13 Sep, 2018

Level of happiness in the world

The level of happiness in the world in 2017 was at the lowest level in the last decade. The number of people who say they feel stress and anxiety is growing, according to a Gallup survey.

The most unfortunate country researchers called the Central African Republic, where fighting between different groups forced tens of thousands of people to leave their homes. The CAR was one of 11 countries in which the majority of the population experienced “a lot of physical pain” on the previous day. Almost all of these 11 countries are in sub-Saharan Africa.

Iraq ranks second in terms of the level of misfortune, with a rate of 59%. In addition, the list includes Southern Sudan (55% of the population are unhappy), Egypt (47%) and Iran (45%).

Leaders on positive emotions were the Latin American countries. So, the first three places in the ranking of the happiest countries were occupied by Paraguay (85% of the population), Colombia and El Salvador (82% each).

Russia was in the ranking of countries where people said that the day before had the least negative experience (only 20%). As noted in the report, this does not mean that the country has a large number of happy people.

Briefly about the main …..


The Italian was sent to prison for fake reviews on the Internet

The court ruled that posting false reviews on the Internet falls under the article about the use of a foreign or fake person, and this is considered a crime in Italy. Now the businessman will spend nine months behind bars and will pay a fine – eight thousand euros.

In Tver, the day of a faceted glass

First, a moleben was held in the center of the city, and then all its participants made a godfather “flight” on the AN-2 airship, during which the priest generously sprinkled the city of Tver with holy water.

“Safe and high-quality roads”

2.5 trillion rubles – this amount of money is allocated for the implementation of the national project “Safe and high-quality roads.” This was announced by RIA Novosti Deputy Prime Minister Maxim Akimov. According to him, the project will cover the territory where more than half of the country’s population lives. Roads in cities and suburbs will lead to a normative state, the same is true for highways of regional importance.

The ambulance was unable to arrive on time because of the lack of roads

In early September in Barabinsk (Novosibirsk region) ambulance was unable to arrive on time in time for the challenge – because of the lack of roads, it slipped into a ditch and stalled, and the man to whom doctors hurried died. The young man left two underage children.

According to the press service of the Ministry of Health, the ambulance driver assigned to the call knew about the poor condition of the roads.

“The call for an ambulance arrived at 15:53. There was no official report on the state of the road, of course, but the local population, like drivers, understands the condition of the roads. So, initially UAZ came to the challenge, and not a car. Even this precaution did not help – the ambulance could not reach the house at 20 meters, “the press service told.

Because of the procession St. Petersburg stood in traffic jams

In the center of St. Petersburg due to the procession in honor of the transfer of the relics of the Holy Prince Alexander Nevsky to the Alexander Nevsky Lavra there was a transport collapse.

Activists of the SERB attacked the exhibition of Vasily Slonov at the Vinzavod

At the Moscow Center for Contemporary Art “Winzavod”, activists of the SERB attacked the exhibition of the Krasnoyarsk artist Vasily Slonov, the owner of the gallery “11.12” Alexey Sharov told Facebook. According to him, the works were doused with paint.

 “The police are inactive. The works were taken off the wall and taken out of the gallery, “Mr. Sharov said.

The head of “Open Russia” sued Smolny for the transfer of the rally

Andrei Pivovarov refers to the law, according to which the transfer of the previously agreed measures is prohibited. The leader of the opposition movement “Open Russia” Andrei Pivovarov sued Smolny, in particular, the Committee on Legality, Law and Order and Security.

In Novosibirsk, the detention continues

On September 12, four Novosibirsk residents were detained for participating in a rally on 9 September – activists who participated in the Sunday uncoordinated action against the pension reform told the NGN correspondent.

“I was detained by two employees of the” E “center near the house, they introduced themselves. They came to me while I was waiting for the bus at the stop “Spring” on Zarechnaya Street. They came, took their hands, took us to a car, brought to the Central Internal Affairs Directorate, where they issued a report of the inspection, checked everything that I have with me, with witnesses. What’s next is not clear, but while I’m here, “Kirill Levchenko, deputy coordinator of Navalny’s headquarters in Novosibirsk, told the NGS correspondent. On Sunday, September 9, Kirill Levchenko headed a rally and march through the city after the arrest of Sergei Boyko.

The activist also said that three more participants of the meeting were detained this morning – they came to the Central District Court to hear Sergey Boyko’s appeal, which was given 30 days of administrative arrest on weekends.

“Pukhovsky Ilya, Yuryeva Irina, Razumova Veronica are detained, and they are taken to the Central Internal Affairs Directorate to draw up a protocol for participation on September 9,” added the spokeswoman Elena Noskovets.

Anti-piracy laws will change because of the situation with “Yandex”

On September 5, the Moscow City Court received lawsuits from the television channels Gazprom-Media, in which they ask the defendant, Yandex, to stop creating technical conditions that provide for the placement of pirated copies of works on the site of the search engine.

Regarding the regulation of data in terms of copyright and intellectual property rights, of course, the improvement of legislation, including anti-piracy, is exactly necessary. – Maxim Akimov, Russian politician

The Interior Ministry revealed a major theft in the Cinema Foundation

From the Cinema Fund, money was stolen, allocated for the production of several films, told RIA Novosti in the press center of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. In late August, the investigative department of the OMVD in the Dorogomilovo district initiated several cases under the article “Fraud on a particularly large scale.”

The authorities of Zhigulevsk repeatedly refused to hold a gay parade

The latter, as previously reported by RIA Novosti in court, obliged the local authorities of the city to reconsider the notice of the conduct of the procession in Zhigulevsk, which, according to the organizers, was to become the first ever Russian gay parade

Postmen will be able to provide primary health care

“Post of Russia” will provide citizens with social services – postmen will be able to conduct medical diagnostics of citizens and provide them with primary medical care. This in an interview with Izvestia was told by the head of the postal enterprise Nikolai Podguzov

In Russia, the number of children suffering from obesity is growing.

If in 2014 the national average of 100,000 Russian children recorded 1108.4 cases of the disease, then by 2017 this figure has increased to 1258.9.

The court extended the members of the “New Greatness” a stay in the jail

The term of arrest of four members of the extremist organization “New Greatness”, staying in the SIZO, was prolonged until December 13, the press service of the Dorogomilovsky court of Moscow reported. The arrest was extended to Ruslan Kostylenkov, Vyacheslav Kryukov, Dmitry Poletayev and Pyotr Karamzin.

Prosecutor’s check is held in RSC Energia

The prosecutor’s office has begun to check the work of the Rocket and Space Corporation Energia, in which allegedly could produce a “leaky” spacecraft “Union of MS-09”, the correspondent of The Moscow Post reports with reference to the source.

In Russia, they proposed banning the sale of sweets to children under 14 years of age

State Duma deputy Vitaly Milonov proposed banning the sale of foods high in sugar to children under 14 years old. This initiative is designed to reduce the incidence of obesity among the younger generation.

The investigation revealed nearly 1,700 pedophile priests in Germany

Between 1946 and 2014, 3,677 crimes were committed by 1,670 clergymen. More than half the victims at the time of the crime were 13 years or less

Ministry of Transport supported the idea of ​​installing tachographs in a taxi

Transport Minister Yevgeny Dietrich supported the initiative to install tachographs or their analogues in a taxi. This is reported on Wednesday, September 12, RT with reference to the corresponding letter. The experts are currently working on the issue.

FDA is considering the ban on electronic cigarettes

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is considering banning flavored electronic cigarettes in response to an “epidemic” among young people, Medscape reports.

In the US, a ban on the consumption of meat from cats and dogs was approved

The House of Representatives of the US Congress approved a bill prohibiting the killing and storage of cats and dogs for their consumption.

Norwegian fisherman discovered in the sea things of Assange’s missing companion

A Norwegian fisherman discovered things belonging to Ariena Kampheis, the founder of WikiLeaks, who disappeared three weeks ago, into the sea in the south of the kingdom, VG reports.

Entrepreneur from Tatarstan killed the robbers who attacked his house

In Tatarstan, an entrepreneur from Bugulma killed two robbers who attacked his house, RIA Novosti reports with reference to the Interior Ministry for the region.

As it became known, a criminal case was opened against a businessman for a murder committed in excess of the necessary defense limits. A criminal case was also filed under the article “robbery”.

In Ekaterinburg, the driver dropped a pregnant woman from the bus

A pregnant Ekaterinburg resident was kicked out of the bus after she made a remark to the driver on the phone. After several comments, the man locked the girl in the door, and then demanded to leave the salon, “Typical Yekaterinburg” reported.

The court added four days to the administrative arrest of Udaltsov

Meshchansky court in Moscow added to the 30-day administrative arrest of oppositionist Sergei Udaltsov four days spent in the hospital, told the “Interfax” court spokeswoman Yulia Kotomina.

Dutch coach of the Russian national team for hand-to-hand combat will receive citizenship

Citizen of the Kingdom of the Netherlands Michel Albertus Hendricus Josephus Van Rijt was recently appointed to the position of coach of the Russian national team and announced his long-standing desire to become a Russian citizen and applied to the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin.

The reasons for the love of Russia for Michel more than enough, one of the main – this is his Russian wife Olga, whom he married back in 2007.

“I am inspired by the example and experience of my colleagues – Roy Jones, Jeff Monson, Steven Seagal and many other famous personalities who have entered Russian citizenship,” Michelle admits. – For me it’s a great honor and my big and old dream. I need a Russian passport not only for successful and productive work, but also for completing the procedure for registering full custody of our daughter and daughter Olga. Recently I have already obtained a residence permit, I hope that President Putin will enter our situation and help with the registration of the Russian passport! “


Sberbank will appeal against the arrest of its Ukrainian assets

Appeal to the decision of the court of Kiev on the arrest of subsidiaries of the Savings Bank is planned in the credit institution, RBC reports. Commenting on the application for the arrest of shares in Ukraine, Sberbank stated that the organization in the territory of this country is working “in full compliance with the current legislation and regulatory standards”

Putin instructed to accelerate the growth of the economy of the Far East to 6% per year

President Vladimir Putin instructed the government to develop a national program for the development of the Russian Far East until 2035, one of the main tasks of which will be to accelerate the growth of the county’s economy to 6% a year.

I think that we need a national program for the development of the Russian Far East for the period until 2025, with a prospect until 2035. The government will be instructed to prepare such a document, to do so in close contact with the Far Eastern regions, citizens, business, and public associations. – Vladimir Putin

Putin proposed to create a center for digital development on the island of Russian

Speaking at the Eastern Economic Forum, Vladimir Putin outlined the main directions that must necessarily be included in this large-scale national program. The loudest proposal is to make the island of Russian in Vladivostok a center of digital development.

Construction of the Sakhalin-Hokkaido bridge

To pay off the bridge on Sakhalin will not be enough cargo, according to Vedomosti, referring to officials and top managers of the three coal companies. According to the publication, there is not yet a single cargo owner who would be interested in transshipping coal through the island

Nevertheless, Plenipotentiary Representative of the President of the Russian Federation in the Far Eastern Federal District Yuri Trutnev believes that the bridge is profitable and will pay for itself, as it will allow reducing the prices for a number of products, the cost of which on the island is several times higher than on the mainland.

“There is a position of people who say that the bridge will not pay off, the areas are hard to reach, the road is long.” To be honest, I am of a completely different point of view: the fact is that in Sakhalin, prices for building materials, for example, exceed the mainland in two In the year, only the budgetary sphere of Sakhalin buys 90 billion rubles for construction of construction materials, so, according to our estimates, Sakhalin can save at least 40 billion, “he said.

VTB CEO spoke about the fate of dollar deposits

The head of VTB told how the bank is going to meet the interests of dollar investors in the expansion of anti-Russian sanctions. He noted that VTB is counting on the support of the Central Bank. All customers will be able to get their money back, VTB CEO Andrey Kostin assured in an interview with Bloomberg.

VTB and “Post of Russia” will create a joint venture in the field of logistics

VTB and the Russian Post agreed to establish a joint venture on a parity basis in the logistics sector, investing 10.2 billion rubles each for three years. The relevant agreement was concluded within the framework of the Eastern Economic Forum, the Interfax correspondent reported from the signing ceremony.

Chinese CNPC will receive minority stakes in Rosneft’s projects

The Chinese national oil and gas corporation CNPC will be able to acquire minority stakes in major oil and gas projects of Rosneft, in particular in Eastern and Western Siberia.

Russia and China built a tunnel under the Amur River

As reported on the site of the Chinese company CNPC, now in the tunnel, located in the Heihe district of Heilongjiang Province, installation works began.

“For China, this is the first realized project of a transboundary tunnel built by the shield method,” the company said, noting that “the tunnel starts in the border zone in China, passes under the Amur River and connects to a well in the territory of the Russian Federation.”

In the Rostov region gasoline fuel has become more expensive

Since the beginning of the year, the retail price of gas motor fuel in the Rostov region has grown by 31.14%, according to Rosstat. This is slightly lower than the average for Russia – the price for the country increased by 31.8%. According to the statistics body, in the Rostov region the price rose from 21.29 to 27.92 rubles. per liter.

Rosneft and Beijing Gas will build gas filling stations in Russia

Rosneft and Chinese Beijing Gas agreed on the basic conditions for the creation of a joint venture, within which they can jointly build 160 gas filling stations in Russia, the largest Russian oil company reported.

Sberbank suspended refinancing of its clients’ mortgages

Sberbank of Russia has suspended refinancing of mortgage loans of its customers, the message on the bank’s website follows. “The consideration of applications of its mortgage borrowers to reduce interest rates on the existing mortgage, Sberbank is not made,” – said in a statement.

The State Duma exempts the airports from VAT for the maintenance of aircraft

The State Duma adopted a government bill on introducing a preferential VAT rate on airport services for servicing aircraft in the first reading, the REGNUM correspondent reported on September 12.

In Russia, will develop a scheme for supporting lending developers of banks

In Russia before the end of 2018 will develop a scheme to support lending developers of banks, said September 12 managing director of the state-owned company “Dom.rf” Kirill Grishanov.

“Kommersant” learned about the investment fund created by Sergei Galitsky

Businessman Sergei Galitsky after the sale of shares of the retailer “Magnit” has created an investment fund, which has already examined several assets in the production of food. This was reported by the newspaper Kommersant, citing two sources in financial circles.

The budget of the Pension Fund will be allocated more than 1.5 trillion rubles

The budget of the Pension Fund (PFR) is planned to additionally send more than 1.5 trillion rubles. in the framework of the pension reform and those amendments to it, voiced by Russian President Vladimir Putin, said the head of the State Duma Committee on Budget Andrei Makarov.

Gref did not rule out raising Sberbank mortgage rates

Sberbank can raise interest rates on mortgage and consumer loans due to the current situation on the market. On this, as reported by RIA Novosti, said the head of the bank German Gref on the sidelines of the WEF.

While we look, but rates have gone up very strongly, there is a danger that it will have to be raised. – German Gref, Russian politician

Gas has risen in price in Novosibirsk on one and a half ruble for a month

According to statistics, in the Novosibirsk region for the fifth month in a row, prices for gas motor fuel are rising. In August, the increase in the price of a liter of this fuel by the beginning of the year was 28.4%. Compared with July, gas price hike in August was 6.3%. In monetary terms, this is 1.44 rubles.


Trump signed a decree on sanctions for interference in the elections

President of the United States Donald Trump signed a decree allowing the introduction of various sanctions against foreign individuals, companies or countries that interfere in the American elections. This information was confirmed by Trump’s national security adviser John Bolton.

This applies not only to interference in the operation of our infrastructure, but also to propaganda or disinformation. – John Bolton, American politician

Putin invited the Prime Minister of Japan to conclude a peace treaty before the end of the year

The Russian leader suggests resolving conflict issues after the conclusion of the treaty, which directly contradicts the unchanged position of Tokyo on this issue. Russian President Vladimir Putin proposed to conclude a peace treaty between Russia and Japan before the end of this year – without preconditions.

Such a simple thought occurred to me right now. Let’s conclude a peace treaty – not now, but before the end of the year – without any preconditions … And then on the basis of this peace treaty as friends we will continue to resolve all disputable issues. – Vladimir Putin

The Supreme Court of Russia recognized as valid the sentence Roman Sushenko

The Supreme Court of Russia recognized as legitimate the sentence of Ukrainian journalist Roman Sushchenko who was sentenced to 12 years in a strict-regime colony for espionage, Interfax reported. Appellate complaints against the verdict the court left without satisfaction.

Bandera admirer filed a complaint with the Minister of Education of Ukraine

The Ukrainian Russophobe writer Larisa Nitsoy said that she will file complaints with the Ukrainian Security Service (Ukrainian Security Service) and the General Prosecutor’s Office of Ukraine (GPU) demanding the dismissal of the Minister of Education and Science of Ukraine, Lilia Grinevich, September 12 UNIAN. The Russophobe writer was outraged that at the Russian language lessons in the 1-3 grades in Ukraine, textbooks are used in Russian

Medvedev will meet with the Finnish Prime Minister in Helsinki

Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev will meet with his Finnish counterpart Juha Sipiley in Helsinki this month, the press service of the Russian cabinet said. The meeting between Medvedev and Sipili is scheduled for September 26. The prime ministers of the two countries will meet in Helsinki.

The Chinese Foreign Ministry urges the United States not to harm relations with sanctions

Beijing urges Washington to abandon prejudice and harm to bilateral relations against the backdrop of reports about the possibility of imposing sanctions from the US because of alleged violation of the rights of Muslims in the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, Foreign Ministry Spokesman Geng Shuang said at a briefing on Wednesday.

Russia withdrew objections to the report on sanctions against the DPRK in the UN

The Permanent Mission of Russia to the United Nations no longer has an answer on the report of an independent group of experts on sanctions against the DPRK, press secretary of the Permanent Mission Fyodor Střížovský told reporters.

Britain accused Russia of lying about the “case of the Violins”

The representative of British Prime Minister James Slack accused Russia of lying in response to alleged attempts by London to obtain information on the poisoning of the British intelligence spy and the former colonel of the Chief Intelligence Directorate (GRU), Sergei Skripal and his daughter Julia.

The largest faction of the European Parliament nominated Sentsov for the Sakharov Prize

The largest faction in the European Parliament, the European People’s Party (EPP), put forward the Ukrainian director Oleg Sentsov, convicted in Russia, for the Andrei Sakharov Prize for Freedom of Thought. This is reported in the Twitter party.

Ukraine will never supply water to the Crimea

“The water under the contract, where” Crimea, Russia “is written, will never be supplied to the occupied territory,” Ukrainian Foreign Minister Pavel Klimkin told reporters

ДНР and ЛНР exist outside the constitutional system of Ukraine

The head of the press service of the US State Department, Heather Nauert, said that the DNR and the LNR exist outside the constitutional order of Ukraine. As reported by TASS, this is said in a circulated message of the representative of the State Department.

“The US support for the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine remains unshakable,” Nauert explained

European Parliament approved sanctions against Hungary for violation of EU values

448 deputies voted for the start of the procedure, against – 197. Now the European Parliament will ask the EU Council to take measures against Hungary to prevent a “systematic violation” of the values ​​of the union. Such a procedure is launched for the first time in the Member State.

Representatives of China and the US discussed the situation on the Korean peninsula

Special Representative of the United States for the DPRK Steven Began and Deputy Foreign Minister of China Kun Xuanwu held a meeting, during which they discussed the situation on the Korean peninsula. This was reported in the press service of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China.

May warned British politicians from the appearance on the channel RT

British Prime Minister Teresa May tried to dissuade the current and former politicians of the kingdom from appearing on Russia Today. While talking with deputies in the House of Commons of the Parliament of the Kingdom, the head of government said that this media is an “instrument of propaganda” for Russia.

Activists sued Sweden against Nord Stream-2

Activists of the environmental organization ClientEarth filed a lawsuit against the Swedish administrative court demanding that the construction of the Nord Stream-2 gas pipeline in Sweden’s waters be stopped. This is reported by RT link to the organization’s website


Japan and the US tested the sea-based Aegis missile defense system

The US, together with Japan, conducted a successful test of the sea-based Aegis anti-missile defense complex. Such a statement was made in the press service of the missile defense agency of the United States Department of Defense.

The US knew that Syria had a part of the chemical weapons

The former administration of the US president knew that the leadership of Syria did not destroy all the arsenals of chemical weapons, but only the declared ones. With this statement, John Kerry, who served as US Secretary of State from February 1, 2013 to January 20, 2017, spoke on Fox News today.

“We said that we got rid of 100% of the declared chemical weapons [Damascus], this is what the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons [OPCW] was able to fix,” explained the ex-secretary of state.

Shoigu: the military exercises of Russia and China will be regular

Joint exercises of Russia and China will be held on a regular basis, Russian Defense Minister General of the Army Sergei Shoigu said. On Wednesday, Russian Defense Minister and Chinese Defense Minister Wei Fenhe checked the work of the Russian and Chinese command and control posts at the Tsugol training ground.

The Pentagon called heroic the work of “White Helmets”

The United States considers heroic the work of the non-governmental organization White Helmets, which Russia accuses of provocations, a Pentagon spokesman told RIA Novosti

Strategic aviation of Russia used cruise missiles

Having risen from the Far Eastern airfield, the aircraft overcame more than two thousand kilometers to the Telemba test site in Buryatia and fired rockets from a height of five kilometers along targets on the ground. The means of objective control recorded the defeat of targets, told the Ministry of Defense of Russia

Merkel did not rule out Germany’s participation in a possible attack on Syria

German Chancellor Angela Merkel during her speech in the Bundestag did not exclude the participation of the FRG in the military strikes of the Allies in Syria, if necessary.

“From the very beginning, to say no, regardless of what is happening in the world, this can not be the position of Germany,” TASS quoted Merkel.

Armenia discusses the possibility of a new military loan from Russia

Armenian Defense Minister David Tonoyan said that the country’s leadership is discussing with Russia the possibility of obtaining a new military loan, which will amount to $ 100 million, RIA Novosti reports.

Turkey threw troops into the opposition-controlled Idlib

A senior source in the Turkish security forces reported that Turkish servicemen reinforced 12 checkpoints inside Idlib. Troops, armored personnel carriers and weapons were transferred to the border with Syria, told three Turkish sources

The fourth US destroyer with cruise missiles entered the Mediterranean Sea

The Russian military maintains that the US is preparing for a missile strike against military targets in Syria.

US Ambassador to the United Nations has promised a third blow to Syria

Syria should not feel the determination of the United States, which will use force, if necessary, again. With such threats, once again the US permanent representative to the UN Nikki Haley made a speech. These statements she made on Fox News.

The Tu-95 rocket-carriers carried out patrols over the Arctic Ocean

The Department of Information and Communications of the Ministry of Defense of Russia reported patrolling strategic missile carriers Tu-95MS three northern seas and the Arctic Ocean in the framework of the exercise “East-2018”


There was video of Weinstein’s harassment before rape

British television channel Sky News published video evidence of the inappropriate behavior of Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein during a business meeting. Video provided by the businesswoman Melissa Thompson, available on the channel website

Roman Gritsenko left because of Olga Buzovoy

The host for several months took the courtship party reality show, but did not give any hope for a joint future. One of the most popular participants of “House-2” Omsk Roman Gritsenko left the project because of the leading Olga Buzovoy, as the fans think.

In ultramini and with a new hair color

Anastasia Volochkova at age 42 appeared on the next frame in ultramini and boasted a new hair color. The ballerina visited an experienced master from St. Petersburg to try something new. In accordance with the words of celebrity, the colorist managed to surprise her with her professionalism

Olga Buzov was caught with a former Italian airport

The famous Russian TV presenter and singer Olga Buzova recently caught up with former beloved Timothy Mayorov in Italy. Couple saw in one and the airports and duty-free zone, and from their side the conversation looked more than friendly – the star often touched the businessman, stroked his hand.

Tatiana Vasilieva reconciled with the former daughter-in-law

Tatiana Vasilyeva herself explained: she made some efforts and they managed to settle the conflict. For a long period of time, Tatyana Vasilieva could not establish relations with Anastasia Begunova, the former wife of her son Philip.

Riding on horseback. The network merged naked photos Kendall Jenner

As telegram channel Super informs, pictures are taken from the unpublished book of photographer Russell James. Soon after the sink they were removed, but the users managed to keep everything. Note that it is difficult to surprise with candid photos of celebrity.

Anastasia Kozhevnikova leaves the “VIA Gry”

Anastasia wished good luck to other soloists of “VIA Gry” Olga and Erica and gave a mysterious greeting to Masha Romanova, who also left the band. Anastasia Kozhevnikova herself was married on August 26 this year, and about the dismissal from the group spoke in a week.

The daughter of Madonna debuted at the fashion week in New York

The girl boldly walked along the catwalk almost topless. The daughter of Madonna – Lourdes Leon debuted on the podium. She came out in front of the audience in an original designer dress, the top of which was a braided bra from the shells, low – torn, heavily ripped jeans flared.

Vincent Cassel was first published by his young wife

The young wife of the actor was mistaken for his granddaughter. Vincent Cassel, who first appeared in public after his wedding with Tina Kunaki, produced a completely different impression, which he sought. Vincent wanted to boast of his 21-year-old wife.

Soloist Limp Bizkit divorces his wife

American singer, founder and vocalist of Limp Bizkit group Fred Durst gets divorced from his wife, a native of the Kemerovo region Ksenia Beryazeva, the site kp.ru reports. Xenia grew up in the Crimea, and was born in Prokopyevsk, Kemerovo region. It is noted that she secretly married Fred Durst in 2012

Former wife of Abramovich gave an interview for the first time in 11 years

After the divorce, Irina Malandina stayed in London with all five children. She does not communicate and leads a closed way of life. And only now, 11 years later, Irina decided to give an interview to the Russian version of the magazine Tatler.

“Maybe, I do not often meet at secular events, but often we can see each other in the temple, at the exhibition, at the museum, at the theater,” Abramovich said.

She admitted that she was absolutely happy: along with the children Irina travels a lot, and also collects art objects and constantly gets to know new interesting people. About the heirs Irina says with pride: “The eldest, Anna (her 26), graduates from Columbia University with a degree in philosophy. Arkady (25) works for him, he has a successful business. Sofia (21) graduated from Royal Holloway University and continues to intensively engage in sports, participate in competitions in jumping. Arina (her 16th) graduates from college and plans to enroll in the Faculty of Zoology in Australia. Ilya (he, too, 16) studies in one of the schools in London, passes GCSE exams. I try to instill in my children kindness, compassion, diligence. ”

Recall, Roman and Irina Abramovich divorced in the spring of 2007 after 15 years of marriage. Irina received $ 300 million and pay all expenses for children.

Roman Abramovich builds for his ex-wife a luxurious mansion in a prestigious area of ​​New York

From time to time, journalists are nevertheless digging out new information about the Russian oligarch. As it became known the publication of Page Six, Abramovich started large-scale construction in the Upper East Side, one of the most expensive areas of New York. The future mansion he intends to present to his former wife Daria Zhukova.

Megan Markle leads the nose of Prince Harry

Expert: Megan Markle uses “theatrical techniques” with Prince Harry. The sign language expert believes that the Duchess of Sussex will still show her character. The Duchess of Sussex skillfully uses acting techniques to make Prince Harry feel most important in their pair.

Olga Buzova considers herself “the second after Putin”

Olga Buzova considers herself “the second after Putin” The singer released a scythe with provocative inscriptions. Olga Buzova as a designer released a jacket-leather jacket with badges of card suits, obscene inscriptions and embroidery “Second after Putin”.


The third season of “Daredevil” will be released on October 19. Here is a teaser

Thailand’s Netflix division announced the release date for the third season of “Daredevil”. All the series will appear on the streaming service on October 19. Simultaneously with the release date, a new teaser appeared on Twitter.

“I’d rather die like Daredevil than live like Matt Murdoch,” the protagonist says in the video.

About Maradona will withdraw the series. It will be played by three different actors

Casting for the role of the Argentinean has already been held, the football player will play three different actors at different moments of his life. The series should appear in the streaming service of Amazon in the near future, according to Football Italia. Previously, about Maradona was filmed two films, the directors were Emir Kusturica and Marco Rizi.

Shane West got a major role in the last season of “Gotham”

American actor Shane West got one of the main roles in the last season of the series “Gotham”.

Man in black: Hamilton watches in the new series about Jack Ryan

John Krasinski became the fifth actor to play the role of a CIA agent – after Alec Baldwin, Harrison Ford, Ben Affleck and Chris Pine. Incidentally, it was in the film with the participation of Pine “Jack Ryan: Theory of Chaos” (2014), the main character wore the watch Hamilton Khaki Titanium.

The trailer of the comedy “All or Nothing” by Dmitry Suvorov

In the social network “VKontakte” published an official trailer of Dmitry Suvorov’s film “All or Nothing.” The premiere of the comedy will be held on December 6.

Actor Henry Cavill has lost the role of Superman

Agreed to play a major role in the series “The Witcher” Henry Cavill will no longer appear in the image of Superman. Warner Bros invited Cavill to play the episodic role of Superman in the film “Shazam!”, But the negotiations reached a dead end.

Named the performer of the role of Jeanne Friske in the film about the singer

Father Zhanna Friske told about work on a feature film about the singer, the site kp.ru reports.

“A lot of documentaries have been shot about Jeanne. But the feature film will be the first. Work on it I entrusted to our good acquaintance, script writer and writer Gennady Kurkin, “- said Vladimir Friske.

He added that the shooting will begin next year. According to him, Jeanne in the picture will play her sister Natalia Friske.

A new trailer of the series “Romanovs” was released

Online service Amazon Prime Video published the second trailer of the series “Romanov” (“The Romanoffs”) Matthew Weiner, reports Variety. The series shows eight separate stories of people who consider themselves descendants of the royal family.

The Star of the Game of Thrones can play Batman in a new solo film

According to Revenge of the Fans, in the middle of the summer of 2018 the company ordered several concept artworks with two actors in the image of the Dark Knight. One of them was Keith Harington (“The Game of Thrones”).

Days of Uzbek cinema will be held in Tajikistan

Within the days of Uzbek cinema in Tajikistan, Tajikfilm and Uzbekkino are planning to sign a memorandum of cooperation, the Asia-Plus publication reported September 12. The Uzbek cinema days in Tajikistan will be held from 15 to 17 September. Film screenings will be held in Dushanbe and other cities of the republic.

STS removes the second season of “Psychology”

As the STS press service informs, in the second season three girlfriends-psychologist in the performance of Anastasia Panina, Anna Staryshenbaum and Sophia Kashtanova will try on a fictitious marriage, fall into prison as a psychopath and learn how to survive in the village with their parents


The genus Homo could arise due to the mutation of a single gene

American scientists decided to establish how mutations of genes could lead to the formation of a separate genus Homo, including Homo sapiens and other extinct species such as Homo habilis and Homo erectus. Experiments showed that mice lacking the CMAH gene were more enduring on treadmills.

The scientists found that around the time the CMAH mutation occurred, our ancestors gradually moved from forests to arid African savannahs. They already had the ability to walk upright. The bodies of hominids began to change in order to adapt to the new conditions – so there were long legs, powerful muscles and an extensive system of sweat glands, which make it possible to get rid of surplus heat more efficiently.

As a result, our ancestors were able to run tirelessly long distances and hunt in the daytime, when most of the large predator competitors rested in the shade. So, they managed to pursue the prey until it fell from exhaustion.

Scientists compared the “vocabulary” of small children and chimpanzees

As the article of scientists in the journal Animal Cognition says, a child between the ages of one and two years uses about 60 different gestures until he learns to speak. The same gestures, as experts say, enjoy gorillas and chimpanzees.

Scientists: Milk prolongs life

Specialists from the University of McMaster have found out the benefits of milk. If you drink it three times a day, it will reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease and premature death, writes MedicalXpress.

A new theory of amorphous bodies explained their elastic properties

The French physicist Eric DeGiuli developed a statistical field theory that describes the behavior of amorphous solids with an arbitrary internal structure in two and three dimensions.

Scientists approached the creation of a vaccine against HIV

Researchers from the University Hospital of Zurich found that almost 1% of all HIV-infected people develop specific antibodies that can be used to create an HIV vaccine.

Physicists first received the image with the help of “ghost” electrons

American physicists first realized the method of ghostly visualization of an object using an electron beam

Scientists: Switching to vegetarianism will help preserve water supplies

Experts analyzed the amount of food consumed in these regions and calculated the approximate change in the volume of necessary water in case of switching to a balanced diet. As a result, there were three main diets – meat, fish and vegetarian.

It became known about new targets for cancer cells

At the beginning of the 20th century, the German physiologist Otto Warburg found that cancer cells do not eat as healthy as they do.

For example, a cell consumes energy when the glucose is decomposed by an aerobic route. While cancer cells use anaerobic glycolysis, which gives two units of a molecule, instead of the usual 36 units.

Thanks to this, it is possible to create a new target for future melanoma vaccines, but also to help understand the causes of this phenomenon. There is a possibility that for cancer cells, one can not get ATP units and use it for amino acid growth. Perhaps the human body will be forced to abandon aerobic glycolysis. …

Physicists have created heavy-duty soap bubbles

For the first time in the world super-strong soap bubbles are created, the discovery belongs to a group of physicists. They achieved actual control over the spheres from the liquid by applying ultrasound at the stage of formation of spherical structures.

In China, created a robot that can move very heavy objects

As it became known 15-news.ru, the floating micro-robot is able to shift the weight, which exceeds its mass by 6500 times. Also, it can develop a speed of up to 1 mm per second. A unique feature of a small robot is its tail of a special form, serving as a catalyst.

Archaeologists have found the oldest drawing in the world

The image was made about 73 thousand years ago. Scientists have found the oldest drawing in the world, which resembles hashtag lines. It was made on a piece of silkrite about 73 thousand years ago in the cave of Blombos in South Africa.

Physicists described non-surface-liquid wheels

Scientists have discovered the rotation and spontaneous droplet movement during the observation of the Leidenfrost effect – the retention of drops from rapid boiling when in contact with an overheated surface. The authors called the phenomenon “the wheels of Leidenfrost.” The work was published in the journal Nature Physics.

Superconductivity at a temperature of -13 degrees Celsius

Two groups of scientists immediately discovered that the lanthanum hydride LaH10 becomes superconducting at a record high temperature. The first group claims that the superconducting transition temperature is Tc ≈ 215 kelvin (-56 ° C). The second group claims an even higher temperature of Tc ≈ 260 Kelvin (-13 ° C). In both cases, however, the samples were under pressure in millions of atmospheres. The preprints of both papers are posted on the website arXiv.org.


Luxembourg intends to launch its own space agency

Luxembourg is creating its own space agency, Deputy Prime Minister Etienne Schneider told the Financial Times. According to him, a fund of € 100 million will invest in startups in the field of space technology.

Missing space probe found on the Moon

On the Moon fragments of the orbital probe Small Missions for Advanced Research in Technology-1 (SMART-1) are found. This was reported by the staff of the European Space Agency

Received signals from the most mysterious object in the universe

As part of the SETI project, a signal was recorded from the most mysterious object in the foreseeable universe. The scientists reported the appearance of new signals from FRB 121102, a source of rapid radio bursts.

Russia and China discuss a project on the joint development of the Moon

Representatives of Roskosmos and the Chinese National Space Administration drew attention to the need to develop a satellite of the Earth. Thus, having discussed the possibilities of both countries, it was decided to include the development of the Moon in the list of planned achievements of Russia and China in the field of space

Scientists: Very rare “lithium” star discovered

The lithium content in the star exceeds its amount in the Sun by 3000 times. This celestial body is extremely rare, and it’s not just about the lithium content, but also about other features. With such a large radius and high content of matter, the star has a slight difference in mass with our Sun, which seems incredible

Evidence of early migration of the planets of the solar system

Early planetary “perestroika” has important consequences for the terrestrial planets, especially with respect to the origin of large impact craters on the Moon, Mercury and Mars.

After studying a unique system of two large Trojan asteroids, astronomers got evidence that at the dawn of the solar system a planetary “reconstruction” took place, during which Uranus and Neptune were thrown into their current orbits. Conclusions of scientists are presented in the journal Nature Astronomy.

Scientists: the rivers of Mars and Titan are different from the rivers of the Earth

The Rusla of the Martian rivers are located along the hills, which indicates that the mountains appeared on Mars later than the rivers. A similar position of the rivers is also observed on Titan, which probably also appeared before the formation of the ridges. How the mountains could have formed after the planet was already formed (provided that there are no tectonic plates on Mars and Titan that are responsible for the Earth’s landscape) is not yet fully understood.

In France, created a bottle of champagne for space tourists

The French house for the production of sparkling wines Mumm introduced a bottle that allows you to drink champagne in zero gravity. As Agence France-Presse reported on Wednesday, the new development is likely to be the first to be used by space tourists

Scientists have explained the object suddenly appeared in the galaxy

The first outbreak of the SN 2012au was seen for six years, but it was less powerful. American scientists tried to explain the recent occurrence of the supernova SN 2012au. By its brightness, the mysterious eclipsed the parent galaxy, which surprised specialists.

The Japanese airline ANA Wings will enter the space business

The Japanese airline ANA Wings said that it will start developing technologies for creating robots that will be placed in space and will be controlled from the Earth

Scientists of NASA have found the “cradle of life”

Scientists from the NASA Institute for Space Research after observing discovered the “cradle of life” on an exoplanet closest to the Earth. Astronomers do not exclude the possibility that it can be inhabited.

Exoplanet with the name Proxima Centauri b revolves around the star of Proxima Centauri, and is also removed from the solar system at a distance of 4.22 light years. Around the Sun, the exoplanet makes a turn in 11 days, and its mass is 1.3 times greater than the earth’s.


UAZ will equip UAZ “Patriot” in the first half of 2019

Vadim Shvetsov, the owner and CEO of the Sollers Group of Companies, which includes the Ulyanovsk Automobile Plant, disclosed the release date for the renewed SUV Patriot with an automatic transmission. According to him, the modification with the “automatic” will be on sale in the first half of 2019.

Hatchback Nissan Pulsar left the European market

At the European Nissan office, the departure of the Pulsar hatchback from the market was explained by a sharp increase in demand for crossovers, while sales of compact models continue to fall.

Citroen will show in Paris a hybrid crossover C5 Aircross Hybrid

The company Citroen will present at the Paris Motor Show in October a prototype hybrid version of the flagship crossover C5 Aircross. It is expected that the serial execution of the novelty, given the demand for it, can enter the European market in 2020. The body component of the novelty has not changed.

Subaru has improved the BRZ sports car

The company Subaru updated the coupe BRZ, the car received improved aerodynamics and reconfigured suspension. Modification RA Racing is sold only in the home market, it features new seat belts and an improved safety cage.

Company BMW has shown tests of the new 3-Series in the Valley of Death

According to the representatives of the brand, the new BMW 3-Series will become one of the most aerodynamic cars – the drag coefficient of the sedan is 0.23. Among other things, the brand distributed photos with pre-production samples, including in the Death Valley in Nevada

Renault introduced the updated crossover Kadjar

The rear passengers received two USB ports at once. On the European market, the updated Renault Kadjar will be released in the coming months and, as before, will compete primarily with a colleague of Nissan Qashqai.

The new Lexus ES sedan will be equipped with cameras instead of side mirrors

The company Lexus will equip a sedan Lexus ES of a new generation with special cameras instead of the usual side mirrors. It is expected that the technology Digital Outer Mirrors will show in October 2019 directly on the car.

The unmanned motorcycle BMW based on R 1200 GS was shown on video

The prototype is based on the model R1200GS. Development of autopilot was engaged in motorcycle division of the brand. Motorcycle is able to independently start the movement, stop and pass the turns.

Aston Martin spoke about the electric Rapide

Instead of the petrol V12 in the sports car will be installed two electric motors with a total return of 610 hp. and 950 Nm of torque. The power plant will be powered by a set of batteries with a capacity of 65 kW / h, which can provide a power reserve of up to 320 kilometers.

According to preliminary data, the electric car can accelerate to 100 km / h in less than 4 seconds, and its maximum speed will be 250 km / h. In the plans of Aston Martin to collect only 155 of these cars

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