1 Mar, 2019

Michael cohen can’t confirm

Trump’s former attorney, Michael Cohen, who was convicted of financial fraud and false testimony before Congress, again testified before the House of Representatives. He said that he could not confirm Trump’s conspiracy with Russia. Cohen said that he had never been to the Czech Republic and had not met there with representatives of the Russian Federation. Also, the ex-lawyer said that he was not aware of the existence of any videos that could make the White House owner “vulnerable to blackmail in the United States or other countries,” reports The Washington Post.

Recall, Cohen was convicted of giving false testimony to Congress, as well as arranging for compensation payments to two women who claimed that they had love affairs with Donald Trump. The lawyer also admitted to tax evasion. The accused made a deal with the investigation, pleading guilty in exchange for a possible mitigation of punishment.

Briefly about the main thing …

On income and property of Putin

The US Congress will consider a bill ordering US intelligence to collect data on the financial assets of Vladimir Putin and his allies. The document, developed by Democrat Valdez Deming and Republican Alice Stefanik, is posted on the Deming website. According to the authors of the bill, the Russian government uses corruption to retain power and weaken other democratic regimes.

“The best way to attack the power of Putin and his supporters is to follow the illegal and secret financial flows that finance their operations,” Deming said. The text of the bill reminds that Russia is accused of interfering in democratic institutions in the United States.

A spokesman for the Russian president, Dmitry Peskov, called the “Russophobic attempts” the intentions of US lawmakers to disclose data on Vladimir Putin’s earnings. It is reported by RIA Novosti on Thursday, February 28.

Recently, the legislators of the United States of America prefer to deal a lot with the problems of the Russian Federation, the head of state, and other high-ranking officials. Honestly, do they have few worries? But, nevertheless, apparently, they see their work in this. – Dmitry Peskov, Russian statesman

Trump and Kim Jong-un did not reach agreement at the summit

Following the summit of US President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong-un in the Vietnamese capital, Hanoi, no agreement was reached, but the parties are waiting for the next meeting. This is reported by the agency “Ronhap” with reference to the statement of the press secretary of the White House, Sarah Sanders

The US Congress introduced a resolution on the sanctions for the murder of Boris Nemtsov

The document was authored by Democrat Eliot Engel, head of the international affairs committee of the US House of Representatives, and Republican Senator Michael McCall. The resolution is timed to the fourth anniversary of the death of Nemtsov.

The Council of Judges proposed to punish the punishment of “scandalization of justice”

The head of the Council of Judges, Viktor Momotov, suggests introducing responsibility for “scandalizing justice”, which means manipulating public opinion to put pressure on the court or diminish the authority of the judiciary.

“Obviously, there is a need to raise the question of introducing responsibility for the“ scandalization ”of justice to the public discussion. We are ready to join this discussion, including in the framework of the legislative initiatives considered today related to the establishment of administrative responsibility for disrespect to the institutions of power,” said V. . Momotov at the meeting of the club named D.N. Zamyatnin.

NASA will entrust Ukraine with the study of the Moon

NASA is interested in attracting Ukrainian enterprises to the exploration of the Moon. This was announced by the head of the department Jim Brydenstein at a meeting with the ambassador of Ukraine to the USA Valery Chaly, said in the diplomacy’s Facebook account

Announcements at Vnukovo airport will begin to duplicate in Chinese

At the end of March, Moscow’s Vnukovo International Airport will begin to duplicate announcements in Chinese for all flights to or from China. This was reported to the city news agency “Moscow” by the press service of the aviation industry.

Russia submitted a draft resolution on Venezuela to the UN Security Council

Russia submitted its own draft resolution on Venezuela to the UN Security Council. This was told by the official representative of the Russian post-mission to the UN Fedor Strzhizhovsky. “We have submitted our project to the Security Council,” TASS quoted him as saying.

Putin announced his intention to strengthen the army and navy

We will consistently continue to work to strengthen and develop the army and navy. I have already said that our steps in this area are exclusively defensive in nature and are aimed at ensuring unconditionally the security of Russia, protecting its sovereignty and national interests. – Vladimir Putin

More than half of Americans called Russia a critical threat to the United States.

More than half (52 percent) of Americans polled by one of the most well-known sociological services of Gallup called Russia “a critical threat to the United States.” The service has published these data on its website. Another 39 percent believe that the Russian Federation is an “important but not critical threat”

Conflicting India and Pakistan use Russian weapons

It is noted that the hostile side of India uses Chinese fighters JF-17, which in its configuration have parts made in the Russian Federation. At the same time, more than a hundred planes put into service in Pakistan are equipped with Russian RD-93 engines.

Boeing showed a prototype unmanned fighter

Boeing Corporation introduced a prototype of the new Boeing Airpower Teaming System unmanned fighter. The new development is designed to support manned aircraft in battle, providing them with security and improving intelligence capabilities, which will coordinate the UAV and military aircraft.

Airline “Russia” will change flight routes for Pakistan

The airline “Russia” will change the flight routes of its aircraft due to events in the airspace of Pakistan. The carrier has published information that it has data on air closures over Pakistan and the Kabul zone until February 28. The company is forced to plan routes flyby.

India and Pakistan exchanged threats of nuclear strikes

Against the background of the military conflict that occurred, India and Pakistan exchanged threats to deliver devastating nuclear strikes, moreover, according to experts, if the parties fail to overcome the crisis situation in the near future, a nuclear war may turn out to be a reality.

UN peacekeepers: Murderers, provocateurs, death traders

On the evening of February 21, the media reported on the crime of the UN peacekeeping contingent in the CAR (MINUSCA). Under the cover of the United Nations (UN) peacekeeping mission in Central Africa, the blue helmets, recruited from members of the African Union, used a protracted civil conflict as a cover for the criminal business: on the conscience of UN peacekeepers, not only direct violence against the civilian population – murder and robbery.

Israeli Air Force hit militant base in Gaza

Israeli aviation attacked a militant base in the Gaza Strip. According to the press service of the Israeli army, this was done in response to the launch of an explosive balloon from the enclave. On the eve he flew to one of the border villages where he exploded, damaging the house

The Kremlin considers it possible to influence the work of the Internet in Russia

Intervention from the United States in the work of the Internet in Russia is possible, to protect against this and adopted a bill on sovereign Runet. This opinion was expressed to journalists by the press secretary of the Russian leader, Dmitry Peskov.

Based on this, it is from such potential threats that legislative activity is carried out aimed at adopting such bills, as the so-called bill on the sovereign Internet. – Dmitry Peskov, Russian statesman

In the US Congress wanted to learn about Putin’s income and assets

It is assumed that information about Putin’s income will help protect democracy in the United States. Also in January, a bill was submitted to the US Senate on protection against the “Kremlin aggression”. The bill also asked the intelligence community to provide data on the assets and incomes of the Russian leader.

“Putin and his political allies are seeking to weaken democracy around the world by increasing political control through unethical actions,” said Mrs. Stefanic

Russia will strengthen military groups in the west and south of the country

Russia will form new regiments in the west and south of the country by the end of the year, Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu said at a board meeting. Thus, a tank regiment and a coastal missile division will appear in the Baltic Fleet, in the 20th Army there will be two regiments and a technical missile base, Shoigu specified.

In accordance with the approved activity plan, in 2019 in the Western Military District, the district’s main efforts will be focused on the implementation of 142 organizational measures. – Sergey Shoigu, Russian military leader

Iran has transferred to Syria counterparts Russian S-300

Against the background of the uncontrolled strikes of the Israeli Air Force against the Iranian and Syrian military in the SAR, there was evidence that Iran secretly transferred its air defense systems to Syria, in particular, we are talking about counterparts of the Russian S-300 “Favorit” air defense missile system. 373 ”

Russian army will begin to preserve water

The MKKV-1000 is able to provide high-quality drinking water to units that are far from the mainstream forces. Also, the development can be used for civilian purposes and in emergency situations, the official website of the Russian Ministry of Defense reports.

MKKV is installed on the chassis of the car KAMAZ-63 501 with a box body. The equipment has the ability to pump up to 500 cubic meters of water per day, which is twice the efficiency of the predecessor MKKV-400. The shelf life of bottled water is one year.

Pentagon urged to abandon the idea of ​​mobile nuclear reactors

The US Army is faced with a controversy. The mobile nuclear reactor could provide the energy needs of remote military bases, but nuclear scientists insist that this plan has serious security problems, writes Popular Mechanics.

Published video of the new combat robot Russia

The web has a video of tests of the new combat robot of the Russian Federation. Speech about the promising robotic platform “Marker”, created by FPI. The combat robot is equipped with two guided anti-tank rocket launchers and a Kalashnikov machine gun.

WSJ: Venezuela increases oil exports to India due to US sanctions

Venezuela is increasing its crude oil exports to Europe and India due to US sanctions. It is reported by The Wall Street Journal. According to the newspaper, the supply of Venezuelan oil to the United States in February decreased from 484 thousand to 149 thousand barrels per day.

Norway’s sovereign fund lost $ 56 billion in 2018

The Norwegian Fund Norges Bank Investment Management (NBIM) reported that it received a loss of 485 billion Norwegian kroner ($ 57 billion) by the end of last year. This is his first loss in seven years. NBIM is a division of the Bank of Norway and the largest sovereign fund in the world.

New US sanctions may concern Yamal projects “Novatek”

Yamal’s NOVATEK projects may suffer from new US sanctions. This version was announced to URA.RU by Alexander Pasechnik, head of the analytical department of the National Energy Security Foundation, commenting on the draft law on restrictions from the US Congress.

Scotsman went to jail for ten months for spitting at a priest

For spitting on the clothes of the Scottish Catholic priest Thomas White, 24-year-old Bradley Wallace was sentenced to ten months in prison, reports BBC News. The incident occurred on July 7, 2018 during a traditional demonstration in honor of the Orange Day.

Ancient Scandinavians traveled extensively 3.7 thousand years ago.

In the Bronze Age, the Scandinavians led a lifestyle similar to that of their descendants. This conclusion was made by scientists from the University of Gothenburg, writes TASS with reference to the TV channel SVT. The Scandinavians improved the construction of ships to export bronze for trade.

In the spring, over 115 thousand Russians will fall under the reduction

A total of 115.7 thousand people may be reduced in the spring. Most of them work in the capital, St. Petersburg or Sverdlovsk region. Such data cites the Ministry of Labor with reference to the employment services. The latter receive information directly from employers. The main reasons are the reorganization of banks, the low competitiveness of companies and the cessation of production due to an overabundance of products on the market, experts say.


Police interrupted a direct line with Khodorkovsky in the “Open Russia”

After checking the documents, the journalists were escorted to the street. Instead of a direct line from Khodorkovsky to YouTube, there was a broadcast of what is happening near the office of Open Russia. Judging by the video, the employees of the organization were left inside and forced to write explanatory notes, after which they also began to let go

Journalist Aleshkovsky sued Aeroflot

Within three days, the court will decide whether the claim will be accepted. In November 2018, Aeroflot deprived Aleshkovsky of accumulated miles and privileges for violating the rules of its bonus program. The airline reported that the journalist was deprived of his status for “repeated insults to the management” of the company.

Ministry of Culture revealed the size of sponsorship of the Tretyakov Gallery

The Tretyakov Gallery for two years has received more than 2.5 billion rubles. from his non-profit foundation, said the director of the department of museums of the Ministry of Culture, Vladislav Kononov, at a board meeting of the department (his words are quoted by Interfax).

According to the information on the website of the Tretyakov Gallery, the fund for supporting the museum was established in 2012. Its work is aimed at raising funds to replenish the museum’s collections, maintain exhibitions, renovate the buildings of the Tretyakov Gallery, and develop educational and publishing activities. The executive director of the foundation is Olga Dranichkina, the board of trustees is headed by the general director of Channel One, Konstantin Ernst.

“Ecopark of the Future” and “Museum of the Laws of Nature” will be created in Moscow

Scientific and educational centers “Ecopark of the Future” and “Museum of the Laws of Nature” will appear in Moscow. This was reported on the website of the Moscow City Hall. Ecopark is scheduled to open in 2020 in the landscape reserve “Teply Stan”.

Ministry of Economic Development has prepared a draft “garage amnesty”

As reported on the portal of draft legal acts on which the document is posted, the law is aimed at regulating the activities of garage-building cooperatives, as well as simplifying the procedure for obtaining rights to garage objects and the land plots on which they are located.

The accident involving two armored personnel carriers occurred in the center of Kursk

Four cars and two armored personnel carriers (APCs) collided in a street in the center of Kursk, reports TASS, citing a source in the emergency services of the region. According to him, two armored personnel carriers followed the city’s streets in a column for redeployment to a military unit.

In Primorye, adopted a law on the establishment of a fund to help shareholders

The Legislative Assembly of Primorsky Krai adopted a law “On the Promotion of Construction Development”, which calls for the creation of a fund that will deal with assistance and guarantees for participants in shared construction.

Russian doctors have developed a vaccine against three diseases.

Russian doctors have developed a new vaccine that can protect against three diseases at once – measles, mumps and rubella. Currently, the vaccine has passed clinical trials and is awaiting registration at the Ministry of Health of Russia.

Registration of medical marijuana consumers has begun in Thailand

The Bangkok Post newspaper announced the launch of cannabis consumer registration for medical purposes. It is needed so that you can keep marijuana without harassment from law enforcement.

The Russians will be able to undergo medical examination in the evenings and weekends

The Russians will be able to undergo medical examination at a convenient time for them, including in the evening or on Saturday. Such amendments will be made to the program of state guarantees of medical care in the near future. Clinical examination will be held in clinics and obstetric centers.

It became known what laws come into force in March 2019

Bus Licensing

Bus licensing will become mandatory. Without a license, only buses that transport representatives of government agencies or do not get on public roads will be able to.

New fine for drivers

From March 1, a penalty for parking on a “wafer” marking lasting more than five seconds is introduced in Russia. The offender will have to pay one thousand rubles to the budget.

New rules for gardeners

Owners of gardens and land intended for individual housing construction, who are planning to build a house or have not completed its construction, will be obliged to notify the local administration.

Patent for the harvest

Russians who want to sell vegetables and fruits from their own garden will have to register individual entrepreneurs, get a patent and pay taxes. Representatives of the tax and law enforcement officers will oversee the execution of the law.

Mandatory labeling of cigarettes

Labeling of tobacco products will become mandatory. This will allow to trace the entire path of cigarettes from production to the final consumer. Thus, the authorities expect to eradicate fraud in the tobacco market.

Accelerated emergency services

In accordance with Government Decree No. 331 of March 27, 2018, dispatchers of emergency services will have to answer calls from citizens within five minutes, and if the call remains unanswered, they will have to call back within 10 minutes. The accidents of in-house engineering systems for water supply, drainage, electricity and heating will have to be localized no later than 30 minutes after the registration of the application and be completely eliminated within three days. And the services are given only two hours to eliminate blockages of sewage and garbage chute.

New procedure for determining the cadastral value of real estate

According to the order of the Ministry of Economic Development No. 514 of September 24, 2018, on March 2, Russia will introduce a new procedure for determining the cadastral value of real estate. In particular, the document concerns land plots, unfinished construction objects and parking spaces. Their cadastral value will be calculated as the product of the area and the specific indicator of the cadastral value (UPX).

Far Eastern hectare for foreigners

A foreign citizen who has moved to the Russian Federation from abroad will be able to get a plot of land in the Far East. To do this, he must be a participant in the program to assist in voluntary relocation of compatriots living abroad to Russia for permanent residence and obtain Russian citizenship. The corresponding law No. 503-FZ of December 27, 2018 enters into force on March 28.

Information about the experience in the Pension Fund

From March 1, Russian employers will be obliged to transfer to the FIU data on the experience of their employees. Otherwise, the legal entity can wait for a fine in the amount of 500 rubles for each of the employees.

State Duma offered to increase fines for information harmful to children

A package of bills has been submitted to the State Duma, toughening the punishment for distributing information harmful to children on the Internet, the Rosbalt correspondent reports. If the laws are passed, the maximum penalty for such violations will increase for legal entities to 100 thousand rubles.

The purpose of the draft federal law is to strengthen administrative responsibility for offenses in the area of ​​ensuring the safety of children on the Internet information and telecommunications network, the explanatory note to the document reads.

Russian operators have raised prices for tours to Turkey by 15%

Vouchers from Russian tour operators to Turkey went up by at least 15% in 2019. This was reported by the executive director of the Association of Tour Operators of Russia (ATOR) Maya Lomidze, writes “Izvestia”.

In Vladivostok, plan to put a 68-meter statue of Christ

The monument of Christ will overshadow with the sign of the cross all the ships arriving in Russia and ships departing from it, blessing them for long hikes, the website of the Vyatsky Posad Orthodox Center says. He will be “a spiritual symbol of the consolidation of the Russian people”

Manager of the President bought cigarettes for 19 million rubles

On February 27, the state procurement website published several orders made by the Federal State Unitary Enterprise Kremlevsky Trading House relating to the management of the President’s affairs. The structure purchased cigarettes from a single supplier for a total of 19.05 million rubles.

Putin approved a list of instructions to improve the lives of Russians

Vladimir Putin approved a list of instructions to various departments as part of the implementation of the message to the Federal Assembly, which the President announced on February 20. The document is published on the official website of the Kremlin.

FAS asked to initiate proceedings against Visa and Mastercard

The Association of Online Trading Companies (ACIT), the Retail Companies Association (AKORT) and the Association of Trading Companies and Manufacturers of Household and Computer Equipment (RATEK) have applied to the Federal Antimonopoly Service (FAS) of the Russian Federation with a request to file a case against payment systems Visa and Mastercard, the corresponding statement of the three associations is available to RIA Novosti.

The head of the Federal Tax Service told how to increase the income of the Russian budget

In Russia, in order to increase budget revenues, it is necessary to do three actions: make an inventory of real estate objects, influence employers with a gray salary, and strengthen the state’s presence on the Internet. This statement was made by the head of the Federal Tax Service Mikhail Mishustin during a speech at the “government hour” at the plenary session

Rosneft intends to load the Northern Sea Route with raw materials from its fields

President of NeftegazHolding (NGH) Eduard Khudainatov and head of Rosatom Alexei Likhachev appealed to Deputy Prime Minister Maxim Akimov to assess the feasibility of creating a joint infrastructure for supplying oil for the NGH of the Payyakhskaya field and the Vankor Rosneft cluster to reload the SMP, sources said “B”.

Chukotka budget increased by more than 6 billion rubles

Chukotka budget revenues increased by more than 6 billion rubles, most of the funds will be spent on bringing energy tariffs to a basic level. Another part of the money will go to the implementation of national projects, the press service of the regional government said on Thursday

Department of Tourism established in the Ministry of Economic Development

In October, Sergei Galkin was appointed Deputy Minister of Economic Development, responsible for tourism. In early February, Zarina Doguzova was appointed the head of the Rostourism instead of Oleg Safonov, who held the post for five years.

AFK Sistema wants to sell up to 20% of Medsi

AFK Sistema is considering the possibility of selling up to 20% of Medsi shares, said Artem Sirazutdinov, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Medsi GC, managing partner of AFK Sistema, told Vedomosti.

Guide FSIN recommended that employees transfer salaries to Sberbank

The leadership of the Federal Penitentiary Service stated that the money needed to be transferred, because they can take a license from “commercial banks”. The deputy director wrote a letter to the divisions asking him to report on the results before March 1.

Railways put up for auction 25% + 1 share of the “Russian Troika”

RZD put up for sale 236 thousand ordinary shares of the Russian Troika, which is 25% + 1 share of the authorized capital of the railway operator. Bidding will be held in the form of an open auction with the submission of proposals for the price of shares in an open form.

Russian Science Foundation suspended the payment of grants to scientists

The Russian Science Foundation (RNF) temporarily stopped the payment of grants for research projects, because the fund did not receive money from the budget, the message on the RNF website says.

Over three trillion rubles invested in the economy of St. Petersburg in three years

According to the administration of the government of St. Petersburg, over the last three years more than 2 trillion rubles have been invested in the economy of St. Petersburg. The bulk of the investment was directed to the engineering industry.

Sovereign Fund of Norway got rid of government bonds of Russia

The world’s largest fund could sell Russian securities or allow them to be redeemed without reinvestment. The GPFG portfolio contains ruble-denominated federal loan bonds (OFZ). GPFG got rid of Russian government bonds amid rising expectations of sanctions against Russian government debt

Group investment program for the period 2019-2023

The RusHydro investment program in 2019 will amount to 123.4 billion rubles, will decrease by 2023 to 59.7 billion rubles and implies the introduction of more than 1.4 GW of new electric capacity, 565 Gcal.h of thermal capacity, construction and reconstruction more 130 km of heat and 7.6 thousand km of electricity. RusHydro is the energy holding managing hydro power plants in the Russian Federation.

Russia plans to develop the economy of the Kuril Islands

Moscow intends to develop the economy of the Kuril Islands. To this end, the Russian government proposed to expand the territory of advanced socio-economic development (TOP) in the region for the implementation of new investment projects.

Citizens of Russia owed banks more than 14 trillion rubles

More than 14 trillion rubles has reached the amount of debt of Russian citizens to banks, reported on February 27, citing data from the All-Russian Popular Front (ONF) Izvestia. Social activists carried out their calculations based on data from the Federal Statistical Office and the Bank of Russia.

Stop inflating the bubble in the segment of retail lending can not succeed

The quality of loan portfolios is worse than the Central Bank reported earlier. Stop inflating the bubble in the segment of retail lending does not succeed. In January, credit growth to the population accelerated again, reaching 1.3% mm and 23.1% yy.

Argentina made a new break for business

Argentina has made another significant relief for small and medium-sized businesses, providing loan financing of 100 billion pesos ($ 2.5 billion), said President Mauricio Macri.

Gas stations Gazprom Neft earned more than 3 billion for coffee

In 2018, Gazprom Neft’s gas stations earned more than 3 billion rubles from the sale of coffee. This is more than 29 million cups of fragrant drink a year. At one of the gas stations also set a record for the sale of coffee.

Gazprom announced a tender for the construction of facilities at the Kirinskoye field

In November last year, Gazprom announced a tender for the construction of facilities for the onshore technological complex and the subsea production complex of the Kirinsky gas-condensate field on Sakhalin on a turnkey basis with an initial (maximum) contract value of 46.187 billion rubles.

India became the main buyer of Gazprom’s LNG in 2018

India became the main buyer of liquefied natural gas (LNG) from Gazprom in 2018, the company said. According to the gas holding company, the total volume of LNG supplies at the end of last year amounted to 4 million tons, 19% of them fell to India, or about 760 thousand tons.

Japan sharply reduced oil imports from Russia

In January, Japan reduced oil imports from Russia by 40.5% in annual terms to 450.3 thousand tons, the lowest since June 2018 (91.4 thousand barrels per day), reports the Customs Service of Japan. The cost of oil purchased in January from Russia was $ 178 million.

Migrants from emergency houses will be given a mortgage instead of housing

Vladimir Yakushev, the Minister of Construction and Housing and Public Utilities, said that the Ministry of Construction is now preparing new proposals together with the foundation, including a mortgage with 5-6% per annum, rental housing and social rentals.

Crimean Minister got into a road scandal near Rostov-on-Don

Traffic police officers in the Rostov region beat Minister of Construction and Architecture of the Crimea Mikhail Khramov and head of the Capital Construction Service of the Republic Karlen Petrosyan. This was reported by the press service of the Crimean Ministry of Construction.

According to the press service of the Don Central Board, the passenger (the surname is not indicated in the report of the cupola, but the speech, apparently, is Karlen Petrosyan) stopped the car, despite the police ban, went to the traffic police office, and then refused to go out.

Medinsky offered to sell the right to participate in the Cultural Forum in St. Petersburg

Culture Minister Vladimir Medinsky proposed introducing paid event packages at the St. Petersburg Cultural Forum, according to the ministry’s website. Packages will include the right to attend forum events, such as concerts at the Mariinsky Theater.

The first Russian-Chinese Tea Culture Forum was held in Suifenhe

The first Russian-Chinese forum of tea culture opened in the tea shop “Gopantan” in the city of Suifenhe. At the event, Chinese and foreign visitors were introduced to the diversity of tea culture, including the tea ceremony and the art of making and preparing tea.

An exhibition of works by Marc Chagall and Anatoly Zverev opens in Moscow

From March 19, the exhibition “The Bird-Three and its Passengers” will start working in the AZ Museum of the Capital, where works by Marc Chagall and the graphics of Anatoly Zverev will be displayed. About this tells “Evening Moscow”

The Tchaikovsky Competition will be held without preliminary auditions.

This year the International Tchaikovsky Competition cancels a round of preliminary auditions of candidates, and each nomination will have its own jury chairman. This was announced on Wednesday the press service of the competition.

Roman Viktyuk in his theater staged “The Little Devil” based on the novel by Fyodor Sologub

The Moscow Theater of Roman Viktyuk will present the premiere of the play “The Minor Demon” on March 1 and 2 based on the novel by Fyodor Sologub in the production of his artistic director, People’s Artist of the Russian Federation Roman Viktyuk. Pre-premiere show will be held on Thursday, the press service of the theater told TASS.

March 1, the hall “Zaryadie” opens ticket sales for the second concert season

At a meeting with representatives of the media, the director of the multifunctional hall with unique acoustics told about the start of selling tickets for the second season, the inauguration of the organ and new services for the audience.

Firma Melodiya released the phonogram of the 1963 Ashkenazi pianist concert

“Firm Melody” released the phonogram of the concert of the Soviet and Icelandic pianist Vladimir Ashkenazi in the Great Hall of the Moscow Conservatory, held in 1963. This was reported on Wednesday TASS in the press service of the organization.

Alexander Solzhenitsyn Literary Award announced the winner

The Solzhenitsyn Prize in different years was awarded to Valentin Rasputin, Vladimir Bortko, Yevgeny Mironov and others. Evgeny Vodolazkin – Russian writer and literary critic, doctor of philological sciences.

Historical Museum and Theater of Oleg Tabakov announced cooperation

Historical Museum announces cooperation with the Moscow Theater of Oleg Tabakov. The first project in the framework of joint work will be the play “The Little Humpbacked Horse”, which will be shown in the museum in early March and will be devoted to the memory of Tabakov, the Gass’s press service said on Wednesday.

BBC to talk about the childhood of Michael Jackson and the ranch “Netlandiya”

According to the producers, the new picture will tell about the beginning of Jackson’s career, his participation in the Jackson 5 team, the time spent in New York, media relations and the creation of the Netlandia ranch, as well as the preparation of the concert show “This Is It” the death of the artist in 2009.

The horror trailer “Yaga. Nightmare of the Dark Forest

The film will tell the story of the young parents of two children who hire a hiring. Nanny everyone likes, except the eldest son, who believes that she behaves strangely

DreamWorks remove the continuation of the cartoon “Puss in Boots”

Film DreamWorks plans to withdraw the continuation of the story of the hero of the cartoon “Puss in Boots.” The first story appeared on the screens in 2011, the tape has collected more than 500 million dollars. The hero of this animation tape gained fame thanks to its “clear” eyes in the cartoon “Shrek”

In the Sverdlovsk region will remove the adventure film for children “The Last Witness”

Studio theater and cinema “Blue Bird” begins to produce an adventure film for children “The Last Witness” based on the works of children’s writer Alexander Papchenko.

“The idea is to make a movie just for children. In the book of Sasha [the Ural children’s writer Alexander Papchenko] a story was published and a number of other stories, it was released in the 1990s, and, as we know, the children of the 90s and today’s children are these are two big differences. And the thought was born of taking one of his stories and transferring it to our day, “he said.

Ekaterinburg journalist opened the online academy of Music Bunker

Ekaterinburg journalist Sergey Tsutskin opened an online music academy called Music Bunker. About this on his Facebook page told his friend and colleague Yevgeny Minulin. Tsutskin, who had previously worked as a Channel One correspondent in Yekaterinburg, decided to change his occupation.

Scientists have proven that listening to music spoils the memory of a person

Employees of the University of Central Lancashire studied the influence of music, sounding in the background, on creativity. Studies have proven that music has weakened the ability to perform tasks related to verbal creativity. An experiment with music in their native language showed a deterioration in creativity without taking into account the effect on mood. At the same time, there was not much difference in the performance of tasks between conditions in silence and with library noise. Scientists explain this constant state of the environment.

“The results challenge the opinion that listening to music enhances creativity, and show that, despite the semantic content (without text, with words in native and foreign languages), creative execution is disrupted. Perhaps the reason is that music leads to violations of verbal memory, ”the researchers believe.

Open call for applications for the competition of innovative projects of light industry

On February 15, 2019, acceptance of applications for participation in the acceleration program to support and develop Russian innovative projects in the field of light industry Seasons tech began.

Found an effective way to turn CO2 back into coal

The technology for producing carbon solids from gaseous CO2 was presented by an international team of scientists led by experts from the Royal Melbourne University of Technology (RMIT) in Australia. The method allows you to clean the air from carbon dioxide emissions, as well as find them industrial application.

“You can’t turn back time, but we can neutralize emissions by converting carbon dioxide back to coal,” said Dr. Torben Daeneke, the author of a study published in Nature Communications magazine.

In Norway, began testing the underwater robot snake Eelume

Eelume is equipped with a manipulator, powerful searchlights and an underwater camera. When moving, the robot straightens, and during work it can take a U-shape, grabbing the valve at both ends of the body. Tests are held in the fjord Trondheim in Norway.

Three-dimensional map of the moon will create in Russia

The Luna-Resource-1 orbital spacecraft (Luna-26 spacecraft) will create a three-dimensional map of the Moon’s relief. This was announced by the head of the department of optical-physical research at the Space Research Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences Roman Bessonov.

Set the period of pulsation of the Big Dipper.

Scientists have long known that the central regions of galaxies not only glow brightly, but at times change the brightness of the glow. The reasons for this are not yet clear, astronomers argue and seek a solution. It turned out that SDSS J2232−0806 is likely to flare up periodically. The galaxy was bright when it was first considered in the late 1980s, was very dull in 2000, another failure occurred between 2005 and 2007. Presumably, the ripple period is about four years.

Polish robot “Mole” began to drill Mars

It became known that the device began its dive under the surface of the Red Planet. Mole arrived on Mars as part of the NASA Mars InSight expedition and descended to the surface on November 26, 2018. Now the digging robot will have to drill the soil of the planet to a depth of 5 meters

“Roscosmos” announced plans to launch to the ISS seven ships in 2019

The State Commission approved the program of flights to the International Space Station (ISS) for 2019, according to which seven spacecraft will be sent to the station. This is stated in the message “Roskosmos”.

The centipede robot taught to navigate in the formic

In order for a robot to move over rough terrain, avoid obstacles and remember its path, it must be able to navigate in space. For this, GPS modules are usually built into robots.

The company Polestar has officially unveiled a competitor Tesla Model 3

Fastback is becoming a novelty, which has received an all-electric powerplant with a capacity of 400 horsepower. The electric car is positioned as a competitor to the Tesla Model 3, and will enter the market next year. Fastback will enter the European market at the lowest price of 39 thousand euros.

SsangYong declassified the characteristics of the new Actyon for Europe

As it became known before the premiere of new products for the domestic market, it was originally planned to equip the crossover with only one engine – a 1.6-liter diesel engine with a return of 136 horsepower. But, as it turned out, a petrol version with a 1.5-liter engine, with which, most likely, the new Actyon (Korando) will make its debut in Geneva, will arrive in Europe. European SsangYong Actyon (Korando) will get the same line of transmissions as the Korean: six-speed “mechanics” and “automatic”. Four-wheel drive will again be offered as an option, and only in versions with automatic transmission. An electric version based on the e-SIV concept based on a 188-horsepower electric motor and a 61-kilowatt battery with a power reserve of 450 km will appear on the European market only in 2020

Abramovich has established a cinema development fund

Businessman Roman Abramovich became the sole founder of the Kinoprime contemporary cinema development fund. This follows from the data “SPARK-Interfax.” As told by one of the interlocutors of RBC, the total budget, which the fund will send to support Russian cinema, in 2019 could reach 1 billion rubles.

Rosgvardiya plans to read the face and autoner through drones

Rosgvardiya is interested in UAVs with a high degree of resolution, capable of recognizing faces and car numbers, and Mi-35 helicopters, the head of aviation department, Lieutenant General Alexander Afinogentov, told reporters.

Putin awarded Zhvanetsky Order for Services to the Fatherland

Russian President Vladimir Putin honored the satirist Mikhail Zhvanetsky with the Order of Merit for the Fatherland, III degree. The corresponding document is published on the portal of legal information.

Ukraine and Russia signed a protocol on fishing quotas in the Sea of ​​Azov

The State Fisheries Agency of Ukraine announces the signing of the protocol of the Ukrainian-Russian commission on fisheries in the Sea of ​​Azov, through which the fishing quotas for 2019 have been distributed, through diplomatic channels.

Indian minister called for the destruction of the terrorist leaders in Pakistan by the method of the USA

Indian Finance Minister Arun Dzheitli called for the destruction of the leaders of terrorist groups in Pakistan, as the United States destroyed the leader of the Al Qaeda terrorist group (banned in the Russian Federation), Osama bin Laden in 2011.

Poland will spend on the modernization of the army $ 50 billion

The Polish Defense Ministry signed a plan for the technical modernization of the armed forces. The document includes several programs whose purpose is to increase operational capabilities and the acquisition of modern weapons. The amount is calculated until 2026, the Ministry of Defense told reporters

In the Ministry of Industry and Trade told that it will be sold in kiosks and stalls

In kiosks and stalls, which return to the streets of Russian cities, consumer goods will be sold. About this RT told the deputy head of the Ministry of Industry and Trade Viktor Evtukhov. The official noted that the implementation of cigarettes and alcohol in non-stationary shopping facilities is not provided. In general, there is no specific list of goods: each stall will have its own specialization, at the discretion of the owner.

Living in icy houses with a toilet on the street residents of Katav-Ivanovsk

In Katav – Ivanovsk, Chelyabinsk region, residents of three houses on Stroygorodok Street live in unbearable conditions – falling off frozen walls, lack of a bathroom and bricks falling out of the walls.

The priest of the Russian Orthodox Church compared the abortion with the Holocaust

The II Hippocratic Medical Forum took place in Moscow, one of the participants of which was Archpriest Dimitry Smirnov. The priest said that “the mass murder of Russian children by Russian people is worse than the Holocaust.” Many more unborn children have been killed in medical institutions than during the Second World War. According to him, despite the victory over Nazism, Russian society lives according to the plan, which at one time was voiced by Adolf Hitler: “… For Russians, for them to die out, an abortion must be made absolutely acceptable and completely desirable.”

“The most disgusting thing is that our social state, about which we read in the Constitution, does this at the expense of my money, which I, a priest, an Orthodox believer in God from childhood, must pay as taxes,” the archpriest resented. In conclusion, the priest acknowledged the need to explain to society that the child is a person, “to gouge white-concrete brains imprisoned for murder”

Pedestrians are killed by smartphones and SUVs

According to the American Road Safety Association (GHSA), almost 50,000 pedestrians have died on American roads over the past 10 years. A 2018, according to preliminary data, in general, was a record for this sad indicator over the past 28 years – 6,227 pedestrians fell victim to road accidents on US roads. The main factors for the death of people are poor street lighting at night, gadgets, an increase in the number of trucks and SUVs, etc.

Thailand buys six SSJ-100 airliners from Russia for $ 300 million

CJSC Sukhoi Civil Aircraft (GSS) has signed a contract for the supply of six Sukhoi Superjet 100 aircraft to Thailand with a total catalog price of about $ 300 million, the press service of the company reported.

Sberbank annual profit increased

Sberbank increased its net profit under IFRS – to 831.7 billion rubles., Said the credit institution. In 2017, the profit amounted to 748.7 billion rubles.

The number of crimes in shared construction has increased

The number of crimes related to shared construction in Russia increased by 80% in 2018. This was announced by Interior Minister Vladimir Kolokoltsev at the extended final board of the department on Thursday.

Calvi made a proposal to close the criminal case

At the court meeting, the founder of the Baring Vostok fund, Michael Calvi, suggested Sherzoda Yusupov, a minority shareholder of Vostochny Bank, who had declared him to the FSB, to sell the controversial IFTG shares for 2.5 billion rubles and close the criminal case, TASS reports.

British retailer Next will leave the Russian market

The operator of the British networks Next and Next kids in Russia plans to close stores, two sources in the commercial real estate market told RBC. According to one of the interlocutors of RBC, this may happen by July of this year.

Losses of Sverdlovsk enterprises in 2018 doubled

Compared to 2017, the amount of loss increased by 25.7 billion rubles, that is, almost doubled. 428 enterprises of the region became unprofitable. The share of such organizations for the year increased by 1.2% to 26.9%.

Citibank will close the majority of offices in Moscow

During the year, American Citibank will close seven out of nine branches in Moscow, said Mikhail Berner, director of the bank’s private clients department, told Govorit Moskvy radio. In 2017, Kommersant explained the bank’s decision to curtail work in Russia with the threat of sanctions.

At Sotheby’s auction, Marc Chagall’s works were sold for $ 8.2 million

Chagall’s late painting “Artist at the Feast” (Le peintre a la fete, 1982) was sold for £ 1.75 million ($ 2.3 million) with a marked excess of the estimated value of £ 1 million. “Rose Vase” (Vase de roses , 1929) bought for £ 1.8 million ($ 2.4 million), and Bride (La mariee, 1959) – for £ 915 thousand ($ 1.2 million). In addition to works written in oils, gouaches and graphics by Chagall were presented at the auction. The most notable among these lots was a complete selection of 42 signed by the artist lithographs “Daphnis and Chloe.” It was sold for £ 735 thousand ($ 980 thousand).

Malevich and Kustodiev will be shown at the Russian Art & Antique Fair in Moscow

The Fair of Classical and Contemporary Art Russian Art & Antique Fair will be held in the central exhibition hall “Manege” on April 16-21. It will unite more than 80 galleries and present paintings by Konstantin Korovin, Isaac Levitan, and also for the first time in Russia, rare works of Kazimir Malevich and Boris Kustodiev will be shown, the press service of the event organizers told TASS.

An interactive geographic map with cultural institutions appeared in Russia

The Ministry of Culture of Russia has launched an interactive map of the provision of regional cultural institutions. This was told by the Deputy Minister of Culture of the Russian Federation Olga Yarilova

Motorola has confirmed the development of a smartphone with a folding screen

Motorola has confirmed the development of a folding smartphone with a flexible screen Motorola Razr. About this with reference to the vice-president of the grocery department of the Motorola brand Dan Deri reports portal Engadget.

Audio tapes are back in fashion in Japan and the UK.

In the UK in 2018 about 50 thousand music albums released on audio cassettes were sold on the market, sales growth was 125%. The publication notes that this is the highest value indicators for the last 15 years.

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