13 Apr, 2018

Named eight potential targets for US strikes against Syria

The United States considers eight targets as potential targets for strikes in Syria, CNBC reports with reference to the source. According to the channel, two military airfields, a research center and an enterprise, which, according to Washington, produce chemical weapons, can become targets. In which areas are these objects, not reported.

Briefly about the main thing … …


Moscow City Court softened the verdict Ulyukaevu

The Moscow City Court recognized the verdict to the former Minister of Economic Development Alexei Ulyukayev, who was previously sentenced to eight years in a strict-regime colony.

Russia declared non-interference in the affairs of other countries, in contrast to the United States

Russia does not deal with regime change and does not interfere in the internal affairs of other states, unlike the United States. The corresponding statement on the results of the speech by CIA Director Mike Pompeo at the hearings in the Senate Committee of the Senate on approval of his candidacy for the post of Secretary of State spread the Russian embassy to the United States.

“We would like to reiterate that Russia does not participate in regime changes, does not interfere in the internal affairs of other states and does not organize staged” revolutions, “the official statement of the Russian embassy says on its Facebook page.

Denmark announced the impossibility of halting the Nord Stream-2 project

Danish Prime Minister Lars Løkke Rasmussen said that Copenhagen can not stop the implementation of the Russian project “Nord Stream -2.” At the same time, he talked about the possible slowdown of construction, if the kingdom does not give consent to laying a gas pipeline through its waters.

Pompeo said that recently “a couple of hundred Russians” were killed in Syria

CIA director, candidate for the post of US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said that “a few weeks ago” in Syria, “a couple of hundred Russians” was killed. Pompeo during the testimony in Congress spoke about the actions that the US administration is taking against Russia.

In Syria a few weeks ago, the Russians met with a worthy rebuff. A couple of hundred Russians were killed. – Mike Pompeo, American politician

On the exclusion of Russia from the UN Security Council

The idea of excluding Russia from the UN Security Council is “complete madness,” Russian Foreign Ministry spokesperson Maria Zakharova said in an interview with Top Secret.

“By the procedures that are available today, and on that situation, again, if we proceed from the fact why the Security Council (UN) was created, then this is, of course, complete folly,” RIA Novosti quotes Zakharova as saying.

Trump instructed to study the feasibility of the Trans-Pacific Partnership

President Donald Trump instructed US Trade Representative Robert Laythayzeru and director of the National Council for Larry Kudlou economy to consider the feasibility of negotiating a new Trans-Pacific Partnership (TTP) with the region, the press service of the White House.

The Netherlands will understand the possible impact of the United States on Syria

The Netherlands will react with understanding if the United States decides to strike at Syria. This opinion was expressed by the country’s Prime Minister Mark Rutte.


May and Trump agreed to continue work on the “answer” for Syria

British Prime Minister Teresa Mei and US President Donald Trump held telephone talks and agreed to continue work on developing an “international response” for Syria, RIA Novosti reported.

Over a week, 24 aircraft conducted reconnaissance along the borders of Russia

Over the past week, 24 foreign aircraft were conducting reconnaissance activities near the borders of Russia. This is stated in the infographics of the newspaper of the Ministry of Defense of Russia “Red Star”.

“Twenty-four aircraft were conducting aerial reconnaissance along the borders of Russia,” the newspaper said.

Mattis: US expects evidence from OPCW of chemical weapons in Syria

The United States is waiting for evidence of the use of chemical weapons in the city of the Duma in Syria from the experts of the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW). This was stated by the head of the Pentagon, James Mattis.

Greek fighter crashed in the Aegean Sea, the pilot died

Missing from the radar aircraft of the Air Force of Greece crashed in the Aegean Sea, its pilot – the captain of the Air Force Georgios Baltadoros-bent, the Greek media reported with reference to the Minister of Defense of the country, Panos Kammenos, who already expressed his condolences on his page on Twitter.

A zone dangerous for flights is introduced south of Cyprus until May 12

A dangerous zone for flights over the Mediterranean Sea at an altitude of up to 8 thousand meters was introduced south of Cyprus because of the active activities of the British military. A source familiar with the situation told Tass about this

The media reported on the threatening US analogue of the “Dagger”

According to the source of The Diplomat, Washington believes that the new Chinese missile will be ready for deployment by 2025. The publication notes that at present, apart from China, Russia has aeroballistic missiles, which has a “Dagger”

Repair of the cruiser Admiral Kuznetsov will be completed in 2020

The aircraft-carrying cruiser Admiral Kuznetsov will return to the fleet in 2021, the repair of the ship itself is scheduled to be completed in 2020. This was stated by Deputy Defense Minister Yuri Borisov.

Italy refused to participate in the military campaign in Syria

Earlier, Gentiloni held a telephone conversation with German Chancellor Angela Merkel, during which he announced his decision.

The Israeli Ambassador spoke about the military communication channel with Russia on Syria

Israeli Ambassador to Russia Harry Koren said that the Israeli and Russian military have a permanent channel of communication on the situation in Syria, which effectively works.

The Ministry of Defense of Russia announced the inspections in six divisions of Strategic Missile Forces

Control complex inspections are conducted in six divisions of the Strategic Missile Forces. This was reported in the Department of Information of the Ministry of Defense of Russia

Syrian sent to British control aircraft striking

Britain sent to the eastern part of the Mediterranean airborne reconnaissance and impact control Sentinel R.1, reports Interfax with reference to the data of Western aviation resources. It is noted that the aircraft left the Waddington airbase in England on Thursday.

The State Duma named the reasons for the withdrawal of Russian ships from the port of Tartus

The head of the State Duma Defense Committee, Vladimir Shamanov, commented on the withdrawal of Russian warships from the port of the base in Tartus in Syria into the open waters of the Mediterranean Sea. According to him, this was due to security measures.

Simple practice. If there is a possibility of a threat of attack, the ships that are at the berths are compact, go to the zone of near maneuvering so that more than one vessel is not destroyed by one ammunition. – Vladimir Shamanov, Russian military leader


In the United States will hold a referendum on the division of California into three states

In November, along with the midterm elections in the United States, a referendum on the division of California into three states will take place. The initiative of the American billionaire Tim Draper was supported by hundreds of thousands of people, TASS reports referring to the American media.

The US Embassy denied refusal to issue visas to Aeroflot employees

The US Embassy in Moscow denied the information about the refusal to issue visas to Aeroflot employees. Possible problems with obtaining visas were associated with high demand and a decrease in the number of diplomatic mission staff.

Durov banned his lawyers from participating in the Telegram trial

The founder of Telegram Pavel Durov recommended his lawyers not to participate in the lawsuit on the suit of Roskomnadzor to Telegram. This is the head of the international human rights group “Agora” Pavel Chikov said in his official Telegram-channel.

The State Duma passed a bill against fakes in social networks

The State Duma in the first reading passed a bill on combating the spread of fake and illegal information in social networks and messengers. This is reported by RIA Novosti. The initiators of the project were the deputies from the “United Russia” Andrei Alshevsky and Sergei Boyarsky.

Head of the State Traffic Safety Inspectorate responded to the proposal to re-examination of motorists

Head of the traffic police Mikhail Chernikov spoke against the re-examination of motorists for knowledge of traffic rules after the expiration of the driver’s licenses. This is reported by TASS.

“In fact, there are no requirements for exams. The only thing (which is necessary) is medical control and the corresponding update in the database, this is done in the mode of our state services, “he said.

According to him, “there are no problems, and therefore something new to invent no sense, otherwise we will come out of generally accepted international norms and rules.”
He also answered the clarifying question whether drivers will have to undergo an overhaul in the near future. Chernikov assured that it would not be necessary to hand over absolutely nothing.

In Russia, will revise the list of “non-professional” professions

Ministry of Labor of Russia intends to change the list of harmful occupations for women, taking into account their impact on reproductive function

Penalties for improper tinting of cars in the Russian Federation can increase by 10 times

According to the law, the percentage of light transmission of the front and front windows of the car must be at least 70. At the same time, a dark bar is not wider than 140 mm on the top of the windshield. On the rear side and rear windows are allowed any tint.

Violators of these rules are punished with a minor fine of 500 rubles, which, according to the author of the new bill, does not frighten those who want to “tightly” darken their car.

Roskomnadzor demanded immediately to block the telegram messenger

The trial session on the Telegram case is scheduled for April 13 – just then the court will decide on the suit of Roskomnadzor on the blocking of the messenger. In the meantime, the supervisory authority filed an application for the immediate termination of Telegram’s activities if the claim is satisfied.

In Moscow, a church commission was set up to organize the ministry of priests in universities

It is noted that it will, among other things, “initiate the opening of new churches and select clergymen for appointment and service.” The co-chairmen of the commission appointed the head of the North-Eastern vicariate of Moscow, Bishop John Domodedovsky and professor of MGIMO Yuri Vyazemsky.

In Russia, the process of registration of subsidies for payment of utility services will be simplified.

As reported by “Izvestia”, it is expected that officials will receive the certificates in the framework of departmental document circulation.

Residents do not have to independently request them in management companies and HOAs.

It is expected that the corresponding amendments to the Housing Code of the State Duma will be considered before the end of the spring session.

Telegram users ready for possible blockage in Russia

In the past two days, the number of proxy settings has dramatically increased (the use of a proxy server allows you to change the location of a user to another country and thereby bypass restrictions on access to sites and services)

For April 11, the proxy bot delivered more than 7,000 new users, and on Thursday, April 12, more than 67,000.

More than 50% of Telegram users in Russia will supply VPN or proxy services and will continue to use the messenger in case of blocking, Fedot Skuratov, the founder of the community-analytics service,

Moscow eighth graders will be tested for drugs

Students of the eighth grades of Moscow schools will be checked for illegal consumption of narcotic and psychotropic substances, Interfax was told in the press service of the city department of regional security and anti-corruption.

In Venice, they want to charge entrance fees to the city

After the influx of tourists for Easter, the authorities of Venice decided to consider the possibility of introducing a “tax on the visit” for tourists who do not spend the night in the city. The reason for this decision was the influx of tourists, which was observed here on Easter holidays.

Gifts of the Lord: Metropolitan Mercury drives a donated BMW

The Rostov Metropolitan told about the foreign car he had given him “good people” and about how he used to travel by bus, “Zaporozhets” and even a tractor.


Massacre in Toronto: a group of unknown people attacked with knives on passers-by

The police have information on at least two attacks committed in a short time. The emergency occurred near the central part of the city.

In the center of Kiev from a grenade launcher fired at the building of a construction company

An unidentified attacker on Friday night fired an anti-tank grenade launcher at the building of the Kyivmiskbud company in the Pechersk district of the Ukrainian capital. This is stated in the message of “Public Television”.

In Zelenograd, a car with criminals crashed into the police department

In Zelenograd, the man in the car, who escaped from extortionists, crashed into the gates of the police department. As the official representative of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia Irina Volk told, unknown persons threatened the 31-year-old driver with physical violence and extorted from him 1 million rubles

Seven people suffered as a result of a truck accident in Barcelona

In Barcelona, a truck hit a pedestrian, reports Europa Press. As a result of the incident, seven people were injured, two of them were children, the city police department reported.

In the explosion at a football stadium in Somalia, killing five people

Five people were killed, eight were injured in the explosion, which occurred on Thursday at a football stadium in the Somali city of Barava during a match of local teams, the agency from Puntland Garowe Online reports with reference to the city’s commissioner.

The fallen tree de-energized 840,000 houses and businesses in Puerto Rico

The fall of the tree left on Thursday without electricity 840 thousand consumers in Puerto Rico. This was reported by the Office of Electricity of this associated with the US island nation. The tree fell on the main power transmission line of the capital and its suburbs.

The court arrested for two months one of the developers of the system “Plato”

The Basmanny Court of Moscow arrested for two months – until June 10 – the general director of the company “National Telematic Systems” (NTS), Alexei Nashekin, accused of abuse of office (Part 3, Article 285 of the Criminal Code), reports RIA Novosti.

Nashchekin is accused of complicity in the crime (Part 5, Article 33 of the Criminal Code). According to lawyer Nashchekin, the businessman is charged more than 1 billion rubles. From 2010 to 2013, he was vice-president of Rostelecom and was responsible for developing the e-government infrastructure and public services portal.

NTS is developing intelligent transport systems. In November last year, Nashchekin sold 45% of the company to Igor Rothenberg and his partner in Platon, Andrei Shipelov. Nashchekin himself has a share of 10%.

In Mexico, bandits killed the mayor of Tlanespanla

The police said that Jose Ephraine Garcia was killed by unknown persons on the road between San Pablo Aktipan and Tepeaca. Attackers on cars blocked the way to the mayor, after which they opened fire. The mayor was taken to the hospital, but died of his injuries.

About 80 million rubles were confiscated from the FSB officer arrested in Samara

About 80 million rubles were confiscated during the search of the deputy head of the Economic Security Service of the FSB Directorate for the Samara Region, Colonel Sergei Gudovany, arrested in the bribery case. This Gudovany himself said on Thursday in the hall of the Samara district court.

Detained in the case of “Winter Cherry” firefighter did not plead guilty

The chief of the guard of the fire and rescue unit No. 2, who was charged with negligence in the fire extinguishing in the Kemerovo SEC “Winter Cherry”, does not admit guilt.

Prosecutor General’s Office asked Germany to extradite a figurant of the “cocaine case”

The Russian Prosecutor General’s Office sent a request to Germany for the extradition of businessman Andrei Kovalchuk, the alleged organizer of the supply of 400 kg of cocaine from Argentina to Moscow, Interfax reported.

The wall of the hostel collapsed in the Moscow region of Noginsk

The wall of the hostel collapsed in Noginsk, Moscow region, REN TV reported. According to him, the outer wall collapsed near the three-story building.


“Severstal” stopped supplying steel in the US even before the introduction of duties

Severstal stopped supplying steel to the US, accounting for up to 2% of the company’s sales (in revenue, or about 4% in volume), before the country’s duties on steel were introduced. Tass learned about this from the financial director of the company Alexey Kulichenko on the sidelines of the Sberbank CIB conference on metallurgy.

The external debt of Russia since the beginning of the year increased to $ 524.9 billion

As of April 1, 2018, according to the estimates of the Bank of Russia, Russia’s external debt was $ 524.9 billion, which is 1.2% higher than the figure at the beginning of the year. This is reported in a press release of the Central Bank.

The Central Bank is concerned about the growth of consumer lending

For January – March, the Russians took consumer loans by 3.3% more than a year ago. “If the good growth rates of mortgages are welcomed, then the high growth rates of unsecured consumer loans are beginning to worry a little,” said Vasily Pozdyshev, deputy chairman of the Central Bank (quotation on “Prime”).

Transactions with crypto-currencies want to tax

Exchange kripotvalyut monetary units in the amount of 600 thousand rubles or more must be subject to mandatory exchange control, according to the government. This was stated in the government’s response to the bill of deputies “On Digital Financial Assets”, Izvestia got acquainted with the document.

The Russian authorities can not predict the development of the economy for three years

Officially, the Ministry of Economic Development has not yet sent a three-year forecast of socio-economic development to the Ministry of Finance, several federal officials told Vedomosti

Naftogaz intends to recover 15 billion dollars from Gazprom

Naftogaz expects $ 15 billion in compensation from Gazprom in the event of a revision of the tariff for the transit of Russian gas through Ukraine, Ukrainian News reports with reference to a copy of the letter from the head of the Ukrainian company Andrei Kobolev addressed to Prime Minister Vladimir Groisman

Ukraine can raise gas transit prices in 2018

The Kiev authorities noted that if the volumes of Russian gas transit decline after 2019, Ukraine will raise the tariff for transportation of fuel in 2018. The final decision will be taken after the end of negotiations with Russia, said Commercial Director of Naftogaz Yuri Vitrenko.

In 2018, Gazprom will supply to India 500 thousand tons of LNG

The Indian company GAIL in the current year expects to receive from Gazprom 500 thousand tons of liquefied natural gas. This volume assumes eight parties. Deliveries should begin in May.

Exxon thinks to significantly expand business in Papua New Guinea

“The increment in recoverable reserves in the P’nyang field is indicative of the great opportunities for increasing operations in Papua New Guinea,” said President of ExxonMobil Development Company Liam Mallon

About 80% of anthracite in 2017, Ukraine received from Russia

“The average estimated price of anthracite, which was imported to Ukraine from the Russian Federation under” indirect “contracts, in 2017 was $ 99.3 per ton, and directly from Russia delivered only 12.1 thousand tons at an average price of $ 165.7 per tonne “- I note the analysts GP.

Reclamation of all landfills in Russia will require about 1 trillion rubles

Elimination of environmental damage and reclamation of all landfills in the Russian Federation will cost more than 1 trillion rubles, Russian presidential special envoy for environmental protection, ecology and transport Sergey Ivanov said in an interview with Rossiya 24.

The trade turnover between the PRC and the US increased by 13% to $ 141.5 billion in the first quarter

The trade turnover between China and the United States for January-March increased by 13% to $ 141.5 billion, an official representative of China’s Main Customs Administration Huang Songping said at a press conference on Friday.

The second free port in Russia will appear in Primorsk

Governor of the Leningrad region Alexander Drozdenko and Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev discussed the creation of a free port in the port area of Primorsk. This was reported by the press service of the regional government. To date, only Vladivostok has the status of a free port in Russia

The Central Bank named the leaders of the shadow retail trade in Moscow

Mr. Polupanov clarified that in Moscow the largest operators for cash circulation are the shopping center “Moscow”, TC “Sadovod” and “Foodcity”. The head of the department of the Central Bank specified that in these points there are exchange offices, “which are neither banks, nor operating cash offices, nor anything else.”

In Ukraine, the average price of imported gas was calculated

In Ukraine, the average cost of imported natural gas was calculated after customs clearance of fuel, it amounted to $ 275 per thousand cubic meters. The State Fiscal Service of Ukraine released data on the average cost of natural gas


All this is rock’n’roll! Around the world celebrate the day of rock’n’roll

Today, April 13, around the world celebrate the day of rock’n’roll – a holiday of like-minded people, for whom this genre has become not only music, but also a style of life.

Despite the fact that rock’n’roll day is annually celebrated on April 13, the historical event that served as the basis for the holiday happened the day before. On April 12, 1954, American musician Bill Haley recorded with his band The Comets the song Rock Around The Clock, which was later called by musical critics as the starting point for a mature, formed rock and roll. However, at the time when the song just arrived, the term “rock’n’roll” was not yet universally recognized, so Rock Around the Clock was labeled as a foxtrot on the record. The composition quickly gained popularity among the youth, which, following the musicians, sang:

“We’re gonna rock, rock, rock, ’till broad daylight,
We’re gonna rock around the clock tonight … “

The very same rock ‘n’ roll was born even earlier. The musical direction of the late 1940s and early 1950s arose in the south of the US as a result of the continued cultural interaction between the black and light-skinned population. The new musical style did not have a proper name for a long time. He was identified with rhythm and blues and stubbornly did not recognize as interracial music, attributing the genre exclusively to the black population of the country.

The term for the designation of a new style was borrowed from the vocabulary of seafarers, which by the words “rock” and “roll” denoted the rocking and rolling motion of the ship when entering the sea. After this, the phrase has undergone a number of transformations and, finally, has acquired its final form.

In 1986, at the first meeting of the organizing committee of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in the United States, ten founding fathers of this musical direction were named. These include Chuck Berry, James Brown, Ray Charles, Fats Domino, The Everly Brothers, Jerry Lee Lewis, Little Richard, Sam Cook, Buddy Holly and Elvis Presley.

Christina Orbakaite with her daughter went to the podium

Kristina Orbakaite and Claudia Zemtsova became invited models of the fashion show brand Twinset. Mom and daughter demonstrated monochrome clothes. Both looked stylish and very happy.

The former husband of the participant of the “Bachelor” Elena Golovan took her daughter from her

23-year-old Elena Golovan was cast in the show “Bachelor” with Egor Creed. Before that, the girl took part in the Ukrainian version of the romantic program, and also starred in “DANCES”. Elena recently appeared on the air in Instagram to answer questions from subscribers.

Natalya Vodyanova spoke about the personal life of the “special” sister

Natalya Vodyanova never hid that her sister Oksana was diagnosed with autism. One of these days the well-known model has told about relations of the relative with men. Natalya Vodyanova gave a frank interview to the portal Letidor.

Matilda Shnurova said that her husband criticizes her for her hair

Matilda Shnurova, wife of the leader of the Leningrad group, Sergei Shnurov, said that her husband sometimes criticizes her for her hair. The couple have been together for about 10 years, the star spouses like to commit provocative acts, while they are always good together, media publications

Rita Dakota told about her husband’s bullying

Rita Dakota, who is a real guru in matters of beauty and health, complained about the “wars” she leads with her husband Vlad Sokolovsky. “Fighting” in the family of musicians are unfolding because of what is on their table.

Evgeniya Medvedeva showed a picture with an “engagement” ring

Russian figure skater Yevgeny Medvedev showed a photo with a diamond ring. A photograph of the jeweled athlete published in Instagram. Fans believe that Medvedev is engaged and will soon be married.

Photo of the newborn daughter of sister Britney Spears appeared on the web

Britney Spears again became aunt: Jamie Lynn, the sister-in-waiting sister, had a daughter. The girl was born on April 2 from entrepreneur Jamie Watson.

For the sake of beauty Alena Vodonaeva decided on a dangerous procedure

Plastic surgery, various procedures, and non-trivial massages come into play. That’s just the last method and resorted to Alena Vodonaeva. As the site 7Dney.ru writes, the blogger during his travel to Sochi decided to try face massage with snails akhatin.

Actor Pankratov-Black told the truth about his operation

People’s Artist Alexander Pankratov-Cherny confirmed that he turned to the doctors for help. He specified that he had surgery on his arm. The artist added that he is at home, and information about his hospitalization is not true.

TEFI organizers approved a new voting system

The organizers of the TEFI award approved new voting rules, according to which the number of experts from each founder increases to 150 people.

Russian stars supported Kozlovsky, who said rudeness of Russians

All-Russian pop singer, film actress and TV presenter Alla Pugacheva supported actor Danil Kozlovsky. People’s Artist of the USSR agreed to attend the evening of April 12 at the premiere of the film “Coach”, where he starred in the lead role and acted as a director.

It is known that the premiere show will also be visited by the husband of the prima donna humorist Maxim Galkin, singer Philip Kirkorov, director Nikita Mikhalkov, actress Ingeborga Dapkunaite and other domestic stars, the TV channel 360 reports.

Earlier Kozlovsky’s statement about the rudeness of the Russian audience was praised by the defender of the London club Chelsea and the Brazilian national team David Luiz.

The trailer of the film caused a flurry of criticism from the Russians. In response, the director of the picture accused the viewer of ingratitude.

“There is a lot of hatred and rudeness in Russia,” he said.

The Public Chamber of Russia on the issues of cultural development and preservation of spiritual heritage reacted negatively to this statement.

Released trailer sullen BDSM-detective with Jim Carrey

Prominent, gloomy, unkind trailer of the criminal detective drama Alexandros Avranas (“Silver Lion” of Venice for “Mrs. Cruelty”) “Dark Crimes” (Dark Crimes) is promulgated.

James McEvoy was called in the sequel “It”

James McAvoy and Bill Hader can compose the company Jessica Chestane on the set of the horror film “It”.

Sacha Baron Cohen will star in the series “Spy”

Actor Sasha Baron Cohen will star in the mini-series “Spy”. The new series Netflix will consist of six episodes. The mini-series will tell the story of an Israeli intelligence officer, Mossad, Eli Cohen.

Donnie Yong will play in the “Mulan” Walt Disney

The popular Chinese actor Donnie Yong will play one of the key roles in the game version of the animated film “Mulan.” As specifies edition Deadline, it should be reincarnated in the commander of Tun, the instructor and teacher Mulan.

The cast of the new film Rob Zombie replenished with three actors

To the new picture of Rob Zombie “Three from Hell” (3 From Hell) joined the horror-master of the second plan Richard Riley, Kevin Jackson and Sean Whalen

The director of the new “Predator” calmed the nervous fans

The user expressed bewilderment by the fact that the film was completed in the summer of last year. In this case, until the promised premiere is not so much left, but still there is no trailer or teaser. To this director Shane Black replied that the trailer will be released very soon – this month.


Roskomnadzor managed to block Zello’s online radio operation in Russia

Developers of the application for a long time used special technologies to bypass the lock, the essence of which remained a secret. However, Roskomnadzor found that Zello uses Google’s business addresses for its work. On Wednesday, the agency blocked more than five hundred such domains and ip-addresses

Instagram users will be able to download their personal data

Instagram develops its own portable data tool, which will allow users to download their own personal data. This was reported by representatives of the social network TechCrunch

The first bitcoin billionaires bought a patent to protect the crypto currency

Earned the first billion in bitcoins, the brothers Winklewoss got a patent for a system for protecting digital operations. Recently they lost millions of bitcoins because of a jump in the currency. Brothers filed for patent in the fall, but registered it only now

TenX creates a debit card for Litecoin

The representative of TenX informed that they are working with Litecoin to create a branded map, information about which will be available after a while. Note that the creator of Litecoin Charlie Lee confirmed the information about the cooperation with the start-up, as well as the development of the map.

Facebook has a “tearing” ribbon centipede

Against the centipede, an “antidote” has already been found. In order for it not to “tear” the tape, you need to install the plug-in fb purity (this is an extension for the browser that allows you to customize the user interface of the Facebook website).

Yandex will help protect against unwanted calls

In the mobile application “Yandex” for devices running Android appeared a very useful feature – automatic number determinant, which will help to guard against unwanted calls. Users will be able to find out who is calling them, even if the numbers are not in the phone book.

What if Telegram is blocked in Russia?

Telegram in 2017 added the ability to bypass the blocking by using proxy servers running SOCKS5. This method is available in mobile versions of Telegram for iOS, Android and Windows Phone, as well as in the PC application. Proxy services allow you to redirect the messenger traffic through third-party IP addresses that are not blocked in Russia.

You can switch to a proxy through the settings of Telegram (Settings):

  • go to the “Data and Disk” menu (Data and Storage);
  • click on “Use Proxy” (Use Proxy);
  • select the SOCKS5 connection type in the window that appears;
  • specify the settings of the foreign proxy server and port.

There are both free and paid proxy services. Typically, free proxy services work for a short time, after which they are disconnected and you need to connect to another proxy. But paid servers work more stable, while they support a higher speed

How to download Telegram without the App Store and Google Play

If Roskomnadzor achieves the removal of Telegram from application stores, then to install the messenger it will be necessary to change its region in the App Store and Google Play. The procedure for changing the region for iOS is described on the Apple website.

Leaders on digital transformation will appear in state-owned companies of Russia

In state companies and state corporations within a year, a new position will be introduced into the state – the head of digital transformation, whose duties will include the introduction of big data, blocking, artificial intelligence, robotics, sensorics, and virtual reality technologies, Izvestia writes,

In Finland, launched the world’s first ferry sailing

The world’s first sailing ship Viking Grace is higher in the Baltic Sea. This is reported by the press service of the Finnish ferry company Viking Line. A ferry with a rotary sail was developed in Finland

Hyperloop Transportation starts construction of the plant in France

The company Hyperloop Transportation yesterday announced the launch of a test facility for cargo transportation and transportation of passengers in France. It is reported that the launch site is scheduled for this year, and in 2019 construction will continue.

MacOS will stop supporting thousands of applications. Apple Notified Users

Apple began sending notifications to users of macOS 10.13.4 when running applications with a resolution of 32 bits – such programs are not optimized for their version of the OS.

The National Register of Intellectual Property is launched in Russia

In Russia in June, the National Register of Intellectual Property will be launched on the basis of blocking technology, the Internet magazine ForkLog writes.

According to the deputy head of the National Register of Intellectual Property JSC Valeria Brusnikina, the first digital platform in the camp will protect all types of copyrights and unite all the functionality for creating, protecting, using and monetizing content.


Scientists: “Larks” live longer than “owls”

A group of British scientists from the University of Surrey published a study, which examined the life expectancy of people with chronotypes of an owl and a lark.
According to TASS, experts note that owls can have their biological clocks, the course of which does not coincide with the passage of time outside their consciousness.

Because of this, they risk dying before the measured biological term, experiencing chronic lack of sleep.

“Later falling asleep and awakening is a problem that the society can not ignore,” said Professor of Chronobiology at the University of Surrey Malcolm von Schantz.

It is noted that the study involved more than half a million people in England. The data obtained showed that the risk of dying earlier in the Soviet Union exceeds the average by 10%.

Scientists have trained artificial intelligence to guess the behavior of dogs

Artificial intelligence trained on real records of dogs. After the algorithm was able to talk about the actions of animals five frames ahead. Information on this is reported by arXiv.org

Scientists successfully tested the acid vaccine against cancer

Swiss scientists successfully tested a new vaccine against ovarian cancer, which was created on the basis of acid and immune cells. The standard treatment for this type of oncology in the last stages is surgical removal of the tumor and maintenance chemotherapy.

Scientists found a 1500-year-old bulb and proved a commercial relationship with Rome

Scientists from Sweden discovered in the land an ancient bulb, the age of which reaches about 1500 years. It is for this reason that historians established a trade link between the Scandinavian settlement and the Roman Empire.

Scientists have developed a new method for detecting and treating hepatitis C

Scientists specify that after the treatment the patient will need additional rehabilitation. It is planned that as soon as the new technique passes all the tests, including research on a man, the drugs will first of all appear on sale in Malaysia, where the greatest number of patients with hepatitis C.

Computer vision will track laboratory animals without labels

The preprint of the article with the description of the algorithm is published on arXiv.org. Usually, thermal cameras, motion sensors, or special tags are used to monitor animal movements in the laboratory, which then help to automatically localize the individual when analyzing video recordings.

Scientists have discovered obesity-promoting bacteria

Mice of the second group, gaining a fat diet, quickly gained weight. From this, researchers concluded that obesity is directly related to intestinal bacteria

Diagnosis of diseases will now deal with artificial intelligence

In America, approved the first ever medical device that uses artificial intelligence. It is designed to diagnose diseases without any intervention by doctors.

The oxygen atom on a copper needle increased the accuracy of an atomic force microscope

Chemists increased the accuracy of measuring the chemical structure of organic molecules with atomic force microscopy, bringing it to hundredths of a nanometer. This was achieved by attaching to the tip of a scanning copper needle a single oxygen atom microscope


FAW will bring three new models to the Russian Federation at once

It’s about one restyled, as well as two completely new models. All three will get to FAW dealers in Russia as early as 2018. The first to our country will get an updated crossover Besturn X80, which will go on sale in June.

Prices for the new frame SUV Nissan Terra announced

In the most expensive equipment SUV will cost 245,000 yuan or 2.5 million rubles. In total, 6 model collections will be available for purchase. At the heart of the new Japanese model is the platform from the Navara pickup of the current generation.

The company Volvo showed its first electric truck FL Electric

The famous automaker showed a fully electric version of the truck FL Electric, which is the company’s first electric truck. The novelty was created so that the Swedish company could adequately compete with the electric truck of the American company Tesla – Semi.

Mercedes-Benz will launch a luxury S-Class sedan for competition with Tesla

The head of Daimler AG Dieter Zetsche said that Mercedes-Benz engineers are developing a new luxury electric car based on the S-Class models. For 4 years, the German brand plans to release 10 new models of fully electric cars.

MG will present the concept of a new off-roader X-motion in Beijing

The concept of the new off-roader will receive a design executed in the company’s new corporate style. In the MG model line, the X-motion car will be located a step above the GS, and its serial version will hit the market in 2019.

Skoda Karoq crossover converted into a cabriolet

It is expected that, unlike the standard serial crossover Karoq, the new convertible will receive only one row of two front seats and a convertible roof. Note that this practice of presentation of conceptual models from students in Skoda has been held since 2014.

Ford showed how the cheapest new Focus looks

The company Ford has published photos of the most affordable version of the new generation hatchback Focus – in the basic Trend package. In Germany, the prices for such a car will start from 18.7 thousand euros (1.4 million rubles at the current rate).

Kiira Motors from Uganda prepares massive electric vehicles

The local cabinet recently allocated 24 billion local shillings (about 6.5 million dollars) to the company Kiira Motors for the construction of a car factory in the country, which will become “the foremost position of African innovation in industry.”

Genesis introduced the new G70 sedan for Russia

Premium subbrand Hyundai brought to Russia a sedan with a two-liter petrol turbo engine, available in two variants of forcing: 197 and 247 hp. A similar unit is included in the Kia Stinger sports fastback lineup, which divides one platform from the G70.

The timing of the start of production of a new crossover Tesla Model Y

The serial production of the new “budget” crossover Tesla Model Y will begin near the end of 2019. According to the head of the company Ilona Mask, about 100,000 cars will be produced annually

Technical details about the car are still kept secret. We only know that Model Y will be built on a unique platform, created specifically for this model. It is expected that the crossover will be equipped with a system of full autonomous control and a powerful on-board computer, which by its performance will exceed the “brains” of existing Tesla machines by 40 times.

The updated hybrid Chevy Bolt will be presented in 2025

According to official information, in the foreseeable future, a hybrid car Chevrolet Bolt will form the basis of two electric cars of the American company General Motors, which controls the Chevrolet brand. The new Chevrolet Bolt hybrid will be presented approximately by 2025.

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