6 Авг, 2021

Most expensive luxury brands

The most expensive are French luxury brands — they have completely occupied the top 3 and still dominate the top 10 (6 positions out of 10)

Louis Vuitton is valued at an impressive $ 75.7 billion — this is how much (perhaps, of course, no one actually conducts such transactions) you would have to pay if you had the strange desire to buy this brand for your personal use (apart from all production facilities!) … Chanel would cost 47 billion, Hermes — 46.4.

The leader of the Italian brands (and also the 4th place in the overall rating) is Gucci, estimated at 33.8 billion. And in fifth place with a modest estimate of $ 8.1 billion is the only Swiss brand in the ranking: the world famous watchmaker Rolex.

Danish media reports that a Russian nuclear submarine lost its speed while passing through the Baltic Strait zone do not correspond to reality — military source

The nuclear submarine «Oryol» passed the straits in the normal mode as part of a detachment of warships of the Northern Fleet. Now performing tasks as intended, the source added.


Iraqi airlines are canceling flights from Iraq to Minsk for a week, flights to Baghdad have not been canceled, the airline said.

On Wednesday night, a migrant in a serious physical condition was found on the border of Belarus with Lithuania, doctors could not save him. The deceased was an Iraqi citizen.


Apple plans to install a program on its phones in the United States that will scan user’s photos and videos for signs of crimes against children, according to the Financial Times. According to the newspaper, the program will transmit suspicious data to a team of researchers who will contact law enforcement officers if they deem suspicions reasonable.

Apple confirms that it will equip its U.S. mobile devices with software that will combat child pornography and detect crimes against minors, notifying law enforcement if necessary


Coaches Moisevich and Shumak were stripped of their accreditation for the Games-2020 because of the «Timanovskaya case» and expelled from the Olympic village. The IOC noted that the decision was made «in the interests of the athletes of the NOC of Belarus» who remain in Tokyo.


The assets of banks, whose headquarters are located in the European Union, grew during the crisis year by 5% and amounted to 30.4 trillion euros at the end of March this year, the ECB said.

«The total assets of lending institutions headquartered in the EU increased by 4.99%, from 28.99 trillion euros in March 2020 to 30.44 trillion euros in March 2021,» the statement said. It clarifies that the data is as of the end of the month.


Almost every fourth child in Russia lives in families below the poverty line. Such data were presented by Rosstat in the annual bulletin «Socio-economic indicators of poverty», which contains detailed data on the situation of the poor and is published with a two-year delay.


In the second quarter, 65.6 million laptops were sold. This is 15% higher than in the second quarter of 2020. The leader in the market is Lenovo, which shipped a record number of laptops in the quarter — 15.5 million units, taking 24% of the market at the end of the quarter. In second place is HP. It increased shipments by 11% to 14.9 million units, taking 23% of the global laptop market. The top five also include Dell (16% of the market), Apple and Acer (8% of the market each).


In Russia, from 2023, it will be forbidden to install foreign-made LTE cell stations. Minister of Digital Development Maksut Shadayev said that such a decision was made when renewing operators’ licenses for LTE communications, which expire in September. Earlier, the minister said that 5G base stations will also be Russian.


The IOC demanded clarification because of the insult to LGBT Olympians in talk shows on Channel One and Russia 1. The claims of the International Olympic Committee are related to the programs «Time Will Show» and «60 Minutes», the participants of which insulted the transgender weightlifter Laurel Hubbard from New Zealand, as well as the British diver Tom Daley, who is openly homosexual.


Six land plots for Orthodox churches are planned to be issued in New Moscow by the end of 2021, 48 have already been issued, 12 churches have been commissioned, follows from the press service of the curator of the program for the construction of Orthodox churches in Moscow, State Duma deputy Vladimir Resin.


MUSAN, the first of its kind underwater forest for divers, opened in Cyprus. It is located off the coast of Ayia Napa, in a place with very clear water and minimal marine life. The concept of «forest» here refers both to the layout of 93 art objects and to the structure of the park itself. Some of the sculptures will become a frame for various types of underwater creatures, which will eventually give rise to a complex and life-filled environment — just like in a real forest. The sculptures are made of various inert materials with neutral acidity

The Municipality of Ayia Napa in Cyprus, together with the Ministry of Fisheries and Marine Research, commissioned designer Jason DeKires Taylor to design an underwater park for 1 million euros. The British artist became famous for creating bizarre art objects at shallow depths, so he was commissioned to create the world’s first full-fledged forest of underwater sculptures.


Xiaomi will accept payments with cryptocurrencies Ethereum, Tether, Dash in Portugal. But the fact that the Chinese tech giant has chosen this particular country as a platform for experiments is not surprising. Portugal is one of the most «friendly» for the turnover of cryptoassets in Europe. Which, by the way, cannot be said about China, where cryptocurrencies are practically banned.


Lithuanian media published a video in which people in camouflage uniforms — with shields and helmets — are pushing migrants from Belarus, who were previously not allowed to enter Lithuania.


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