14 Янв, 2021

News digest for 01/13/2021

Dutch company TomTom has published its annual road congestion rating for 2020. Moscow turned out to be the most congested city in the world. The Russian capital bypassed 416 cities from 57 countries in this indicator. The level of congestion of Moscow and Moscow region roads was 54 percent

Mumbai, Bogota and Manila took the second, third and fourth places in the rating with the same result of 53 percent, and Istanbul is on the fifth line with 51 percent.

Other Russian cities were also included in the top 50 of the rating: Novosibirsk took ninth place, where there were only 15 days of free roads. The city’s rating was 45 percent. St. Petersburg is on the 12th line with 44 percent of occupancy; reduced traffic was observed for 60 days. Samara, Yekaterinburg and Rostov-on-Don got 20, 28 and 37 places respectively. Chelyabinsk became 46th in the ranking, and Omsk — 50th.

Five American cities became the least congested last year: Greensboro High Point (seven percent), and Syracuse, Dayton, Little Rock and Winston-Salem with the same result of eight percent.

Alexey Navalny announced his return to Russia

He announced on his Instagram that he had already bought a ticket for January 17.

“The question“ to return or not ”never stood before me. Just because I didn’t leave. I ended up in Germany, having arrived there in an intensive care box, ”Navalny said.

Britain decided to tighten rules of trade with China

British Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab said London is ready to impose restrictions on trade with China due to violations of the rights of Uyghurs in the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region (XUAR), where their forced labor is used in factories.

Bruce Willis kicked out of store for refusing to wear mask

Hollywood actor Bruce Willis was kicked out of a Los Angeles store for refusing to wear a medical mask. This is reported by the New York Post, citing a source. 65-year-old artist appeared without a mask at the pharmacy of the Rite Aid chain

The Polish Senate decided to reduce the military spending of the state

Left-wing and center-left parties have declared that it is inappropriate to exceed the rate of spending of 2% of GDP on military needs (the norm under the NATO charter). It is noted that in recent years the government has been increasing spending on the army, but in the context of the crisis associated with the pandemic, this is not necessary.

Visa refused to buy Plaid

US-based Visa Inc has backtracked on a planned $ 5.3 billion acquisition of financial and technology company Plaid amid an antitrust lawsuit from the US Department of Justice challenging the deal. This was announced on Tuesday by the US Department of Justice.

US banks refused to donate to politicians

The three largest US banks — JPMorgan Chase, Goldman Sachs and Citigroup — temporarily refused to donate their own funds and employees’ money to American politicians, regardless of their party affiliation, writes CNBC.

Ministry of Justice wants to gain access to banking operations of NPOs

Earlier, the Izvestia newspaper reported that the Ministry of Justice has prepared a draft amendment to the law «On Banks and Banking Activities», according to which it expects to gain access to information on transactions and bank accounts of legal entities and citizens.

The draft federal law «On Amendments to Article 26 of the Federal Law» On Banks and Banking Activities «was developed in order to improve the federal state supervision over the activities of non-profit organizations carried out by the Ministry of Justice of Russia and its territorial bodies, the press service of the Ministry of Justice said on Wednesday to Interfax in response to a request.

Maximum unemployment benefit in Russia

According to the Department of Labor and Employment of the Nizhny Novgorod Region, in 2021 the maximum unemployment benefit will be 12.13 thousand rubles, the minimum — 1.5 thousand rubles. The corresponding decree was signed by the Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Mikhail Mishustin on the last day of 2020.

Lenovo introduced three gaming laptops

Lenovo stepped onto the stage at CES 2021 to unveil its new Legion line of gaming laptops with updated features. These devices will be powered by AMD’s latest Ryzen 5000 processors

LG introduced a sliding smartphone with a roll-up display

The company showed at the annual CES 2021 the announcement of a smartphone called LG Rollable. It is a device with a sliding design and flexible OLED display. In view, the large display of the device smoothly folds to the classic smartphone format.

The State Duma proposed a solution to the problem of growing debts of Russians

The deputies have prepared amendments to the legislation that will help solve the problem of the growth of the debt of Russians on loans, said Natalya Kostenko, deputy chairman of the State Duma Committee on Control and Regulation. This is reported by News.ru.

As reported, the debt burden of Russians in 2020 reached a maximum in eight years. More than half of working Russians have credit obligations, that is, almost 40 million people. As of October 1, the aggregate debt burden of the population for all types of loans was 10.6 percent.

Luxembourg does not approve tax agreement with Russia

Luxembourg has not adopted the internal documents required to amend the double taxation treaty with Russia. This was reported by PwC experts, Izvestia writes.

The agreement was reached in October 2020. In early November, the Russian Federation and Luxembourg signed an official protocol. In Moscow, all procedures were completed on time, while the authorities of the second party did not accept the internal documents necessary for this agreement and did not send a notification to Russia

Total mortgage debt in Russia

The total debt on mortgages in the Russian Federation from December 1, 2019 to December 1, 2020 increased by 21%. The head of the analytical department of the Ural Chamber of Real Estate (UPN) Mikhail Khorkov wrote about this in his blog REBURG on Yandex.Zen. According to him, the mortgage debt under equity participation agreements in construction increased by 39% over the year.

Egypt gave up Russian wheat

From February 15, 2021, Russia will impose an export duty on wheat of € 25 per ton. In connection with high prices, Egypt has canceled another tender for its purchase, writes News.ru with reference to Bloomberg.

Central Bank proposes to create five Silicon valleys in Russia

Russia needs to create at least five innovative cities like Silicon Valley for the normal development of technology companies. This was stated by the first deputy chairman of the Central Bank Olga Skorobogatova.

This should not be one center, but three — five in Russia, in which they will work. We need to do this in the near future, — TASS quotes the first deputy chairman of the Bank of Russia.

Ilya Varlamov and Petr Verzilov arrested in South Sudan

Blogger Ilya Varlamov and publisher of Mediazona Pyotr Verzilov were arrested in South Sudan. Together with them, the local military detained several more people, according to the website Varlamov.ru. According to Varlamov, his wife Lyubov and two of their companions from Russia were also on the list of detainees.

Rosgosstrakh shareholders decided to pay dividends

An extraordinary general meeting of shareholders of PJSC IC Rosgosstrakh made a decision on the payment of dividends from the company’s retained earnings for 2018-2019. in the amount of over 12.2 billion rubles.

As already reported by the ASN, at the end of 2018, the Rosgosstrakh group received 6.2 billion rubles under OSBU. net profit. Activities in 2019 brought the IFRS group RUB 7.7 billion. arrived. The main assets of the group are Rosgosstrakh and Rosgosstrakh Life.

Ministry of Finance will resume buying currency

The Ministry of Finance of Russia in January will return to buying foreign currency within the framework of the budgetary rule, according to the department’s website. This will happen for the first time since March 2020.

The total amount of funds allocated for the purchase of foreign currency is +106.3 billion rubles. Operations will be carried out from January 15, 2021 to February 4, 2021, respectively, the daily volume of purchases of foreign currency will amount to the equivalent of 7.1 billion rubles, — the message says.

State Department notifies European companies of sanctions over Nord Stream 2

In the first week of January of the new year, the US Department of State sent out sanctions notices to European companies due to involvement in the Nord Stream 2 project, Reuters reported. The decision on the «blacklist» can be made before the end of this week

Interpol has put two Russians on the wanted list for an explosion of saltpeter in the port of Beirut.

Interpol has put two Russian citizens on the wanted list as part of an investigation into the explosion of saltpeter in the port of Beirut in August 2020, which killed 190 people. Lebanese Prosecutor General’s Office applied to Interpol

Roskomnadzor equated the name of a city in Mexico with foul language

The Saratov Roskomnadzor demanded that the local news agency Svobodnye Novosti remove the user’s comment from the site. It mentions the abbreviated name of a city in Mexico, Ojuelos de Jalisco (in Spanish, Ojuelos de Jalisco).

The 8th Party Congress ended in the DPRK, Kim Jong-un made a multi-day report

  • a new course «People Above All» was announced with a greater emphasis on the economy (the previous course adopted in 2016 assumed the parallel development of nuclear power and the economy)
  • it is stated that the DPRK has completed the development of a new nuclear submarine and research into the creation of missiles with hypersonic guided strike units, will continue to develop nuclear weapons, increase the missile range to 15 thousand km, and will use a military satellite and drones in reconnaissance
  • North Korea intends to develop relations with Russia and China
  • it was indicated that in relations with South Korea everything depends on its behavior — the DPRK is ready to go back 3 years and «start anew» the development of relations, but Seoul must actively implement the agreements, stop hostile actions, including exercises with the United States, and show sincerity in relations
  • The North Korean leader called the US policy an «enemy» on the path of development of the DPRK and said that the essence of their relationship does not change, whoever leads the United States — he designated Washington’s refusal of current policy as the key to the dialogue
  • Kim Jong-un’s post was renamed from party chairman to general secretary (Kim Il-sung was also party chairman for the first 17 years, then became general secretary, Kim Jong-il became general secretary for the 4th year of his reign)

Izhevsk diocese ordered a circus Christmas show with goats and a swastika

Izhevsk diocese ordered a circus Christmas show with goats and a swastika. Artiodactyls portrayed fascists. The performance was organized by the State Circus of Udmurtia. The press service of «Rise» was told that the specificity of circus art requires entertainment and grotesque. The prosecutor’s office is checking.