14 Июн, 2021

New US sanctions against Russia

New US sanctions on Russian federal loan bonds take effect. They prohibit American financial institutions (banks, brokers, investment companies) from participating in the initial offerings of the Treasury and Central Bank bonds, regardless of the issue currency. This applies to securities that will be issued after June 14.

The ban does not affect the secondary market, which allows American financial institutions in theory to buy securities from other players, but the US administration did not rule out that the restrictions could be tightened in the future.

The Ministry of Finance holds auctions for the placement of OFZs on Wednesdays. Thus, the first placement of bonds, in which American banks will not be able to participate, will take place on June 16.


The main reason for Belgium’s victory in the match with Russia is the nationalism of the small people, said the leader of the Liberal Democratic Party of Russia Vladimir Zhirinovsky.

The Walloons, the Flemings, have fought for independence for centuries, they hate everyone around them, and this is a powerful doping for them. And we do not have this, because for centuries our national identity has been eroded. And the tsar was hated for this, and the Soviet government was hated, and Yeltsin was hated. We are the Soviet people, then the Russian people, but for some reason we are not Russian. This does not cause a sense of unity among citizens, — Zhirinovsky wrote in his telegram channel.


The Dozhd channel was excluded from the official journalistic pool of Russian President Vladimir Putin. This information was confirmed by the editor-in-chief of «Dozhd» Tikhon Dzyadko.

According to Meduza’s sources, the reason for Dozhd’s exclusion from the pool was that the channel covered in detail the return of opposition leader Alexei Navalny from Germany to Russia and subsequent rallies in support of him.

Russian presidential press secretary Dmitry Peskov confirmed to Meduza that Dozhd was excluded from the pool due to coverage of rallies in support of Navalny. “Yes, unfortunately it is connected. The channel supported illegal actions in those days, ”Peskov said.


NATO will develop a strategic concept taking into account Russia’s «aggressive policy», the White House said. The countries of the alliance will commit to strengthening NATO’s defense positions to counter «threats from Russia» and other countries. Assistant to the President of the United States Jake Sullivan explained that in the latest version of the 2010 concept, Russia is defined as a constructive partner.


US sanctions against the Russian national debt have come into force. American companies are prohibited from directly purchasing Russian debt securities issued by the Central Bank, the NWF or the RF Ministry of Finance.


Lukashenka said about the importance of teaching Belarusians to use small arms: no one can guarantee that we will not fight


Residents of Moscow who violate the ban on the use of urban infrastructure in parks, including playgrounds and sports grounds, benches and gazebos during non-working days, will face a fine of up to four thousand rubles. The head of the Main Control Directorate of Moscow, Evgeny Danchikov, warned about this in an interview with TASS.


The nuclear powers have reduced the total number of nuclear warheads by early 2021, from 13,400 to 13,080, according to an annual report by the Stockholm Peace Research Institute (SIPRI). At the same time, the number of nuclear warheads deployed as part of the operational forces increased from 3,720 to 3,825 over the year. About 2,000 of these warheads were on high alert. Almost all of them belong to Russia or the United States.


Industrial enterprises in Moscow will continue to work as usual on the days off announced by the authorities. According to the Deputy Mayor of Moscow for Economic Policy Vladimir Yefimov, long days off have been introduced, first of all, for office workers. According to him, the mayor’s office does not plan to provide any support to business because of the introduced non-working day regime, since «restrictions are imposed only for a week.»


The last cosmonaut in the leadership of Roscosmos, Sergei Krikalev, lost his post due to criticism of the filming of the film on the ISS, according to the media and he himself confirms. The state corporation assures that these are ordinary personnel reshuffles.


Patriarch Kirill told the servicemen about eternal life in case of death for the Motherland. The Primate of the Russian Orthodox Church called on the regimental priests to invest this idea in all the military.


A Minsk court rejected a complaint about the detention of a Russian citizen Sophia Sapega. Her mother Anna Dudich, in an interview with «Podyom», called this decision expected. She also said that she did not know anything about the second criminal case that was brought against Sophia.

The session of the district court was held behind closed doors, Sapega did not participate in it. Now the defense intends to challenge the girl’s detention at the next instance, the Minsk City Court.


«Go to hell». The Pink Floyd founder sent Zuckerberg in response to a request to use the song Another Brick in the Wall II in a Facebook movie. Roger Waters said he did not want to support censorship on the social network.

“Here is a letter from Mark Zuckerberg, which indicates a huge amount of money. And my answer is: “Go to hell! Never! This is an insidious step towards owning absolutely everything. Those who have some kind of power, and I have it a little when it comes to using my songs. I will not participate in this shit. «

Waters is convinced the company wants to use the song to «make Facebook and Instagram even bigger and more powerful, to continue to censor us all and keep the Julian Assange story from going public.»


The players of the football team in Belarus supported Aleksandr Ivulin, who was detained for 30 days, who plays for the 25th team. After that, the OMON came to the match and began to detain the fans, who had 25 numbers on their jerseys, as well as balloons with numbers 2 and five.


G7 leaders have called Russia a party to the conflict in Donbas. This is stated in the communique of the G7 summit. The leaders of the G7 countries called on Moscow to withdraw its troops and the armed formations it supports from Ukraine.