9 Jan, 2020

News digest for 01/08/2020

Scientists have revealed the secret of the painting “Savior of the world” by da Vinci

Italian Renaissance artist Leonardo da Vinci in his work “Savior of the world” (Salvator Mundi) depicted in the hands of Christ is not a glass ball, and a hollow sphere. The corresponding conclusion was made by scientists after creating a three-dimensional model of the scene using computer 3D graphics, according to MIT Technology Review. Scientists have found that in the hand of Christ at a distance of 25 centimeters from his body is not a glass ball, but a hollow sphere with a diameter of 6.8 centimeters, with a thickness of glass walls of only 1.3 millimeters.

Iran attacked US military facilities in Iraq

Iran attacked the ain al-Assad air base and an airfield near Erbil in Iraq. US military personnel are stationed at the facilities, writes Kommersant with reference to The al Mayadeen TV channel. He, in turn, refers to a senior Pentagon official.

Media reported the death of 80 people in the attack on US bases in Iraq

About 80 people were killed in a rocket attack on American air bases in Iraq, according to the Iranian TV channel Press TV. The channel notes that it cannot “independently confirm” the exact number of victims.

Iraqi citizens were injured in a missile attack on an American military facility in the West of the country, CNN reported, citing a representative of one of the security forces of Iraq.

In Iran, crashed Ukrainian passenger Boeing

Ukrainian airliner Boeing 737 crashed at the international airport named after Imam Khomeini in Tehran. All 180 people on Board were killed, the BBC reports. According to Iranian media, the crash occurred shortly after takeoff due to technical problems.

According to al Hadath, the Ukrainian Boeing-737 aircraft was mistakenly shot down by the Iranian air defense forces. The publication does not refer to a specific source and does not provide any additional information

On Board the fallen liner were 2 Ukrainians and about 13 crew members from Ukraine.

The other passengers on Board the Boeing 737 were foreign nationals:

  • Iranian citizens-71
  • canadian citizens -73
  • the citizens of Germany – 4
  • citizens of the UK – 3
  • Swedish citizens-8
  • the citizens of Afghanistan – 6

Short digest of events around Iran

Iran fired 35 missiles from missile bases at a US base in Iraq. The operation was called “Martyr Suleimani”. These were single-stage Fateh-110 surface-to-surface missiles.

Iran: we are closely monitoring the American fighters that took off from the UAE. If there is an attack on their part, the Emirates will say goodbye to its economy and its tourism.

IRGC: We will deal a crushing blow to any ally of Washington if their territory is used for an attack against Iran.

Iran: in case of any attack from the United States, our Hezbollah allies will hit Israel.

– Iran has “completed” its proportional response to the us actions, within the framework of the article of the UN Charter on self-defense;

– the strike was made on the base from which the attack was made against its citizens;

– Iran is not looking for escalation or war, but will defend itself against any aggression.

UPD Iran also sent a similar letter to the UN

Israel responded to Iran’s threats

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said that anyone who tries to attack Israel will receive a very serious rebuff. His words are reported by Reuters.

“Anyone who tries to attack us will receive a strong rebuff,” the Israeli Prime Minister said in Jerusalem. Netanyahu stressed that he fully supports the decision of US President Donald trump to conduct an operation to eliminate the General of the Islamic revolutionary guard Corps (IRGC) Qassem Suleimani. He noted that the American leader in this situation acted ” quickly, boldly and decisively.”

Range of Iranian ballistic missiles

The best examples of them are able to hit targets at a distance of up to 2500 kilometers. This is far away: a significant part of southern and Eastern Europe (including Russia) may be under attack.

Presented smart watches for extreme conditions of use

As expected, the Amazfit T-Rex smartwatch was presented at the Consumer Electronic Show 2020. This wearable gadget has passed 12 tests in accordance with the requirements of the American military standard MIL-STD-810G, the watch can withstand extreme temperatures, resistant to corrosion, protected from dust and moisture in accordance with the description of the degree of IP68 and has a durable case.

According to the official description, the Amazfit t-Rex smart watch is equipped with a 1.3-inch AMOLED screen with an always-on display function. The screen has a resolution of 360 x 360 pixels and is protected by Corning Gorilla Glass 3.

New cultural festival to be held in Dubai

The Dubai Department of culture and arts has announced the first season of the traditional al Shindagha Days festival. Al Shindagha Days is timed to coincide with the Dubai trade festival and will last for ten days.

The festival will open its doors on Thursday 9 January and will be held from 17: 00 to 23: 00. The purpose of the festival is to introduce visitors to the ancient history of Dubai and to promote the rich cultural heritage of the Emirate.

Exhibitions at the State historical Museum

This year the state historical Museum will present exhibitions dedicated to the anniversaries of Vladimir Lenin and Alexander III. It is also planned to introduce the public to the portraits of Fyodor Rokotov and the latest excavations of the Smolensk archaeological expedition.

The first major project of this year will be the exhibition “art of Saudi Arabia. From the collection of the Kingdom Foundation and the world diamond Museum.” The exhibition will present textiles, jewelry, ethnographic materials, fine art, handwritten and book monuments of the III-XIX centuries. It will open in March.

In the US, the trade deficit has decreased

The us trade deficit fell by $ 3.9 billion, or 8.2%, to $ 43.1 billion in November. This is reported in a press release of the Ministry of trade of the United States.

Trade between Russia and Turkey in 2019 increased to $21.7 billion

The trade turnover between Russia and Turkey in 2019 increased by 2.5% and amounted to $21.7 billion, according to the materials of the Kremlin for the visit of Russian President Vladimir Putin to Istanbul.

Greek Prime Minister announced the closure of the IMF office in Athens

Greece has entered a period of effective reforms, the economic situation in the country has improved markedly, the international monetary Fund (IMF) office in Athens will soon be closed.

The US has banned American airlines from flying over Iran and Iraq

American civil aircraft are prohibited from flying over the territories of Iran, Iraq, as well as over the Persian and Oman bays. This is stated in a statement by the Federal aviation administration of the United States (FAA, Federal Aviation Administration) on Twitter.

All Samsung smartphones and tablets were found to have spyware

One of the users of the social news resource Reddit drew attention to the problem. He noted that all Samsung smartphones and tablets have “spyware” installed. We are talking about the Device Care function, which, indeed, is present on mobile devices of the Korean manufacturer. The source warned that giving such a dubious company access to all the data on the device, at least, is very risky

The storage scanner on your smartphone has full access to all your personal data because it is part of the system. However, under Chinese law, it must send this data to the government on demand.”

Samsung itself does not deny that the Device Care module dedicated to the device drive uses Qihoo 360 SOFTWARE. However, the manufacturer does not explain why the SOFTWARE regularly communicates with Chinese servers. Qihoo 360 has previously been involved in several privacy and privacy scandals, including covert data collection.

China has banned fishing on the Yangtze river for 10 years

In China, from January 1, banned commercial fishing from the Yangtze river, writes SupChina with reference to the statement of the Ministry of agriculture of China. The ban applies only to key fishing points: these are 332 protected areas along the river.

Greek Prime Minister confirmed Trump’s interest in participating in the F-35 program

Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis during a meeting with US President Donald trump, which was broadcast by ERT, confirmed the interest of Athens in the program to create the latest fighter-bombers F-35.

In Latvia explained the unfriendly attitude of the Baltic States to Russia

“As soon as someone looks in the direction of Russia, there may be sanctions — as it was done against companies that participate in the Nord stream — 2 project. The Americans will rule by sanctions, they will be like a policeman, as long as the dollar reigns in the economic world, the Americans will use this lever, ” said former Latvian foreign Minister Janis Jurkans in an interview with Sputnik Latvia

Italian city denied Pompeo honorary citizenship

Mike Pompeo in October 2019 visited the Italian city where his great-grandfather was born on his father’s side, after which the Council of Pacentro began to consider the issue of granting the us Secretary of state honorary citizenship.

Public organization “One planet” demanded that Pompeo be denied honorary citizenship on the background of the murder of General of the Islamic revolutionary guard Corps (IRGC) Qasem Suleimani as a result of a US military operation.

In 2019, more than seven thousand Russians were unable to enter Ukraine

The border service of Ukraine did not let into the country more than seven thousand citizens of the Russian Federation last year. This was reported on Tuesday by the press service of the Ministry of internal Affairs of Ukraine (MVD).

“During 2019, more than 7300 Russian citizens were unable to enter Ukraine,” the report said.

The interior Ministry said that border guards ” on average per day refuse entry to 20-30 citizens of the Russian Federation.” Such a decision, the Ministry added, is made on the basis of a ban on entering the country, exceeding the period of stay, as well as information about visiting territories not controlled by Kiev.

NATO withdraws part of the military contingent from Iraq

NATO is temporarily withdrawing part of its military contingent from Iraq, while the other part will be relocated inside the country. This was reported on Tuesday by Agence France-Presse, citing a representative of the Alliance.

Russian missile cruiser didn’t fit into Turkish pier

In Istanbul, video footage showed unsuccessful attempts by the Russian missile cruiser “Marshal Ustinov” to approach the pier. The ship had to be towed away from the dock before any problems could be fixed and more suitable weather could be expected. The incident was reported by the Turkish state channel TRT, and the initial information was contradictory-it was about the fact that the Russian ship almost rammed the pier.

According to unconfirmed information, the campaign of “Marshal Ustinov” in Istanbul is caused by the imminent visit of Russian President Vladimir Putin to Turkey. It is also unclear whether the missile cruiser received any damage during the risky maneuvers — the video footage shows a roll on one side. There was no official information from representatives of the Russian Navy.

Germany withdraws its military from Iraq

It is reported that part of the German military, concentrated around Baghdad, is likely to be transferred to Jordan and Kuwait. The reason is the growing tension in Iraq after the us military killed a high-ranking Iranian General Suleimani.

In the state Duma of Russia revealed how Shoigu will update the Armed forces in 2020

The Ministry of defense of the Russian Federation in 2020 will increase the share of modern weapons in the Russian Armed forces by 70% due to the receipt of armored vehicles, missiles, artillery, aircraft, air defense systems and ships. First Deputy Chairman of the state Duma Committee on defense Alexander Sherin told about these ambitious plans of the Department of Sergei Shoigu.

“70% is a fairly high level of renewal in relation to the weapons that we have. It is impossible to bring the share of the latest weapons up to one hundred percent. This is unrealistic for any state. Today we are following the path of high-precision weapons, modern, smaller in number, but high in their tactical and technical characteristics, in quality, ” the politician told the Federal news Agency.

Sherin also added that the upgrade of weapons will not be a serious blow to the Russian state budget.

China for the first time massively involved a new “mountain” tank Type 15 in the exercise

For the first time in the exercise, China massively used the new type 15 light tanks (called “mountain tank” in China), as well as 155-mm self-propelled howitzers. The height of the PLA military equipment above sea level was up to 4 thousand meters.

In Nigeria, pirates kidnapped two Russian sailors

“Two Russians and a Hindu were kidnapped from the AMBIKA ship, and the Embassy is taking measures to release them. According to available information, their condition is assessed as satisfactory, “the Russian Embassy in Abuja told RIA Novosti

Defense Minister Shoigu spoke by phone with the head of Turkish intelligence.

“During the conversation, the parties discussed the situation in the middle East and North Africa, as well as possible joint actions to reduce tensions and resolve crisis situations in the region.” – reports TASS

Lifetime “by default»

Scientists from the State Association of scientific and applied research of Australia have applied a method for determining the life expectancy of vertebrates based on DNA methylation (which plays a key role in the development and aging of the body).

They found that the life expectancy of the Greenland whale, which is considered the longest-lived mammal in the world, is 268 years.
In modern man, the “natural” life expectancy is only 38 years. But advances in medicine and lifestyle have significantly increased human survival.

In the figure, the life expectancy of some vertebrates, determined by the method of DNA methylation

In Australia they decided to destroy camels

Authorities believe that the animals “consume too much water”, which is necessary to fight the fire. The camel hunt will last five days, during which they plan to eliminate about ten thousand individuals.

The Federal air transport Agency does not recommend that the Russian airlines

“In connection with information about the risks to the safety of international civil air traffic until further notice Rosaviatsia recommends not to use the airspace over the territories of Iran, Iraq, the Persian and Oman Gulf for flights of civil aircrafts of the Russian Federation, including transit flights,” – said in a telegram to the Agency.

Paris wants to restart economic relations with Russia.

French economy and Finance Minister Bruno Le Maire said that Paris wants to restart economic relations with Russia. The Minister spoke about his recent visit to Moscow, where he guaranteed that the decisions of President Emmanuel Macron to establish strategic ties with Russia will be implemented.

“We want to restart our economic exchanges with Moscow in compliance with international law, without being constrained by extraterritorial financial sanctions — the first obstacle to the development of economic relations”

He promised to find a way in six months to avoid the consequences of sanctions, which are an “unacceptable encroachment on the sovereignty” of the state.

The court rejected the SEC’s request to Telegram Group Inc.

The Federal court for the southern district of new York rejected a request by the U.S. securities and exchange Commission (SEC) for disclosure by Telegram Group Inc. additional financial information. Previously, the SEC required to provide data on the volume and sources of receipt of funds from the placement of 2.9 billion Gram tokens, as well as on the application of the received $1.7 billion. the Judge ordered the defense to provide confirmation by January 9, 2020 that these Bank records are subject to”foreign data protection legislation”.

American Airlines has reached an agreement with Boeing

The second largest airline in the United States, American Airlines, has reached an agreement with Boeing for damages related to the suspension of operation of Boeing 737 MAX aircraft.

“Today, American Airlines shared with its team the news that the company has entered into a confidential agreement with Boeing to compensate for financial losses incurred in 2019 in connection with the suspension of flights of Boeing 737 MAX”

Details of the agreement have not been disclosed at this time, but according to a statement from American Airlines, an additional amount “in the amount of more than $ 30 million will be contributed to the airline’s profit-sharing program for 2019, which is expected to be divided among the company’s employees in March 2020.”

The Belarusian foreign Ministry spoke with Mike Pompeo

A telephone conversation with Minister of foreign Affairs of Belarus Vladimir Makei held the head of foreign policy Department of the USA Mike Pompeo.

“Secretary Pompeo confirmed the firm commitment of the United States to support the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Belarus, and stressed the strengthening of bilateral relations between the countries»

In addition, during the conversation, the Secretary of state highly appreciated Belarus ‘ support for condemning the attack on the US Embassy in Baghdad.

As previously reported, on December 31, Belarus and NATO discussed the possibility of organizing joint exercises


China’s Express delivery sector grew by 24%

In 2019, China’s Express delivery sector handled 63 billion parcels with an annual growth of 24%. Courier industry revenues reached 745 billion yuan ($108 billion), an increase of 23% over the previous year.

Israel faces overturning

The Ministry of tourism of Israel has made a statement that the record growth of tourism to the country, which has been reported in recent years, may slow down. The reason is a reduction in the cost of advertising the promotion of the country due to the danger of overturism, i.e. an overabundance of tourists.

Samsung Electronics expects a slight decline in revenue in the fourth quarter

South Korean electronics manufacturer Samsung Electronics expects a slight decline in revenue in the fourth quarter of 2019-by 0.5% compared to the 2018 figure, to 59 trillion won (51 billion dollars), according to the company’s forecast

Russia’s oil and gas reserves are dwindling

The report of the Ministry of natural resources of the Russian Federation on reserves of natural resources in the country is published. Their total cost, according to the Agency, is 55 trillion rubles. This is comparable to Russia’s annual GDP, which is relatively small.

According to the Ministry, the proven reserves of gas are 14.5 trillion cubic meters, oil-9 billion tons. This will be enough for 20 and 17 years of production, respectively, according to “Moskovsky Komsomolets”.

The first cargo of Norwegian LNG has arrived in Lithuania this year

The first cargo of liquefied natural gas (LNG) has arrived in Klaipeda this year. This is evidenced by the data of the portal for tracking ships Marinetraffic.com. the Arctic Voyager Arrived in Lithuania on Tuesday from the Norwegian port of Melkoya, where the Equinor plant is located.

Benefits for disabled people of all groups will change in 2020

Reduced frequency of re-examination, which made the procedure for registration and extension of disability easier. Benefits for disabled people of groups 2 and 3 are almost the same as for group 1, only some of them are not provided free of charge. Due to the large number of falsifications of diagnoses, the revision and re-examination of all those with 2 and 3 disability groups is coming under the new rules.

The state reserve “gydansky” on Yamal is no longer reserved

In the summer of 2018, the law “on specially protected natural territories” included amendments, according to which the above-mentioned reserve must be transformed into a national Park, since “recreational and other activities that do not correspond to the regime of the reserve, but are allowed in the national Park”are carried out on its lands.

The Polish President explained why he would not go to the Holocaust memorial forum

According to the statement of the President of Poland Andrzej Duda, he received an invitation to the forum on the occasion of the 75th anniversary of the liberation of the Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camp and asked the organizers to make a speech there. However, the organizers decided not to give him the floor.

“We appealed to the Israeli side so that the voice of the President of Poland could be heard there,” Duda said, noting that in Israel ” the floor will be given to the presidents of Germany, Russia and other heads of state.”

According to media reports, the organization of the celebrations in Israel was attended by the head of the Israeli foreign Ministry Yisrael Katz, who previously stated that the poles ” absorbed anti-Semitism with mother’s milk.”

Erdogan has banned the US from using the Incirlik base for strikes on Iran

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has banned the United States from using the Incirlik air base if Washington launches strikes on Iranian territory. This is reported by the Turkish media, citing sources.

Kuwait announced the withdrawal of US troops from the Arifjan base

Kuwait’s defense Minister, Nasser al-Ahmad al-Sabah, said the US had notified him of its intention to withdraw its troops from the Arifjan base within three days. This was reported on January 8 by Haaretz with reference to the Twitter of the Kuwait news Agency KUNA.

British ships will again go to the Strait of Hormuz

In connection with the increased tension in the Middle East due to the murder of the Iranian General Qasem Suleimani, the UK will send two of its ships to the Strait of Hormuz. According to British defense Minister Ben Wallace, this measure is necessary to ensure the safety of merchant ships. This information is reported by “RIA Novosti”, referring to the Ministry of defense of the United Kingdom.

Dragon cargo ship grounded in the Pacific ocean after flight to the ISS

The Dragon spacecraft has landed in the Pacific ocean, delivering 1.6 tons of cargo from the International space station, SpaceX said. The ship, which delivered about 3 tons of cargo to the ISS in December, left the orbital station on Tuesday morning.

James Cameron has shown what the world of “Avatar 2” will look like»

In the official “Twitter” franchise “Avatar” published several concept art continuation of the cult tape in 2009. As the Director promised, the audience will not only return to Pandora, but will explore its new hidden corners. The first film, Avatar 2, will be released on December 17, 2021. After “avatar 2” it is planned to release three more sequels of the epic with an interval of a year.

Netflix has published a trailer for the second season of ” Sex education»

Netflix has released a trailer for the second season of “Sex education”on YouTube. All episodes of the series will be released on the film company’s stream service on January 17. The series is a story about sex education of teenagers.

Robert Aramayo will play the main role in the series from Amazon

According to Deadline, Robert Aramayo (“Game of thrones”) joined the cast of the series on “the Lord of the rings” from Amazon. Sources say that the artist will embody the image of a certain Beldor – and it will be one of the main characters of the fantasy multi-series

Hans Zimmer to write music for James bond film

Hans Zimmer, who wrote the music for the films “rain Man”, “Gladiator” and “interstellar”, became the composer of the 25th James bond film “No time to die”. Recall that the music for the new film was to be written by Dan Romer.

Nirvana first appeared on stage after the death of Kurt Cobain

On January 4, three musicians appeared at the “Heaven gala” in Los Angeles. The musicians joined together for just 1 night to take part in the annual event organized by “Art of Elysium”, which is designed to “help people in difficult life situations such as illness, hospitalization and/or life crisis”.

Amazfit has released headphones for sports and sleep

With its first and newest line of headphones, Amazfit demonstrates how technology improves health and activity levels in 2020 and beyond. Designed with the idea of action in mind, the Amazfit PowerBuds wireless headphones are the perfect companion in sports and at work.

Huami made a fitness kit at home Amazfit HomeStudio

Huami has announced the release of the Amazfit HomeStudio, which includes a treadmill and smart GYM HUB smart screen to ensure the future of home fitness with immersive atmosphere.

Smartphone with a completely new type of screen

During the CES 2020 exhibition held in Las Vegas these days, the Chinese company Hisense showed a prototype of a smartphone with a display of an unusual type for such devices. The presented smartphone uses a color display on electronic ink E Ink.

According to the manufacturer, mass production of color screens of the new generation will begin in the second quarter of this year, and in the third it is planned to release serial devices equipped with such displays. Most likely, then the serial version of the smartphone presented now will be released.

Panasonic introduced the world’s first VR glasses with HDR support

Panasonic has introduced VR glasses with ultra-high-definition image support. This is the world’s first development with High Dynamic Range (HDR) technology. Huawei started selling smart glasses for these glasses, special OLED displays were created.

Confirmed the main characteristics of the Canon EOS-1D X Mark III

According to a representative of Canon, the new flagship is still equipped with a mirror design. There is a simple explanation for this: 2-3 frames on the camera correspond to the display delay in the electronic viewfinder by 110 milliseconds.

It is known that the model is equipped with a CMOS sensor 20.1 megapixels. The detail of the images on the camera will be improved thanks to the new anti-mosquito filter, which has a sensor. The device is also equipped with a DIGIC X processor, whose performance and image processing is 380 times higher than its predecessors.

Samsung has introduced a virtual keyboard for smartphones

Samsung has introduced a virtual keyboard SelfieType, which will allow you to use any horizontal surface for typing. The program with artificial intelligence reads and analyzes the movements of the fingers through the front camera and converts them into keyboard clicks, according to a press release from the company.

The MSI GE66 Raider laptop features a 300 Hz refresh rate screen

MSI presented at CES 2020, which is currently taking place in Las Vegas (Nevada, USA), a portable gaming computer GE66 Raider. The main feature of the new product is the screen: the developer used a panel with a refresh rate of 300 Hz.

“Google” before considering the claim from the company “Oracle” appealed to the us Supreme court

Disputes between Google and Oracle have been going on since 2010. The main claim of “Oracle” is the borrowing of” Google “part of the code of the Java programming language, to create the OS system “Androd”. To date, the case has already been considered by several instances, now the case has reached the Supreme court of America.

Google believes that the code is functional and cannot be protected by copyright, while borrowing is necessary for the interoperability of hardware and software from different manufacturers. Google noted that the court’s decision may affect the work of not only their company. The Supreme court is ready to hear the case in March and April, and a final decision may be made by the end of June.

Mozilla Firefox 72 will allow you to get rid of annoying requests for notifications

Popular web browser Mozilla Firefox is already able to block requests for notifications sent by different sites. Despite this, the developers decided to go further, allowing users to completely opt out of receiving pop-up requests in the version of Firefox 72.

Suffering plants “scream” about their problems

Tomatoes and tobacco are able to ultrasound alert others if they do not have enough water or their stems are cut, writes New Scientist. People don’t hear it, but insects or animals can pick up on it.

Scientists were able to record the” cries ” of plants using microphones that were installed at a distance of 10 centimeters from them. The devices recorded sound at a frequency of 20 to 100 kilohertz — according to experts, insects and some animals can catch them at a distance of up to five meters. On average, a thirsty tomato makes about 35 sounds per hour, and tobacco makes about 11.

Scientists suggest that these signals are intended for insects or other plants. So, butterflies may change their mind to lay eggs on a plant that is suffering from thirst and is at risk of death. The authors believe that their discovery will primarily help farmers. Armed with ultrasonic microphones, they will be able to use water much more effectively when watering