28 Aug, 2018

New trade agreement with Mexico

The US authorities agreed with Mexico on a new trade bilateral agreement in exchange for the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA). This was reported by US President Donald Trump in his Twitter.

“A big deal with Mexico,” Trump wrote in a microblog.

Earlier, he also spoke about reaching an agreement with Mexico on trade, which would replace the NAFTA Agreement and would benefit both countries. The US president stressed that the parties would refuse to name NAFTA, since, in his opinion, “bad associations” are associated with it.

“I like to call it the” US-Mexico Trade Agreement, “I think it’s an elegant name,” the US president added.

Briefly about the main thing …..


Diaries for the first-graders with farewell from the prisoner

In Orenburg, they distribute diaries for first-graders with a portrait and parting words from the arrested for bribery of the mayor Yevgeny Arapov. This was written on his Facebook page by one of the local residents Vladimir Tishin.

In the message to the children, Arapov advises them not to be lazy, learn to set goals and achieve them, as well as to understand a variety of things. In addition to the mayor’s appeal, the diaries also contain information about the city and emergency telephone numbers.

In Russia, xenophobic sentiment has risen sharply

Over the past year, the share of Russians who are in favor of restricting the residence of representatives of individual nationalities has risen sharply, according to a survey conducted by the Levada Center. The rating of “undesirable” ethnic groups is headed by Roma (growth from 17 to 32%), Chinese (from 15 to 31%) and Vietnamese (from 12 to 26%).

The proportion of people who approve the idea of “Russia for Russians” has grown (from 10 to 19%), and that has been declining since 2014. 39% of respondents are loyal to discriminatory ads about housing or work (most of these answers in Moscow – 63% ). In addition, from 58 to 67% increased the proportion of respondents who believe that the government should limit the flow of migrants.

In Spain, a group of migrants landed on the beach of a five-star hotel

From the frames you can see how the refugees literally storm the beach of Barros. Before their boat could touch the shore, they rushed towards the five-star Sancti Petri Melia Hotel. Later, the Spanish authorities said that they managed to detain 25 migrants, 19 of them are minors.

The demonstrators staged riots in Germany

The incident occurred on Monday in the city of Chemnitz. Riots began in the course of the demonstration, the reason for which was the murder of a 35-year-old German citizen (in this case, two suspects were detained – citizens of Syria and Iraq). This is reported by “Interfax”, referring to the German press.

Moscow can save regional surcharges to pensions

For residents of the capital it is planned to keep regional surcharges to pensions and provide them, as now, at 55 years old to women and at 60 years old men, Vedomosti reports referring to sources close to the mayor’s office. This decision, according to the publication, will be announced after the mayor’s election on September 9.
The Ministry of Labor suggests the transition to home education

In order to eliminate queues in the day nursery in the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection of Russia, it was suggested that by the end of 2024 about nine thousand home preschool groups be created, for which it is planned to train about 150,000 nannies. This is written on August 27, “Izvestia”

Such plans are fixed in the working version of the federal project “Creation of nurseries – the promotion of women’s employment”. It is assumed that needy families will be able to receive nanny services free of charge

Mobile application “Killed roads”

The project of the All-Russian Popular Front “Road Inspection of the ONF / Map of Murder Roads” launched a mobile application that will help motorists send comments on the state of roads. This is reported by the press service of ONF.

Ex-deputy head of the Kursk region received two years of prison for a bribe

In the UK said that Zubkov was suspected of taking bribes by real estate for 1 million rubles. from the construction company. According to Petrenko, Zubkov was sentenced to two years in prison in a strict regime colony, as well as paying a fine of 1 million rubles.

18 billion rubles for payments to the third child

More than 18 billion rubles the government will send in 2019 in the regions to support families at the birth of the third and subsequent children. The decree of Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev approved the list of subjects of the Federation for co-financing.

Putin announced the extension of the resettlement program from emergency housing

The program of resettlement from emergency housing in the regions will be continued. This was stated by Russian President Vladimir Putin in his communication with employees of the Chernigovets coal mine in Kemerovo, the RBC correspondent reports.

We will continue this program. Kemerovo is one of those regions where this is a big problem. Settled a lot of emergency housing, but we will continue. – Vladimir Putin

Court arrested Navalny for 30 days

The Tver court of Moscow sent under the house arrest of the blogger Alexei Navalny on the case of a repeated violation of the procedure for organizing a public event. This was reported by court spokeswoman Anastasia Dzyurko.

“According to the court’s decision, Navalny was sentenced to 30 days of arrest,” RIA Novosti quotes her.

As the agency notes, the oppositionist was detained on Saturday, August 25.

The financial pyramid in the Penza region caused a loss of 1 billion rubles

In the Penza region police arrested four people suspected of creating a financial pyramid, the damage from their actions is estimated at more than a billion rubles, said the official representative of the Ministry of the Interior of Russia, Irina Volk, RIA Novosti.

Russian students will be able to receive a rank without service in the army

Students of all Russian civilian universities will be able to receive a military rank and specialty without going through military service. This is reported by “Izvestia” referring to a source in the Ministry of Defense

The court rejected the first claim for damages due to Telegram’s blocking

“In the satisfaction of the claimed requirements to refuse,” – announced the operative part of the court decision, Judge Marina Ogorodnikova. The decision can be appealed in an appeal within a month

The Moscow Arbitration Court dismissed the claim of the St. Petersburg Investors LLC against Roskomnadzor to recover 5 million rubles of damages, which the plaintiff claims are caused by the agency’s attempts to restrict access to Telegram’s messenger, the RIA Novosti correspondent reports from the courtroom.

The Ministry of Health will spend 3 billion rubles. to attract Russians to healthy life

The Ministry of Health proposes to send up to 2024, almost 3 billion rubles. from the federal budget on motivating Russians to a healthy lifestyle (HLS).

The survey showed how many Russians are doing sports

“Among the most unpopular sports among Russians were martial arts, classes at home, skating and skiing (3% each), hockey (2%) and chess (1%),” the VTsIOM poll says. The main obstacle to sports is the lack of time (41%).

In Russia, the campaign to vaccinate the population against the flu

In Russia, the vaccination campaign against influenza starts, by September 1, half of the vaccines will be distributed. In a number of regions have already begun to vaccinate – in particular, since August 23, it is already possible to nestle in Udmurtia, from September 1, the inhabitants of Primorye will be vaccinated.


Excise on gasoline will increase by 45%

From January 1, excises on gasoline will increase by 45% – to 11892 rubles per ton. This means that the state will receive 2.8 rubles more per liter of gasoline than now.

Siluanov said the impossibility of predicting the ruble

The head of the Ministry of Finance stressed that the risk of the possible introduction of US sanctions makes the ruble rate unpredictable.

You will never guess, like any ordinary people, how the currency will behave. It depends in recent times on sentiment, risks, sanctions will be introduced, they will not. – Anton Siluanov, Russian politician

The Central Bank of Russia will not reduce the key rate in 2018-2019

Deputy Chairman and Chief Economist of Vneshekonombank (VEB) Andrei Klepach believes that in 2018-2019 the Central Bank will not change the key rate in connection with the acceleration of inflation, Tass reports.

First Russian-Chinese Energy Forum

The first Russian-Chinese energy forum will be held November 29 in Beijing, the head of Rosneft Igor Sechin told journalists after the presidential commission for the fuel and energy complex.

The first forum is planned to be held in November this year in Beijing. I know that about 40 companies have already expressed interest from the Russian side. A representative delegation is also expected from our Chinese friends. – Vladimir Putin

Do not recommend banks to state participation in their advertising

The Bank of Russia and the Federal Antimonopoly Service (FAS) recommend that financial organizations with state participation do not use this fact when promoting their services. A joint letter of agencies is published on the Central Bank website.

The airline “Yakutia” may abandon the aircraft Sukhoi Superjet 100

Passengers of the airline “Yakutia” are forced to suffer from delays in the airline’s flights due to frequent breakdowns and long repairs of the Sukhoi Superjet 100 aircraft. The general director of the carrier, Olga Fedorova, told this in an interview with the Yakutsk news agency.

As Kommersant writes with reference to the director of the fleet of the airline Ivan Vinokurov, “Yakutia” actually failed the summer “, since only four of the four planes declared in the summer schedule were in good order. Repair of two engines of liners lasted from September 2017 to May 2018.

Russia is on record

Russian companies this year are likely to get more than 420 million tons of coal. Thus, they can beat the Soviet record of 1988.

This year, the line of 420 million tons will be exceeded. And we, most likely, will surpass the maximum level of extraction of the Soviet time, reached in 1988. Enrichment volumes, as we expect, will also increase to 195 million tons, which is 28 percent more. – Alexander Novak, Russian politician

Saudi Aramco is deprived of an indefinite right to oil

Saudi Arabia State Oil Company Saudi Aramco Oil Co. has lost the perpetual right to develop oil and gas fields of the country. Now this term is limited to 40 years.

The Crimean bank will open offices in Russia

The largest Crimean bank RBKB will soon open the first office for servicing corporate clients in St. Petersburg, by the end of the year it is planned to open 4 more offices throughout Russia

Net profit “Dom.rf” in the first half of the year decreased

The net profit of the state company “Dom.rf” in the first half of 2018 under IFRS decreased by 14.5% – to 5.7 billion rubles, the company reports.

Gazprom Neft launched the second line of the Badra gas plant in Iraq

Gazprom Neft Badra, a subsidiary of Gazprom Neft, launched the second line of the complex gas treatment unit (GPP) with a capacity of 800 million cubic meters. year on the Badra field in Iraq

Ukraine filed an appeal against the WTO decision on the dispute with Russia about the wagons

Russia won the dispute with Ukraine because of railway equipment on July 30. Kiev argued that Moscow impedes the supply of wagons, rolling stock, turnouts and other components. The suit in the WTO was filed in October 2015.

Sinopec in the first half of the year increased its net profit by 1.5 times

The net profit of the Chinese state oil and gas corporation Sinopec in the first half of 2018 grew 1.54 times year on year and amounted to 41.6 billion yuan (6.05 billion dollars), the company said.

Friedman invests in oil and gas production in Norway

The company Dea Norge, controlled by Russian businessman Mikhail Fridman, intends to invest more than € 2 billion in oil and gas projects on the Norwegian shelf, the company said.

The crisis of no return threatens Russia

In Russia, there may come a crisis of no return, similar to that which the US overtook in 2008. Such forecasts were made by analysts of the Russian Guild of Realtors on the basis of the analysis of macroeconomic indicators for the first half of 2018

Russian airlines increased transportation in July by 7%

The occupancy of the seats was 90.5%, which is 0.2 percentage points lower compared to last year’s index (pp). Commercial load increased by 0.6 percentage points. – up to 75.5%. For January-July passenger transportation in Russia grew by 10.3%, to 64.3 million people.

In Ukraine, the losses were calculated in the event of Russia’s refusal to transit gas

Yury Vitrenko, the chief commercial director of the Naftogaz group, told UNN that Kiev’s losses in the event of Moscow’s refusal to transit blue fuel through Ukraine would amount to more than three percent of GDP.

Mechanical engineering to lose support

The working group of the government commission on budgetary design for 2019-2021 considered that in the key branches of engineering industry, anti-crisis measures should be partially abandoned. This is reported by the newspaper Kommersant referring to the minutes of the meeting.

This decision is influenced, among other things, by the “positive dynamics of development” of the automotive industry, transport and agricultural machinery, light industry and other industries, the newspaper quotes an excerpt from the protocol.

Maduro announced the establishment in Venezuela of the Ministry of Internal Trade

William Contreras will become the head of the Ministry of Domestic Trade, established in Venezuela. This was announced on Monday by the President of the Bolivarian Republic, Nicolas Maduro.

Investors go to the rentier

According to IKON Development, the share of investors aimed at obtaining passive income from leasing increased from 23.6% to 59%. From the total number of transactions such contracts occupy 7%.


Trump canceled Pompeo’s visit to the DPRK because of “hostile letter”

US President Donald Trump decided to cancel Secretary of State Mike Pompeo’s visit to the DPRK because of a letter of hostile content that Pompeo received from the North Korean side, reports The Washington Post.

The Ministry of Defense of Japan announced a threat from the DPRK

The Ministry of Defense of Japan on Tuesday presented an annual report on security in the region, which is called the “White Paper”. This document indicates that the Japanese authorities continue to see a threat from the DPRK, despite advances in the settlement of the situation on the Korean peninsula.

Canadian FM Abolishes Visit to Ukraine

Canadian Foreign Minister Hristia Freeland canceled the planned visit to Ukraine to conduct negotiations in Washington on a trade deal between the United States and Mexico, RIA Novosti reported.

“Yes, her visit has been canceled,” the Canadian Embassy in Kiev reported.

Merkel discussed with Trump the situation in Ukraine and Syria

A telephone conversation between German Chancellor Angela Merkel and US President Donald Trump took place on Monday, August 27. The leaders of the states discussed the situation in Ukraine and Syria, touched upon the issues of trade and the Western Balkans.

The widow of John McCain can take his place in the US Senate

The candidacy of the widow politician Cindy McCain is considered to be the senator from Arizona. This is reported by The New York Times referring to sources close to the governor of the state. In addition to the wife of the deceased politician, the candidature of former Arizona senator John Kyle is considered.

Poroshenko again rejected the idea of federalization of Ukraine

President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko said that Ukraine will remain a unitary state, and the authorities will not allow the federalization of the country.

Ukraine is a unitary state, we will not allow any federalization in the key elements of the functioning of states. – Petro Poroshenko, President of Ukraine

The UN accused the authorities of Myanmar of the genocide of the Muslims of Rohinj

The armed authorities of Myanmar massacred the Muslim nation of Rohinj, and this was genocide. This conclusion was reached by experts in the report of the UN mission to investigate the situation in the country, which was published by Reuters.

Ukraine has agreed with the EU on the conditions for obtaining financial assistance worth € 1 billion

The representative of Ukraine to the EU Nikolai Tochitsky stated that the agreement on granting to Kiev the first tranche of new macro-financial assistance of the European Union, the total amount of which is € 1 billion, will be signed in the near future


US build up grouping off the coast of Syria

On Monday, Defense Ministry spokesman Igor Konashenkov said that the United States is building up a group of carriers of cruise missiles in the region. This circumstance our military is directly connected with the preparation of another “chemical” provocation in the Syrian province of Idlib.

The Pentagon has refuted the pulling of carriers of cruise missiles to Syria

Pentagon spokesman Erich Pehon denied the agency TASS pulling US carriers of cruise missiles to Syria to strike at forces loyal to the country’s president Bashar Assad.

The Ministry of Defense showed a video of the launches of cruise missiles “Onyx”

On the video for a little more than a minute, which is available to RIA Novosti, the fragments of the Pacific Fleet exercises with the launching of Onix missiles from the Bastion coastal complexes and cruise missiles, presumably the P-1000 Vulkan, from combat ships are shown.

The Ministry of Defense proposed to allow armored vehicles to travel on common roads

The Russian military department proposes to allow new armored vehicles to reach the test site or the customer by public roads, the draft resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers

American missile destroyer Carney left the Black Sea

The destroyer of the US Navy Carney, equipped with the Aegis missile defense system, left the Black Sea on Monday. This is stated in a statement issued by the press service of the 6th Navy of the US Navy

In the Russian army, units have appeared to deal with drones

“Mobile groups to combat UAVs have been created in the units of the South-Eastern Military District in order to implement the experience gained by Russian specialists in the performance of combat missions in Syria,” the press service said.

“Almaz-Antey” ahead of schedule handed over one more S-400 regiment to the Defense Ministry

Concern VKO “Almaz-Antey” ahead of schedule delivered the Russian Defense Ministry regular regiment of S-400 “Triumph” SAM. Test flights with the accompaniment of real air targets at the Kapustin Yar test range near Astrakhan were successful. This was reported in the press service of the enterprise.

Turchynov called the size of Ukraine’s military budget for 2019

Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine Oleksandr Turchynov told how much the country will spend on defense in 2019. According to the press service of the National Security and Defense Council, in the coming year, Ukraine’s military expenditures will amount to about 200 billion hryvnia (more than $ 7 billion).

Russia began construction of a new air defense base in the Arctic

Earlier, according to the commander of the Northern Fleet, Admiral Nikolai Evmenov, it became known that this year a new Arctic air defense division will be formed on the basis of the fleet, RT reports.

Iran and Syria signed a cooperation agreement on defense

Iranian and Syrian Defense Ministries concluded an agreement on military and technical cooperation. According to Tasnim, the signing took place in Damascus, where the head of the Iranian military department, Amir Khatami, arrived. Shortly before that, the minister held talks with Syrian President Bashar Assad.

Algeria decided to buy from Russia fighters

Algeria is one of the largest buyers of Russian aircraft. Over the past ten years, the Air Force Park has been updated with 58 Su-30MKA fighters, 16 Yak-130 combat training planes, 14 Mi-26T2 transport helicopters and 42 Mi-28NE combat helicopters.


Spouse Karachentsova told about the state of the artist

We did an irradiation in Tel Aviv, fought for two months, but it did not decrease, did not react to irradiation. We came back here and started chemotherapy in a hospital in Krasnogorsk. Now there is a positive effect. – Lyudmila Porgina, actress

Assumption threatens to deprive the daughter of the inheritance

64-year-old queen of chanson has long been dreaming of grandchildren. On the air talk show, she publicly stated that she would deprive the girl of an inheritance in the event that she does not become a mother until 2020. The very same actress gave birth at 35 years old.

Photos of Sergey Shnurov with a new girl appeared on the web

The permanent leader of the group “Leningrad” Sergei Shnurov, if you believe in social networks, found a new passion. She became a resident of the northern capital, Ksenia Kostrovskaya, who in her stories published some very romantic pictures with the musician.

Elina Chaga commented on the rumors about the novel with Leonid Agutin

Portal Cosmo Online published the reaction of the participant of the second season of the show “Golos” from the team of Leonid Agutin Elina Chagi to rumors that she had an affair with her mentor. According to her, all this is the reaction of the yellow press and the “newspaper duck”.

Olga Buzova burst into tears of envy

Olga Buzova took to heart the message about the closeness between the participants of the TV project “Dom-2” Roman Gritsenko and Irina Pinchuk. The TV host burst into tears right on the frontal place. For several years, the 23-year-old Roman at every corner was shouting about his love for the 32-year-old Olga.

Ivan Zhidkov returned to his son’s mother

Almost three months ago, Zhidkov broke up with his chosen one Lilia Solovieva. But recently the couple, raising a common son, managed to forgive past grievances and make up. The young mother has already moved to the new apartment of the actor with the child.

Stylish image and effective tan

The Duchess of Cambridge, together with Queen Elizabeth II, attended the church service. For the release of a representative of the royal family chose an emphatically strict outfit, but it was so elegant and simultaneously spectacular, which caused a storm of emotions on the web.

Pelagia lost her face after injections of beauty

Web users noted that the girls look amazing: slim, fresh, bright, but they seem incredibly similar in the picture. Fans suggested that Pelagia and Natalya go to one cosmetician, and, as you know, injections of beauty “hide” the individuality.

54-year-old Lolita showed a figure in a swimsuit

The 54-year-old singer bravely publishes photos in social networks without a gram of make-up and is not shy of extra inches on her hips and waist. Today, Lolita once again proved that she is a woman without complexes, having published a video where she swims in the pool in a swimsuit

The actress who drove the teenager was banished from the TV show

Since October 25, the actress will be replaced by another celebrity, her name is not disclosed. On the castling will be announced on September 5 at the X Factor conference, preceding the start of the season. Earlier in August, The New York Times reported that in 2013, Argento seduced the young actor Jimmy Bennett.

Heirs of actor Raja Kapoor sell his studio

Studio RK Studios, founded by the legendary Indian actor Raj Kapoor, is put up for sale. To such a decision came his heirs, according to the publication of the Times of India. The eldest son of the actor, also an actor, director and producer Randhir Kapur admitted that the decision was not easy for the family.

Natasha Koroleva’s son works as an assistant chef

The holiday passed in a narrow family circle. And the most important surprise was given to them by 16-year-old son Arkhip. Tarzan admitted that the heir wants to be a restaurateur and so got a job in one of the Moscow restaurants as an assistant chef.

Daughter of Mikhail Turetsky staged a bachelorette party in a luxury hotel

Last weekend, 34-year-old daughter Turetsky rolled a bachelorette party. Already very soon, on September 22, the daughter of the People’s Artist of Russia and the founder of the “Choir of the Turkish” Michael Turetsky, Natalia will marry. With the spouse Dmitry they live many years in a civil marriage and bring up the children’s movements.

Mel Bee is being treated for sex addiction

Mel Bee appealed for help after she realized that she was overly addicted to alcohol and became illegible in sexual intercourse. Last year she experienced a severe divorce. Mel Bee, a former soloist of the popular Spice Girls group in the late 1990s, divorced her husband Stefen Belafonte.

Buckwheat refused to perform at a concert in Ulyanovsk

According to FedPress, the singer refused to perform in Ulyanovsk after she learned that tickets for her concert were given only to citizens who voted in the elections of deputies of the Ulyanovsk region on September 9.

Rostov rapper Basta composed a song in a non-existent language

According to the men, the song is written in a fictional Argentinean language and is called Argentinanoda. In the comments, the musician was made to understand that the experiment failed. Recall, in September Basta will perform at the stadium “Rostov-Arena”.


In Russia, mobile Internet came to replace wired

In Russia, the mobile Internet is gaining popularity, it comes to replace wired. According to a poll conducted by experts in 2017, residents of villages and cities of the country used exclusively mobile Internet in more than 15% of cases.

Megafon returned unlimited Internet access

“Megaphone” on August 27 opens unlimited internet access on “Include!” Tariffs, the company said. Current subscribers will need to select this option in their personal account, and for new subscribers it will be enabled by default.

Nokia will again equip smartphones with PureView technology

The deal on the purchase took place on August 23, so at this moment it is not known which smartphone model will be equipped with PureView. The first technology appeared on the device Nokia 808 in 2012, and the latest smartphones with the software are Lumia 950 and Lumia 950 XL, released in 2015.

International sales of cheap flagship Xiaomi Pocophone F1 began

Chinese company Xiaomi has begun selling a new flagship smartphone Pocophone F1 on the international market. Recall, the first to buy this model, buyers in the Indian market. However, already now Pocophone F1 can be purchased in China, France and Indonesia

Smartphone LG V40 with five cameras showed on the render

The network appeared renders for the flagship model of the smartphone LG V40, but its official premiere has not yet been held. According to the proposed staff, you can see some features of the novelty design.

Archos introduced the budget smartphone Access 57 4G for 80 euros

Archos Company presented a new budget smartphone, which was named Archos Access 57 4G. In the model range of the brand it will be the first smartphone released under the Android Go program, and given that this is a budget device, the filling in it will be quite expected.

Three Samsung Galaxy S10 models will receive subscreen fingerprint scopes

All three versions of the smartphone Samsung Galaxy S10 will receive fingerprints, placed in the display. In older models, an ultrasound scanner will be installed, in the younger one an optical

Smartphone ZTE Nubia Red Magic Flame Red goes on sale

Company ZTE announced the beginning of sales of smartphone Nubia Red Magic in the color of Flame Red from tomorrow in China. Fiery red smartphone Nubia Red Magic is offered at a price of 439 dollars in the version with 8 GB of RAM and 128 GB of flash memory. Sales start at 10 am local time on August 28.

Flagship smartphone Meizu 16 received a new color Mirror Blue

In the web published a photo of Meizu 16 in a mirror-blue color. When the new coloring of the smartphone goes on sale is still unknown.

Smartphone Huawei Mate 20 Lite began to appear on sale

Smartphone Huawei Mate 20 Lite has not yet been officially introduced, but has already started appearing in European stores for pre-order. In Poland and Germany, the smartphone should start shipping from September 9. In Germany, Huawei Mate 20 Lite is offered for 435 euros.

Facebook will add a new feature to the comments

Facebook specialists plan to add a new feature to the comments. It will provide an opportunity for users to see information shared with commentators who are not in their contact list.

Hackers attack Microsoft Outlook users

Specialists conducted an analysis of backdoor cyber-spy group Turla, which was used to steal confidential data from government agencies in Europe. Hackers used Microsoft Outlook to manage the program by sending commands to PDF files in an attachment.

Telegram has the opportunity to download your personal data

Telegram users can already download their personal data. The corresponding innovation, most likely, was introduced at the request of the European Union in the field of data protection

TTorrent released a client for browser with video playback support

Developers from μTorrent presented a new program for working with torrents. This is μTorrent web, which allows you to play video or audio right away, without waiting for a full download. Also the program is able to track suspicious torrents

Google removes rare searches from the Search Console

Google began to remove information about anonymous requests from the Search Console reports. Anonymous are considered rare queries, which are entered into the search for a small number of users.

ASUS announced computers for games

The announcement of new notebooks ASUS TUF FX505 and FX705 for fans of games

Samsung unveiled in Russia the TV-pictures The Frame 2018

The company Samsung introduced in the Russian market a line of UHD-TVs The Frame 2018 model year, made in the form of paintings. The idea of The Frame TVs is to turn the TV into a piece of furniture.

Viber got a new design and became faster

Developers have increased the speed of messaging twice, and also updated the design. According to the representatives of the messenger, now users will not only be able to discuss more topics because of the reduction in sending and receiving time, but also to quickly learn the status of message delivery.


Bye Aerospace tested a solar-powered drones

American startup Bye Aerospace conducted flight tests of the StratoAirNet drones, powered by solar panels mounted on its wings Recently, the National University of Singapore developed a drone powered by solar panel energy.

The first mathematical model of the time machine was created in the world

A group of scientists formed by physicists from the University of British Columbia (Canada) and the University of Maryland (United States of America) reported on the development of the world’s first mathematical model describing the time machine

Virtual dog will teach to communicate with your real brothers

The application will be further improved by adding new virtual dog skills. British researchers, together with the charitable organization Dogs Trust, have created a virtual reality application that will teach people the right actions when meeting a wild dog

Neural network taught to transfer people’s movements between videos

A group of researchers from the University of California at Berkeley under the leadership of Alexei Efros (Alexei Efros) have created an algorithm that also transfers the movement of people between two videos, but does it for the whole body.

A liquid film will help to separate the particles and protect themselves from midges

American scientists have developed a new type of liquid membrane, which divides the size of particles ranging in size from a fraction of a millimeter to several centimeters.

Red lanterns were knocked out of the way of migrating bats

Red LED lamps, similar to the safety lanterns that are put on wind turbines or high-rise buildings to warn aircraft pilots, attract bats during migration, according to the journal Ecology and Evolution

Airbus and Boeing will help Japan to create a flying taxi

Aerotaksi are created not only in Japan. In 2017, in Dubai, testing a flying car from the company Volocopter. At the beginning of this year, the first flight of the prototype of its air taxi was made by Airbus, then the successful start of the testing of passenger drones was announced by the start-up Ehang

Russian scientists began developing a vaccine against skin cancer

Russian scientists have started developing a vaccine against skin cancer. The research is conducted by the Blokhin National Medical Research Center for Oncology. Today, melanoma is treated with surgery, chemotherapy and radiation therapy, but relapse often occurs.

Scientists have found the skeleton of a bird-like dinosaur in China

Scientists from the US and China have found the petrified skeleton of a bird-like dinosaur in the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region. The creature, called Xiyunykus pengi, lived on Earth at the beginning of the Cretaceous period and was not the ancestor of modern birds

Scientists have created a nanogel against any viral diseases

Scientists from the free University of Berlin have developed an innovative nanogel that can effectively prevent viral infections. A study on this was published in the journal ACS Nano.

Physicists have cooled the cloud of molecules with the help of “dark” states

American physicists have cooled a cloud of calcium fluoride molecules placed in an optical trap to a temperature of about 20 microkalvin, and brought the density of the cloud to almost a billion molecules per cubic centimeter.

Chemists found square water nanotubes inside round carbon

It is known that the structure into which the water molecules inside the nanotube are built is determined by the geometry of the system and by the forces acting on them from the wall atoms, and thus depends on their radius, but the details of this dependence remained unexplored to this day.

The new material changes the shape in light and when heated

The network of “liquid crystal actuators” introduced into the elastic material was activated when it was irradiated with a radiation of a certain wavelength or heating above 90 ° C. For example, a crane made up of such material was decomposed, and after removing the external influence it was folded back by itself.

Scientists gave a new explanation to the phenomenon of night fireflies

Fireflies are designed to scare off predators. Many insects produce bitter and toxic substances, which make them not the most desired prey. Protection will only work if the potential attacker understands that this bug should not taste. The bright appearance of fireflies signals this, protecting the beetles from attack, they write in the publication Science Advances.

Scientists from CERN are going to cool antimatter

Physicists from CERN step closer to cooling antimatter using lasers, which, in theory, will help them unravel many of its secrets. They published their research in the journal Nature. In fact, antimatter is the opposite of “ordinary” matter.

Half of the Russian scientific infrastructure is promised to be updated

Minister of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation Mikhail Kotyukov said that according to the national project “Science” the scientific infrastructure in Russia can be renewed by 50%.


“Roskosmos” will begin to conduct more frequent selection in the cosmonaut detachment

A new selection for the Russian cosmonaut detachment will begin in the near future, it has been decided to conduct the selection more often, but to recruit fewer candidates, the executive director of Roskosmos, the cosmonaut, Hero of Russia Sergei Krikalev, told journalists on Monday

In the United States experienced a new reusable rocket

The American company Exos Aerospace conducted the first “very successful” tests of a reusable SARGE meteorological rocket (Suborbital Autonomous Rocket with GuidancE), according to Space News. Video launch is available on YouTube.

India will send a manned space mission

The Chief Adviser on Science under the Government of India said that the Indian Space Research Organization is planning to complete the preparations for launching its own manned space mission on time. The mission itself should begin in 2022.

The formation of Jupiter

Jupiter, a planet with a diameter of 143,000 kilometers, is the largest planet in the solar system and has a mass of about 300 masses of our planet. The mechanism of the formation of planets like Jupiter continues to be one of the most heatedly debated scientific issues for several decades. The new study of astrophysics from the Swiss National Center for Competence in Scientific Research (NCCR) joined forces with colleagues from other scientific organizations to explain a number of issues related to the mechanism of formation of Jupiter.

The so-called “delay in growth” of Jupiter, which consists in the fact that the young planet is in the mass range from 15 to 50 Earth masses much longer than previously thought, Albert and his co-authors explained by collisions with large planetesimals, which gave enough energy for heating up the atmosphere of Jupiter and preventing its rapid cooling, compression and further accretion of gas.

Coronal mass ejections of the Sun have dangerous “tails”

Using the GreenBank radio observatory located in West Virginia, USA, scientists led by Elizabeth A. Jensen observed radio signals sent from the MESSENGER spacecraft and discovered that solar eruptions that lead to communication disruptions and the operation of power grids on the Earth, have dangerous secondary structures moving behind the main flow of matter and energy – a kind of “tails”.


Dacia prepares for the release of the new generation Dacia Sandero

Interestingly, the new generation is expected to increase in size to the size of the Renault Megane, but at the same time the price tag for the car will remain the same, that is about 8,000 euros. The new Sandero will acquire a modern platform and engines.

SSC Company introduced the hypercar of Tuatara

The maximum speed of the car is limited by electronics at a mark of 483 km / h. The circulation of the hypermark will be limited, because the company plans to release only 100 units of the model.

The last copy of the roadster Pagani Huayra was named after the bird

Hypercar was shown in Pebble Beach, California. The last Pagani Huayra, built in honor of the fastest falcon falcon family, was shown in California.

Audi suspended the production of hatchbacks RS3

Audi suspended the production of the “charged” hatchbacks RS3, the reason for this step was that the car does not meet the new WLTP standard, which comes into force on September 1, 2018.

Ford introduced the new sports car Ford GT in the version of the Heritage Edition

The modification of the Heritage Edition received the orange-blue livery of Gulf Oil. On the body of the car number 9, and part of the elements of the aerodynamic body kit decided to leave uncoated, since they are made of carbon fiber

Former designer Mazda remade the supercar Gallardo in Salaff C2

The car was shown at the elegance contest at Pebble Beach. The novelty is the converted hypercar Lamborghini Gallardo. When creating C2, developers were inspired by such models as Peugeot 905, Porsche 917 and Ferrari 33 P4.

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