26 Nov, 2018

Lending volumes hit records

The Joint Credit Bureau (OKB) summed up the results of citizens’ lending activity in October 2018 based on information from 600 lenders who send data to the bureau.

In October 2018, 3.31 million new loans were issued totaling over 805.72 billion rubles. The number of loans issued increased by 9%, and the volume of loans increased by 39% compared with October last year, when 3.04 million loans were issued for 579.81 billion rubles. Lending volumes in October 2018 were a record since January 2013.

The leader in terms of growth in lending in October 2018 was the cash loan segment. The total number of such loans increased by 22%, while the volume of loans increased by 60%.

High growth rates continue to show a segment of credit cards. The number of new credit cards increased by 12% in annual terms, the amount of approved limits increased by 35%.

The number of new mortgage loans, funds for which were actually transferred to the accounts of borrowers in October 2018, increased by 10% in annual terms, while the volume of loans issued increased by 28%.

The number of new auto loans increased by 1%, the volume of disbursements increased by 18%.

The only segment in which there was a negative trend was POS lending (the issuance of loans for certain goods directly at retail outlets). The number of new POS-loans decreased by 15%, and the volume of payments by 12% compared with the previous year.

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China will introduce a system for assessing the social behavior of citizens

As reported by Bloomberg, the Beijing authorities will collect data on 22 million inhabitants, on the basis of which the rating will be compiled. At the end of 2020, citizens with high “social credit” will receive benefits. Residents with a low rating may face various problems. Then the Beijing authorities will adapt the rating system, and it will be implemented everywhere. This measure is intended to track “unreliable citizens” who violate the rules of social behavior.

Russian-speaking journalist Dmitry Sumarokov was detained in Latvia

Latvian police detained another Russian-speaking journalist, Dmitry Sumarokov. This was reported by his colleague Ekaterina Vikulina on Sunday, November 25th.

“Riga friends, bad news: Latvian security police detained poet and journalist Dmitry Sumarokov. Together with the editor Yury Alekseev, ”says the post by Vikulina on Facebook.

She noted that Sumarokov had a bad heart. Also, the journalist called the incident an attack on freedom of speech.

“It is needless to say that this is an attack on freedom of speech, that this characterizes the country in which we live,” she said.

The British were threatened with prison for transferring cats to a vegetarian diet

The Royal Society for the Protection of Animals against Abuse in the UK warned residents of the country about the danger of converting cats to vegetarian or vegan food. About this newspaper The Telegraph.

Medvedeva left social networks because of the hatred of Russians

Russian figure skater Evgenia Medvedeva shared her thoughts on the love and hate of sports fans in her address and stressed that she no longer uses social networks. The words of a 19-year-old athlete are quoted by R-Sport. Figure skater stressed that her account on Instagram are her agents.

“I don’t understand where, for example, is such a typical case: an adult man who is over forty years old and has two children, a wife. He works, I do not know there, the manager. The man tells me that I am a traitor and that he hates me. And this is all accumulated, and that is why, my dear friends, I am not in social networks, ”Medvedeva explained.

Sobyanin intends to create in Moscow conditions for a comfortable life for mothers

Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin promised to create all conditions in the capital so that mothers can comfortably raise children and also provide them with opportunities for self-realization. This is stated in the congratulatory telegram of the mayor on the occasion of Mother’s Day

Under the government of St. Petersburg will create a council for women’s affairs

“Cooperation within the framework of the implementation of the National Action Strategy for Women was discussed today in Smolny by representatives of the city government and the St. Petersburg Public Organization for Support and Development of Public Initiatives” Women’s Alliance. “Acting Mayor Alexander Beglov supported the initiative to revive the tradition of holding exhibitions of women’s projects the government of St. Petersburg of the Council for Women’s Affairs, “the press service said.

The terms of the creation of the council and its composition are not specified yet.

Bavarian children are forbidden to write to Santa Claus

The authorities of the village of Roth in Bavaria (Germany) have forbidden children to hang letters to Santa Claus on the city trees. In addition to the wishes of the children usually indicate their names, age and addresses. Thanks to this data, Santa Claus finds out where to bring gifts.

Now, however, new EU privacy laws have entered into force. Therefore, the authorities of the Company must obtain written permission from the parents of four thousand children. Adults should understand that attackers get confidential information from letters to a winter wizard. Otherwise, the city administration will issue a fine.

In France, more than 100 thousand people participated in the Saturday protests

106,300 people took part in the protest actions that took place on November 24 in France, said Interior Minister Christophe Castaner. The demonstrations were carried out by activists who were dissatisfied with the increase in prices for automotive fuel, reports TASS.

This is significantly less than on the previous Saturday, when the number of participants was approaching 244 thousand. In total, the demonstrators held 1,619 shares in France. 130 people were detained and detained. – Christoph Castaner, French politician

Macron called shame the behavior of protesters in France

Macron called an unacceptable attack on law enforcement officers, aggression against other people and journalists, threats against officials. Law enforcement officials thanked the President of France for their professionalism and courage.

“Such violence has no place in the republic,” he stressed.

Thanks to our security forces for their courage and professionalism. Shame on those who attacked them. Shame on those who committed violence against other citizens and journalists. Shame on those who tried to intimidate elected officials. There is no place for this violence in the republic. – Emmanuel Macron, French politician

Uneven asphalt laid in the center of Rostov

A new art object has appeared in the center of Rostov. At this time, they became undulating asphalt on the Guards Square. As it turned out, after working on communications, the road workers laid a patch of asphalt, but they completely forgot about the skating rink.

Special board delivered to Moscow from Grozny seriously ill children

Five seriously ill children from the Chechen Republic were taken to Moscow blades by a special board on a flight from Grozny. The head of the republic, Ramzan Kadyrov, wrote on his VKontakte page that he learned about these children who are in critical condition from the circulation of their parents.

The Orthodox cross standing over Sevastopol collapsed

For the first time the Orthodox cross was installed in 1891, this event was timed to the 1000th anniversary of the St. George Monastery. The cross is dedicated to the appearance of St. George to believers. In 1991, the monastery was restored, and with it the cross. His height is seven meters, the weight is one and a half tons. The material used in the manufacture is stone, the base of the building is metallic. Despite its sturdy construction and strength, the cross fell. In 2015, the cross was repaired and painted by the forces of the Donetsk youth public organization.

State Duma offered to prosecute with 12 years

Deputies of the LDPR faction in the State Duma intend to propose reducing the age of criminal responsibility from 14 years to 12 years. According to a REGNUM correspondent on November 25, the party’s leader Vladimir Zhirinovsky reported this.

Created new places in the colonies for the former law enforcement officers

The shortage of places in the strict regime colonies for convicted law enforcement officers is overcome. It is reported by Interfax, citing the Federal Penitentiary Service (FPS).

Spain takes action against violence against women

Thousands of men and women took to the streets of Spain on the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, urging the government to take active measures to solve the problem, reports the Mundo publication.

As the newspaper notes, rallies are held in more than a hundred locations in Spain. One of the most numerous actions is organized in Madrid. The demonstrators marched through the main streets, chanting “Not one less, we want freedom” and “Not all of us here, there are not enough dead.”

Google did not fulfill the requirement of Roskomnadzor

For non-compliance with the requirements, a fine of 500-700 thousand rubles is provided. Recall that a month ago, Roskomnadzor gave Google 30 days to connect to the federal state information system containing a list of prohibited Internet resources.

In Moscow, the driver of KAMAZ fell asleep car traffic police sand

The driver of KAMAZ covered the car with the traffic police officers who stopped him with sand. The incident occurred on Vernadsky Avenue in Moscow. As the TV channel REN TV reports, the truck driver was stopped due to suspicion of overload.


Sechin complained to Maduro about delays in oil supplies

The head of Rosneft, Igor Sechin, flew to Caracas this week for a meeting with Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro, during which the head of the Russian company complained about delays in oil supplies, Reuters reports citing sources.

Kudrin spoke about the billionth theft in the “Roscosmos”

The record holder on the scale of financial irregularities is the Roscosmos state corporation, said Alexei Kudrin, head of the Accounts Chamber, on the Russia-1 TV channel. According to him, various violations of discipline, including irrational spending, were recorded at Roskomos.

We have big problems with Roskosmos. Procurement procedures are conducted there incorrectly, prices are inflated, a lot of funds for unfinished objects are immobilized. Well, besides that, several billions have been lost, that is, in essence, plundered. Investigations are underway. – Alexey Kudrin, Russian politician

In Transbaikalia, due to unprofitability, independent gas stations are closed

Gasoline and diesel at the end of October rose sharply throughout Russia. Independent gas stations called the cause of the price hike the policy of large oil companies, which have not increased retail fuel prices since June, but raised them on the wholesale market.

Gas field discovered OMV in Romania

OMV Petrom, the OMV Romanian subsidiary, discovered a gas field in southwestern Romania. The field, specified by the company, is located in close proximity to the infrastructure of the existing Mamu gas field in the historic Oltenia region. According to OMV Petrom, investments in the drilling of the well amounted to 10 million euros ($ 11.4 million). The initial production volume will exceed 190 thousand cubic meters of gas per day.

US residents spend more than $ 6 billion on “Black Friday”

Residents of the United States spent $ 6.22 billion on purchases from online stores on Black Friday. This is reported by CNBC. According to the channel, it is 23.6% more than in 2017. As noted, this year, 33.5% of all revenue was received as a result of purchases from mobile devices. At the same time, there is no data on the revenue of stores that the Americans visited in person.

VMK “Red October” changes the owner and is protected from bankruptcy

According to Kommersant, Pavel Krotov, who is associated with the entourage of the head of Chechnya, Ramzan Kadyrov, has become the controlling shareholder of the largest manufacturer of special steels of the Russian Federation, VMK Krasny Oktyabr and Zlatoust EMZ. Dmitry Gerasimenko, who is on the international wanted list, sold him the bulk of his share, remaining a minority shareholder. But “Red October” was recently declared bankrupt, and the new owner will have to “restore corporate control over the plant.”

The businessman himself connects the situation around bankruptcy with the fact that some structures are trying to “seize control of the asset for the purpose of its resale” – the company has created the Red October Group of Companies (GC KO), which, according to him, is already trying to establish contacts with contractors.

The construction of the railway will link the fields of Komi and seaports “

The construction of the Northern Latitudinal Railway (NWH), a new railway in the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous District, will immediately increase the freight turnover of the Northern Railway (NSR) in the Komi territory by 9.5 million tons per year, and also make it possible to create an additional 1 thousand in the region workers.

The amount of the first IMF tranche for Ukraine has become known

November 24, reported the news agency “Ukrainian News” with reference to an anonymous source familiar with the results of negotiations with the IMF. As a result of the negotiations, Ukraine will receive, in total, three tranches. The first and largest will amount to $ 1.5 billion, the second and third – $ 1.2 billion.

Industrial Bank of Korea returned to Russia

One of the largest state-owned banks in South Korea returned to Russia, opening an office in Vladivostok. Over time, Koreans intend to expand their representative office in Russia, stepping up efforts to enter the European financial services market.

South Korea redirects investments to Vietnam

Korean medium and small enterprises are leaving China for Southeast Asia due to tax incentives, cheap labor and other factors. For Vietnam, South Korea is the main source of foreign direct investment, Vietnam.net reports.

A lot of money has become a problem

The Norwegian Global Pension Fund (GPFG), whose value of assets today is about a trillion dollars, ran into a problem: he does not know where to invest the money.

Logitech is preparing for a large-scale deal with Plantronicsi

The company is preparing a big deal on the absorption of Plantronics. Swiss manufacturer of computer peripherals Logitech is preparing for a large-scale transaction in which it will acquire a large American company for the production of headsets for various areas of communications Plantronics

Almost a billion rubles will be spent on the construction of the regional court building in Omsk

Began an auction for the construction of the building of the Omsk regional court of the judicial department. The contract amount increased by more than 200 million rubles compared with the first attempt to find a contractor – from 716 million rubles to 958 million rubles.

The South Korean government will place on the stock exchange government bonds of $ 2.7 billion

The Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Korea announced its intention to place government bonds in the total amount of 2.7 billion dollars on the stock exchange. It is expected that the placement of bonds will occur in December, according to South Korean news agency Yonhap.

Russian Agricultural Bank suffered losses of another 9.8 billion rubles

Assets fell by 70 billion rubles – from 2.89 to 2.83 trillion rubles. By the end of the year, RSHB will receive another 20 billion rubles. in the form of a direct contribution to capital, said Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev at a meeting with the chairman of the bank’s board, Boris Listov.

The decline in housing input in the region, officials believe is normal

Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Vitaly Mutko said that in some regions housing construction in the next two years will decrease by 20%.

According to the ERZ portal referring to Vitaly Mutko, it will take at least two years for the new buildings market to be rebuilt for the new rules of shared construction. He will explain the reasons for the decline in housing input inability to restructure the market overnight. He believes that in many ways this process depends on the regional economy.

Apple ceded to Microsoft the title of the most expensive US company

It is worth adding that Apple has been ahead of Microsoft in terms of market capitalization since 2010. The market capitalization of Amazon and Alphabet today is 737 and 726 billion dollars, respectively.

Yekaterinburg authorities are planning residential development instead of the “Expo Park”

The authorities of Yekaterinburg are planning residential development and development of business zones in the territory where the EXPO-park was to be located. This was announced on Sunday by the mayor Alexander Vysokinsky. Ekaterinburg claimed to hold the exhibition EXPO-2025.

Construction of a new tunnel at BAM could cost 261 billion rubles

The construction project of the new Severomuisky tunnel at BAM may cost 261 billion rubles. This is reported by Kommersant with reference to the feasibility study of the project, developed by the Institute of Economy and Transport Development (IERT) for the technical task of Russian Railways and submitted on November 15.

Trump praised himself for lowering oil prices

US President Donald Trump on the page on the social network Twitter commented on the sharp decline in prices for black gold in world markets, which occurred this week. “Oil prices are falling (say thank you to President T),” the White House head wrote on November 25.

Palladium prices went up sharply

Palladium prices reached record levels, rising 9% on the New York Stock Exchange, which is the best indicator this year among the base metals. And, according to investors, the race has just begun, reports Bloomberg.

Gazprom to build five more wells at the Kirinskoye field

As noted by Gazprom, the Kirinskoye gas and condensate field is a priority development object in the Sakhalin-3 project. In 2013, the first in Russia underwater mining complex was launched here.

Oil production in Ugra in 2018 is planned at the level of 235 million tons

Oil production in Ugra in 2018 is expected to reach 235 million tons. This is reported by the Department of Subsoil Use and Natural Resources of the region. According to the ministry, in the current year it is planned to stabilize oil production at the level of 2017.

In Yakutia, the lawsuit “Janzoloto” canceled the result of the auction

The Arbitration Court of Yakutia canceled the result of the auction on the plot on the Nyamnyaginzh creek in accordance with the suit of LLC “Yanzoloto”, which Yakutnedra did not allow before the auction.

Manufacturers of medical products can count on preferential VAT

After the transition to the new classifier of medical products OKPD-2 from January 1, 2017, some of the goods that were previously subject to VAT at a preferential rate (0 or 10%) are now subject to the standard – 18%, they complained. From 2019, VAT will increase to 20%.

Investors are taking money into the new project of the owner of “Cashbury”

“Cashbury” depositors did not wait for the payments promised on December 1: they transfer money to another company of the founder of the financial pyramid Artur Vardanyan – GDC. This was told to Izvestia by the investors themselves, who expect to return the invested funds through a new project.

Members of the new company plan to earn at the expense of the following investors. According to experts, the damage from the activities of GDC may exceed the losses from “Cashbury”, amounting to at least 10 billion rubles.

FAS has developed a law on state regulation of tariffs for 5 years

The bill describes in detail the establishment of tariffs, with the priority proposed to give the method of comparative analysis. The FAS itself proposes to take the tariffs for five years, and to give the right to local authorities and enterprises to challenge the tariff, and introduce state control over them

For the Russians will complicate the receipt of loans in banks

The Central Bank notes that from October 2019, if they receive even a minimum loan, the borrower will have to confirm their income, Izvestia writes. Bankers recognize that such a measure will reduce the number of non-performing loans, but the time taken to make a decision on granting a loan and the costs of banks will increase.

State debt of Sverdlovsk region decreased by five billion

In October 2018, the volume of public debt of the Sverdlovsk region decreased by exactly 5 billion rubles. As of November 1, the debt amounted to 50.72 billion rubles, according to the regional Ministry of Finance. Sverdlovsk officials promise to fully repay the debt by 2030.


In the Crimea, closed the Kerch Strait due to provocations of the Ukrainian Navy

The decision was made for security, he said. Earlier, on November 25, in the FSB border control department, it was reported that three Ukrainian warships crossed the Russian border around 7:00 am Moscow time, moving towards the Kerch Strait.

EU leaders endorse Brexit agreement

The leaders of the 27 states remaining in the European Union approved the agreement on the withdrawal of Great Britain and the political declaration on the future relations between the EU and the United Kingdom agreed upon during long negotiations, said the head of the European Council Donald Tusk.

27 EU countries have approved an agreement on withdrawal and a political declaration on future relations between the EU and the UK. – Donald Tusk, Polish politician

Russia is waiting for new provocations from the US

Russia is waiting for new provocations by the United States. They will certainly be taken by political opponents of President Donald Trump in order to destroy relations between Moscow and Washington. This was stated by Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov in the program “Moscow. Kremlin. Putin “on the TV channel” Russia-1 “.

“We cannot vouch for the fact that those domestic political forces in the United States who are trying in every way to undermine the Trump’s presidency will not resort to new provocations,” he said. – Rather, on the contrary. Surely there will be attempts at new provocations, as well as attempts to destroy our relations, but this does not negate the need for dialogue. ”

Czech Foreign Ministry called Russia a “threat” for the European Union

It is noted that, according to Petrshichek, Russia is a “danger” because it “spreads misinformation and applies various hybrid threats.” Czech Foreign Minister urged to resist this “threat”

UK got access to Facebook internal documents

The British Parliament gained access to Facebook’s internal documents, including personal correspondence of high-ranking employees with social network founder Mark Zuckerberg, The Guardian reports.

The resulting documentation also concerns the scandal with the company Cambridge Analytica, because of the cooperation with which Facebook leaked data to 87 million users. According to parliamentarians, the documents will help you understand how Facebook has made decisions over the use of user data over the years.

Trump threatens to close the border with Mexico

US President Donald Trump again promised to completely close the border with Mexico, if it is necessary to stop the “migrant caravans.” About this, Trump wrote on the eve, November 24, on his page on the microblogging network Twitter.

If for some reason it will be necessary, we will close our southern border. After decades of violations of immigration laws, the United States can no longer put up with this costly and dangerous situation! – Donald Trump, 45th President of the United States

Mexican authorities agreed to US proposal for migrants

Mexican authorities have accepted the proposal of the administration of US President Donald Trump about migrants at the state border. It is reported by The Washington Post, with reference to the team of the future Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador.

According to the “Stay in Mexico” plan, migrants wishing to enter the US will be awaiting a decision to grant them asylum in Mexican territory. This agreement may mean the end of a long-standing practice, in which immigrants, including illegal ones, are awaiting a decision in the United States itself, the newspaper notes.

Trying to cross the border with Mexico, the US migrants returned to shelters

Migrants who tried to break into the United States from the territory of Mexico returned to the shelters in Tijuana, Mexico.

For the first time, a woman became Afghanistan’s ambassador

Roya Rahmani has been appointed Afghanistan’s ambassador to the United States, local television station 1TVNews reports. This post was first taken by a woman. Previously, she represented the country in Indonesia.

Ukrainian police switched to enhanced duty

The police of Ukraine has been transferred to an enhanced duty regime against the background of a possible martial law in the country. This was announced on Monday at a meeting of the Council of National Security and Defense (NSDC) of Ukraine, said the head of department, Sergey Knyazev.

“The police are switching to a reinforced version of duty. Now, together with the National Guard, we are providing security for consular offices and embassies,” he said.

The initiative supported by the President of Ukraine on the introduction of martial law in the country because of the situation in the Kerch Strait on Monday night was announced by the Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council Oleksandr Turchinov.

Topla at the Embassy of the Russian Federation in Kiev, requires “to declare war on Russia”

The crowd gathers at the Russian Embassy in Kiev. A group of people gathering at the Russian embassy in Kiev demanding to declare war on Russia in connection with what is happening in the Kerch Strait.

Switzerland held a referendum on cow horns

In Switzerland, on Sunday, November 25, a referendum was held on legislative initiative to pay subsidies to farmers who do not remove the horns from their cows and goats, the Swiss broadcasting company RTS reports

The Japanese want to continue negotiations with Russia on the Kuril Islands

As follows from a survey by Nikkei Research, more than 70% of respondents aged 20 to 50 years approved such negotiations. Supported a peace treaty with Russia, 67% of people aged 60 years and 51% of 70-year-olds and older.

On the border of Ukraine and Poland, protesters blocked the checkpoint

The international checkpoint “Yagodin” on the Ukrainian-Polish border has suspended work because of the protest action, which is carried out by owners of cars with European numbers. This informs UNN with reference to the Lutsk border detachment of Ukraine.

“It does not work (checkpoint), because it does not have the opportunity. Citizens – owners of cars … are holding a protest rally, ”the border detachment said.

It is also reported that at checkpoints on the border of Ukraine and Poland, queues formed in connection with new procedures for customs clearance of cars.

Czech Republic plans to reduce the number of Russian diplomats in Prague

This was stated by the head of department Tomash Petrižichek in an interview with the Pravo newspaper on Sunday, November 25.

“We are conducting a dialogue with the Russian side on the total number of diplomats in Prague,” he noted. – One of the themes (in the negotiations. – Ed.) Is the decline of cars registered at the embassy (Russia. – Ed.), Which are very numerous. We can only guess what these machines are used for. ”

It is reported that intelligence agencies have provided the Czech Foreign Ministry reports on the alleged increase in the activity of Russian special services.

Petrižíček noted that Prague should resolve the issue of the number of embassy staff without diplomatic passports. Their number “should correspond to the scale of a country like the Czech Republic,” said the head of department.

Tusk appreciated the future of the Brexit deal

The EU and the UK will face a difficult procedure for ratifying the Brexit agreement, but regardless of the outcome of the negotiations, they will remain best friends. About this on Sunday, November 25, said the chairman of the European Council, Donald Tusk, on the basis of the EU summit.

Ahead is the difficult process of ratification and further negotiations. But no matter how this process goes, one thing is sure – we will remain friends until the end of our days and one day longer. – Donald Tusk, Polish politician

Oil for support in military conflicts

The American leader Donald Trump, during conversations with the Iraqi authorities, at least twice expressed a proposal according to which Tehran would pay the US with its oil for military support during the hostilities. The Axios portal wrote about this on November 25, citing sources in the administration.


Russia will create a tank with an electromagnetic gun

At the first stage of work, a powerful power supply system of the tank will be developed; it will allow carrying energy-intensive payload. After that, the new tank will receive a combat laser and an electromagnetic gun, the Federal News Agency adds on November 25.

The sky over central Russia took control of the latest radar

The Nebo-UM radar increased control of the sky in the south of Central Russia, the press service of the Western Military District reported. The Sky-UM medium and high altitude station entered the air defense division in the Voronezh Region under a state defense order.

US Air Force UAV spent several hours conducting reconnaissance at the borders of Russia

American drone RQ-4B Global Hawk made a 6-hour flight near the Russian border in the Baltic Sea. According to Interfax, the device flew from an air base located in Sicily and conducted reconnaissance near the Kaliningrad region, being at an altitude of 15 thousand meters.

US Navy Airborne Strike Force begins exercises in the Mediterranean

The teachings of the US Navy in the Mediterranean will last until December 1. On Sunday, November 25, the carrier-based strike group of the US Navy led by the nuclear aircraft carrier Harry Truman began exercises in the Mediterranean

Russian military will continue exercises with the armed forces of South Ossetia

Next year, the Russian military base in South Ossetia will continue the practice of joint exercises with the republic’s armed forces, said the commander of the Southern Military District, Colonel-General Alexander Dvornikov.

700 jihadists in three months

According to jihadists, during a three-month confrontation with the Syrian military, the group’s losses in manpower were 700 killed and 1,200 wounded. Fifty percent of the murdered Islamists were foreign nationals.

Indian ministers to visit Pakistan

Two Indian ministers accepted an invitation to visit Pakistan, Al Arabia said November 25. The purpose of visiting the neighboring state will be the opening of a new border crossing for Sikh pilgrims.

Germany is going to increase the number of troops

The head of the German Defense Ministry, Ursula von der Lyayen, said that by 2025, the number of the German army will grow by 5,000, Bild writes. Thus, the number of armed forces of Germany by 2025 will be 203 thousand people.

Syrian media reported on the transfer of militants from Idlib to Turkey

The pro-government Syrian newspaper al-Watan, citing local sources, reported that Turkey had transported a significant number of militants from the demilitarized zone in the Syrian province of Idlib to a tent camp in the Turkish city of Nusaybin on the border of the two countries.

Ukraine carried out a massive night shelling of Donetsk

Ukrainian security officials began a massive shelling of residential areas in the self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic, the RIA Novosti correspondent reports. The shelling began around 23.00 and is carried out through various types of weapons, including heavy artillery.

Russian border guards detained the border court of Ukraine

Three ships of the Ukrainian Navy – Berdyansk, Nikopol and Yany Kapu – were detained by Russian border guards in the Kerch Strait area due to violation of the state border.

The first batch of Arctic Tor-M2DT entered the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation

The first batch of 12 Tor-M2DT anti-aircraft missile systems entered service with the Russian army. It is reported by the press service of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation.

Aviv Kohavi appointed head of the General Staff of Israel

Aviv Kohavi in January 2019 will replace Gadi Eisenkota in this position. He served as head of the General Staff for four years. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu expressed the hope that under the new head of the General Staff, the army “will rise to new heights.”

In the west of Russia earned a new generation radar

At the western borders of the Russian Federation appeared a new generation of radar “Sky-UM.” The equipment entered the air defense division deployed in the Voronezh region.

Saudi Arabia resumed air strikes on Hodeida

Air strikes on the defense line of the Hussites around Hodeida were resumed on Sunday by a military coalition led by Saudi Arabia, the Middle East Eye reports November 26


Scientists have discovered an unusual way to quit smoking.

A group of scientists set up an experiment in which chain smokers were shown packs of cigarettes with the same appeals and different photos of people: with an indifferent or contemptuous look.

It turned out that the volunteers who saw the “judging” packs, often felt ashamed and guilty. As the statistics showed, their motivation to quit smoking increased. However, those subjects for whom smoking was a part of their own style, almost did not respond to such pressure, notes N + 1.

Russia will build its own supersonic passenger aircraft

Russia is not going to lag behind the United States in the development of a passenger supersonic airliner. About this reports the agency of international information – “RIA”.

The age of the “cradle of humanity”

It turned out that the “cradle of humanity” was formed in the period 3.2 – 1.3 million years ago. The results of this long-term study, which, according to the scientists themselves, took about 13 years, writes the portal Phys.org.

The Cradle of Humanity is located 50 kilometers from Johannesburg. In general, the region has more than thirty caves in which fossil remains were found.

Scientists: Earth constantly absorbs its oceans

More accurate measurements of the Mariana Trench, at the bottom of which two plates converge, showed scientists how much water goes under tectonic plates. According to new calculations for a million years at the junction of the plates leaked three times more water than previously thought

Scientists have created an underwater robot jumping out of the water.

Scientists have created a robot, jumping out of the water, it is necessary to understand how animals, including dolphins and whales, emerge, without dragging a large amount of water. They have a streamlined body shape and very slippery skin.

The mantle of “over-earth” can create a powerful magnetic field.

American scientists have discovered that the magnetic field of the “super-earth” is formed due to convection of the mantle substance. In this case, a magnetic field is created for such planets in a completely different way than that of the Earth, where electric currents form the magnetosphere, which arise during the mixing of iron and nickel in the liquid core.

In New Zealand, more than 140 dolphins rushed to the shore

At least 145 grind dolphins jumped onto the shore of the island of New Zealand’s Stewart over the weekend, reports Radio New Zealand, citing a statement by Ren Leppens, production manager for the island of the Ministry of the Environment.

Scientists have found a new way to combat the loss of yield

Scientists contribute to the study periods of time when the regions grow or harvest plants, which allows them to increase their yield through accurate calculations. Experts plan to develop a model of heat and drought to prevent their negative consequences.

5G signal at record speed transferred to a moving car

Testing was carried out in the village Kamaukre Kanagawa Prefecture. As part of the task, the moving machine with an attached antenna received a record speed of 5G – 27 Gbps per second. The distance between the receiving and transmitting sensors was ten meters.

Composite tendon implants developed

So far, the prosthesis has been tested only on animals – rats, which were given a full-fledged replacement of tendons from polymers and composite materials.

The new algorithm will allow to find out how the stars collide.

Russian scientists have developed a parallel computational algorithm that makes it possible to accurately model the behavior of a substance under extreme conditions: during explosions, powerful laser effects, meteorites falling, and even when stars collide.

For the first time characterized the architecture of the genome of birds

A group of scientists from the Institute of Cytology and Genetics of the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences and St. Petersburg State University for the first time completely sequenced the DNA of birds using 3D genomics.


NASA will send to the ISS module for refueling spacecraft

The US National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) has prepared the RRM3 module for spacecraft refueling to be sent to the ISS. This is the press service of NASA. RRM3 is a module that can store up to 42 liters of cryogenic liquid.

Signs of entering a new cycle are seen on the Sun.

During recent observations, two other areas of the magnetic field were observed, which soon collapsed. Scientists from the LPI laboratory note that in recent years the behavior of the Sun resembles the stage of launching a new cycle. They told about the possible subsequent developments.

ESA showed the dichotomy of the hemispheres of Mars on space photos

Nili Fossae on the border of two regions (north – upper side) / © ESA Large photo clearly shows the difference, showing that the lower (southern) part is a rocky plateau, and the upper (northern) part consists of small hills and stones.

RF can resume space shuttle launches

Production of reusable spacecraft similar in characteristics to the Soviet Buran can be resumed, said Kirill Sypalo, director general of the Central Aero-Hydrodynamic Institute (TsAGI)

Scientists predicted an explosion in space, stronger than the energy of the sun

Scientists have found a space object in the Milky Way that could explode like a supernova. However, the main danger of such an event will be that the strength of this explosion will be stronger than the energy of the Sun over the entire period of its existence.

Russia lost two Resurs-P satellites

The Russian civil orbital grouping lost two of the three Earth remote sensing satellites Resurs-P, the Kommersant newspaper writes. According to the newspaper, both devices did not fulfill the required five years due to critical problems that arose after launch.

NASA will adjust the flight station InSight before landing on Mars

The flight path of the Mars InSight automated interplanetary station before its landing on Mars will be corrected by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration of the United States (NASA).

Scientists have found fast-moving quasars

It turned out that the blue quasar was not the only one who lost in the brightness of the glow, and several hundred celestial bodies that were also noticeably tarnished in such a short period of time were already noted. What is the reason for such a sharp loss of brightness, scientists can not yet explain

Scientists from the United States have proposed using a laser to communicate with aliens

Harvard scientists have suggested that a recent unidentified object could be an alien spacecraft, and now at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology are studying the possibility of using a powerful laser as a guiding star to attract newcomers.

Scientists have discovered the “secret ingredient” of life in the universe

The process discovered in the Universe gives answers to questions about the probability of the origin and development of life. Scientists have discovered a “secret ingredient” that allows stars to counteract the effects of gravity, which slows down the process of star formation.

Greenhouses with tomatoes are sent to space

Deutsches Zentrum für Luft- und Raumfahrt (German Aerospace Center) sends a satellite containing a dwarf tomato biosystem from the California Air Force base into space. The project has the goal of verifying the behavior of seeds in the space environment.

New technologies allow listening to live music through the skin

New wearable technology will allow you to listen to live music through the skin. The American company, which is owned by producer Mick Ebeling, introduced a wearable technology that allows you to listen to music through the skin.


A new Google Digital Wellbeing feature has been added to Android.

The Android operating system has a new Digital Wellbeing feature from Google. It was promised by the company before the debut of the Pie 9 version. Digital Wellbeing will help users to be aware of how much time they spend on smartphones

Concept art of the new smartphone OnePlus 7 appeared on the Web

The network on the eve of published images of the new OnePlus 7 smartphone. On these concept artworks, the device looks amazing, it is equipped with an Optic AMOLED screen and has a hole in the display

MevoFit launches fitness trackers for women

MevoFit Slim is equipped with a 0.87-inch OLED-screen, a powerful battery that allows you to use the watch without recharging for a week, are protected from moisture.

New sensors make old-fashioned home appliances smart

Accessories allow you to connect to the system of “smart home” almost any technique, even the oldest. You can also collect automated systems for feeding fish in an aquarium or watering flowers, according to New Atlas. Miniature devices are controlled using a smartphone.

Apple is developing a device to control user sleep

Apple is developing a special device that will control user sleep. At the base of the American department, which registers trademarks and patents, a document appeared describing a system of piezoelements placed on a bed.

Aisen Releases 8 Inch Speaker with FM Radio

It is possible to connect USB, SD-card and Bluetooth. There is also a built-in FM radio. The universal speaker supports karaoke function, external audio / mic and electric guitar outputs.

Smartphone Xiaomi Mi Max 2 has already received Android 9.0, but unofficially

The big smartphone Xiaomi Mi Max 2 turned out to be a hostage of time: it debuted when Android 7 Nougat was still running, but Android 8 Oreo was already looming on the horizon.

AMD will tell about the new gaming graphics cards at CES 2019

At CES 2019, which will be held January 8–12, 2019, AMD can tell about new graphics solutions for gaming systems. In any case, this is indicated by the summary on the official website of the event.

There are photos of new wireless headphones from Xiaomi

The Chinese company Xiaomi will soon launch a new wireless headset on the market. Photos of the new gadget have already appeared on the network. Headphones will be called Mi True Wireless Earphones, they will be available in a few weeks.

The Nokia 9 Pureview smartphone with five cameras does not debut until the end of 2018

The Nokia 9 Pureview smartphone does not debut until the end of 2018. Earlier it was reported that the device can be presented along with other gadgets from HMD Global at an event in Dubai, scheduled for December 5.

Viber has created a group chat for a billion users.

Viber messenger has created a group chat in which up to a billion users can communicate simultaneously. This option appeared for the first time on the market of similar services and is already available to users of iOS and Android devices. It is not entirely clear yet who might need to create such a chat.

Windows 10 got a physical key to run

Microsoft has launched a new user authorization system that will increase the security of those users who use weak passwords for their computers.

Now the launch of the operating system will be possible with a biometric security system Windows Hello, which includes a physical hardware authorization key. In addition, you can use the Microsoft Authenticator application.

Google Chrome launches Firefox feature

The most popular browser Google Chrome is about to introduce one of the functions of Firefox. The essence of the update is that now users will be able to open more than 10 tabs, and their size on the tab bar will not decrease.

“Roscosmos” with the system “Marathon” will enter the market of the Internet of things

Roscosmos is going to compete in the Internet of Things market, since the interest to it from the users is huge and this will bring great benefits. Analysts believe that in the near future the number of sensors for this network will exceed the sales of smartphones.

LG is developing a smartphone with a camera on 16 sensors

The South Korean company LG has shared plans to create a smartphone with a 16-module camera. Employees of LG will begin to develop a new smartphone in the near future. The project of the device with a camera that supports 16 sensors has already been patented.

Published the official render on the smartphone Doogee S90

The network has published a render for a new model of a secure smartphone Doogee S90, which is also partially declassified by technical parameters.

Presents a protective film on the display of smartphones for blind people.

The company Alibaba Group introduced a protective film on the display of smartphones that will help blind people to use the device. This writes the publication UfaTime.ru.

New iBall Slide Skye 03 Tablet

With the latest version of Android 8.1 Oreo on the quad-core processor, the iBall Slide Skye 03 provides tremendous computing power for work and playback. The tablet comes with 1 GB of RAM and 8 GB of internal memory, which expands to 64 GB with a microSD card.

Apple is preparing improvements for the Animoji animated avatar system

Apple is preparing another update that should appeal to all iPhone lovers. It became known that “Apple” is preparing improvements for the system of animated avatars Animoji

Details about the Vivo smartphone

So, the novelty (it is expected that it will be included in the Nex line) will receive two OLED screens, and the diagonal of the front will be 6.4 inches. That is, even though the frame is very thin, the smartphone will not be small. The resolution of the main display is Full HD +. Also attributed to the smartphone SoC Qualcomm Snapdragon 845, built-in screen fingerprint and support fast charging capacity of 22.5 watts. Earlier it was said that the amount of memory of the smartphone will be 10 GB, but now this is not reported.


Laureates of the 26th Honfleur Russian Film Festival announced

The jury of the 26th Russian Film Festival in the Norman city of Honfleur announced on Saturday the winners of the competition and presented the laureates with several annual awards. The main prize of the festival “For the Best Film” was won by the work of directors Natasha Merkulova and Alexei Chupov “The Man Who Surprised Everyone.”

Photos of John Malkovich in the role of the Pope appeared on the Web

The first photos from the filming of the series from the HBO channel “New Papa” appeared on the network. This series will be plotted to be connected with Paolo Sorrentino’s Young Pope, in which Jude Law played the role of Pope. Now the role of the Pope takes actor John Malkovich

Al Pacino will become King Lear

Al Pacino will play a major role in the new film adaptation of Shakespeare’s play “King Lear.” According to the Guardian, Michael Redford, author of the films “Dancing in the Blue Iguana”, “Elsa and Fred” and others, will play the role of director. With Pacino, they had already worked together – on a film based on another Shakespeare play, The Merchant of Venice, in 2004, where Al played Shylock.

“Lear” is what all actors and directors are striving for, said Redford in an interview. – Al rushed with this idea for several years. After all, there is a big difference between Shylock, who appears only in five scenes, and Leer, who is in the foreground and in every scene. I think he deserves this role because he’s a terrific actor!

The film “Mad” in Ossetian language was shot by a resident of Vladikavkaz

Author of the short film Exiled Zaseev Vladikavkaz, November 25. A student of the Valery Gergiev Art College in Vladikavkaz, Soslan Zaseev shot the film Mud, which means Mother. The tape is broadcast in the native language of Soslan – Ossetian.

Festival of short films “TMN KINO” will be held in Tyumen

Festival of short films “TMN KINO” Tyumen citizens can visit on December 1st. On the big screen, residents and visitors of the city will be shown pictures of local authors. Anyone can present their video works in the cinema, after sending the film for moderation to the organizers.

Super TV channel began filming the second season of the Grand TV series

The second season of the Grand series is scheduled to be shown on the Super TV channel in 2019, the film is being filmed and it is already known that a new character will appear in the hotel to be played by Semen Treskunov.

A world of technology where chips drive people

The fantastic fighter “Upgrade” has appeared on the screens. Thriller about the next script of the future shot Australian director Lee Wannell. Cinemagoers know him from the films “Saw” and “Astral”

Avengers 4: Salvation from Thanos

According to one of the versions, Phil Colson will appear in the upcoming film – an agent of the secret organization “Sh.I.T.”, which will help the Avengers team confront their main enemy, Thanos, who destroyed half of the universe.

The creators of the first Buryat 3D-cartoon launched crowdfunding

A year ago, the Found Foundation won a presidential grant to create a full-length 3D cartoon based on the Buryat folk epos Geser. The cartoon was planned to be released this year in Russian and Buryat languages.

Glenn Close in the film about a woman in the male world

Joseph (Jonathan Price) and Joan (Glenn Close) Castelman are the perfect match. Having lived forty years in a marriage and raised two children, they still love each other and have not even lost their physical attraction. In the family, everything goes according to the routine – Joe writes the Great American Novels, Joan works as an ideal wife: makes sure he takes medicines on time, eats properly and does not lose points, selects crumbs from his beard, shields him from zealous journalists, smoothes the sharpness of his character, but first of all supported and proud. Of course, they also have difficulties – but who has them?

Tom Cruise did not come out growing

The author of a series of novels about the phenomenal retired policeman Lee Child spoke out against the candidacy of a Hollywood star in restarting the franchise.

The writer and screenwriter recalled that his literary hero is a cut above Cruise, whose height is 1-70. In addition, in the books, the hands of a retired policeman are compared with large saucers that arouse fear in their opponents.

At the moment it is known that the franchise will be restarted in the form of a series. Presumably, the customer will be the American cable channel Netflix.


Oxxxymiron, Basta and Noize MC will give a concert in support of rapper Husky

On Saturday, rapper Oxxxymiron (Miron Fedorov) announced that on Monday, November 26, he would be Basto (Vasily Vakulenko) and Noize MC (Ivan Alekseev) at the Glavclub Green Concert club in Moscow.

Russian police shot a joint video for the song “Invisible Battle”

Police and Interior Ministry officials from all over Russia recorded a joint video on the Invisible Battle unofficial anthem of the internal affairs agencies. The video was recorded in honor of the birthday of the national artist of Russia Mark Minkov.

Dina Garipova will sing romances at the “Yakhin Gala” in Kazan

The musicians will share their reading of Yakhin’s music on November 27th. Including, the singer Dina Garipova will take part in the concert – together with Alina Sharipzhanova, Ilgiz Zakiyev and Zarina Vildanova she will perform romances. In addition, the performances of Dinara Sharafetdinov and Ilusa Khuzina were announced.

Sergey Mezentsev has released a video “Baba Valya” about his grandmother

As part of his project, Sergey Mezentsev, DJ Oguretz released a new track and clip “Baba Valya”, which will be included in his upcoming album “Back To Selo”. Video – interview with 92-year-old grandmother Mezentseva, in which she spoke about her life.

A rock club will open in Yekaterinburg

A rock club will open in Yekaterinburg. The event will take place on November 30 at the Freedom Concert Hall. The evening will culminate in a gala concert in which Vadim Samoilov, previously the leader of the group Agatha Christie, will take part.


Mercedes-Benz launched batch production of the 2019 MPV B-Class

The German company began production of the new generation B-Class at the Rastatt facility in Germany. The third generation of the B-Class features a more dynamic design. The novelty received a semi-autonomous piloting system.

Rolls-Royce Sweptail tops TOP-5 of the most expensive cars in the world

In the modern world there are cars, the high prices of which hit even the richest connoisseurs of luxury transport. Experts decided to make a rating of the most expensive cars in the world. The leader of the rating is Rolls-Royce Sweptail with a price of 13,000,000 dollars.

In the Leningrad region for cars on gas reduced tax

Transport tax for owners of cars that run on gas, reduced in the Leningrad region. The relevant law was signed by the governor of the region, Alexander Drodenko.

Estonian designer presented the image of the Bugatti SUV

Estonian designer presented the image of a restyled SUV from Bugatti. The results of the work on the hypercar Chiron specialist published on the web. World automakers began to focus on the SUV segment, but the Bugatti brand is still far from the idea.

Updated pickup Mitsubishi L200 will save the frame

Updated pickup Mitsubishi L200 will be able to save the frame. The Japanese brand has decided to release a revised version of the model in order to maintain its own positions in the global car market.

Bentley suffers heavy losses from new environmental regulations

The management of the famous British auto company Bentley in its official statement noted that the company suffers heavy losses due to the introduction of environmental standards.

In China, introduced a new minivan Maxus G50

The Chinese company Maxus, part of the SAIC group, presented the eight-seat G50 minivan. The car is available in five, six and seven-seater versions. New received front-wheel drive and semi-dependent rear suspension.

Tuning studio Carlex Design transformedFord Focus RS

Tuners from the salon Carlex Design, characterized by a creative approach to all their projects, decided to transform the high-performance model Focus RS made by Ford. When finishing the cabin of a “charged” car, experts used a lot of leather, adding to it sophistication.

Manufacturer LuAZ released a unique truck

Lutsk car assembly plant №1, from the workshops of which the legendary LuAZ SUVs once exited, reiterated itself. Recently, the company, part of the Ukrainian corporation “Bogdan”, has released a unique electric truck ERCV27

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