9 Jul, 2018

Maneuvers of the Russian budget ….

The Ministry of Finance of Russia in 2019 plans to cut spending in several areas, including health, culture and national defense. This is stated in the draft “Fundamental Directions of Budget Policy”, which is published on the website of the State Duma Committee on Budget and Taxes.

On health, next year will allocate 459.5 billion rubles, whereas in 2018 the budget for this item is 479.7 billion. Then the expenses will increase – in 2020 they will amount to 563.2 billion rubles, in 2021 – 572.5.

The same scheme outlines the costs of national defense: in 2019, the reduction to 2.78 trillion rubles (in 2018 – 2.79), and in 2020 and 2021 – an increase to 2.86 and 2.98 trillion, respectively .

As for culture, the budget expenditures under this heading will gradually decrease: from 103.2 billion rubles in 2018 to 88.5 billion in 2021. The same goes for sports: from 64.8 billion to 29.9.

The financing of issues of national security and law enforcement will increase. By 2021 this item of expenditure will grow to 2,320 trillion rubles (from 2,105 in 2018).

Education costs will fluctuate: in 2018 it was planned to allocate 689.7 billion rubles for this sphere, in 2019 it is planned to spend 716.4 billion, in 2020 – 707.9, and in 2021 – 726.6.

Briefly about the main thing …..


Rosstandart will deal with the problem of fuel shortage at Russian filling stations

Rosstandart is preparing a package of legislative amendments aimed at solving the problem of fuel shortage at Russian filling stations. This was reported to Izvestia by the department

ROC: due to poverty of Russians, the income of the church decreased

The purchasing power of Russians is declining. As a result, the income of churches falls. The chairman of the Moscow Patriarchate’s external relations Metropolitan Hilarion of Volokolam announced this on the air of the TV channel “Russia 24”.

Almost every second will be left without leave

Almost every second Russian will not rest this summer – Superjob asked the respondents for plans for summer vacation. The survey involved 1600 representatives of the economically active population of the country.

47% of respondents do not plan to leave this summer. 12% will spend it at home, 8% are ready to go on vacation to the dacha or to the village, 13% plan to travel around Russia, 6% – rest abroad. 14% of respondents have not yet been able to decide on their plans for the summer.

Truckers will be fined by Rostransnadzor

Since July 8, amendments to the Code of Administrative Offenses came into force. Now truckers who do not comply with the regulations of the “Platon” system will be fined by Rostransnadzor.

The innovations consist in transferring to Rostransnadzor from the Ministry of Internal Affairs the authority to issue rulings on fines to owners of 12 tons for traffic on federal roads without paying fees through the Platon system, the press service of the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation informs.

Unnecessary contingent of Russia

In Novy Urengoy (Yamal), physicians refused to admit a 92-year veteran. Doctors told their relatives directly: “You do not need him to die in the car.” This situation is observed throughout the country and how to solve such problems is unknown.

Doctors complain that patients of 80+ age are almost doomed in 100% of cases, because only the treatment of the illness, to which complaints have been started, starts to make itself felt by others. If the patient dies in the ambulance, this will entail a lot of problems in terms of formality. The same outcome of events and in the hospital, only in the case of the hospital deteriorates statistics on the recovery of those who entered.

From August 1 working pensioners will recount their pensions

In Russia, on August 1, pensioners will receive an increase in pensions. The rest of the population “indexation” will not affect. The information was provided by the press service of the FIU.

The Ministry of Finance will cut spending on health, culture and sports

The Ministry of Finance of Russia in 2019 plans to cut spending in several areas, including health, culture and national defense. This is stated in the draft “Fundamental Directions of Budget Policy”, which is published on the website of the State Duma Committee on Budget and Taxes.

Insurers seek access to pension savings of Russians

The system of individual pension capital (PKI) is being prepared by the Central Bank and the Ministry of Finance, and insurers propose to allow them to work with Russians’ savings on the same terms as non-state pension funds (APFs) – the letter to the Minister of Finance Anton Siluanov

Russia sent 1 million dollars to Israeli pensioners

About the transfer of funds to pay pensions, accumulated by the Russians before emigration to Israel, said a representative of the Israeli National Insurance. According to the estimates of the department, of the 4,000 qualifying retirees, each will receive $ 70-100 per month.

In search of new ways of Russia’s pension system

As the deputy of the lower house of parliament, member of the State Duma committee for labor, social policy and veterans affairs Svetlana Bessarab, said in the State Duma, additional opportunities are considered to compensate for the deficit of pension fund resources, in addition to raising the retirement age. According to Bessarab, one of such options is the withdrawal from the “shadow” of workers for payment to the FIU.


Sakhalin and Kuril ecologists visited sea excursions off the coast of Hokkaido

Representatives of the Kuril reserve and the Ministry of Forestry and Hunting of the Sakhalin region visited the Nemuro district of Hokkaido. During the visit, environmentalists twice went to sea to observe marine mammals and birds

Rating of regions with the most polluted air

The rating was compiled with the help of samples exceeding the maximum permissible concentrations (MPC) of pollutants. More than a million air samples were taken, they were taken both in cities and in rural settlements. The agency calculated that only 0.75% of these samples exceeded the amount of harmful substances.

In Rospotrebnadzor came to the conclusion that dirty air is more common in cities than in villages and villages. According to the department, the most polluted air is in Buryatia and Irkutsk region. In Buryatia, about five percent of air samples were dirty (with pollution above the norm), and in the Irkutsk region – 4.3%. These regions are followed by the Saratov and Kursk regions, as well as the Krasnoyarsk Territory, – the rtvi.com research results.

In addition, the agency collected a rating of regions where samples with exceeding the norm were more often than in five times. The list included Khakassia, the Krasnoyarsk and Zabaikalye Territories, the Irkutsk Region and Buryatia.

“Rotten brook” and dumps

The inflow of the Voronka River is not called a “rotten brook” by Mikhalkovo residents. In the boggy lowland of the ravine, as people say, drains come from seven Tula enterprises. There is a river of sewage under the village on a metal pipe.

Moscow will begin to check air and soil from incineration plants

Moscow authorities are planning in the third quarter of this year to launch regular monitoring of pollutants in the air and in the soil in the areas of incineration plants, the press service of the Moscow department of nature management

Far Eastern forest prefers to go to China

For 6 years the volume of exported timber transportation from the Khabarovsk Territory has increased by 80%


The government will lose 3 trillion rubles due to tax breaks to the regions

The cost of tax breaks for the federal budget this year will increase by 750 billion rubles. and then continue to grow by 80-100 billion a year. The most benefits will be VAT benefits (by 175 billion rubles.) And for oil industry (360 billion).

But the conditions for granting privileges by regions, on the contrary, become tougher. The government proposes to deprive them of the right to reduce the profit tax to 13.5% (in 2017-2020 to 12.5%) – it has already submitted such amendments to the State Duma to the bill of deputies passed in the first reading.

“Tatfondbank” seized from the government fund 12 plots in Kazan

The non-profit organization “The State Housing Fund under the President of the Republic of Tatarstan,” established in 1995 by decree of the head of Tatarstan, may lose 12 land plots in Kazan unless, by the end of July 2018, the decision of the Arbitration Court of Tatarstan is appealed.

China’s foreign exchange reserves reached $ 3.112 trillion

As of the end of June this year, China’s foreign exchange reserves amounted to 3.112 trillion dollars against 3.111 trillion dollars in late May, reports Dow Jones.

In Russia, the population pays more than 43% of taxes

In Russia, the population pays more than 43% of taxes. The tax system almost caught up with the European level. Information with reference to the economist Roman Revunov was provided by IA “Topical news”.

The maximum deposit rate decreased to 6.41% per annum

July 6, 2018, the Central Bank of the Russian Federation reported that in the third decade of June this year the average maximum rate on ruble deposits in 10 largest banks in terms of attracted deposits of individuals amounted to 6.41% per annum. Compared with the II decade of June, the indicator fell by 0.04 percentage points.

The profit of the Savings Bank under RAS for the first half of the year increased by 25.5%

Sberbank’s net profit under Russian Accounting Standards (RAS) for the first half of 2018 increased by 25.5% compared to the same period last year and amounted to 397.8 billion rubles. This is stated in a press release of the bank

Since the beginning of the year, gasoline in Orlovschina has risen in price by 12.3%

From the beginning of the year the growth was 12.3%. And compared with June 2017, fuel price growth was 14.7%. This is evidenced by data from the Orelstat

Beijing intends to allow foreigners to buy shares of Chinese companies

The right to sell and buy A shares in RMB, represented on the Shanghai and Shenzhen Stock Exchanges, can be obtained by foreigners working in China, and employees of foreign companies, whose securities are listed in the PRC, TASS reported citing the Central Television of China.


British Minister for Brexit resigned due to disagreements with May

British Minister for Brexit Affairs David Davis resigned on Sunday. Davis was appointed to this position in 2016 and was in charge of negotiations on the withdrawal of Britain from the European Union.

Politico named the composition of the US delegation at the summit in Helsinki

The Politico newspaper presented on Sunday the list of the US delegation at the meeting of President Donald Trump with Vladimir Putin in Helsinki on July 16

According to the publication, the delegation will include the former president of the news channel Fox News Bill Shine, appointed July 5 deputy chief of staff of the White House communications.

Along with Donald and Melania Trump, the head of staff of the White House, John Kelly, the assistant to the president for national security John Bolton, the political adviser Stephen Miller, the White House press secretary Sarah Sanders, the director for social networks in the White House Dan Scavino and others .

These persons will accompany the American president not only in Helsinki, but also at other stops of his European tour.

Chinese media recommended “do not scold” Trump

Some state-owned media in China have received orders from the country’s authorities to soften aggressive criticism of US leader Donald Trump against the backdrop of a heated trade war between Washington and Beijing.

The embassy urged the US to exclude Russian media from the list of inoagents

The Russian embassy in the US urged Washington to stop the persecution of Russian media and to exclude them from the list of ino agents. This is stated in the message of the diplomatic mission in Facebook.

The President of Poland called the Volyn Massacre ethnic cleansing

Polish President Andrzej Duda said that the Volyn massacre was an ethnic cleansing, and not a war between the Poles and Ukrainians.

The US accused Russia of trying to destabilize NATO

Russia is trying to undermine the unity of NATO by luring Turkey to its side. This opinion was expressed by the US permanent representative to the North Atlantic Alliance Kay Bailey Hutchison. According to her, Moscow’s efforts are aimed at destabilizing the bloc.

Pompeo urged the DPRK to repeat the path of Vietnam

Pompeo added that the negotiations of the United States and Vietnam in 1985 on the return of the remains of American soldiers led to the normalization of relations between countries. The same talks are currently going on between the US and the DPRK, the Secretary of State said.

In Brazil, the decision to release the ex-president was canceled

Brazilian Federal Judge Joan Pedro Zhebran Netou canceled on Sunday the decision of his colleague, a judge from the city of Porto Alegre, on the release of former Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva from prison, Globo reported. Earlier, Judge Rogerio Favreto ordered the immediate release of Lulu to freedom

President of Venezuela Nicholas Maduro arrived in Turkey on a visit

Venezuela and Turkey support trade and economic ties, reinforced by an agreement signed during a videoconference held by Maduro and Erdogan on 17 May.

Friendship against the “third party”

Poland and Ukraine need to be friends, “so that the third party will not win, which alone is waiting for it.” Such a statement was made by the President of Ukraine Nezalezhnaya Peter Poroshenko.


Syrian air defense systems hit Israeli military aircraft

“Air defense systems repulsed Israeli aggression, knocking down a number of missiles and knocking one of the attacking aircraft, forcing the others to leave the airspace,” the Syrian news agency reported. The Israeli army refused to comment on the possible involvement in the attack on the airbase “Tifor”

Became known cost of Su-35 fighters for Indonesia

The cost of the contract between Russia and Indonesia is about a billion dollars. A source familiar with the situation told Interfax about this.

According to him, deliveries will be carried out in two stages. First, Indonesia will receive eight Russian planes, after which three more.

Su-35 – multifunctional fighter generation 4 ++. This is the last combat aircraft that was built on the basis of the T-10S platform, which became the basis for the Su-27 / Su-30 family fighter and their modifications.

Hanoi transferred the US remains of soldiers killed during the Vietnam War

The funeral ceremony of handing over the remains of deceased servicemen to the American side took place at the international airport of the Vietnamese city of Danang. It became the 144th similar event after the end of the Vietnam War with the United States.

In 2018, Iran did not commit provocations against US Navy ships

“Cases of provocation of Iran against US warships: in 2015 – 22, in 2016 – 36, in 2017 – 14, in 2018 – 0”, – wrote Trump on Twitter, referring to US Navy data.

The US has not yet decided on the deployment of permanent troops in Poland

The United States is studying Poland’s proposal for the permanent deployment of US troops on its territory, but no final decision has yet been taken. This was stated on Sunday by the US Permanent Representative to NATO, Kay Bailey Hutchison.

Fire after the shelling in the Donetsk republic

As a result of the shelling by the Ukrainian siloviki of the agricultural field in the south of the self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic, 120 hectares of wheat were destroyed by fire, the press service of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of the People’s Republic of Germany said.

Missile destroyer of the US Navy went to the port of Odessa

US missile destroyer USS Porter DDG 78, accompanied by the flagship ship Mount Whitney, went to the Odessa port and moored at the 16th berth of the marina. This is reported by the publication “Duma”.

Britain decided to strengthen the fleet in the Atlantic to oppose Russia

The British Armed Forces will increase their presence in the North Atlantic to counter the growing threat from Russia, the Royal Navy chief Admiral Philip Jones said in an interview with Sky News.

Over a day, more than 120 militants were eliminated in Afghanistan

Afghan security forces liquidated more than 120 militants of members of the radical Taliban movement and the Islamic State terrorist group during the day in numerous operations in various parts of the country, the Afghan Defense Ministry said on Sunday.

Concrete bombs again come into vogue

Break through several meters of reinforced concrete reinforced long-term firing point, destroy the runway of the enemy airfield or mine with nuclear missiles – to solve such specific problems there are special concrete bombs and artillery shells. In recent years, powerful penetrating munitions are increasingly being used to combat terrorists using underground shelters. Including in Syria. On the development of this type of weapons and its features – in the material of RIA Novosti

In Sweden, study possible scenarios of Russia’s invasion of Europe

After Russia’s annexation of the Crimea to the Ministry of Defense of Sweden, they began to pay great attention to the security issues of their territories. According to the publication L’Express, Swedish military experts are working on scenarios of a possible crisis and even a war in the northern part of Europe.


Crash on the railway in Turkey

The number of victims of the accident on the railway in Turkey has increased to 24, reports CNN Turk. Earlier, 10 dead were reported. The number of victims increased to 338 people.

Poisoned by “Novice” in Amesbury, the woman died

A woman, poisoned with a nerve agent in the English city of Amesbury, died and a murder case was opened, the report of Scotland Yard reported to RIA Novosti.

In the Transbaikal because of floods declared the emergency mode

In the Trans-Baikal Territory, due to floods, an emergency regime is declared. This was reported by the press service of the governor of the region.

The most important thing is to prevent a single tragic situation, to save all people whose homes have fallen into the zone of flooding. – Natalia Zhdanova, Russian statesman

The number of deaths due to showers in Japan exceeded one hundred people

More than a hundred people died in Japan because of the heavy rains that hit the central and western parts of the country. According to the latest information, which leads the agency Kyodo, at least 103 people were victims of rain and landslides, another 56 people are missing.

Ambulance helicopter fell to residential buildings in the US

The medical helicopter Eurocopter EC 135 collapsed on a cottage settlement in Williamsburg, Virginia, the US Federal Aviation Administration said.

According to the WTKR channel, one person was killed as a result of the crash. It is specified that because of the fall of the helicopter in the village townhouses, a violent fire broke out.

A criminal case was filed of embezzlement from the bank “Taatta”

Yakutia’s law enforcement agencies opened a criminal investigation into the theft of funds from the “Taatta” bank in a particularly large amount. This is stated in the statement of the prosecutor’s office of the republic.

In Japan, cremated the body of the leader of Aum Shinrikyo

The body of the founder of the extremist sect Aum Shinrikyo (banned in Russia), Tizuo Matsumoto, known as Seko Asahara, was cremated in Japan.

A herd of cows took care of children in Bashkortostan

A herd of cows took care of three children and a woman in Tuymazinsky district of Bashkortostan. The injured were taken to hospital, reports Bash.News. As the father of one child said, the children went to the river Ik to collect twigs for brooms, when they were attacked by animals

In Italy, the most elderly woman in Europe died

The oldest woman in Europe, Giuseppina Proetto-Frau, died July 6 in Italy, in a commune near Florence, in the 117th year of her life. This is reported by the agency ANSA. “Giuseppina Proetto died in Montelupo Fiorentino at the age of 116 and 37 days,” the report said.

Duma deputy broke his head in Moscow

A deputy of the State Duma and head of the Committee on Economic Policy Sergei Zhigarev (faction “LDPR”) was beaten in the north of Moscow. The parliamentarian was taken to the hospital, REN TV reported on Monday, July 9. It is noted that Zhigarev diagnosed with hematoma, closed craniocerebral injury and bruising.

Reuters journalists accused of disclosing state secrets in Myanmar

Reporters worked on the story of the killing of 10 Muslim Rohingja in the ongoing conflict in the west of the country. Journalists are judged by the law on state secrets, which was adopted in the time of British colonial rule. The maximum term that threatens journalists is 14 years of imprisonment.

In Thailand, they are preparing to resume the evacuation of children from the cave

Rescuers in Thailand discussed further actions to rescue children from the flooded cave. Now the next phase of the special operation begins. On the eve of the trap, four boys were rescued and taken to the hospital


Justin Bieber made an offer to Haley Baldwin

Conversations about the wedding of the model and the musician appeared after a spectacular blonde appeared in public with an engagement ring on her finger. The tabloids reported that Justin made a Hayley proposal in the Bahamas last Saturday, and she agreed. The happy event was hinted at by Biber’s relatives.

Pregnant Anastasia Shubskaya lights up in dance

Despite a long time, a young woman does not deny herself the fun. On the video released at a private party, she vigorously dances with her famous husband, and a huge belly does not seem to interfere with the dance

Guf hinted at the problems in relations with Keti Topuria

Rapper showed a new joint photo. Keti Topuria and Guf only recently declassified their novel, and already now the couple’s fans are discussing their possible parting

Ivan Zhidkov boasted the keys to the new apartment

Some time ago, an actor Ivan Zhidkov said that, perhaps, he will live next to his ex-wife Tatyana Arntgolts. And the other day Ivan shared his joy: he received the keys to his new apartment.

Tom Hardy and Charlotte Riley will become parents for the second time

Baby will be the second in the family of Hardy and Riley. In October 2015, they first became parents. By the way, the name of the baby star of the movie “Mad Max: The Road of Fury” and his wife are still kept a secret.

Valeria and Joseph Prigogine long refused the wedding

The novel of Valeria and Iosif Prigogine began quite oddly – the producer was in love with the singer, but did not take any action to be with her. The actress also could not think about the novel with him, since before she experienced the tragedy in her personal life

The right to vegetarianism

Anorexic Irena Ponaroshku defended her right to vegetarianism and a complete refusal of meat. Corresponding question the fans of the TV presenter have raised in the microblogging Instagram. Fans love Ponaroshku and care about her health

Resident Comedy Club Andrei Skorokhod said goodbye to bachelorhood

Andrei Skorokhod, better known as the character of the Comedy Club under the pseudonym of Glebati, got married. For his friends, the event did not become a news, since a long relationship is associated with the girl Eugenia. Young people met in Jurmala at the festival “Golosisty Kivin” a few years ago

Mama of the singer Rita Ora looks younger than her daughter

Singer Riti Ora said on more than one occasion that her mother helped her succeed. From her, the artist inherited a beautiful appearance and figure as a present. Now the star family is vacationing in France, and on the web there are photos, judging by which my mother looks much younger than Rita Ora.

Drugs and real estate are incompatible …

The singer Shura told journalists that he will soon join the people who live according to the principle “our sky is blue sky”. He said that during the period of drug addiction, which he suffered 15 years ago, he purchased a new luxury apartment worth 100 thousand dollars

For some strange reason, the singer rewrote his lodging for an unknown employee of a construction company. At one point he was informed that he had lost his only home due to drug addiction – the apartment was legally rented for debts and new tenants will soon move to it.

The performer admits that he is incredibly hard, because he was very attached to his beloved apartment, and he had only 2 months to figure out where to move. But it does not have the means to buy new housing.

“Good-bye, Arya”

British actress Macy Williams, who played in the “Game of Thrones” Aryu Stark, announced the completion of participation in the series. Williams posted in her Instagram photograph of the shoes, spattered with blood, and wrote farewell words.

International film festival “Golden Apricot” opened in Yerevan

The International Golden Apricot Film Festival started in Yerevan for the 15th time. This time, the opening ceremony was held at two different venues

In St. Petersburg will host the festival “Jazz on the Neva”

At 19.00 on the Spit of Vasilievsky Island there will be a gala concert at which stars and legends of world jazz will perform for the spectators. Also guest and residents of the Northern capital will be invited guest of the concert – participant and laureate of music festivals of the USA, author and composer, singer TAIINA from the USA

Gena Vyatkin released a new album

One of the most famous Magadan musicians and real rock-n-rollers Gena Vyatkin, the leader of the group “Mission Anti-Cyclone” released a new album.

Belarusian rock band NUTEKI will perform in Orenburg

One of the most successful musical projects of Belarus will perform in Orenburg on July 9. Rock band NUTEKI will give a concert in the open air in the park named after the 50th anniversary of the USSR. The band is known for colorful concerts: their hits are accompanied by a real show with live sound and inexpressible energy.

The main prize of the VOICES festival was the film “Home”

In the nomination “Best Acting”, Kidist Sioum won the title role “Fortune” (Fortuna, Switzerland, Belgium), directed by Germinal Po. For the best director’s work, the prize was given to the film “Michael inside, Ireland”, dir.

Completed shooting blockbuster “Captain Marvel”

Bree Larson published in Instagram photo, with which she announced the completion of the filming process, “Captain Marvel.” The photo shows the project’s clapper and the calendar, where June 6 was marked as “the last day”, after which “freedom” is painted on several cells.


Xiaomi will stop issuing smartphones

The company is considering the possibility of selling smartphones under this brand in the domestic market in China. Xiaomi will stop issuing smartphones under its own brand. The company will produce smartphones under the brand Pocophone

Owners of the Apple iPhone or iPad are equated with the rich

Economists from the University of Chicago and the National Bureau of Economic Research found that in the United States, the rich are equated not only with people who own expensive cars, but also users of the Apple iPhone or iPad. The research materials appeared in the profile edition.

Company AVRS is suing Apple because of the voice assistant Siri

As it became known, AVRS specialists are working to create technologies related to speech recognition. It is reported that representatives of the corporation accuse Apple of violating the patent during the development of Siri’s voice assistant for the iPhone and iPad.

The cost of a new smartphone Nokia X6 Polar White

The gadget has a Snapdragon 636 processor, it runs on the Android 8.1 operating system. The amount of RAM is 4 gigabytes. And while the Chinese are actively buying up the ultramodern smartphone, sales of the legendary Nokia 8110 phone started in Russia.

Spies for developing countries

As it became known, experts in the field of cybersecurity have found malicious software on Android-smartphones, supplied for sale to developing countries.

Xiaomi is preparing to exit the game mouse YU Y720 Lite

Heads of Xiaomi company are soon preparing to launch the YU Y720 Lite gaming mouse with an attractive appearance. Experts noted the daring design and the presence of light at the device for minimal money

Sony Xperia XZ2 Premium was the most difficult flagship in recent years

With the approach of sales of the smartphone Sony Xperia XZ2 Premium, an interesting feature of this flagship was revealed. As it turned out, this is not only the most advanced smartphone of Sony and one of its most expensive models, but also the most difficult flagship, among those that were produced in recent years.

Smartphone Koolnee K1 Trio received the chipset MediaTek Helio P 23

The network posted information about the yet unofficially officially presented Koolnee smartphone model K1 Trio, the gadget will receive a 6.01-inch display with a ratio of 18: 9. The novelty will work on the 8-core chipset MediaTek Helio P 23, the device will provide 6 GB of RAM.

The main innovation in Google Play over the past 10 years

In the Google Play store, creators have implemented a major innovation over the past 10 years. The interests of users are taken into account, only entertaining content is shown. Now, users of the Play Market will see the content in the light of their interests.

Microsoft will force users to open links via Edge

For versions older than Windows 8.1, it is not available. To popularize the Edge, Microsoft decided to go for a trick and still force users to use the unpopular Edge: opening links in the mail client will only be possible with Edge, not with the default browser.

In Firefox and Google Chrome found a “spyware” extension

The extension of Stylish in Firefox and Google Chrome secretly from the user saves the history of website visits. “Spy” was discovered by the engineer-programmer from San Francisco, Robert Theton, RIA Novosti reported.

Roskomnadzor sent a request to Yandex in connection with the indexing of Google Docs

Roskomnadzor sent an official request to Yandex after getting into the search engine of unprotected Google Docs files. The press service of the supervisory agency reported that additional comments on this issue will be published on the website of the ILV.

A new Trojan makes a choice between mining and encryption

Kaspersky Lab experts detected new malware samples from the Trojan family Rakhni. It turned out that now malware can choose the variant of infecting the victim’s computer – the encryptor or the miner.

In Germany they want to equate to the operators of Google and Facebook

Large international technology companies like Google and Facebook can equate to telecom operators in Germany. Corresponding measures are proposed by the German Federal Network Agency (Bundesnetzagentur)


Pneumatic satellite communication kit

The inflatable antenna is a 1.5-meter-diameter balloon made of radio-transparent material, inflated with a household compressor – in which case it is possible to use a hand pump. For installation on the ground and orientation to the satellite, an inflatable toroid base is used. Inside the ball there is a parabolic membrane-reflector made of metallized fabric – analog of a satellite “dish” – it focuses the signal on the receiver, which is attached from the outside. The necessary curvature of the membrane is achieved by the difference in pressure in the two compartments of the ball. The Chelyabinsk businessman Artem Mazanov informed.

Artificial Intellect taught to edit music in video

According to scientists from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, the project, which has not yet received any name, has already been tested on 60 hours of video. The neural network detected sounds related to various instruments, and then changed them at the “pixel level”.

Scientists found out why drivers fall asleep behind the wheel

Australian scientists at the Melbourne Royal University of Technology found that the main reason for the sleepiness of drivers is the natural low-frequency vibration of the car.

At four-year children weak episodic memory

Specialists studied the memory of children and admitted that she disappointed them. It turned out that four-year-olds did not yet have the ability to effectively use episodic memories.

Archaeologists have found an ancient chessboard

Scottish archaeologists have found the oldest chessboard. As it became known rosvest.com, a board from a stone for game in henfatafl which in an antiquity belonged to Vikings, have dug out on ruins of Dirsky abbacy.

Different ravens conflict with each other

Analyzing more than 2,000 cases of conflict between representatives of different species of the raven family, scientists managed to find out that ordinary crows appear to be initiators only in 3% of all cases. In the remaining 97%, these were American and Northwestern ravens.

In most cases, fights between birds occur for a nesting site in a particular area and the food found.

Spiders can fly by using electricity

The scientist noticed that the web does not get tangled with each other, but as if repulsed from each other. At the moment, scientists have managed to prove the hypothesis that spiders can fly by using electricity

Scientists have developed a food film that determines the freshness

The film-detector of freshness of food was developed by scientists from the University of McMaster in Canada. In contact with food, the film can change its color if food contains E. coli, food bacteria and other living microorganisms that can cause harm to health.

Scientists have found neurons that improve memory and learning

Scientists have demonstrated that inhibition or activation of these cells provides bidirectional management of learning. Suppression of the work of neurons improved memory performance, and their amplification worsened. Also activation of OLM cells blocked memories related to fear.

New solar panels are not afraid of clouds

Scientists in British Columbia reported that the new solar panels are absolutely not afraid of clouds, as happens with the majority of similar devices producing alternative energy

A smart patch has been created that helps with non-healing wounds

American physicians invented a new kind of plaster, which is already called “smart.” He is able to analyze important indicators of the state of wounds. In the plaster functional, a temperature sensor that takes into account the temperature differences of the wound and skin around the wound


China put into orbit two satellites for Pakistan

China put into orbit two satellites for Pakistan, TASS reported. One aircraft is a Chinese Earth remote sensing satellite, the second is created by Pakistani designers.

Scientists have found in black holes otherworldly portals

Scientists have found in black holes otherworldly portals, which indicates the possibility of moving through them to other worlds for millions of light years. In 2001, scientists from England decided to create a semblance of a black hole in a laboratory, given that their appearance occurs after the explosion of the star.

Earth is approaching the asteroid Vesta

For several days, the car will be available for observation with the naked eye. Vesta will appear low above the horizon in the southern part of the sky. Observe the object can be in the constellation of Sagittarius, it has no characteristic outlines. This will cause difficulties in the search for an asteroid. Visually, it is possible to observe it, focusing on Saturn.

According to NASA, the distance to the giant rock is 170 million km, the object has a diameter of 525 km.

In the constellation of Cassiopeia, the star devours the planets

Scientists from the US discovered a star in the constellation Cassiopeia, which absorbed the Earth-type planets. According to preliminary estimates, it attracted about 10 celestial bodies and a lot of asteroids. The researchers of outer space discovered in the constellation Cassiopeia two very strange stars.

Apparatus Juno transferred new colorful photos of Jupiter

New photos of Jupiter impressed the world community. The Juno spacecraft made amazing cloud cloud frames on the surface of the largest planet in the solar system. Thanks to the works of researchers Saina Doran and Gerald Eichstad, the photos became real masterpieces

In the study of dark matter, a breakthrough is expected

The Nobel Prize winner in physics Samuel Tin urges scientists to take seriously the collection of information on the topic.

A Chinese nuclear physicist directs a large-scale study using a magnetic alpha spectrometer at the ISS station. The device has already been able to fix 120 billion cosmic particles, which emit radiation with a power of trillions of electron volts.

The main task of Samuel Tin’s group is to gather information about antimatter and dark matter, which plays a key role in the cognition of the cosmos. According to the physicist, by 2024, humanity will answer some global questions, if to date, will make every effort to collect data.

This succeeded China, which in 2015 brought into orbit “Wukong”, a satellite that observes the manifestations of dark matter. Scientists hope to explain the phenomena of black holes, neutron stars, interplanetary dust, and white and brown dwarfs.

Antimatter, according to the hypothetical conclusions of scientists, is a substance that covers 80% of the universe and 1/4 of cosmic energy. The existence of dark matter is evidenced by the gravitational interaction of galactic particles with a physical radiating substance.


The creators of Pokémon Go will release an anime series and a computer game

The creators of the game Pokemon Go announced their intention to release an anime series, as well as a computer game. Ingress processing will be carried out with the involvement of Netflix company to create a video that tells about the prehistory of a large-scale game.

Shooter Warframe plan to release on the console Nintendo Switch

Free co-operative shooter Warframe plan to release on the console Nintendo Switch. The release date for the new project remains without comment of the developers.

The release of Darksiders 3 will be held on November 27

Trueachievements reports that the release is scheduled for November 27, 2018

Screamers, zombies, co-op: Dead Frontier 2 comes out in August

Online horror with elements of survival Dead Frontier 2 will be released in early Steam access on August 31.

Added a new interface to the game Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Smart people say that a bad interface can spoil any game. Do not take it as a hint of something bad, but the company-developer of the popular shooter Counter-Strike: Global Offensive introduced a beta update in the game: a new interface Panorama UI.

Developers of the game Guild Wars 2 fired for insulting fans

Two representatives of the team who are responsible for work on the popular game, “let the world” for the fact that they “disgraced” the studio ArenaNet. The developers of the game Guild Wars 2, Jessica Price and Peter Fries, fired for insulting fans.

Free demo version of Yakuza Kiwami 2 released

In the Sony online store, pre-orders for a remake of Yakuza Kiwami 2 are open. Paying 3200 rubles for the edition of Special Digital Edition will receive an exclusive topic of Yakuza Kiwami 2 Dragons. And as a pre-order bonus prepared set of The Special Item Pack.

Popular anime Kill la Kill will turn into a game

Studio Arc System Works and Studio Trigger presented the debut trailer of the game Kill la Kill the Game, which is developed on the basis of the popular anime Kill La Kill.

The Wizards: Trials of Meliora will receive support for VR-points

It became known that fans of the game The Wizards: Trials of Meliora will soon be able to get new sensations from the gameplay. Wave shooter now supports mobile VR-glasses Gear VR and Oculus Go.

In the Sea of Thieves may appear the regime of the royal battle

Journalists GameInfortmer asked the director of Sea of Thieves Mike Chapman, does not work Rare over the regime of the royal battle for the pirate simulator. According to the developers, while they do not do anything similar, but in the future such a regime may appear.

Asterix & Obelix XXL 2 will be released on modern platforms

Adventure arcade Asterix & Obelix XXL 2 will get a new life. French publishing house Microïds announced that on November 29 on the PC, PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch will be released its remaster. The game appeared in 2005 on PS2 and PC.

Director of the series Zero Escape announced the game AI: The Somnium Files

During the Anime Expo 2018, the studio Spike Chunsoft, known for the Danganronpa series, announced its new project AI: The Somnium Files.

Anime-fighting game Skullgirls 2nd Encore announced for Nintendo Switch

Studio Lab Zero Games at the exhibition Anime Expo 2018 announced that the 2D fighting game Skullgirls 2nd Encore will be released on the Nintendo Switch. Skullgirls is a fast two-dimensional fighting game in which you control furious fighters in an extraordinary world in the style of dark deco.

Presented 20 minutes of gameplay Anthem

Bioware published a 20-minute video with the gameplay Anthem. Characters of different levels of development will be able to unite in order to deal with the barefoot.

Nathan Drake of Uncharted does not have a health scale

An unexpected revelation about the life of the adventurer Nathan Drake on Twitter shared animator Naughty Dog Jonathan Cooper.

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