18 Sep, 2018

Leader for gas supplies to China

China expects in the first half of 2019 to agree on gas supplies along the Far Eastern route. This was announced by the head of the state energy department of the People’s Republic of China, Nur Bekri, following the results of the intergovernmental Russian-Chinese commission on energy cooperation.

The volume of supplies discussed is up to ten billion cubic meters per year. At the same time, Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Kozak noted that the companies are tasked to reach an agreement on the “western route” before the end of this year and not later than December 20, the next run on the pipeline through the “Siberia Power”.

“We continue consultations and expect that from the” western route “we will get 30 billion cubic meters,” Nur Bekri said (quoting from TASS). “If it turns out (agree) on the” western route, “it will be more than 80 billion cubic meters (for all supply routes, including LNG – Ed.) This means that Russia will take the first place among gas suppliers to China. “

The parties also agreed that next year Russia will supply 1.7 million tons of oil to China through the port of Kozmino

Briefly about the main thing …


President of South Korea arrived in the DPRK for talks with Kim Jong-Eun

South Korean President Mun Zhe Ying arrived on Tuesday in the DPRK for his third meeting with North Korean leader Kim Jong-no, RIA Novosti correspondent reports from the press center of the inter-Korean summit. Presidential Boeing landed at Sunan Airport in the vicinity of Pyongyang.

Trump announced the introduction of additional duties on goods from China

US President Donald Trump said about the introduction of additional duties on goods from China, reports Reuters. It is noted that we are talking about duties in 10% – this is about $ 200 billion. New tariffs will come into force on September 24.

Trump demanded declassify the FBI documents on the “Russian case”

White House spokeswoman Sarah Sanders reported on Trump’s decision to declassify some of the documents that relate to the FBI investigation into possible Russian intervention in the US elections, Reuters reported.

AmCham allowed the complete withdrawal of American companies from Russia

There is a real threat of the complete withdrawal of American companies from Russia in the event of new sanctions by Washington and Moscow’s response, said Alex Amb. Rodzianko, head of the American Chamber of Commerce in Russia (AmCham).

The Russian Foreign Ministry accused the Swiss authorities of forcing a “spy” hysteria

The Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs condemned the statements of high-ranking Swiss officials, about the allegedly growing activity of Russian special services on the territory of the country. The Russian agency stressed that they do not accept unproven allegations and threats of “toughening the accreditation procedure” for Russian diplomats

Nicaragua demanded the resignation of the head of the OAS

The authorities of Nicaragua demand the resignation of the Secretary General of the Organization of American States (OAS), Luis Almagro, after his statements about the possibility of a military invasion of Venezuela, the statement of the republic’s authorities says.

Poroshenko signed a decree to end the treaty on friendship with Russia

Ukrainian leader Pyotr Poroshenko signed a decree on breaking the treaty on friendship with Russia. The corresponding document is published on the website of the head of state

Switzerland complicated the issuance of accreditation for Russian diplomats

Bern tightened the procedure for examining the accreditation of Russian diplomats in connection with suspicions of Russia’s illegal activities in Switzerland, RIA Novosti reported to the Russian Foreign Ministry. Swiss media reported earlier that “dozens of Russian agents” are working in the country.

The Hungarian Ministry of Foreign Affairs named the topics of talks between Putin and Orban

Russian President Vladimir Putin and Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban will discuss economic and energy issues during the talks in Moscow. This is reported by RIA Novosti referring to the head of the Hungarian Ministry of Foreign Affairs Peter Siyarto.

Beijing will certainly respond to new duties of Washington

The Chinese authorities can refuse to participate in the next round of trade negotiations with the United States in connection with the possible introduction by the US administration of the next package of duties. This was stated by the official representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the People’s Republic of China, Geng Shuang

Merkel resigns head of counterintelligence of Germany

German Chancellor Angela Merkel decided that the head of counter-intelligence of the country Hans-Georg Maasen should leave his post.

According to sources in the ruling coalition, Merkel does not consider him suitable for his position, as his statements interfere with the policy of the state.

Puchedemont refused the elections in Belgium

Earlier News.ru wrote that the Supreme Court of Spain decided to withdraw the European warrant for the arrest of the former head of the Catalan government Carles Puigdemona.


About the missile that shot down Boeing over the Donbas

The Ministry of Defense of Russia disclosed the information about the missile for the Buk anti-aircraft missile system, which in the summer of 2014 shot down the Malaysian Boeing 777 in the sky over the Donbass, was produced at the Dolgoprudny enterprise in 1986 and then was sent to the military unit of 20 152 stationed in the Ternopil region of the Ukrainian SSR.

Ukraine is going to create a military base in the Azov Sea

The military base will be created before the end of the year, but now two artillery armored vessels of the Ukrainian Navy have been launched in Berdyansk, the press service noted. By the way, in the spring to protect the Kerch bridge Russia has already moved several ships into the Sea of Azov, including the military ships of the Caspian flotilla.

Erdogan confirms strengthening of Turkish military positions in Idlib

Turkey intends to continue to strengthen its positions in the Syrian region of Idlib. This was stated by Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan in an interview with Turkish media in the plane upon his return from Azerbaijan on Monday.

About 45,000 military of the South-Eastern Military District are involved in the exercises until the end of October

About 45,000 servicemen of the Southern Military District are deployed in 30 battalion tactical exercises, which will be held by the end of October this year in the territory of 15 combined-arms landfills of the Okrug, told reporters the head of the press service of the South-Eastern Military District Vadim Astafyev.

In Kiev, they came up with an alternative to NATO

Ukraine must create its own military alliance along with countries “suffering from Russian aggression”. This was reported by the former commander of airmobile forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Ivan Yakubets. He noted that Georgia and Moldova could join such a bloc.

“These countries must conclude some kind of agreement with each other, create an alliance. Yes, it looks so seemingly insignificant in comparison with the Russian Federation. But in comparison with the Russian Federation, half of Europe, if not more, also look vile, “Yakubets suggested an alternative to NATO.

The former commander expressed the hope that Belarus will also be able to join such a bloc.

“Then we would have had a direct Baltic-Black Sea alliance of the Middle Ages, as it was historically,” he said.

India will buy from Russia new frigates

The Government of India plans to purchase from the Russian Federation new frigates for its Navy. This is the four ships of the project 11356.

In South Korea, the submarine Dosan An Chang-Ho

The submarine Dosan An Chang-Ho with a tonnage of 3,000 tons was named after one of the Korean leaders of the independence movement. It is expected that it will be transferred to the fleet in 2020-2021.

The Ministry of Defense reported the disappearance of Il-20 in Syria

The command of the Russian air base Khmeimim was organized search and rescue operation. The Israeli military refused to comment on the statement of the Russian Ministry of Defense about the Israeli Air Force’s attack on Syria, during which the Russian Il-20 aircraft disappeared with 14 servicemen on board.

Putin and Erdogan will create a demilitarized zone in Idlib

Heavy weapons will be withdrawn from the demilitarized zone in Idlib. The conclusion will be completed before October 10, 2018. The demilitarized zone will be created along the line of contact of the Syrian government troops and the armed Syrian opposition forces.

At the meeting, we considered this situation in detail and decided to create along the contact line of the armed opposition and government troops by 15 October this year a demilitarized zone with a depth of 15-20 kilometers. – Vladimir Putin

The Pentagon announced an increase in the number of US Air Force squadrons

The US plans to increase the number of air force squadrons by 25% in 2025-2030. This is necessary in order to meet the world as it is, with rapidly developing adversaries, the Air Force Secretary Heather Wilson said at a conference in Washington.

Pakistan has announced joint exercises with Russia, the United States and China

The Ministry of Defense of Pakistan in 2019 plans to conduct military maneuvers with Russia, the United States, the PRC, as well as other countries

The Arab Coalition launched a large-scale offensive on the port of Hodeidah

The UAE news agency WAM reports that the Arab coalition, led by Saudi Arabia, has embarked on a large-scale military operation to liberate the Yemeni port city of Hodeida from Shiite rebels

Arctic grouping of the Northern Fleet conducted exercises in Chukotka

The Arctic grouping of the Northern Fleet conducted a training exercise on the landing of the sea assault and the defense of the coast.


“Yandex” asked to bring Mail.ru to court with the channels “Gazprom-Media”

Grabovsky said that in addition to Mail.ru and Rutube, the company intends to bring to the proceedings and other sites whose interests were affected by this proceedings. Yandex also asked the court to conduct technical expertise in the relevant cases.

Moskalkova urged to provide policemen with DVRs

Tatyana Moskalkova, the human rights ombudsman in Russia, stated that police officers must have personal video recorders at public events.

In Yekaterinburg there were detentions of journalists who stated that they had presented their accreditation cards. The police claim that they did not report that they were journalists. In any case, we understood that the detention should not have been, the police apologized, released them. – Tatyana Moskalkova, Russian politician

The prosecutor’s office of St. Petersburg will check the school, where children were called “miserable”

The video recorded by one of the students from the back of the classroom lasts only 36 seconds. During this time the teacher of music has time to be outraged by the lack of discipline in schools, which she calls “poor people”, and also declare that “poor people” come in them.

Vending machines with drinks and food will be installed on all MCC platforms

Vending machines with snacks and beverages will be installed at all stations of the Moscow Central Ring (MCC), the total area of trade zones will be about 100 square meters, the press service of the Moscow Railway reported.

The Council of Federation supported the introduction of lessons on healthy nutrition

Irina Gekht, deputy chairman of the Federation Council Committee on Agrarian and Food Policy and Nature Management, and Iraida Tikhonova, member of the Federation Council Committee on Science, Education and Culture, supported the introduction of school programs on healthy nutrition.

In Moscow, there will be a service to find vacant parking spaces

Drivers in Moscow as early as 2019 will be able to use the service to find vacant places on toll parking. The occupancy of parking lots will be evaluated on the basis of an analysis of a large amount of data – information from video cameras, information from parking machines, applications.

Driving for taxi drivers

Driver’s license in the future can be supplemented with a separate sub-category, which stands for taxi drivers. With such an initiative, Deputy Chairman of the Moscow City Duma Security Council Andrei Shibaev spoke.

According to him, the emergence of a new category for drivers carrying out commercial passenger transportations on passenger cars will significantly improve the quality and safety of services, the Moscow agency reports.

Finnair launches new foreign flights from Russia

Finnish airline Finnair increases the frequency of flights to Portugal and Turkey. In the winter schedule 2018/2019 the air carrier will introduce additional flights from Helsinki to Lisbon and Alanya. As the press service of the company reports, the increase in the number of flights is done with the expectation of the popularity of Turkey among Russian tourists.

WHO declared the Democratic Republic of the Congo a hotbed of Ebola

As the representative of WHO reported in his report, the risk of spreading the disease in Africa is very high. From the Democratic Republic of the Congo, a dangerous virus can spread to neighboring Uganda, Rwanda and Southern Sudan. According to the speakers, there is no threat to the European continent.

The Ukrainian emission trace in Armyansk

The authorities of the peninsula consider the version of Ukraine’s involvement in the exacerbation of the ecological situation in the north of Crimea to be one of the workers. Final decisions on the necessary environmental and technological measures will be taken after determining the exact cause of the emissions.

Pensioners will be given money confiscated from corrupt officials

The State Duma Committee on Budget and Taxes recommended that the deputies pass a bill in the first reading, according to which funds confiscated from corrupt officials are proposed to be transferred to the Russian Pension Fund (PFR).

Medvedev defined the conditions for depriving companies of the right to manage houses

The head of the government Dmitry Medvedev signed a decree, which contains conditions for depriving companies of the right to manage houses. As reported by Interfax, this right they can lose in case of repeated violations during the year.

The other day I signed a decree, which defines a list of violations, because of which companies will be deprived of the right to manage the house, in case the same problem is revealed again throughout the year. For all these facts, housing inspections should be monitored very carefully. – Dmitry Medvedev, Russian politician

Russians preferred news in social networks to fiction

Russians read more news in social media and in the media than they do about fiction or scientific literature. This is evidenced by the survey data of the All-Russian Center for the Study of Public Opinion (VCIOM).

Every fifth Russian searches for discounts

Every fifth Russian chasing discounts, this factor becomes the key when buying, showed the study Mail.Ru Research and the service ads “Yula” (there is a “Izvestia”).

In August, Russian citizens received 1 million new credit cards

“In August 2018, the number of new credit cards issued amounted to one million units, an increase of 56.8% compared to the same period in 2017,” the NBKI said.

The least paid in Russia for utility services

Residents of the Republic of Altai and Dagestan pay the least in Russia for the services of housing and communal services, the biggest expenses are in Kamchatka and the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous District, the RIA Novosti research says. On average, in the country in 2017, the family’s expenses for housing and communal services amounted to approximately 4.2 thousand rubles per month. In comparison with 2016, this indicator practically did not change (+ 0.2%).

In Russia they want to toughen the punishment for the turnover of false documents

Cabinet proposes toughen punishment for forgery and trafficking of false documents in Russia. So, for a fake passport intruders want to be imprisoned for up to three years. Now for the forgery of this document you can get in jail for up to two years.

“Visa-free” for foreigners for 72 hours

Tourist success of Moscow during the World Cup, it seems, has paid off. Head of the Department of Sport and Tourism Nikolai Gulyaev said that in the near future in the capital can be introduced a visa-free regime for foreigners coming for 72 hours

Kaluga rescuers prayed about saving buildings from fire

As the press service of the administration reports, from ancient times before the icon of the Mother of God “Burning Bush” on Russian soil people prayed for salvation from fires, as well as other disastrous consequences. According to legend, the Virgin relieves any structure from fire, if it has an icon “Burning Bush”.


Medvedev approved the budget of the national program “Digital Economy”

Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev on September 17 at a meeting of the Presidium for Strategic Development and National Projects reviewed the draft passport of the national program “Digital Economy”.

Now we are laying about 2 trillion rubles: 1 trillion 80 billion rubles is additional budgetary funds, and we expect at least the same amount for extra-budgetary sources. – Konstantin Noskov, Russian economist

The central bank of the EU showed new banknotes with a face value of € 100 and 200

The European Central Bank (ECB) first showed samples of new banknotes worth € 100 and 200, which it decided to issue on May 28, 2019

Russian banks cut profit for eight months by 9.6%

Russian banks in the eight months of 2018 made a profit of 901 billion rubles, which is 9.6% less than the same period last year, according to the materials of the Central Bank of Russia.

Deutsche Bank will withdraw € 450 billion from London due to Brexit

German bank Deutsche Bank plans to withdraw € 450 billion of assets from London to Frankfurt.

30 billion rubles from the “Tractor Plants” in favor of VEB

VEB issued a loan to KTZ in 2010 under the debt restructuring program of the concern and its enterprises and reducing the debt burden. By that time, the total accounts payable of the holding, owned by Mikhail Bolotin (80%) and Albert Bakov (20%), amounted to 36 billion rubles.

Novak told about the level of implementation of the agreement on oil production

Russian Energy Minister Alexander Novak said that OPEC + countries fulfilled the agreement on oil production in August by 108%. This is reported by RIA Novosti.

The duty on oil exports from Russia will increase by $ 7.5

The duty on oil exports from Russia will increase by $ 7.5 from October 1 to $ 137.5. This is reported on the website of the Ministry of Finance. The preferential duty rate for oil for a number of fields in Eastern Siberia, the Caspian fields and the Prirazlomnoye field remains at zero level.

In Russia, demand for high-tech products has decreased

The production of industrial products and the demand for the goods of the industry are growing in Russia for the seventh month in a row. This is stated in the August monitoring of the Institute of Natural Monopolies (IPEM).

C.A. Minerals started silver mining in Tajikistan

Company C.A. Minerals, having started geological exploration in 2007, received a license for development last year. The development period of the silver deposit is 12.5 years.

The wind park in the Rostov region will cost 132 million euros

In 2020, a wind farm will appear in the Azov region of the Rostov region. In the construction of the investor – PJSC “Enel Russia” – will invest 132 million euros.

The first Russian exchange unit investment fund

The management company (Sberbank Asset Management) launched trading in shares of the exchange unit investment fund (BPIF), said the company’s CEO Evgeny Zaitsev at the launch ceremony. The BPIF is launched on the Mossbirge index. This is an analogue of ETF, but it was released under Russian law.

The cheap gasoline will cost 230 billion rubles

The government is discussing a mechanism for containing gasoline prices in 2019. For these purposes, an additional 230 billion rubles

On the development of non-primary exports will allocate 1 trillion rubles

On the development of non-primary exports it is planned to allocate almost 1 trillion rubles until the end of 2024 – this amount is stipulated in the draft national program “International Cooperation and Export”, the document is available to Izvestia.

Supplies of oil from Russia to China in January-August increased by 30.4%

Supplies of oil from Russia to China increased by 30.4% in January-August of this year compared to the same period last year, said Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Kozak at a meeting of the Russian-Chinese intergovernmental commission for energy cooperation.

Russia will start supplying gas to China before the end of 2019

Russian Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Kozak promised to launch gas supplies to China on the route “Siberia’s Power” by the end of 2019.

The Central Bank will allow micro-creditors to issue loans from the cash desk

For MFIs and pawnshops, the regulator plans to set a limit on issuing from the cash desk a maximum of 50,000 rubles under one loan agreement, for the CCP and the CSPC – 100,000 rubles under one loan agreement

Russia abolished preferential duties on import of auto components for assembly

The Eurasian Economic Commission (ECE) decided to bring the rates of import customs duties on automotive components for industrial assembly in line with Russia’s obligations to the WTO, the commission said on September 17.

May decrees to provide Russians with housing were estimated at 2.5 trillion rubles

According to the draft government decree, which was prepared by the ministry, the financing of the program “Providing affordable and comfortable housing and communal services to citizens of the Russian Federation” for 2018-2025 may amount to 2.5 trillion rubles.

The Central Bank wants to introduce in Russia a model of mutual insurance

The Central Bank wants to introduce in Russia a model of p2p-insurance (from person to person), Vedomosti reports with reference to sources familiar with the proposal of the regulator. The All-Russian Union of Insurers (ARIA) confirmed that such a question is being discussed.

Coca-Cola became interested in producing beverages with marijuana

Coca-Cola is negotiating with the Canadian marijuana manufacturer Aurora Cannabis Inc. and is considering the possibility of starting production of soft drinks based on cannabis, reports Bloomberg.

The National Fund of Saudi Arabia for the first time attracted a loan

The National Welfare Fund of Saudi Arabia (PIF) has signed agreements with international banks on attracting a syndicated loan of $ 11 billion, writes The Wall Street Journal (WSJ). PIF for the first time attracts loans, the newspaper notes.


The Moscow City Duma Commission supported the installation of a monument to the architect Alabyan

The Moscow City Duma Commission for Culture and Mass Communication supported the erection of a monument to the Moscow architect, founder of the Union of Architects, vice president of the Academy of Architecture of the USSR Karo Alabyan in Moscow’s Sokol district.

Died famous Russian writer Nikolai Konyaev

Famous Russian writer Nikolai Konyaev died in St. Petersburg at the age of 70, writes spbdnevnik.ru. In the House of Writers of St. Petersburg this news was confirmed.

At the festival of fountains in Peterhof show a play in the genre of buffoonery

The leading soloists of the St. Petersburg musicals will take part in the performance. Specially for the production, a 45-minute video was created. The museum’s management recalls: a holiday is not the closing of fountains, they will work until the middle of October.

All-Russian Yesenin festival of poetry “My Russia, my dear homeland …”

September 29, Saturday, will be the All-Russian Yesenin festival of poetry “My Russia, my dear homeland …”, dedicated to the 123rd anniversary of the birth of S.A. Yesenin.

Homestead of the parents Yesenin will turn into a poetic platform: poetry will be read here by famous poets – members of creative unions, as well as young readers – laureates of the children’s contest “In the autumn the leaves whisper”, a “free microphone” will work. By tradition, the Yenenyi Manor will be laying flowers at the monument to the poet, a concert will be given by the song and instrumental ensemble “Radunitsa” of the SA Museum-Reserve. Yesenin (artistic director: Alexander Ermakov).

Exhibition of Sergei Rakutov “Flower Gardens” in the gallery “Mansard Artists”

What can be more comfortable than a house full of flowers and furry cats sitting on the windowsills? This is exactly what Sergei Rakutov thinks, whose exhibition opens in the “Mansard of Artists” on September 16. The heroes of the paintings are his domestic cats, Leaf and Fanya. Both of them experience different moments of cat’s existence, please us with their fluffy calm and peacefully coexist with the home greenery, which for almost everyone who is familiar with cats looks almost utopian.

The repertoire of the Maly Theater will again feature a children’s play

The Maly Theater will once again show a children’s play. This in an interview with Izvestia was told by his artistic director, People’s Artist of the USSR Yuri Solomin.

And the gypsies are not classical, but more like hippies

The Khabarovsk Regional Musical Theater is preparing for the opening of the 93rd season, which promises to be rich and diverse. The repertoire will be renewed, creative laboratories will open and the project “Art Space” will be launched, IA “Khabarovsk Territory Today” reports.

The season will begin on October 5 by tradition with the premiere – the operetta “Gypsy and Baron”, directed by Daria Panteleeva from St. Petersburg. Last year she was already putting on the Khabarovsk stage the musical comedy “The Innkeeper.” Since the new season, Daria is the main director of our musical theater.

Orenburgers will be able to see the broadcast from the Paris theater

“Britannicus” is based on the “Roman” tragedy of Jean Racine, who was interested in the nature of power and tyranny.


Emily Blunt and Meryl Streep in the new trailer “Mary Poppins Returns”

The network has a new trailer for the musical “Mary Poppins Returns” – the continuation of the original picture of Robert Stephenson in 1964. According to the story, Mary Poppins (Emily Blunt) returns to London to help the Banks family cope with the difficulties that have arisen.

The winners of the Emmy Award for the best comedic roles in the series

Rachel Brosnahan and Bill Hader won the Emmy Award for Best Comedy in TV Series, NBC reports, which broadcasts the 70th Primetime Emmy Award in Los Angeles.

There was information about the plot of the ninth episode of “Star Wars”

According to the information available, according to the plot of the film, Kylo Ren learns that inside the First Order lies a traitor who conveys important information to the Resistance. In this regard, he will begin the search and find out what the General Hacks himself was spying on, the British edition of The Sunday Express reports.

Recall that the final film of the third trilogy of “Star Wars” will appear in theaters on December 19 next year.

Sony showed trailer “The girl who is stuck in the web”

The film “The girl who is stuck in the web” goes to the Russian rental on November 8

The teaser of the Russian LGBT drama “Outloo” was released

In his Instagram-account, the director also published several backstage photos from the filming. The main roles in the film were played by Russian young actors Viktor Tarasenko, Yevgeny Okorokov and Lisa Kashintseva. Filming took place in Moscow this summer.

Netflix showed the trailer of the film “The Apostle”

Streaming service Netflix published on its YouTube channel the trailer of the film “Apostle” directed by Gareth Evans (“Reid”). The main roles in the thriller were played by Dan Stevens, Lucy Boynton and Michael Sheen.

“Listapad-2018” will be held under the accompaniment of the creative heritage of Muratova

Although the XXV Minsk International Film Festival “Listapad” will raise its curtain in the November weather, the ray of creative enlightenment that gives it the unforgettable slogan of the film “Learning the White Light” prefers to meet new discoveries equal to this inspired master of the psychology of the human personality.


Paul McCartney topped the Billboard 200 chart for the first time in 36 years

Paul McCartney’s new album Egypt Station (“Egyptian Station”) took the first line of the US Billboard 200 chart for the first time in 36 years. This was reported by Billboard magazine. According to the publication, the record of the former “Beatle” became the most popular in the US last week.

In Lipetsk a concert was held to commemorate Andrei Mystyukov

In Lipetsk, in the 28th microdistrict, a concert program of memory of the honored art worker of Russia Andrei Mistyukov took place. It took place on the street named after the famous composer, and was organized by the NLMK Group and the Charity Fund “Mercy”.

Perturbator reanimates the electronics of the 80’s in Moscow

French musician Perturbator will give a concert at Red Club on September 21, 2018. Perturbator is a synthtive project by the French musician James Kent. Alter-ego Kent is described as “Half human, half synthesizer”.

Anna Pletneva returns “Vintage”

The concert of the group “Vintage” will be held on November 1, 2018 in the club Red. Earlier this performance was announced as a solo concert by Anna Pletnyova, but it became known that the stage will be released “Vintage” in the classical composition.

Became known for the first three of the 12 headliners of “Old New Rock”. The festival will be held at Yeltsin Center on January 13, 2019.

Headliners of “Old New Rock”

With the musical set will perform a group from Petrozavodsk “Gromyka”, performing in a unique genre of “heavy psychedelic twist”, the cult of the heavy metal band “Black Obelisk” and the German-Dutch band Disco Dicks. This is reported by the organizers of the Ural rock festival.

In total, the event will feature 12 headliners and more than 40 young bands, both from Russia and from other countries. You can listen to music on 4 scenes of Yeltsin Center.

Recall, the festival “Old New Rock” has been held annually since 2000, precisely because of this, the slogan of the future event was the words “Contemporary, Adult, International.”

Festival “To see music”. Everything is ready to start!

On September 18, the festival “Seeing Music” will start its work. The program of the review will include more than 30 theatrical and musical productions from different regions of Russia.

RSAC prepares a romantic album

Felix Bondarev’s project RSAC is preparing to release a new romantic album, whose name has not yet been announced. The record, the first swallow with which was the single “2 times”, is planned to be released in autumn 2018. This autumn the team with the new program will go on tour in Russia

Jayden Smith released a video for the track “The Passion”

Rapper Jayden Smith released a video for the track “The Passion” from his album “Syre”. In the video the performer dances against the background of the pink sky, after which he takes off

Cranberries will cease to exist after the last album

The members of the Cranberries group officially confirmed that after the completion of work on the last album with the vocals of Dolores O’Riordan, the band will cease to exist. The record has already been called “The End”, its recording began in January, and just at the time of recording, the singer died tragically.


In Canada, miners found the mummies of animals of the ice age

The remains of the wolf cub and deer caribou belong to individuals that lived on Earth more than 50,000 years ago, during the height of the last ice age.

Found a rare Mayan artifact

Archaeologists have discovered a rare stone altar during excavations in the north of Guatemala, which belonged to the ancient Maya. The artifact is written text, which describes the policy of the rulers of the Kingdom of Canulah in the middle of the VI century. This is reported in a press release on Phys.org.

A method for connecting quantum PCs to a network is found

Australian scientists, together with colleagues from other countries, have found a method that allows connecting quantum PCs to the network. They have developed a device that can bring technology in this direction to a new level.

People have underestimated the opinion of their interlocutors about themselves

A group of psychologists led by Margaret Clark from Yale University decided to follow how people evaluate the interlocutors’ opinion about themselves, as well as find out what the opinion affects. For this they conducted five experiments

Scientists have found in the depths of the oceans a new kind of coral

Ecologist Hector M. Guzman says that scientists were immersed with underwater equipment to a depth of 300 meters. Thus, 17 species of octocorals (six- and eight-ray corals) were found, including a new species. The place where the corals of Thesea dalioi were found is biologically rich.

Scientists have uncovered the secret of the endurance of the Himalayan Sherpas

Among the interesting riddles of their physiology is the stability of the number of erythrocytes in the blood. Both in ordinary Europeans and in the Andeans, the organism reacts to a decrease in the oxygen content and a fall in atmospheric pressure (hypobaric hypoxia) by an increase in the number of red blood cells, which allows one to bind more oxygen from the inhaled air. However, in Sherpas this does not happen: that at sea level, which at an altitude of kilometers the count of red blood cells remains the same.

Scientists have found out which areas of the brain are involved in the compilation of stories

Canadian neurophysiologists at McMaster University conducted an experiment with the participation of students. In doing so, they found out which areas of the brain are involved in the compilation of anthropocentric stories.

This is a temporomandibular node (TPJ), anterior temporal groove (STS), posterior cingulate cortex (PCC).
The first is collecting information from the thalamus, somatosensory, limbic, visual, auditory systems, as well as data processing.
The second recognizes the person, analyzes the speech, takes part in social perception.
But the third functions are related to memory and learning. This cluster was named by the researchers as a “narrative center”.

The authors in the future are going to understand the existing difference in brain reactions to the first-person story, as well as passive contemplation of history. Researchers wanted to understand why people are addicted to plot-forming stories.

Scientists call household chemicals the cause of obesity in children

Scientists from the University of Alberta under the direction of Professor Anita Kozyrsky called the use of household chemicals caused by obesity in children, and also cleaning products disrupt the intestinal microflora of infants.

The bismuthata suddenly turned out to be “traditional” superconductors

Chinese physicists have proved that bismuths are “traditional” superconductors, which are described by the BCS theory. To do this, scientists used the ARPES method and showed that the electrons inside the sample interact with phonons more strongly than previously thought.

HP and NVIDIA have created a VR simulation of the settlement on Mars

HP and NVIDIA have created a unique large-scale VR project called HP Mars Home Planet. This huge simulation will tell you how the life of one of the huge number of settlements on Mars could develop. Over 90 thousand people from more than 150 countries worked on this project.

Oysters have become indicators of the level of ocean pollution

To learn how oysters react to hydrocarbon particles in sea water, a group of researchers from France placed them on one of the oldest research bases in Arcachon Bay in a separate aquarium of concrete blocks, plastic foam, old bicycle tires and even tennis balls.

To the twelve mollusks in the resulting reservoir, electrodes were added to measure the frequency with which oysters open and close the flaps, passing water through them. A sharp increase in the intensity of this process occurred when animals experienced stress caused by the addition of hydrocarbon to water. The higher the concentration, the more often the shells were opened and closed. The experiment was repeated in various areas, including the Barents Sea off the coast of Norway and Russia and the canals dug in the south-west of France

About the amazing ability of oysters to filter water has long been told by the American organization Florida Oceanographic, which is also interested in restoring the population of mollusks in the mouths of rivers. The authors of the project believe that oysters can even improve the quality of water. In support of their words, they published a video on how dirty water is cleaned by shellfish.

Biologists recounted human genes

The human genome was deciphered seventeen years ago, but we still do not know how many genes there are in it. According to a new study, they are twice as many as they thought were.


In Russia, a new Mercedes-Benz Sprinter with front-wheel drive

In Russia, sales of the front-wheel drive version of the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter new generation began. Previously, such a car was offered only with a drive to the rear wheels or both axles. Mercedes-Benz dealers offer the Sprinter front-wheel-drive van in the basic set of 2 377 000 rubles.

In Russia sales of the new Lexus ES

The color palette of the body of the seventh generation Lexus ES has 12 options, 11 of which – with the effect of “metallic.” Two colors – white F Sport and blue F Sport – are offered exclusively for the ES 350 F Sport. The choice also offers 29 options for combinations of finishes and colors of the cabin.

Land Rover launched sales of the updated Range Rover 2019 in Russia

Russian dealers of Land Rover now offer an updated SUV Range Rover 2019. The basic package of new items was estimated at 7,008,000 rubles, the press service of the brand reported.

Mercedes-AMG introduced the younger model of the GT 43 line

In spring, Mercedes-AMG brought three modifications of the GT-line – with the indices GT 53, GT 63 and GT 63 S. Now the company introduced a slightly less powerful version of the GT 43. The novelty will be the only car of the family, the price of which is less than 100 thousand euros

“Radical” concept car Peugeot: the first image

The company Peugeot has published the first image of the “radical” concept car, the appearance of which at the Paris Motor Show was announced by the head of the brand Jean-Philippe Imparato in May this year. Judging by the teaser, this will be a modern interpretation of the legendary 504 Coupe.

Mercedes announced the debut of the sports version of the new A-Class

The appearance of the hatch is similar to the CLS coupe, and from the standard colleagues the “hot” Mercedes-AMG A35 will feature a radiator grille, “evil” bumpers, updated optics and a diffuser. In the interior of the novelty you can find sports seats and badges with the AMG logo.

Company Clubturbo will create Lada Vesta for drift

The company plans to install a 6-cylinder engine with a capacity of 500-600 horsepower, gearbox Getrag, rear axle from Toyota Mark II. At the same time, the front and rear suspension are designed for a special drift project. Body Lada Vesta for drift also underwent some modifications.

In Russia, the sales of the renewed sedan Geely Emgrand 7

The company Geely starts selling the updated sedan Geely Emgrand in Russia, which premiered at the Moscow Motor Show in late August 2018. In the near future the novelty will appear at the Russian dealers of the brand.

Mitsubishi introduced the first teaser pick-up truck L200 new generation

At one time and the company representatives spoke about the update, but the teaser and message published today say that the L200 is preparing a new generation for the output. As the portal “TsoAvto” writes, the message was as follows: “in the near future a pickup of a new generation will be presented.”

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