16 Апр, 2021

Merkel and Biden had a telephone conversation

German Chancellor Angela Merkel held a telephone conversation with US President Joe Biden, during which they discussed the situation in Ukraine. The parties believe that «Russia should be called upon to curtail the recent increase in its military presence [in the west of the country] in order to achieve a de-escalation of the situation.» Another topic of the talks was the withdrawal of NATO troops from Afghanistan: the North Atlantic Alliance announced the beginning of this process on the evening of April 14.

Far Eastern hectare in the Arctic

The Russian government will expand the application of the Far Eastern Hectare program to the Arctic zone, Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin said at a government meeting on Thursday.

«Another bill is aimed at creating additional mechanisms of state support for the Arctic — we are extending the Far Eastern Hectare program to these territories. Entrepreneurs have requested this,» Mishustin said.

The Far Eastern Hectare program, which allows the citizens of the Russian Federation to choose, register and receive free of charge a land plot in the Far East, was launched in 2016. During its work, more than 90 thousand people received the plots.

Instagram will have a function to disable the likes counter

Users of the social network Instagram will be able to turn off the likes counter under their posts, RIA Novosti reported, citing a statement from the head of the company, Adam Mosseri.

Trutnev explained why house prices soared on Sakhalin

The price of housing on Sakhalin is prohibitively high, says Yuri Trutnev, Deputy Prime Minister and Presidential Plenipotentiary in the Far Eastern Federal District. The official noted that there are many reasons for the price increase. In particular, he believes that the lack of building materials, competition among qualified construction companies, and delays in the construction of houses do not allow the industry to develop.

“We need both the mayor and the governor to set the task not to create a system of preferences for some wonderful company, but to create a system within which people will receive housing at the most attractive prices,” Trutnev said in an interview with the PrimaMedia news agency.

Migrant builders in Russia went to work as couriers

Up to a third of builders, whom developers specially bring to work in Russia from abroad, move to work in other industries, the president of Inteko Group, Alexander Nikolaev, said in an interview with RBC TV channel.

“That is, they come at the request of the builder, and then [go to] couriers, where the salary is higher, who goes where,” says Nikolaev.

Opposition leader detained in Belarus

In Shklov, the leader of the Belarusian Popular Front (BPF) opposition party Grigory Kastusev was detained. This was reported on the party’s website with reference to his associate Dmitry Antonchik, who acted as the politician’s confidant as a candidate for deputy in the parliamentary elections in 2016.

DOXA editors banned certain actions by court

The Basmanny Court of Moscow on Wednesday banned certain actions from four editors of the independent student magazine DOXA. TASS was informed about this in court.

«The court satisfied the petition of the investigation to elect Vladimir Metelkin, Armen Aramyan, Natalya Tyshkevich and Alla Gutnikova a preventive measure in the form of a ban on certain actions,» said the agency’s interlocutor.

The preventive measure for the defendants in the case was elected until June 14. According to the court’s decision, they are prohibited from leaving the premises from 00:00 to 23:59, using communications and communicating with anyone other than relatives and the investigator.

The case against the journalists was initiated because of the video, which has already been removed at the request of Roskomnadzor. In it, DOXA members appealed to students — they urged not to be afraid of threats of expulsion for participating in rallies.

Rest in Russia has risen sharply after the ban on flights to Turkey

The suspension of flights between Russia and Turkey until June 1 provoked a sharp rise in prices for travel to other destinations. According to RBC, the cost of recreation at Russian southern resorts has grown by at least a quarter, or even more — so, tours to Sochi have risen in price by 112%, and tours to Abkhazia — by 79%.

Vorkutaugol invests in production

Vorkutaugol, one of the largest coal mining companies in Russia, part of PJSC Severstal, is implementing investment projects in 2021 in the amount of 7.6 billion rubles, which is three billion rubles more than last year

New coating that eliminates superbugs and fungal infections

Scientists in Australia and the United States have invented a coating that can be used on dressings and implants to prevent and treat potentially fatal bacterial and fungal infections.

The development of scientists has passed clinical trials on five strains of various bacteria, showing an excellent result: in just two hours, almost all bacterial and fungal cells (99%) died on the surface treated with phosphorus. You can read more about this in Applied Materials & Interfaces

Mysterious behavior of giant black holes discovered

Scientists at the University of Pretoria in South Africa conducted detailed observations of the active galactic nuclei, where giant black holes are located, and found that there is an unexplained difference between them. Some galaxies are silent in the radio range, although their black holes are actively devouring matter. In addition, the experts found other differences as well. The findings of the researchers have been published in the arXiv preprint repository and are briefly discussed in an article on Science Alert.

SpaceX raised additional funds from investors

SpaceX has raised $ 1.16 billion in equity funding. The amount was collected over the past 2 months, the American space technology manufacturer said. In February, this figure was $ 850 million. Then the company, whose investors include Alphabet Inc. and Fidelity Investments, valued at $ 74 billion.

The court sentenced Sobol to a year of corrective labor conditionally

The justice of the peace of plot No. 276 at a meeting in the Perovsky District Court of Moscow today appointed the FBK lawyer a suspended year of corrective labor with a 10% deduction of wages to the state

The verdict of Lyubov Sobol will be appealed, lawyer Vladimir Voronin told Open Media. He clarifies that Sobol received a suspended sentence, and not a real one, as requested by the prosecutor’s office.

Moscow City Hall will award medical workers

The Moscow Mayor’s Office will spend up to 41 million rubles from the city budget for the production of 200,000 badges “For Courage and Valor in the Fight against COVID-19”. They will be awarded to health workers, as well as volunteers, student trainees and volunteers involved in the fight against the new coronavirus infection, a spokesman for the city’s health department told Open Media.

New Shepard made a test unmanned flight

The reusable suborbital ship New Shepard has completed yet another successful unmanned test flight. Instead of people, the Skywalker dummy visited the border with space, as well as 25 thousand postcards from space enthusiasts.

Shortly after the New Shepard launch, the spacecraft capsule separated from the booster stage and independently ascended to the border with space while the launch vehicle made a smooth vertical landing on Earth. The capsule, where the crew will be in the future, visited an altitude of about 105.5 kilometers, then it landed near the launch site. The launch vehicle landed 7 minutes after the launch, a few minutes later — the capsule landed on three parachutes, the entire test flight lasted just over 10 minutes.

US imposed new sanctions against Russia

US President Joe Biden signed a decree on the introduction of new anti-Russian sanctions, according to the press service of the White House. Restrictive measures, in particular, will affect the Russian national debt. Also, sanctions are imposed against 16 organizations and 16 individuals. In addition, Washington is sending 10 employees of the Russian diplomatic mission to Washington.

As specified in a press release from the White House, American companies are now prohibited from directly purchasing Russian debt securities issued by the Russian Central Bank, the Russian National Welfare Fund or the Ministry of Finance after June 14. It is noted that Washington, if necessary, can expand sanctions on the sovereign debt of the Russian Federation.

The United States imposes sanctions on 6 technology companies:

Technopolis «ERA»;
JSC «Pasit»;
Federal State Autonomous Scientific Institution «Research Institute of Specialized Computing Devices and Safety Automation»;
LLC «Neobit»;
JSC «Advanced System Technologies»;
JSC «Positive Technologies»

The European Union expressed solidarity with the United States on anti-Russian sanctions

The European Union is in solidarity with the United States on the issue of the imposed anti-Russian sanctions. This was stated by the head of European diplomacy Josep Borrell, writes RIA Novosti

“The EU and member states express solidarity with the US over the consequences of cyber-cyber malice, in particular Operation SolarWinds,” Borrell said.

The politician stressed that, according to the US, the attack was carried out by Russia.

The head of the USC spoke about the problems with the project of the destroyer «Leader»

The project for the construction of the Leader destroyer for the Russian Navy is unlikely to be implemented, said Alexei Rakhmanov, General Director of the United Shipbuilding Corporation (USC), in an interview with RIA Novosti.

«In the form in which it was planned earlier, it will most likely not be implemented, at least not so quickly. But here everything depends on the decision of the customer — the Ministry of Defense,» he said.

Initially, the «Leader» was planned to be laid in 2017, but the construction has not yet begun. There is also no technical design of the destroyer, the former deputy commander-in-chief of the Russian Navy for armaments Viktor Buruk stated that the document should have begun to be developed in 2019-2020.

The State Duma will ask the government for financial support for the Grozny club «Akhmat»

The State Duma Committee on Physical Culture and Sports supported the proposal to provide tax and financial support to the football club Akhmat from Grozny, which is subject to US sanctions.

A message on the committee’s website says that after being included in the US Treasury’s sanctions list, the Akhmat club lost its sponsorship from a number of companies.

The court classified the case of a resident of Yekaterinburg, who was shot by the Russian Guard

The criminal case of a resident of Yekaterinburg, Vladimir Taushankov, has been classified as «top secret»: the case allegedly contains information constituting a state secret.

On the night of June 1, 2020, Rosgvardia officers tried to search the apartment of Vladimir Taushankov: he was suspected of stealing four rolls of wallpaper. As a result, the National Guards shot Taushankov.

Rosneft filed a lawsuit against the Sobesednik publication

Rosneft has filed a lawsuit to protect its business reputation for 500 million rubles against the Sobesednik newspaper and its journalist Oleg Roldugin. Rosneft’s claims are related to its article in the Interlocutor dated March 31. The article said that the Lunnaya Polyana chalet in Adygea, which according to the documents belongs to Rosneft, is being used as President Putin’s «personal ski resort.»