6 Jan, 2020

News digest for 01/04-05/2020

Right-hand drive vehicles will be banned from being imported into Russia from July 1

Import of cars and special equipment with the right wheel to Russia will be prohibited from July 1; the ban does not apply to cars yet, according to January 1 on the website of the “parliamentary newspaper”. The new requirement establishes the technical regulations of the customs Union.

Amsterdam has a new tax for tourists

On January 1, 2020, a new tourist tax began to be levied in Amsterdam. Now for each night of stay in a hotel in the capital of the Netherlands, the traveler will have to pay an additional €3. Those who prefer to stay in a campsite will have to add €1 per night.

Usmanov told about the possible heirs of his business

Businessman Alisher Usmanov answered the question about possible heirs to his fortune in an interview with the financial Times. According to the businessman, he intends to give his shares to his family and top managers.

Manufacturer Superjet filed a lawsuit against “Iraero” almost a billion rubles

The Arbitration court of Moscow received a lawsuit from the manufacturer of Sukhoi Superjet 100 aircraft company “Sukhoi Civil aircraft” (GSS), which intends to sue the airline “Iraero” from Irkutsk almost a billion rubles, information about this is contained in the file of arbitration cases. It is still unknown what exactly the requirements of the aircraft manufacturer are based on.

The interior Ministry will create units to combat drugs on the Internet

The Ministry of internal Affairs of Russia intends to create in 2020 units to combat the spread of drugs and their propaganda on the Internet, said the acting head of the Main Department for drug control Department Kirill Smurov.

“We have a deadline for their creation until January 10, 2020, this issue is being worked out, the relevant instructions have been given to the units on the ground. The task set by the President will be completed by this date, ” Smurov said at a round table in the state Duma.

Zelensky reported his income

President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky declared the income received from the Studio “Quarter 95”. About it reports “СТРАНА.иа” with reference to the data in the Unified register of declarations of persons authorized to perform the functions of the state.

Mongolia forgave debts to all pensioners

The decision to write off debts on loans to all pensioners in the country was announced by the President of Mongolia Haltmaagiin Battulga during his new year’s address, January 3, the Central Asia channel reports.media.

“I am pleased to announce that the national security Council of Mongolia has decided to repay the loans of all pensioners in order to help them get out of debt,” Battulga said.

The program will affect all citizens of the country who have reached retirement age, and the amount that the state will pay for them will be about 300 million US dollars.

Earlier, Vladimir Putin wrote off Mongolia’s debt of almost $ 12 billion and promised hundreds of millions of dollars of investment and free weapons.

In Russia, the development of a rocket for launches from the ” Sea launch»

The Progress rocket and space center, which is part of the Roscosmos state Corporation, and S7 Space have begun developing technical parameters of the launch vehicle for launches from the Sea launch floating spaceport.

Fashion for the construction of large shopping centers is fading.

According to “Kommersant”, in 2020, not declared the input of any object more than 100 thousand square meters. m. the Average size of the object will be 9.3 thousand square meters, which is one and a half times lower than in 2019, and in comparison with 2015, the area of the average object has decreased four times.

Deliveries of Tesla electric vehicles increased by 50% for 2019

The American company Tesla for 2019 delivered 367.5 thousand electric vehicles, which is 50% more than the previous year. This is reported by TechCrunch.

The United States is forecast to experience an economic downturn

More than half of the financial Directors of the world’s leading companies predict an economic downturn in the United States in 2020. This is evidenced by the results of a recent study “Prospects for global business” at American Duke University.

“American financial Directors are preparing their companies for a recession. They accumulate cash, strengthen the financial position, reduce costs and perform other actions to prepare for the downturn, ” said John Graham, a Professor of Finance at Duke University and head of the study.

Uzbekistan will have its own tourist gold ring

Uzbekistan will have its own tourist infrastructure like the Russian Golden ring, Sputnik Uzbekistan reports, citing the decree of the government of Uzbekistan “on the accelerated development of tourism in the Tashkent region for 2019-2021”.

Reduced the term of ownership of housing for its sale without paying personal income tax

The term of ownership of a single dwelling, after which you will not need to pay personal income tax (personal income tax), has decreased from five to three years. On January 1, the relevant amendments to the Tax code entered into force. This is reported by “RIA Novosti” on Wednesday, January 1.

1.38 billion rubles were allocated for the construction of fishing vessels

Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev approved the rules for granting subsidies from the Federal budget to Russian organizations to reimburse part of the costs of construction of fishing vessels. This was necessary because earlier support measures had not had the desired effect.

Bankers intend to bankrupt a large manufacturer of bottles from Omsk

Bank “Avangard” announced its intention to appeal to the Arbitration court of the Omsk region with a statement on the recognition of LLC “Omsk glass factory” bankrupt. The relevant information is published in the Unified Federal register of legally significant information about the facts of activity of legal entities. Previously, the Bank did not apply to the court for the recovery of any debt from the company.

Previously, the company was called “Omsktara”, then “Omsk steklotara” and belonged to other LLC from Moscow, while in the conglomerate of legal entities ties stretch just to the Bank “Avangard”. Now “Omsk glass factory” is registered on the offshore ELROY CONSULTING GROUP LTD, registered in Belize.

Honda will release in Japan drones with the third level of autonomy

The first Japanese manufacturer to enter the market of self-driving cars with the third level of automation will be Honda. According to local media, the new product will be officially presented in July 2020, after the last stages of testing are completed, and then sales will start.

Netanyahu supported the US after the murder of General Suleimani

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, after the assassination of the head of the commander of the special forces “al-Quds” of the Iranian “Islamic revolutionary guard Corps” (IRGC), General Qasem Suleimani, said that the Jewish state is ” completely on the side of the United States in the fight for peace.”

Israel has the right to defend itself. The US has exactly the same right. We are fully on the side of the United States in the just struggle for peace, security and self-defense. — Benjamin Netanyahu, Israeli politician

Large Russian warship damaged in Syria

In Syria, the largest Russian warship was damaged. Appeared at the Russian Navy base in Syria a few weeks ago, the Russian warship “Orsk” was seriously damaged off the coast of Syria.

Where is Your personal data stored?

In 2020, mandatory photo-recording of vehicle inspection will be introduced

The rules on mandatory photo-fixation of technical inspection of cars will come into force on the territory of Russia from June 2020. According to RIA Novosti, the corresponding resolution, published on the official portal of legal information, was signed by Russian President Vladimir Putin.

South Korea intends to abolish the punishment of the guardhouse in the army

South Korea is going to cancel the use of the guardhouse as a punishment for crimes in the army, as such a system violates human rights, reports the Yonhap news Agency, citing the country’s defense Ministry.

North Korea urged to prepare for ” instant and crushing blow»

This is stated in an article published by the Central publication of the Republic “Nodon Sinmun”.

“An action that would damage the dignity or jeopardize the survival of our Republic should be met with an instant and crushing blow,” the TASS news Agency quoted the material as saying.

To do this, it is necessary to maintain the invincible military power and continue its build-up, the report says.

Seoul urged North Korea not to test new strategic weapons

Such an act by North Korea is not conducive to denuclearization negotiations. This was told to the Agency Yonhap in the Ministry of unification of the Republic of Korea.

Earlier, Kim Jong-UN said that in 2020, North Korea will show the world new weapons. The state has to develop it because of the hostile position of America

XI Jinping approves mobilization of armed forces training

Chinese President XI Jinping signed a mobilization order to train the armed forces. Prepared by XI Jinping, General Secretary of the Communist party of China and Chairman of the CMC, the document provides for strengthening military training in real combat conditions.

Released the final trailer for “Dracula” from the creators of ” Sherlock»

A trailer for the new BBC and Netflix mini-series Dracula has been released on YouTube. The showrunners of the project – mark Gatiss and Steven Moffat-are best known for the cult “Sherlock”, which as one of the main advantages is directly mentioned in the video.


The sequel to the novel “Sex and the city” will be released in Russian

The sequel to the novel “Sex and the city” will appear in Russian bookstores in 2020. This is reported by RIA Novosti with reference to the publishing group “Eksmo-AST”. The book “Sex in the city” is a collection of articles by journalist Candace Bensel.

Named the plot of the new film about Harry Potter

The plot of the new Harry Potter film may be based on a story that will happen 20 years later. Most of the original cast will return, and several storylines will be added, RIA Novosti reported

In France, the “Russian seasons” begin”

The concert of Mstislav Rostropovich Foundation for cultural and humanitarian programs fellows and Galina Vishnevskaya Opera center soloists will be held in Mulhouse, France. This performance will be the first event of the international cultural project “Russian seasons” in France.

Year of Raphael in the Hermitage

The Hermitage in the year of Raphael will prepare an inter-Museum exhibition dedicated to the 500th anniversary of the death of the master of the Renaissance. The Museum plans to show masterpieces from its collection and works from the collections of Russia and Europe, including paintings from the Louvre. The opening of the exhibition is scheduled for December. It will feature several hundred pieces of painting, drawing, sculpture and applied art, some of which have not been exhibited before. Among the exhibits are works by Raphael himself, as well as Parmigianino, Poussin, Rubens, Ivanov, Ingres and Picasso. In the Hermitage, Raphael is represented by two works, and one painting will be brought from the Louvre.

Released a new English-language trailer for the film “Gretel and Hansel»

In the Russian box office, the film will appear from January 30. Foreign viewers will see it a day later.


Portraits of members of the Communist party of China will be exhibited in the Hermitage

Giant portraits of Chinese Communists will be placed in may in the Nicholas hall of the Winter Palace. There, the Hermitage will open an exhibition of contemporary Chinese artist Zhang Huan.

He became famous after high-profile performances in China and the United States. In the mid-2000s, the artist began to create paintings in a unique technique: most of his large-scale works are written by the ashes of incense from Buddhist temples. One of these works – a forty-meter group portrait of members of the Communist party of China-will occupy almost the entire wall of the Nicholas hall.

The secret of Alexander Solzhenitsyn’s Nobel prize has been revealed.

Alexander Solzhenitsyn won the Nobel prize for literature only after being re-nominated. His candidacy first appeared in the list of 103 applicants in 1969, but then the Nobel Committee awarded Samuel Beckett. Alexander Solzhenitsyn was awarded a high award only the following year.

This is evidenced by archival documents that were released today by the Swedish Academy. The nominee lists have been kept secret for half a century. In 1969, Vladimir Nabokov was nominated for the sixth time, along with Graham Greene, Arthur Miller, Andre Malraux and Gunter grass.

Eric Clapton will come to Moscow and St. Petersburg with concerts

The guitarist plans to give three concerts in June: one in the ice Palace of St. Petersburg and two more-on the stage of the capital’s “Crocus city Hall”. The team with which Clapton will take the stage is special. This is Paul Carrack, who was a keyboardist in Roxy Music, played with Ringo Starr and Elton John. Bass guitarist Nathan East has been involved in recordings and concerts since the ‘ 70s, from Peter Gabriel and Stevie wonder to Michael Jackson and sting.

Created a new activated carbon for water purification from metal

Scientists have developed a modified activated carbon that can purify water from iron. It is based on a special modification of coal, which allows more than three times more effective in comparison with conventional active coal to bind iron in the groundwater entering the water supply system, – reports the publication ferra with reference to scientists who participated in the creation of new coal.

In Israel, developed the technology of ” self-healing car»

Specialists of the startup Aurora Labs from Israel have developed an innovative technology called “self-repair of the car”, designed to identify and fix problems.

Ori Lederman, chief operating officer of Aurora Labs, says software is at the heart of modern transportation security. To solve the problem with tracking the car, experts have created a remote system that can diagnose the vehicle in real time and, if necessary, eliminate software problems, avoiding serious failures.

AvtoVAZ raised prices for all Lada

On January 1, 2020, AVTOVAZ increased the recommended retail prices for all LADA models by 5-23 thousand rubles. Now the most affordable LADA costs 455,900 rubles. This became known as the “Autonomistas of the day” in the course of monitoring of the Russian automotive market.

In Grozny, the Christmas tree cost 26 million rubles

This is reported by the publication “Kavkaz Realii” with reference to the portal of public procurement. It is noted that this is the most expensive Christmas tree in the South of Russia. In Pyatigorsk, spending amounted to 14.5 million rubles, in Rostov-on-don-more than 10 million

The most unstable countries in the world

According to the Fragile States Index, the most unstable country in the world for 2019 was Somalia (a good question, by the way, whether the country remained there at all). The most stable is Finland! And all of Scandinavia is in the lead, along with Switzerland, Austria, Canada and Australia.


Belarus announced the resumption of oil supplies from Russia

Pumping of oil from Russia to the Belarusian Naftan refinery in the Vitebsk region resumed in the evening on January 4. This was reported to journalists by the Deputy Chairman of Belneftekhim Vladimir Sizov, BelTA reports.

According to him, the pumping units were turned on at 17: 05. “Begins to take place the supply of oil in the direction of JSC “Naftan”. As the route orders are issued, the volume will be added and deliveries will be made, including for the Mozyr oil refinery, ” Sizov added.

The Russians were able to pay personal income tax in advance.

Money can be put into the account of the Federal Treasury for subsequent write-off from January 1 of the coming year. This measure will prevent arrears in the payment of tax.

This measure will prevent arrears in the payment of tax. The use of such a single payment applies to those who themselves pay income tax, for example, from the sale of property, car, reports RG. Also, the timing of the offset of the single tax payment will change. It will be credited within 10 days from the date of receipt of the advance or sending a tax notice. If there is no debt, the offset will be held before the tax payment deadline.

In Russia, stricter requirements for lamps in public places

The main goal of the new rules is to reduce energy consumption for lighting and negative impact on the environment. It is noted that the requirements will apply only to industrial and public premises, and for personal purposes, citizens will be able to use those devices that they like.

In contact zoos visitors will be forbidden to touch animals

Owners of contact zoos will be obliged to put animals in cages and forbid visitors to touch Pets. Changing the format will allow entrepreneurs to keep business in this area, according to the study “2GIS”. The survey showed that many contact zoos did not close at the end of 2019.

Professions that may soon be replaced by robots

First of all, we are talking about jobs where “standardized” services are produced (employees of banks, insurance, financial organizations, representatives of the travel industry-specialists who are engaged in the design and sales of these products)

The second group concerns workplaces where professional activity is related to the input and processing of information (administrators, assistants, economists, office managers, etc.).

The third group of work that robots will be able to do is related to verification and control (sellers-cashiers, security guards, controllers).

Trump has threatened to strike 52 targets in Iran

The US will be ready to” very quickly and very strongly ” strike 52 targets in Iran if it comes under attack from Tehran after the assassination of Iranian General Qasem Suleimani. About this in his Twitter wrote American President Donald trump.

Trump did not specify what the goals were. According to him, some of them “are very significant and important for Iran and Iranian culture”. Their number is equal to the number of American hostages “captured by Iran many years ago,” the American leader added. “The US no longer wants any threats,” he wrote.

Reuters learned about the transfer of control of oil to foreigners in Venezuela

Venezuelan company PDVSA allowed its foreign partners to gain control of the oil fields, and now they are engaged in their development, according to Reuters, citing former oil Minister Rafael Ramirez.

Fitch: EastMed will make the southern EU gas market competitive

The construction of the new EastMed gas pipeline will make the southern gas market even more competitive. This” RIA Novosti “said the representative of” Fitch ” Dmitry marinchenko. Marinchenko believes that the introduction of “EastMed” in operation will reduce the dependence of European countries on Russian gas. He added that serious competition in the South of Europe will begin in 2024-2025. At this point, “EastMed “will compete with” Turkish stream”, the Azerbaijani project” TAP-TANAP”, as well as with the Algerian LNG.

The United States has created a vaccine that prevents the development of Alzheimer’s disease.

According to today News Ufa, American scientists have managed to create a drug that prevents the formation of amyloid plaques. Amyloid plaques are caused by Tau protein. They provoke disorders in the brain. Thanks to the new vaccine, plaques do not appear

Gunmen attack us base in Kenya

Militants of the radical Islamist group Al-Shabab, closely linked to al-Qaeda (banned in Russia), attacked a US naval base in Kenya. This is written by Nation Breaking News on its Twitter page.

Active volcanoes have been discovered on Venus for the first time

A study conducted by the Association of universities in space research (USRA) and published in the journal Science Advances has shown that lava flows on Venus may be only a few years old. Thus, today it is volcanically active, making it the only planet in the Solar system other than Earth with recent eruptions.

Physicists have demonstrated a thermal quantum engine

Scientists have developed a quantum engine whose efficiency is close to the highest possible value in its class. The engine runs on an Otto cycle on fuel from carbon nuclei with half-whole spin, which emit energy due to nuclear magnetic resonance. The work is published in the journal Physics Review Letters.

Medvedev approved the plan of spatial development of the Russian Federation until 2025

“Plan… it is aimed at the effective organization of the economic space in Russia through the formation and development of promising centers of economic growth, the disclosure of the economic potential of various types of territories, the development of human capital, “the Moscow Agency reports with reference to the website of the government of the Russian Federation

The formed strategy will ensure stable and balanced spatial development of Russia and reduction of inter-regional differences. In particular, this means the modernization of geostrategic territories, the formation and development of mineral resource centers, as well as the improvement of the environment and the existing natural landscape.

From January 1, private clinics will be engaged in treatment

In Russia, out of 146.3 million people, one in four (24% of the total population) is in retirement age. The need for medical and social services for older citizens is objectively higher than for people of working age. At the same time, such services (medical and social patronage) should be provided comprehensively.

In order to increase the availability of such services for citizens aged 65 years and older, Government Resolution No. 1915 of 27.12.2019 was adopted on the implementation of a pilot project to attract private medical organizations to the sphere of providing medical and social patronage at home in the regions of the Russian Federation starting from January 1, 2020.

Ignitis has started supplying gas to Finland

Lithuanian electric gas supply company Ignitis has become a player in the Finnish gas market, the company’s press service reports. The company has already signed a gas supply contract with a number of major Finnish business clients. The Balticconector gas pipeline with a length of 150 kilometers, which was put into operation on the first day of 2020, connected the gas transport systems of Finland and the Baltic States.

“Ignitis offers customized gas supply solutions for the largest gas consumers in Finland. It is assumed that as a result, the gas supplied to our customers in Finland may be one-fifth cheaper, ” explained Ignitis Board member for corporate clients and international development Haroldas Nauceda

Parliament in Eastern Libya voted to break off relations with Turkey

Sitting in Eastern Libya in Benghazi, the Parliament voted to break off relations with Turkey. This is reported by the TV channel “al-Arabiya”. Earlier, the Parliament in Benghazi, which supports the Libyan national army, refused to approve and voted against the agreement concluded by the Tripoli authorities and Turkey on military assistance.

At the same time, the deputies decided to close the Turkish Embassy in Libya. The Parliament called on the UN security Council, the League of Arab States, the EU and other international organizations to withdraw recognition of the Tripoli government of Fayez Sarraj.

At the airport in Istanbul banned with signs to meet tourists

The company that operates Istanbul airport has banned tour operators and agencies from meeting guests immediately at the exit of the customs control zone, ATOR reports. Now you can not be there and keep signs indicating the name of the company or the name of the tourist

Japanese authorities decided to strengthen immigration controls after Ghosn’s escape

The Ministry of justice of Japan ordered to tighten control at the border after the escape from the country of the former head of the Alliance Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Carlos Ghosn. This was stated by the head of the Department Masako Mori, reports Reuters.

Austria refuses to accept refugees

Austria will no longer accept refugees from the island of Lesbos. This was stated by the country’s Chancellor Sebastian Kurz in an interview with Bild. In his opinion, “little Austria” has already done more than enough for migrants.

“Austria has made a disproportionate contribution in recent years. Our country has received more than 150 thousand applications for asylum, in my opinion, too much for a small Austria, ” Kurz said.

In Transbaikalia a conscript soldier escaped from a military unit

In Transbaikalia, the search began for the Ural conscript soldier Artur Khakimov, who left the military unit on January 3. As told “URA.RU” in the human rights organization “Committee-Council of soldiers ‘mothers of Russia”, before the escape, the soldier sent his mother an SMS

Earlier in Transbaikalia, a criminal case was opened about hazing in a military unit: on October 25, 2019, a conscript soldier Ramil Shamsutdinov shot eight of his colleagues on the territory of a military unit located in the SOUTHERN Part of the TRANS-Baikal territory.

Bershka and BTS have released a new collection of clothing for BT21 fans

It seems that fans will finally be able to buy clothes with prints of their favorite band, without spending all their savings on one t-shirt. The official representatives of the store reported about the collaboration with BTS via Twitter, posting photos of t-shirts and hoodies with the image of BT21 heroes

Vee from BTS starts a solo career

Many music critics have long been predicting Tehanu solo career. And in the coming year the guy really plans to devote a lot of time to solo work

Pet Shop Boys release “Hotspot” album»

On January 24, Pet Shop Boys ‘ fourteenth Studio album, “Hotspot”, will be released. In September, as released the first single- “Dreamland”. This song was created by Neil Tennant and Chris Lowe with Olly Alexander from Years & Years, “one of the most original bands of the decade”.

Released trailer for ” the Amazing journey of Dr. Doolittle»

In the story, the main character is a veterinarian who discovers an unusual ability to talk to animals. A man lives in Victorian England, he lost his wife. Since then, he has led a reclusive life, hiding behind the high walls of his estate.

Huawei opened a store with robots instead of employees

Instead of sellers, the new Huawei brand store uses three robotic arms that are able to transfer goods from the shelves to the hands of customers without assistance. Robotic hands do not need to rest, so the new store is open around the clock.

A subsidiary of Huawei has started supplying chips to other manufacturers

Hisilicon representative Zhao Qujing spoke about the changes in the company’s policy at the Shenzhen exhibition. He noted that if the company previously supplied only a limited number of processors to the open market, now other manufacturers will have access to most of HiSilicon’s developments.

Almost two thirds of Russians complained about public transport

“58% of residents of cities with millions of people complain about the shortcomings in the work of buses, trolleybuses and trams. In General, this figure is slightly higher in Russia-62%, “Izvestia reports, citing a study by the NAFI analytical center.

The main complaint of respondents to transport is that it rarely goes. Other reasons include overcrowded salons and rudeness from drivers and conductors.

Only 27% of respondents use public transport every day. The most popular alternative to ground public transport is cars. Thus, in cities with millions of people, 52% of respondents use the car, in smaller cities — 49%, in villages-47%.

Since the new year in Russia has risen in price Railway tickets

The indexation was made by the decision of the Federal Antimonopoly service. According to RIA Novosti, the rates increased in the “regulated sector” – in reserved seat and General cars of trains of distant following. The growth was 3.5 percent.

In 2020, there will be an increase in tariffs in coupe, SV and Lux, where the system of dynamic pricing is applied. Here the cost of tickets consists of several factors, the prices are influenced by the season, the day of the week, the number of seats sold. Freight traffic was indexed by 3.5 percent

The moon has lost its magnetic field

Studies of the moon’s rocks, conducted earlier, proved that this satellite of our planet has a strong magnetic field. Its capacity was 100 microtesla. For comparison, The earth’s magnetic field today is half as small-50 microtesla

Recent work by scientists at the Massachusetts Institute of technology, which they conducted with colleagues from other scientific organizations, proved that about 1-1.5 billion years ago, the Moon lost the lunar Dynamo – one of the possible mechanisms for the formation of an ancient magnetic field. And today it is almost absent. And if earlier on our natural satellite it was possible to use a compass, today it is impossible. Now scientists are faced with the task of explaining this incredible fact.

Astronomers have discovered the WR72 nebula, which is completely free of hydrogen

Astronomers have discovered a nebula that is completely devoid of hydrogen. As it was established, in the above case we are talking about the cosmic body WR72. According to preliminary data, the planetary nebula is located at a distance of 4600 light years from the earth.

An astronomer from Japan has developed a method for studying space by sound

A woman astronomer who lost her sight at the age of 20 has developed a technique for studying space by sound, which has a significant advantage over the visual study of the Universe. This is reported by Nature.

Scientist Wanda Diaz Merced, who works at the International astronomical Union in Japan, has introduced a technique in which the brightness and frequency of electromagnetic radiation observed in the study of outer space are converted into audible elements such as pitch, volume and rhythm. She argues that this method should also be used by sighted scientists, since it avoids methodological distortions in the conclusions.

Physicists have dispersed the electrons on the chip

American physicists have created an accelerator of elementary particles, which fit on a silicon chip with a size of several tens of microns. The device, based on the technology of laser dielectric acceleration, in the future can become the basis for compact and powerful accelerators that will be used in medicine, materials science, biotechnology and many other fields. The results are published in the journal Science.