosecution for treason was abolished

Chairman of the Supreme Court of India Dipak Misra, reading the verdict, said that treason can not be a criminal offense, as it is the subject of such civil disputes as the divorce proceedings.

In Slovakia, detained suspects in the murder of journalist Kuciak

The Slovak police on Thursday morning detained persons suspected of killing journalist Jan Kuciak and his bride in the south of the republic, Bratislava portal Aktuality.sk reported, for which Kutsiak was writing his materials.

In Russia, they offered to fine for imposing services at airports

Due to the increased incidence of fraud in respect of air passengers, it is proposed to fine and remove from the airport buildings those who impose their services. This was reported to Izvestiya at the International Association of Airports (IAA)

McDonald’s removed artificial colors and preservatives from burgers

Corporation McDonald’s since September 26 removed from the composition of all its classic burgers flavor enhancers, artificial colors and preservatives. The innovation touched the American chain of fast food restaurants. This is reported on the company’s website.

The Dutch at the “Yadrovo” training ground

Protests of Volokolamsk residents against the smell from the Yadrovo landfill provoked the authorities of the Moscow region to conclude an agreement with the Dutch company Multriwell – for degassing Yadrovo.

Physicians debunked the myths about the harm of sugar

Doctors debunked the myths about the harm of sugar. They said that in the modern world, sugar is considered a “white death” and try to reduce its consumption to food to a minimum. Experts said that the myths about this product are greatly exaggerated.

They stressed that sugar should be present in the daily diet, as a person needs glucose. As Planet Today writes, completely giving up sugar, a person exposes his body to stress, and this leads to illness.

Helicopters flew to Paramushir

The government of the Sakhalin region and the Kamchatka company Vityaz-Aero have agreed on tariffs for the transportation of passengers to Paramushir. Negotiations with the carrier and the coordination of all the issues, said the head of the regional government Vera Shcherbina, were completed yesterday.

The issue is resolved, the document is signed today, if the weather permits, the flights will already fly. This direction does not represent commercial interest, but for us it is a social issue, these are people cut off from the big earth. Therefore, we were forced to accept their terms, “the head of government admitted.

Patriarch Cyril became an honorary professor of the Kuban State University

Rector of the Kuban State University Mikhail Astapov read out the decision of the academic council of the university about conferring the title of honorary professor of the Kuban State University on Patriarch Kirill and presented the diploma and mantle of the professor, as well as the icon of the Holy Prince Alexander Nevsky, written by one of the students.

Guild of driving schools: Banning guest workers driving a taxi will save lives

The question of prohibiting foreign citizens from driving light cars concerns the preservation of human lives, Sergei Lobarev, head of the Guild of Driving Schools of Russia, said at a press conference of the NSC.

The leader of the fire extinguishing in the “Winter Cherry” was left in custody

Earlier, the detention of Bursin was prolonged until December 7. However, the fireman and his defenders sought to change this measure of restraint for a written undertaking not to leave the place. The division of the rescuer Bursin was the first to arrive at the fire in the SEC “Winter Cherry”.

Two-thirds of Russians prefer to save money and not take loans

About 65% of Russians prefer not to spend savings and save money for the future, while 69% of respondents oppose purchases on credit. This is evidenced by the results of the poll, published on Thursday by the All-Russian Center for the Study of Public Opinion (VCIOM).

Goods that are most expensive due to VAT

Now in Russia there are three types of VAT rates: 0%, 10% and the main 18%. A zero rate is levied on many types of transportation services. Preferential 10% are put to the producers of products from the food basket (meat, milk, flour, bread, fish), children’s things and food, books and printed products, medical products and medicines. All other categories of goods are at the basic rate, it will come next year and will increase by 2%. Thus, clothes and footwear, household appliances and electronics, cars, furniture, alcohol and tobacco products, gasoline, entertainment, tour packages, apartments and services of housing and communal services will rise in price.

Golikova said a significant decrease in the birth rate

Deputy Prime Minister Tatyana Golikova said that in Russia today there is a significant decrease in the birth rate, there is a natural decline in the population, according to the final data for seven months.

The State Duma passed a law banning “rubber offices” for migrants

Earlier, the punishment was provided for registration in living quarters. Now the law includes offices of organizations in which migrants do not work.

For a fictitious registration of a foreign citizen or stateless person in a non-residential premises, a fine of 100,000 to 500,000 rubles is liable. and imprisonment up to three years.

Alcohol offered to sell by prescription

Alcohol should be recognized as a drug at the legislative level, – representatives of the University of Cambridge, who demanded to make the sale of alcoholic beverages, made a statement. The British Medical Journal published the article of scientists.

Cambridge experts said that from the effects of alcohol consumption, many more people die each year than from banned substances.

“Alcohol kills slowly. These are the diseases caused by its use, and poisoning, and the injuries that people who drink alcohol receive, “write the researchers.

“Letters of Happiness” for driving without MTPL

Road cameras in Russia will begin to calculate in automatic mode cars for which the valid compulsory insurance policies are not formalized. As a result, their owners will begin to receive so-called happiness letters.

In St. Petersburg, closed the Anglo-American school for children of US diplomats

In St. Petersburg, closed the Anglo-American school, which was attended by children of employees of the US Consulate General and some other foreign companies. This is reported by RIA Novosti with reference to the city committee on external relations.

In Romania, same-sex couples are recognized as families

In July this year the Constitutional Court decided that the state should recognize the right to stay in Romania same-sex couples who married in another country, if one of them is an EU citizen.

The Ministry of Natural Resources has corrected the reform of waste management

According to him, 220 regional operators were selected in 80 constituent entities of the Russian Federation, and 10 regions have already completely switched over to a new waste management system.

Owners of electric cars can introduce discounts on OSAGO

The Moscow City Duma plans to consider the issue of discounts for the acquisition of a compulsory motor third party liability insurance policy for electric vehicle owners, as well as granting them the right to travel fare on paid road sections.

In Venice, plan to introduce a night “dry law” for tourists

In Venice, they plan to prohibit alcohol and bags in the evening and at night, Express reports with reference to the Italian news agency Ansa. Thus, local authorities will try to reduce the number of drunken people on the streets of the city

The first “Miss Iraq” countries since 1972 were killed in Baghdad

Became the first beauty queen of Iraq since 1972, Tara Fares was killed in Baghdad in her sports car, the director of the health service of the Rasafa district, Kasem Abdel Hadi, told RIA Novosti.

Police of the Netherlands prevented a major terrorist attack

In the Netherlands, law enforcement authorities arrested seven people suspected of plotting to organize a large-scale terrorist attack in the country, the Associated Press reported. According to the police, the arrests prevented this attack.


Siluanov said the possible cancellation of inefficient tax benefits

Some inefficient tax incentives can be abolished, said First Deputy Prime Minister, Finance Minister Anton Siluanov, speaking in the State Duma. He noted that the government is now preparing a draft methodology for assessing the effectiveness of tax benefits, which can be adopted in the near future.

Based on this methodology, we will estimate the benefits that are now granted. I agree with you that a significant part of them do not work, it is not effective, and it may be decided on them to abolish this privilege. – Anton Siluanov, Russian politician

The IMF put forward four new conditions for Ukraine to obtain a loan

The International Monetary Fund has offered Ukraine four conditions for obtaining a new loan. This is reported with reference to its sources reported publication “Economic Truth”

Kiev should again raise gas prices by 23%, carry out anti-corruption reform, adopt a balanced budget and reorganize the State Fiscal Service.

It is noted that due to the inability to meet the requirements of the current program, Kiev is forced to negotiate with the fund for a stand-by-loan of five to six billion dollars for a period of 12-15 months.

WTO lowered forecast for world trade growth

World trade will develop below the April forecast and in 2018 will grow by 3.9% in the volume of products sold, in 2019 this figure will decrease to 3.7%. Earlier it was expected that the volume of sold products will grow by 4.4%, according to the website of the World Trade Organization.

Moscow transport is not enough 800 billion rubles

Moscow transport lacks 800 billion rubles in Moscow, Russian Railways and the Transport Ministry will have to resolve the issue of additional financing for the development of the Moscow Transport Hub (MTU).

The US Federal Reserve raised the interest rate to 2-2.25% per annum

Federal Open Market Committee The Federal Reserve System (FRS) for the third time in 2018 raised the base rate of the money market by 25 basis points.

Kudrin proposed an assessment of the state of the NWF assets

The head of the Audit Chamber, Alexei Kudrin, said that it was necessary to conduct an additional assessment of the assets in which the National Wealth Fund (NWF) was invested.

We must carefully look at the state of the assets of the National Welfare Fund. Previously, they had other requirements, today they should be more liquid, so we need to conduct an additional assessment of the liquidity of this fund. – Alexei Kudrin, Russian politician

Banks in July imported into Russia a record amount of cash euro since 2014

Russian banks in July 2018 imported into the country a record volume of cash euros from 2014 – almost $ 2.1 billion at the rate at the end of July, follows from the statistics of the Central Bank.

Outflow of non-residents’ funds from OFZ in August amounted to 98 billion rubles

Most of the floaters and OFZ-indexed for inflation finished the day at the previous levels. The exception was OFZ-52001, which added 0.2 pp in price. Turnover of trades on MosBird remained low: 15 billion rubles. against 26 billion rubles. on average for a month

Experts named the most expensive business centers in Moscow

The most expensive for tenants office buildings in Moscow are BC “Demidov”, TDT “Lotte Plaza” and “Berlin House”, the press service of the company Knight Frank.

“The most expensive office buildings are the Demidov business center and the Lotte Plaza TDT with the requested base rental rate of $ 950 per 1 sq. M per year,” analysts write.

They are followed by the office and shopping complex “Berlin House”, where the office “square” is estimated at $ 850 per 1 square meter per year.

Sberbank began to serve cards of the Japanese payment system JCB

Sberbank in its acquiring network began to serve cards of the international payment system JCB. This is reported on the website of the credit institution. To customers who have just entered into an agreement with Sberbank for acquiring services, JCB card service will be provided automatically.

The Ministry of Economy proposed to release investors from inspections for three years

The Ministry of Economy suggests creating a “single instrument” for investors, within which they will be exempted from inspections for three years, Deputy Minister Vadim Zhivulin told TASS.

The profit of 30 largest banks in January-August increased by 35%

Assets of 30 largest banks as of September 1 amounted to 70 trillion 783.7 billion rubles. (as of August 1 – 68 trillion 975.7 billion rubles). Assets for August grew by 2.6%. Of these, loans and other loans amounted to 49 trillion 556.4 billion rubles. Including loans to individuals – 11 trillion 965.3 billion rubles.

Riyadh will increase oil production at the expense of Iran

The Kingdom will increase production by 300,000 barrels per day to 10 million 400 thousand to meet the demand of Asian consumers. This is reported by Reuters with reference to informed sources.

Chevron found a buyer of a stake in a large field in the North Sea

The American corporation Chevron has found a potential buyer for its stake in one of the largest oil and gas fields on the British shelf of the North Sea. This is reported by Reuters with reference to the company’s press secretary.

Gas debts of Udmurtian consumers for the year increased by 27%

As of September 1, the total debt of all categories of consumers in Udmurtia, with the exception of the population, amounted to 1, 264 billion rubles. According to the press service of Gazprom Mezhregiongaz Izhevsk, for the year the amount of debt increased by 27%.

The expenditure of Europeans on LNG began to pay off

The authors of the article say that 6 more LNG terminals are being built or are in the EU at the design stage, most of them in countries that were previously part of Russia’s sphere of influence. It pleases, the newspaper writes frankly, noting that so far only 4% of American LNG is bought by Europeans.

Natives of UBS will launch the first in Switzerland regulated crypto bank

The Swiss company SEBA Crypto AG, founded by two people from the bank UBS, raised $ 105 million (£ 80 million) to create Switzerland’s first “crypto investment bank”, the Financial Times reported citing the company’s statement

Russia and Pakistan signed a memorandum on the offshore gas pipeline project

The Ministry of Energy of Russia and Pakistan signed a memorandum on cooperation in the implementation of the offshore pipeline project for the supply of gas from Iran to consumers in Pakistan and India, the RF Ministry of Energy said.

The state-owned company Dom.rf raised its mortgage rates

State-owned company “Dom.rf” raised the mortgage rates, it follows from the materials on the website of the state company. In particular, the mortgage rate for ready-made housing now amounts to 10-10.25% per annum instead of 9-9.25%.

The structure of BASF and the oil company Friedman announced a merger

The merger agreement between the two companies was signed by BASF and LetterOne (manages the assets of Alfa Group owners, headed by Mikhail Fridman) almost a year after signing the protocol of intent.

Greek Finance Ministry lifted restrictions on cash withdrawals in the country

The Greek Ministry of Finance abolished restrictions on cash withdrawals and capital flows within the country. They were introduced in 2015, when the population began to withdraw money from the accounts due to the financial crisis.

Resident of TOP Kamchatka built a pollock processing plant

Resident TOR Kamchatka completed the construction of a plant for processing pollock with a capacity of 100 tons of finished products per day. This is stated in a message posted on Friday on the website of the regional government.

The government will allocate 12 billion rubles for the completion of the Urban Group

By 6 billion rubles will be allocated for the completion of the objects of the bankrupt developer Urban Group in the Moscow region in 2019 from the federal and regional budgets. This was told by Deputy Minister of Housing and Public Utilities and Construction Nikita Stashin at a meeting with co-investors.

Capitalization of Rosneft exceeded 5 trillion rubles

Following the auction on the Moscow stock exchange on Thursday, Rosneft updated the peak of ruble capitalization: investors rated the state-owned company at 5.1 trillion rubles. ($ 77.5 billion at the current rate), according to the data of the exchange. Over the day, Rosneft has risen in price by 4.25%, it is still the most expensive company in Russia.


The first trailer of the movie “X-Men: The Dark Phoenix” appeared on the Net

On the YouTube channel of 20th Century Fox Russia, the first trailer of the movie “X-Men: The Dark Phoenix” appeared, which will be released in February 2019. The fourth part of the updated franchise about superheroes will occur in the early 90’s.

Published the first poster of the series “Boys” about the dark world of superheroes

The first poster of the upcoming TV series “The Boys” was published, based on the comic book about superheroes created by Garth Ennis and Daryk Robinson

The 11th LGBT International Film Festival “Side by Side” will be held in St. Petersburg

From October 24 to November 1, St. Petersburg will host the 11th LGBT International Film Festival “Side by Side”. During these days, residents and guests of the Northern Capital will be able to see 27 films about women, invented and shot by women themselves. This was reported by the press service of the event.

A detailed trailer of the last season of “House of Cards” was released

Netflix published in YouTube a new trailer for the last season of the series “House of Cards”. The premiere of the last episodes of the multi-series film will be on November 2 on the stream-service Netflix. The video details the plot of the upcoming season of the series.

Winners of the film festival “Meridians of the Pacific-2018” became known

Special prize of the jury – “Calendar” (Igor Poplahin, Russia) Prize for the best short film – “Bright-red” (Jeremy Comte, Canada) Prize for the best feature film – “Widowed Witch” (Tsai Chenji, China) About the festival “Meridians Quiet “Festival” Meridians of the Pacific “was held in Vladivostok from September 21 to 27.

Mary Elizabeth Winstead will become a Hunter in the “Birds of Prey”

Warner Bros. announced the names of two actresses, who will shoot in the film “Birds of Prey”. They were Mary Elizabeth Winstead (“Fargo”, “Scott Pilgrim against all”) and Gerni Smollett (“Doctor House”, “Anatomy of Passion”) – they will play the Huntsman and the Black Canary respectively, reports Deadline.

Sami Naseri will star in Russia in two films

Interpreter Sami Naseri, Daria Vaganova, told that the actor is going to return to Moscow at the end of this autumn to take part in filming two films. By the way, the director of films is the brother of the actor-Bibi Naseri. One of these films will be called “Crab”. The second film with Naseri in the title role will be called “Teacher”, Tass reports.


The Voronezh Philharmonic will perform a Chinese child prodigy

In 2017 he received a diploma of the II Moscow International Pianists Contest named after Vladimir Krainev. Participated in the International Far Eastern Festival “Mariinsky” in Vladivostok and “Stars at Baikal” in Irkutsk, where he performed with Valery Gergiev and other famous conductors and musicians.

“Podmoskovnye evening of arts” will be held in nine cities in the region

From October 2 to November 3 in the Moscow region will be the VI International Piano Festival “Podmoskovnye Evenings of Arts”. It is organized by the Autonomous Non-Commercial Organization “Ecology of Culture” with the support of the Ministry of Culture of the region.

Jazz concert will take place at the station of Chelyabinsk

The jazz concert will take place at the railway station. The event was called “Music in the heart of the city” and is timed to two events – the Day of Railways and the International Day of Music.

Eagles release their entire heritage

The Eagles Group announced the release of a box set called “Legacy”. According to Billboard, it will, according to the name, include the full legacy of the band: from the very first album of 1972 “Eagles” to their last double album “Long Road Out of Eden” to date.

Slash presented a video for the song “Driving Rain”

Slash presented a video for the song “Driving Rain” from the last album “Living the Dream”, recorded with Miles Kennedy and Conspirators. The main roles in the clip were “played” by the dolls. According to the plot after a quarrel with her husband, the heroine escapes from the house and goes on a road trip with her friend on a toy car

Moscow Philharmonic prepares concerts for the International Music Day

On October 1, soloists of the leading opera houses of Russia and abroad will perform at the stage of the Tchaikovsky Hall. Among them: Lyubov Petrova from the Metropolitan Opera, Vladislav Sulimsky from the Mariinsky Theater, the actor of the Bolshoi Theater Goderzi Janelidze, the soloist of the New Opera Julia Mennibaeva, and the artists of the Stanislavsky and Nemirovich-Danchenko Theater: Elena Guseva and Vladimir Dmitruk and young singers. Tchaikovsky Conservatory will be represented by Elmira Karakhanov and Timur Slanov; GITIS – Sofia Tsymbal and Nikita Voronchenko.

Barbra Streisand released an angry song about Trump

76-year-old singer Barbra Streisand released the song “Do not Lie to Me”, which the star dedicated to Donald Trump and the current political regime in the country, reports AP.

The conductor Fabio Mastrangelo was led by the orchestra “Russian Philharmonic”

Symphony Orchestra of Moscow “Russian Philharmonic” was led by conductor Fabio Mastrangelo. The maestro will take office in the fall of 2018.

Prodigy illuminated the sky with a new track

The British electronic trio The Prodigy released the new single “Light Up The Sky”. The track will be included in the upcoming album “NoTourists”, the release of which is scheduled for November 2, 2018

“Pilot” will present “Autumn time” in two capitals

The group “Pilot” is preparing for the autumn solo concerts with the program “Autumn Time”. The Moscow concert will take place on October 27, 2018 at the club Arbat Hall, and a week earlier – on October 20 – musicians will present this program in the St. Petersburg club “Cosmonaut”.

Simonova created a sand clip in memory of Scriabin

Master of sand animation from Evpatoria Ksenia SIMONOVA created a clip in memory of the musician Andrei Kuzmenko (Kuzma Skryabin), who died in 2015.


Paris is preparing to celebrate the 200th anniversary of Marius Petipa

A creative action dedicated to the 200th anniversary of Marius Petipa will be held in Paris from 27 to 29 September. The program of the project includes concerts, an exhibition and a conference on the preservation of the historical heritage and the development of classical dance art.

60 Years Irish Writer Irish Welsh

Irwin Welch – a vivid representative of the counterculture. Almost all of his works, if not autobiographical, are based on events witnessed by the writer in different years of his life. So, for example, his first novel “On the Needle,” full of black humor and became particularly popular after his film adaptation of Danny Boyle, was written from the memories of the turbulent Edinburgh youth.

Exhibition of rare editions of the Russian abroad opened in New York

The exhibition “Russia that we saved” was opened in New York in the framework of the World Congress of Russian Press, held in Brooklyn.

The exposition is organized by the Russian State Library and the National Library of St. Petersburg. It includes unique exhibits telling about the history of the Russian press abroad in the US – newspapers, magazines, almanacs and books in Russian, published at different times in America.

Restoration of the bridge of the XIX century in Kronstadt

“The initial examination of the bridge structures showed that a full overhaul was started in a timely manner.” A few more years, and we could lose a unique engineering structure, “TASS was told in the district administration

The Kronstadt dock bridge, 36 meters in length, was built on the design of engineer-lieutenant-colonel Bogdanovsky. Its feature is the rivet connection of metal structures.

The Literary Institute was returned to its historical appearance

In Moscow, the restoration of the Literary Institute is completed. The mansion on Tverskoy Boulevard, known as the House of Herzen, was returned to its historical appearance.

Finalists of the literary prize “Future time”

The jury of the literary prize “Future time”, awarded for the best fantasy story, announced a short-list, which included five authors. Under the terms of the competition, the work of the finalists will be published in a separate collection. The “Afisha Daily” was informed about this by the organizers.

The finalist of the literary contest was the film critic Cineticle and the author of lectures on American cinema in Level One Artem Khlebnikov with the story “It did not even pass,” poet and journalist Alexei Andreev and his work “Shrimp.” Also in the short list was the author of the story “When is corruptible,” a novice writer from Krasnodar, Alexei Grashin, a writer from Tallinn Nikolay Karaev and his new work “Immor Pavel”, as well as a student from Moscow Denis Frolov, who wrote the story “Rescuers” .

International Festival of Contemporary Jewish Culture opens in Yekaterinburg

The third international festival of modern Jewish culture opens in Yekaterinburg. This was reported to journalists by the chairman of the organizing committee of the festival Irina Gutkina.

Festival-competition of amateur theaters opened in St. Petersburg

The third all-Russian festival-competition of amateur theaters “Nevsky Theater Meetings” opened in St. Petersburg with the participation of nineteen bands from all over the country. A series of hits on the stage of the “Through the Looking Glass” theater was opened by a musical fairy tale “Mieshausen’s Tales” by the Theater Studio of Contemporary Dance “Steps”.

Monument to Christmas and his friend, the poet Morozov will be installed in Petrozavodsk

A monument to poets Robert Rozhdestvensky and his friend Karelian poet Vladimir Morozov will be installed in Petrozavodsk near the building of the Karelian Philharmonic. The opening ceremony will be held at noon on September 28, the press service of the Government of Karelia informed.


More than 70% of gadget owners in Russia avoid live communication

As the study showed, two-thirds (71%) of digital gadget owners in Russia are looking at the device’s screen, just to avoid communication with other people.

LG has published a teaser of the flagship smartphone LG V40 ThinQ

LG has published a teaser video of the upcoming flagship smartphone LG V40 ThinQ, which is expected to be announced next week, reports IXBT. The clip confirmed the presence of five cameras at once. The main triple camera LG is represented both in the video and on the renderers.

Beeline and Huawei made the first holographic 5G call in Russia

Beeline made the first holographic 5G call in Russia. Cellular operator “Beeline” together with the Chinese company Huawei showed the possibilities of mobile communication of the fifth generation. The event took place in Moscow, where for the first time in Russia they made a “holographic” call through the 5G network.

Lenovo showed a computer in the form of a ship from the “Star Trek”

Lenovo introduced the computer Titanium Enterprise. The main feature of the device is the design, executed in the form of the spaceship “Enterprise” from the popular television series “Star Trek”. Rights granted to the well-known manufacturer CBS Paramount in 25 countries

The first smartphone with 10 GB of RAM

The version of Oppo Find X with 10 GB of RAM and 256 GB of flash memory has already been approved by the Chinese regulator TENAA. It is added to already existing versions with 8 RAM and 128 or 256 GB on the drive.

Headset Lenovo will be able to make calls without a smartphone

Lenovo demonstrated a smart OLA headset in the Tech World Conference. The device can make calls and play music without synchronizing with the smartphone. This feature was obtained thanks to the IoT-sensor and the cloud platform.

Google created a virtual version of the garage, in which the company appeared

Google created a virtual version of the garage, where the company appeared 20 years ago. This is reported in her official blog

Yandex congratulates Google on its 20th anniversary

Russian “Yandex” congratulated the American company Google on its 20th anniversary. Congratulation is shown in the search result of “Yandex” when requesting “Google’s birthday”.

Facebook announced the global launch of advertising in Stories

The social network Facebook announced the end of testing and the global launch of advertising in Stories, according to a press release. According to the company’s internal data, daily more than 300 million people use Facebook Stories and Messenger Stories.

Facebook Manifold – a spherical camera with 16 sensors Red Helium 8K

Facebook Company presented the first fruit of its collaboration with Red Digital Cinema – the Manifold camera. As one can understand from the images, this is a spherical camera.


Australia and the Netherlands recognized the results of the investigation of the crash of MH17

Australian Foreign Minister Maris Payne said she acknowledged the interim results of the investigation into the causes of the crash of the Malaysian Boeing over the eastern part of Ukraine in July 2014, conducted by the Joint Investigative Group (SSG), The Australian newspaper reported.

“Australia fully trusts the impartiality, independence and professionalism of the SSG and its conclusions,” the newspaper quotes the Australian prime minister as saying.

The similar statement was made by the Prime Minister of the Netherlands Mark Rutte, TASS reported.

In May, the SSG issued a report stating that the missile that had hit the aircraft could be delivered from Russia.

Assange appointed the new editor-in-chief WikiLeaks

The founder of the site WikiLeaks, known for his exposing materials, Julian Assange appointed the new editor-in-chief of the portal of the Icelandic journalist Christina Hrafnsson, who previously served as the official representative of the organization.

Erdogan arrived in Germany to personally resolve conflicts with Berlin

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan arrived in Germany to resume relations that have been shaken in recent years, the Associated Press reported September 27. This is the first official visit of the Turkish leader to the country with which relations have become much more complicated over the past few years.

Ukraine imposed sanctions against a number of Russian transport companies

In OOO Promkompleksplast, RBC did not answer calls. In summer, the Ukrainian authorities announced plans to impose sanctions against Russian companies because of the construction of the Crimean bridge. At the end of August, it became known that Kiev had prepared a list of enterprises that should be on the blacklist

Foreign Ministers of Japan and the DPRK held a short meeting at the UN General Assembly

Japanese Foreign Minister Taro Kono said that he had a 20-minute meeting with the foreign minister of the DPRK, Lee Yong-ho. The meeting of the foreign ministers of Japan and the DPRK took place in the framework of the 73rd session of the UN General Assembly in New York.

China called on the UN Security Council to review sanctions against the DPRK

China considers it necessary to review the reversible provisions of the resolutions on the DPRK in the UN Security Council, Foreign Minister Wang Yi said at a meeting of the UN Security Council on the DPRK on Thursday.

The US fined the Brazilian company for 853 million dollars

The United States fined the largest Brazilian oil and gas company Petrobras by $ 853 million. This is reported on Thursday by the agency France Presse, noting that the Brazilian company was fined “for bribes.”

China urged the US not to interfere in military cooperation with Russia

Cooperation between China and Russia in the military sphere is the usual cooperation of two sovereign states, and the US has no right to interfere in it, official spokesman of the Ministry of Defense of China Ren Guoqiang said.


The Government of India has made a final decision on the purchase of the S-400

As reported, the intergovernmental agreement on the delivery of S-400 Triumph to India was signed in October 2016, but a contract for the supply of these air defense systems has not yet been concluded. According to the deputy head of the FSMTC of Russia Vladimir Drozhzhov, it is a question of deliveries of five regiments of the S-400.

Israel plans to open the “Kuneitra” crossing on the border with Syria

The decision was made on the grounds that on the opposite side there are Syrian police and customs officers who control the security of the region. Also patrols of the Russian military police are regularly carried out. Israel is ready to take such a step and the “ball on the Syrian side”

About 100 planes from seven CIS countries started exercises

About 100 aircraft from seven CIS countries began on Thursday, September 27, an air defense exercise under the supervision of the Russian Air Force. This was reported by the press service of the Russian Defense Ministry.

In Minsk, the US plans to deploy a military base in Poland

The creation of a permanent US military base in Poland will not contribute to the strengthening of stability in the region, Minsk follows the situation and will take it into account if these plans are implemented, spokesman for the Belarusian Foreign Ministry Anatoly Glaz said on Thursday.

In Ukraine, they will conduct an audit of self-explosive mortars “Molot”

All mortars “Hammer” in Ukraine will be checked, said the Attorney General of Ukraine Yuriy Lutsenko, reported September 27, the Ukrainian “Vesti”. According to him, the relevant inspections will be conducted by the state concern “Ukroboronprom” and the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine

F-35 of the fifth generation will take part in battle for the first time

Fighter fifth generation F-35B Lightning II US Air Force in the near future will take part in the battle. The aircraft will strike air strikes against the positions of Afghan militants. The operation will begin in the coming days, reports CNN.

American bombers off the coast of China

Bombers were accompanied by Japanese fighters, and the operation is part of the “long presence of American bombers in the region.” According to Eastbourne, the B-52s carried out flights over international waters in the South China Sea earlier this week.

Arctic equipment for the Russian military has already been created

The Kalashnikov concern, with the participation of specialists from the Russian Ministry of Defense, developed and tested equipment and equipment kits for servicemen of special units performing tasks in conditions of low temperatures


BMW announced the Russian prices for the roadster Z4

The Russian BMW office announced the prices for the third generation roadster Z4. It can be ordered at a price of 3,190,000 rubles. A new generation roadster with an in-house G29 index will go on sale in March 2019.

Concept car Skoda Vision RS will be equipped with a hybrid engine

Hardware Skoda Vision RS will be headed by a 245-horsepower hybrid power unit consisting of a 1.5-liter petrol turbo-quater and a 102-horsepower electric motor. From the ground up to 100 km / h the concept can accelerate in 7 seconds, and the maximum speed will be limited at a mark of 210 km / h.

Europe sent the first sedan “Cortege” Aurus Senat

In Europe, the car will go in disassembled condition, and as indicated on the official Aurus page, the Senat sedan will head to Italy. For what purposes the machine is sent to this country is still unknown. Recall, the public debut Aurus Senat was held at the Moscow Motor Show.

Audi by 2025 will release 12 fully electric models

Audi by 2025 will present twelve fully electric models in key world markets, with about one third of the total sales of the brand will be electrified modifications of cars of the existing model range

Cross-country Mazda MX-5

On the channel Gingium on YouTube published a video, it shows the process of reworking the Mazda MX-5 in an SUV. The car received a number of adjustments, during which it was equipped with a drive supercharger, a lift-suspension kit, reinforced bumpers and fastening for a backup wheel

New rules for registration of cars are introduced in Russia

The traffic police simplifies the installation of a new engine and permits the registration of cars with electronic OB vehicles. The Ministry of Internal Affairs issued an order with new rules for registering cars. Now it will not be necessary to go to the traffic police and undergo complex reconciliations when replacing the engine with an identical one.


Sony has resolved cross-platform game in Fortnite

Previously, developers and users have criticized Sony for the lack of crossover and their relationship to it. Fortnite is one of the most popular multiplayer games in 2018. In the shooter, when searching for a match, a single selection of participants is used, regardless of what they play.

Lucasfilm will send Immortal Vader into virtual reality

The company Lucasfilm announced a new game from the series “Star Wars” called “Vader the Immortal.” As stated at the Oculus Quest 2018 conference held in California, it will be available for virtual reality devices as early as 2019.

Red Dead Redemption 2 will take 105 GB on a hard disk PS4

The photo of the box of a special set PlayStation 4 Pro with Red Dead Redemption 2, which we learned the weight of the game, has leaked to the network: the western from Rockstar will occupy 105 GB of free space on the consoles. And this is in the release version without updates and online mode.

Konami announced the re-release of Castlevania: Symphony of the Night

Konami confirmed the recent rumors about the reissue of the classic Castlevania: the company announced a compilation of Castlevania Requiem for PS4, which will include updated editions of Symphony of the Night and Rondo of Blood.

How to play WoW Classic within BlizzCon 2018

The company noted that immediately after the opening of BlizzCon on November 2 (around 11:00 PM Moscow time) players will be able to download the same demo version of WoW Classic, which can be tested at the exhibition itself

Codemasters announced DiRT Rally 2.0

Studio Codemasters introduced DiRT Rally 2.0, the continuation of the 2015 autosimulator. Together with the announcement the developers published the debut trailer of the game.

The release of Life is Strange took place one day earlier than planned

The creators of Life is Strange 2 planned to release the first episode of their new game on September 27, but due to a certain failure with the release on the PlayStation 4, the terms had to be postponed, and in the evening of yesterday the game became available on all the planned platforms.

In The Crew 2 appeared air-cushion transport

Ubisoft announced the release of Gator Rush – the first free add-on to the arcade race in the open world The Crew 2. It became available on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. Gator Rush brought a new discipline to the game – hovercraft transport in the southern marshy regions.

Remaster of stealth ekshena Mark of the Ninja will be released on October 9

Developers from the studio Klei Entertainment announced that Mark of the Ninja: Remastered, an updated version of the two-dimensional stealth ekshena in 2012, will go on sale October 9. In March, we learned that Mark of the Ninja: Remastered is being developed for the Nintendo Switch.

Sony spoke about free PS games for PS Plus subscribers

This time the replenishment of the library was rather modest: the owners of the PS4 will be given Friday the 13th: The Game and even less well-known and popular Laser League.

In addition, PS Plus subscribers will receive four more games: Master Reboot (PS3), The Bridge (PS4, PS3, PS Vita), Rocketbirds 2: Evolution (PS4, PS Vita), 2064: Read Only Memories (PS4, PS Vita). All new items should be available for download next week, October 2.

If you have not done this before October 2, you can still get free games from the excellent September collection, which includes Destiny 2 and God of War 3: Remastered.

In the game Shadow of Tomb Raider will enter co-op mode

In the game Shadow of Tomb Raider will be introduced a cooperative mode. The authors of the adventure action movie reported that the game will be updated monthly.

A new video of the gameplay Life is Strange 2

Channel Battlefield Infidels published a video of the gameplay Life is Strange 2. The main characters of the game will be brothers Sean and Daniel.

The Xbox One console from Microsoft has received support for the mouse and keyboard

Microsoft has officially confirmed that it allows developers to include keyboard and mouse support in the game. To this end, Microsoft has already provided the appropriate tools to game developers.

The output of the tactics of Jagged Alliance: Rage! postponed to December 6

If everything went according to plan, the PC version of the tactical game Jagged Alliance: Rage! would have come out today, September 27. Alas, in these terms, the developers of Cliffhanger Productions do not fit, so the release was postponed to December 6.


Norway launched the first rocket of its own production

Earlier on all other rockets foreign engines were installed. “At first glance, what we see is that everything went well,” the head of the space department at Kulbjorn Blix told the television company

The first ever video from the surface of the asteroid appeared

The Japanese Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) published the first ever video from the surface of the asteroid Ryuga. Two unique Japanese rovers (planet-ships) launched from the Hayabusa2 probe managed to obtain unique shots. Also managed to get new pictures from the asteroid.

The Italian astronaut will become the commander of the ISS expedition for the first time

The Italian astronaut will become the commander of the ISS expedition for the first time, the second mission of astronaut Luka Parmitano called Beyond (“Outside”) is scheduled for 2019, according to the website of the European Space Agency (ESA).

Preparations for the launch of the next GLONASS satellite

The spacecraft passed inspections, which confirmed that during the storage of the characteristics of its functioning have not changed. In the near future, the satellite will be prepared for shipment to the Plesetsk launch site. Its launch is scheduled for late autumn.

In orbit, a satellite will appear to broadcast calls for peace

A microsatellite to broadcast appeals for peace from influential public and political figures of the UN member states will be put into orbit. According to the founder of the Space Trust, Namira Salim, this will be a demonstration of space diplomacy.

Scientists have discovered jets in the “wrong” neutron star

As a result, a new theory emerged about the obstruction of outgoing flows. Researchers described the dual system Sw J0243.6 + 6124, which was discovered by the NASA observatory. Scientists called the object a neutron star, pulling material from its companion, which exceeds the mass of the Sun.

RT360 began cooperation with Space Foundation

RT TV started cooperation with the largest US fund for the popularization of space research Space Foundation. Panoramic videos of the project RT “Cosmos 360”, created in conjunction with Roskosmos and RSC Energia, will be presented at the forthcoming Space Foundation events.

Trump will protect the Earth from asteroids, assassins

The administration of President of the United States Donald Trump intends to allocate more than $ 100 million to the NASA program to protect the Earth from potentially dangerous asteroids. The plan of the agency includes the use of a spacecraft that will knock down the objects approaching the planet.

Congress can extend ISS funding

State funding for the work of the ISS can be extended by the US Congress for another six years, until the end of 2030, for the sake of “retaining leadership in near-Earth orbit,” according to the Internet publication SpaceNews.


Polymer sensors find toxic organic compounds in drinking water

For example, benzapyrene, which is considered one of the most toxic compounds, scientists found in river water and even in rain drops. It is formed by the combustion of hydrocarbon fuel. In European countries, water is considered contaminated if a nanogram of benzapyrene is dissolved in a liter.

Ornithologists found a new kind of hummingbird

Scientists have determined that the new species of birds lives at an altitude of 5 thousand meters, and their size is 10-13 cm. The discoverer of these hummingbirds was the ornithologist Francisco Sornoza-Molina (Francisco Sornoza-Molina) from the Ecuadorian National Biodiversity Institute

Antibiotics can cure appendicitis without surgery

As one of the emergency physicians at Lenox Hill Hospital explained, acute appendicitis can be cured with antibiotic in 70% of cases, and the use of antibiotics can be at least three days, which has already been confirmed by experience.

Scientists have developed an improved heart rate sensor

In the course of the research, specialists confirmed the effectiveness of development both in animals, in particular rats, and on humans. The new sensors are used by the patient to monitor the heart rate. Capable of this device due to flexible solar panels.

Scientists: humpback whales do not change social signals for decades

Specialists managed to find out that humpback whales from the Pacific Ocean, which were observed for several decades, produce only 16 types of signals. This was clarified during the 36-year study, which was conducted between 1976 and 2012

Scientists have created a drug that encourages social interaction

Scientists have created a drug that can push the individual to social interaction. Work was carried out by specialists from France, representing the University of Strasbourg.

“Stressful” embryos help a better conception with IVF

Doctors stopped only on one option of environmental stress and did not begin to check whether heat treatment or cold treatment would help a better conception. In addition, studies have not yet given an answer about the possibility of such implantation of a human embryo. This is a matter of the future, scientists emphasize.

Scientists have put an end to the eternal opposition of rats and cats

Scientists have conducted a study and put an end to the eternal confrontation of cats and rats. Observations of wild quadrupeds showed that they extremely badly hunt rats, which makes impossible their victory over rodents in principle.

The Neanderthals had clever hands

Recently, scientists have found one more fact: Neanderthals could hold objects between the forefinger and thumb (as we hold the handle). It turned out that their hands were much more dexterous than previously thought

Engineers from the United States have taught unusual blown robots to weave pipes using fiberglass. The corresponding work was carried out by scientists from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. The initiator of the project was Professor Neri Oxman and representatives of her team.

In liquid complex plasma there is a sound

Scientists for the first time investigated thermoacoustic instability, because of which a sound appears in the liquid complex plasma – a kind of “song” of flame. The results show that similar instabilities can exist in many open and chemically reactive systems.

A “mediator” in the communication of plants and their symbionts

Legumes can enter into symbiosis with nodule bacteria. These microorganisms can bind inorganic nitrogen and feed them plant roots. Instead, the bacteria receive from legumes minerals and nutrients.

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