14 Jan, 2019

Leaders in the space race

In 2019, China actively developed its space program and overtook all other countries in the number of launched satellites.

According to the publication China Daily, over the past year, Beijing has successfully put 39 vehicles into orbit, which is a historical record. It is noted that for all the time space launches in the 90s, China launched fewer satellites than during the specified period.

The second place in this indicator was taken by the United States with 34 satellites, the third went to Russia. The top five also includes the European Union and India.

Briefly about the main thing …

Bild learned about the letters of the US ambassador to German companies with threats of sanctions

The messages, according to Bild, were allegedly sent to companies that are involved in the construction of the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline. Their Grenell, as indicated by the publication, warned in a letter: if they continue to participate in the project, they may face US sanctions

In the SDF announced the detention of militants of the IG with Russian citizenship

Arab-Kurdish detachments of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) operating in eastern Syria detained four militants of the Islamic State terrorist group *. This was reported in the press release SDF.

Israel attacked the underground infrastructure of Hamas

The press service of the Israel Defense Forces informed that the country’s aviation attacked two objects of the underground infrastructure of Hamas. Reports about it RIA “News”. As noted, the attacks were carried out after the launch of a rocket from the Gaza Strip on the evening of January 12.

Trump expects to improve relations with Russia

US President Donald Trump expects that relations between Washington and Moscow will improve. About this on Saturday, January 12, he said in his Twitter account. “As I have repeatedly said, getting along with Russia is good, not bad,” the American leader wrote.

I am much tougher towards Russia than Obama, Bush or Clinton. Maybe tougher than any other president. At the same time, as I have often said, getting along with Russia is good, not bad. I really hope that one day we will have a good relationship with Russia again! – Donald Trump, 45th President of the United States

In Japan, developed aircraft electronic warfare

Japan decided to develop its own electronic warheads, which will disable the enemy’s radar and communication systems, the Yomiuri newspaper reported

Ukraine proposed to abolish the veto in the UN Security Council

Ukraine’s permanent representative to the United Nations, Vladimir Yelchenko, proposed phasing out the veto right in the UN Security Council.

Our state also consistently advocates the phased abolition of the right of veto, which is especially important in the conditions of aggression against Ukraine by Russia as one of the permanent members of the Security Council. – Vladimir Yelchenko, diplomat

Natalia Veselnitskaya does not intend to go to interrogation to Muller

Russian lawyer Natalia Veselnitskaya, who was accused of obstructing justice in the United States, is not going to go there to stand trial. However, she is ready to answer all the questions of special prosecutor Robert Muller remotely, but no such requests have been received yet.

Georgetown University USA introduces the course of “hybrid war of the Russian Federation”

Georgetown University in Washington introduces a new course – on the Russian “hybrid threat.” Classes will begin in the spring of 2019. This is reported on the website about the courses of American educational institutions Coursicle.

Trump offered to hold talks with Kim Jong-un in mid-February

The second meeting of US President Donald Trump and DPRK State Council Chairman Kim Jong-un can be held in mid-February in Vietnam. This option was offered by the head of the White House, reports Yonhap News.

In Germany, a refugee from Afghanistan attacked a pregnant woman with a knife

A refugee from Afghanistan attacked a pregnant woman with a knife in a hospital in Germany, she was urgently operated on, an unborn child died, according to a police press release on Saturday

The Hungarian government called the heroes of the Nazis who fought against the USSR

The Hungarian government called upon to commemorate the Hungarian soldiers who fought on the side of the Nazis against the USSR and were defeated in the Battle of the Don. The corresponding entry is posted on the government’s Facebook page.

A battalion of military police from Ingushetia went to Syria

Military police from Ingushetia went on a business trip to Syria. According to RIA Novosti, this is their fourth trip to the Syrian Arab Republic. The head of Ingushetia, Yunus-Bek Yevkurov, reported on Instagram about the wires of the battalion of the military police, serving to perform special tasks.

Russia supplied the Su-30SM to Kazakhstan

“Military Review” reported that in late December, Russia delivered a batch of Su-30SM fighter jets to Kazakhstan. Then the official structures did not report the number of combat aircraft transferred to the Armed Forces of the Republic of Kazakhstan under the contract. According to some information, we are talking about two C-30CM airplanes, which are armed with the Kazakh air force.

In India, the French Rafale called inappropriate purchase

The article of Bharata Karnada in the India Today edition says literally the following: The French Rafale fighter is military irresponsibility. This is an inappropriate, cost-ineffective purchase that does not add to the real operational value of the Indian Air Force.

The ships of the Baltic Fleet will make more than ten long hikes during the year

The ships of the Baltic Fleet in 2019 will perform more than ten combat services in different oceans and seas. This was announced by fleet commander Admiral Alexander Nosatov.

He said that groups of warships and individual ships would solve various issues in the North, Baltic and Mediterranean seas, as well as in the Atlantic Ocean.

On the border of the United States and Mexico discovered a tunnel

According to The Hill on the border of the United States and Mexico, near the US state of Arizona discovered a tunnel.

“The tunnel, which the Mexican authorities suspect was used to transport drugs and people across the border, was discovered this week near Arizona,” the text says.

According to the publication, this is the third such tunnel discovered in the last month.

Pompeo called on Middle Eastern states to cooperate

US Secretary of State Michael Pompeo said that the Pentagon, with the support of allies, will continue to make all the necessary efforts to destroy terrorist groups, despite the withdrawal of American troops from Syria. He made such a statement during a Middle Eastern tour in Abu Dhabi, RT reports

In the south of Egypt, six militants destroyed

Egyptian national security officials destroyed six gunmen in the south of the country during a shootout, the Egyptian Interior Ministry said in a statement.

S-400 will be shown at the parade in honor of the lifting of the blockade of Leningrad

The newest military equipment will be shown in St. Petersburg during a military parade in honor of the 75th anniversary of the lifting of the blockade of Leningrad. The event will be held on Palace Square on January 27.

Airborne exercises of elite forces of Japan and the USA took place in the vicinity of Tokyo

The landing was carried out from a height of about 300 m. During the exercises, the Japanese-American forces successfully beat off a conditional enemy “captured” conditional island in the East China Sea, where Tokyo conflicts with Beijing because of the rights to the territory and the dispute while delimiting the exclusive economic zones of two countries

The media learned about the hacker attack from China to the Japanese Business Federation

The massive hacker attack to which the Federation of Economic Organizations of Japan (Keidanren) was subjected – an association of the country’s largest companies, industry associations and economic groups – was carried out by a Chinese group of hackers called ART 10. The Japanese newspaper Asahi reported this, citing data from the Japanese and British secret services.

According to the publication, the ART 10 group is associated with the Ministry of State Security of China.

Moscow intends to build a new metro line

Deputy Mayor of Moscow on urban policy and construction Marat Khusnullin said that in Moscow in 2021-2022 they could begin construction of a metro line in Rublevo-Arkhangelskoye.

Mortality from an overdose of American women is growing

Mortality from drug overdose among American women aged 30 to 64 has increased by 260% over the past two decades. Such figures are NBC. However, sometimes the fatal addiction begins with the use of pain medication, which the doctor prescribed. The situation is complicated by the fact that this category of the population is often unwilling to seek help.

In 2017, US President Donald Trump ordered the creation of the US Presidential Commission on Drug Abuse in the country and assigned the status of a public health emergency to an opioid crisis. On October 25, President Trump signed a bill to combat opioid dependence.

“Rusprodsoyuz” predicted a quick rise in price of products by 8%

The increase in VAT in conjunction with other factors may lead to an increase in consumer prices for products in the first quarter of 2019 by 8%, Dmitry Vostrikov, director of the Rusprodsoyuz Association of Producers and Suppliers of Food Products, told Prime Agency.

Walt Disney has revealed the salary of the head of the company

The Walt Disney revealed the salary of CEO Robert Aiger. Reported by The Hollywod Reporter.

As noted, in the last financial year of the organization, its income increased by 80% and reached $ 65.6 million. Before that, in 2017, Robert Eiger earned $ 36.3 million, in 2016 – $ 43, 9 million.

In total, the company earned $ 12.6 billion in the current fiscal year, increasing its revenue by 8% to $ 59.4 billion.

The European Union considered which countries allocate the least funds for science

Last year, these expenses in Lithuania amounted to EUR 372 million, or 0.88% of gross domestic product (GDP), according to the statistics service of the EU. Less Lithuanian funds were allocated for these purposes by Croatia (0.86% of GDP), Bulgaria (0.75%), Cyprus (0.56%), Malta (0.55%), Latvia (0.51%) and Romania ( 0.5%). In Estonia, the figure was 1.29%, in the whole EU – 2.07% of GDP.

Sweden (3.33%), Austria (3.16%) and Denmark (3.06%) allocated the most for research needs.

In Rome, held the “Big Russian Ball”

The “Big Russian Ball” took place in the capital of Italy, which has already become the seventh, the Red Spring news agency reported January 13. This year the event was dedicated to the memory of the great Russian composer Pyotr Tchaikovsky, therefore, at the ball sounded mostly works created by the genius of the master.

Book-manuscript tradition of the Urals Old Believers

The exhibition reveals the main places of the Ural Old Believers, such as Tavatuy, Nevyansk, Shartash, Nizhny Tagil and Yekaterinburg. Many printed and handwritten books presented in the exhibition will see the light for the first time. At one time, the Old Believers gave the book culture a new round, retaining its traditional foundations. The works are real monuments of the Middle Ages, the original works reflect the problems of the existence of the Old Believers’ movements, as the most ambitious spiritual movement in Russia, in a different way than the canonical one. The exhibition leads its visitor to the monuments of the second half of the XVII century, then opens the artifacts of the next centuries and finishes his story in the XX century.

Script writers of “Iron Man” will rewrite the “Lords of the Universe”

The long-suffering restart of the “Lords of the Universe” will receive a new version of the script. According to Deadline, the studio commissioned the creation of the next draft of Art Marcus and Matt Holloway (“Iron Man”, “Transformers: The Last Knight”).

On the BBC launched a radio show about Pussy Riot

The author of the radio adaptation was screenwriter Emma Crow. The creators promise to deploy “a drama about the Russian feminist punk protest group Pussy Riot and their notorious arrest, trial and imprisonment in 2012.”

Russian film company began shooting the film “Rzhev”

Presumably, the premiere of the film will be timed to the opening of the Rzhev memorial to the Soviet soldier, which is scheduled for May 9, 2020.

Lil Uzi Werth announced the end of his musical career

Rapper Lil Uzi Werth published a message about retirement on his official instagram story.

“I just want to say thanks to each of my fans for the support, but I’m tied up with music. I deleted everything and I want to be normal … I want to wake up in 2013. Thank you, I love you, ”wrote the musician.

Spaniards play accordion in Novosibirsk

Harmonists from Spain, Canada and China will come to Novosibirsk. Guests from Spain, Canada and China will come to Novosibirsk to take part in the Malaninsky International Festival, which opened on January 12. This was reported by TASS festival organizer Nikolai Examples.

In St. Petersburg the International Festival-Competition “Guitar Virtuosos” opens

On January 13, the opening of the XVI International Festival-Competition Guitar Virtuosos will take place in the State Academic Capella of St. Petersburg. Well-known domestic and foreign guitarists — winners of international competitions, professors and teachers of educational institutions of Russia and Europe.

Apple launched the production of wireless charging AirPower

As it became known, the American corporation Apple began the production of wireless charging. For the first time about the creation of a new model became known in the fall of 2017. Information about the release of wireless charging was constantly appearing on the Web.

Smartphone Redmi Note 7 is protected from water and dust

Although Redmi Note 7 is not certified according to the international standard International Protection Rating criteria for the degree of protection of devices (IP), it is likely to successfully withstand water splash, accidental drops in water and daily use in a moderately dusty environment.

Siri saved a man’s life after an accident

Nate Felix was driving his SUV through the Nevada desert when his car overturned. The man tried to get out of the car, but two broken vertebrae almost completely paralyzed him.

Neith Felix remembered his smartphone and tried to launch a voice assistant Siri, without having the slightest idea of ​​where the iPhone is. In the end, he gave the Siri command to contact the 911 rescue service and was able to talk to the operator, talking about the incident.

Dell XPS 13 laptop has got an advanced webcam

Dell has announced a new generation of XPS 13 laptops: the laptop is on display at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2019 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

Hyundai has developed a support system for hearing impaired drivers.

South Korean automaker Hyundai has introduced a support system for hearing impaired drivers. This is the press service of Hyundai.

Bionic prosthetic arm presented at CES 2019

The development is owned by Unlimited Tomorrow. The prosthesis is printed on a 3D printer. Software was handled by Arrow Electronics. The cost of the device is 10 thousand dollars, but after the launch of mass production the price will be reduced by 50%.

Ford created new seat belts

Everyone knows that standard seat belts are an integral part of any car. However, technology does not stand still, and even in this area it is required to look for new solutions so that the level of comfort increases. This is exactly the question that was asked by the specialists of the American company Ford.

Google will develop minimum requirements for Android TV

Google will develop minimum requirements for devices running the popular Android TV operating system, introduced four years ago. Information provided the press service of the corporation.

Tokyo intends to develop rules for the use of underwater UAVs

The Japanese government intends to develop rules for the use of underwater UAVs by fiscal year 2020, which are increasingly being used by private companies for various jobs.

PowerWatch 2 equipped with solar panel and thermoelectric generator

Matrix Industries has added a PowerWatch 2 solar panel and thermoelectric generator to the smart watch design. This eliminates the need to charge the device from the network.

New high-tech remedy for insomnia

42% of Facebook users scroll through the news in an attempt to fall asleep (Instagram – 37%, YouTube – 31%). Such data follow from a joint study of Snap Inc. and Murphy Research, which was attended by more than 1 thousand users of mobile applications aged 13–44 years.

Men survive their pain more than women

During the study, employees of McGill University and the University of Toronto, the results of which were published in the journal Current Biology, revealed that male and male mice well remember early painful experiences, resulting in stress and increased sensitivity, returning to the place where they experienced pain.

Scientists use CRISP to improve antibiotics

To improve existing antibiotics and develop new drugs, researchers at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, as well as staff at the University of California, San Francisco, have used the CRISPR gene editing tool. They plan to determine exactly which genes are targets for specific antibiotics ….

Scientists: A microbiome can determine a person’s age

In the US, a group of scientists examining intestinal bacteria stated that the microbiome should be recognized as an accurate biological clock that can determine the age of a particular organism. When this idea is confirmed, another biomarker will appear.

Scientists have discovered the secret of stone statues from Easter Island

Stone monolithic statues on Easter Island are located near freshwater sources, according to researchers at Binghamton University

According to researchers, moai were not used for rituals, as was previously thought. In total, about 900 statues were found on the island, most of them are located on the coast. The earliest figures belong to the 13th century, writes The Guardian.

“It’s amazing when the water recedes at low tide, suddenly streams of pure fresh water flow in different places on the coast,” the scientists explain

Created a protein that kills cancer without side effects

The immunoregulatory protein interleukin-2 (IL-2) is a potent anticancer drug and an effective means of fighting autoimmune diseases. However, its use is limited due to toxic side effects. Researchers from the University of Washington (USA) have developed an analogue of interleukin-2, which is devoid of these shortcomings.

According to Science Daily, the structure of the new connection was developed using a special computer program Rosetta. Unlike IL-2, the artificial protein binds to cells that carry beta and gamma receptors, but ignores lymphocytes with alpha receptors, the activation of which leads to a catastrophic effect. The compound was named Neo-2/15, because, in addition to interleukin-2, it mimics the action of another promising antitumor protein, interleukin-15.

China announced the continuation of the program of lunar research

China will continue to develop a national lunar research program. This was stated by the chief designer of the lunar program of the PRC, academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering Wu Wei-Ren. His words on Saturday leads the Xinhua News Agency.

Geely’s big budget has huge plans for Lotus.

The famous British manufacturer of sports cars was bought by Geely back in 2017, and Geely is actively developing Volvo and a completely new brand Polestar, then Lotus is only in the plans.

In addition to huge investments, the company boasts an expansion of staff. Currently there are more than 100 vacancies affecting people with experience in working with hybrid and electric car systems

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