13 Янв, 2021

News digest for 01/12/2021

Malta named buyers of its passports from Russia

The country’s authorities have published a list of participants in the corresponding program, it was studied by the RBC edition. In 2019, more than three thousand foreigners received a Malta passport in exchange for investments, among them, judging by their names, about 300 citizens of Russia and the countries of the post-Soviet space.

Cuban Foreign Minister condemned the US decision to be included in the list of sponsors of terrorism

The Department of State has included Cuba in the list of countries sponsoring terrorism for its repeated support of international terrorism and providing terrorists with a safe haven, — said in a statement by the head of the US Foreign Office Mike Pompeo

Russian billionaire bought a mansion in the UK

British realtors talked about one of the largest residential real estate transactions in Surrey over the past five years. According to the Daily Mail, in the local village of Englefield Green, the Windsor Park Hall estate was sold. It was bought by an unknown billionaire from Russia, paying £ 21.5 million, which corresponds to 2.2 billion rubles.

Turkey launched an investigation against Facebook and WhatsApp

The Turkish Competition Council has launched an investigation into Facebook and its WhatsApp application due to a new user agreement. TASS reports.

IT giants stop allocating funds to US political forces

According to CNBC, Facebook, which owns the social networks Facebook and Instagram, will suspend the allocation of funds until the end of March 2021. In Microsoft, the provision of funds will be suspended until the end of the «assessment of the consequences of events that took place last week.» A similar statement was made by representatives of Google and the telecommunications company T-Mobile.

Montenegrin authorities canceled mandatory PCR testing upon entry into the country

From January 12, it will be possible to enter Montenegro without a certificate of passing a test for COVID-19, said the head of the country’s Ministry of Health, Elena Borovinich-Bozovic. On the air of the RTCG TV channel, she noted that long-distance communication will also resume in the country.

In the USA allowed to test supersonic civil aircraft

According to The New Atlas, citing an official resolution (PDF document) of the FAA and the Department of Transportation (DOT), legally, the ban on such flights has not been lifted. However, it became possible to obtain permission for an exception to this rule. Moreover, the agency has developed a simple and easy procedure for requesting authorization for supersonic flight.

Frequent alcohol consumption shortens life

Scientists from the Karolinska Institute in Sweden said that frequent alcohol consumption shortens life by 28 years, according to MediaPotok. Swedish scientists came to such conclusions after analyzing data from 1987 to 2006. The study was conducted in Denmark, Sweden and Finland.

The media learned about the plans of the PRC authorities to nationalize Alibaba

The Chinese Communist Party is about to nationalize retailer Alibaba Group, which owns Aliexpress. The founder of the company, Jack Ma, has not been in touch for two months.

Seven new departments will appear in the apparatus of the Russian government

Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin signed a decree on changing the structure of the government apparatus, according to which the maximum number of civil servants and the wage fund were approved. This was announced on Tuesday, January 12, by the government press service.

A separate document approved changes in the structure of the government apparatus. Seven new departments will appear in it: health care, industry, regional development, social development, construction, transport, energy, — the message says.

It is specified that the Department of Health and Social Development, the Department of Industry, Energy and Transport, as well as the Department of Regional Development and Infrastructure will be abolished.

Suspension of flights with Great Britain extended

The Russian Coronavirus Operational Headquarters announced that it has extended the suspension of flights with the UK until 23:59 on February 1. This decision was made «to ensure the protection of public health.»

In the Moscow region, the home regime was canceled for residents over 65 years old

The authorities of the Moscow region noted a recommendatory home regime for residents over 65 years old. This is stated in the corresponding decree of the Moscow Region Governor Andrei Vorobyov, published on January 12.

Former shareholders have appealed against the nationalization of the company

Former shareholders of the Bashkir Soda Company (BSC) have appealed against the nationalization of the enterprise, Interfax reports. Data on the appeal on behalf of Bashkirskaya Khimiya JSC appeared in the file of arbitration cases. The document was registered on January 11.

New rules for admission of first graders to schools

According to the order of the Ministry of Education of Russia, the acceptance of applications will begin on April 1. In previous years, documents acceptance began in January. Applications will be accepted until June 30th. Parents will be able to find out about the child’s enrollment in first grade in July.

The new rules will apply to those students who live on the «site» of the school or have priority in enrollment (brothers or sisters are students of this school).

Those who do not have priority right to enroll in a particular school will have to apply after July 6. If there are free places in the educational institution, they will be accepted. In the event that the classes are completed, the municipal authorities must help with the placement of the child in another school.

The government approved the digitalization of Russian prisons

The government approved a plan for the digitalization of Russian prisons and colonies, for which they are going to spend 25 billion rubles from the budget. In the next two years, prisons will install face recognition systems, «jammers» for mobile communications and new IT services

Russian schools propose to introduce a face recognition system

The Russian Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Figures have proposed to install a face recognition system in educational institutions of the country. Reported by «TASS»

Baltic Fleet officer stole two propellers

The Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation for the Baltic Fleet suspected the commander of the destroyer «Restless» of involvement in the theft of the ship’s propellers — two brass screws, with a total weight of 26 tons. The damage from theft is estimated at 39 million rubles.

Exhibition «Leningrad Rock Club in Photos» opened at the Russian Museum

The exhibition «Leningrad Rock Club in Photographs. For the 40th Anniversary» has opened for visitors at the Stroganov Palace in St. Petersburg, the press service of the Russian Museum told RIA Novosti. The exhibition will run until May 10.

Indiana Jones 5 will restart the franchise

Insider Daniel Richtman announced the plans of the authors of «Indiana Jones» to restart the franchise. The new series of films will begin with the fifth part. It is known that the fifth film will be the last for the leading actor Harrison Ford. However, the series will continue without him.

In Indiana Jones 5, new heroes will appear who will receive their spin-offs and become the main characters of the main line. The film is scheduled to premiere on 28 July 2022. It is reported that there may also be an animated version of the franchise and a prequel is being developed, starring Chris Pratt.

The trailer for the movie «Malcolm and Marie»

American streaming service Netflix has presented a trailer for the love melodrama Malcolm and Marie, in which Zendaya and John Devin Washington played. The film was directed by the director of the acclaimed TV series «Euphoria» Sam Levinson. The couple in love was played by 24-year-old singer Zendaya and the star of «Povododa», 36-year-old Washington

The last film by Federico Fellini will be released in Russia for the first time

The Pilotkino distribution company will release Federico Fellini’s last film, The Voice of the Moon, for the first time in Russia. The «Afisha Daily» was told about this in the distributor’s press service. The premiere screening will take place on January 20 at the Moscow cinema «Karo 11 October», on the birthday of the Italian director

Barry Gibb has released an album of duets

The release of the new album by Barry Gibb «Greenfields: The Gibb Brothers Songbook, Vol. 1 «took place on Capitol Records on January 8, 2021. The album by Bee Gees co-founder Barry Gibb includes 12 classic tracks from the Gibb brothers, re-recorded in duets with Dolly Parton, Sheryl Crow, Olivia Newton-John, Keith Urban, Little Big Town, Miranda Lambert and others. The album was produced by Dave Cobb, and the main theme of the album was Gibb’s love of country and blues, which he carried throughout his life. Recording took place at the legendary RCA studio in Nashville.

Humans will not be able to contain a superintelligent computer

Researchers at the Center for People and Machines at the Max Planck Institute for Human Development have stated that humanity cannot control superintelligent computers with artificial intelligence. An article by scientists was published in the Journal of Artificial Intelligence Research.

Physicists have found evidence of the existence of a new elementary particle

Researchers at Princeton University have discovered conductive behavior in the insulator. It is assumed that this phenomenon can be explained by a new elementary particle, which is a neutrally charged fermion

Drive economic successes into the heads of the opposition

President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko said that the authorities’ response to the protesting opponents should be good economic indicators. He said this on Tuesday, receiving a report from Deputy Prime Minister Yuri Nazarov and Minister of Industry Petr Parkhomchik.

This is very important: for our protestors and those who criticized us, I must say that this year agriculture saved us, added 5%, and exports will go off with a whistle. And woodworking. And then we [were told]: «We are investing money in the wrong place.» Today it saves us and produces results, we are processing local raw materials here: we have added both in production and in export, «Lukashenka said, quoted by the BelTA agency. According to the head of state, where the government» invested and paid special attention to, they got a return «.» They need to drive this into their heads, showing their [opposition] failure, «Lukashenko said.

Russians prefer to keep money in cash

From the materials of the Bank of Russia, it follows that 34% of the country’s residents prefer to keep money in cash. This was reported by the Izvestia newspaper. In November and December 2020, this answer was given more often than in all other months.

Washington invited Russia to Joe Biden’s inauguration

Washington has sent to the Russian authorities an invitation to the inauguration of US President-elect Joseph Biden. This is reported by TASS with reference to the Russian Embassy in the capital of the United States. Ambassador Anatoly Antonov will represent Russia at the ceremony

Writing about black supremacy was offered a post in the US Department of Justice

Kristen Clarke, chosen by President-elect Joe Biden to head the Justice Department’s Civil Rights Division, wrote about black supremacy. Writes about this Fox News. The TV channel notes that this is one of the most important posts of the ministry.

Ukrainian Foreign Ministry invited Russia to the summit on Crimea

Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmitry Kuleba invited Russian representatives to the summit of the «Crimean Platform». He stated this in an interview with the Obozrevatel. Kuleba said he was inviting Russian representatives because Ukraine needs a negotiation process to return Crimea

Salaries of heads of state-owned companies in Russia

«Baza» found out the official income of some heads of state-owned companies. Income data for 2018 Baze was provided by a source with access to the databases of the Federal Tax Service. In them, the tax authorities record all information on working Russians: full name, date of birth, passport data, TIN, place of work and official income that is paid by the employer.

The head of Gazprom, Alexei Miller, earned 1.9 billion rubles in 2018. The main part of his salary was given to him by Gazprom — 1.5 billion rubles. The rest — payments in the companies «SOGAZ», «SK SOGAZ Life», «Gazprom media holding», «NPF Gazfond», «Gazprombank

The salary of the head of Sberbank, German Gref, in 2018 amounted to just over 1 billion rubles (he received all of it in Sberbank).

The reward in the amount of 376 million rubles in 2018 was received by the former head of Aeroflot Vitaly Savelyev, who recently became Minister of Transport. Savelyev was in charge of Aeroflot for 11 years.

Transneft paid its President Nikolai Tokarev 222.5 million rubles in 2018

The head of Russian Railways Oleg Belozerov officially earned 192 million rubles in 2018.

Nikolay Podguzov, who previously headed the Russian Post, earned 39 million rubles in 2018 — the main part in the Post, and the «supplement» — in VTB and House of the Russian Federation, where he was a member of the board of directors.

39 million rubles — in 2018 Sergey Ivanov, who heads Alrosa, a state-owned company that extracts diamonds, earned.

Anatoly Chubais received 14 million rubles in salary in 2018 — at the Pipe Metallurgical Company, where he works as a member of the board of directors. There is no data on payments to him at Rusnano, his main place of work


The Federal Penitentiary Service of Russia filed a lawsuit with a request to replace Alexei Navalny’s suspended sentence with a real one. Which is curious, considering that the conditional sentence for the politician expired on December 30.


Sergei Zverev decided to run for parliament

«Here in Buryatia, when I talked with people directly eye to eye, of course, I have nothing left, I go to run … My dear Buryats support me very much. It can be seen that they are very much for me. Still, I will have to return. to Moscow to meet with representatives of the parties. And then I will make a decision. But you can go self-nominated. «

The showman announced that he is negotiating with five political parties, one of which is parliamentary. Zverev said that during a trip to the region he was in a children’s theater, a circus, a drama theater, and met with the Metropolitan. Now he is engaged in the «development of ecological tourism» in the republic.

The Yeltsin Center branch will open in Moscow in December.

The Communist Party has promised to organize mass protests and prevent this from happening. Valery Rashkin, the secretary of the city party committee, told Rise that the branch of the center is a challenge for the people, and called Yeltsin a murderer and debaucher. Rashkin added that the Duma Council did not want to submit a bill to the plenary session, which he introduced in November, banning the opening of the Yeltsin Center in Moscow.

Children will be dragged there and shown what he has done, destroying a great power and mocking production, reducing the economy and shooting the Supreme Council from tanks. A new misfortune is being dragged to Moscow. Let’s at least reveal the opinion of the population, is there a need for a branch of this murderer, drunkard, lecher, a man who is hated by almost all people in the Russian Federation and abroad — in the republics of the former Soviet Union? It is necessary to close the center even in Yekaterinburg and make an orphanage there.

We will fight and take measures, including those of a street nature, to prevent this barbarism

Rostec is going to monitor employees

Rostec suspected that its employees could transfer corporate secrets through the Mamba dating service, and ordered the installation of a monitoring system for employees’ actions on their work computers for almost 30 million rubles, Open Media learned.

The system will monitor not only the use of Mamba, but also the communication of Rostec employees in VK, Odnoklassniki, WhatsApp, Viber and other popular social networks and instant messengers, according to the procurement documentation. But employees of a state corporation at work can safely use Tinder — Rostec is not going to follow this (yet)