1 Oct, 2018

Marine blockade of Russia

If necessary, the United States can organize a naval blockade of Russia. This was stated by the head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the United States Ryan Zinke at a speech in Pittsburgh, reports Washington Examiner.

There is a military option that I would prefer not to use. And there is an economic option, which is to exert pressure and force out their energy resources. We are able to do this, because the US is the largest producer of oil and gas. – Ryan Zinke, American politician

The minister believes that the reason why Russia came to the Middle East is the trade in energy resources

“Russia is a very one-sidedly developed country, its economy depends only on the ability to sell energy. I believe that the reason they are in the Middle East is only the intention to sell energy there, “the US official concluded.

Briefly about the main thing ….


The US and Canada agreed to renegotiate the NAFTA agreement

The United States and Canada agreed on the renegotiation of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA). As reported by the CBC television channel referring to a source in the Canadian delegation, the parties reached agreements on key sections of the new treaty.

Kim Jong Un gifted the president of South Korea two dogs of rare breed

North Korean leader Kim Jong Yin presented South Korean President Mun Zhe In with two dogs of a rare hunting species, the phunsan, which was bred to the DPRK and almost unknown outside the country.

President of Serbia plans to discuss the situation in Kosovo with Putin

President of Serbia Alexander Vucic plans to meet with Vladimir Putin in a few days. During the conversation, he intends to ask for support in Kosovo issues, as well as to discuss other issues, he told journalists.

We will talk about all important issues for Serbia, of course, the situation in Kosovo and Metohija will be a priority. We will notify President Putin of everything that is happening, and we will ask his support in all international forums, ask for his advice, there is no doubt. – Alexander Vucic, Serbian politician

“Alternative for Germany” became the second most popular party in Germany

The nationalist party AfD (“Alternative for Germany”) in the general German popularity rating bypassed the Social Democratic Party of Germany and came out in second place. This is evidenced by the data of the latest poll conducted by sociologists Emnid on September 29.

Pashinyan expects Putin’s visit to Armenia in early 2019

Prime Minister of Armenia Nikol Pashinyan expects that Russian President Vladimir Putin will visit the country early next year. This is reported by “Sputnik Armenia”. The preliminary terms of Putin’s visit were discussed earlier.

Putin congratulated Abkhazia on Independence Day

Russian President Vladimir Putin congratulated President of Abkhazia Raul Khadjimba on Victory and Independence Day. This is reported on Saturday on the website of the president of Abkhazia.

May promises to introduce a new tax for foreigners in Britain

British Prime Minister Theresa May announced her intention to introduce for foreigners an additional tax on the purchase of property in the UK. This is reported by The Sunday Times.

Korea urged Japan to abandon the flag of the Rising Sun

South Korea urged Japan to abandon the flag of the Rising Sun during the International Navy Review, since this flag in Asian countries is considered a symbol of Japanese militarism.

British Foreign Minister compared the EU with the prison

Britain’s Foreign Minister Jeremy Hunt compared the European Union to a prison and said that an attempt to punish Britain for secession from the EU would lead to a union crisis, Reuters reports.

The EU was created in order to protect freedom. This Soviet Union did not allow anyone to leave it. The history lesson is quite clear: if you turn the EU from a club to a prison, then the desire to leave it will not decrease, but will only grow, and we will not be the only prisoner who wants to escape from captivity. – Jeremy Hunt, British politician

NBC cut out from the air monologue Kanye West in support of Trump

NBC cut out the words of rapper Kanye West on the premiere of the 44th season of Saturday Night Live that he was persecuted because of his support for US President Donald Trump, MediaIte reports.

Russia must comply with international rules

The United Kingdom plans in the near future to clear the country’s territory from “agents of the Main Intelligence Agency (GRU)” of Russia. This, according to Reuters, said Foreign Minister of Great Britain Jeremy Hunt, speaking at the congress of the ruling Conservative Party.

As long as there are conservatives in the UK, there is a simple message for the Kremlin: if you interfere in the affairs of this country, if you use chemical weapons, if you do not play by international rules, the price will always be too high. – Jeremy Hunt, British politician

The EU declared its readiness to finance the disarmament of militants in Syria

Assistant Secretary General of the United Nations for the Rule of Law and Security Institutions, Alexander Zuev, stated that many of the EU countries are ready to finance a program of disarmament of militants that facilitates the return of Syrian refugees to their homeland.

Near the coast of Spain over the weekend found almost 700 migrants

Rescue services at sea found over the weekend a total of 672 migrants who tried to reach by boat to the Spanish coast from Africa.

The rating of the political block Merkel fell to a record low mark

The rating of the political bloc of the CDU / CSU, chaired by German Chancellor Angela Merkel, showed a record low. A poll by Emnid for Bild showed that only 27% of Germans support the Merkel political bloc. Such a low figure has become a new anti-record of parties

The State Department welcomed the results of the referendum in Macedonia

“The US welcomes the results of the referendum in the Republic of Macedonia of September 30. We strongly support the full implementation of the agreement, which will allow Macedonia to take its place in NATO and the EU, “the official representative of the department Heather Nauert said in his Twitter microblog.

The referendum was intended to help resolve the 27-year dispute between Athens and Skopje over the name of the former Yugoslav republic, which coincides with the name of the region in northern Greece.


The Day of the Land Forces of the Russian Federation was celebrated

In the message it is said that the icon of the heavenly patron of the RF Armed Forces, the holy Prince Alexander Nevsky, was seen in the church. Also on this day, representatives of the main command of the troops laid baskets of flowers to the monument to the soldiers-transfigured.

The UK has developed a new defense strategy for the Arctic

In the UK, a new defense strategy for the Arctic region has been developed. This was reported by the Minister of Defense of the United Kingdom Gavin Williamson. The press service of his department explained that the document was a response to the “threat” from Russia.

The Syrian Foreign Ministry determined the mission of the S-300

Russia’s decision to supply S-300 surface-to-air missile systems to Syria was timely. This in an interview with RT was reported by Syrian Foreign Minister Walid Muallem.

If we analyze the importance of protecting the Syrian sky, we will see that this is a sign of security and stability, and not of war. I want to say that this is a very timely step and we are very grateful to Russia for its efforts in this regard. – Walid Muallem, Syrian diplomat

Aviation missile “Armor-piercer” can take up arms by the end of the year

The Russian Defense Ministry will decide on accepting the purchase of missiles for armament of the VKS after inspections in the troops. S-8OFF “Armor-piercer” is designed for combat helicopters and aircraft. The rocket can hit lightly armored vehicles and surface ships at distances of up to 6 kilometers.

“Kazan” first went to the sea

The second Russian submarine of Severodvinsk type, K-561 Kazan, which is a modified continuation of project 08851 Yasen-M, first went to sea for testing at the beginning of this week.

MiG-31 tested “killer of satellites”

In the network appeared high-quality photos of the high-altitude interceptor MiG-31, modernized for the use of an anti-satellite missile. The aircraft conducts test flights in Zhukovsky with a mass-scale layout of an anti-satellite missile of a new type suspended under the fuselage.

800 British Marines and Special Forces will be sent to Norway

The United Kingdom will send to Norway several hundred marines and special forces. As the British Defense Minister Gavin Williamson told reporters, servicemen will be rotated in the north of Norway for ten years.

If we could bring back the time ten years ago, many people thought that the era of submarine activity in the Far North, the North Atlantic and the threat that it represented disappeared with the fall of the Berlin Wall. This threat really returned to the fore. – Gavin Williamson, British politician

Three thousand Ukrainian recruits will be sent to Donbass

The upcoming winter of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, deployed in the Donbas, is waiting for replenishment: Kiev plans to send there at least three thousand recruits, says the official spokesman of the People’s Militia of the proclaimed Lugansk People’s Republic Andrei Marochko.

Russia and Serbia will hold joint exercises in October

The exercises will be held on the territory of Serbia Russian and Serbian military in early October will hold on MiG-29 fighters and Mi-8 helicopters in combined crews, TASS reported citing the Defense Ministry of Russia

Destroyer of the US passed near the disputed islands in the South China Sea

The American warship was 12 nautical miles from the artificial Spratly Islands (Nansha) in the South China Sea, because of which China is in territorial disputes with the countries of the region.

NATO military arrived on the border with Kosovo

NATO troops arrived at the border with Kosovo. As reported by the media, the car column stopped near the trucks that the Serbs had put up. The military of the North Atlantic alliance is going to drive along the highway in the city of Zubin.

Missile complexes “Bal” and “Bastion” will be deployed on the shores of the Baltic Sea

The Baltic Fleet will host tactical exercises with the participation of combat calculations of coastal missile systems “Bal” and “Bastion.” They will strike the conventional enemy. As the press service of the Baltic Fleet informs, for this purpose servicemen will make a march-throw to the areas of firing positions.

Electromagnetic weapons began to be tested in Russia

The Russian concern “Radioelectronic Technologies” (KRET) began to test electromagnetic weapons at the ranges, said adviser to the first deputy general director of the KRET, Vladimir Mikheev. According to him, electromagnetic weapons are a very promising direction.

The newest artillery complex “Sketch” will be created in Russia

In Russia there will be a new artillery complex – “Sketch”. It will be developed for artillery and missile forces, RIA Novosti reports with reference to the commander-in-chief of the ground troops of Colonel-General Oleg Salyukov.

A detachment of ships of the Pacific Fleet set out on a long voyage

The Pacific Fleet Pacific Fleet detachment (Pacific Fleet) departed Vladivostok on Monday and began to solve the tasks of the long-range campaign in the Asia-Pacific region, the head of the information department of the VVO press service for Pacific Fleet, Nikolai Voskresensky

Poroshenko announced his intention to buy from the US air defense systems

Ukraine expects to acquire American air defense systems, as it fears a massive air attack from Russia. This was stated by the President of the country Petro Poroshenko

Servicemen of the South-Eastern Military District are alerted in the framework of large-scale exercises

The exercises will be held under the general supervision of the Commander of the Southern District Alexander Dvornikov.

“During the exercise, the questions of using inter-service military groupings in the interests of ensuring military security of the southern borders of the Russian Federation will be worked out,” Astafiev told reporters.

The USA placed convertophers within Tokyo

The US Armed Forces in Japan deployed five CV-22 Osprey converters on the basis of Yokota in Tokyo Prefecture. According to the Ministry of Defense of Japan, these measures will contribute to strengthening the security of the country and the Asia-Pacific region.

Pro-Turkish militants are leaving the demilitarized zones in Idlib

“The pro-Turkish Syrian armed group began withdrawing its troops from the demilitarized zones in accordance with the Russian-Turkish agreement on Idlib,” the source told IA Krasnaya Viasna


Citizens will be connected to a new funded pension without their consent

Connection of citizens to the PKI will be based on Article 158 of the RF Civil Code “Transaction Form”, the third clause of which states that “silence is recognized as an expression of will to make a transaction in cases provided for by law or by agreement of the parties,” two federal officials, familiar with the discussion of the draft law on PKI, and a source in the financial market.

Usmanov: In Russia there was only one oligarch

Entrepreneur and billionaire Alisher Usmanov believes that there is only one oligarch left in Russia. He expressed this opinion on the air of the program “Actors with Nailya Askerzade” on the TV channel “Russia-1”.

I think that we have one passenger in this car, he is already empty, and he alone is sitting – he is still rolling … He is an oligarch. And he knows it himself. He lost everything, except for one company, that’s why he remains in it. And there are no more oligarchs. – Alisher Usmanov, Russian businessman

In California, corporations are required to include women in the board of directors

The authorities of the US state of California have passed a law according to which women should be present on the board of directors of California-registered corporations, according to the website of the governor of the state of Edmund Brown.

During the riots in the refugee camp in Greece, a man was killed

The migration center in Malakas, north of Athens, clashed between refugees. During the riots, a Syrian refugee was killed and eight people were injured. This was reported by RIA Novosti.

Compensation of Soviet deposits in the Savings Bank can be suspended

The Government of the Russian Federation submitted to the State Duma a draft law on suspending the beginning of the law “On the Basis of the Required Social Settlement” until January 1, 2022, necessary to fully compensate the pre-reform deposits of citizens in the Savings Bank, from the database of the lower house of parliament.

Germany went to the action against racism

In Hamburg, 14,000 people took part in the action “Together Against Racism”. This is reported by Die Zeit. Demonstrators demanded to prohibit the deportation of migrants from Germany, and also advocated for their right to protection and asylum.

Voronezh authorities named the exact amount of the “golden parachute” of the deputy governor Agibalov

Yuri Agibalov, who was released from office for a total of 23 salaries of the deputy governor of the Voronezh region, was released on the basis of a regional law, the total amount being several times less than that voiced in the media, RIA Novosti reported to the press service of the regional government.

The salary for the position held is 11,189 rubles, and accordingly, the amount of such a one-time payment amounted to 223,892 rubles, net of income tax, and not one million rubles declared in the media, the press service stressed.

The title “Miss Finland” won the “Russian”

The winner of the beauty contest “Miss Finland” was the 23-year-old Helsinki resident Alina Voronkova.

In the colonies, the norms of nutrition for teenagers and pregnant women will be increased

“The order for suspects, accused and convicted pregnant women, nursing mothers, minors, disabled I and II groups, contained in the institutions of the penal system, provided for increased dietary requirements,” the press service of the Ministry of Justice quoted Interfax.

In the State Duma called to tell students about the dangers of masturbation

State Duma deputy and former chief sanitary doctor of Russia Gennady Onishchenko called to tell schoolchildren about the dangers of masturbation. In an interview with the radio station “Says Moscow” he said that it is possible to do it during the lessons of sex education.

The problem is objective, it is that the maturation of children occurs early enough, and then there are larger scissors between their puberty and the possibility to formally enter into inter-sex contacts. – Gennady Onishchenko, a Russian doctor

The Latvian has returned to IKEA a glass for an inscription «Made in Russia»

A patriotic resident of Latvia decided to return to the IKEA store a recently bought glass because he found on it the inscription Made in Russia, writes Sputnik Latvia.

Italian hotels adapt to the needs of Muslims

The city authorities, equipping the rooms for Muslims, tend to attract as many wealthy guests as possible to the city and make tourism in the region more profitable.

In the collapsing rural hospitals of the CBD, there is not enough medicine

Participants of the All-Russian People’s Front visited some medical institutions in rural areas of Kabardino-Balkaria. They checked the outpatient clinics and feldsher-midwife stations in the May, Urvan, Lesken and Cherek regions of the CBD.

Russian bailiffs demanded a debt from a dead old woman

In Kurgan, bailiffs demanded that a long-deceased woman pay a state fee of 200 rubles. This is reported by the “Ural Meridian”.

Users of social networks, after learning about the incident, advised their relatives to file counterclaims on non-payment of pensions and social benefits to the old woman for “lived” after the death years.

All the houses of the Urban Group will be completed by 2022

The first houses of the bankrupt construction company Urban Group will be delivered at the end of 2018, and all the facilities will be completed by 2020, the Moscow Region Governor Andrei Vorobyov said on the Rossiya TV channel.

Raise salaries for teachers and doctors by 6% in 2019

The government of the Russian Federation offered to index the salaries of certain categories of state employees, including teachers and doctors, by 6% in 2019. This is stated in the materials published on Saturday, provided with the draft federal budget for 2019-2021.

Increase scholarships to students by 4.3% in 2019

The Government of the Russian Federation offered to increase the amount of student scholarships by 4.3% in 2019. This is stated in the materials published on Saturday, provided with the draft federal budget for 2019-2021.

Renting apartments of Russians waiting for a new law on tax

Deputies of the State Duma suggested that Russians who rented a house, leave the shadows. The bill passed one reading. The essence of the initiative: if you rented an apartment, share your income with the state.

The government again under-index military pensions

Salaries and pensions of servicemen and security forces will be indexed next October 1, 2019 by 4.3%, follows from the draft federal budget. This means that military pensions will again be under-indexed

Leaders of a healthy lifestyle

Most adherents of a healthy lifestyle in Russia still live in the regions of the North Caucasus and southern Russia, the least supported by the healthy life style of the population of Eastern Siberia and the Far East, according to the results of a study by RIA Novosti

What books are most often read by Russians

More than 90% of Russians read books, the most popular among our fellow citizens are books for children – as a rule, 31% of respondents read them. “Another 30% of participants prefer books on history and historical novels, the poll results.

“More than a quarter of respondents (27%) look at books on housework and work on household plots … Classical literature (Russian or foreign) is selected by 26% of the survey participants,” VTsIOM said.

The fifth share (22%) of respondents prefer fiction, 21% are more likely to turn to scientific and professional literature, and one in five – exactly 20% – to textbooks and reference literature.

“Also, Russians are attracted to detectives:” Russian women “(16%), foreign (12%), domestic historical detectives (12%)” – noted in the materials of the survey.

Another 11% of respondents read books about beauty, health and psychology. The art works of contemporary authors are preferred by every tenth Russian, as many as 10% of those polled like poetry.

The World Old Believer Forum will be held in Moscow

Old Believers living in different countries will discuss in Moscow on Monday the issues of strengthening contacts and cooperation within the framework of the World Old Believer Forum. This was reported by TASS, the head of the press service of the Moscow Metropolitanate of the Russian Orthodox Old Believer Church (RPPTS) Roman Atorin.

“The forum, which will be held on October 1-2 in the Moscow House of Russian Abroad, will discuss the state of the Old Believer in the modern world, the problems of preserving faith and cultural traditions, the prospects for the development of state-church relations in Russia and other countries,” he said.

The participants will touch upon the themes of spiritual and cultural ties between the Old Believers organizations of Russia and abroad, cooperation in the sphere of culture, assistance to the Old Believers moving to Russia from abroad, as well as preparations for the celebration of the 400th anniversary of the birth of Archpriest Avvakum, to be celebrated in 2020 .

The Century of the Komsomol celebrated in Minsk

The centennial of the Komsomol was celebrated in Minsk. The solemn evening was symbolically held in the capital cinema “Komsomolets”, the “MIR 24” TV channel reported. The organizer was the Republican Youth Union of Belarus.


Egypt announced the release of a full self-supply of gas

Egypt stops importing gas from abroad in connection with the transition to full self-sufficiency. This was on Sunday, September 30, the Minister of Oil and Mineral Resources of the country Tariq al-Mullah said.

Omsk oil still sold to Arabs

It is announced that Mubadala Petroleum from the United Arab Emirates has completed a deal to buy 44% in Gazpromneft-East, which, in particular, is developing the West Krapivinsky oil field.

Banks are preparing to raise mortgage rates

Russian financial organizations, following the decision of the Central Bank to increase the key rate, are preparing to raise the cost of mortgage loans. At the same time, banks do not believe that an increase in the rate will seriously affect demand.

Sberbank will allocate at least 50% of net profit for dividends

In the section devoted to changes in budget revenues, it is indicated that the estimated dividends of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation from Sberbank in 2019 (based on the results of 2018) will increase by 51.65 billion rubles “in connection with the decision to send at least 50% of net profit for the payment of dividends “.

China needs more gas than suppliers can give

The planned fourth line of the Central Asia-China gas main is not yet being built, and this may frustrate plans to increase the import of Central Asian gas to 60 billion.

China raised the price of motor fuel in the domestic market

In China, if oil prices on world markets lead to changes in prices for petroleum products on the domestic market for 10 days by 50 or more yuan per tonne, there is an official adjustment of the cost of fuel.

In Russia, increased housing in the secondary market

In the third quarter, the average price per square meter in the country increased by 1.1%. This is stated in the study of the Domofond ad service.

According to analysts, in the third quarter, housing has risen in 62 regions of the country. In 18 regions of the Russian Federation, the cost of housing has decreased and only two have remained unchanged.

The leader in the growth of housing prices has become the Sakhalin region. On average, the apartments went up by 5.1%. The second place was St. Petersburg, and the Nenets Autonomous District closes the top three.

Also in the top 10 were Sevastopol, Novosibirsk Region, Crimea, Khabarovsk Territory, Transbaikalia, Karelia and the Krasnoyarsk Territory.

Google will pay Apple $ 9 billion for the status of the search engine by default

The US company Google will pay $ 9 billion to remain the default search engine in the Apple Safari browser. As reported by Business Insider, next year payments will grow to $ 12 billion. Last year Google paid $ 3 billion for this option

The government prepared passports of national projects for 4.6 trillion rubles

It is assumed that all projects, the directions of which are determined by the May decree of President Vladimir Putin, will be implemented until 2024. For these purposes in 2019-2021. should be spent 4.6 trillion rubles. “Passports are a big reflection of the measures taken to achieve the national goals and targets set in the decree,” the report says.

The media learned about the idea of fighting the sanctions by selling beer at night

The Ministry of Industry and Trade has drafted a bill to support aluminum producers who are under sanctions, Kommersant reports referring to the text of the document. The Office proposes to increase the demand for aluminum by simplifying the regulation of alcohol sales in aluminum banks.

Large banks in the US recorded an increase in the number of cyber attacks

Several large US banks recorded in recent weeks an increase in the number of cyber attacks against their computer systems. This was reported on Sunday, an electronic version of The Wall Street Journal.

“Gazprom” began to build the first cryo refueling in Russia

Gazprom has begun construction of Russia’s first cryogenic gasoline stations (cryoAZS) for liquefied natural gas, said Vitaly Markelov, deputy chairman of the board of PJSC Gazprom. The symbolic ceremony of launching the construction of cryoAZS in the Novgorod region took place on September 30.

Iran will build oil storage tanks for 10 million barrels

Reservoirs with a total volume of 10 million barrels are intended for the subsidiary structure of the National Iranian Oil Company (NIOC). According to experts, such a decision was made by the country’s authorities on the eve of Washington imposing additional sanctions against Iran’s export oil supplies.

Flights to the Far East started with a zero VAT rate

The law, according to which air travel to the Far Eastern Federal District will be subject to a zero VAT rate until January 1, 2025, entered into force on October 1, according to the “Parliamentary Newspaper”

Shareholders of Alfa Group will create a new insurer

The new company will be called Mango, told RBC Victor Lavrenko. According to him, the shareholders of Alfa-Group want to move away from the model of the traditional insurance company and create an insurer that will work only online – without offices.

Experts named the average size of the credit debt of pensioners in Russia

In January-June, 2018, there were 8.3 million such borrowers. At the same time, the average debt of a citizen over 60 is 107.2 thousand rubles, which is 8% more than a year ago

German bank gives loans with a negative loan rate

The German bank Smava began to lend to the population, paying extra to its customers for the fact that they use the services of a credit institution. The client can take a loan with a rate of 0.4% in negative terms, Belnosty reports.

At the Tianwan NPP in China, a reactor

In China, the Tianwan NPP launched a reactor built with the participation of Russia. The relevant information is provided by the press service of the ASE Group of Companies. On September 30, at 09:27 Moscow time, the reactor unit of Unit 4 of Tianwan NPP was brought to the minimum controllable power indicators.


The main fighters with aging

1. Autonomy and independence.
At the age of 70, motivation is very important, even in small things: you have to get up and wipe the dust, because no one will do it for you. Caring for animals, maintaining cleanliness in the house, preparing meals for themselves and their grandchildren who run after school are important moments of independence that help the elderly feel confident and calm.

2. The main drug is physical activity
This simple “medicine” reduces insulin resistance, cholesterol, normalizes high blood pressure, good sleep, and also helps to reduce weight. And no drug in the world will replace this free medicine.

3. What to drink and eat
For the elderly, a drinking regime is important: at least 2 liters of liquid (including juices, soups, teas) are needed per day. More meat! No fast carbohydrates!

4. Communicate and develop
Communicate, learn, play musical instruments, solve logical problems, do not let yourself sour!

Two new particles are discovered at the Large Hadron Collider

Physicists working at the Large Hadron Collider reported that they discovered two new particles, previously unknown, and also revealed signs of a third. It is known that the first two are baryons and were predicted by a standard quark model.

The robot on the suckers will examine the skin under a microscope

The new robot to study the skin condition was developed by engineers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. With the help of special suckers he will be able to walk on the body of a person, reported on the site “N + 1”.

Specialists from MIT presented their new robot

Scientists from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have created robots Fiberbots, which can build pipes from fiberglass. They are an ultraviolet flashlight, around which is a soft special case and a rotating arm-extruder.

Scientists have called the only immortal creature

Medusa Turritopsis nutricula, inhabiting the tropical seas, is capable of multiple rejuvenation. Reaching the mature age, the animal does not die after breeding, like most representatives of the roaring, but descends to the bottom of the sea. There the jellyfish becomes covered with chitinous crust and turns into a polyp.

According to scientists, the animal can manage its genes: it can return to the previous stage of development and repeat its life cycle anew.

The regeneration of Turritopsis nutricula can endlessly, or until it perishes from a predator attack.

The increased number of hurricanes is associated with an increase in ocean temperature

An international team of experts presented a study explaining that the increase in ocean temperature is directly related to the increase in the number of hurricanes. For their research, scientists used a model of climatic behavior

Scientists have created a cure for HIV, for several weeks the overwhelming virus

The effectiveness of the drug, developed by immunologists, was confirmed in the control group. It is noted that patients were injected with a unique cocktail of two antibodies. Thanks to this, it was possible to maintain a low viral load for a long time in patients.

Scientists: Bats are carriers of dangerous bacteria

American and British researchers conducted observations in Peru, as well as in Belize. Scientists have concluded that bats are carriers of bacteria, which are very dangerous for humans. The symptom of the disease is the appearance of high temperature.

Scientists know how to prevent senile dementia

Scientists at Bristol University have found a way to stop the development of dementia, called senile dementia in the people, and neurodegenerative diseases.

As the Haytec portal writes, researchers suggest astrocytes – specialized cells in the brain to use to protect neurons.

What other industrial emissions destroy the ozone layer?

Super-pollutants, such as methane, hydrofluorocarbon and carbon black, have become the agenda for the Global Climate Summit (GCAS). Environmentalists, politicians and business representatives are sure that efforts should be made not only to reduce methane emissions destroying the ozone layer, but also other dangerous substances used in cooling and industrial systems. Otherwise, due to global climate change, we will need even more refrigerators, which means that emissions will increase again.

Metal found to withstand ultrahigh temperatures and pressure

Creep – the ability of a material to withstand exposure at ultra-high temperatures – is an important factor, since elevated temperatures and pressure lead to deformation.


NASA reported the approach to Earth of a large asteroid

The asteroid SP1 is directed to the Earth from 70 to 160 meters in length, the US aerospace agency NASA warned. Daily Express notes that the asteroid can exceed the height of Big Ben or the Ferris wheel in London. SP1 moves at a speed of 60 thousand kilometers per hour.

He will approach the Earth at a distance of 5.87 million kilometers. Absolutely ordinary event, he does not represent any threats. You can not even look at him through amateur means of observation. – Boris Shustov, physicist

Scientific plans for astronauts on the lunar base

Russian cosmonauts, who will eventually work on the lunar base, can search for a primitive organics on the Earth’s satellite that can shed light on how life is born on the planets, RIA Novosti director of the Space Research Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Anatoly Petrukovich, corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

Astrophysicists found in the Milky Way a group of anomalous rogue stars

The results of the organized study were published in the scientific journal Space. In the history of the Milky Way, there are many examples where interstellar confrontation leads to holes in the integrity of the disk of the galaxy. This violation scientists noticed in the cluster of several million anomalous stars.

China is going to build a research center on the Moon

The Chinese National Space Administration (CNSA) announced its intention to explore the southern and northern poles of the Moon by 2030. During the World Conference on Science Literacy held in Beijing, Li Guoping, Director of the System Engineering Department of the CNSA, said that in the fourth phase of the study of the lunar surface, they intend to conduct four missions.

In China there is a commercialization of space exploration

In the current year 2018, private companies launched four launch vehicles from the launch site. Commercialization of space is a strategy for the development of the industry in the country today.

Scientists have removed comet “in profile” approaching to Earth

Scientists of the Far Eastern Federal University (FEFU) in Vladivostok were able to make unique photographs of the Comet Jacobini-Zinner “in profile”, which will help to obtain new information about the nature of cosmic dust, the university press service reported.

Scientists have established the term of death of the universe

The International Research Group published a study on the observation of galaxies and suggested how much the universe will still exist approximately. According to the scientists’ forecasts, the Universe will exist about 140 billion years.


The 66th International Film Festival ended in San Sebastian

The main prize was a film by the Spanish director Isaka Lacuesta “Between the Two Waters”. Pia Thielt from Norway, who played in the film “The Blind Spot”, became “Best Actress”, and the title “Best Actor” went to Argentine Dario Grandi Neti for the band “Red”.

Film about the Kuzbass miner received gold in Cannes

The painting “Limits of Excellence” became a participant of the international festival Cannes Corporate Media & TV Awards and was recognized as the best in its nomination. The author of the script and the director of the film Konstantin Kuznetsov was awarded the Golden Dolphin. By the way, this is our fellow countryman from Novokuznetsk.

Actors from eight countries will visit the International Film Festival in Crimea

Actors from eight countries will come to the international film festival “I Love the World”, which will be held October 2 in the Crimea. This was reported by RIA Novosti referring to the president of the All-Crimean Jewish Congress, a member of the presidium of the Black Sea International Cooperation Association, Jan Epstein

“Their participation was confirmed by famous actors and filmmakers from Russia, France and America. I will not name the surname yet, I think, for some it will be a surprise. They are also peacekeepers, those who defend the ideas of the world, “Yang told Epshtein.

Zhora Kryzhovnikov has shot a series about cinema, TV and HIV

Director Zhora Kryzhovnikov, known for the films “Bitterly”, “Gorko-2”, “The Best Day”, “Fir-trees New” and others, made a new series. And this is not “Kitchen”, on which he worked from 2012 to 2016 together with his colleagues, but a completely different project.

“Call DiCaprio” – so called. The date of the broadcast has already been announced – October 20 at the OTT platform of TNT-PREMIER

On the channel “Russia 1” starts the second season of the series “Moscow Borzoi”

On Monday, the channel “Russia 1” starts showing the second season of the series “Moscow Borzoi” about the head of the department for investigation of especially serious crimes Alevtine Borzovoy.

Festival of animated films “Krok” begins work

The 25th International Festival of Animated Films “Krok” opens on September 30 at the Central House of Cinematographers.

Then the participants of the review are waiting for a cruise along the Volga. Russian and foreign multipliers will depart from Moscow to Kazan: through Uglich, Yaroslavl, Nizhny Novgorod and Cheboksary. At each stop there will be meetings of spectators with composers, directors, actors, there will be screenings of new cartoons and master classes from animators.

Riley Kio withdraws in the 3 rd season of Riverdale

In the star caste of the “Riverdale” season, just a few days before the premiere, there was a replenishment. It became known that the company Camille Mendez, Cole Sprouse, Lily Reinhart and other young stars of the series will be actress Riley Kio, has long established itself on both a large and a small screen.

Roman Polanski will film a film about an innocent convict

Disgraced director Roman Polanski will remove a film based on real events, dedicated to the innocent convict. According to the publication The Hollywood Reporter, he will film the story of Alfred Dreyfus, the hero of the famous process of the late XIX century.

Comedy “Evening School” led the American box office

The comedy “Evening School”, debuting in American cinemas last Friday, earned $ 28 million for its first weekend at the box office. This result allowed an uncomplicated picture with Kevin Hart and Tiffany Haddish to lead the US box office for September 28-30.

The Grand Prix of “Saratov Suffering” received a film about a mother with many children

The program “Saratov – an open city” was awarded to the film “Anatomy of a Miracle”. The main prize of the program “Bridges to Russia” for the film “White Arrow” was awarded to the author Jim Croft. He could not attend the closing ceremony, and the prize will be sent to Germany.


Died famous bluesman Otis Rush

American blues singer and guitarist Otis Rush died on the 85th year of his life, the official website of the performer

Kanye West came up with a new name for himself

American rapper Kanye West reported that he invented a new name for himself. Such information appeared on his page in the social network

Led Zeppelin will return to court due to the song Stairway to Heaven

Members of the British rock band Led Zeppelin will have to stand trial again in the US on a lawsuit about plagiarism in the song Stairway to Heaven. The Court of Appeal overturned the acquittal on this case, there is a new hearing on the merits, according to the New York Times

Jesse Jay recorded a Christmas album with Boyz II Men and Babyface

Jesse Jay announced her new album “This Christmas Day”. As the name implies, it will be a collection of Christmas songs, one of which “Winter Wonderland” she recorded with Boyz II Men, and the other – “This Christmas Song” with Babyface.

I was very happy to record this festive album! Jesse admitted. – I did it 14 days during my European tour, constantly flying from Europe to a studio in Los Angeles and back. Working with all these musicians is just the embodiment of my dreams. I love Christmas music, I hope you will like it too.

The album “This Christmas Day” will be on sale on October 26, 2018

Michael Buble will give love to his fans

Michael Bublay announced September 27, 2018 the release of his new album and showed the first single from him. The tenth studio work entitled “Love” (the title is not written, but is portrayed in the form of an emoto-heart) will be released on November 16

Laibach “refresh” the past and thoughts on October 11 in the GLOBE CLUB

Laibach (“Laibach” – from the German name “Ljubljana”) is a Yugoslavian (now Slovenian) musical group, one of the most famous performers working in the style of “Industrial”. In the music and concert performances of the group there are elements of militarism and totalitarianism.

BRASS DAYS International Wind Music Festival opens in October

The international festival BRASS DAYS, held for the first time in 2011, will be held this year in Moscow, Tula, Volgograd and Orenburg. It was established in order to increase the interest of the public in the wind instrumental art

110th anniversary of the birth of the violinist, conductor and teacher David Oistrakh

Masterly mastery of the instrument, technical skill, bright and warm sound – this was the performing art of David Oistrakh. Composers appreciated his interpretation of his works. Many dedicated individual music to the musician. Among them – Prokofiev, Shostakovich, Myaskovsky, Weinberg.

Festival “Moscow meets friends” will open on the Day of Music

Collectives and performers from Russia and abroad will take part in the event. The festival “Moscow meets friends” will be opened by the performance of People’s Artist of the USSR, conductor Vladimir Spivakov, reported on the website of the agency “TASS”. The event will be timed to the International Day of Music.

60 unreleased songs by Tom Petty saw the light

The four-disc compilation includes 60 tracks. These are Petty’s studio and concert recordings, alternative song versions

In Rio de Janeiro, a concert dedicated to the work of Chaliapin

In 1930, Chaliapin came to Rio de Janeiro to give a single concert in the now defunct theater “Lyrical”. On Sunday, the repertoire of that speech was partially repeated before the audience by the singer of the opera troupe of the Municipal Theater of Rio de Janeiro Pedro Oliver.


Festival of Abkhazia “Apsny” – for the first time in Russia

The festival of Abkhazian culture “Apsny” is held in the capital’s park “Krasnaya Presnya”. The show program includes film screenings by young directors, meetings with photographers and travelers, an Abkhaz language school, a folk craft fair and local producers’ products, Caucasian yoga and much more.

Ilya Kabakov celebrates his 85th birthday

Ilya Kabakov is considered the most famous contemporary Russian artist in the world, whose works are sold at auctions for millions of dollars. However, to realize his ideas to the fullest Kabakov began only in exile, leaving his homeland in the late 80’s. Before that, he had to work mainly as an illustrator.

“Moscow: Literally” – premiere at the Mayakovsky Theater

Mayakovsky Theater presents the first premiere of the season – the play “Moscow. Literally.” As TASS noted in the press service of the collective, last season was a landmark for the theater – in GITIS, the workshop of the artistic director of the Mayakovka Mindaugas Karbauskis appeared at the acting department. It is the work of the students of this Workshop that opens the succession of the Prime Minister of the 96th season of the Mayakovsky Theater.

Luke Perceval staged a performance in the BTT named after Tovstonogov

At the Bolshoi Drama Theater named after Tovstonogov, the premiere. Belgian director Luc Perceval staged a play based on two works – “Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet” and the novel by the contemporary Belgian writer Dimitri Verhulst “The Librarian”.

The Oriental Museum invites to the exhibition “My Dagestan”

A new exhibition project dedicated to the art of Dagestan was opened in the Museum of the East.

The exposition presents paintings by the honored artist of the republic Clara Vlasova, embroidered Raisa Ismailova’s panel, national costumes from the collection of Fatima Gammadova, as well as works of decorative and applied art from the collection of the Oriental Museum.

The Grand Symphony Orchestra will perform in Vienna and Bratislava

Vladimir Fedoseyev and the Tchaikovsky Grand Symphony Orchestra went on tour to Vienna and Bratislava. Performances will begin in the capital of Austria and will be held at one of the most prestigious concert venues – in the Golden Hall of the Musikverein.

The statue of the infuriated Trump was established in the UK

Sculpture in anger leans over Matilda, the character of the book of the same name by the British writer Roald Dahl. A statue depicting furious US President Donald Trump was established in the UK. It is located in the English village of Great Misseden, reported on the website of the agency “TASS”.

A resident of New York arranged for a raccoon concert on the flute

As it became known, a concert for raccoons on flute in the reserve of St. Lawrence County was arranged by a resident of New York, who lives nearby and often pleases local residents with such performances, and regularly feeds them.

In Moscow, announced the winners of the Fazil Iskander Prize

The ceremony of awarding the Fazil Iskander International Prize, established in late 2016 by the Russian PEN Center, was held at the Central House of Writers in Moscow, the winners were identified in four categories. This was announced on Sunday by the organizers of the award

The cultural center of Valery Gergiev will appear in Vladikavkaz

“Vladikavkaz will certainly be more impetuous next year,” Gergiev said. Earlier on the issue of construction the head of the republic Vyacheslav Bitarov held a meeting with the author of the project of the center – the French architect Xavier Fabre.


Volkswagen announced a partnership with Microsoft

German automaker Volkswagen announced a partnership with one of the largest IT companies in the world – Microsoft. Within the framework of the agreement it is planned to equip all VAG models with the newest cloud Internet system of Volkswagen Automotive Cloud from 2020.

Opel and Vauxhall will present the Astra model of a new generation in 2021

German company Opel and British automaker Vauxhall, recently passed under the wing of the concern PSA Group, are preparing to release a new generation of demanded hatchback Astra. The cardinally transformed model will be released in 2021.

Chevrolet showed new options for Silverado

Presentation of new modifications of the Chevrolet Silverado took place at the industrial fair in Texas. In total, 4 new variants of the pickup arrived

The first sample was Silverado High Country with bronze shades in front. The car features a dual-circuit exhaust system, as well as a 22-inch rims.

The second car is the Silverado LTZ, which also has a 22-inch drive. The car has numerous chrome parts, as well as all-weather carpets in the cabin.

The last two cars are indexes RST Off Road and RST Street. They are distinguished by a set of “off-road” accessories, optics.

The starting price of the representatives of Chevrolet starts from 29 795 dollars.

Announced serial new car dealerships in Paris

Within a few days, an annual auto show will open its doors in Paris, where many manufacturers will present their novelties. Since in recent years there has been increasing interest in electric models, among the most anticipated innovations are Audi e-tron and Mercedes EQC.

There was a video with the prototype of the SUV KIA Telluride

The prototype of the Korean SUV was shown in early September at the fashion week in New York, and then went to an exhibition in Texas. Judging by the photos and video from the exhibition in Texas – we have a show car, and not a serial version of the model.

Ford Mustang received 1000 hp. capacity

Judging by official data published on the same site of Lebanon Ford Performance (LFP), the upgraded Twin-Turbo Mustang GT can be purchased at a minimum price of $ 39995 or 2623296 rubles.

Porsche 911 GT3 RS showed its capabilities on the ground

The new budget crossover Ford Territory will be presented on October 16

Representatives of the American company told about the forthcoming debut of the serial version of the crossover Territiry, which will be held on October 16. Recall that the new Ford Territory built on the basis of the Chinese SUV JMC Yusheng S330.

KIA will show in Paris a hybrid version of KIA Sportage

South Korean automaker plans to present at the Paris Motor Show, which will open its doors in a few days, a hybrid modification of the new generation of the Kia Sportage crossover.

Hyundai brought in Paris a liftback i30 Fastback N

The manufacturer improved the aerodynamic characteristics of the i30 Fastback N due to the body kit, and in the exterior there were red accents in the color of the body, and a steam exhaust system. Red inserts can be traced in the interior trim, the main material of which was Alcantara.


RPG version of Minecraft will be released next year

The team of developers of adventure action from Mojang announced the imminent release of the RPG version of Minecraft. The novelty in the form of pixel Diablo will be released next year. The game, inspired by classic projects in the style of dungeons, will be called Minecraft: Dungeons and will work from a third party

Sony Bend: The plot will be an important part of the Days Gone

About Days Gone known a lot, including the outset, gameplay features and the open world. But here about the plot of the upcoming PS4 exclusive developers almost did not tell.

Sony refused to host the PlayStation Experience 2018

Experts believe that the real reason for this was the transition of Sony to a new generation console, the release of which has not yet been announced. The PlayStation Experience was first held in 2014.

Valve was accused of racism because of the card “Beat the Whip” in Artifact

The map with the name “Impact with a whip” was renamed to “Coordinated Attack”, and all because the description of the penalty says: “Affects the black hero: After you play a black card, the hero and allies next to him get +2 to attack in this round. ”

In Fortnite: Battle Royale can add a new trap

Popular multiplayer shooter Fortnite: Battle Royale can replenish with a new trap. Hint on the possibility of developing such a scenario it was possible to find the data maker. In Fortnite: Battle Royale traps play a fairly significant role, and the players themselves from such an attribute are greatly enjoyed.

Next week starts the World Cup in League of Legends

From October 1 to November 3 in South Korea, the best teams from around the world will compete for the league title of the League of Legends. They will share a prize fund, the size of which is determined by fans of the League of Legends by buying in-game items.

Moscow studio announced the online game Population Zero

In late summer it became known that the independent Russian studio Enplex Games is working on a debut project. And now the developers talked about the online game Population Zero

Bousettet was added to Super Mario 64

A couple of days ago, the Internet suddenly became obsessed with a bosette – a fan invented by the fans from the Mario universe, to which fans now devote drawings, videos and even songs. And one modder has already promptly added Bousett to Super Mario 64 as a playable character.

Pre-order opened for Total War: Three Kingdoms. The game will be released in March

The plot of the game will tell about the history of Ancient China. The release of the game is scheduled for March 7, 2019. Total War: Three Kingdoms will be available on Windows, Linux and Mac OS.

Published the first gameplay video Encased

Russian studio Dark Crystal Games has published the first gameplay video of its turn-based isometric role-playing game Encased. This project is positioned as a spiritual heir to the classic Fallout and canceled by Van Buren.

Cyberpunk 2077 will be released in 2019

CD Projekt Red has not yet called the date and even the year of Cyberpunk 2077 release, but most journalists assumed that the games will be released in 2020. However, the Turkish publisher of the third “The Witcher” said that Cyberpunk 2077 should be expected already next year.

Announced the update of Village and Pillage for Minecraft

At the Minecon Earth 2018 event, Mojang talked about the next major update of Minecraft, which will be called Village and Pillage. With him in the game will appear an unfriendly faction of marauders, who with their tamed wild beasts will attack the player

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