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27 Дек, 2022

Major champagne importers

The United States imported the most champagne in 2021: 34.1 million bottles (0.75 liters each). The UK is slightly behind them: 29.9 million bottles (although per capita it comes out clearly more), and Japan closes the top three with a result of 13.8 million bottles

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In Germany, the nationalization of the energy concern Uniper has been completed. This was announced in a joint statement by the German Ministry of Economy and Finance. Uniper has raised its core capital by 8 billion euros, and now only the state has access to it.


Christmas as a holiday at the state level is celebrated almost everywhere on December 25! Exceptions are Russia, Serbia and Montenegro, where Christmas is celebrated on January 7th. In the Republic of Belarus and Ukraine, Christmas is celebrated twice. In Bosnia and Herzegovina, the date depends on the region of the country

And in the homeland of St. Nicholas (aka Santa Claus) — in Turkey — they don’t celebrate Christmas in principle!


Salty food increases stress levels. These conclusions were reached by Scottish scientists in the course of experiments on mice. One group of rodents was fed salty food for 2-8 weeks — the dose was about the same as in human food. The second — sat on a normal diet. A blood test showed that the mice in the first group had elevated levels of cortisol, the “stress hormone.” Also, after euthanasia, brain tissue samples were taken from rodents. They found increased activity of genes that produce proteins responsible for the response to stress. This effect appeared after only two weeks of the high-salt diet. Probably people are affected too.


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