18 Май, 2021

Lukashenka expands powers of power structures

Lukashenko signed a law expanding the possibilities for the use of weapons and special equipment by the security forces. The main thing:

  • security officials are given the right to use weapons and special means «taking into account the current situation, the nature of the crime, the administrative offense and the personality of the offender.» (the former wording — «if it is not possible to perform the tasks assigned to them in other ways»)
  • law enforcers are empowered to use combat and special equipment when suppressing riots
  • security officials are relieved of responsibility for harm caused by the lawful use of weapons and special equipment
  • the use of special equipment, special equipment and weapons must be preceded by a clearly expressed warning and a pause so that the offender has time to fulfill the requirements of the security forces (except for cases when delay is dangerous for the life of a law enforcement officer or other citizens)
  • security officials have been given the right to prohibit taking pictures and videos of their work and the environment, including people

The main provisions of the new law will come into force one month after its official publication.

Turkish President cursed Austria

Turkish President Erdogan said he curses the Austrian government for raising the Israeli flag in solidarity with the Jewish state

Angela Merkel expressed solidarity with Israel

The German Chancellor, in a conversation with the Israeli Prime Minister, condemned the ongoing rocket attacks from the Gaza Strip and stressed the right of Israelis to self-defense.

China proposes to hold inter-Afghan talks

The Chinese Foreign Minister, during a telephone conversation with an adviser to the Afghan President, proposed holding inter-Afghan talks in China, the Chinese Foreign Ministry said in a statement.

«The Chinese side is ready to provide conveniences for internal inter-Afghan negotiations, including creating conditions for negotiations in China.»

What kind of work attracts Russian youth

Russian youth are most attracted by entrepreneurship and the civil service (16% and 15% of requests among those who are 18-22) and then followed by the profession of a doctor, IT specialist, teacher and lawyer, according to a study of the Zarplata.ru service available from RIA Novosti. after graduation, 51% of graduates expect an income of at least 40 thousand rubles a month.

The famous Arch of Darwin, one of the symbols of the archipelago, collapsed from weathering on the Galapagos

Until ticket prices come down

Tajikistan has banned S7 and Nordwind flights until they cut ticket prices, the Republican Civil Aviation Agency told RIA Novosti. S7 announced that it intends to increase the number of flights between Russia and Tajikistan, which will reduce prices

Prohibition to work for an unwanted organization

The State Duma adopted in the first reading a bill prohibiting Russians from participating in the activities of unwanted foreign organizations abroad. For this, a fine of 300 to 500 thousand rubles is provided, and in case of repeated violations — up to 4 years in prison. Leadership of such an organization will be punished for a period of 2 to 6 years.

For services to the fatherland

Chaika was awarded the Order of Merit for the Fatherland, I degree, St. Petersburg Governor Beglov — II degree

The website of the Belarusian independent publication Tut.by was blocked by the authorities

Shortly before the blocking, it became known that a criminal case was opened against the leadership of the newspaper in Belarus: they are accused of tax evasion on an especially large scale. The employees of the editorial office are being searched.

The Ministry of Information of Belarus confirmed the blocking of Tut.by:

“The General Prosecutor’s Office has established numerous facts of violations of the law on the media in terms of placing prohibited information in a number of publications on the Internet resource Tut.by. These materials contain information on behalf of the unregistered BYSOL foundation ”.