20 Dec, 2018

Medvedev promised to reward everyone …

Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev promised in the future to award all State Duma deputies with government awards. Such a statement the prime minister made at the last meeting of the autumn session of the State Duma, reports “Interfax”. He presented government awards to 45 parliamentarians.

Medvedev explained that all deputies take laws. “There is no person who does not adopt laws here, in every law there is the contribution of any member of the State Duma, a State Duma deputy,” he stressed. The current State Duma consists of 450 deputies.

Briefly about the main thing …


Yearing for the USSR

The number of Russians who regretted the collapse of the Soviet Union, has reached a maximum in the last decade, follows from the Levada Center poll. Now, 66% of respondents are talking about this, in 2017 – 58%, and before that for 10 years the figure did not rise above 61%.


Every fourth employer plans to reduce staff in 2019

Almost a quarter of employers (23%) plan to reduce the number of staff next year, while only 18% of companies think about expanding the staff, every third employer (33%) intends to train their employees in the new year, according to a study of Rabota.ru .

Residents of Russia prefer outdated, but cheaper medicines

For 49 weeks of this year, Russians most often bought a bactericidal plaster, tsitramon and activated carbon, despite the fact that there are already more effective drugs. According to the President of the League, the advocates for patients of Alexander Saversky, the main reason for the demand for such drugs is their low cost, not their effectiveness. Saversky added that doctors would never prescribe such drugs, so the data obtained by analysts from DSM Group point to mass self-treatment.

According to him, most often this is due to the lack of affordable medical care.

The State Duma adopted a law on the abolition of national roaming

During the meeting, the State Duma adopted a law abolishing national roaming in Russia. The author of the initiative, as indicated by RIA Novosti, was made by deputies from “Fair Russia”, who submitted a relevant proposal to the lower house of parliament in the summer of 2017

In the Kemerovo region, a snow hill is painted over with white paint.

The video with a painted slide was published by the local portal nk.tv. The journalists suggested that the utilities did not find clean snow in the city surrounded by coal cuts and decided to use paint.

Justice Ministry will check the movement For Human Rights by Ponomarev

The Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation will conduct an unscheduled inspection of the movement “For Human Rights” Lev Ponomarev, an expert of the movement Irina Yatsenko told Interfax. She noted that the organization received a notification from the Ministry of Justice by e-mail.

State Duma supported the return of beer advertising

Last summer, a ban on the display of beer ads was already temporarily canceled during the World Cup. The deputies considered this experience positive and voted for the return of beer advertising in the first reading.

Tour operators have estimated the increase in the cost of travel for Russians in 2019

The price of tourist vouchers for Russians in 2019 will rise by 10–30%, Maya Lomidze, executive director of the Association of Tour Operators of Russia (ATOR), told RIA Novosti.

330 billion rubles will be allocated to help cancer patients in Russia

The document was signed on December 10 by Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev. For the first time, the volumes and means for the treatment and provision of medical care to cancer patients are prescribed separately.

In Kamchatka, a woman official compared the animal to the animal was punished

In Kamchatka, an employee of an institution under the jurisdiction of the regional Ministry of Finance, which compared an armed pensioner who came to the government building with an animal, was brought to disciplinary responsibility. He stressed that in this case it’s not a verbal remark, but a documented disciplinary sanction. This was reported to RIA Novosti in the press service of the regional administration.

In the Federation of American films called the “ideological Trojan horses”

A terrible threat in Hollywood products saw the senator and the head of the temporary commission for the protection of state sovereignty Andrei Klimov. According to him, “overseas Russophobes deprive us of spiritual traditions, transform citizens of a cultural superpower into asexual creatures.”

Zamglavredu “Echo of Moscow” threatened with a pistol

An unknown person threatened with a pistol to Sergei Buntman, deputy editor-in-chief of Ekho Moskvy, for having touched the clothes of his car. This was reported on Facebook by journalist Lydia Scriabina, who witnessed the incident.

Accounts Chamber reports unreached medical records

The level of implementation of quality indicators of medicine ranged from 50 to 95.8%, depending on the region. It took into account, in particular, a reduction in the mortality rate at working age, a reduction in maternal and infant mortality, a decrease in the proportion of patients with malignant tumors.

US Senate Adopts Criminal Justice Reform Act

The approved bill gives judges greater freedom of action in sentencing some drug criminals and stimulates efforts to rehabilitate prisoners, and also reduces life imprisonment for some drug criminals with three criminal convictions to 25 years. Another provision of the bill will allow nearly 3,000 federal prisoners to file a petition to reduce the punishment.

“Criminal justice reform is giving more Americans a chance for redemption,” House Speaker Paul Ryan wrote on Twitter.

The State Duma adopted a law banning powdered alcohol in the Russian Federation

We are talking about powder mixtures, which when mixed with a liquid become an alcoholic beverage. Such products are already banned in the countries of the European Union and the United States, now a ban on their production and sale will appear in the Russian Federation.

The court decided to block the site Navalny “Smart vote”

The Tagansky Court of Moscow, at the request of Roskomnadzor, blocked the website of the founder of the Anti-Corruption Fund, Alexey Navalny, 2019.vote (“Smart Vote”) because of a violation of the rules for storing users’ personal data. This RBC reported in the press service of the court.

The State Duma adopted a law on the fight against fictitious marriages

Deputies of the State Duma of the Russian Federation approved amendments aimed at reducing the number of fictitious marriages that foreigners enter into with Russians to obtain a permit for temporary residence in Russia

Muscovites were asked to report homeless people freezing in the cold

“In the autumn-winter period, people without a specific place of residence especially need help, so social services work in an enhanced mode, including on the streets of the city,” the department said.

St. Petersburg deputies turned against the rufer

Deputies of the Legislative Assembly of St. Petersburg passed in the first reading a law providing for punishment for organizers of illegal tours of the roofs of houses, reports Rosbalt.

Arshavin celebrated his appointment as a children’s trainer in the company of prostitutes

Former striker of Zenit and the Russian national team Andrei Arshavin vigorously noted his return to St. Petersburg. The football player spent the night in a strip club with prostitutes and rode around the northern capital on horseback, refusing to pay.

In Moscow, a pensioner died waiting to see a doctor

The incident, according to REN TV, occurred at the Clinical Institute. M. Vladimirsky in the morning on Tuesday, December 18. No signs of violent death were found on the body of the deceased. According to preliminary data, the pensioner died as a result of cardiac arrest.


Kozak warned of a new increase in gasoline prices from January 1, 2019

Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Kozak said that the government expects gasoline prices to rise from January 1, 2019, but it will not be “galloping.” The increase will not be as significant due to agreements between the government and energy companies.

We do not expect, thanks to the measures taken by the Government of the Russian Federation in terms of the mechanism of price containment within the framework of the tax maneuver, and in terms of agreements with oil companies, we do not expect a galloping increase in prices for motor fuel. – Dmitry Kozak, Russian politician

FAS fined the Big Three operators for intranet roaming

The Federal Anti-Monopoly Service fined each cellular operator included in the “big three” (VimpelCom, MTS, Megafon) for 737,500 rubles for intranet roaming, the service said. The ministry added that the operators have 60 days to pay the fine.

IMF will help Ukraine with a loan of $ 3.9 billion

Ukraine by the end of 2018 will receive the first tranche of a loan of $ 3.9 billion, the issuance of which the day before, on December 18, approved the board of directors of the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

Central Bank predicted the rise in price of goods in 2019

According to the Central Bank, fuel and cigarettes can rise in price by up to 4.6%, cars – by 0.2%, and wine – by 0.9%. Rising cost of fuel, in turn, will increase the cost of transportation and warehousing. According to experts, as a result, this will affect the prices of other goods, including products. Regulator polls showed that most companies in construction, transport and trade intend to raise selling prices to 8%, which is higher than the expected rate of inflation.

Visa launches a card-to-card translation service by phone number

On average, each Visa card in Russia performs between two and five transactions per month to transfer money, Petelina says. Representatives of VTB, Tinkoff Bank, Home Loan and Russian Standard confirm that their banks participate in the Visa service

Medvedev instructed to develop preferences for new projects in the Arctic

Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev instructed interested government agencies to work on the issue of preferences for new projects in the Arctic and manufacturers of equipment for liquefied natural gas (LNG) until February 15, 2019

Vladimir Putin banned street scoreboards with currency rates

Banks are not allowed to post data on foreign exchange rates outside the premises of credit institutions. The corresponding document signed by Russian President Vladimir Putin is published on the official Internet portal of legal information.

Lundin and Gunvor come out of the last mining project in Russia

Gunvor declined to comment. After leaving the project, the trader will remain in Russia only 26% in the complex for transshipment of petroleum products in the port of Ust-Luga (a joint venture with Transneft and Toling LLC of Andrey Bokarev).

Russian banks 1.5 times increased profits for 11 months

The Central Bank notes that the financial results of the sector were significantly affected by the performance of banks that are being reorganized in the Banking Sector Consolidation Fund. Without them, the profit of the banking sector amounted to 1.7 trillion rubles. Most Russian banks – 356, or 73% – are profitable.

40 new oil and gas fields found in Iran

The responsible official of the National Iranian Oil Company, Salef Hendi, said that four dozen new oil and gas fields, both land and offshore, have been discovered in the country. In the near future, the beginning of their development is possible, he added.

DIA demanded from the former shareholders of Vneshprombank 219 billion rubles

The Deposit Insurance Agency (DIA) has filed with the Moscow Arbitration Court a statement on the attraction of former shareholders of the collapsed Vneshprombank to secondary liability for 219 billion rubles. This is stated in the message of the DIA, which is the bankruptcy trustee of Vneshprombank.

Minstroy plans to adjust the national housing project down

The housing national project will become more modest and will require state support. The backlog of residential buildings from the plan of 11 million square meters. m in 2018 will change the entire long-term housing program – the national project “Housing and Urban Environment”, requiring the industry to accelerate to 120 million square meters. m in 2024.

By December 31, 2019, it should have amounted to 86 million square meters, roughly, according to our estimates, it will be 75-76 million square meters. We can not ignore it. We already fall by 10-11 million, that’s a lot. – Vladimir Yakushev, Russian politician

Ukrainian “daughter” VTB decided to eliminate

The bank’s liquidation was preferred by the investor’s proposals to the Deposit Guarantee Fund of Ukraine (FGR) summed up the competition for the transfer of assets and liabilities to VTB Ukraine. There were several initially willing to get them, in the end only one bidder remained, but he underestimated the assets of the bank

The “free money” of Russians in November was 8.4% more

The results of the research of the Romir holding showed that the amount of free money of the inhabitants of Russia in November 2018 increased by 8.4% compared to October, reaching 23.2 thousand rubles.

Italy and the European Commission reached an agreement on the budget dispute

The authorities of Italy and the European Union were able to reach a compromise on the issue of the Italian budget deficit for 2019. Officially, the agreement will be announced on Wednesday, December 19. This was reported by a number of media outlets on Tuesday, citing sources in the Ministry of Finance of Italy.

China sells US Treasury bonds for the fifth consecutive month

The size of US Treasury bonds owned by China in October fell for the fifth month in a row to a minimum since May 2017. According to the US Treasury, it fell to $ 1.14 trillion compared with $ 1.15 trillion in September. China’s sale of bonds may be linked to Beijing’s attempts to strengthen the yuan.

The Ministry of Energy expects record gas production figures

In the summer, the ministry predicted mining at 551 million tons in 2018. In addition, the expected record figures for the extraction of natural gas – 723 billion cubic meters.

The positive dynamics is connected with two factors: the growth of consumption by our buyers in exports, mainly, these are European countries. This is a very good indicator, this has not happened yet. – Alexander Novak, Russian politician

Lithuanian Seimas approves redemption of Klaipeda LNG terminal

The Lithuanian Parliament today, on December 18, approved a government decision on the purchase of a storage vessel for the LNG terminal Independence in Klaipeda, which Lithuania currently leases from the Norwegian company Hoegh LNG, until 2024, a REGNUM correspondent reports.

The Ministry of Finance could not place the OFZ for 10 billion rubles

The last auctions were not very successful for the Ministry of Finance, said Rosbank analyst Yury Tulinov. Last Wednesday, the Ministry of Finance placed less than 2/3 of the declared volume, although demand exceeded supply by 2.6 times.

In Russia, tightening the rules for the sale of apartments in new buildings

According to the draft law, the developer will be able to independently set the amount of payments to be paid, but in proportion to the planned value of each object. This will allow better allocation of costs in the development of the territory, which will reduce the risks of not completing the construction of the house, the authors of the document say

Changes should protect interest holders, but in fact, part of the projects may arise, which will generate a new wave of deceived citizens. In addition, the amendments will lead to higher construction costs. Housing will add in price up to 20%, real estate market players warn.

The Ministry of Environment expressed concern over the decline in diamond reserves in Russia

“In recent years, the increase in diamond reserves does not compensate for their redemption. The recorded reserves of diamonds provide current production only for the next 8–9 years, that is, until 2027. In the future, retirement of existing deposits and a gradual decline in production will begin. By 2047, the reserves of diamonds at the fields being developed, unfortunately, will be completely exhausted, ”the minister said.

A unified product labeling system will appear in Russia

A law aimed at creating an information system for monitoring goods to be labeled, the State Duma adopted in the third, final reading, a REGNUM correspondent reported December 19. The new system will track the path of goods from the manufacturer to the final consumer.

State Duma marked the “ceiling” at the rate of microcredit

The new rules for microcrediting will come into force in 2020, but they will not touch small (less than 10 thousand rubles) loans without security for a period of less than 15 days. Meanwhile, a part of the norms will come into force on July 1, 2019.

Gazprom increases loan program to 6.5 billion euros

The program of foreign loans of PJSC Gazprom for 2018 has been increased by 2.5 billion euros. This decision was made by the board of directors of the company. As specified in the press service of PJSC Gazprom, this became possible due to the growth in the volume of attracting bilateral and club loans.

Investors eliminated gambling zones will receive compensation

We are talking about situations of the elimination of the gambling zone or changing its borders. If this happens less than 10 years after its creation, then investors will now be able to receive compensation for the funds that they are losing from changes in the territory of the gambling zone.

Saipem and Renaissance JV Receives Contract for Arctic LNG-2 Project

The joint venture of the Italian company Saipem and the Turkish Renaissance received a contract for the construction of Arctic LNG-2 for € 2.2 billion, Saipem said in a statement. It is noted that the project includes the construction of three plants for the production of liquefied natural gas (LNG).

Gazprom prepares fields for Nord Stream-2

The Nord Stream International International Energy Megaproject is approaching the launch phase. Despite political pressure from the European Union, key participants in the pipeline construction – Poland and Finland – have recently confirmed the continuation of work.

Saudi Arabia has adopted a budget deficit

The income of the kingdom for the 1440−1441 fiscal year (according to the Islamic calendar Hijra, started on September 11, 2018) will be 975 billion Saudi rials (about $ 215 billion), RIA Novosti reports. The country’s oil spending will exceed a trillion rials (approximately $ 294 billion).

Gas workers threatened to disconnect from the supply plant “Amurmetall”

From December 25, 2018, Gazprom Gas Distribution Far East plans to introduce a complete restriction of gas supply to the TOREKS-Khabarovsk enterprise (the former Amurmetall plant) due to repeated violation of the terms of payment for delivered gas


For Yekaterinburg Metro will buy eight new cars

For Yekaterinburg metro will buy eight new cars – four head and four intermediate. The renewal of the park will cost more than 562 million rubles.

The average speed of public transport in Moscow has increased

The average speed of public transport, taking into account stops increased by about 2% compared with last November and was 15.7 km / h

According to analysts, positive changes in the operation of metropolitan transport may be associated with the cessation of the use of turnstiles, the expansion of designated lanes in some areas, as well as changes in old and new routes.

Volgograd residents will keep the benefits of public transportation

Starting January 1, 2019, the cost of a bus, tram and trolleybus ticket will rise in price in the city. Despite the changes in prices for public transport that are being prepared in 2019, the benefits will continue, the Volgograd City Duma press service reports.

New Perm railway station will be built next to Parkov

Russian Railways has included in the investment program the construction of a new railway station in Perm. The Governor of the Perm Territory Maxim Reshetnikov told this on the eve during a live broadcast on Instagram.

We are discussing the option of locating the station on the other side of Transsib, closer to Parkovoye. This station will be combined with the bus station. A designer will appear from January and we will be able to integrate this project with Stroiteley Street. – Maxim Reshetnikov, Russian politician

By taxi drivers in St. Petersburg want to take control

The deputies propose that the Smolny Transport Committee be given the authority to control the work of a taxi: to leave with checks, conduct scheduled inspections and taxi inspections, and organize preventive measures.

In Kazakhstan, called the launch date of the new train Alma-Ata – Turkestan

In Kazakhstan, Passenger Transportation will launch a new Almaty-2-Turkestan railway route, Kazinform agency reported December 19, citing a joint-stock company. The new train will consist of 23 cars, including 19 cars of the “Tourist” class.

From January in Moscow and the region the increase in the cost of travel by train

“From the New Year, the fare for commuting in electric trains of suburban traffic within Moscow will be 36 rubles, the fare for one zone in intersubject communication across the territory of the capital and Moscow region is 23 rubles,” the agency’s source said.

The law on the responsible treatment of animals passed the State Duma

The adopted document prohibits any manifestation of cruelty, regulates the rules of walking, as well as the requirements for the maintenance of service and circus animals.

The traffic police told about the changes in the exam on the right

On a closed site, candidates for obtaining rights will have to pass a U-turn in confined space, check into a box, parallel parking, parking at the loading ramp, coupling and uncoupling. Snake and rotate 90 degrees will be excluded from the list of exercises.

Examination in urban environments will be supplemented, including testing skills that now only look at a closed site: left and right turns, passing intersections, turning at and outside the intersection, passing railway crossing, rebuilding, overtaking or advancing, driving with the maximum allowed speed, passage of pedestrian crossings, places of bus stops, braking and stopping while driving at various speeds, setting the car parallel to the sidewalk, stopping and starting to move on the ascent and descent.

In this case, the examinees will not know the route in advance, writes the agency “RIA Novosti”.

A scooter rental service will appear in Moscow

The head of the Moscow traffic police department, Viktor Kovalenko, said that renting scooters in the capital will be available from 2019. The rental of scooters will be done according to the example of car sharing, special racks will be put up for vehicles.

Aeroflot refused to allow flights to Seychelles and Mauritius

The airline “Aeroflot” refused to tolerances necessary to perform regular flights from Moscow to Port Louis (Mauritius) and Victoria (Seychelles), according to an order from the Federal Air Transport Agency

At the same time, two new Asian routes appeared in the carrier’s winter timetable – to Denpasar (Bali) and Colombo (Sri Lanka). Flights are operated in conjunction with the subsidiary airline “Russia”.

UAZ automobile plant signed an agreement with the Ministry of Agriculture of Bashkortostan

According to the signed document, from the beginning of 2019, a car manufacturer from Ulyanovsk guarantees favorable conditions for the purchase of all UAZ vehicles for agricultural commodity companies of the Republic of Bashkortostan.

Offroad road train for the Arctic released in Russia

The Moscow-based company “Tonar”, known for its trailers and small-scale trucks, expanded its model line by presenting a bonnet tractor of super-heavy class “Tonar-7502”


Ilon Musk opened the first underground tunnel near Los Angeles

American businessman Ilon Musk opened the first underground transport tunnel near Los Angeles. The presentation took place on December 19 live on the website of the company Mask The Boring Company.

You can drive at a speed of more than 240 kilometers per hour. At this speed, it seems that you are teleporting around the city … In all the tunnels there will be constantly circulating cars for pedestrians and cyclists. – Ilon Musk, engineer

In early 2019, Russia will launch the Mir Pay payment system

In the first quarter of 2019 in Russia will launch a system of contactless payment Mir Pay. This was announced by the head of the National Payment Card System (NSPK) Vladimir Komlev, writes TASS

Nature magazine named ten people of the year in science

  • Jiankui He, who was at the center of the scandal with an experiment on human genetic modification
  • Vivien Elephant – paleontologist, who discovered the first child of a Neanderthal woman and a Denis man,
  • Yuan Cao, who developed together with colleagues a two-layer superconducting graphene,
  • Jess Wade, who has written over a hundred articles devoted to women scientists,
  • Robert-Ian Simts, promoting open access to scientific information.
  • Barbara Ree-Venter, who, through the use of the genomic base, was able to identify a serial killer,
  • Anthony Brown, an astronomer who processed a huge amount of data from the Gaia space telescope
  • Makoto Yoshikawa – the head of the Hayabusa-2 mission exploring the asteroid.
  • Valeria Masson-Delmott, a climatologist who played a key role in the preparation of the report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change,
  • Bi Yin Yeo, a minister from Malaysia, who is making a lot of efforts to combat plastic waste.

The presence of the second X chromosome prolongs life

During the experiment, it was found that females with the usual genotype live the longest. However, it was noted that the carriers of the doubled X chromosome, but of a different genotype, also lived longer than usual. We have not yet been able to figure out how the X chromosome affects longevity.

Conference CNews “Artificial Intelligence 2019” will be held February 21

February 21, 2019 CNews will hold the Artificial Intelligence 2019 conference in Moscow The concept of artificial intelligence originated in the 70s of the last century as a common name for computer algorithms capable of performing actions that were available only to man: recognize patterns and sounds, analyze and make decisions and so on.

Russian scientists have figured out how to effectively destroy cancer

Representatives of the Russian team of developers explained to RIA Novosti that this is about creating a new approach to combating B-cell lymphoma based on the so-called CAR-T-therapy (from the English snіmrіs antigen receptor), which allows to treat the patient with his own immune system cells – T lymphocytes

New sound device manipulates particles in three dimensions

The new device uses ultrasonic waves to control particles in the air, like puppets on invisible threads. Unlike other devices that also use sound radiation to manipulate matter, the new system can move several objects in different directions at the same time. Using this type of levitation technology, described in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, one can assemble microelectronics or maneuver small objects inside the body to cure diseases.

In the US, the robot taught to recognize the food and feed people with a fork

US engineers have created a wheelchair that can recognize food on a plate, take it and bring it to the person’s mouth. The novelty is described on the website of the University of Washington.

Found mysterious relatives of extinct red wolves

The red (or red) wolf (Canis rufus) is the closest relative of the gray wolf (Canis lupus). Once these predators could be found in the southeastern United States of America, but as a result of human activity, red wolves have completely disappeared from the wild.

Physicists have developed a mathematical model for the destruction of cancer

A set of formulas developed by physicists provides a very accurate prediction of the behavior of nanoparticles. In the future, this will create “ideal killer cancer”, scientists believe. Physicists are planning to test a new model on real particles in the near future.

A highly accurate test for diagnosing cervical cancer

In 100 out of 100 cases, it was possible to identify a person who already has or will soon have cervical cancer, and the test unmistakably identified all 8 types of the disease.

In the US Navy created GM bacteria to search for submarines

American biologists under the auspices of the US Navy created a unique project, during which they worked on the creation of marinobacteria that underwent genetic modification. After such changes, they were able to determine the presence of enemy ships and submarines.

Chemists have created a powder that can trap carbon dioxide.

Scientists from the University of Waterloo created a powder that removes carbon dioxide from emissions from power plants and factories before they enter the atmosphere. This writes the Eurek Alert.

Place of residence affects the risk of developing cardiovascular diseases and diabetes

Scientists from Canada have identified trends linking health and life factors, such as access to public transport, a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables in grocery stores, food prices, cigarettes, alcohol, and healthy food in restaurants

The results of the study, based on detailed data collected in ten provinces of Canada from 2014 to 2016, were published in the journal Cities and Health, and an interactive online map showing zip code data is available on a specially crafted website

In Japan, a robot pet with artificial intelligence went on sale

In Japan, the robot went on sale, which can replace pet buyers. It was developed by the venture company Groove X and was named Lovot (a combination of the words Love and “robot”). The device remembers its owners well and is designed specifically to be picked up.


Russia refused to show the US its missile

Demonstration of a 9M729 land-based cruise missile, which, according to Washington, violates the Treaty on the Elimination of Intermediate-Range and Short-Range Missiles (INF), would be a manifestation of excessive transparency. About this in an interview with the newspaper “Kommersant”, said Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Ryabkov.

A rocket demonstration to the Americans would be a manifestation of increased transparency on our part – beyond the framework of the Treaty. At this stage, we did not get the feeling that such a step would be justified from both political and technical points of view. – Sergey Ryabkov, Russian diplomat

Japan opposes easing of UN sanctions against North Korea

“The DPRK did not conduct nuclear tests and ballistic missile launches this year. However, we don’t see any concrete actions aimed at eliminating such weapons. Therefore, the world community through the UN Security Council should not weaken the signals sent by the DPRK demanding the abandonment of nuclear weapons” at a press conference in New York, the permanent representative of Japan to the UN, Coro Bessho

Bandera’s birthday became an official holiday in Ukraine

Recall that in the Lviv region, 2019 was officially declared the year of Stepan Bandera. Every year the birthday of the leader of the OUN (organization whose activities are prohibited in the Russian Federation) is accompanied by torchlight processions in many cities of Ukraine.

Trump promised “artistically decorated” wall on the border with Mexico

Democrats are loud and clear that they do not want to build a concrete wall. But we are not building a concrete wall, we are building an artistically designed structure of steel rails through which you can see perfectly. – Donald Trump, 45th President of the United States

The concept of “West” is no more, said in the Security Council

“West” as a single concept no longer exists, Assistant Secretary of the Security Council Alexander Venediktov said in an interview with RIA Novosti. According to Venediktov, “West” as a homogeneous club of states with common interests is already something from the field of history, not modern politics. ”

Belgian Prime Minister resigned

Belgian Prime Minister Charles Michel announced his resignation. Prior to this, at a meeting in parliament, the leading parties of the kingdom offered to vote on a vote of no confidence in the government.

I saw that my call for parliament was not convincing, that it was not heard. I have to respect and accept this situation. I have decided to submit my resignation letter and intend to immediately go to the king. – Charles Michel, Belgian politician

US court fined Google and Facebook in a political advertising case

The management of the American companies Google and Facebook will pay a total of $ 455 thousand to settle the legal claims of the Washington state. It is about collecting information about political campaigning on the Internet.

The White House announced the participation of Trump at the forum in Davos

The International Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, will be held with the participation of US President Donald Trump. This was informed by American journalists, the press secretary of the White House, Sarah Sanders.

Britain will return to the strategy of dealing with Russia during the Cold War

The British Defense Ministry is returning to a military strategy to counter threats from Russia, which has not followed since the days of the Cold War. Such a statement was made by the head of the British defense department Gavin Williamson, Bloomberg writes

Prime Ministers of Macedonia and Greece nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize

Prime Ministers of Macedonia and Greece Zoran Zayev and Alexis Tsipras will be nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize in 2019 for their efforts to end the 27-year-old dispute over the name of the former Yugoslav Republic. This was announced by the winner of the award in 2015 Wysed Bushamoui.

US and China are planning to hold trade negotiations in January

The United States and China plan to hold talks on trade issues in January. This was announced by US Treasury Secretary Stephen Mnuchin, reports Bloomberg. Currently, there is a discussion of “logistics meetings” related to trade issues, the minister said.

Poroshenko and Volker discussed the prospects for the introduction of peacekeepers in the Donbass

Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko and the US Special Representative for Ukraine Kurt Volker during the meeting discussed the coordination of actions regarding the introduction of UN peacekeepers in the Donbass, the press service of the Ukrainian leader said.

Court in Greece decided to extradite Vinnicke France

The Supreme Court of Greece supported the decision of the Salonik court of first instance on the extradition of the Russian citizen Alexander Vinnik to France. TASS informs about this with reference to the chairman of the court Angelika Aliferopul.

Republic of Donbass offered Kiev to declare a truce

The self-proclaimed republics of the Donbass propose Kiev to declare a new truce regime in the Donbas, timed to coincide with the New Year and Christmas holidays, from December 22, the plenipotentiary of the self-proclaimed Luhansk People’s Republic at the negotiations in Minsk Vladislav Deyny said.

Israel urges UN to recognize Hezbollah as a terrorist organization

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called on the UN to recognize the Lebanese Hezbollah as a terrorist organization and to tighten sanctions against the organization.

Hackers laid out the correspondence of EU diplomats for several years

Unknown hackers managed to kidnap and publish the correspondence that the diplomats of the EU countries have been conducting for several years, including about Russia. This is stated in the article The New York Times.

George Soros became the “Man of the Year” according to FT

Financier George Soros was named “Man of the Year” by the Financial Times (FT) for his “proactive stance and a liberal vision of the world.”

In the Federation of American films called the “ideological Trojan horses”

A terrible threat in Hollywood products saw the senator and the head of the temporary commission for the protection of state sovereignty Andrei Klimov. According to him, “overseas Russophobes deprive us of spiritual traditions, transform citizens of a cultural superpower into asexual creatures.”

In Germany, arrested the Russian, supplying goods to Russia to create missiles

68-year-old Vladimir D. is suspected of violating the law on foreign economic activity – he supplied equipment for recipients from the Russian defense sector. Searches were conducted in his apartment, as well as in the offices belonging to him. A man faces up to five years in prison.


Poroshenko has prepared a decree on the general mobilization in Ukraine

On Tuesday, speaking to students in Ternopil, Poroshenko did not rule out that Russia could soon carry out large-scale ground-based aggression. In an emergency, the leadership of Ukraine will need decisiveness in declaring a general mobilization.

In Odessa, anchored a British warship

A British ship, the HMS Echo scout, entered the port of Odessa, the local edition of Duma.net reported on December 19. According to journalists, the ship arrived to participate in the maneuvers together with the flagship of the Ukrainian Navy, the ship “Getman Sagaidachny.”

US Department of State approved sale of Patriot PRO systems to Turkey

The US State Department approved a possible deal with Turkey for the sale of Patriot’s missile defense systems for a total of $ 3.5 billion.

Trump has signed a decree on the creation of the US Space Forces

The Associated Press news agency published a report on the establishment of the US Space Forces, the decree was signed by President Donald Trump

China calls to stop the militarization of space

Chinese authorities opposed the idea of US President Donald Trump to create a command of the space forces of the United States. Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Hua Chunin said during a briefing on December 19 that outer space “is common.”

In the Altai Territory, operational collection of officers of the Central Military District began

The operational gathering of the leadership of the 41st Army of the Central Military District began in the Altai Territory. This informs RIA Novosti with reference to the press service of the Central Military District. It is noted that 200 officers are participating in the event.

The main directions of modernization submarines project 855 “Ash”

According to the General Director of the Malachit St. Petersburg Marine Engineering Bureau Vladimir Dorofeev, during the transition from the construction of the third generation nuclear submarines to the fourth, serious work was carried out to reduce the noise level. So, on the ships of the project “Ash” torpedo tubes were transferred from the nasal tip, where they were traditionally located earlier. As a result, the submarine’s nose became “acoustically clean,” which made it possible to place large-sized sonar antennas there.

Equipping the Yasen nuclear submarine with new installations for launching rockets made it possible in part to change their intended purpose.

“There has been a transformation of such submarines from predominantly anti-submarine to shock. This was the result of equipping the fourth-generation submarines with universal vertical launchers that allow the use of rocket weapons for various purposes, ”said Dorofeyev.

The failure of the MiG-29K program in India

According to the Indian military, the plane “riddled with problems.” According to them, landing on the deck “looks like a hard landing.”

The fighter needs frequent repairs. Because of such landings, structural defects are constantly manifested, pilots told reporters.

Indian experts have made claims to the quality of the airframe and control system, as well as to the training simulator. But the power plant turned out to be the biggest problem: since 2010, due to factory defects, 40 engines were taken out of service, and that is more than half. In addition, it turned out that the contract does not include maintenance from the manufacturer. Unable to cope with the problems on their own, the Ministry of Defense of India refused to use all of the deck MiGs.

As a result, Russia was not even invited to the tender for the purchase of new deck fighters.

Anti-aircraft missile units transferred to S-400 in Crimea

In Crimea, they completed re-equipment of anti-aircraft missile units on the S-400. Colonel-General Alexander Dvornikov, commander of the troops of the Southern Military District (SKR), clarified that the Triumph S-400 anti-aircraft missile systems are now standing there.

Russian military will receive a domestic drone in 2019

Serial deliveries of long-duration UAVs to the troops will begin in 2019, said Deputy Defense Minister Alexei Krivoruchko.

Japanese fighters flew to intercept the Russian Su-24

Japan decided to fly its aircraft into the air due to the appearance of the Russian Su-24 reconnaissance aircraft. Japanese fighters received a command to escort a Russian naval intelligence officer who approached the south-western part of Hokkaido Island.


Premiere of the new crossover Indian company Mahindra

As the basis for the creation of the Mahindra Inferno crossover, the famous SsangYong Tivoli crossover was made, which will receive major improvements and is almost nothing like a successor ..

Improved design is expressed in the modern grille, new bumpers and some other updated body components. Mahindra S201 received a 1.5-liter gasoline engine with a capacity of 123 hp It is also reported that the start of sales of the new crossover will take place from the beginning of next year.

Land Rover announced a new Defender

The next generation Land Rover Defender will be built on a new lightweight chassis with independent suspension. It is assumed that the SUV will lose its V8 engines, which will be replaced by the new two-liter diesel and petrol “turbo-fours” of the Ingenium family.

Concern Jaguar Land Rover will develop automatic doors

The British forced the doors of the Range Rover Sport SUV to open to a wide angle automatically, without touching them when the owner approaches the car. For this, the usual technologies are used: motion sensors and keyless access.

Volkswagen will launch production of the updated Passat in January

Volkswagen will begin production of the updated Volkswagen Passat in January 2019. Serial release of the model will unfold at the plant in the German Emden. This was reported on the eve of the press service of the concern.

The return of the sports sports car TVR Griffith is postponed

The old factory of the company TVR needs major repairs before the production of the new TVR Griffith is started there. It is known that the British sports coupe will receive a weight distribution of 50:50. Under its hood will be a 5.0-liter V8 engine produced by the American brand Ford, whose power will be increased to 500 horsepower – all this power will flow to the rear axle.

Audi will bring to the Russian Federation a budget version of the new generation A6 sedan

Audi will bring the new-generation A6 sedans to Russia, including the budget version in the model range. It has front-wheel drive and a 4-cylinder gasoline engine. The cost of new items will not exceed the price tag of all-wheel drive A6 55 TFSI offered for sale.

Porsche introduced the 718 Cayman T and 718 Boxster T sports cars.

Porsche has introduced a new version of the 718 Cayman and 718 Boxster sports cars – the T version. The cars are equipped with 300-horsepower turbocharged 2-liter engines, which are combined with a 6-speed manual gearbox, and a 7-speed PDK robot is available as an option.

Chinese Qiantu electric sport car will start production in the US

Founded back in 2016, Qiantu made its move and merged it with Mullen Technologies. By common forces, a new electroportcar is being adapted by modern standards of the 21st century and will now be produced in the USA. According to the primary information, the start of production will be realized in 2020.

Jaguar brought I-Pace electric crossover to Russia

The company Jaguar announced the start of Russian sales of the electric crossover I-Pace, which will appear in the dealerships of the brand on Thursday, December 20th. Prices for the new start with a mark of 6,107,000 rubles.

There are details about the Kia Telluride SUV

KIA has announced that the new crossover will replace the previous flagship of the series, the full-size Mohave SUV. According to the top manager of the brand, they got a “huge, powerful and spacious SUV”.

Nissan GT-R has received a special version for tennis players

Japanese automaker Nissan has released a limited special version of the legendary sports car GT-R. The basis of this modification, which will be released in an edition of just 50 copies, formed the most prestigious grade Premium edition.

Ford Everest frame SUV will be on sale in January

The American company Ford has prepared a restyled Ford Everest 2019 frame SUV for Indian motorists. The car received a new front bumper with a large air collector, designer wheels for 20 inches, and a slightly modified radiator grille.

Unique Adler Diplomat for 6.9 million rubles for sale in St. Petersburg

According to the experts of the speedme.ru portal, an entry on the sale of the Adler Pullman Diplomat car of 1940 has appeared on the website of auto ads. This is the only copy in Russia and the CIS.

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