18 Мар, 2021

Money transfers of individuals from Russia abroad in 2020

Remittances of individuals from Russia abroad in 2020 fell to a 3-year low — to $ 40.1 billion, RIA Novosti found out based on data from the central bank. Money mainly goes to Switzerland ($ 7.8 billion), Uzbekistan ($ 4.4 billion), Britain ($ 2.7 billion), the United States ($ 2.3 billion), Latvia ($ 1.8 billion), Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan (by $ 1.7 billion).

Britain presents foreign and defense strategy for the next 30 years

  • She named China as the main threat and pledged to actively counter the «full spectrum» of threats from Russia. In the 111-page document, Russia is mentioned 14 times, China — 29.
  • The authorities announced new global sanctions against corrupt officials, threatened to hold Russia accountable for violating international norms and promised to support the countries of Eastern Europe in the face of the «Russian threat.»
  • The strategy calls for a direct increase in defense spending by an additional £ 16.5 billion, an increase in the number of nuclear warheads to 260 and an expanded British military presence in different parts of the world.
  • By 2030, the country intends to acquire everything necessary to monitor the entire outer space and defend its interests in space, to finish building a cosmodrome in Scotland, and from 2022 to start launching satellites from it.
  • London promised to continue supporting the liberal world order, named the United States as its closest ally for the long future, and announced a shift in foreign policy priorities towards the Indo-Pacific region.

Lukashenko signed a decree on the constitutional commission

Alexander Lukashenko signed a decree on a 36-member Constitutional Commission headed by the Chairman of the Constitutional Court Petr Miklashevich. This was reported by the presidential press service. The Constitutional Commission must submit proposals on amendments to the basic law to Lukashenka by August 1, then they will be submitted to a referendum

Roskomnadzor threatened to completely block Twitter

Roskomnadzor threatened to completely block Twitter in a month if the service does not remove posts that the authorities have declared illegal. The deputy head of Roskomnadzor said that the department has «all the technical capabilities» to block. In addition, he added that he allows slowdown and blocking of other Internet resources that violate Russian legislation.

On March 10, the agency limited the work of Twitter on mobile devices — it was said about «slowing down». However, at the moment when Roskomnadzor tried to «slow down» Twitter, problems began to be observed in the work of the websites of government agencies. The department denied the connection between these processes.

Roskomnadzor said that it does not rule out the adoption of measures to other sites by analogy with Twitter

Roskomnadzor said that in case of refusal to comply with the requirements of Russian legislation, slowdown and blocking threaten other foreign social networks.

Bolivia’s Justice Ministry demands an explanation from ex-President Jeanine Agnes

Bolivia’s Justice Ministry wants ex-President Jeanine Agnes to explain the deaths during the protests in the country in 2019.

«We want her to explain to us why she issued this decree and why she attracted the armed forces and the police to suppress (protests) and people died. She needs to be tried,» Justice Minister Ivan Lima told RIA Novosti

US does not plan permanent negotiation mechanism with China

The US is not planning a permanent negotiation mechanism with China after the March 18 meeting in Alaska. A joint statement by the US and China is also not expected, a senior US administration official said.

UN experts on Libya claim that Wagner PMC operates in the country

The UN group of experts on Libya in the report claims that the country acted, among other PMCs Wagner, and there were no signs of its withdrawal from Libya. The sources used were satellite images, data obtained by experts from individuals, as well as images from open sources, commercial databases, and telephone conversations. The group consulted with representatives of a number of countries, among which Russia is not.

Sanctioned potatoes destroyed in the Orenburg region

In the area of ​​the Akbulak village, specialists from the Samara customs, the Office of the Rosselkhoznadzor in the Orenburg region and the Office of State Automotive Supervision detained 3 cars that were transporting 60 tons of potatoes. According to the documents, the root crop was grown in Kazakhstan, and upon detailed study, as it turned out, in Germany. The goods were seized and destroyed.

Google will reduce commission for app developers

From July 1, developers selling their services through Google Play will benefit from a fee reduction from 30% to 15%. The relief will apply only to the first earned $ 1 million

Time magazine featured a transgender man on its cover for the first time.

This is actor Elliot Page (formerly Ellen Page), who publicly declared his transgender status last year. In an interview with Time, Paige said that as a child he wanted to be like a boy, that during the filming in blockbusters he fought depression and that after coming out

To create bases for tiktokers in the regions of Russia: the Far East and the Crimean.

The head of the Ministry for the Development of the Russian Far East said that in December the authorities of Yakutia were advised to start such a project on one of the «Far Eastern hectares».

“In general, a hectare is a sufficient piece of land to make some small project there, where several dozen people can have a good time. In December, Yakutia was offered to create a base of tiktokers. I do not know what it is, but I know that it is a popular thing now. Apparently, various social networks and Internet projects can also be implemented on hectares, especially on hectares in such unusual places. «

After the proposal to place bloggers in the Far East, one more thing appeared — to send them to Crimea. Deputy Natalya Poklonskaya said that a southern residence for tiktokers should be built in Yevpatoria, Yalta or Simferopol.

Consumer spending of Russians in 2020

Consumer spending in 2020 (compared to 2019) decreased significantly more than income: -5.5% (and this is nominal expenses) versus a 3% decrease in real income. If we make an adjustment for inflation, the cost reduction even according to official data will be about 10%.

Moscow is among the leaders in cost reduction! Moscow residents spent 12% less in 2020 than in 2019. Spending in the Sverdlovsk Region decreased by 11.2%, in St. Petersburg by 8.5%, in Yakutia by 7.9%, and in Ingushetia by 7.3%. A decrease in nominal costs by more than 5% was recorded in another 15 regions.

The largest increase was seen in the expenses of residents of the Magadan Region (+ 11%), Kalmykia (+ 3.8%) and the Leningrad Region (+ 3.3%). Further, the growth figures are much more modest, and in total, cost increases were noted only in 13 regions.

The Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation clarified the meaning of the law on «irresistible corruption»

Amendments to the law on combating corruption are designed to exclude cases of unjustified dismissal of civil servants who are not involved in corruption offenses. This is how the deputy head of the Ministry of Justice, Andrei Loginov, explained the meaning of the so-called «accidental corruption» bill. This is reported by TASS.

Uber lost court in Britain

In Britain, after losing the trial, Uber will enroll 70,000 taxi drivers with whom it worked as self-employed for a commission. The company must provide them with a minimum wage, paid vacation and pension. This decision was unexpected — Uber explained that they had made changes to avoid a new wave of litigation.

True, there are two but. Drivers will be credited with money only during the trip — being online in the application is not enough. In addition, the changes will not affect couriers working in the food delivery service.

The fuel crisis has broken out in Syria.

Eyewitnesses told RIA Novosti that for several days there has been a shortage of gasoline and diesel fuel. In Damascus, queues in two rows stretched for several kilometers. The current situation is a consequence of Western sanctions and the fact that most of the oil and gas fields are located in the territories controlled by the «Syrian Democratic Forces» (SDF). The authorities have announced increases in gasoline and gas prices and are trying to distribute supplies evenly across the provinces.

Russia ratified a loan for the construction of a nuclear power plant (BelNPP)

The Federation Council ratified a protocol on new conditions for providing the government of Belarus with a state export credit for the construction of a nuclear power plant (BelNPP). The restructuring of the loan by the Russian side will lead to a reduction in the total amount of receipts to the federal budget of the Russian Federation in 2021 and 2022 by $ 906.3 million — to $ 370.8 million, follows from the explanatory materials to the agreement.

Remote e-voting in the 2021 elections

Ella Pamfilova, Chair of the Russian Central Election Commission, said that the CEC will work out in detail nine applications from regions (other than Moscow) that want to take part in a pilot project on the use of remote electronic voting (DEG) in the 2021 elections.

«These are the subjects where the DEG was conducted, this is the Kursk region, the Nizhny Novgorod region, the Yaroslavl region. In addition to them, the Republic of Buryatia, the Republic of North Ossetia — Alania, the Vologda region, the Murmansk region, the Ryazan region and the city of Sevastopol,» said the head of the CEC, adding that St. Petersburg had also filed an application, but later withdrew it.

Forum «Municipal Russia» will be held in the social network Clubhouse.

The United Democrats did not risk it and immediately decided to hold a new forum of municipal deputies online, on the Clubhouse social network, instead of the one disrupted by the police this weekend, one of the organizers of the event told Open Media. Online format is the easiest and fastest way to host an event, he explained.

“Gathering people offline again is long, expensive, and the forum can be disrupted again. So it doesn’t make sense. We do not expect any provocations in the Clubhouse, but we will not be surprised if, after our forum, the authorities propose to block it, ”the source said.

Putin spoke at the board of the Prosecutor General’s Office.

He said that it was necessary to improve the security system in schools and monitor the organization of hot meals, to prevent unjustified increases in utility tariffs, to strictly suppress abuse when using funds for national projects.

Putin demanded that prosecutors more actively fight corruption: it is necessary to identify the discrepancy between the costs of civil servants and their income

The State Duma does not want to deprive the mandate of the United Russia party Sergei Sopchuk

At the suit of the Prosecutor General’s Office, Sergei Sopchuk was recognized as a violator of anti-corruption legislation: he fictitiously transferred his business to his sister, continuing to manage it. As Yabloko told Open Media, the parliament leadership ignored the party’s appeal with a request to initiate a Duma check against the businessman-deputy. According to Anatoly Vyborny, a member of the commission on income and ethics, this requires «strong evidence that the deputy was engaged in business.»

Roskomnadzor demanded from Twitter to delete MBH Media account

According to Roskomnadzor, the publication’s account is used to distribute content from Open Russia, an organization that is recognized as “undesirable” in Russia. In addition to MBH Media, RKN also demanded to block the account of the Association of Schools of Political Research under the Council of Europe. The association was declared «undesirable» in December last year.

A journalist who came out with a single picket was detained in Yessentuki

The journalist went to the building of the city court with a single picket in support of Zarifa Sautiyeva and other defendants in the «Ingush case». In early March, the court first changed her preventive measure to house arrest, and then placed her in custody again.

Tikhanovskaya to speak at the US Congress hearing on Belarus

In her speech, Svetlana Tikhanovskaya intends to talk about the sanctions against the accomplices of the regime who commit violence against peaceful demonstrators and support the dictatorship, help the repressed, the media, democratic activists, about repressed Belarusian women. She will also tell congressmen the story of Igor Losik, political prisoner of Swiss citizen Natalia Hershe, protesters Alexander Taraikovsky, Gennady Shutov, Roman Bondarenko killed by security forces