16 Mar, 2018

Moscow will send British diplomats

Russia in response to the actions of London will send British diplomats out of the country, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said. Asked by journalists whether Moscow will expel British workers working in the country, Lavrov replied “we will, of course.”

You understand that we, as polite people, will first get this answer to our British colleagues … But the answer will be very soon, I assure you. – Sergey Lavrov, Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation

Briefly about the main thing ….


The bill on the abolition of the Unified State Examination will be submitted to the State Duma

A group of State Duma deputies on Friday, March 16, will submit for consideration by the lower house of parliament a bill on the abolition of the Unified State Exam (USE). RT Deputy Chairman of the State Duma Committee for Education and Science, co-author of the initiative Boris Chernyshov, told RT.

“The essence of the bill boils down to repealing the USE, which is bored with pupils and parents, which is not aimed at gaining knowledge, but for” training “according to a certain set of tasks. A return to the traditional exam is suggested. This will improve the learning process and make sure that in the final classes children do not prepare for the exam, but they study quietly and then go to universities, “Chernyshov said.

Penalty for violating the rules of travel through crossings will grow fivefold

“The bill proposes to increase from one thousand rubles to five thousand rubles an administrative penalty for violating the rules of travel through railway crossings,” the document says. It should be noted that the Transport Ministry introduced the relevant bill to the government in the fall of 2017.

When changing pension funds, citizens could lose 55 billion rubles

Under the current rules, a citizen has the right to change the insurer every five years without losing income. In the early transition, the lost funds are sent to the reserve for compulsory pension insurance. As of the beginning of 2017, it had 41.3 billion rubles.

Experts point to a lack of understanding by citizens of their losses from the early change of insurer.

Medvedev said that the fines for avtobedrovshstvo grow at times

It is a question of a fine of 30 to 50 thousand rubles, or of arrest for up to 15 days. At the same time, as Medvedev explained, the fines for the airbags will grow at times.

We will consider a bill that makes administrative liability more severe for violations in air transport. Now, fines and other types of administrative penalties for such offenses will be strengthened at times. – Dmitry Medvedev, Russian statesman

FAS filed a case against Google because of advertising online casino “Vulcan”

FAS approached Google Inc. and its Russian “daughter” LLC “Google” to provide copies of documents on the basis of which the distribution of contextual advertising of the casino, copies of this advertisement and written explanations were carried out. The case is scheduled for 10 April.

In Moscow, there will be more than 200 cameras for fixing the non-admission of pedestrians

On the roads of Moscow will be more than 200 cameras that will record the non-registration of pedestrians by drivers, RIA Novosti reports with reference to the deputy head of the GKU Center for Organization of Roads (TsODOD) Dmitry Gorshkov.


Senior son Trump divorced from his wife, media reported

The son of President of the United States Donald Trump Jr. is divorced from his wife, reports the publication Page Six. It is reported that 40-year-old Vanessa Trump filed an application to the court in Manhattan on Thursday.

Queen Elizabeth II approved the wedding of her grandson Prince Harry

The ruler of Great Britain, Elizabeth II, gave approval for the marriage of her youngest grandson Prince Harry and his bride Megan Markle. This is stated in a message presented by the Privy Council of the Queen.

Natalia Friske showed an archive photo with her late sister Jeanne Friske

Natalia Friske posted an archive photo on the Internet, on which a young woman poses together with the late Zhanna Friske, who was her sister. The post is posted in the popular Instagram network, in the microblogging of a close relative of the singer

43-year-old Yana Rudkovskaya is preparing to become mother again

43-year-old Yana Rudkovskaya from a diaper brings up the son of her first wife, Viktor Baturin Andrew, as his own child. However, ill-wishers regularly remind her of the terrible story that happened to his own mother.

“No one called.” Olga Buzova disappointed in men

Despite the health problems, the girl continues to work hard and please her fans. At the same time, as Buzova herself stated, none of her boyfriends even called her and asked how things are.

Jennifer Lopez does not hurry to become Rodriguez’s wife

Fans of Jennifer Lopez have long wondered why Alex Rodriguez, with whom the singer has been dating for more than a year, does not make her an offer. In her recent interview, Jennifer clarified this question: it turns out that she “slows down” Alex.

Anita Tsoi’s father scoffed at her in childhood

Anita said that her father dreamed of a son, and when a girl was born, a man left his family. Rare visits of the parent still do not cause Anita warm feelings. Anita Tsoy said that she practically does not remember her father.

Director of the film “On the needle” will withdraw the continuation of the Bond

Famous British director Danny Boyle will put a new part of the cycle about agent 007 James Bond. Presumably, the continuation of the Bond will be released in late 2018.

Actress Natalie Portman will play in the drama about astronauts

Actress Natalie Portman will play in the drama “Pale Blue Point” about astronauts who lose their sense of reality after returning home. As reported by “Gazeta.ru”, her partner can speak to John Hamm. The director of the series “Fargo” and “Legion” Noah Hawley will act as the director.

The Association of Film and Television Producers announced its winners

In Moscow, the awards ceremony of the Association of Film and Television Producers was held. Prize laureates were selected in 25 nominations. The triumphant of the award was the TV series “Trotsky” – the project was recognized as the best in nine categories.

Star of “Twilight” starring in a political thriller about Gene Seberg

Kristen Stewart, well-known to the audience for her role in the films of the Twilight series, will play the new political thriller actress Jean Seberg, the film will be called Against All Enemies, the portal Variety reported on March 14.

In Los Angeles, there will be a museum of “Star Wars” by George Lucas

In Los Angeles there will be a Museum of Narrative Art and “Star Wars” from the creator of this space franchise George Lucas. This writes The New York Times. It is planned that the museum will open in four years.

The international theatrical festival “Red Clown” will take place in Kemerovo

In the capital of Kuzbass will be an international theater festival named after Andrei Panin “Red Clown”. The festival will be held from 19 to 22 March.

Ed Shiran and Lady Gaga will record an album for Elton John

The stars of world music will record a double album for Elton John and the author of the lyrics to his songs of Bernie Topin, reports Rolling Stone

Soloist The Who Daltrey deaf because of their own performances

The Who soloist for The Who, Roger Daltrey, admitted that he had lost his hearing because of his performances. At a recital in Las Vegas, he talked about using a hearing aid.

Rapper Zamai called Russian culture “shit”

Rapper Andrei Zamai, better known as Khan Zamai, released a video for the track “Name”, which offends Russian writers, and calls Russian culture “shit”. The video appeared on YouTube channel RNSNS (cautiously, contains an abundance of profanity)

Prigogine will give up McDonald’s because of US sanctions

Businessman Yevgeny Prigozhin said that his business is not connected with the US, so new sanctions do not bother him. In response to them, he promised not to go to McDonald’s, reports RIA Novosti. On Thursday, the US extended sanctions against Russia.

Point in the scandal with “Matilda” has not yet been set, said Poklonskaya

The final point in the scandal surrounding the film “Matilda” has not yet been put, said the State Duma deputy from the Crimean region Natalia Poklonskaya. She believes that the film at the box office suffered a complete failure.

Svetlana Loboda flew to give birth in the US and showed the house where she would live

Svetlana Loboda, having canceled all the planned concerts, went to give birth in the US. The second child of the star in the coming months will be born in one of the perinatal centers of the United States. Svetlana Loboda already settled in Los Angeles and even showed the subscribers of Instagram the house in which she settled


Savchenko was in the database of the Ukrainian site “Peacemaker”

Nadezhda Savchenko was in the database of the Ukrainian site “Peacemaker”. Resource called it “an accomplice of terrorists and a traitor to his homeland,” RIA Novosti reported. Earlier, Prosecutor General Yuriy Lutsenko accused the deputy of the Verkhovna Rada of organizing an attack and preparing a coup d’état.

The US can impose sanctions against Russia because of the “case of Skripal”

The United States can impose sanctions against Russia in connection with the poisoning in Britain of the ex-colonel of the GRU, the former British intelligence agent Sergei Skripal and his daughter. This was at a briefing for journalists, said US State Department spokesman Heather Nauert.

Makron refused to visit the booth of Russia at the Paris Book Salon

French President Emmanuel Macron refused to attend the stand of Russia – an honored guest at the Paris Book Salon, which opened on Thursday.

The SCO summit in 2020 will be held in Chelyabinsk

Russian President Vladimir Putin said that a decree was signed to hold the next summit of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization in Chelyabinsk.

Now only the decree signed that in Chelyabinsk, I was asked by the representatives of the public, the leadership, that there was another SCO summit held there, the SCO summit. Just signed a decree. – Vladimir Putin


Stoltenberg: NATO seeks constructive relations with Russia

NATO will continue to strive for more constructive relations with Russia. Containment and protection organization plans to combine with the political dialogue with Russia, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said on Thursday in an interview with CNN.

We will continue the dialogue. The voltage level is high, the risk of incidents increases. That is why it is important to conduct a political dialogue. We do not want a new cold war and an arms race, because there are no winners in this race. – Jens Stoltenberg, Norwegian politician

Poland will deploy a new military division at the borders with Russia

The Polish army will redeploy the division from west to east of the country, closer to the Russian borders, said Minister of National Defense Mariusz Blaschak.

As part of the key military security pillar for Poland, we plan to redeploy some of the military forces from west to east. – Mariusz Blaszczak, Polish politician

Strategic aviation of Russia conducted maneuvers in three military districts

Military maneuvers passed in the territory of the Western, Central and Eastern military districts. This was reported by the press service of the Russian Ministry of Defense.

Turkish military destroyed a bulldozer that blocked the exit from Afrina

In Africa, the Turkish military managed to blow up a bulldozer, through which the Kurds blocked one of the outings from the city. The web has a video recording of the destruction of technology. It is posted on the channel of the Armed Forces of Turkey on YouTube.

It became known when the military technopolis “Era” opens in Anapa

Sergei Shoigu spoke about the timing of the commissioning of a research cluster of the Russian Defense Ministry. Military technology innovation “Era” in Anapa is planned to open on September 1 this year, Defense Minister of the Russian Federation General of Army Sergei Shoigu said at the forum “Russia is a country of opportunities”.

American admiral accused Russia of imitating nuclear strikes on the US

“Russian strategic nuclear forces are being modernized and regularly conduct exercises simulating the imposition of nuclear strikes on the continental United States,” said the American admiral

The Ministry of Defense of Russia told about the use of artificial intelligence in the army

Artificial intelligence is used in many spheres of the Russian Armed Forces, First Deputy Minister of Defense of the Russian Federation Ruslan Tsalikov said at the conference “Artificial Intelligence: Problems and Solutions” in the Patriot Park

Russian and Tajik servicemen conducted exercises near the Afghan border

“The main stage of the joint command-and-staff exercise with units of the Armed Forces of Russia and Tajikistan ended at the Kharbmaydon firing range, 15 km from the border with Afghanistan,” the message says.


In Madrid, there were riots after the death of a street vendor

Mass riots occurred in the center of Madrid after the death of a native of Africa, there are victims among law enforcement officers and participants in the riots, the newspaper Pais writes. According to sources in the police, 35-year-old Senegalese mother Mame Mbage died of heart failure

The Telegraph: the poison for Skripal was brought by his daughter in a suitcase

The substance that was poisoned by Sergei Skripal, was hidden in his daughter’s suitcase. The source of the Telegraf publication from among investigators told reporters that they allegedly infiltrated a piece of clothing or cosmetics before Yulia Skripal flew to London from Moscow.

At the collapse of the bridge in Miami killed at least four people

At least four people died as a result of the collapse of the pedestrian bridge in Miami, Florida. This is reported by TASS with reference to the fire department of the Miami district. “At the moment, we found the bodies of four people,” said the head of the department, Dade Dave Downey

The sum of damage from corruption in Russia is named

The damage from corruption crimes in 2017 amounted to 177.5 billion rubles. This in an interview with the newspaper Kommersant “said the head of the anti-corruption chapter of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Andrei Kurnosenko.

In the United States, a serial killer, known as a “stocking strangler”

The authorities of the US state of Georgia executed a serial killer, known as a “stocking strangler,” the local WRBL television channel reported. The verdict against the 67-year-old convict was carried out with the help of a lethal injection

Unknown robbed a jewelry store in Moscow for 10 million rubles

In turn, the source of “RIA Novosti” said that the criminals had raided the jewelry store “Silver World”. According to him, they robbed the store for 10 million rubles. In June of last year, a group of robbers made a raid on a jewelry store in the Danilov district of Moscow.

Three children who were poisoned in the St. Petersburg school were put into intensive care

Three children got into resuscitation after mass poisoning with tablets of unknown origin in the school of St. Petersburg. According to doctors, their lives are not threatened

Fans of the football “Lyon” clashed with the police

As already reported Vesti.Ru, in Lyon, France there were clashes between the fans of the local club and the Moscow CSKA before the match of the League of Europe. After the game, the fans of the Lyon “weavers”, upset by the defeat of their team (2: 3) attacked the police. As a result, 8 police officers suffered

SC initiated a second case after the attack of dogs in the suburbs

The Investigative Committee initiated a second case on the provision of services that do not meet security requirements, after the attack of dogs on a man in the suburbs, the press service of the department

“The SK of Russia in the Moscow region during the investigation of the criminal case on the fact of negligence of officials, which resulted in the death of a man as a result of dog bites, received information on the availability of an agreement with the administration of the Istra district to provide services for the catching of stray dogs with an individual entrepreneur. As a result, a criminal case was instituted in connection with the provision of services that did not meet the security requirements that resulted in the death of a person (part 2, article 288 of the Criminal Code), “the report said.

In Nizhny Tagil, a pack of dogs attacked my mother with a 4-year-old child

In Nizhny Tagil, a flock of dogs attacked a young mother and her 4-year-old son. The incident occurred near the house number 48 on Zarya Street. The woman led the child to the kindergarten, when suddenly they were surrounded by several dogs

In the United States, there was an explosion at a chemical plant

In the US state of Texas there was an explosion at a chemical plant. According to official figures, as a result of the incident, one person was missing, another one was injured


Russia cut its investments in US government bonds

In the first month of 2018, the RF reduced the volume of investments in US government securities to 96.9 billion dollars, in December of last year this amount was 102.2 billion dollars. This is reported by TASS with reference to the data of the US Treasury.

The government wants to extend the “supervisory vacation” until 2022

The moratorium on conducting scheduled inspections of business is effective from January 1, 2016 and should be completed by the end of 2018. Previously, the “Oversight Vacation” was proposed by the business ombudsman Boris Titov. He advocated spreading the moratorium on the average business and on all types of control and supervision.

Glencore agreed to sell China a third of the cobalt mined

Glencore, which extracts cobalt from mines in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Canada and Australia, expects that in 2018 production will be about 39,000 tons (about 35% of the world’s estimated production).

The net profit of ALROSA decreased to 78.6 billion rubles in 2017

“The decline in financial results for the year 2017 is due to the strengthening of the ruble against the US dollar by 13%, as well as the decrease in the average price of realized jewelry diamonds by 9% as a result of changes in the range,” the report says.

The volume of funds on individual investment accounts of Russians doubled over the year

In total, following the results of 2017, 302 thousand accounts were opened (52% growth), at which citizens placed 28 billion rubles. Thus, the volume of funds on IIS increased more than twice as compared to 2016 and reached 45 billion rubles.

In Russia, the export duty on oil will decrease

The export duty on oil in Russia from April 1 this year will go down by $ 8.1, to $ 111.4 per ton. This is reported on the website of the Ministry of Finance

The EU plans to introduce a “digital tax” for technology companies

The EU can introduce the so-called digital tax on the proceeds of large technology companies in the European market, writes the Financial Times. The tax can be introduced on advertising revenues of Google and Facebook, the proceeds of Apple’s subscription services and Spotify, as well as the proceeds from the sale of digital data to third parties

International reserves of Russia increased by $ 2.9 billion in a week

It is noted that on March 9 they amounted to $ 455.2 billion against $ 452.3 billion on March 2. As told in the Central Bank, growth occurred mainly under the influence of positive revaluation.

In February, Bank Otkrytie earned 2.7 billion rubles in net profit

The volume of the loan portfolio of the bank has practically not changed, amounting to 793.9 billion rubles as of February. Net profit of the bank “Otkrytie” in February 2018 amounted to 2.7 billion rubles, which largely compensated for the loss received a month earlier.

US banks will increase revenues by 4-7% as a result of weakening regulation

The weakening of regulation will positively affect the growth in the volume of loans issued, as the main source of income of banks, and will lead to an increase in revenues of 4-7% in 2018. In addition to banks with an average asset size, weakening of supervision may also affect small banks with assets of up to $ 10 billion.

Siemens during the IPO of the medical equipment division intends to raise 4.2 billion euros

German industrial concern Siemens AG intends to raise 4.2 billion euros during the initial public offering (IPO) of its Siemens Healthineers division, which produces medical equipment, the company said.

The Central Bank of France raised the forecast for annual GDP growth rates

The French central bank raised its forecast for GDP growth and inflation for the current year, citing the expected recovery in exports, expansion of business investment and growth in consumer spending.

VTB issued 3 billion rubles in soft loans in the Far East

In 2017, VTB Bank, within the framework of various state support programs, issued loans to Far-Eastern enterprises amounting to about 3 billion rubles

The world’s largest independent oil trader appointed new CEO

Vitol Group, the world’s largest independent oil trader, on Thursday announced the change of CEO: instead of Ian Taylor, this post was taken by Russell Hardy, who has been with the company since 1993. Taylor became chairman of the board of directors, Vitol said.

The first batch from the new LNG terminal in the US will go to the UK

Transportation of test batches from the new plant is provided by the Anglo-Dutch Shell According to the forecast of the Energy Information Administration (EIA), the USA by 2020 will become the third largest exporter of liquefied gas, following Qatar and Australia.

“Gazprom” raised pressure in the GTS of Ukraine to the minimum level

State-owned company Ukrtransgaz, which services transit infrastructure, reports that today the level of gas pressure in it has reached a minimum contractual level. Now it is 60 kgf / cm². These indicators were achieved for the first time since December 12 last year.


Production of the iPhone was suspended because of fake spare parts

The American corporation Apple temporarily suspended the production of the iPhone 8 Plus. The reason was information about the use of counterfeit parts at the Chinese plant Wistron. It is noted that representatives of Wistron have already spoken out about this.

Xiaomi announced the prices for Redmi 5 and Redmi 5 Plus in Russia

It is noted that in the country the devices will begin to be sold from March 20. During the presentation, prices for new gadgets for the Russian market were also announced. So, the model Xiaomi Redmi 5 in the minimum configuration will cost 11.9 thousand rubles, and the more advanced version – 12.9 thousand rubles.

Virtual mobile operator VK Mobile will close before the end of March

The virtual operator of communication VK Mobile will cease to exist until the end of March. This is reported by the TASS news agency with reference to the statement of the press service of the company “Megafon”. As it became known, in the near future the joint project of “Megaphone” and social network “VKontakte” will be closed.

Xiaomi XiaoMo AI Camera received AI with Face Recognition

Chinese company Xiaomi presented the camera XiaoMo AI Camera, which received artificial intelligence with the function of recognizing the person’s face. The camera can record videos in HD resolution, saving information on a microSD memory card.

The web has published a “live” snapshot of the smartphone Nokia 9

As you know, HMD Global is preparing for the release of Nokia 9. It is expected that the device will be shown to the world at IFA 2018 in Berlin in September 2018. Meanwhile, in the Weibo social network, the first “live” snapshot of the gadget appeared

Krasnoyarsk schoolboy created a 3D physics textbook

Dmitry Egorov from gymnasium № 13 of Krasnoyarsk came up with a mobile application for studying physics in 3D format. This was reported in the press service of the city administration. “Live” textbook can replace paper benefits, and at the same time and laboratory equipment for them

Microsoft named the date of the largest conference

The company said that this will be the largest event in the E3 framework. The exhibition itself will be held from 12 to 15 June.

It is assumed that the developers will present many new exclusive for the Xbox console. Among them may appear Halo and Gears of War. The presentation itself will take place in Microsoft Theater.

Spotify created his own voice assistant

The music service Spotify created and began testing its own voice assistant, according to TechCrunch. From now on, the application allows users to search for specific tracks or simply set the genre for the music being played without touching the phone.


Scientists will create a new antibiotic based on milk of the platypus

Scientists initiated a survey, during which it was found that the milk of platypus possesses antibacterial effect. According to experts, antibiotics will be developed on the basis of this milk, which will fight against bacteria resistant to other medicines.

3D printing technology will build a house in 24 hours

The authors of the ICON start-up note that this is the only 3D printing house at the moment, which is printed entirely with the help of code and immediately becomes suitable for people living in it. To print a one-story house, a building printer needs from 12 hours to a day

Scientists: None of the toothpaste protects tooth enamel

Virtually all manufacturers of toothpaste speak eloquently that their product is able to prevent the destruction of tooth enamel, as well as reduce the sensitivity of gums. To test this, scientists conducted an experiment during which many factors were taken into account, for example, tooth erosion.

Scientists have found a new danger of traveling to Mars

According to experts, because of the decrease in activity of the light, the solar wind less reflects cosmic rays. As a result, scientists note that the dose of possible irradiation that cosmonauts can get to Mars will increase by 30%

NASA will create to help astronauts droid robots from the “Star Wars”

Scientists of the US aerospace agency NASA plan to start developing robotic droids from the world famous movie Star Wars, designed to help astronauts in space. The implementation of a unique project will fall on the shoulders of NASA engineer Chris Verdein.

The owner of the “Sea Launch” is not satisfied with the characteristics and price of the Soyuz-5 rocket

Sergei Sopov, the general director of S7 Space Transportation Systems, said that the new Russian medium-sized Soyuz-5 missile, developed by Energia Corporation, does not fit the company’s specifications and costs for launching the floating launch site Sea Launch.

“” Soyuz-5 “in the form in which it is represented, we do not need. This is a stout and heavier “Zenith” (a two-stage carrier rocket). Do you now have a new “Zenith” so that in 15 years it will again become obsolete? The fundamental issue for us is the price “, – quotes RIA Novosti Mr. Sopov.

He said that the company “can not find a common language” with Russian industry.

“Because we, as businessmen, believe that the question of price, the issue of prime cost, is primary. Price is a characteristic of weight and specific gravity, “explained Sergei Sopov.


Ford Company showed teaser of new Mustang and Bronco

Ford has announced the Mustang crossover and the Bronco SUV. Ford Mustang is called a loud novelty. The appearance resembles a sports car analog.

Hyundai will launch sales of the championship series FIFA 2018 in Russia

As noted, the cars of the championship series are marked with the special emblem of FIFA 2018 and supplemented with special accessories. Among them are rugs and an official football from Adidas with the symbols of mundialya. The start of car sales is scheduled for April 1.

In 2019, AvtoVAZ will release the cheapest car on methane

AvtoVAZ plans to launch the Lada Granta CNG biodiesel sedan in 2019. Approximate base price of the car can be less than 600 thousand rubles.

In 2018, the market will be updated Volkswagen Passat

I would like to remind you that the current generation of VW Passat entered the market in 2014. In the engine compartment of the car for Europe can be one of three petrol or three diesel engines.

Skoda began selling the “long” crossover Skoda Karoq

Skoda began selling the “long” crossover Skoda Karoq, which has already entered the dealer centers in China and is asked for from 139 900 yuan, which is about 1.3 million rubles. The maximum crossover configuration will cost 189,900 yuan (1.7 million rubles).

Updated Nissan Qashqai and X-Trail will be produced in Russia

Exact dates will be reported additionally. As part of the implementation of its strategy in the Russian market, Nissan is concentrating its efforts on promoting the crossovers Qashqai, X-Trail and Murano – models produced at the Nissan plant in St. Petersburg.

In Holland put up for sale Bentley Continental GT for off-road

The Dutch dealer company Classic Yountimer Consultancy, specializing in the sale of exclusive cars, built by its own means an off-road version of the popular Bentley Continental GT coupe. Engineers completed the car in the style of the Porsche 911 Safari.

The new roadster BMW Z4 will appear in Russia in early 2019

Representatives of the Bavarian brand said that the new roadster BMW Z4, built on a platform developed jointly with Mazda, will be on sale in the Russian market. In the dealer centers of Russia BMW Z4 can arrive already in the beginning of 2019.

Company McLaren will release a very black supercar 570GT

The company McLaren showed a very black modification of the sports car 570GT, over which the studio worked MSO

Audi has published a teaser of the new electric car Audi E-Tron GT

It is expected that sales of a new commercial electric car class Gran Turismo will begin in 2020. There are no official data on the “green” model yet. Just note that the Audi E-Tron GT will be the first electric car that was created by the Audi Sport division.

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