27 Feb, 2019

New Avenue Towards Peace

On the eve of the second summit of the DPRK and the United States, a presentation of a commemorative coin was held at the White House, reports ENV

On the obverse there is an inscription “New Avenue Towards Peace” (New Path to Peace), below is the second inscription “Three leaders of one world”. Below are the names of US President Donald Trump, the chairman of the DPRK State Council, Kim Jong-un, and between them, South Korean President Moon Zhe Ina.

The number 2 and the inscription “PEACE SUMMIT” (Peace Summit) are placed in the center. The reverse depicts flags of three countries – the South Korean in the center, the American flag on the left and the North Korean on the right. In a circle is the inscription “A Turing Point – Working Towards Complete Denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula” (The turning point is the effort to achieve the complete denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula). This is the third of the four main agreements reached during the first summit in Singapore.

Briefly about the main thing …

Ilona Mask accused of violating an agreement with the US Securities Commission

The US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) believes that Tesla founder billionaire Ilon Mask violated the agreement by publishing a tweet without coordination with the regulator, according to a petition to the court

China will build a $ 1 billion highway in Bangladesh

In Bangladesh, the construction of a new thoroughfare began. According to the Bangladesh news publication “Doynik itfak”, the project is a highway, most of which will run under the Karnaphuli River.

China offered to Trump 1.2 trillion dollars

According to the channel of the American business channel CNBC, the Chinese delegation offered the US side a $ 1.2 trillion concession: it was for this amount that the Celestial Empire was allegedly ready to increase its purchases of American goods in order to end the trade war that Washington unleashed against Beijing.

Scientists have found that cats more often dogs copy the behavior of their owners

Scientists from the British University of Lincoln conducted a series of studies and found that cats are more likely than dogs to replicate the behavior of their owners. Experts stressed that previously it was considered the opposite.

The Chinese will help Russia to go on the trail of drug trafficking

“The Chinese side made it clear that they are ready to interact with our parliament in the field of countering terrorism and drug trafficking, as well as in the field of cyber security,” said Vasily Piskarev.

In China, over 23 million rural families connected to the Internet in 2018

China has published guidelines for the priority development of agriculture and rural areas, developed by the CPC Central Committee together with the State Council of the PRC. Among the measures are the acceleration of the spread of broadband access to broadband Internet access in rural areas, assistance in increasing the speed and reduction of fees, the implementation of the “digital villages” strategy and the implementation of the program “Access of agricultural products to cities using the Internet + technology”.

This agreement will not be perfect, but it will be some progress.

In an interview with CNBC, BlackRock Chief Executive Lawrence Fink noted that when concluding a trade agreement with the Trump administration and reducing the trade surplus with the United States, China will continue to reduce ownership of US government bonds. This trend began to show in part during the trade war that began in 2018, when China reduced the volume of US government bonds from $ 1,184 to $ 1,123 trillion. The resolution of the trade conflict, according to the BlackRock head estimates, will only accelerate this process in the future.

Scientists have introduced in Japan, “robot god”

Information portal The Japan Times reports that in Japan, created a “robot god”, which is designed to popularize the Buddhist teachings. This is a humanoid robot named Mindar, who will preach the teachings of the Buddha in the Kodai-ji temple of the Rinzai-shu school in eastern Kyoto. The prototype of the android served as the goddess of mercy Kannon from Japanese mythology, which is the embodiment of the bodhisattva Avalokiteshvara and corresponds to the bodhisattva Guanyin from Chinese Buddhist dogma.

“Clean Games” first held in China

The first in China, “Clean Games” took place on February 23 on Hainan Island in the Sanya City District, the press service of the organization reports. The event was attended by over 100 people – locals and tourists. During the games, participants collected about two tons of garbage, half of which will be recycled.

Rapid aging is a dark prospect for the German economy

In other words, the Germans are preparing to spend their old age either in poverty, or working with all their might to the last. This is a rather dismal prospect.

Trump decided to postpone the increase in duties on Chinese goods

US President Donald Trump decided to postpone the increase in duties on goods from China. He wrote about it on the page of his microblog Twitter. The increase in fees was planned for March 1

I am glad to announce that the United States has made significant progress in a trade deal with China, which deals with important structural issues, including the protection of intellectual property, technology transfer, as well as agriculture, services, and currency. – Donald Trump, 45th President of the United States

Pence threatened with isolation supporting Maduro states

Countries that will continue to support the government of the President of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro, are waiting for isolation on the world stage. About this in Colombia, as reported by RIA Novosti, said US Vice President Mike Pence.

Iranian Foreign Minister says he will resign

Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif said he was retiring. About this, as reported by the ISNA agency, the Foreign Minister wrote in his Instagram.

VKS Russia will receive the first serial Su-57 in 2019

The first serial fighter of the fifth generation of the Su-57 will enter the Air and Space Forces of Russia in 2019, and the second in 2020. This informs RIA Novosti with reference to the director of the Komsomolsk-on-Amur Aviation Plant named after Gagarin Alexander Pekarsh.

Ukraine continues to buy Russian gas

The leader of the Ukrainian Batkivshchyna party, Yulia Tymoshenko, said that Ukraine has not stopped buying Russian gas over the past five years.

They transport this gas according to documents through Mars, and then according to documents carried out on some European exchanges, winding up to $ 100 per thousand cubic meters. And so, according to the documents, we are shown gas of European origin. I want to say that he is not mined there. – Yulia Tymoshenko, Ukrainian politician

Pacific Fleet received Ball missiles

It is expected that soon the calculations of the complexes will begin the development of new technology in the field output. The Bal coastal missile system is armed with X-35 subsonic low-altitude anti-ship missiles. He can strike at enemy positions at a distance of about 130 kilometers.

Ministry of Environment will develop a roadmap for the release of killer whales from the “whale prison”

With the participation of experts, the Ministry of Natural Resources of Russia will develop a roadmap for adaptation to life in the natural environment of cetaceans, which are located in aviaries in Srednyaya Primorsky Krai Bay. This is stated in the message of the Ministry, distributed on Monday following the results of the interdepartmental meeting.

The head of the traffic police questioned the prospects of unmanned vehicles

The time for the introduction of unmanned vehicles in Russia has not yet come. This opinion is shared by the head of the traffic police of the Russian Federation, Mikhail Chernikov. According to him, the country does not yet have the necessary infrastructure for the use of such transport.

Gazprom leaves two key top managers

Gazprom is leaving two key top managers. Gazprom conducted the largest personnel shift in management in recent years. Two key top managers are leaving the company: the head of the monopoly export direction, Alexander Medvedev and the deputy chairman for gas supplies to the Russian Federation, Valery Golubev.

Russia approved simplified visa regime with Indonesia

The Russian government approved a draft visa facilitation agreement between Russia and Indonesia. The corresponding project was published on the website of the Cabinet on Monday, February 25. Thanks to this project, the process of obtaining short-term visas will be simplified.

Grushko announced the possible withdrawal of Russia from the Council of Europe

Moscow admits the possibility of secession from the Council of Europe if the rights of the Russian delegation to the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE) are not fully restored and without efforts. This was announced to Izvestia by the deputy head of the Russian Foreign Ministry, Alexander Grushko.

UN court urged Britain to give the islands in the Indian Ocean to Mauritius

The separation of the Chagos Archipelago from Mauritius in 1965 was illegal, the International Court of Justice of the United Nations decided, reports Reuters. In connection with this, the court ruled that London should give this territory to Mauritius

At the referendum in Moldova voted to reduce the number of deputies

According to the results of the consultative referendum held in the country, the majority of Moldovan citizens spoke in favor of reducing the number of deputies from 101 to 61 and the possibility of their withdrawal, said the head of the Central Election Commission of the Republic, Alina Russu.

Business buys hostels in Vladivostok

The demand for hostel accommodation in Vladivostok is growing rapidly, according to IA PrimaMedia. Not only Russian, but also Korean entrepreneurs are learning this format. According to experts, the demand for hostels and low-cost hotel services is growing along with the tourist flow.

Medvedev supported the bill banning hostels in residential buildings

Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev met with the State Duma Speaker Vyacheslav Volodin and the leaders of parliamentary factions in an informal setting. One of the topics of discussion was the fate of the Duma “long-term construction” – a bill banning hostels in residential buildings.

“Dmitry Anatolyevich supported our position regarding the adoption of the initial concept of the draft law,” said Vice Speaker Sergei Neverov, head of the United Russia faction.

Association “Massandra” transferred to the ownership of the Crimea

The Russian government transferred to the Crimea the ownership of the association “Massandra”, which is one of the largest wine producers on the peninsula.

The destroyer of the US Navy “Donald Cook” entered the port of Odessa

In the morning of February 25, the naval destroyer of the US Navy Donald Cook entered the sea trade port of Odessa, reported the portal Duma. It is noted that the ship will stay there for three days

In Israel, developed an analogue of the Russian “Dagger”

One of the most famous aeroballistic missiles in the world today is the Russian Dagger rocket, which is installed on MiG-31 interceptors. As for its Israeli counterpart, the Rocks received concrete and high-explosive fragmentation warheads weighing 907 kg.

Primorye received an order for the production of ships for the Navy

Primorye received an order for the production of ships for the Navy of Russia for 30 billion rubles, another 117 billion are orders to enterprises of the Primorsky and Kamchatka regions for the repair and maintenance of ships of the Pacific Fleet.

American warships pass through the Taiwan Strait

The Chinese authorities are painfully reacting to the passage of the US Navy through the Taiwan Strait. Missile destroyer “Stetem” and the cargo ship of the American Navy “Caesar Chavez” passed through the Taiwan Strait on Monday. The corresponding statement was made in the press service of the US Pacific Fleet

Chinese media showed S-400 received from Russia

The air defense system appeared in the plot of the CCTV channel. Recall that in September 2018, the United States imposed sanctions on the Department of Troop Training and Supply of the Central Military Council of China for buying Russian Su-35 fighters and S-400 complexes.

Shakira to stand trial for tax evasion

Famous singer Shakira will appear on charges of tax evasion before a Spanish court on 12 June. This was reported by Europa Press. The prosecution’s lawsuit concerns six tax evasion episodes, including property tax and income tax.

Gastronomic tourism offered to make a priority in Russia

The association of cultural and gastronomic tourism sent a letter to the head of the Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation, Maxim Oreshkin, with a proposal to include gastronomic tourism in the list of priorities in the federal targeted tourism development program in Russia being developed in order to support the interest of foreign tourists in Russian regions.

Roszdravnadzor revealed violations in 68% of plastic surgery clinics

More than 68% of Russian plastic surgery clinics work with disabilities. Such data revealed verification Roszdravravnadzor. A total of 1257 clinics were tested, the report says on the department’s website.

Minstroy prepared a bill “On the funeral business”

The document should eliminate criminal schemes and unscrupulous participants from the funeral services market, reports Rossiyskaya Gazeta. According to the publication, the code on administrative violations is planned to be supplemented with a new “funeral article”. It provides for punishment for violating the rules for granting a land plot for burial and for transmitting information about the fact of a person’s death and contacts of his relatives. Thus, the authors of the document propose to deal with the fact that the police and doctors who come first after reporting a person’s death sell the information to ritual agents, writes the Interfax news agency.

The priest forbade women to remove clothes in front of doctors and on the beach

Archpriest Andrei Tkachev forbade women to become bare in front of male doctors, even when it comes to a fatal disease.

“There are people who say:” Do not treat me! So that I undress in front of you, so you climbed me there, climbed here! Do not need this – I will die anyway, ”he quoted a sick person.

In addition, in his program, the priest reproached modern women with the fact that they were ready to bare themselves not only in front of the doctor, but also on the beach and at the “dance”.

Premier tightened control of chemicals for drug production

Precursors of narcotic drugs will be banned in Russia except for use for scientific, educational and expert purposes – substances from which drugs can be synthesized in any concentration follow from a government decree signed by Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev on February 22. We are talking only about precursors from the first list of narcotic drugs, it includes drugs that are completely banned from trafficking in Russia, and certain precursors to them. RBC has a copy of the resolution, and its authenticity was confirmed in the government apparatus.

Aircraft plant in Komsomolsk-on-Amur will start producing spare parts for MS-21

The aircraft plant in Komsomolsk-on-Amur will take part in the program for the production of MS-21 passenger airliners. On this February 26, reports “RIA Novosti” with reference to the statement of the representative of the company “Sukhoi” Alexander Pekarsha.

The number of leasing companies in South Korea has decreased

In South Korea, the number of leasing companies has decreased, reports YTN. According to the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport, the number of newly registered leasing companies in January 2019 was 6,500, which is 54.6% less than in December 2018.

In Perm appeared “drifts of the mayor”

“Mayor’s drifts” began to appear in Perm. In the regional capital, you can see the signs with the inscription “Pile of Mayor Samoilov.” They appear on large deposits of snow in the city.

Garbage cannot be taken out, but money is collected

Residents are required to pay for the garbage disposal service, while the removal is impossible, said State Duma deputy (“Fair Russia”) Dmitry Ionin on social networks. It should be noted that about two thousand people live in the village. Nearby lies the railway, the trains stop

In traffic police plan to control users car sharing

According to the head of the traffic police of Russia, Mikhail Chernikov, this is needed in order to reduce the threats to road safety. Chernikov noted that in the absence of control, the consequences could be very negative. At the same time, the head of the traffic police stressed that the department does not plan to globally change the situation with car sharing in the country. The main concern of the inspection is that an unregistered user can get behind the wheel of a carsharing machine.

In buses of Perm photograph passengers with five-thousand-dollar bills.

In a number of Perm buses there were announcements that passengers, paying with a five-thousandth note, will now be photographed by conductors. The reason was the alleged recent massive spread of counterfeit banknotes of 2,000 and 5,000 rubles.

Victorian Diseases Return to the UK

The National Health Service (NHS) of the United Kingdom reported a significant increase in the number of patients with Victorian disease. It is about rachitis, scurvy and scarlet fever.

In Yaroslavl, disability was removed from a child who had an eye removed

It is about the health of his 11-year-old daughter. A few years ago, a girl was diagnosed with a rare cancer, and as a result, one eye had to be removed. The child was assigned a disability, but after a while removed.

Kuzbass are afraid of an outbreak of anthrax

Trump once again urged OPEC not to try to support oil prices

US President Donald Trump again called on OPEC not to take measures to support oil prices, which he considers too high. He wrote about this on Monday on his personal Twitter page.

Oil prices are getting too high. OPEC, please relax and calm down. The world can not afford the jump in prices – the situation is unstable! – Donald Trump, 45th President of the United States

Siluanov announced Medvedev’s “very tough” government procurement order

The order of the head of government, Dmitry Medvedev, to reduce the basis for purchases from a single supplier was “very tough,” said First Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance Anton Siluanov in an interview with Russia 24 TV channel.

The project of the new atomic icebreaker “Leader” will be launched in March

Not later than March 15, Rosneft on credit funds will begin to finance the development of the project. This will allow in time to lay the ship and build it. Dry dock, where the icebreaker will be built, is planned to be built in 2020.

Rotenberg companies “entrusted” the construction of cultural centers for 120 billion rubles

The state-owned Russian company Rosneftegaz will allocate 120 billion rubles for the construction of four cultural centers in Kemerovo, Vladivostok, Sevastopol and Kaliningrad. Reports about it «Russian service Bi-bi-si». The fact that the centers will be financed by Rosneftegaz, the head of state said during a meeting on January 8, which was attended by Deputy Prime Minister Olga Golodets, presidential aide Andrei Belousov and four governors of the respective regions.

In Kuzbass, the first beyond the Urals production of tunneling machines will be launched.

The first combine will be called Kuzbass-300 – they intend to start its production by July 2021. As the general director of the company reported, at present, such equipment is not produced outside the Urals.

The number of Beeline customers in Russia for the year fell by 3 million people

The total revenue of VimpelCom in Russia grew by 5.7%, from 275.887 billion to 291.539 billion rubles. At the same time, the subscriber base of VimpelCom in Russia decreased by 5%. The number of customers of mobile services fell from 58.2 million to 55.3 million.

Laboratory control of state food order

In Russia, laboratory control of food purchased for state and municipal needs may be introduced. Conducting revocable campaigns of products of violators and revocation of certificates are not excluded. According to the press service of the Deputy Prime Minister Alexei Gordeev, these proposals were made during the meeting of A. Gordeev with the head of Roskachestvo Maxim Protasov on Monday

“The Vice Prime Minister stressed that the responsibility of businesses for misleading customers regarding the content of goods must be increased several times, up to the conduct of revocable campaigns, as is now practiced in the automotive market, and the cancellation of manufacturers’ certificates,” the statement said.

The court sought from the Deripaska aircraft factory at the suit of the Ministry of Defense

The Moscow Arbitration Court decided to recover 371.4 million rubles. from the Aviakor plant in Samara, owned by the Russian Machines of businessman Oleg Deripaska, it follows from the electronic filing of arbitration cases.

FAS fined two companies for collusion in the supply of drugs

Preliminary collusion led to the maintenance of prices at 426 open auctions for the supply of medicines, medical devices and equipment for hospitals. At first, Vesta Farm was fined more than 17 million rubles.

The daughter of “Gazprom” filed a lawsuit against the “Magnit” for 400 million rubles

The court registered the claim of Gazprom Mezhregiongaz Krasnodar against the main operating legal entity Magnit, JSC Tander. The amount of claims – 408.1 million rubles. In January, “Tander” filed a lawsuit against the security of property interests of Gazprom Mezhregiongaz Krasnodar.

Putin ordered to reduce the fee for remittances

Vladimir Putin instructed the Bank of Russia and the Government of the Russian Federation to prepare proposals for reducing the commission for money transfers, including using bank cards. This is reported on the official website of the Kremlin.

Gazprom is preparing a tender for the selection of the contractor Sakhalin-2

Gazprom is preparing a tender for the selection of a contractor for the construction of a third production line for the Sakhalin-2 natural gas liquefaction plant, said Elena Burmistrova, head of Gazprom Export.

In Australia, a priest found guilty of child abuse

A court in Australia found convicted of sexually abusing minors of the country’s senior Catholic priest, Cardinal George Pella. This was reported by TV channel ABC News. The Victoria District Court convicted February 26.

By 2030, Gazprom Neft should annually increase production of an FSU by 2-3%

Alexey Yankevich, financial director of Gazprom Neft, said that in order to achieve the goals of the recently adopted development strategy until 2030, the oil company should increase liquid hydrocarbon production (ASU) annually by 2% – 3%.

The Central Bank told about the reduction of deposits in banks

Public deposits in Russian banks in January decreased by 2.5%. This is evidenced by the data of the Central Bank. “Under the influence of seasonal factors, the volume of deposits of the population decreased, at the same time the volume of funds in the accounts of organizations grew by 3.8%,” the report says

Gazprom Expects Record High Dividends for 2018

The company’s budget includes payments of 10.43 rubles. per share for 2018. In 2017, the dividend amount was 8.04 rubles. per share, remaining at the level of the previous year (RUB 8.0397 in 2016). In August, Gazprom’s top manager admitted for the first time that in 2018, the company could increase dividends.

Alfa-Bank Announces Financial Results for 2018

Alfa-Bank Group increased its net profit in 2018 by international financial reporting standards (IFRS) by more than 1.5 times. According to the press service of the organization, it amounted to $ 1.321 billion. In addition to Alfa-Bank itself, the banking group includes ABH Financial and subsidiaries.

The rape case against Luc Besson is closed

Paris prosecutors have closed an investigation into the alleged rape by producer Luc Besson of actress Sand Van Roy. The investigation lasted nine months.

Chinese authorities have instructed large banks to increase lending to private firms

China’s commercial banks are instructed to set the annual goal of servicing private enterprises by the end of March in accordance with the guidelines aimed at stimulating lending to private firms, which was published by the China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission (CBIRC).

Swiss UBS fined € 3.7 billion for non-paying taxes in France

A court in Paris sentenced the largest Swiss bank to pay a fine of € 3.7 billion for tax evasion in France.

Banks transferred the first defense loans to Promsvyazbank

Promsvyazbank, selected to serve the state defense order, received the first defense loans from other banks seeking to minimize the sanction risks. “Several banks started the transfer (of defense loans), and (transfer of capital) a little later, according to the law,” said RBC Head of PSB Peter Fradkov

Siluanov: switching to escrow accounts may lead to a rise in real estate prices

First Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance Anton Siluanov said that switching to escrow accounts in shared construction could lead to a temporary increase in the cost of housing. He told about this on the TV channel “Russia 24”.

Flight attendant “Victory” on the ladder dropped the baby from the cradle

Airline “Victory” has confirmed that the flight attendant of the flight Makhachkala – Surgut dropped the baby from the cradle when carrying the ladder. Loukoster promises to compensate for all costs of treatment of the child, reports RIA Novosti.

 “Kommersant” learned of the terrorist attack torn down against the headquarters of the GRU

As it became known to Kommersant, one of the leaders of the terrorist organization Islamic State (IG; banned in the Russian Federation), Todzhiddin Nazarov (Abu-Osama Noraki), was preparing two terrorist attacks in Moscow. In 2017, he ordered the first troops to be blown up at the headquarters of the Main Department of the General Staff (former GRU) on Khoroshevskoye Highway, and then passengers of the Moscow Central Ring and visitors to the Edelweiss shopping center.

Kuban policeman lost his apartment due to the mismatch of expenses and income

The apartment of a police officer was confiscated by a court decision – the police officer was unable to confirm his income, according to a February 25 report on the website of the Krasnodar Regional Prosecutor’s Office. The prosecutor’s office went to court with a petition to apply the apartment of one of the policemen to the state’s income

It became known about the beginning of the filming of the film “Brother-3”

Showman and musician Stas Baretsky on the air of NSN announced the shooting of the film “Brother-3”. Vyacheslav Datsik will play one of the main roles. Russian musician Stas Baretsky announced to NSN that he plans to take part in the filming of the film “Brother-3”, which will be a continuation of the popular paintings by Alexei Balabanov.

Alexey Ryazantsev headed the Cinema Fund Commission

The Russian Film Foundation approved the composition of the expert commission, which will evaluate applications for the provision of funds for the creation of conditions for the demonstration of cinema in the regions of Russia.

The expedition film “The Great Northern Way” comes out on screens

The expedition film “The Great Northern Way” comes out on screens. The tape-reconstruction of the Semen Dezhnev route, which opened the strait between Asia and America, was created with the support of the Russian Geographical Society. This is the first documentary film in the country, shot in 4K format.

Russian won the prestigious photo contest

Sergey Shcherbakov, a video editor from the Stavropol Territory, became the best photographer of Russia according to the Sony World Photography Awards. As a laureate, he will become the owner of the latest photographic equipment.

Teron Edgerton sang with Elton John

Teron Edgerton was one of the main guests of the Oscar-based party of Elton John, which is annually hosted by his foundation for the fight against AIDS.

St. Petersburg will host the international music festival “Camerata”

The opening of the international music festival “Camerata”, dedicated to the 90th anniversary of the birth of conductor Saulus Sondetskis and the 30th anniversary of the creation of the orchestra “St. Petersburg Camerata”, will take place in the Great Hall of the Petersburg Academic Philharmonic.

Kirill Petrenko conducts Beethoven’s Fidelio

Kirill Petrenko conducts Beethoven’s Fidelio The famous maestro and music director of the Bavarian State Opera, Kirill Petrenko, was the first to conduct Bedehoven’s Fidelio. For a historic event in Munich watched Alexei Mokrousov

The largest festival of street art will be held in Odintsovo

The largest street art festival will be held in the Moscow region, the festival’s curator, president of the Moscow-based Foundation for the Support and Development of Contemporary Art, Dmitry Levochkin, told reporters. The event will be attended by participants from more than 20 countries.

Ballet with music by The Rolling Stones on stage at the Mariinsky Theater

American ballet dancer Melanie Hamrick choreographed ballet dancer, and The Rolling Stones himself Mick Jagger prepared the music for the ballet. It is noted that the Russian spectators will see the premiere first. After the show at the Mariinsky Theater, the ballet will be taken to the USA.

Vladas Bagdonas will come to the festival of solo performances “Monocle”

Artists from 6 countries will come to the international stage of the XII festival of solo performances “Monocle”, which will be held from February 25 to March 4 in the Baltic House.

500 virtual concert halls will open in Russia

As part of the federal project “Digital Culture” in the cities of Russia until 2024, 500 virtual concert halls will be created. Virtual concert halls can be organized not only in philharmonic societies, but also in houses of culture and clubs, libraries and museums, said Olga Yarilova.

Anton Batagov will perform the premieres of his compositions

Anton Batagov, a famous composer and pianist, will present several prime ministers in the Moscow Zaryadye Hall on April 5. The musician will perform his own compositions for the production of Ivan Vyrypayev “Excitement”.

Animated “Gremlins” will tell about the youth of Gizmo

The paintings tell about the invasion of small ugly creatures that came into being due to the improper handling of the Guizmo mogyva, which the father gives the main character of the film. The original owner of Gizmo was a Chinese Mr. Wing, whose role in both paintings was played by Kei Luke.

Finnish journalist made a film about Karelia

The Finnish TV journalist Arvo Tuominen traveled in June 2018 to the northern part of Russian Karelia (in Karelian and in Finnish “Viena”, “Vienan Karjala”). He visited Kostomuksha, Voknavolok, Sudnozer, Kalevala, Rugozer, Panozer, Kemi, Kostomuksha, Belomorsk, as well as Solovki and Sumposad. The result of his trip was the film “Covered in the traditions of Vien”. The picture intertwines the history and modern life of cities and villages in the region. Interesting comments by the author.

The second season of Arena Moscow Night will expand the repertoire from classic to jazz

Vocalists and musicians go on stage to test themselves in the “opera battle”, and the honored guests in the finals choose from several artists one of the best who will take part in the final gala concert of the Arena Moscow Night. In the second season of the project, which will be held under the motto: “From Classics to Jazz”, the repertoire of the competition will expand significantly.

“Waste paper” released a gloomy clip on the new track “Fingers”

The group “Waste paper” released a video for the new track “Fingers”, which will be included in the upcoming album. In the new video – blurry landscapes, foggy streets and noise on the TV. The presentation of the new album will be held on April 11 in St. Petersburg and on April 28 in Moscow

“Siskin and Co.” will celebrate its 25th anniversary with eternal hits

The group “Siskin and Co” will celebrate its 25th anniversary on the stage of the Oktyabrsky Concert Hall (St. Petersburg) on ​​October 12, 2019. According to the organizers, at the jubilee concert, viewers are waiting for “eternal hits, surprises and unlimited happiness.”

And if it is destined to leave at least some mark on history, I hope it will be associated with my musical activity, ”says team leader Sergey Chigrakov. – Let me be remembered not by poetry collections or even by phonograms, but by live performances.

In March, the festival will be held “Bach’s Days in the Cathedral”

The decision to hold the festival “Bach’s Days” was made a year ago at a meeting of the artistic council of the cathedral. The opening will take place on March 17 with a concert of the ensemble of ancient music “Les Moscovites” (Moscow). The group’s repertoire is based on works by Baroque composers.

The company Nubia introduced a hybrid smartphone and watches

During the MWC 2019 exhibition in Barcelona, ​​IT-company Nubia surprised many by presenting a hybrid of a smartphone and smart watches. The device Nubia Alpha received a flexible four-inch OLED-display with a resolution of 960 by 192 pixels, as well as the “stuffing”, which is more suitable for conventional Smart Watch.

At the MWC presented the fastest microSD in the world of terabytes

The companies Micron and Western Digital almost simultaneously presented the world’s first microSD memory cards with a capacity of 1 TB. The presentation took place in Barcelona at the Mobile World Congress (MWC).

OneWeb satellite system will not work in Russia

The government has made changes to the Rules for the use in Russia of satellite communications networks under the jurisdiction of foreign states. Now even large satellite systems, such as OneWeb and Starlink, for example, will find it almost impossible to get a work permit.

MTS and Ericsson will launch 5G in Russia in 2019

Photo: iStock Mobile operator MTS and manufacturer of telecommunications equipment Ericsson have signed an agreement on the joint launch of 5G in Russia. The companies entered into an agreement at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

Samsung Galaxy A30 and Galaxy A50 smartphones introduced

Samsung has introduced two new mid-level smartphones Galaxy A30 and Galaxy A50, the price of which, unfortunately, is not yet called

Metro has allowed purchases on the Internet to all customers

Metro, which is positioning itself as a business store, still has only an online platform in Russia to serve its corporate clients. Regular customers could only make an online order through the websites of third-party services, among them Instamart, iGooods, Golamago.

Innovation in Android security services

Android is officially certified on FIDO2, which allows you to enter applications and support websites using fingerprint or physical security key.

Mercedes started using blockchain

The company launched a test version of its blockchain system, developed jointly with Icetris. The main objective of the project is to simplify the confusing supply chain of Mercedes and reduce costs. Blockchain is not planned to be introduced into retail trade yet

Avast reported the vulnerability of almost half of the Russian devices “smart” home

“The Avast Smart Home Report 2019 thematic report presents analysis data on 16 million networks of smart homes. According to these data, in 20.11% of homes in Russia there are more than five connected devices. In 44.07% of such “smart” homes there is at least one vulnerable device, ”the company said.

WSJ: fitness trackers secretly send Facebook data

The social network instantly learned about changes in a person’s weight, heart rate or menstrual cycle, as soon as the user entered this data into the phone, The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) reported.

HiSense showed YotaPhone clone with AMOLED and E Ink screens

The Chinese company HiSense brought two new smartphones to the MWC 2019 in Barcelona – the U30 and A6. A feature of the first is a “leaky” screen, and the second is equipped with two screens, reminding YotaPhone. The front screen of the model A6 is made using AMOLED technology and has a resolution of Full HD with a diagonal of 6.01 inches.

TP-Link introduced the line of devices AX

TP-Link Company presented at the MWC 2019 exhibition a series of AX standard devices — Home Deco mesh systems, Wi-Fi routers, and a Wi-Fi signal amplifier. In addition, a line of Omada business devices and several models of the AC standard are shown.

In Russia, created a device that displays the navigator on the windshield

A special device and application that allow you to project the navigator and speed indicator onto the windshield were designed by employees of a small IT company located in Izhevsk.

Gemalto launches world’s first 5G SIM card

Allegedly, the Gemalto 5G SIM card not only provides improved data privacy and uninterrupted global 5G roaming, but is also the first card to have improved anti-theft protection.

In 2020, IKEA will release air purifying curtains

IKEA intends to release special curtains designed to clear the air in the house. The basis of the fabric for such curtains are mineral components. This material is able to break down dust and odors.

Trionix turtles breathe during hibernation with pushups

It turned out that during hibernation, the turtle body rose and fell, and thus it receives oxygen from the water. Thrionyxes generally live an aquatic lifestyle and are capable of extracting oxygen from water. However, in summer, the turtles come to land in order to lay eggs and warm themselves.

Daytime sleep improves adolescent cognitive abilities

Scientists say that the recommended rate of sleep is from 8 to 10 hours, but high school students and students, as the study showed, usually sleep for about 6.5 hours. As the experiment showed, it is best to sleep five hours at night and another 1.5 hours during the day. In this case, students have a better working memory than those who sleep only at night for 6.5 hours. Thus, scientists have concluded that sleep during the day improves mental abilities

Airbus unmanned aerotaxis experienced flight in transition mode

The American division of A3 of the European aircraft manufacturer Airbus has tested its promising unmanned aerotaxi project Vahana flight in transition mode

The killer bacterium was filmed during conscious movement.

WHO identifies antibiotic resistant Pseudomonas aeruginosa (Pseudomonas aeruginosa) as one of the major bacterial threats of modern times. Especially dangerous it makes the ability to move. Scientists from Oxford and Lausanne examined the “hairs”, with the help of which the stick is attached to the surface and moves along it. It turned out that this movement is not chaotic, but purposeful – almost the same as in animals.

Regular lack of oxygen can reduce the effects of coronary heart disease

The work shows that the regular lack of oxygen, which is often observed, for example, during heavy physical exercise, can reduce the dangerous consequences of coronary disease. At the same time, hypoxia allows you to focus on finding medicines to solve the problem. Pharmacologists already know not only blockers, but also activators of delta-opioid receptors. If people at risk of heart attack use them, in theory, the danger of this disease for them will decrease.

Liquid batteries for electric vehicles can be charged in a few minutes.

The technology of “liquid battery” is based on lithium-ion batteries, in which you can quickly replace depleted electrolyte. That is, the electric cars of the future can be recharged using the usual hose.

China is developing “microwave” weapons

The chief engineer of the secret military project of the People’s Republic of China, who is a senior engineer at the Beijing Institute of Radio Measurements at the Chinese Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation (CASIC), told the Global Times about the country’s developments in the field of microwave technologies, reports ENV.

Scientists from Sweden have discovered a new skeletal disease

Researchers at Karolinska University (Sweden) describe in the journal Nature Medicine the molecular mechanism of a new type of skeletal dysplasia. In it, small RNA molecules play a role that was not previously observed in a congenital human disease, according to the EurekAlert portal.

Explained mysterious anomaly inside atoms

Scientists at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology explained why quark pulses are distributed in atomic nuclei in a different way than free protons and neutrons. According to physicists, the reason is the short-term correlations between the nucleons

China will allocate $ 44.9 million to protect the library of the Potala Palace

To preserve the ancient manuscripts that are in the library of the Potala Palace, listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Chinese authorities will invest 300 million yuan ($ 44.9 million).

The number of electro-gas stations in China is increasing by 8.5 thousand monthly

From February last to January this year, on average, 8,537 new speakers appeared in the country on a monthly basis. The January increase in the number of charging stations for public and personal appointments across the country reached 44 thousand units, an increase of 231.6% on a monthly basis.

Indian air force strikes Pakistan

Indian officials confirmed the fact of an attack by the country’s air force against militant targets in Pakistan, Al Arabia said on February 26.

Tymoshenko announced the beginning of the procedure of impeachment Poroshenko

Former Prime Minister of Ukraine, presidential candidate Yulia Tymoshenko announced the beginning of the impeachment procedure of the head of state.

In Russia, proposed to return to the power structures appeal “mister”

In Russia, they proposed to revive the appeal “lord” in the army and security agencies. Vladimir Petrov, deputy to the Legislative Assembly of the Leningrad Region, sent this initiative (available to RT) to Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev of Russia. Petrov notes that at present the “comrade” appeal operates in the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the army and other power structures, whereas before the revolution, a different “mister” was adopted in the Russian army and gendarmerie.

Named the first cities where they can enter a simplified visa regime

The first Russian cities that will receive foreign tourists in the mode of easing visa formalities (possibly using electronic visas) can be Moscow, St. Petersburg and Vladivostok, which are accepted by most foreign guests of the country, said Deputy Economic Development Minister Sergei Galkin.

The idea of ​​creating a list of “kiberhamov” in the State Duma plan to discuss March 1

The idea of ​​creating a list of “kiberkhamov” plan to discuss on Friday, March 1, in the State Duma during the round table. On it informs RIA Novosti with reference to the deputy chairman of the Committee on Education and Science, the deputy from the LDPR faction Boris Chernyshov.

In Ukraine, they want to build a floating spaceport

In the Kherson region of Ukraine they plan to begin construction of a floating platform for launching space rockets. About this director of the Ukrainian state enterprise “Yuzhmash” (Southern Machine-Building Plant. AM Makarova) Sergei Voight told in an interview with “Ukrinform”.

American destroyer with “Tomahawk” entered the Baltic Sea

The American missile destroyer Gravely entered the Baltic Sea. Earlier, another US missile destroyer Donald Cook entered the sea trade port of Odessa. The United States Naval Destroyer USS Gravely (DDG-107) with Tomahawks entered the Baltic Sea, past the Great Belt Strait.

The US Army will receive a new precision targeting system for artillery shells.

The company Alliant Techsystems Operations (ATK) received a contract from the Pentagon in the amount of 173.6 million dollars. It must supply the US military with a new precision targeting system for 155 mm artillery shells. The contract must be completed before November 14, 2022.

Brazil pulled equipment to the border with Venezuela

Brazil pulls up to the border with Venezuela its armored vehicles. On Saturday, a video appeared that captured the VBTP-MR Guarani BTR column, at high speed following to the border with the neighboring state.

For the Russian military have developed a memo behavior abroad

The document contains the requirement to “adhere to the legend of their stay abroad”, not to use personal mobile devices, to avoid posting official information on the Internet. When communicating with relatives, the military is advised not to name the country of residence and the nature of the tasks performed. In the event of a recruitment attempt, the memo advises “to show restraint” and find a way to inform your commander about this.

Olga Vasilyeva proposed to tighten the examination of textbooks

Olga Vasilieva, Minister of Education, speaking at the Presidium of the Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS), said that when forming the federal list (FPU), textbooks should be checked at the stage of manuscripts.

Leather for robots will help create elastic fibers with a metal filler.

Polymer fiber with a filler from gallium is stretched and does not tear under considerable loads (Science Advances) In some ways, scientists repeated the trick, peeped from nature.

Roshydromet allocated 870 million rubles for the study of the Arctic

Roshydromet allocated funds in the amount of 868.75 million rubles for research and monitoring of the state and pollution of the Arctic environment. The relevant order is published on the website of the Government of the Russian Federation

Sergei Shnurov included in the Council of the State Duma Committee on Culture

The Council of the State Duma Committee on Culture has included Sergey Shnurov in its membership. Recall that in January of this year, the candidature of Andrei Makarevich was also approved. Other members of the council include Metropolitan Tikhon, writer Yevgeny Vodolazkin, circus artist Edgard Zapashnoy.

The public council at the Duma committee on culture grows with new names. As I announced, the “second call” begins. Even more independent-minded people, even more bold, original judgments about life and culture. – Elena Yampolskaya, Russian politician

Net profit “Norilsk Nickel” under IFRS in 2018 increased by 44%

The company’s net debt decreased by 14% and amounted to $ 7.05 billion at the end of 2018. The net debt / EBITDA ratio at the end of the reporting period was 1.1x versus 2.1x at the end of 2017.

The capex forecast for 2019 implies an increase to $ 2.2-2.3 billion. In the near future, we plan to make investment decisions on a number of potential growth projects and expect additional positive effects from the implementation of the program to increase labor productivity. – Vladimir Potanin, Russian entrepreneur

Oreshkin called for updating the Russian cruise fleet

Speaking at the Interregional Forum on the Development of Cruise Tourism on the Volga and the Caspian Sea, the Minister noted that there have been no serious positive developments in the development of the cruise sector in Russia in recent years.

Now a very important issue – the update of the cruise fleet. Creating a new fleet at a new level of quality will lead to the fact that demand will constantly increase. – Maxim Oreshkin, Russian politician

Construction of a highway in Sevastopol

The four-lane Herakleiskaya Rokada motorway will be built around the historic center of the city and link the largest districts of Sevastopol — Leninsky, Gagarinsky and Nakhimovsky. On the road, noise protection screens will be installed, sidewalks and pedestrian underpasses, outdoor lighting and drainage systems will be installed. The highway will be erected in two phases during the years 2019-2022 at the expense of the federal budget and the budget of the city of Sevastopol, according to Glavgosexpertiza. The cost of the project is not called.

Petersburg railway junction modernized for 300 billion

Petersburg railway junction will undergo significant modernization. The corresponding work plan was drawn up by the Transport Committee and the October Railway. The total cost of the work will be almost 300 billion rubles.

VEB will transfer its property under the management of “Dom.RF”

A source close to VEB, evaluating the real estate portfolio, calls the amount “more than 150 billion rubles.” VEB.RF really handles all real estate under the management of “Dom.RF”: “The company will take over the functions of property management and possible sale of it,” the representative of the state corporation confirmed to RBC.

“Aeroflot” increased fuel surcharge

The company reported that the increase will not affect the directions for which flat fares operate – these include flights to the Far East, Crimea and Kaliningrad. The carrier explains the decision to increase fees devaluation of the ruble and the rise in price of jet fuel.

Banks issued 22% more credit cards in January

In January, Russian banks increased the issuance of new credit cards by 21.9% compared to the same period last year, RIA Novosti reports with reference to the National Bureau of Credit Histories (NBCH). Only 4.2 thousand creditors issued 801 thousand credit cards per month

Flights in Russia went up by a third

In Russia this winter there is a significant increase in the cost of plane tickets. Thus, the price of air tickets for December — February in various directions increased on average by 5–33%. This is evidenced by the data ticket e-commerce services.

New housing has risen in price across Russia

The main growth was due to projects in New Moscow – the price of their implementation for the year increased by 17%, to 117.4 thousand rubles. for the quarter. m. In St. Petersburg, primary real estate went up by 8%, to 108.4 thousand rubles. for the quarter. The managing partner of Metrium, Maria Litinetskaya, expects that in 2019 prices for Moscow new buildings will grow by 7.5% and in the future real estate will continue to rise. In 2019, the cost of housing will be affected by accelerated inflation, rising VAT and the risks of another devaluation of the ruble in the case of new sanctions.

Gref acknowledged the loss of billions of rubles due to artificial intelligence

Sberbank lost billions of rubles as a result of artificial intelligence (AI) errors. This was told by the head of the bank German Gref during his speech at the “Lesson of the figures” in a private school in Moscow, the broadcast of the event was published on the corporate TV site of Sberbank.

Artificial intelligence, as a rule, makes a decision in large systems. A small error that has crept into the algorithm can lead to very large consequences. In our practice, we have lost a lot of money on this. We lost billions of rubles. – German Gref, Russian politician

VTB discloses income from the sale of insurance business to SOGAZ

The agreement to merge the insurance business of SOGAZ and VTB was reached in May last year, and at the end of October the transaction was closed. All companies of the VTB Insurance Group, including VTB Life Insurance and VTB Medical Insurance, are included in its perimeter.

In Russia, will change the tax scheme for the sale of housing

Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered to abolish personal income tax (NDFL) when selling housing, according to the Kremlin website. It is noted that this applies to housing that has been owned for more than 3 years. Another condition for exemption from personal income tax – if the housing sold is the only one. Previously, citizens were exempted from the payment of personal income tax, they sat down and owned owned housing for over 5 years.

Omsk Refinery to invest 9.7 billion rubles in the increase in gasoline production

The Omsk Refinery Gazprom Neft will invest 9.7 billion rubles. in increasing the production of high octane gasoline.

Russia’s Supreme Court equates cryptocurrency to money laundering

Cryptocurrencies included in the article of the Criminal Code about money laundering. This decision was made by the Russian Armed Forces. The Supreme Court of the Russian Federation included cryptocurrencies in the article of the country’s Criminal Code on Money Laundering

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