11 Jan, 2020

News digest for 01/10/2020

In Iran, said that the Ukrainian airliner was shot down by mistake

The passenger plane of the company “International airlines of Ukraine”, crashed near Tehran, was shot down accidentally as a result of human error, said the General staff Of the armed forces of Iran.

Sad day. According to the preliminary findings of an internal investigation of the armed forces, the human factor during the crisis caused by us adventurism led to the disaster. We deeply regret, apologize and offer our condolences to our people, the families of all the victims and other affected countries. – Javad Zarif, Iranian diplomat

“Iraero” demanded from the manufacturer SSJ100 to compensate losses by 1.9 billion

The airline “Iraero” (based in Irkutsk) sent to the address of JSC “Sukhoi Civil aircraft” (GSS) a claim demanding compensation for losses in the amount of 1.9 billion rubles in connection with the operation of Sukhoi Superjet 100 (SSJ-100), said “Interfax” informed source

Fines for overstating the cost of housing services

Fines for resursosnabzhayuschih organizations that inflate the cost of housing and communal services, offer to enter the Russian government, write January 10, “Izvestia”. It is noted that today the Housing code of Russia does not provide for penalties for organizations in the housing sector, overstating the cost of services.

For utility companies to establish penalties can be quite calm. If they inflate the cost, citizens suffer first of all. Especially now the population can directly conclude contracts with them, bypassing the management campaigns. – Galina Khovanskaya, Russian politician

Three quarters of Russians are dissatisfied with their salary

74% of the surveyed workers said they were not satisfied with the level of wages, with the most dissatisfied among the representatives of the working professions (80%). These are the results of a survey of The Headhunter job search service, which is available to TASS

The Russian government is preparing benefits for owners of electric cars

The plan-schedule for stimulating the development of electric transport for 2020 contains proposals according to which the owners of this type of car can be exempted from the transport tax, allow them to drive on dedicated lanes for public transport, use free Parking lots equipped with chargers, as well as freely ride on toll roads.

The Kuril Islands will receive 5.9 billion rubles for development in 2020

In 2020, the Kuril Islands development program provides for the development of sea transport, including the purchase of sea passenger and cargo transport, expansion of port infrastructure, construction of health and education facilities, and road infrastructure. Measures are also envisaged to attract qualified specialists for permanent residence in the Kuril Islands.

Recall that currently the population of the Kuril Islands is 19.4 thousand people, of which about 60% are urban residents. According to the Federal target program, it is planned to increase the population to 25 thousand people by 2025.

Russia has introduced new tax benefits for pre-retirees

Since January 1, 2020, Russia has changed the rules of taxation of property of individuals, the press service of the Federal tax service of Russia reports.

Since this year, a tax deduction has been introduced for pre-retirees, which reduces the land tax on the cadastral value of the land plot. The plot itself should be no more than 6 acres. Also, pre-pensioners were exempted from paying tax on one object, which can be a house, apartment, garage or room.

Preferential mortgage at 3% introduced in the villages of Russia

Residents of Russian villages from January 1 were able to take a preferential mortgage with a rate of up to 3%, according to the website of the state Duma. The loan term can not exceed 25 years, its size for the far Eastern Federal district-up to 5 million rubles. Initial payment — not less than 10%. Any citizen aged from 21 to 75 years registered in a rural area (in a rural agglomeration) can apply for it.

But instead of housing, small-sized apartments have decreased to 11.1 sq. m.

The area of the smallest apartments on the real estate market for seven years has decreased from 33 square meters to 11.1. This was reported on January 10 IA REGNUM. The anti-record for minimum living space was broken by Moscow projects in the districts of Zapadnoye Degunino and Nizhegordsky, where the rooms are just over 11 square meters (11.1 and 11.6, respectively). The developer in the description of the projects calls their product “spaces for life”. Experts were surprised to find that even Parking spaces are larger and have an area of 13.25 square meters.

Recall that in 2016, Deputy Prime Minister of Russia Igor Shuvalov at a meeting on housing construction said the relevance of the construction of small-sized housing with an area of 20 square meters.

“It seems ridiculous, but people buy such housing,” – he said, looking at such an apartment.

The richest woman in Africa has Russian citizenship by birth

The richest woman in Africa, the daughter of former President of Angola Jose Eduardo DOS Santos Isabel DOS Santos on Thursday in an interview with TASS by phone said that she always kept the Russian citizenship received by birth. At home, she is suspected of corruption crimes”

Crimes in the IT sector increased by 70% in 2019

“For the first nine months of 2019, employees of the internal Affairs bodies registered 201.7 thousand crimes committed using information and telecommunications technologies, which is 70.3% more than in the same period last year,” the press center of the Ministry of internal Affairs of Russia TASS reports.

Russian Railways will update the Railways of St. Petersburg

Russian Railways has completed the preparation of the concept of development of the railway junction of St. Petersburg. Freight and passenger traffic in the city should be modernized by 2030. According to media reports, it will spend 598.6 billion rubles.

Developers lost 100 billion rubles due to renovation in Moscow

Moscow developers are rapidly losing money because of the renovation program. Some of the migrants decided to refuse to buy new apartments and receive housing from the state. As a result, developers have already missed about 100 billion rubles of profit, calculated market participants

Most Russians did not come to work after the new year holidays

Most Russian tourists who went abroad for the new year holidays did not return to the country, despite the end of the holidays. This is evidenced by the results of a study of the service for travel planning OneTwoTrip, received by the editorial office of ” Lenta.ru».

Two new dollar billionaires have appeared in Russia

In Russia, there are two new dollar billionaires-businessmen Ratmir Timashev and Andrey Baronov, according to Forbes. The fortune of each entrepreneur exceeded $1 billion after the American venture Fund Insight Partners entered into an agreement to buy the company they founded Veeam Software. Veeam Software is now headquartered in Bar, Switzerland. Under the terms of the deal, she will move to the United States, and Baronov and Timashev will leave the company’s Board of Directors.

Veeam Software creates software products for data backup, recovery, protection, security, cloud storage

60% of bitcoins have not left their addresses for more than a year

Currently, only 18.14 million PTS are in circulation, but in 2019 only 40% of them participated in any operations, and 60% did not leave their addresses during this period. This retention rate is the highest since the beginning of 2017.

The printing house “Soviet Siberia” is included in the forecast plan of privatization

Shares of the Novosibirsk printing house “Soviet Siberia” are included in the forecast plan for the privatization of Federal property for 2020-2022. As follows from the documents on the website of the Russian government, it is planned to privatize 100% of the company’s shares that are in Federal ownership

The basic electricity tariff has increased in the far East

The Russian government has set the basic level of electricity prices in the regions of the Far East for 2020. The tariff was five rubles per kilowatt-hour without VAT.

China and Laos signed an agreement on currency cooperation

In Beijing, the procedure for signing the China-Laos agreement on bilateral currency cooperation, which provides for the expansion of the use of national currencies in trade and investment, was held, Xinhua reported on January 9, citing information distributed by the People’s Bank of China (NBK), the country’s main financial regulator.

Venezuela’s oil exports declined in 2019

Because of the us-imposed sanctions, Venezuela’s oil exports fell by 32% in 2019 — to about 1 million b / d, according to the reports of the Venezuelan state oil company PDVSA. The main importer of oil in 2019 was China, which received 319.5 thousand b / d of oil from Venezuela, said Finanz. Major consumers of Venezuelan oil were also India (217.7 thousand b / d) and the EU (119 thousand b/d).

Among the reasons for the decline in supplies abroad, which is called by Reuters, is not only the sanctions pressure, but also the decline in production in the country itself, due to a lack of investment and qualified personnel. The level of export might have been lower if not for the intermediary schemes, the use of transit ports, and other “gray” schemes that help hide the original supplier.

Canada said the crash of a Ukrainian plane due to an Iranian missile

A Ukrainian Boeing that crashed near Tehran was accidentally shot down by an Iranian missile. This was stated by canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, RIA Novosti reported. According to Trudeau, this information he received from canadian intelligence, as well as from the intelligence of the allies.

CNN: Ukrainian plane was shot down by two Iranian missiles

The Ukrainian Boieng that crashed in Iran was shot down not by one Iranian missile, but by two, the us TV channel CNN reported, citing a source close to us intelligence. Recall that as a result of the plane crash on January 8, all 176 people on Board were killed.

Iran has denied involvement in the crash of the plane of Ukraine

According to Rabia, the us claims of involvement in the collapse of the Iranian air defense are psychological manipulations. Iran has sharply condemned accusations from the United States and other countries that Iranian air defense missiles caused the crash of a Ukrainian Boeing 737 plane

Iran has invited the US to participate in the investigation of the Boeing crash

The national transportation safety Board of the United States (NTSB) has received a notification from Iran to participate in the investigation of the crash of the Ukrainian airline UIA, according to a statement from the Department, received by RIA Novosti. In addition, the invitation was sent to the canadian side.

Earlier, the head of the civil aviation Organization of Iran Ali Abedzadeh said that Iran will not give the black boxes of the crashed Ukrainian airliner to the manufacturer Boeing or the United States

Particles of table salt slowed down the growth of cancer cells

A team of scientists from the University of Georgia (USA) has discovered a new way to attack cancer cells and slow their growth. And it was possible to achieve this with the help of a seemingly familiar substance-sodium chloride, or simply table salt. Advanced advanced materials.

China will develop a combat aviation laser

The people’s liberation army of China has announced tenders for the development of an aircraft suspended container with a combat laser and software for managing this container. On Space day, new weapons will be created both to protect aircraft from enemy missiles, and to fire at other targets. Details about the development have not yet been disclosed.

Russia announced new British sanctions against the Russians

According to sources in the British government, the first wave of sanctions will fall under the citizens of Russia, Libya and North Korea, as well as citizens of Saudi Arabia involved in the murder of Jamal Khashukji. The regime will take effect after the UK leaves the EU, scheduled for January 31

The US is looking for a place in Asia for a new special forces unit

The us military intends to deploy a specialized unit in Asia that will act against Russia and China. This is reported by 10 Bloom Bloomberg. Islands to the East of the Philippines and Chinese Taiwan were named as a possible location for the task force.

Shoigu instructed the Russian military to track the deployment of the US INF
The head of the Russian defense Ministry instructed to conduct a deep analysis of potential military threats and determine steps to improve the armed forces of the Russian Federation. Shoigu stressed that as a result of this work, the country’s defense plan for 2021-2025 will be prepared.

“It is necessary to monitor the deployment of medium-range and shorter-range missiles by the United States of America,” Shoigu said during a conference call on the main activities of the defense Ministry this year.

Trump called on NATO to expand its presence in the middle East

Donald trump the President believes that NATO should expand its presence and deploy troops in the middle East. He said this on January 9, speaking to reporters at the White house, the associated Press reported on January 9.

The us state Department approved the sale of f-35B fighters to Singapore

The us state Department has approved the sale of 12 F F-35B to Singapore, Al Al Arabia reported. According to journalists, in addition to products, the contract, which is estimated at $2 billion 750 million, also includes the necessary equipment

All seven Estonian soldiers left Iraq

All Estonian military moved from Iraq to Kuwait, the General staff of the Estonian defense Forces reported on January 9. The press release is published on the Department’s website.

In the United States will create a parachute for high-altitude jumps

The command of the us Army has published a request for information about the technologies that will allow you to create a parachute for high-altitude jumps. FL Flightglobal, the new parachute system should be suitable for making jumps from a height of more than 25 Thousand feet (7.6 thousand meters). It will be created for special operations units.

Venezuela intends to support Iran in the fight against  “world arrogance”

Caracas will support Tehran in the fight against world arrogance, Venezuelan defense Minister Vladimir padrino Lopez said during telephone talks with Iranian defense Minister General Amir Khatami, January 9, Mehr news Agency reported.

Japan will send a destroyer and aircraft to the middle East

Lockheed P-3 Orion, which will collect information. The patrol plane will take off on January 11 and begin the mission after January 20

Somalia special Forces eliminated 35 al-Shabab militants»

Somalia’s special forces have eliminated 35 al-Shabab militants in the South of the country, Xinhua news Agency reported, citing the military. According to the Agency, the operation took place in the province of lower Jubba with the support of international partners.

How China finances projects around the world

According to the W & M Global Research Institute, since 2000, China has spent about 270 billion (!) dollars for projects around the world. First of all, in Africa and Asia.

Deputy Minister of transport of Russia offered a bribe

Russian Deputy transport Minister Vladimir Tokarev complained that he was offered a bribe of 10 thousand dollars and a bottle of vodka. In his statement to the Investigative Committee, Tokarev explained that the bribe was offered to him on December 30. Then the Deputy Minister met with a certain Vladimir Kolpakov-the General Director of the company certifying production on repair of railway transport. Kolpakov allegedly asked Tokarev ” patronage in working matters»

The world Bank has predicted three more years of stagnation for Russia

In 2020, Russia will grow a third slower than the rest of the world, losing its share of global GDP, according to the Bank’s updated forecasts published on Thursday. Over the past year, according to the world Bank, the Russian economy has added 1.2% and even a modest bar set by the Ministry of economic development (1.3%), could not take. Labor productivity growth in Russia was 0% for five years

Belarus and Russia failed to agree on a contract for the supply of oil

The leaders of Belarus and Russia failed to agree on a contract for the supply of oil because of Russia’s inflated demands, Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko said.

Why haven’t we agreed on oil with the Russian President yet? Because Russia wants us to buy their oil at prices higher than the world. Where has this been seen?»

Lukashenka’s words were heard at the award ceremony “for spiritual revival”. Also, during his speech, Lukashenko said that he was sincerely committed to the idea of the country’s sovereignty.

“You have noticed that recently in my speeches I often talk about sovereignty and independence. Believe me, it’s from the heart. There is no lie Here, there is no act of mine to please someone. I am really committed to this idea,” he said.

The house of Commons of the UK Parliament approved the Brexit bill

The document was supported by 330 deputies, 231 opposed. Now the bill will be considered in the upper house of Parliament, after which it must be approved by the Queen. If the document is approved, the UK will be able to leave the EU before January 31.

In Germany, the Russian was sentenced to seven years

A court in Hamburg sentenced Vladimir D., a 69-year-old Russian, to seven years in prison, after finding him guilty of exporting dual-use goods to Russia to circumvent sanctions. The entrepreneur from Baden-2014 2014-2018 years supplied to Russia products that can be used in the aviation and space industry.

The Federal Prosecutor’s office says that the Russian, who has lived in Germany for more than 25 years, deliberately misled customs. Some goods he transported to Russia in the Luggage of the plane, which threatened customs officers and passengers.

A resident of Kurgan increased her pension by 1 ruble and 10 kopecks.

This was told by her grandson in social networks. According to him, the grandmother doesn’t need money, but the second day cries from offense. Other kurgans initially considered this post a throw-in, but there were other reports of similar cases.

The local branch of the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation confirmed that such an increase is possible. Federal surcharges are received by those elderly people who have accrued the minimum pension, and it should now reach the subsistence minimum.

– Women’s pension was indexed by 6.6%. It reached the subsistence level, and the Federal social Supplement was reduced. As a result, the increase could be 1.1 rubles”, – commented” URA.RU ” h-h …

North Korea began using telegram to steal cryptocurrency

Lazarus ‘ hacker group, allegedly linked to the North Korean government, began using the telegram to steal cryptocurrency. About it with reference to the study of “Kaspersky lab” Co CoinDesk.

Through the messenger, Lazarus distributes malicious software for fake cryptocurrency wallets. The “laboratory” detected cases of infection through software downloaded from the telegram, which sends confidential information.

The lab also noted that Lazarus had changed the way systems were infected-both for Macs and electric drives — so that attacks would go unnoticed. So, one of the hacker programs, Mac macOS, implemented a simple backdoor function in the MacOS executable file

Ozzy Osbourne and Elton John recorded a song together



Nicholas Holt will play in two new films ” Mission impossible»

Actor Nicholas Holt will play in the seventh and eighth film of the franchise “Mission impossible”. Holt said this in his Instagram, later confirmed the information by the film’s Director Christopher Mcquarrie. The main role in the film will again be played by Tom cruise, who will play Nicholas Holt, is still unknown

130 years ago Karel Chapek was born

Writer, playwright, translator Karel Chapek was born on January 9, 1890. He began writing at the age of 14, and his stories were immediately published… Karel Chapek created widely known cult fantastic works-dystopias “Factory of the absolute”, “Krakatit”, “War with salamanders”. His plays “Mother”, “R. U. R.”, “macropoulos Remedy” are still put on stages in different countries. It was he who invented and introduced the word “robot”into the literature. The writer was nominated for the 1936 Nobel prize in literature.

Russia will host the world folklore games for the first time

More than 3 thousand artists will take part in the world folklore games, which will be held in the summer in Bashkiria. Applications were submitted by 85 countries. As the Director of the Republican center of folk art Arthur Alibakov told TASS, a record has already been set for the number of participants. Prior to that, a maximum of 55 countries participated in the folklore games.

Each country will be represented by a team consisting of no more than 35 people-artists, orchestra, national delegate and team leader. At the opening ceremony, Russia will be represented by leading teams from each Federal district.

The decree on holding the sixth VI world folklore games in Ufa this year was signed by President Vladimir Putin. The first such festival was held in 1996 in the Netherlands, then it was hosted by Japan, Hungary, China, South Korea and Mexico.

Netflix will remove the sequel ” Brightness»

The film company Netflix is working on a sequel to “Brightness” by David Eyre, despite the failure of the first part at the box office. The original was released in 2017 and was smashed by viewers and critics.At the moment, “Brightness 2” is in development.

“I think after the first part, people felt that there were a lot of topics that can be revealed in the future,” said Eyre.

HBO plans to make a series based on the movie ” Parasites»

HBO is planning to release a series based on the film “Parasites” by South Korean Director PON Joon Ho. The filmmaker will develop a multi-part adaptation with his American colleague Adam McKay, known for the pictures “Power” and “the game on the downside,” according to the Hollywood Reporter.

Published a new trailer for the movie “birds of Prey»

The premiere of the tape is scheduled for February 6, 2020. The network has a new trailer for the action movie” birds of Prey”, which is based on DC comics. The premiere of the film in Russia is scheduled for February 6, 2020



BBC to release show about creatures from ” Fantastic creatures»

A division of the BBC Natural History channel wants to produce a documentary series about creatures from the “Fantastic creatures” franchise. This is reported by the portal Comicbook. It is already known that the show will be called “Fantastic creatures: natural history”, it will lead the actor Stephen fry

The producer of “Invasion” will make a remake of ” Guest from the future»

Producer of the film “Invasion” Mikhail Vrubel in an interview with Filmz told about the shooting of the remake of the film “Guest from the future”. According to Vrubel, a remake of “Guest from the future” is already in production.

Universal Pictures will reshoot the remake of the movie ” Jaws»

Universal film company will develop a remake of Steven Spielberg’s Thriller “Jaws” in 1975. As a source told the publication We Got This Covered, the film should be an extended adaptation of Peter Benchley’s 1974 novel of the same name.

Selena Gomez released the album ” Rare»

Selena Gomez released her third Studio album, “Rare”. There are 13 songs on the record, including 6lack and Kid Cudi. In October, Selena Gomez presented “Lose You to Love Me” — the first song in two years and included in the new album. The singer also released a video for it, shot on the iPhone 11 Pro.

John Frusciante is working with Red Hot Chili Peppers on a new album

Red Hot Chili Peppers guitarist John Frusciante, who recently returned to the band after a 10-year hiatus, is working with the band on a new record. This was stated by the band’s drummer Chad Smith in an interview with Rolling Stone magazine

In smartphones found “eternal” threat to users

We are talking about gadgets running on the operating system (OS) Android. It is noted that they contain “eternal” applications that can not be removed. This feature threatens users to constantly be vulnerable to the collection, transmission and disclosure of their data without their knowledge or consent. This was reported on the website of the human rights organization Privacy International, which was supported by more than 50 partners.

The fitness bracelet Xiaomi Mi Band 5

As it has now become known, the upcoming xiaomi mi Band 5 bracelet will receive an improved touch screen. Its size will increase to 1.2 inches. In addition, the contrast will increase, which will improve the readability of information in bright sunlight.

Huawei has published its own Linux distribution

The source code of the distribution’s components and packages is published on The gitee platform, which is a Chinese alternative to the world-famous Github, acquired by Microsoft in June 2018 for $7.5 billion.