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27 Авг, 2022

Modern warming

In recent decades, the summer in the north of Western Siberia is warmer than at any time in the last seven thousand years.

Prior to this, the temperature fluctuated up and down, but still fell. Since the 19th century, it began to grow steadily and reached a peak. Since the 1980s, every second year has been extremely warm. Such conclusions were made by scientists from the Ural Federal University.

For 40 years they have been studying the annual rings of Yamal fossil trees and reconstructing the chronology of climate change. The average temperature of the last century is higher than the analogous indicator for any arbitrarily taken secular period of the past. Scientists believe that the main reason for such changes is human activity.

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The record-breaking heatwave that swept through Europe this year will become an «average» summer by 2035, even if all countries cut their greenhouse gas emissions by as much as they have committed to.

The study showed how quickly temperatures are changing in the region by using historical records of average summer temperatures since 1850 and comparing them to model predictions.


Abnormally hot and dry weather is now observed not only in Europe, which we have heard a lot about, but also in China and the United States — about two-thirds of the territory of this country is now experiencing a drought, and about 20% is experiencing an extremely severe drought

And this picture has been preserved for two years already, since the middle of 2020 — and these are also extra pennies in the treasury of the risks of world food security


California will ban the sale of new vehicles powered by conventional gasoline engines from 2035 as part of measures to combat climate change and reduce emissions of harmful substances, reports CNBC.


Since the beginning of the 2022/2023 agricultural year (July-June), Ukraine has exported 3.41 million tons of grain crops, including 2.18 million tons of corn (64% of total supplies), 937 thousand tons.


The German holding Laurens Spethmann, known as the Milford tea manufacturer, left Russia, transferring the business to top management.


Even 50 years after learning a foreign language, the level of proficiency in it remains the same. These conclusions were made by scientists from the University of York. They rounded up 500 Britons who had taken A-levels in French from 1970-2020 and gave them a second test.

Volunteers from the older group did just as well as recent graduates. People remember words the same way they remember facts, dates, and names. Over time, they may begin to be forgotten, but grammar is learned once and for all — like riding a bicycle


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