5 Jan, 2019

National Policy Implementation Plan

Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev approved the implementation plan for the State National Policy Strategy in 2019–2021, according to the government website. The plan consists of 58 points. They provide for the implementation of 76 events.

The document should contribute to the effective implementation of state national policy, promoting the ethno-cultural development of the peoples of Russia, supporting the Russian language as a state language and the peoples of the country, as well as forming a system of social and cultural adaptation of foreign citizens in the Russian Federation and their integration into Russian society. In addition, the plan will help improve public administration in the sphere of state national policy and the interaction of state bodies with civil society institutions on national policy issues.

Briefly about the main thing …

In the Bundestag predict a deterioration in relations with Russia

German Government Commissioner for Relations with Russia, Dirk Wiese, predicted a deterioration in relations between Moscow and Berlin in 2019. As stated to Wiese in an interview with Pfälzische Merkur, this is due to the fact that last year Russia allegedly demonstrated an extremely unpredictable policy.

US House of Representatives approved budget without funds for Trump’s wall

The US House of Representatives, where the Democrats now constitute the majority, approved bills on financing until September 30, 2019 (the end of the current fiscal year) of a number of government agencies, as well as on the provision of funds to ensure border security.

American arrested in Russia was also a British subject

Arrested in Russia on suspicion of spying Paul Whelan is not only a US citizen, but also a subject of Great Britain. This was reported on Friday by The Times.

Pompeo said the United States began withdrawing troops from Syria

The United States has already begun to withdraw its troops from Syria, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo told Newsmax on Tuesday. According to him, US President Donald Trump remains committed to “ensuring stability throughout the Middle East.”

Brazilian President Concerned about Russian Doctrines in Venezuela

Brazilian president-elect Zhair Bolsonar, in an interview with SBT, expressed concern about Russia’s military exercises in Venezuela. According to the politician, the cooperation of Moscow with the regime of the “dictatorship” of the Venezuelan authorities is a cause for concern.

Russia carried out maneuvers in Venezuela, we know what the intentions of the President of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro, and Brazil should worry about. – Zhair Bolsonar, Brazilian politician

The Ministry of Commerce of China called the date of trade negotiations with the United States

“China and the United States held telephone talks at the deputy minister level on Friday morning, during which they confirmed that the American delegation would visit China on January 7-8,” the ministry said.

Britain will attract fleet to guard the English Channel due to illegal migrants

British authorities have asked the Royal Navy to assist in patrolling the English Channel because of the increasing number of migrants who are trying to illegally enter the country by boat.

Ukraine began to investigate an attempt to seize power

The Security Service of Ukraine is investigating an attempt to seize power after a series of anti-Ukrainian events held in the Czech Republic last spring. This is reported by local media, citing data from the SBU.

Airports Gatwick and Heathrow bought protection systems against drones

London airport Gatwick and Heathrow for several million pounds ordered military equipment to protect against drones, reports The Times. Airport management wants to prevent re-invasion of UAVs on the territory of air ports

Military skiers doubled

In the Central Military District, the number of soldiers, sergeants and officers who mastered skiing skills increased. It is noted that this year in the part of the Central Military District received more than 20,000 pairs of modern skis, past military tests at the Military Institute of Physical Culture.

The US military was reminded of the recommendation not to go to Russia

US military and civilian Pentagon officials are still not recommended to visit Russia, the European Command (EUCOM) said the US military. The corresponding directive was issued in 2017.

Canada has completed participation in the NATO mission in Romania

Earlier, News.ru wrote that military personnel, police officers and Montenegrin intelligence services must now be required to be involved in all NATO missions. The relevant amendments to the law on participation in international missions were adopted by the government of the country.

Israel has denied the effectiveness of Russian EW systems and air defense systems

The head of the Institute for National Security Studies of Tel Aviv University, Major General of the Israeli Defense Forces, Amos Yadlin made a sharp statement in an interview with the Israeli newspaper Maariv, stressing that the appearance of Russian weapons in Syria did not affect the effectiveness of Israeli air strikes and reconnaissance aviation.

“They did not use the S-300, transferred to the Syrians, or the S-400 – we are far from restricting our freedom of action, certainly far from colliding with Russia, the Russians are unhappy with what we are doing – this is what we need to know. <… > There is some disappointment in the Russian military system that the weapons systems they give to the Syrians cannot strike at the Israeli Air Force, ”said Amos Yadlin.

The last time Israel launched air strikes against Syria on the night of December 25-26, 2018, while the Syrian air and missile defense did not attack Israeli fighters.

Putin had a telephone conversation with the Israeli Prime Minister

A telephone conversation between Russian President Vladimir Putin and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu took place at the initiative of the Israeli side, during which the heads of state discussed the situation in Syria, taking into account the US intention to withdraw its troops from the country, the press service of the Russian president reported.

Thousands of tourists and residents of Thailand left the coast because of the hurricane

Residents of the coastal areas of the southern provinces of Thailand are leaving their homes and moving to shelters due to the approach of the tropical hurricane “Pabuk”. Bad weather will fall on the region on the fourth of January, reports TASS, citing the Bangkok Post.

Finnish air traffic controllers will hold a two-hour strike

According to the TV channel Yle, the strike will take place on January 4 from 15:00 to 17:00 local time (16:00 to 18:00 Moscow time). At the same time, the air traffic controllers’ union promised that the strikes would be repeated every week until the conflict was resolved.

In Finland, the conflict between air traffic control unions and service employers continues. The parties cannot agree on wage increases and other points of the new collective labor contract.

Uzbekistan canceled visas for Germans ahead of schedule

Uzbekistan ahead of schedule, from January 15, canceled visas for German tourists who are going to see the country for 30 days. Changes have been made to the relevant presidential decree, which provides for the accelerated development of the tourism industry in Uzbekistan.

Yamal is waiting for tourists from Asia to visit reindeer herders

The first pilot tours for tourists from China are planned to be organized in March-April 2019 as part of the celebration of the Day of the reindeer breeder.

US national debt increased by $ 2 trillion during Trump’s presidency

The state debt of the United States has increased by more than $ 2 trillion since Donald Trump joins the presidency. According to CNN, referring to the data of the American Ministry of Finance, since January 20, 2017, the national debt of the country increased by 10% and almost reached $ 22 trillion ($ 21.974 trillion).

Regions will allocate more than 31 billion rubles for preferential medicines

The government will allocate 31.367 billion rubles to the regions from the federal budget for the provision of medicines to preferential categories of citizens. The program of distribution of subventions approved on Thursday, Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev.

Bristol-Myers intends to buy Celgene for $ 74 billion

The American pharmaceutical company Bristol-Myers Squibb intends to buy the biotechnology company Celgene, which is developing cancer drugs. This is reported by CNBC. It is emphasized that the boards of directors of companies have already approved the deal.

Google stole nearly € 20 billion from taxation with a sandwich

Google transferred this amount through its subsidiary in the Netherlands, Google Netherlands Holdings BV to Bermuda, the funds were received into the account of another subsidiary – Google Ireland Holdings, registered in Ireland. At the same time, in 2017, the Dutch subsidiary of Google contributed € 3.4 million in taxes to the treasury.

Reuters points out that in 2016, Google used about $ 16 billion in tax revenues using tax schemes. Similarly, Google manages to evade paying both American corporate income tax, which is not available in Bermuda, and European income repatriation income. However, in 2014, under pressure from the EU and the United States, Ireland decided to stop providing Google with tax advantages starting from 2020.

Airbus will deliver 120 A220-300 aircraft to two new US airlines

The European Airbus corporation announced on Thursday that it had signed two contracts for the supply of 120 aircraft of the A220-300 model to US airlines JetBlue and Moxy. As reported by Airbus, both companies will be established in 2021. The total value of transactions is at a catalog price of $ 11 billion (€ 9.7 billion).

Investment fund KKR intends to invest $ 1 billion in the leasing of commercial aircraft

US investment fund Kohlberg Kravis Roberts & Co (KKR) has signed an agreement on the formation of a long-term partnership with the American Altavair AirFinance, specializing in aircraft leasing, under which KKR has pledged to invest $ 1 billion, the fund said.

Miller: “Nord Stream 2” will work from January 1, 2020

The head of Gazprom, Alexey Miller, expressed confidence that gas supplies via Nord Stream-2 will begin as planned – from January 1, 2020.

Oil becomes cheaper during the first year trades

On Wednesday, January 2, oil is weakly cheaper during trading. This is evidenced by the data of the ICE Intercontinental Exchange. In terms of fixing at 15:35 Moscow time, the cost of the March futures for Brent oil fell by 0.768% and amounts to $ 53.39 per barrel

Since the new year in the Astrakhan region gas has risen in price for the population

According to the decree of the regional tariff service, from January 1, new retail tariffs were set for the network natural gas sold to the population of Gazprom Mezhregiongaz Astrakhan.

The Irish government has prepared laws for the case of “tough” Brexit

In December 2018, the Irish government presented a comprehensive action plan in the event of a “tough” Brexit – the British exit from the European Union without an agreement between the parties.

Ryanair obtained a license for flights from the UK after Brexit

Irish airline Ryanair, Europe’s largest low-cost airline, has received a UK civil aviation authority license to fly from British airports after Brexit. This is reported on the website of the airline.

China launches unmanned high-speed train in 2022

The test launch of an unmanned train took place last year in the area between Beijing and Shenyang.

The first folding Xiaomi shown on video

The first video with a folding smartphone from the Chinese manufacturer Xiaomi has been published on the web. Previously, the company has not yet made folding smartphones. The video on his page on the social network Twitter showed a famous insider Evan Blass

Qualcomm made a security deposit to ban iPhone 7 in Germany

Qualcomm, the mobile chip supplier, has made a security deposit of € 1.34 billion, which is required for the court’s decision to ban iPhone 7 and iPhone 8 sales in Germany.

Fixed a powerful attack of the WannaCry virus

At the end of 2018, a powerful attack of the WannaCry virus was recorded in the capital. Igor Safronov, Director General of Electronic Moscow, told RG correspondent that in the third quarter this cryptographer made 28 percent of all recorded threats.

Introduced the first Asus tablet with Chrome OS

The company Asus introduced a series of mobile computers running Chrome OS and focused on the use of the education system. Among the new products, the Asus Chromebook Tablet CT100 stands out – the first Asus tablet with Chrome OS.

Dell has patented a dual-display laptop.

A new Dell patent application shows an unusual laptop that will have a dual display. The company filed an application with the United States Patent and Trademark Office in the summer of 2018, but approved it only at the beginning of a new year.

Samsung introduced a wall-mounted movable monitor

The revolutionary solution will allow to free up space on the table without the need to mount the monitor on the wall. The annual consumer electronics exhibition is not far off, and announcements of new products have already begun to arrive, among which a set of high-quality monitors from Samsung has appeared

New model Redmi Pro 2 from Xiaomi received the approval of TENAA

It should be assumed that the recent approval by the Chinese authority 3C suggests the commercial name of Redmi Pro 2. The technical parameters of the new smartphone are still little known. However, the new model provides for dimensions of 159.21 x 75.21 x 8.1 mm.

Google’s Fuchsia OS will support Android apps

At the expense of Fuchsia, Google will abandon all types of its Android versions. The new operating system will work the same way on both wearable electronics and TVs and set-top boxes.

Gigabyte will soon present the game monitor brand Aorus

According to expectations, the novelty will be presented at the CES 2019 exhibition. The event will be held on the territory of Las Vegas from January 8-11 of the current year. While there is no information about the name of the new monitor. There is evidence that the model will have a thin frame, as well as a concise design. The basis of the display is an IPS panel. The data on the diagonal of the monitor is kept secret. The device has support for technology FreeSync. The maximum frame frequency is 144 hertz.

The new monitor will receive a functional stand. The panel will be able to unfold in portrait mode. The model will have support for 10-bit color display.

Microsoft completely refuses passwords for Windows

The next version of Windows 10 will support Microsoft accounts without a password. Microsoft will simply send the code to the user’s phone number when they log in. This is all part of Microsoft’s stated goal: “a world without passwords.”

Some Android apps share data with Facebook

Some Android applications exchange data with Facebook, regardless of whether you have an account or not. According to new research, some Android applications send data to Facebook, regardless of whether the user has an account on the social network or not.

Windows 10 upgrade will bring support for AV1 and AVIF formats

New assembly 19H1 will appear next spring. Such plans Microsoft has made in its work schedule for 2019. AV1 is a new video file format for streaming and video encoding, replacing VP9 and others like it.

Scientists have found the largest cellular receptor of the body

The cellular receptor responsible for the absorption of vitamin B12, discovered by biologists from Denmark, is the largest in the body – writes the scientific journal Nature Communications.

Scientists of the Russian Academy of Sciences will create a plasma engine

Scientists of the Institute of Nuclear Physics of the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences will begin in January with a new series of experiments on the latest installation for confining thermonuclear plasma with parameters suitable for creating a rocket engine, deputy director of the organization Alexander Ivanov told reporters.

At the end of 2018, scientists created the Spiral Magnetic Open Trap, which brought researchers closer to the discovery of a thermonuclear engine. PITCH will test the concept of improved confinement of thermonuclear plasma in a linear magnetic system.

Scientists have announced a big step towards the creation of a quantum computer

An international group of physicists has advanced in the creation of the so-called quantum computer. We are talking about a promising computing machine, which (in theory) does not operate with bits, but qubits — special quantum bits arranged in a quantum register.

Scientists correct critical photosynthesis of plants, accelerating crop growth by 40%

Scientists have documented the natural lack of photosynthesis and, as a result, have increased plant productivity by an incredible 40 percent compared to wild relatives.

Russia and China will jointly explore deep space

Moscow and Beijing are working on a joint program for the study of deep space and create projects in the field of rocket production, said the head of Roscosmos Dmitry Rogozin

“We are developing a program of long-term cooperation in the field of rocket production, rocket engine building, navigation and satellite construction, with Chinese colleagues who have seriously advanced into space in recent years,” the official wrote in his Twitter account.

Earlier, the Chinese apparatus Chang’e-4 made a successful landing on the surface of the far side of the moon. The main task of the Lunokhod is to study this area of ​​the natural satellite of the Earth, which is currently practically not studied.

NASA will try to change the asteroid orbit in 2022

NASA is going to try to change the asteroid’s orbit in 2022 during the implementation of the DART project. For this, they will send a spacecraft to the Didim object next year.

Juno photographed an erupting volcano on Jupiter Io’s satellite

A team of scientists made new shots of a volcanic plume on Io during the 17th flyby of Juno by the gas giant. Four cameras of the ship removed the satellite of Jupiter – the most volcanic body in the solar system

Antireyting cars in 2018 from Jeremy Clarkson

The first in the anti-rating of Clarkson is the compact Abarth 695 Rivale hatchback, which seemed inconvenient and difficult to control. The second place was taken by the new Audi Q8 flagship crossover, which, according to the moderator, is suitable only for those who are “crazy”. Troika closed the “strange and low-power” Renault Duster.

Also in the TOP-5 worst cars of the past year, according to Jeremy Clarkson, included a special hatchback Mini hatchback (apparently, this is a Mini Seven series) and the Volvo V60 wagon. The latter, he said, is suitable only for those who “finally tied up with their sex lives.”

Officially presented track Porsche 718 Cayman GT4 Clubsport

Porsche has officially unveiled the track version of the 718 Cayman Coupe – GT4 Clubsport. The novelty, which was made using natural fiber parts, will be available in two versions – Trackday and Competition.

In Russia, a new special version of the Cadillac XT5 Black Ice

The basis for the Black Ice was the Premium grade. The crossover Cadillac XT5 in the new special version is offered in Russia for 3 399 000 rubles. It is not yet known how many specific SUVs the Americans have allocated for the Russian market, but the cars have already diverged from domestic dealerships.

BMW introduced the flagship coupe M850i ​​in the Night Sky version

The division of the Bavarian brand BMW, to create individual complete sets of serial models, decided to publish the image of the flagship coupe M850i ​​Night Sky. The presentation of this version of the car is confined to the meteor shower, which happened on the night of January 3.

BMW has developed a fifth-generation compact electric drive.

As noted by the Vice President for the development of electric powertrains BMW Stefan Yurasek, the power plant of the 5th generation should be more advanced in terms of performance and become more compact, as well as cheaper than the current generation. The German manufacturer is preparing a new platform for the unification of the production of units and batteries between different models. All types (BEV, PHEV, HEV and ICE) will be assembled on the same production line.

Purple BMW M760Li sedan presented in Abu Dhabi

Photos of the full-size BMW 7-Series sedan in the modification of the M760i and with a long wheelbase are published on the official Internet resources. The Bavarian brand marks such versions of its models with the Li icon. This copy of the executive car, under the hood of which is a powerful V12 engine received many additional options, including laser headlights. Intense purple body color contrasts with gray accents at the front and rear, as well as 20-inch alloy wheels from BMW Performance.

They put a motor from a helicopter onto the car – it developed a speed of 354 km / h

The craftsman put in place of a passenger seat a turbojet engine with an afterburner chamber General Electric T58-GE03, which can accelerate the compact car to a maximum of 354 kilometers per hour.

General Motors sells its famous collection of cars

Apparently, the position of the automaker General Motors is now really difficult, because the company decided to sell four Comaros from the popular Transformers franchise. The set will be sold at auction in Scottsdale at the end of this month.

Hackers have posted on the Internet personal data of German politicians

Hackers have published on the Internet data of hundreds of German politicians, including mobile phone numbers, personal addresses, letters from personal email accounts. This was reported by the radio station rbb Inforadio.

The media learned the speed of the nuclear underwater drone “Poseidon”

The Russian nuclear underwater drone Poseidon, which has already entered the first tests, will be able to reach a maximum underwater speed of more than 200 km / h (about 110 knots) at a depth of more than 1 km. This was told by a Tass source in the military-industrial complex.

Head of the Migration Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs resigned

Olga Kirillova, head of the Directorate General for Migration of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia, resigned from her post. This is with reference to sources in law enforcement agencies reported TASS and Interfax. The interlocutors of the agencies also reported that Kirillov resigned on her own will.

Abe intends to promote negotiations on a peace treaty with Russia

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said he intends to promote negotiations on a peace treaty during his January visit to Russia.

If circumstances allow, I intend to visit Russia in the second half of this month and advance the negotiations on the conclusion of a peace treaty … This year I would like to take a big step towards this goal. – Shinzo Abe, Japanese politician

In Russia, proposed to ban minors from visiting circuses

The corresponding appeal was sent by the deputy of the Legislative Assembly of the Leningrad Region Vladimir Petrov to the Minister of Culture Vladimir Medinsky. According to him, animals are often treated cruelly there, so such shows can negatively affect the child’s psyche.

A coalition air strike in Syria killed a woman and a child from Russia

A member of the Human Rights Council under the head of Chechnya, member of the working group on the return of Russian women and children from the conflict zone, Kheda Saratova reported the death of a woman and a child from Russia during the bombing of the Syrian province of Deir ez-Zor, reports RIA Novosti.

China has tested its version of the “mother of all bombs”

In China, the state-owned industrial corporation NORINCO showed a new type of aerial bomb, called the “mother of all bombs.” It is reported by The Global Times.

Russia’s long-range aviation will be replenished with four Tu-95MS missile carriers

“In 2019, long-range aviation will be replenished with four strategic missile-carriers Tu-95MS,” the defense ministry reported.

It is noted that in 2018, six modernized Tu-160 and Tu-95MS aircraft entered the Russian long-range aviation.

Iranian Navy ships head for Atlantic Ocean

“The new campaign of the Iranian Navy, which starts at the beginning of 1398 (according to the Iranian calendar, begins on March 21, 2019 – EADaily) will last five months,” said Moghaddam. The newest Iranian destroyer Sahand will join the squadron of ships preparing to sail into the Atlantic Ocean.

At the office of the party “Alternative for Germany” thundered an explosion

The incident occurred at 19.20 local time (17.20 Moscow time) on January 3. The building in which the party office and neighboring houses were located was damaged — fragments of glass littered on the street. The explosion also affected two parked vans nearby.

China’s population declined for the first time in 70 years

Scientists estimate that the number of children born in China fell by 2.5 million compared with 2017. It was expected that this figure will grow by 790 thousand. In China, the population decline was recorded for the first time in 70 years.

CNN talked about finding a place to meet Trump with Kim Jong-un

The US administration is looking for a venue for the second meeting of US President Donald Trump and DPRK leader Kim Jong-un. This is reported by CNN, referring to its sources.

The government agreed on the relocation of a number of departments in the “Moscow-City”

The government has agreed to move in 2019 the central offices of a number of departments to the territory of the Moscow City business center. This was stated in the press service of the Cabinet.

Guests of Eurovision-2019 in Israel will be placed in tents

The municipality of Tel Aviv plans to accommodate thousands of guests of the international Eurovision Song Contest 2019 in a tent camp, advisor to the mayor of Ron Huldai Ilan Michaeli said.

Balconies demolished in St. Petersburg under the pretext of fighting icicles

In St. Petersburg, utilities dismantled glazed balconies in a residential building on Trefolev Street. It is reported by the radio station “Moscow Talks”. The reason for the demolition was the safety of pedestrians.

Better to be an atheist than a Christian hypocrite

The first general audience in 2019, Pope Francis began not with congratulations, but with critical statements. He believes that it is better to be an atheist than a Christian hypocrite.

In particular, Francis called scandalous the situation when believers who attend church, while living with hatred in their hearts, also speak badly about other people. In addition, the Pope said that the Christian is the person who understands perfectly well that he, like everyone else, is a sinner, but in no way undertakes to be better than others.

“The Christian is simply the person who pauses before the revelation of God calling him sons. He asks the Father to renew and reflect the ray of His goodness in this world, which is so eager for good and is waiting for good news. ”

Import of timber and timber to Mongolia will be exempt from customs duties

The government of Mongolia approved the Law on exemption from customs duties. This law came into force on the first day of the new year on January 1.

According to the official, the exemption of imported wood from customs duties will reduce the number of cases of illegal deforestation in Mongolia, since the motivation for deforestation will decrease due to the cheapness of timber.

China will tighten requirements for manufacturers of printed circuit boards

Experts believe that these changes will lead to an increase in the production of printed circuit boards, since it will be more difficult for small enterprises to switch to new environmental standards. Note that, according to Prismark, in 2017, China’s share in the global production of printed circuit boards was more than 50%.

Chinese Central Bank decided to reduce reserve requirements for banks

The People’s Bank of China (NBK, the Central Bank of the country) decided to once again reduce the reserve requirements for banks, thus hoping to support the growth in lending.

Ex-Employees of Credit Suisse Charged with $ 2 Billion Fraud

US prosecutors accused Credit Suisse 3 former employees of a $ 2 billion fraud. Financial Times reports that the men were detained on January 3 in London, writes “Ekaterinburg on the air.”

In Russia, the rate of insurance contributions to the FIU has changed

The rate of insurance contributions to the Pension Fund of Russia (PFR) has been reduced to 22 percent. The relevant law came into force on January 1, 2019. Previously, legislation set the size of this tariff at 26 percent.

Gas prices in Europe may fall for the first time in 4 years

According to Bloomberg, this will happen if winter in the northern hemisphere remains mild, and supplies of liquefied gas and supply from Russia grows. According to experts, the key factor will be how much gas Moscow will supply to European markets.

The total cost of residential real estate in the USA reached $ 33.3 trillion

The total value of residential real estate in the United States in 2018 increased by $ 1.9 trillion (6.2% compared to 2017) and reached $ 33.3 trillion.

Since January, Russia will raise mortgage rates

The average rate in January is close to 10.5–11%. Rise in cost of a mortgage can create risks for the real estate market. In 2018, mortgage was the main factor in the growth of apartment sales.

Property of airline “VIM-Avia” arrested

“In order to pay off the existing debt to the airline’s employees, the investigation has seized the airline’s property for a total amount of at least 1.5 billion rubles,” said Natalia Fedorova, a representative of the Moscow Interregional Investigation Department for Transport (MMSUT) of the Russian IC

Samsung will introduce Space Monitor monitors at CES 2019

Samsung Electronics has announced the release of three new models of monitors. The list includes the Samsung Space Monitor minimalist monitor, the CRG9 game monitor and the UR59C monitor addressed to content creators.

Nissan technology will be able to see what is behind buildings

Last month, Nissan unveiled its latest Invisible-to-Visible technology, which will be described in more detail at CES. The technology is called I2V, it combines all the information that comes from sensors located outside and inside the car

How was the action Proof of Keys

On the third of January, the Proof of Keys promotion (proof of keys) took place, the participants of which massively withdrew their cryptocurrency from exchanges to private wallets to prove that users own digital money, not third parties. Thus, customers wanted to make sure of the integrity of services and trading platforms or expose them. At the moment it is not known how many people participated in the action, its scale has not yet been evaluated.

ASUS announced a mini-computer on the Intel Core i9

Even before the Consumer Electronics Show 2019, Asus announced the Mini PC ProArt PA90 mini PC. The exhibition will be held in Las Vegas next week. The design of this Mini PC will resemble the Apple Mac Pro, and will work on the new Intel Core i9-9900K processor and Intel Core i7-9700K.

Dell patented a new dual-screen laptop.

The American brand Dell has registered a patent for the further creation of a unique design of a laptop, equipped simultaneously with two displays with the ability to detach.

In “Roskosmos” chose a name for the new super-heavy rocket

The future super heavy Russian rocket was called the Yenisei. It is to her, if Roskosmos has enough money and competence, it is necessary to send Russian missions to the Moon and Mars. A new Russian super-heavy rocket currently being developed is called Yenisei.

Lunokhod “Yuytu-2” separated from the station “Chang’e-4”

The Chang’e-4 mission consists of a 4-ton stationary lunar station and a 140-kilogram Yuyuta-2 lunar rover. The KNKA reported that the landing gear had advanced an inclined ramp, and the lunar rover successfully separated from the station, going to the surface of the moon.

Nepal plans to launch its own satellite

The device was named “Bird – 3”. According to Rabindra Prasad Dhakala, head of the technical department of the Nepalese Academy of Science and Technology, the state allocated twenty million rupees (about 12 million rubles) to launch its own satellite.

Scientists: A collision of galaxies will send the solar system into space

The Large Magellanic Cloud may collide with the Milky Way, which will send the solar system into space. Researchers modeled the evolution of bright stars and the galaxy. The authors concluded that a collision with the Milky Way could happen to Andromeda

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