5 Фев, 2022

New advances in artificial intelligence

DeepMind, an AI lab owned by Alphabet, has created an AI that can write computer code at the level of not the worst programmer.

AlphaCode AI has been field tested by participating in Codeforces contests. According to the results, AI turned out to be at the level of an average participant. To be more precise, he entered the top 54%.

AlphaCode uses transformer-based language models to generate code at an unprecedented scale, and then intelligently filters a small set of promising programs. DeepMind specialists said that they will continue to develop this area, so perhaps in the near future we will see some examples of the practical application of such AI.

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The hero of the movie «Home Alone» Macaulay Culkin spoke about the crisis of middle age — and for this he will shoot a series in which he will tell how he copes with life at 40 years old.

In the series, Culkin will travel across countries to understand what it means to be a «big four». The actor will try to answer questions that everyone faces at his age: he will talk about fatherhood, marriage and the lack of unbridled fun.


Iceland abandoned whaling, as the country simply stopped buying whale meat. The Ministry of Fisheries no longer finds «economic benefits» in this. The hunting permit will be valid until the end of 2023. Now in the world, whaling is also allowed in Japan and Norway.


Meta (ex-Facebook) will ban avatars in its metaverse from approaching each other following a complaint of harassment and sexual assault from a UK resident. According to the woman, immediately after the launch of Horizon Worlds, male characters surrounded her and somehow began to “touch”.

Now user avatars will automatically keep a distance of 1.2 meters. At the same time, the company recalled that players cannot feel how someone is approaching them — there is no tactile feedback. The new feature is called «Personal Borders» and it can’t be turned off.


The Biden government reinstated sanctions exemptions on Iran’s peaceful nuclear program.

The US sanctions exemption will allow countries and foreign companies to work with Iran on the Bushehr nuclear power plant, the Arak heavy water plant and the Tehran research reactor, The Washington Post reports.

The State Department says the sanctions exemptions are intended to facilitate negotiations in Vienna that will help reach an agreement on a mutual return to the JCPOA.

The State Department spokesman said the sanctions relief should not be seen as a concession to Tehran and a signal that Washington is seeking an understanding to return to the JCPOA.


The French National Assembly (lower house of parliament) rejected a resolution calling on the French government to grant political asylum to WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange and make it easier for people involved in similar activities to obtain asylum.


How the increase in the Central Bank rate will affect loans and deposits of Russians. Experts interviewed by Gazeta.Ru believe that against the backdrop of rising inflation, the Bank of Russia on February 11 may raise the rate from the current 8.5% to 9%, 9.25% or 9.5% per annum

With an increase to 9.5%, mortgage rates (excluding preferential programs) will increase on average to 10.5 — 12%. In the car loan segment, rates will range from 11.5% to 17.5% for new cars and from 15% to 19% for used cars. Consumer lending rates will range from 12% to 25%. The growth of average rates on household deposits is expected to reach 9-11%.


The Parliament of Montenegro voted for the resignation of the government. Of the 81 deputies, 43 voted in favor and 11 voted against. Now the date of early elections should be set, tentatively in May.


The Minister of Tourism of the Stavropol Territory was detained on suspicion of abuse of authority. He overestimated the cost of the contract for the organization of the fireworks festival by 10 times. Damage to the region exceeds 25 million rubles


The authorities of Transbaikalia have introduced a high alert regime due to the attacks of stray dogs on people. In particular, the regime will control the ban on feeding animals without owners, walking dogs without owners, and preventing the capture of neglected animals. The State Veterinary Service needs to quickly ensure the operation of temporary animal shelters, as well as determine the needs for the construction of permanent ones.


Craob has announced the development of the world’s first laptop without built-in ports. Model called «X» received a 13.3-inch display with thin bezels and 4K resolution. When folded, the laptop is only 7mm thick and weighs approximately 860g.

Charging and connecting external devices is carried out using a magnetic docking station, which is attached to the rear panel. It has USB-A, USB-C, Thunderbolt, Mini-Jack ports and an SD card slot. The company plans to start mass production of such laptops in 2022. The cost is not yet known.


Scientists from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (USA) have developed surgical adhesive tape for internal organs. With the help of the material, small damage can be glued to repair tears or seams can be fixed with tape.


According to Breaking Defense, the Israeli Ministry of Defense banned Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia from transferring any weapons to Ukraine, one of the options being considered was the Spike anti-tank complex.

The Breaking Defense article says that Israel, even before the official appeal of the Baltic states, forbade the transfer of any weapons of its own design in order not to «spoil relations with the Kremlin»


Additional units of American paratroopers began to arrive in Poland. In the city of Rzeszow, 70 km from the border with Ukraine, the first board was unloaded.

Recall, earlier it became known that US military transport aircraft began the transfer of additional US troops to Europe in connection with the growing tension near the borders of Ukraine on the orders of the President of the United States Joe Biden.


Ukraine will temporarily disconnect from the power grids of Russia and Belarus. In total, two test shutdowns are planned — from February 24 to 26 and in the summer of 2022. For the first time, the country is isolated from neighboring electricity for 72 hours


The doctor named a list of drugs for which they can deprive a driver’s license. Some over-the-counter drugs, such as Theraflu and Coldrex for relieving the symptoms of SARS, can give false positive reactions to narcotic substances. As the psychiatrist-narcologist Alexander Kovtun told Gazeta.Ru, the rotovirus drug Omixin can cause a positive test result for methamphetamines.

“Barbiturates are found in a significant number of combination medicines. This is not only Corvalol, but also Valocordin, Valoserdin, Pentalgin, Andipal … there are a lot of them. Of course, there are microdoses, and as a result of the use of therapeutic doses, there can be no intoxication, but the very fact of detecting barbiturate in the urine often leads to prosecution of those drivers who are not guilty of anything. In practice, it turned out that it is almost never possible for the innocent to prove themselves as such, ”the doctor explained.


In 2021, the cost of plumbing or electrician services increased by more than 20% and now amounts to 3-5 thousand rubles. The call of the «master for an hour» has risen in price by about 15%, up to 2.7 thousand.


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