23 Apr, 2019

News Digest 04/22/2019

US senator offers Turkey to choose between C-400 and sanctions

American Democratic senator Bob Menendez said that the United States would impose sanctions against Turkey if it purchases Russian C-400 air defense systems, and excluded the delivery of fifth-generation F-35 aircraft.

“If President Erdogan insists on purchasing the C-400 antimissile system and completing its purchase and installation, then sanctions will be imposed on the basis of the bill I originally submitted (to Congress). And it is not a question of sanctions imposed they will be mandatory. We do not want this, and we have proposed other options for Turkey. The S-400 system is incompatible with the architecture of NATO, “the senator said in an interview with the Greek newspaper Catimerini.

Russian aircraft will conduct an observation flight over the USA

The flight will take place on an agreed route from April 22 to April 27 with a maximum range of up to 4.8 thousand km. Ryzhkov also noted that Russia plans to carry out another flight from April 23 to April 27 — over the territory of Poland with a range of 1.4 thousand km. The open sky treaty was signed by 23 UN member states in 1992

The Jewish Congress condemned the burning of stuffed Judas in Poland

The World Jewish Congress condemned the burning of an effigy of Judas Iscariot as part of the Easter ritual, the tradition of which was renewed this year in the Polish district of Pruchnik in the south-east of the country, the congress said on Monday.

Washington bans eight countries from buying Iranian oil

Washington no longer intends to meet the countries importing Iranian oil. About this newspaper The Washington Post, citing a source in the US State Department.

Three countries (Greece, Italy and Taiwan) have already reduced the import of Iranian oil to zero. Another five (India, China, the Republic of Korea, Turkey and Japan) should do it from 2 May. Otherwise, tough measures will be taken against them.

Retired State Security Officer – Minister of Natural Resources of Transbaikalia

Acting Acting Governor of the Trans-Baikal Territory, Alexander Osipov, in the near future, may submit to the regional government a new minister of natural resources of the region – a retired officer who previously served in the state security organs in Moscow as retired general Oleg Nekrasov, on April 21, three independent from friend source in government.

The head of the military council of Sudan thanked Russia for support

Abdelfattah al-Burkhan, head of the Sudanese Transitional Military Council, thanked Russia, as well as Egypt, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates for their support. It is reported by Asharq Al-Awsat.

Russian sailors refused to pay extra for trips to Syria

The Sevastopol Garrison Military Court refused to satisfy the claim of 27 sailors from three ships of the Black Sea Fleet of the Russian Federation who took part in hostilities off the coast of Syria in 2016-2018 and demand to pay them daily allowances.

The Federation Council approved the law on reliable Runet

The Federation Council approved the law on reliable Runet, which is designed to ensure the stable operation of the Russian-speaking segment of the Internet in the event of aggressive actions from abroad. Now the law will be sent for signature to the president and will come into force in November of this year.

The exchange of prisoners was held in Syria with the support of the military of the Russian Federation, Iran and Turkey

The exchange was organized with the participation of representatives of the Ministry of Defense of Russia, Turkey and Iran in the framework of the Working Group on the release of detainees and hostages, the transfer of the bodies of the dead and the search for the missing in Syria, created following the international meeting on Syria in Astana on December 22, 2017.

In India, another destroyer of the Visakhapatnam type was launched

Indian naval forces will soon be replenished with a new destroyer. According to indiatimes.com, the shipyard of Mazagon Dock Limited (MDL) held a solemn launching ceremony for the destroyer INS Imphal of the Visakhapatnam type.

Snowden told how the United States in 2012 disconnected Syria from the Internet

Former US intelligence officer Edward Snowden claims that the US NSA was involved in disconnecting Syria from the Internet in November 2012, as a result of which the whole country did not have access to the worldwide network for two days, Andrei Klishas, ​​chairman of the committee of the Federation Council, told RIA Novosti.

At the Moscow auction ring sold from the shackles of the Decembrists

The ring, forged from the shackles by the Bestuzhev brothers for the Decembrist Yevgeny Obolensky, was sold at auction for 6 million rubles, the press service of the auction house “12 chairs” reported

Cash transfers across the EEU customs border

The Ministry of Internal Affairs, the General Prosecutor’s Office and the Investigation Committee agreed on proposals to introduce a cash transfer threshold of $ 100,000 across the customs border of the EAEU, beyond which it would be necessary to submit documents confirming the origin of cash.

The trailer of the movie “Hero” with Alexander Petrov appeared on the Web.

The main roles in the film were played by Alexander Petrov, Vladimir Mashkov and Svetlana Khodchenkova. Filming took place in Moscow, Kaliningrad and Riga. The film tells about the history of Andrei Rodina, who was trained 20 years ago in a special school of the Foreign Intelligence Service, where teenagers were trained by teenagers.

Medvedev approved the federal program for the development of genetics

Interfax-Russia.ru – Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev has signed a federal scientific and technical program for the development of genetic technologies for 2019-2027.

But the share of our country, let’s face it, in the global market for the circulation of genetic technologies is very small, and everything must be done to increase our share here, including that we have the necessary margin of safety. – Dmitry Medvedev, Russian politician

Oman officially introduced electronic visas for Russian tourists

The Sultanate of Oman has finally approved the procedure for obtaining electronic visas for Russian tourists. This is stated in the official report of the Russian representative office of the Ministry of Tourism of Oman. The term for issuing an e-visa will be from several hours to several days.

Samsung’s Russian “daughter” convicted of price coordination

The Federal Antimonopoly Service (FAS) of Russia found Samsung’s “daughter” of Russia guilty of coordinating the price of gadgets in Russia, the regulator said on Monday.

Belarusian refinery reported on equipment breakdown due to Russian oil

At the Mozyr Oil Refinery in Belarus, it was stated that poor-quality Russian oil led to the breakdown of expensive equipment.

In Russia, increased compensation to victims of financial pyramids

Now the maximum amount of compensation to depositors of financial “scam” will be 35 thousand rubles. Previously, it was equal to 25 thousand rubles. Marat Safiulin, the manager of the Federal Public-State Fund for the Protection of the Rights of Depositors and Shareholders, reported to Rossiyskaya Gazeta about this

Federation Council ratified the convention against tax exemption

Russian senators at a meeting on Monday ratified a multilateral convention on countering the withdrawal of profits from taxation. The convention, developed within the framework of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), was signed by the Russian Federation on June 7, 2017 in Paris.

Mutko announced the extension of the dacha amnesty

Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev earlier announced a decision to extend the dacha amnesty until March 1, 2020. The head of government noted that he had instructed to draft a bill.

Russia does not give up US securities

Russia refused to increase investment in gold and again buys US bonds, according to recently published statistics of the US Treasury. So, in February, the state bodies of our Russia increased investments in US securities by 10%.

The debt of the Perm enterprises reached a trillion rubles

As of March 1, 2019, according to Rosstat, Perm companies that do not belong to small businesses, owed loans and loans of 1 trillion 127 million rubles. The amount of overdue debt is 52.4 billion rubles, it is noted in 166 organizations.

Ministry of Economic Development predicted a decrease in gas production in Russia

The Ministry of Economic Development of Russia predicted a decline in gas production in the country in 2019

Gazprom plans to produce 495 billion cubic meters of gas in 2019

The deputy chairman of the board of Gazprom added that in 2018, 10.2 billion cubic meters of gas and 4.4 million tons of gas condensate were produced from the Achimov deposits. In 2019, the company plans to produce 11.1 billion cubic meters of gas and 4.8 million tons of gas condensate from the Achimov deposits.

The Ministry of Economic Development has published a forecast for capital outflow from Russia

According to the Central Bank of the Russian Federation, the net outflow of capital from the Russian Federation last year amounted to $ 76 billion. The regulator predicts a net capital outflow of $ 35 billion in 2019, $ 17 billion in 2020, $ 13 billion in 2021.

China increased oil and gas production

China in the first quarter increased gas production by 9.4% yoy to 44 billion cubic meters. m, oil production – by 0.6% to 47.35 million tons, according to the State Committee for Development and Reform of China.

Irkut received the first Russian engines for MS-21 airliners

The first two Russian-made PD-14 engines for MS-21 airliners were handed over to the Irkut Aircraft Corporation, the press service of the United Engine Corporation (RDC) reported to RIA Novosti. In total, the UEC Perm Engines JSC has built 16 engines.

Northern shipyard sent two ships for sea trials

On April 21, the shipyard “Severnaya Verf” sent two ships to factory trials at once – the lead corvette of the project 20385 “Gremyashchy” and the first serial frigate of the project 22350 “Admiral of the fleet Kasatonov”.

The death toll during the fighting in Libya has grown to 254 people

The death toll in Libya, where hostilities are currently underway, has risen to 254 people, another 1,228 were injured, according to a message published on Twitter by the World Health Organization (WHO) unit in the country. Previously reported 227 dead and 1066 wounded.

Rosstandart accepted GOST for installing reduced road signs

On May 1, a national GOST will come into effect in Russia, allowing city authorities to install reduced traffic signs on the streets. The document is put into effect by order of Rosstandart, Kommersant writes. According to the newspaper, from May 1, the authorities will be able to install reduced road signs (500×500 and 400×400 mm) on the “non-speed street-road network” in the central part of cities and in the area of ​​historic buildings

“This is a voluntary document. The authorities responsible for installing the means of organizing the movement, as before, retain the right to use conventional and experimental signs, ”explained the deputy head of the Rosstandart Anton Shalaev.

GOST also allows for other changes, including a right turn to a red light. In addition, the signs “Dedicated tram lane”, “Diagonal pedestrian crossing” and the combined signs “Paid parking”, “Disabled parking” may appear.

Citizens will appreciate the quality of public services on a five-point scale.

Heads of territorial authorities and regional FIUs, social insurance funds and compulsory medical insurance, as well as heads of multifunctional centers (MFC) will be rewarded or dismissed depending on the quality of public services provided to the population. This was said on Sunday, April 21, in the order of the Ministry of Economic Development, which Izvestia learned about.

The document comes into force on June 1 of this year. So, it is planned for citizens to send messages with a proposal to evaluate the level of public service received. Grades of one to three points are considered negative, and four and five are positive. The answer to the SMS will be made free, and if the person does not provide feedback within a certain period, he will be additionally called back.

The Ministry of Economic Development hopes that in the first calendar year the indicator of satisfaction of the population with the quality of service will be at least 85%, and in the next 12 months of work – 90%. In a department document, a deviation of 3% is allowed, but if it is more, this will be the reason for the performance check.

More than 80% of the revenue of Nizhny Novgorod IT-companies accounted for export

The annual volume of products manufactured by Nizhny Novgorod IT companies is about 26 billion rubles. Most of the revenue is export revenues, Gleb Nikitin, head of the region, said on Sunday in a panel discussion entitled “Cities in the fourth industrial revolution” at the Global City Hackathon site in Nizhny Novgorod.

In Russia, will increase the number of places for refueling electric vehicles

According to the forecasts of the Association for the development of electromobile, unmanned and connected transport and infrastructure, in the coming years, the number of electric charging stations (EZS) in the country may grow two to three times.

Parents of disabled children will be given additional leave.

Parents of children with disabilities will be able to take additional paid leave of 4 days each month.

In Russia, proposed to introduce a tax on fishing

In Russia, they proposed to introduce a tax on fishing in order to get rid of unnecessary people in the waters. The initiative was voiced by the world champion in fishing Konstantin Kuzmin on the air “Moscow says.”

“I support the unpopular decision. I am for paid fishing. For the Cyprus version: a person pays a year, this money is earmarked for stocking and protection of reservoirs, ”he explained.

Russia has become a leader in the number of received Schengen visas

Citizens of Russia received more Schengen visas last year than citizens of any other state. According to the European Commission, the Russians received about 3.6 million Schengen visas. Most of all visas were issued by consulates of Finland, Spain and Italy.

The first bicycle highway will open in Beijing

At the end of May, the first bicycle road will open in Beijing, reports the ENB, citing the press service of the city committee on transport. A 6.5 km bike trail connects Shandi, a Beijing-based high-tech company center, with the densely populated Hueilongguan quarter.

New Russian airline Arktika will receive SSJ-100 and L-410NG aircraft

The authorities of the Arkhangelsk Region and the Nenets Autonomous District, within the framework of the V International Arctic Forum “Arctic-Territory of Dialogue”, signed an agreement on the creation of a new Russian airline, Arktika, based on the merger of two regional aviation enterprises and airport complexes. This is reported by the portal “Made by Us” …. between the authorities of the Arkhangelsk Region and the Nenets Autonomous District, an agreement was also signed with the state transport and leasing company regarding the leasing of three aircraft of the SSJ-100 and L-410NG models ….

Wheat prices fell due to low demand

Wheat prices fell due to low demand Last week the average export prices for Russian wheat with 12.5% ​​protein decreased by $ 3, to $ 224 per ton (FOB, deep-water ports), Sovekon reported.

Rusagro’s revenue grew by more than 50%

The agricultural business (production of sugar beet, wheat, barley, sunflower, corn, soybeans, etc.) brought Rusagro 4.9 billion rubles. revenue. The increase by the first quarter of last year was 235%.

People’s Bank of China Expands Bond Issues

The People’s Bank of China (NBK) reported on the results of the bond issue, which took place in March of this year, Xinhua reports on April 21. The total value of issued liabilities amounted to 4.5 trillion yuan (almost 672 billion dollars).

Supervised facilities will be checked by the Internet of Things

MegaFon has developed a concept for the development of a platform for the industrial Internet of things for regulatory authorities, the creation of which is estimated at 420 million rubles. It is assumed that it will be able to monitor and control emissions of industrial enterprises and transport, as well as working conditions, collecting and analyzing data, predicting negative impacts and forming fines. The proliferation of digital control should be accompanied by a reduction in the traditional, up to a complete abolition of scheduled inspections, which will reduce the administrative burden on the business, the concept says.

Kolyma patrons sponsored estimates for the gubernatorial “construction of the century”

The NGO “Social Partnership of the Magadan Region” presented an annual report – according to the data, design and survey work for the “construction of the century” in the region was paid for by sponsorship of firms and businessmen of Magadan. As follows from the document, the Fund in 2018 spent about 95 million rubles

“Promsriereimport” can supply fuel to the Crimea

It is assumed that a large trader, who is not afraid of sanctions, will be able to offer stable wholesale prices to Crimean gas station chains, which will allow them to reduce the cost of fuel at gas stations, say two sources of Kommersant. As Kommersant found out, Promsriereimport, subordinate to the Ministry of Energy, which is already under US sanctions, could become a major wholesaler of fuel to the Crimea. This option is being considered as part of the government’s efforts to reduce retail fuel prices on the peninsula. The interlocutors of “Kommersant” on the market are skeptical about the effectiveness of such a measure, noting that it will not solve the key problem – the high cost of delivery of petroleum products. Some sources of “Kommersant” also speak of the increased margins of the Crimean gas stations.

Minstroy proposed to relocate the inhabitants of the Far North at the expense of Gazprom and Rosneft

Gazprom, Rosneft, LUKOIL, Alrosa, Susumanzoloto work in the polar regions – if a fee is introduced, the agency wants to complete the resettlement in 7-8 years.

How Belarus will earn on the sanctions of Russia against Ukraine

In response to the Kiev sanctions, Moscow imposed a ban on the export of oil and oil products, which is quite capable of causing a final collapse. But an unexpected bonus was received by Belarus. Analysts are sure: now Minsk will deploy gray schemes for re-exporting oil to a neighboring country at full capacity.

Russian specialists will inspect the military object of Lithuania

A group of inspectors from Russia on Wednesday will visit Lithuania to assess one of the military facilities of the country’s armed forces. This is reported by the newspaper “Red Star” with reference to the head of the national center for reducing nuclear danger Sergei Ryzhkov.

Rostec will help young people get rid of the fear of guns

“Our task is to tell the truth, to give young people the opportunity to not be afraid of this product, because many fears, unfortunately, are shaped by a virtual concept of modern weapons,” the industrial director of conventional weapons, ammunition and special chemistry of Rostec state corporation told reporters. “Sergey Abramov following the meeting on the development of the small arms industry.

Azerbaijan to hold joint exercises with Turkey with live firing

Azerbaijan and Turkey will hold in the beginning of May joint tactical exercises “Mustafa Kemal Ataturk – 2019” with live firing. This was reported in the Ministry of Defense of Azerbaijan. According to the information, the personnel of the Turkish Armed Forces have already arrived in Azerbaijan to participate in the exercises.

Clash of Iranian and Russian military escalates in Syria

Iran and Russia continue to fight for control of cities and strategic sites in various regions of Syria, the Arab newspaper Al-Arabi al-Jadid reports in London, quoting the Turkish agency Anatolia.

Last Friday, clashes occurred in the area of ​​Aleppo Airport, which is controlled by units of the elite Iranian Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC). It is noted that the Russian military police decided to oust the IRGC and its Shiite allies from this territory and for the sake of this they lifted the plane into the air. According to media reports, two Iranians were the victims of the clashes between Iran and Russia near the city of Mayadim in the Deir al-Zor region, and four Russians were injured.

Venezuela announced the successful implementation of the Energy Recovery Plan

Venezuela Vice President Delsi Rodriguez announced the successful implementation of the Energy Recovery Plan, which was introduced to prevent the repetition of sabotage in the National Electric System, which was completed in March. This was announced by the Venezuelan channel TeleSur.

The population of Russia: departed – arrived

Over the past three years, the population in the JAR declined by 3.72%, in the Magadan region – by 3.53%, in the Tambov region – by 3.27%. Also in the top five in terms of population decline included the Kurgan region, where the population decreased by 3.16%, and Komi (3.1%). In absolute terms, the largest loss is observed in Saratov (46.68 thousand people) and Nizhny Novgorod regions (45.68 thousand people), as well as the Altai Territory (43.89 thousand people).

The leader of the population growth rate was Sevastopol, where the number of residents increased by 6.46%. Also high rates of population growth are observed in Ingushetia (5.2%), Chechnya (4.5%), Tyumen (4.41%), Leningradskaya (3.88%) and Moscow regions (3.84%). Moscow ranked 12th in the rating (2.31%), St. Petersburg – the seventh (3.03%).

The study showed that in three years the population increased only in 25 regions, and in 60 it decreased.

Every second Russian pawnshop uses “gray” schemes

In Russia, a scheme of unfair mortgage lending is being developed – returnable car leasing, bypassing the requirements established by the Central Bank. As they told Izvestia in the All-Russian Popular Front (ONF), the organization received thousands of appeals from citizens who lost their personal vehicles by applying for gray auto pawnshops. Today, more than 150 such firms operate under various brands in 40 regions. According to experts, the “gray” leasing schemes are used in their work every second Russian pawnshop. And the Central Bank has already prepared a draft amendment to the Civil Code, which will regulate the leasing market.

4 billion rubles for the formation of a comfortable urban environment

The interim acting governor of St. Petersburg, Alexander Beglov, said what will be spent on the four billion rubles allocated from the city budget. Data about this was provided on the air in the week in St. Petersburg channel 78. A large amount of four billion rubles will be spent on the improvement and improvement of the environment of the northern capital …

Consumer loans increased by almost a quarter in Q1

In the first quarter of 2019, the average size of consumer credit increased by 24.3%. Such data follow from the materials of the National Bureau of Credit Histories (NBCH). According to the organization, the average size of loans issued for the purchase of consumer goods during the reporting period reached 170.3 thousand rubles.

Coal companies ask Railways to reduce tariffs

Prices for steam coal in the European market update three-year lows. In this regard, the coal companies and the Ministry of Energy of the Russian Federation appealed to Russian Railways with a request to reduce tariffs for the transportation of coal in the western direction.

Inactive customers of the Bank debited 5 thousand rubles from the accounts

Clients of MDM-Bank and Binbank, who did not use their accounts during the year, learned about writing off 5,000 rubles from them (but not more than the account balance). Write-off is already carried out by the state Bank Otkrytie, to which several banks have been merged

Huawei for the year managed to increase revenue by 39%

Revenue Huawei Technologies Co. in the first quarter of 2019 grew by 39% and amounted to 179.7 billion yuan ($ 26.81 billion), said Huawei.

Huawei has signed 40 contracts with telecom operators for the supply of equipment for 5G networks and has sold over 70 thousand 5G base stations. The net profit margin in the last quarter was about 8%, the company noted. Huawei’s consumer electronics division sold 59 million smartphones in the first quarter.

Oil industry workers are asking 450 billion rubles from the budget

Refiners will receive 300 billion rubles from the state this year. for the supply of gasoline and diesel fuel to the domestic market, reports Interfax, citing the director of the department of tax and customs policy of the Ministry of Finance Alexei Sazanov. This will happen while maintaining the current prices for oil and oil products, he said.

Market participants and the Ministry of Energy return 300 billion rubles. seems inadequate. The changes to the compensation mechanism proposed by the Ministry of Energy may increase it by another 150 billion rubles. With the current prices for oil and oil products, it can reach up to 450 billion rubles, said Sazanov. At the end of March, Prime Minister Dmitry Kozak, who oversees the fuel and energy complex, said that the government approved a new compensation mechanism; now the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Energy are trying to agree on how and due to which the lost budget revenues will be compensated.

Tesla explosion on parking in China hit the video

Japan will go to the trick and to return the Kuril Islands

Tokyo has developed a cunning plan for the return of the islands of Iturup, Kunashir, Shikotan and Habomai, writes the Japanese edition of Sankei. This time Japan intends to take advantage of Moscow’s interests in the Arctic, by offering Russia its assistance in the important Russian energy project Arctic LNG-2 in exchange for the “northern territories” of the Russian Federation. The Russian company Novatek, implementing the Arctic LNG-2 project, is looking for investors. Moscow is especially interested in participating in the Japanese Mitsui and Mitsubishi projects. In this regard, Tokyo states that it is ready to provide 50% of the required amount in exchange for the Kuriles.

Facebook removes unwanted content after the attacks in Sri Lanka

Facebook said it was collaborating with law enforcement agencies in Sri Lanka, supporting them. In addition, “unwanted” publications that violate the rules of the social network are removed.

The All-Russian festival of competitions for young performers starts in Vladimir

Within the framework of the festival 12 contests in various specialties were announced. The participants will be pupils of children’s music schools, art schools, students of secondary and higher specialized educational institutions. The competition will be able to participate and teachers

The trailer of the first Russian interactive series “Digital Doctor” has been released

Studio “Wild Digital” showed the first trailer of its interactive series “Digital Doctor”, based on the eponymous comic strip. The show was directed by Viktor Kravchenko, the main roles were performed by Julia Franz (“Gogol”) and Danila Yakushev (“The Interns”, “Call Di Caprio”).

The exhibition “Spring mood” opened in Pskov

Since April 19, in the exhibition hall of the Union of Artists of Russia in Pskov (Lenin str., 1) there is an exhibition of works by Pskov artists called Spring Mood.
Sergey Pavlov, the author of the “Moon Rainbow” died

The materials devoted to Soviet science fiction always mention Pavlov’s dilogy “Moonlight Rainbow” – as one of the brightest works on the near-cosmic theme. And with an emphasis on the threat of loss of human nature due to contact with the Unknown.

In Krasnodar, will show “Living Dreams of Salvador Dali”

More than 100 works by Salvador Dali will be presented to visitors. For the first time, a multimedia zone with “revived” versions of pictures will work on the same exhibition site. The exhibition “Living Dreams” is from the collection of the St. Petersburg Gallery of Modern Art PS Gallery.

Ryan Murphy is preparing a remake of cult gay drama for Netflix

Author of American Horror History and American Crime History Ryan Murphy adapts the Boys in Band for the Netflix stream service. He said this in his Instagram.

Netflix is ​​testing a new feature “Random episode”

Netflix developers have launched a new feature that is currently undergoing a testing phase. It is reported that this feature allows users to view a random (approx. Random) episode, as well as pick up a new series or web show.

Violinist who did not get a job in his native Crimea conquers Europe

After his dismissal from the Simferopol Philharmonic Society, the talented Crimean Alexander Yuts moved to Europe. He received a scholarship to the Vienna Conservatory and tours a lot. The violinist now recalls a conflict with the Ministry of Culture of Crimea as a nightmare.

I have the warmest relations with the musicians of the Crimean orchestra, – Alexander admits. – I am very sorry that they had to go through the procedure of signing an official renunciation of me. Unfortunately, these are the methods of the highest “cultural” leadership of the Crimea.

I was dismissed, referring to the lack of education (diploma with honors from the Moscow State Conservatory), in fact accusing me of incompetence, at the same time taking the position of director of the philharmonic society without even a primary musical education. When we first met, she said: “Your Bach is not interesting to anyone here.” It was her response to the offer to hold a concert in honor of the 330th anniversary of the birth of the great composer, the artist recalls bitterly.

Tchap secure messenger hacked in a few hours

The French authorities have created their own secure messenger Tchap created specifically for civil servants and designed to replace Telegram, WhatsApp and other similar solutions. The application has already appeared in the official directories for iOS and Android. The sources were published on GitHub so that other organizations could run their own version of Tchap. Anyone can download the messenger, but it will not work: according to the developers, it allows only users with mailboxes on the French government domains to register.

Just a few hours after the release of the source codes, independent security specialist Baptiste Robert discovered a dangerous vulnerability in the messenger. In fact, the bug allows any user with a registered account to spy on the internal communications of the French government. For example, a researcher jokes that he didn’t want to know at all that the employees of the Ministry of Agriculture have already created a group “for those who love everything yellow”

Research vessels for Russia can build in Germany

Research vessels (NIS) for Russia can be built in Germany. It is reported by Kommersant with reference to the certificate for the meeting held on April 17 at the White House under the Deputy Prime Minister Tatiana Golikova.

Initially, the ship was ordered by the Institute of Oceanology of the Russian Academy of Sciences; the Vyborg Plant, which is part of the United Shipbuilding Corporation (USC), was to become the contractor. However, the Ministry of Education and Science claims that the Institute is not competent enough to form the terms of reference. In this regard, the Ministry intends to assign to itself the functions of a customer of a technical project and announce a competition in which, most likely, Pella and PJSC Zvezda will participate. When choosing “Pella” as an executor of the project, vessels will be built in Germany, which is associated with obvious difficulties (customs costs, exchange rate risks, etc.). Recall that the construction of two NIS in the national project “Science” laid 28.4 billion rubles.

Apple stopped selling 4K LG UltraFine monitor

Apple stopped selling the 4K LG UltraFine monitor, which was intended for Mac personal computers. This model was available for $ 700.

Huawei has introduced the “first in the world” 5G module for cars

At the Shanghai Motor Show, which opened last week and will last until Thursday, Huawei introduced, in her words, the “first in the world” 5G module for cars.

In Korea, released a new smartphone LG X4 (2019)

LG unveiled a new LG X4 (2019) smartphone in Korea. This is the successor to last year’s LG X4. The main difference between the two smartphones is that it comes with only 2 GB of RAM, not 3 GB.

New wireless speaker system UBON SP-45 Pro Power

UBON introduced a new UBON SP-45 Pro Power wireless speaker system. This speaker system has a cylindrical attractive shape with a built-in stand.

Through a hole in a popular web server, you can master someone else’s Linux

The vulnerability in question, CVE-2019-0211, can be a source of serious risk for web servers used to launch shared hosting instances: under such conditions, users with limited rights can use the vulnerability to gain root privileges using scripts and running commands on vulnerable Apache web servers.

Viber launched in-app purchases for Russians

Messenger with video communication function Viber launched purchases in the application. Now users can find products of interest, share them with friends, explore the range of online stores without leaving Viber, told the company.

WhatsApp is testing a fingerprint scanner for an Android application.

WhatsApp has launched beta testing of an Android application with a biometric protection feature. The update applies only to this platform. It is also known that biometric authentication will block the ability to take screenshots of the screen.

In the USA, a model is proposed to explain the change of climatic periods.

According to the information obtained during geological surveys, our planet over a period of a billion years completely froze much less frequently than it is supposed according to the proposed model.

In France, opened a laboratory for the study of combat lasers

The new laboratory, created by scientists from the Institute of Optics ALPhANOV and engineers from the company MBDA, will allow specialists to study how high power lasers affect different materials under different environmental conditions.

Scientists have learned to determine the exact cause of the cancer

British scientists have found a way to determine the exact cause of the development of any cancer by the DNA of cancer cells. Until now, doctors had only general ideas about which substances are carcinogenic and can lead to cancer (for example, asbestos or exhaust gases), but about individual patient could only guess.

Scientists have found in the gas shell of Mars “an unusual water pump”

Scientists have discovered an unusual “water pump” in the atmosphere of Mars. From the point of view of terrestrial science, the movement of water vapor in the upper atmospheric layers looks extremely unusual. The motion algorithm is similar to the functioning of the pump.

Discovered the largest workshop of Mayan statuettes

Archaeologists working in Guatemala have discovered the largest known Mayan statue workshop in the world. They announced the discovery at a meeting of the Society of American Archeology. In the workshop, buried under the ground more than 1000 years ago, intricate mass-produced figurines were made.

Cheese affects blood sugar levels

Scientists from the University of Alberta in Canada have figured out how cheese affects blood sugar levels. According to experts, the cheese allows you to control the level of sugar, writes “Kolmovo.ru”. Researchers plan to explore this topic further.

Treat post-traumatic disorders without drugs

Scientists have found out that in animals with stress disorders the level of stress hormones increases in danger, but in some, on the contrary, decreases. For some reason, the brave animals, accustomed to attack the enemy, the level of the hormone is lower than those who flee. Thus, a new experimental model of the effect of stress on the body was developed.

Researches of scientists from an international consortium were conducted as part of a project funded by a grant from the Russian Science Foundation (RNF), and the results were published in the journal Frontiers in Behavioral Neuroscience.

Low cholesterol has proven to be potentially dangerous for women.

The cholesterol level of 70 mg per deciliter and lower in women was associated with a two-fold greater risk of hemorrhagic stroke compared with those in the fair sex in which it ranges from 100 mg / dL to 130 mg / dL. This writes the “Rossiyskaya Gazeta” with reference to MedicalXpress.

Scientists predict the onset of darkness on our planet

According to the specialists of the Institute of Dynamics of the Geospheres of the Russian Academy of Sciences, the amount of sunlight coming to Earth may decrease, and the main reason for this is space debris. They note that there is now more and more garbage of all sizes in space. In the future, when its quantity becomes really significant, it is likely to prevent the penetration of sunlight through the atmosphere to the Earth.

Astrakhan astrophotographer captures the Hamburger galaxy

Astrakhan astrophotographer has published a photo of the Hamburger galaxy. Alexander Andreev put together 55 pictures so that we could admire the cosmic view. The photo appeared in the local public “Club of amateur astronomers to them. F.Yu.Sigel.

Scientists have named the main reasons for the Sun to lose its mass.

Recently, scientists managed to find out that every year the mass of the Sun is getting smaller. Calculations showed that annually about 175 trillion tons of the mass of a heavenly star goes. The researchers also found that the cause of such a decrease in mass is the solar wind and nuclear fusion.

Comet shaped star cluster

Scientists with the help of the Hubble telescope discovered an unusual star globular cluster resembling a comet near the center of the Milky Way. Gravitational forces keep cosmic bodies at the same distance to each other, which is a rather rare phenomenon.

Announced the configuration and prices of the new Kia Soul for Russia

The Soul basic kit includes an emergency braking and lift assist, six airbags, tire pressure sensors, electric and heated mirrors and the Flex Steer system, with which you can change the force on the steering wheel.

Ford introduced the world’s first electric Ford Bronco

The world’s first Ford Bronco with an electrical installation in the cabin received trim elements made of natural wood, the body panels of the car are made of carbon and the frame using the method of gas-tungsten arc welding.

Chevrolet Onix Redline for Lada Vesta Sport

The new Chevrolet Onix Redline sedan, which is about to enter the Chinese market, was rated by General Motors at least at 96,900 yuan (about 900,000 rubles, that is, at the price of the Russian LADA Vesta Sport). Serial production of the model is established at a joint venture GM-SAIC in China

Fiat turned the hatch Argo into a “crossover”

In Brazil, the off-road version of the Fiat Argo hatchback is declassified, which should soon enter the local market. The web has published photos of cross-modifications without protective camouflage, allowing to see in detail the upcoming new product.

Renault will prepare a budget Kwid crossover

Compact and affordable Renault Kwid crossover will be the basis for a new model. The company decided to release a more stylish budget crossover (according to preliminary information HBC) will be built on the basis of the modified CMF-A platform.

Mercedes-Benz Announces Serial Vision Maybach Release

The German giant Mercedes-Benz last year demonstrated the conceptual model Vision Maybach Ultimate Luxury at the Beijing auto show. The prototype of an SUV was remembered by motorists because it looked like a traditional sedan.

Toyota Creates Green Technology Institute in China

The Japanese company Toyota Motor, in collaboration with Tsinghua University in Beijing, is creating a research institute to study automotive technologies that use alternative energy sources. On this April 22 reports Reuters

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