28 May, 2018

Money for the “May decrees” of Putin ….

Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev promised to find 8 trillion rubles, which are not enough to fulfill the new May decree of Putin. As Vedomosti has learned, a significant portion of this amount is being collected by the government and the Kremlin in the purses of the population.

About 2 trillion rubles. for six years, the budget can get from the VAT increase from 18 to 20% – this option was discussed and now it is one of the most probable, although not the final, say three federal officials. At the same time, the preferential rate of VAT of 10%, which the Finance Ministry offered to replace with the allowance, can be canceled, says one of them.

Another 2 trillion rubles. will give the budget has already announced Medvedev increase in retirement age, say two officials, without naming, by how much and at what rates it can be upgraded

Briefly about the main ……


The “direct line” with Vladimir Putin will be held on June 7

“A direct line” with Russian President Vladimir Putin will be held on Thursday, June 7, the head of state will answer questions from citizens that can be asked through applications and social networks, the Kremlin press service reported.

South Korean leader hopes for holding summit with leaders of the United States and North Korea

South Korean President Mun Zhe Ying during a press conference following the summit held on the eve of the summit with the leader of the DPRK Kim Jong-no expressed his hope for a summit meeting between the United States, North Korea and South Korea to officially end the Korean War

Ukraine accused Russia of developing chemical weapons for the “hybrid war”

Ukraine claims that Russia has stepped up research that “is aimed at developing chemical and biological weapons of mass destruction.”

In Ukraine, they called the way to “destroy Russia”

“Russia needs to be pressured by sanctions – that’s how the Soviet Union was destroyed,” said Georgy Tuka, Deputy Minister for Temporary Occupied Territories and Internally Displaced Persons of Ukraine.

“I rely on increasing pressure on Russia, increasing sanctions against Russia, destroying the Russian economy, and taking more decisive action in this direction.” We all have a wonderful example from your own life. “There was the largest empire in the world (the Soviet Union) that was destroyed in this way without a single shot, it was destroyed and does not exist – without a single shot, in the most sanctioned way, “Tuka told NewsOne.

The media reported on Clinton’s desire to lead Facebook

Former US presidential candidate and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton wanted to become CEO of the social network Facebook.

We can listen to ingenious, experienced writers such as David Ignatius and try to keep abreast of the news, but most people in our country learn the news, true or not, from Facebook. – Hillary Clinton, American politician

Pence Says Sanctionary Pressure on Venezuela Will Continue

“Sanctions will continue until democracy returns to Venezuela,” Pence wrote on Twitter.

Earlier it was reported that US President Donald Trump met in the White House with Joshua Holt, who was released from Venezuelan prison, where he stayed for two years.

The Chancellor of Austria called the way to combat illegal migrants

Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurtz said that in order to combat the flow of illegal migrants to the European Union, it is necessary to stop the work of refugee transporters in Africa.

In Britain, allocated funds for elections to the European Parliament after Brexit

Elections to the European Parliament are scheduled for the period between May 23 and 26, with Britain leaving the European Union on March 29. As the newspaper writes, because of this eurosceptics are afraid that the government plans to maintain the country’s membership in the EU.

Named anticipated terms of Georgia’s accession to NATO

Georgian Prime Minister Georgy Kvirikashvili expressed hope that the country will join NATO by 2021. He noted that the Georgian side hopes that the international community, in particular NATO, “will find the strength to realize the consolidation of this important decision”

Foreign Minister of Uzbekistan to visit Russia on a working visit

Uzbek Foreign Minister Abdulaziz Kamilov will pay a working visit to Russia on May 28-30. According to the website of the Uzbek Foreign Ministry, Abdulaziz Kamilov will hold a number of bilateral meetings and take part in the traditional international forum Primakov Readings.

In Albania, thousands of protesters demanded the resignation of the Prime Minister

Mass action of supporters of the opposition was held in the capital of the country Tirana, the demonstrators accused Edi Rama of links with organized crime.

As the RT reports, during the demonstration clashes with the police occurred, people were throwing law enforcement officers bottles and stones. 11 guards of the order were injured. Protesters also tried to storm government buildings.

The media reported Abe’s plans to visit the US in June

Prime Minister of Japan Shinzo Abe plans to visit the United States in early June. This is reported by the Kyodo agency, citing sources. It is noted that during the visit Abe will meet with US President Donald Trump

“The movement of 5 stars” offers to discuss impeachment of the President of Italy

The leader of the Italian “Five-Star Movement” Luigi Di Mayo proposed to discuss in the parliament the impeachment of Italian President Sergio Mattarella after he actually vetoed the government’s draft proposed by Giuseppe Conte, supported by D5Z and the “League” party.

Members of the second round of the presidential elections in Colombia are known

In the second round of the presidential elections in Colombia, scheduled for June 17, the right candidate Ivan Duque and left Gustavo Petro were elected. This is reported by RIA Novosti. According to the national electoral council of the republic, none of the participants in the first round could win

The media reported the postponement of May and Trump’s meeting place from London

British Prime Minister Teresa May will invite US President Donald Trump to postpone the July meeting from the British capital to the suburbs of London to avoid a meeting with protesters

The IMF refused to make concessions to Ukraine

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) did not compromise on the selection of judges for the anti-corruption court in Ukraine, the Apostrophe newspaper reported citing a source

In Germany, the demonstration was more than 25 thousand people

More than 25 thousand people took part in the protest actions in Berlin, reports Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung with reference to the police. According to the newspaper, one of the rallies was organized by the right party “Alternative for Germany” (AdG), it was attended by more than five thousand people

In China, they talked about the possible consequences of non-compliance with the SVAP

Failure to comply with the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JFAP) on the Iranian nuclear program will affect economic cooperation between the states concerned, Chinese Assistant Foreign Minister Zhang Hanhui said at a press conference on Monday.


Skvortsova called measures to increase life expectancy to 80 years

Russian Minister of Health Veronika Skvortsova told Izvestiya about how her department plans to fulfill the task set by Russian President Vladimir Putin to increase the life expectancy of Russians to 80 years.

The culture of a healthy life should be inculcated in kindergarten, school, universities and colleges. Approximately 60% of success is given by these fairly simple measures that take a person away from bad habits and correct his way of life. – Veronika Skvortsova, Russian statesman

Erdogan calls on Turkish citizens to exchange dollars and euros for lira

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, speaking on Saturday, May 26, in front of his supporters in Erzurum, called on all residents of his country to exchange euros and dollars for Turkish lira. According to the head of the republic, this way it is possible to stop the depreciation of the national currency.

Putin held the first meeting with the new government

On May 26, Russian President Vladimir Putin held the first meeting with the new government. In his opening speech, the head of state noted that the Cabinet should develop as soon as possible plans for the implementation of the May decree

In Egypt, the court ordered to block YouTube for a month

The Egyptian Administrative Court confirmed on Saturday the decision of the lower court to block the YouTube video hosting for a month for publishing images from a film that offends the feelings of Muslims, according to the Egyptian edition of Al-Ahram.

The Council of Federation supported the idea of drug insurance

Head of the Social Committee of the Council of Federation Valery Ryazansky supported the idea of drug insurance in Russia, when a special fund is formed at the expense of additional payments of citizens, from which the funds go to provide medicine to the needy Russians.

In Russia, compensation for delays in international flights has been increased

Today, amendments to the RF Air Code have entered into force, allowing passengers to receive increased compensation for the loss of baggage and the delay of an international flight. Now, for the delay in the flight, the maximum liability of airlines to passengers is set at about 360 thousand rubles.

In Italy, new fines for tourists are introduced

The desire to return to the islands of Tremiti an ideal purity forced Mayor Antonio Fentini to introduce in May this year a ban on the use of plastic dishes in the archipelago. This prohibition applies not only to local residents, but also to tourists. And fines for offenders are threatened by considerable – from 50 to 500 euros.

In the US, they offered to treat illnesses using sounds from the Internet

A huge number of diseases, including ARVI, Ebola, typhoid, malaria, have been suggested to be treated with homeopathic sounds that will be downloaded from the Internet. This proposal was put forward by a doctor from the United States, William Edwin Gray III, to which the California Medical Council threatened to revoke the license.

Orthodox temple in the Syrian city of Maalulya will be restored in a month

Destroyed by the rebels of the Orthodox Church of St. Fekla in the city of Maalulya in the province of Damascus will be fully restored within a month. This was reported to the rector of the church by Father Ilyas

In Kemerovo, a new post was introduced after the fire in the “Winter Cherry”

The authorities of the Kemerovo region have introduced the post of commissioner for relatives of those killed in the fire in the “Winter Cherry” shopping center, told the provincial governor Sergei Tsivilev in an interview with RIA Novosti at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum (SPIEF).

Video fixing of OSAGO

Since June 1 of this year in Moscow, a pilot pilot project to identify motorists moving on uninsured cars is starting. In the future, the system can be implemented in the Russian regions.

According to the Russian media, at first the new system of photo and video recording will recognize cars without insurance, after which the owners will be sent a written warning about the need to purchase a MTPL policy. Also, motorists will be advised to extend the existing policy if necessary.


The authorities are prepared to raise VAT to 20%

About 2 trillion rubles. for six years the budget can receive from the increase of VAT from 18 to 20% – this option was discussed and now it is one of the most probable, although not the final, say three federal officials

Owner O1 Group Boris Mintz with his family went to London

“The situation is tense, it’s calmer to leave,” one of the interlocutors explains. According to him, both the senior and younger Mintses left the country with their families. Representatives of O1 Group and its minority partner for O1 Properties – the group “East” declined to comment

The Ministry of Health proposed indexing excises on alcohol and cigarettes

The Ministry of Health insists on indexing excise taxes on strong alcohol and cigarettes by at least 10% and 20% per year until 2020. He proposes to make adjustments to the Tax Code.

Benefits for Deripaska will hit the Siberians

“Kommersant” became aware of the list of benefits in the energy market, which was taken under US sanctions by the group En + Oleg Deripaska asked the government. In case of their adoption, the total benefits of En +, Rusal and Eurosibenergo can amount to tens of billions of rubles a year. Other market participants will suffer – energy prices in Siberia can grow substantially. Also it is a question of increase of payments of the population

“Footwear of Russia” introduces blockade

According to Dmitry Karpenko, apart from the introduction of the blockbuster “Footwear of Russia”, he is also working on the idea of creating his own crypto currency. He argues that technically the company is ready for this: the system already has mechanisms for generating crypto currency and its accrual on cards along with bonuses to customers.

The FIU will receive from the budget up to 407.6 billion rubles. with a return condition

The FIU will receive liquidity from the federal budget “without charging a fee” and in an amount not exceeding one twelfth of the budget’s revenues in 2018, without taking into account the revenues associated with the formation of funds for financing a funded pension, intergovernmental transfers from the federal and regional budgets.

The implementation of GLONASS slowed down

Over the past year in most regions of Russia the degree of implementation and efficiency of GLONASS use have practically not increased. In some regions of the Russian Federation, these figures, according to the Ministry of Economic Development, even decreased.

Roskosmos recognizes the problem and believes that it can be solved by additional financial injections. The prospects of unmanned transport and a number of other innovative projects, including in the field of precision farming, depend on the development of satellite navigation.

The total share of APF investments in state bonds exceeded 20%

The total share of non-state pension funds (NPF) investments in government bonds in 2018 amounted to 20.6%, having increased almost three times during the year

Russian banks increased rates on short-term deposits

Russian banks raised rates on popular short-term deposits. The information was provided by experts of the Bank of Russia. Residents of Russia do not want to attract savings for a long time, since they are waiting for a lowering of the key rate.

Scotiabank: speculators buy dollar for fifth consecutive week

Speculators sold euro for the fifth consecutive week, as a result of which the volume of net long margin fell from the record levels in the middle of April ($ 23.4 bn) by $ 7.3 bn. Bulls are waiting and the change in positioning is due to the opening of new short positions.

Gazprom agreed to build a Turkish flow to the European Union

Gazprom and the Turkish government signed a protocol on the land section of the second thread of the Turkish Stream, a Russian company reported on May 26.

Alexey Texler: The share of gas in the balance of the Russian fuel and energy sector is 50% and will grow

“If gas, oil and coal account for about 85% of the world’s energy balance in the energy balance, then in 20 years the share of hydrocarbons will decrease slightly and amount to about 75%,” he said. In this case, most actively, according to Teksler, will develop a share of gas, and oil, most likely, will go to the “shelf.”


China accused the US of invading its territorial waters

The Republic of China administers the islands to Kaohsiung. According to the US, the PRC is building artificial islands in the South China Sea, making them military targets and expanding its territorial waters at the expense of artificial land

Three compounds of Strategic Missile Forces switched to mobile missile systems “Yars”

Already in the three compounds of the Russian Strategic Missile Forces, the transition to mobile ground missile systems “Yars” is completed, the commander of the Strategic Missile Force Sergei Karakayev said. Earlier it was reported about the rearmament of the Tagil junction on the mobile ground missile system “Yars”

Turkey ready to buy the Su-57 instead of the American F-35

The Turkish newspaper Yeni Safak published information citing sources according to which Ankara can purchase Russian fifth-generation Su-57 fighters instead of American F-35s if the United States blocks their supplies because of the country’s purchase of Russian S-400 air defense systems.

Israel began construction of a barrier on the sea border with the Gaza Strip

The engineering divisions of the Ministry of Defense of Israel began on Sunday erecting a separating underwater and surface barrier on the sea border with the Gaza Strip. This is stated in the communiqué of the press service of the defense ministry of the Jewish state, distributed on Sunday.

Israel opened fire from the tank on the block post Hamas in Gaza

The soldiers of the Israeli army discovered a land mine located at the fence on the border with the Gaza Strip. During the detonation procedure, the ammunition detonated, an explosion occurred. In response, the Israeli militaries with fire from tank guns destroyed the observation post of Hamas on this stretch of the border.

Focus: Putin makes an impregnable fortress out of Crimea

German media called Crimea after returning to Russia as an “impregnable fortress,” where Moscow is building up its military might. A few days ago, the newest small rocket ship Vyshniy Volochyok arrived in Crimea, the Federal News Agency reported referring to the German edition Focus.

Khusit attacked the forces of the Arab coalition

The Khusites fired a rocket at the concentration of troops of President Abd Rabbu Mansour Hadi, supported by the Arab coalition, on the coast in the west of Yemen, the al-Masira TV channel reported.

“Worse nowhere”: Bild told about the deplorable state of the Bundeswehr

The Bundeswehr is in a deplorable state, writes Bild referring to the report of the Federal Accounts Chamber of Germany. It is noted that the department accused the Minister of Defense Ursulu von der Leyen in concealing the malfunctions of military equipment and “embellishing statistics.”

In Syria, during the shelling, four Russian servicemen were killed

The publication “Chita.ru” reported the death of four Russian servicemen during the shelling in Syria on May 23. They were all from the Trans-Baikal Territory. Two of the four dead are an officer and a sergeant.

“Tornado” instead of “KAMAZ” and “Ural”

According to Shevchenko, 2018 will be a turning point in the matter of obtaining new equipment. He said that within the family of “Tornado” is developing a car with a wheel formula 4×4 with a payload of 4-6 tons, which in the future will replace the legendary “shishigu” – GAZ-66.

Naval ships of Russia visited Thailand with a friendly visit

On the morning of Sunday, May 27, a friendly detachment of ships of the Pacific Fleet of the Russian Navy came to Thailand. The embassy of the Russian Federation noted that sailors will stay in the country for five days

More than six thousand people were called military commissariats of the VVO

Since the start of the recruitment campaign, military commissariats of the Eastern Military District have made decisions on conscription to more than six thousand residents of the Far East and Eastern Siberia for military service on conscription.

For the Russian Navy, a sailboat capable of going into the open ocean

After the completion of shipbuilding works, Poltava should become the center of a large interactive museum complex dedicated to the naval history of Russia. Admiral Korolev also talked about plans to build a new training sailing ship for the Russian Navy.

Poland wants to pay $ 2 billion for the creation of a permanent US military base

Warsaw is ready to pay up to two billion dollars for the creation on the Polish territory of a permanent US military base, the newspaper Onet reports with reference to the documents of the Polish Ministry of Defense published in the network.

APU opened mortar fire on the village in the suburbs of Donetsk

The village of Spartak in the suburbs of Donetsk was shelled by mortar fire from the Ukrainian siloviki. This was reported by RIA Novosti referring to the statement of the representative of the People’s Democratic Republic of France at the Joint Center for Control and Coordination of the ceasefire. According to the report, ten mines were released in the village.

APUs have placed tanks in residential areas of Dzerzhinsk

The Ukrainian armed forces stationed tanks and artillery in the city districts of Dzerzhinsk. This was announced by the deputy commander of the operational command of the Donetsk People’s Republic Eduard Bazurin.


A fishing vessel under the flag of Russia collided with a boat in the Sea of Japan

The fishing vessel Sanshiro Maru under the Russian flag, due to poor visibility collided with a boat in the Sea of Japan, one of the passengers of the boat was killed. This was reported by TASS on Monday in the Marine Rescue Coordination Center (MRCC) of Vladivostok

The Frenchman died in the explosion of grenades bought at the flea market

A French citizen was killed in a grenade explosion, which he bought at a flea market. As the newspaper Est Republicain writes, a 68-year-old Frenchman from the commune of Damlewier purchased four grenades.

In the Sverdlovsk region arrested investigator SK and his two accomplices

In the Sverdlovsk region, the court arrested an employee of the Investigative Committee and two of his accomplices, they are accused of attempted fraud. This is reported by Interfax with reference to the press secretary of the SS of the SC for the field of Maxim Chalkov.

Convicted for pedophilia Grozovsky was sent to the colony

Former confessor of the football club Zenit Gleb Grozovsky was sent to the Murmansk region and temporarily placed in a special regime colony. Grozovsky is in prison No. 16. Priozersky City Court sentenced Grozovsky in 2018 to 14 years in a strict-regime colony.

In the northeast of China, an earthquake with a magnitude of 5.7

The earthquake with a magnitude of 5.7 occurred in Jilin Province in northeast China, the Chinese Seismological Center reports. Underground shocks were recorded at 01.50 on the night of Monday (20.50 sunday GMT) in Sun Yuan City.

Museum of Kiev found in a stuffed pelican 178-year-old note

In the National Scientific and Natural Museum of Kiev, while cleaning the stuffed red-bellied pelican, a note was found, the age of which is 178 years. It is noted that “an artifact from the past has opened the secret of the origin of the exhibit,” says the Facebook page of the museum.

The damaged painting in the Tretyakov Gallery caused damage to half a million rubles

“From the materials submitted to the court it follows that the damage inflicted by the Tretyakov Gallery is more than 500 thousand rubles.” – said the judge. In the evening of May 25, a visitor to the gallery, Igor Podporin, smashed the glass that protected the painting, and damaged the canvas

In Barnaul, a shopping center was evacuated because of a fire

In Barnaul in the midst of the weekend the shopping and entertainment center “Viasna” broke out. As the rescuers report, the fire was insignificant, no one was hurt. According to the official information of the Ministry of Emergency Situations for the Altai Territory, a fire report was received at approximately 12:30 local time

A light motor plane crashed near Ryazan, the pilot was killed

The wreck of a light aircraft in the Ryazan region could be due to a pilot error or technical malfunction, the Investigative Committee of Russia reports.

Passenger bus burned to the ground after a lightning strike in Greece

In Greece, lightning struck an intercity bus with passengers. The incident occurred around 16:00 near the village of Monastiraki in the urban district of Feres. According to the portal e-evros.gr, after the lightning hit the bus immediately caught fire.

The guests of the Economic Forum flew without luggage

Because of the energy loss in Pulkovo, the airport staff could not complete and load up to 200 pieces of checked baggage for the departures, Mrs. Potekhina said. She specified that all baggage should be sent to the destination by the nearest flights

The prosecutor’s office organized a check on the fact of the accident at the Yakutsk SDPP-2

The prosecutor’s office of Yakutia organized a check on the fact of an emergency power outage, as a result of which, without electricity, a portion of Yakutsk consumers remained.

In Paris, riots began to riot

The largest French union CGT (“General Confederation of Labor”) said that protest actions against the policy of French President Emmanuel Macron around the country were attended by 250 thousand people, the BFMTV channel reported.


Fans worried about the marriage of Sati Casanova

Fans are worried about the marriage of Sati Casanova and are puzzled by the publication of a popular singer, who recently appeared in the social network Instagram. In her post, the artist wrote that she survived the betrayal of a loved one. Subscribers instantly assumed that the speech, apparently, is about her husband Casanova.

Bachelor Egor Creed introduced his girls to his parents

During his acquaintance with his family, a popular musician brought the model from Ekaterinburg to Daria Klukin to tears. On May 28, Russia released the 12th edition of the show “Bach” with Egor Creed. The whole musician’s family flew to Dubai to get to know the three remaining girls in the project

The picture of the South Korean abstractionist went under the hammer for almost $ 8 million

A rare picture of the South Korean artist-abstractionist Kim Van Ki (1913-1974) was sold at an auction in Seoul for almost $ 8 million. Thus, the work of the painter was the most expensive Korean painting ever put up for auction. About this on Sunday reported the agency Yonhap

Fans interested in the heart with a key on his neck Nagiyev

The popular presenter Dmitry Nagiyev published a new photo in his Instagram. In the picture, Nagiyev stands with his naked torso. At the same time on the neck of the star chain with a key and a heart

Buzov surprised the costumes for the music award

Olga Buzova once again shocked her subscribers to Instagram and viewers of the music award RU.TV. Diva appeared at the eighth award ceremony in a dress of aliens. Buzov explained her outfit by saying that she “flew from another planet to conquer this”

The daughter of Xenia Borodina was called a gypsy

Borodin has published in Instagram new photos with Marusya, which are made at the solemn event. Not all users have these pictures to their liking. Fans cursed Xenia Borodin for the vulgar image of her eldest daughter.

A new circle is growing up

Fans noted the great similarity between Mikhail Krug and his son. The boy was 16 years old, and many subscribers immediately recognized the features of his father in him. Alexander, by the way, did not manage to get to know Michael Krug personally – he was killed when his son was just over a month old.

Olga Buzova in Ufa forced the fans to wait 1.5 hours for their performance

The fans of the singer Olga Buzovaya had to wait 1.5 hours for the release of their idol to the stage. The concert caused a lot of excitement. Judging by the shots from the hall, the hall of “Lights of Ufa” is completely hammered.

Grigory Leps’s daughter complained about father’s cruelty

The singer, who was sitting in the jury, was surprised at the appearance of the heiress, and so frankly spoke out about her problems with the vocals. In the air of the program “Tonight”, dedicated to Leps, Inga once again remembered this situation. She complained that her father rarely praises her.

The debaucher Panin arranged a provocation at a children’s party

Scandalous actor Alexei Panin became a guest of the children’s holiday: his daughter Anna finished fourth grade. The artist even there managed to arrange an unexpected provocation. Occasions on the matinee Panin recorded on video and spread on his page in the social network Instagram in the formatter Stories.

Johnny Depp wanted to Lenin’s Mausoleum

Actor and musician Johnny Depp admitted that he wants to visit Lenin’s mausoleum. He arrived in Moscow as part of the tour of the Hollywood Vampires, of which he is a member. The words of the actor leads “Interfax”.

I wanted to go to the Russian instrument store before the concert, see, touch the instruments, but not the fact that there is enough time. – Johnny Depp, American actor

Bari Alibasov made a sensational scandal on the show “Hello, Andrew”

Alibasov made a sensational scandal on the air of the show “Hello, Andrew.” The reason was the mismatch of views on the use of the name of the group “Na-Na”. According to Bari, Levkin and his wife Marusya secretly enjoyed the glory of the group and worked as a singer in Germany and other countries.

Rock musician Vyacheslav Butusov presents a video for the 315th anniversary of St. Petersburg

The clip for the song “Synoptics”, authored by Vyacheslav Butusov himself, was published on YouTube channel May 27. Commentators note that they liked the video in the video. Against the background of the city on the Neva there are photos of rock musicians.

Drake released a new track “I’m Upset”

Canadian hip-hop artist Drake released the track “I’m Upset” from the forthcoming album “Scorpion”. This musician wrote on his page in the instagram. The new album Drake “Scorpion” will be released in June 2018.

Alan Rickman was dissatisfied with the role of Severus Snape in “Harry Potter”

It is specified that the actor was dissatisfied after playing the role of Snape in the movie “Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets.” British film producer David Heyman in a Christmas card thanked Rickman and said that he made an impressive contribution to the success of “Harry Potter”, despite the discontent.

Orlando Bloom lighted his buttocks and made Katy Perry blush

Orlando Bloom showed his own buttocks and this behavior forced Katy Perry before the upcoming wedding to blush. Information about this appeared in the American media. In the West End, the famous American actor played in the theatrical play “Killer Joe”


The Pentagon spoke about creating a superlight light warp engine

The Pentagon first released data on the creation of a superluminal unique warp engine and the use of dark energy to overcome the speed of light. The creation of these technologies is difficult, says Science Alert

The connection between chewing gum and losing weight

Specialists from the University of Waseda in Tokyo have studied what happens in the body of people who chew gum while walking.

The first group of subjects chewed two pads during walking for 15 minutes. The second – instead of chewing gum gave a powder containing the same ingredients. It was found that the participants in the experiment from the first sample had a heart rate that was twice as high as that of the control group.

“Our study showed that chewing gum during walking is capable of increasing the distance traveled by man and energy consumption, especially in older men,” the authors concluded. It is published in the Journal of Physical Therapy Science.

Nerves of robots will be supersensitive fibers

The basis of the nervous system of machines can serve as ultra-thin, flexible and highly sensitive fibers, equipped with electrodes. Built-in conductors in response to touch will send electronic pulses, reminiscent of the reaction of the human nerve

Papa John’s and Cofix will begin to test face recognition for payment of orders

The Papa John’s pizzeria network and the Cofix coffee chain network will begin testing a face recognition system designed for non-cash payment for purchases, Vedomosti reports with reference to network representatives, as well as the co-owner and CEO of Swip’s Anatolia Reichert.

Scientists have found out what led to a sharp warming on Earth

The fall of a giant asteroid to Earth 65 million years ago provoked a sharp warming that lasted for 100 thousand years.

Swiss scientists have developed a conductive elastic fiber

Engineers from the Federal Polytechnic School of Lausanne created a conductive elastic fiber capable of stretching six times. An unusual development they developed for wearable electronics, which can also be used in clothing

Scientists have found a way to make a daredevil coward

Neurophysics found in the brain of men and rodents special nerve cells, with the activation of which even the most modest male can turn into a desperate brave man. The results of the study were published in the journal Nature Neuroscience.

Scientists have named the cause of abnormal weather phenomena

American scientists managed to create a mathematical model that explains the essence of weather phenomena, uncharacteristic for the country or the time of year. Culprits of anomalous natural phenomena are most often air “plugs” that appear in the atmosphere of the planet.

Chemists made from wood electrodes for supercapacitors

Chinese chemists, led by Shu-Hong Yu from the University of Science and Technology of China, have developed a fairly simple and effective technology that allows these ideas to be translated into practice and obtained from the wood carbon airgel, which can then be used as electrodes in supercapacitors .

Scientists: Iridescent colors can knock down bumblebees

Iridescent (iridiscent) colors confuse bumblebees. The variety of specific shades and camouflage tones in nature is a variation of the development of the invisibility of plants, they merge with the environment, say scientists

Obesity can save a person’s life

According to The Independent, doctors analyzed the data of 18 thousand patients and compare their diagnoses and health status during admission to the hospital.

Slender patients with infectious diseases died much more often and faster than people with a similar diagnosis and overweight. It turned out that the small weight increased the chances of death by half.

Full people get better and recover from injuries, and those with pneumonia with excess weight are more likely to survive.

Scientists have discovered the most ancient dandruff on feathered dinosaurs

Scientists have found dandruff on the skeleton of a microraptor. The object of research is more than 125 million years. A unique find confirms that the skin of feathered dinosaurs could be like birds, but not like reptiles.

Music influences people’s food choices

First, the volunteers listened to quiet melodies at a loudness of 55 decibels. Then 32% of the participants chose healthy food, and 42% preferred harmful analogues. The rest of the people marked neutral dishes in the menu.

Then the loud rhythmic music sounded, after which the quantity of orders of calorie dishes increased. Experts advised individuals who are dieting to select the right options for themselves.

During the new experiments, some people listened to the first option, the second enjoyed fun melodies, and the remaining volunteers made orders in silence. Scientists suggested people choose two types of dessert, noting that 86% of people decided to pamper themselves with fruit salad, and in the middle group it was noted by 56% of people. The rest of the people preferred to try a chocolate cake.


Apple told about the authorities’ requests for data transfer of users

Apple provided data on government requests for the transfer of information about users. This is stated in the company’s report. The Russian authorities sent 405 requests, 350 of which were satisfied.

Google Chrome for smartphones will soon receive a new interface

In the new test assembly of Google Chrome for mobile devices, a very convenient tab switching feature has appeared, it is more familiar and convenient. So, in 2018, users after updating Google Chrome will browse through open tabs on the sides.

The battle of Roskomnadzor with Telegram caused problems with the Internet

Blocking Telegram caused problems with the Internet among a third of Russians, according to the information-analytical publication evo-rus.

Recall that the lock Telegram was made by court decision after the company Pavel Durova refused to provide the FSB with the keys for decryption.

Due to the new EU rules, Facebook and Google have received claims for millions of euros

The plaintiffs accuse the company of “compulsory consent”. It’s about the fact that a few days ago, users were offered to confirm their agreement with the GDPR, but did not explain the essence of these rules, and in some cases the messages were “disguised” as a change in the internal regulations.

The head of Roskomnadzor called the “pirate” philosophy of the creators of Telegram

The creators of Telegram follow the “pirate philosophy” in promoting their product and trying to bypass the locks. This was stated by the head of Roskomnadzor Alexander Zharov.

The circumvention methods used by Telegram are also completely pirated … It uses the IP addresses of various subnets and hides in essence behind a live shield from multinational companies and respectable resources that are on the same IP addresses with it. – Alexander Zharov, Russian statesman

The founder of Twitter Jack Dorsey does not use a computer because of his work

CEO Twitter believes that the Internet hinders productive work, because it contains a huge amount of information that distracts from the main task. With regard to security, Dorsey constantly protects and tracks the work of the smartphone, monitors programs and regularly changes passwords.

Google integrates the PayPal payment system into all its services

Google will integrate PayPal’s payment service into all its products. From now on, users will be able to pay for purchases by using this type of electronic wallet without leaving the Internet giant applications. The update will apply to all Google products.

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