1 Jun, 2018

Lavrov invited Kim Jong-un to Russia

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, during talks with the head of the DPRK, Kim Jong-no, invited him to visit Russia.

“You are wonderful friends for us, and I, in spite of my busy schedule, have specially chosen the time for you …” Upon returning, convey my greetings to President Putin and your people, “said Kim Jong-un.

In response, Lavrov said: “We appreciated this very much.”

“Come – we will be very happy,” the minister added.

Also during the talks, the North Korean leader asked Lavrov about Putin’s health.

“Health is beautiful and he appreciates the kind words you expressed in your message on the occasion of his election to the next presidential term. He sends you greetings and best wishes in those major undertakings that are now initiated on the Korean peninsula with your participation, “Lavrov said.

Briefly about the main thing …..


Malaysia removed from Russia the blame for the collapse of Boeing over the Donbass

The Malaysian Boeing 777, flying from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur, crashed on July 17, 2014 near Donetsk in the east of Ukraine. On board were 298 people, mostly citizens of the Netherlands, Malaysia and Australia, all of them were killed.

Giuseppe Conte introduced to the President of Italy a new government

Lawyer Giuseppe Conte, to whom Italian President Sergio Mattarrella again instructed to form a new government, presented the head of state with the composition of the cabinet of ministers, Rai TV and radio company reported.

The supreme objective of the May decrees of Putin

In the decree signed by President Vladimir Putin “On national goals and strategic tasks for the development of the Russian Federation until 2024,” the most difficult task out of all the mentioned ones is to reduce the level of poverty of the population by half.

This is the most important task, the most difficult task that is set in the decree, and, of course, it depends on how qualitatively and at what pace our economy will develop. – Tatiana Golikova, Russian economist

Canada will challenge the introduction of US duties in the WTO

Canada intends to challenge the World Trade Organization (WTO) introduction of duties on imports of steel and aluminum by Washington. The head of the Canadian Foreign Ministry Hristia Freeland told journalists in Ottawa on Thursday

Trump received recommendations from the State Department to strengthen cybersecurity

The US State Department gave recommendations to President Donald Trump on strengthening cybersecurity. Including, this is the development of response measures. The document says that it is necessary to create obstacles for those who want to penetrate the country’s computer systems.

The ECHR acknowledged that there was a secret CIA prison in Lithuania

“The court concluded that in Lithuania from the summer of 2005 until March 2006, there was a secret CIA prison that Mr. Z. al-Abidin Mohammed Khusain was held there, and local authorities knew that the CIA treated him in the way the convention” , the court said.

Sobchak said that Sentsov did not intend to stop the hunger strike

Condemned in Russia on the article on terrorism, Ukrainian director Oleg Sentsov, who declared on May 14 a hunger strike in a penal colony, is determined and does not intend to stop it. This was reported by TV presenter Ksenia Sobchak, after talking with Sentsov on video communication.

I’ve just spoken with Oleg Sentsov personally on the videotelephone. Persuaded to stop the hunger strike. But he is determined resolutely and asks not to be persuaded to change the decision. He really had two teeth, scurvy, he says, not yet. It’s just awful sorry for him. Thin, pale. – Ksenia Sobchak, TV presenter

Russia and NATO discussed the reduction of tension and military exercises

The Russia-NATO Council at the ambassadorial level held an “open dialogue” on Ukraine, military activities in Europe, asymmetric methods of military strategy, as well as mutual briefings on the large-scale exercises of each side. A report on this is posted on the NATO website.

Curator of Crimea and Sevastopol appointed Mutko

As the press secretary of the Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Dmitry Kozak, Ilya Dzhus, the Crimea and Sevastopol will enter the sphere of activity of Deputy Prime Minister Vitaly Mutko within the framework of the regional policy.

France plans to launch a new negotiation process on Iran’s nuclear program

In Paris, they plan to launch a new global negotiation process with Tehran on the nuclear agreement, Izvestiya reports referring to a high-ranking official at the French Foreign Ministry


Pentagon warned Assad from blow to US forces in Syria

According to Assad, SDS remains “the only problem in the country.” He noted that Damascus is ready for negotiations with them, but in case of failure the Syrian army is ready to use force to liberate its own territory. Assad stressed that the United States must leave Syria.

The Ministry of Defense told about Russian submarines under the ice of the Arctic

The Northern Fleet has a colossal experience of ice-fishing, said Admiral Nikolai Evmenov. Russian submarines are constantly present under the ice of the Arctic, said the commander of the Northern Fleet, Admiral Nikolai Evmenov.

Ukraine bombarded cars in the Democratic Republic of Ingushetia and the OSCE

“A Ukrainian serviceman stepped out of one DUU dugout from the west side of the road and opened a targeted fire from small arms in the direction of the moving vehicle of the Ministry of Emergency Situations,” the statement said. It was also noted that no one was hurt.

The nuclear submarine “Husky” will receive hypersonic missiles “Zircon”

The first submarine of the fifth generation “Husky”, equipped with hypersonic missiles “Zircon”, will be built before the end of 2027, TASS reported. The submarine “Husky” is included in the state program of armaments for 2018-2027, within which the submarine will receive hypersonic anti-ship missiles “Zircon”.

The US began to transfer to Japan the newest F-22 Raptor fighters

The United States Air Force began to transfer to the southern island of Okinawa the Land of the Rising Sun of the newest F-22 Raptor fighter aircraft, reports The Japan Times referring to informed sources in the Cabinet of Ministers of Japan.

The Ministry of Defense has completed tests of the newest parachute system for the Airborne Forces

State tests of the Bahch-U-PDS parachute system intended for landing of BMD-4M combat vehicles and BTR-MDM “Rakushka” armored personnel carriers were successfully completed in the Russian Airborne Forces, journalists were told in the Department of Information and Mass Communications of the Ministry of Defense on Thursday The Russian Federation.

The US Coalition reported on civilian casualties of attacks on Iraq and Syria

At least 892 people died among civilians as a result of attacks by the US-led international coalition in Iraq and Syria. This is stated in the official report of the coalition of the headquarters of the international group of troops.

Netanyahu: Israel gave a powerful response to shelling from the Gaza Strip

On May 29 and 30, the Israeli military struck the most powerful series of attacks on dozens of targets in the Gaza Strip in response to rocket and mortar shelling of Hamas fighters, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said. This is reported on May 30 by Israel National News.

On the “Oka shipyard” laid a large hydrographic boat

On the “Oka shipyard” solemn laying of a large hydrographic boat for the Russian Navy was held. This was reported by the press service of the Russian Defense Ministry. Head of Navigation and Oceanography Department of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation Captain 1st rank Sergey Travin took part in the ceremony of launching the boat.


In Denmark, the wearing of burka and niqab in public places was banned

The Parliament of Denmark supported the initiative of the government to ban wearing headdresses in public places that cover the face. This is reported by Radio Denmark DR. The law will come into force from the beginning of August.

The Cabinet approved the project on a discount for drivers for a delayed fine

The government approved a bill that gives the right to pay a fine for violation of traffic rules with a 50 percent discount to motorists who, because of the delay in delivery, ended the term of preferential payment. This is stated in the message on the website of the government.

In Uganda, introduced a tax on the use of social networks

The Ugandan parliament passed a law requiring $ 200 Ug per day ($ 0.05) per use for Facebook, WhatsApp, Viber and Twitter, the BBC reports.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia called on Poland to stop exterminating Soviet monuments

The Russian Foreign Ministry described as another example of the blasphemous and consumer attitude of the Polish authorities towards the World War II record the demolition of the obelisk at the site of the death of Soviet tankers in the West Pomeranian Voivodeship within the framework of the “decommunization”.

The fiery “Holy Spring”

The bottles of water “Holy Spring”, released for the 2018 FIFA World Cup and made in the form of a soccer ball, are withdrawn from sales, RBC reports.

It turned out that bottles in the sunlight can act as a lens and lead to a fire.

The court rejected the second lawsuit of residents of Volokolamsk on the closure of Yadrov

As plaintiffs are seven residents of the city, five act in the interests of minors. The third party on the suit declared the administration of Volokolamsky municipal district. On May 3, the court rejected a similar suit demanding that the landfill be closed from other residents of Volokolamsk.

The number of banned debtors in Russia reached a record level

The number of Russian citizens who are banned from traveling abroad due to debts reached a record level at the end of May in recent years, the Federal Bailiff Service (FSPP) reports.

“As of the end of May, the restriction on the right to leave the Russian Federation was in force against 2.3 million debtors,” the TSPC told TSPC.

According to the agency, thanks to the application of this measure, from the beginning of the year 18.2 billion rubles were collected from debtors, while in the first four months of 2018 bailiffs restricted the departure of 3.3 million debtors abroad

Putin on June 1 will award the Order of “Parental Glory” to large families

President of Russia Vladimir Putin on June 1 will award the Order “Parental Glory” to parents of families with many children, the Kremlin’s press service said. It is reported that the president will attend events on the occasion of the Children’s Day.

Five airlines will transport passengers of “Saratov Airlines”

On May 31, the airline “Saratov Airlines” stopped transporting passengers. They will be transported by other airlines until June 13, for this period, the largest part of the tickets sold – it was planned to transfer about 9 thousand passengers.

Black passenger lists can be extended to all modes of transport

Deputy Minister of Transport of Russia Nikolai Zakhryapin proposed to extend the so-called blacklist of passengers to all types of transport in the country. According to Zakhryapin, such lists already yield results as containment measures

Buryatia remained without medicinal oxygen

The only supplier of medicinal oxygen for medical institutions of the Trans-Baikal Territory and the Republic of Buryatia, the company “Aniko”, stopped deliveries because of blocking of accounts, TASS was informed by the director of the company Anatoly Petrochenko.

On Wednesday evening, the tax inspectorate blocked our accounts for 42.5 million rubles – taxes, fines, penalties, production was stopped. Now we are forced to stop the supply of oxygen to the medical institutions of Buryatia and the Trans-Baikal region, where we are the only suppliers, – said the director of the company Anatoly Petrochenko

1.5 million passports of Russians are listed as invalid

About 1.5 million passports of Russians can be mistakenly listed as invalid in the EIAS database “Russian Passport” due to a failure to merge databases, the newspaper Kommersant writes.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia explained the errors in Russian passports by a technical malfunction.

From 1997 to 2006, information about the issued identity cards were in different bases of the FMS. In 2006, the Russian Passport united the disparate bases of passports into the Unified Information Automated System (UAIS).

The solution of the problem lies with the citizens themselves: the Russians faced with the problem can apply to a special service for checking the passport for its validity or invalidity through the official website of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia in the section “Checking the list of invalid Russian passports”. If a valid document is flagged as invalid, the citizen can report an error.


The Rothenberg firm will build a section of the “red” metro line for 40.8 billion

On May 31, the Mostotrest website reported that the firm had received a tender from the Moscow Department for Competitive Politics for the construction of a section of the red branch with a length of 11.6 kilometers, from the Salarievo station to the Stolbovo station.

Gasoline in Russia for the week went up by 80 cents

Average consumer prices for gasoline in Russia for the period from May 21 to 27 grew by 80 kopecks, the materials of Rosstat say. According to the department, gasoline Ai-92 went up by 81 kopecks – to 41.09 rubles. per liter.

“Rosneft” proposed limiting the export of petroleum products

“The companies agreed to hold back the rise in prices for a short time in response to the promise to reduce excises and take emergency measures to stabilize the situation in the fuel market,” said Rosneft’s press secretary

The experiment on marking shoes starts in Russia

The experiment on marking footwear with means of identification will begin in Russia on June 1, 2018, the corresponding resolution of the government of Russia is published on the website of the Cabinet of Ministers.

Chubais proposed to send pension funds to the nanoindustry

Chubais in 2017 repeatedly spoke about the need to allow non-state pension funds to invest a small portion of funds in venture capital funds for the development of the nanoindustry in Russia

International reserves of Russia began to grow again

Russia’s international reserves as of May 25 were $ 457.2 billion, the Bank of Russia said. As of May 18, international reserves amounted to $ 456.3 billion. Thus, in a week they increased by $ 0.9 billion.

In Russia, the issuance of mortgages for four months increased by 77%

In Russia, in January-April 2018, 424.7 thousand mortgage loans were issued for 831.3 billion rubles, which is 63% in quantitative terms and 77% more than in the same period last year, the state-owned company “Dom .rf “.

Sanitized banks transfer assets to the Fund of bad debts by 2 trillion rubles

Banks that are on the rehabilitation of the Central Bank, transfer assets to the Fund of non-core debts by 2.07 trillion rubles. This was “RIA Novosti” reported Deputy Chairman of the Central Bank Vasily Pozdyshev. The largest volume of assets will be transferred to Grow-Bank – by 745 billion rubles.

The net profit of VTB in January-April increased almost 2 times

Net interest income of the bank for January-April 2018 amounted to 156.5 billion rubles (an increase of 4.1%), including in April – 40.2 billion rubles (an increase of 7.8%). Net interest margin for the first four months and in April was 4.1%, unchanged from the same period last year.

Rosselkhozbank reported under IFRS

2.83 trillion rubles was the size of the assets of Rosselkhozbank. They increased by 24 billion rubles in real terms. Net interest income in the first quarter of 2018 increased by 17.6% – to 17.4 billion rubles.

Net profit of FC Otkritie in accordance with IFRS in the I quarter increased 24.4 times

Net profit of the bank “FC Opening” in accordance with IFRS in the first quarter increased by 24.4 times and amounted to 8.721 billion rubles, according to a report of the credit institution.

Greece weakened the measures of control over the capital

By the decision of the Minister of Finance of Greece, the measures of control over capital, introduced in July 2015, have been relaxed again – the monthly limit for withdrawing cash by individuals has been raised to 5,000 euros, the transfer of funds abroad has been facilitated, the Finance Ministry said.

The Federal Tax Service for the I quarter of 2018 recovered 69 billion rubles

The Federal Tax Service (FTS) of Russia collected 57 billion rubles of unpaid taxes on the results of taxpayer inspections in the first quarter of this year, and another 12 billion rubles of taxes were paid to the budget following the results of tax analysts’ analysis, that is, without inspections, the head of the tax service told journalists. Mikhail Mishustin.

Turnover of Moscow with Finland increased to € 1 billion in 2017

The turnover between Moscow companies and organizations registered in Finland in 2017 grew by 22% and amounted to € 1 billion.

LUKOIL will build a petrochemical complex in Bulgaria

“The plant will be built on the basis of an already existing refinery in Bulgaria, which now produces up to 6.5 million tons of oil every year,” added the head of Lukoil.


The former wife Stallone became pregnant at 54 years old

Actress and model Brigitte Nielsen, who was once the wife of actor Sylvester Stallone, said that she was preparing to become a mother for the fifth time. At 54, she is expecting a child from the 39-year-old producer Mattia Dessie, IA Nation News reports.

A fan paid a thousand dollars for a meeting with Johnny Depp

Russian businesswoman Anastasia Niyazgulova paid a thousand dollars for a meeting with Johnny Depp. The girl said that she was very worried, and during the meeting with the idol she began to speak Russian

Kamchatka MP asked for a parking place for the horse

The deputy of the Legislative Assembly of the Kamchatka Territory Mikhail Puchkovsky asked to organize a stall near his government building for his horse. This is reported by the news agency “Kam 24”. The parliamentarian addressed this request to the governor of the region.

The name of the successor of Armen Dzhigarkhanyan in the theater

Actors of the Moscow theater, led by Armen Djigarkhanyan, seem to have become hostages to his personal drama, which has been watched by the whole country for almost a year now. During this time, the famous actor and director noticeably “surrendered” and, for health reasons, practically ceased to deal with the theater.

Fans discuss issues in the marriage of Pavel Priluchny and Agata Muceniets

The fans suspected that Pavel Priluchny and Agata Mutsenie were confronted with problems in marriage, and now they are on the verge of divorce. The couple has been living together for six years, and is also engaged in the upbringing of two children.

Elena Temnikova told about the envy of former colleagues from the group SEREBRO

The well-known singer Elena Temnikova frankly talked to journalists in the program “The Ether”. She remembered the times when she worked in the musical band SEREBRO. According to the artist, her colleagues were very jealous of her.

Julia Kovalchuk and Alexei Chumakov baptized a daughter

The couple concealed at first even the fact of pregnancy Kovalchuk, and after that the name of the baby. But then they confessed that they called their daughter Amelia, which is a reference to the name of the deceased mother of the young father Lilia. Also, the couple reported that the baby was born on the 12th, which is “happy” for the family.

Alsu received the title of Honored Artist of Russia

Today, Decree No. 281 of the President of the Russian Federation of 30.05.2018 “On awarding state awards of the Russian Federation” was issued. It reads: “To award the honorary title” Honored Artist of the Russian Federation “to Abramova Alsu Ralifovna, a vocalist, member of the International Union of Artists ( creative union), the city of Moscow “.

Wet Fedorova pleased fans with intimate photos

TV presenter Oksana Fedorova pleased the fans with a provocative snapshot. The star boasted of a beautiful body. On her official page in the social network Instagram Oksana published a colorful photo, which poses in a wet white shirt.

Stallone will film a film about a boxer who was pardoned by Trump

Studio Stallone will cooperate during the filming with Metro Goldwyn Mayer Pictures, reports AP. Earlier, US President Donald Trump after-death pardoned Johnson. He served 10 months in prison for violating Mann’s law

Michael Jackson’s heirs sued the authors of the film about the musician

Michael Jackson’s relatives sued ABC channel and Disney studio because of illegal use of the songs of the late King of Pop in the documentary film “The Last Days”, which was broadcast on American TV on May 24

“Red Sparrow”: There is a Cold War

At the box office – “Red Sparrow”, a spy thriller with Jennifer Lawrence, who will be impressed by the colorful painting of Russian life, others will be frightened by the revival of the forgotten genre of the times of the Cold War

The Transbaikal International Film Festival starts in Chita

As reported by the TASS, the festival has a youth program “New Look”. This year it includes five tapes filmed in Russia, Belarus, China and France. Transbaikal International Film Festival will last until June 3

Angelina Jolie will star in a picture about the parents of Peter Pan and Alice

The script of the picture represents that Peter and Alice were actually a brother and sister. When, as a result of an accident, their older brother dies, they try to help their parents (Jolie and Oielowo) survive the loss

Festival “Kinotavr” will open on June 2 in Sochi

This year Kinotavr will last a day longer due to the increase in competitive programs and will end on June 10. Along with the main introduced competition debuts. The 29th Kinotavr will open with the film “Summer” by Kirill Serebrennikov.

“Soyuzmultfilm” plans to release a cartoon about the childhood of Catherine II

Work on the doll cartoon “Fairy tales of the Empress” about the childhood of Catherine II and the studio “Soyuzmultfilm” has already begun, now there are two test films in production, a series of ten series is planned, RIA Novosti director-animator Stanislav Sokolov

The Ministry of Defense will choose among the military the best rockers and rappers

The Ministry of Defense will hold a contest among the contractors and select the most talented musicians who perform songs about the war. For the contest “Contract service is my choice!” Songs, video clips, written and arranged by servicemen and their relatives

Gal Gadot and Jennifer Lopez starred in the video Maroon 5

In the video, actresses Gal Gadot, Milli Bobby Brown, Jennifer Lopez, singer Rita Ora and Camilla Cabello, TV presenter Ellen Degeneres, comedian Sarah Silverman, model Ashley Graham and other women starred in the video. The video heroines appear behind the back of Adam Levin (soloist Maroon 5), who stands in the center of the stage.


The money seized from the ex-head of Sakhalin was gone

A source in law enforcement agencies reported the loss of part of the money that was previously seized from the ex-governor of the Sakhalin region, Alexander Khoroshavin. Recall that he was convicted for 13 years in prison and seized in various currencies 280 million rubles.

The FSIN confirmed the removal of Ulyukayev

Representatives of the Federal Penitentiary Service (FSIN) confirmed the fact of sending the former Minister of Economic Development of Russia Alexei Ulyukayev, sentenced to eight years in prison for taking bribes, to the colony.

Former deputy chairman of the Komi government received seven years in prison

Zamoskvoretsky court in Moscow sentenced Konstantin Romadanov, former deputy chairman of the Komi government, to one of the defendants of the case of ex-head of the republic Vyacheslav Gaiser to seven years in a strict-security colony. This was announced by RBC press-secretary of the court Emilia Gil.

Investigators began checking after detaining a disabled person in Moscow

The investigators began checking after reports of the possible use of physical force by police officers in relation to a young man with autism in Moscow, said Julia Ivanova, senior assistant to the head of the CSG of Russia for Russia in Moscow.

Khudruk Theater named after Pushkin denied reports of his detention

The artistic director of the Moscow Pushkin Theater, Yevgeny Pisarev, denied the media reports about his detention.

In the Stavropol region, a man shot a family during a quarrel

Investigators in the Stavropol region are looking for a man who shot his mother-in-law and wounded his wife and her brother, according to the regional investigation department of the UK. The incident in the village of Levokumskoye occurred on the night of May 27. A 36-year-old man engaged in a quarrel with his wife.

Ukrainian schoolchildren fainted from Poroshenko’s speech

Several schoolchildren became ill during the speech of Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko. It happened in the Yamnitsky Lyceum in the Ivano-Frankivsk region, where the head of state came to the festive line.

The verdicts in the case of the extremist group “Nevgorod-2”

In St. Petersburg, a verdict was pronounced in the criminal case of a youth group that received the name “Nevgorod-2” in the media. Its members, as the court established, committed a number of crimes motivated by national hatred. Victims of the group were migrants, one of the attacks ended with the murder of a native of Uzbekistan. The most severe punishment – 16 years of imprisonment – was assigned to Andrei Kolesnikov, who involved teenagers in the crime.


The new version of Google Chrome will provide authorization on sites without passwords

A new version of the Google Chrome browser will provide users with the ability to authenticate to sites without having to enter a password. In addition, the security of the service has been significantly improved.

Alfa-Bank offered Google Pay users the issue of cards in 60 seconds

Alfa-Bank was the first in the Russian market to offer such a possibility of issuing a card. It can be immediately added to Google Pay and pay for purchases from the smartphone on contactless payment terminals, in applications and on the Internet.

“VKontakte” launched a platform for collecting money from users

The social network “Vkontakte” has developed an app for croweding. Now users will be able to raise funds for the development of various projects. The new application is already in the official catalog.

Durov warned about Telegram failures around the world due to Apple’s actions

The founder of Telegram Pavel Durov warned users about the messenger messaging all over the world after the requirements of Roskomnadzor to remove it from the App Store.

Unfortunately, Apple did not step on our side. Although Russia accounts for only 7% of Telegram’s audience, Apple has forbidden updates to users around the world since mid-April. We continue our efforts to resolve the situation. – Pavel Durov, Russian businessman

New mobile operator Easy4 appeared in Russia

On Thursday, May 31, a new mobile operator Easy4 appeared in Russia. The launch took place in the framework of the Startup Village conference. Fundamentally new technologies will allow establishing a uniform tariff for communication services all over the world.

Mail.ru Group starts negotiations with Turkcell about entering the Turkish market

The entry to the Turkish market and cooperation with Turkcell representatives of the company is called a “strategic partnership”

Uber added a police emergency button

Problems with inappropriate behavior of drivers and service users forced Uber to add a SOS button to the mobile application.

Tron began the transition to its own network. The value of the token has decreased

Crypto currency Tron started the transition from the Ethereum network to its own block, CCN reported. Today, May 31, officially launched the main network of Tron Odyssey 2.0, this is the first step of the migration process of a coin with a capitalization of more than $ 4 billion to an independent platform

Google integrated Optimize into the new AdWords interface

Google added the integration of its Optimize service (Optimization) into the new AdWords interface. The integration of the two services simplifies the creation of personalized landings. Google added the ability to integrate Optimization into the new version of AdWords.

In Viber there will be a keyboard for shopping

In the instant messenger Viber there will be a new opportunity for online retail. Now in the application there will be a button named “catalog”, intended for users redirection to the keyboard for shopping.

In the US, the Reddit site has become more popular than Facebook

In the US, analysts note the rapid growth of the popularity of the site Reddit. Today, it is more interesting for Americans than the world-wide Facebook.

According to the rating of the research company Alexa, the first two lines are occupied by Google and YouTube, and Reddit managed to take the third line, sending Facebook to the fourth place. The fifth place ranking went to the popular site Amazon.

According to data disseminated by Alexa experts, users spend 15 minutes on the Reddit website, on Facebook – almost 11 minutes …

The US accused North Korea of spreading two malware

The report said that this conclusion was reached by experts from the Ministry of Internal Security and the US FBI, setting IP-addresses associated with the spread of malware and analyzing a number of their distinctive features.


Scientists have confirmed the high intelligence in people with glasses

Scientists at Edinburgh University conducted a large-scale study and found a pattern between poor vision and intelligence. The experiment involved more than 300 thousand people aged 16 to 102 years. They represented different countries of North America, Europe and Australia.

In China, a flotilla of 56 surface robots was tested

The Chinese military department is published on youtube video demonstration swim group unmanned vehicles

In Russia, tested a model of a two-body aircraft

Specialists of the Central Aerohydrodynamic Institute (TsAGI) named after Zhukovsky tested a model of a medium-sized two-bodied aircraft, the source said. Employees of the Institute conducted blowdown tests of the aircraft in the takeoff and landing configurations.

Scientists have created a gold microrobot to fight bacteria

Scientists at the University of California, led by Joseph Wang, created a microrobot to fight bacteria. To do this, they took the gold nanowire and covered it with a shell made of membranes of red blood cells and platelets

Abortion did not increase the risk of further development of depression

Meta-analyzes show that women experience a 81 percent increase in the risk of depression after the first abortion: however, most of the work on this topic often relies on the testimony of the women themselves, rather than on objective medical data, which can compromise the results.

Virtual house taught the neural network to describe household activities on video

It is worth noting that earlier other researchers have already created similar virtual environments, but the authors of the new development have chosen a different approach for learning algorithms. To begin with, developers have compiled a large data set from the detailed description of everyday activities

Russian scientists have created a universal “designer” of drugs for cancer

Russian and Australian biochemists have developed a universal platform that allows you to quickly create drugs for new types of cancer, covering nanoparticles with molecules that recognize tumor cells. This is stated in an article published in the journal ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces.

Google Assistant taught to shoot a pistol

The voice assistant Google Assistant taught to shoot with firearms. American engineer Alexander Reben from the University of California posted a video on YouTube, where he captured how the program obeys his voice commands designed to force the AI to shoot a pistol

Scientists: Lizards appeared on Earth 240 million years ago

Scientists from the University of Alberta discovered unknown to science the remains of lizards, which do not fit into any one now known form. According to the theory, which was previously advanced by researchers, lizards appeared 180 million years ago.

A new level in bionics: when prostheses do not seem artificial

A group of biophysicists and engineers managed to create a naturally felt prosthesis, in a new way approaching the question of amputation. Scientists at amputation accurately restored the connection between the opposing muscles and integrated the artificial limb into this connection.

What is common with the surface of a star and pans

Physicists have calculated the characteristic dimensions and velocities of all types of convective vortex flows analogous to the Benard cells, arising, for example, when the oil film is heated on the surface of a frying pan due to temperature differences. The data obtained can be used to describe convective currents in the atmosphere or the Earth’s mantle or, for example, on the surface of stars, scientists at Nature Communications write.


Scientists: At the beginning of summer, the Earth will be covered by a space storm

Scientists believe that on June 1-3, a geomagnetic storm will occur on Earth. The US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration expects a weak G1 space storm, but a number of other researchers predict a moderate G2 storm, expert ToDay News Ufa reports.

From the cosmodrome Vostochny in December will launch several nanosatellites

Several nanosatellites will be launched on an uncharacteristic for the vehicles of this class orbit in height of 2 thousand kilometers from the cosmodrome Vostochny in December 2018, said the general director of the company-operator of the commercial load of the launch of Glavkosmos Launcher services Alexander Serkin.

China plans to build a new space station

The Ambassador of the People’s Republic of China to the UN, Shi Zhongjong, called on foreign countries to actively cooperate with China in the exploration of outer space. One of the main projects in this area will be the creation of a new orbital station, which can officially replace the ISS

Scientists first discovered a neutron star outside the Milky Way

Astronomers first discovered a neutron star outside the Milky Way galaxy. This is reported by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration of the United States (NASA)

Scientists have discovered deep tunnels under the moon’s surface

Japanese scientists during the study found deep kilometer tunnels, located under the surface of the moon. In the opinion of scientific workers, the “passes” can be used later in the construction of the first settlements for people.

Cosmoplan VSS Unity made the second supersonic flight

The company Virgin Galactic conducted the second test of the suborbital spacecraft VSS Unity with the engine running. The spacecraft developed a speed of 1.9 Mach and rose almost 35 kilometers.

Discovered more than one hundred exoplanets with potentially inhabited satellites

Credit: NASA GSFC In their work, researchers identified 121 giant planets, each of which rotates in the inhabited zone. All of them are more than three times the size of the Earth, and it is expected that many of them should have several large satellites.

The creation of the Luna-Resurs space complex will cost 5.3 billion rubles

The cost of creating a complex with spacecraft for the exploration of the Moon (the Luna-Resurs project) will be 5.3 billion rubles, follows from the schedule of purchases of the Roskosmos state corporation for 2018-2020, published on the state procurement website.

The bands on Pluto were dunes from methane ice

Scientists conducted a detailed study of periodic horizontal bands found in 2015 on the surface of the icy plains of Pluto, and came to the conclusion that, most likely, these bands are dunes formed by methane ice.


GM Uzbekistan removes cars from Matiz

The Uzbek automobile concern GM Uzbekistan is finishing the release of the popular compact hatchback Matiz. According to the press service of the automaker, the model will be officially withdrawn from production in July this year.

In Russia, the pre-order for the electric vehicle Tesla

The largest Russian retailer of mobile electronics “Svyaznoy” and the only unofficial representative office of Tesla-Moscow Tesla Club in our country have opened an online pre-order for electric vehicles of the American brand.

The production of the new Ford EcoSport crossover began in Russia

In Russia, the production of the renewed crossover Ford EcoSport began. The model is assembled at the Ford Sollers plant in Naberezhnye Chelny. The official world premiere of the novelty was held at the international motor show in Frankfurt in September last year.

Toyota removed from production diesel crossover Toyota RAV4

Toyota has begun implementing its strategy to remove diesel-powered models from the market. One of the first was the crossover Toyota RAV4, the diesel version of which will be completely removed from production just a few days ago.

Sales of Chevrolet Traverse started in St. Petersburg

Dealers offer three versions of the Chevrolet Traverse – LE, LT and Premier. The basic equipment is estimated at 2 990 000 rubles. It is worth noting that the SUV in the basic configuration is equipped with 7 seats, as well as a variant with an eight-seater saloon.

FCA wants to close the Chrysler brand

The Italian-American automotive concern Fiat Chrysler Automobiles may soon close the Chrysler brand. In the event that the rumors about this are confirmed, the corresponding decision will be made by FCA head Sergio Marchionne at a meeting with investors.

Hyundai will release its own sports car

Korean company Hyundai is developing its own sports car with mid-engine layout. This is reported by the western edition of Top Gear with reference to the head of the sports division of N Performance Albert Birman. The exact timing of the appearance of such a novelty has not yet been reported.

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