18 Июл, 2021

Manufacturing industry in Russia in May 2021

On average in Russia, the industrial production index for manufacturing industries increased in May 2021 by 11.4% compared to May 2020 — here it is, the post-crisis recovery! By the way, for extractive industries the figure is even higher: + 12.3%

Among the regions, the leaders in the growth of the manufacturing industry are the Kursk region (+ 49.2%), Sakhalin (+ 38.8%) and the Arkhangelsk region (+ 36.2%). Industry also showed high growth rates in North Ossetia (+ 31.1%), Kalmykia (+ 27.9%) and Yakutia (+ 27.3%)

The worst situation is now in the industry in Chukotka (a 4-fold drop compared to May 2020!), In Kabardino-Balkaria (-24.9%) and Krasnoyarsk Territory (-18.8%)


44% of Russians approve of the idea of ​​introducing a four-day working week in the Russian Federation; among fellow citizens under the age of 34, 52% of respondents hold this position, according to data from the Research Center of the SuperJob.ru portal.

The results of the study showed that Russian women more often than men want to work not five days, as it is now, but four days a week — 48% and 40% of respondents, respectively. According to the survey, the higher the salary, the less the respondents have a desire to shorten the working week.


The state corporation «Rostec» has shown on its social networks a fragment of the new Russian fighter jet. The image shows a mirrored panel that reflects a ship similar to the British destroyer Defender, which recently passed off the coast of Crimea. This panel resembles an optical-electronic sighting system of a fighter, wrote TASS and RIA Novosti.


Special units of the British Armed Forces will prepare to confront the actions of the Russian Federation and China in various parts of the world. Brigadier of the British Royal Marines Mark Totten said in an interview with the Times newspaper.


Pussy Riot participant Veronika Nikulshina, released after the second administrative arrest in a month, left Russia. She called the persecution of Pussy Riot members and repeated arrests under the article on police disobedience as the reason for leaving the country. The activist has not yet revealed which country she went to. She also said she plans to return to Russia, presumably after the September State Duma elections.


Rosstat found out what is most often dissatisfied with Russian families in their homes:

• 13.1% dark at the entrance
• 11.4% noise and dust from the street gets into the windows
• 11.3% annoy noisy neighbors
• 7.2% too cold
• 6.2% are unhappy that the walls are damp and freeze through
• 6.0% lack of sunlight
• 5.1% are haunted by insects and rodents
• 4.4% are outraged that near their house they violate public order


The German Olympic football team did not finish the match with the Honduras national team due to racist insults. The game, which took place in Japan in preparation for the Olympic Games, was interrupted when the score was 1: 1. Five minutes before the end of the meeting, the German team left the field due to insults against defender Jordan Torunariga.


In Yakutsk, river and air traffic was limited due to smoke from fires. It covered 51 settlements in Yakutia. For safety reasons, they decided to launch ferries in caravans of four or five vessels. The Ministry of Emergency Situations reports that the number of forest fires in the region has increased by 10 hotbeds per day. Firefighters continue to fight the fire in an enhanced mode. Tonight, according to the IQAir international platform, air pollution in Yakutia exceeded the maximum permissible concentration of harmful substances by 139 times.


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