15 Jan, 2020

News digest for 01/14/2020

The accounting chamber estimated the amount of theft from the Federal budget of Russia.

“In criminal cases – it’s from two to three billion rubles a year, usually even less, — – said the head of the chamber Alexei Kudrin in an interview with RIA Novosti on the eve of the 25th anniversary of the Department.

At the same time, the total volume of violations in this area amounted to 804 billion rubles for 2019.

It is noted that a third of this amount — accounting violations, which are corrected in the course of inspections. Another third is violations of procurement procedures, which are not a criminal offense.

The government did not include the law on new pensions in the plan for the year

The government did not include the draft of the new system of accumulative pensions (guaranteed pension plan – GPP) in the plan of legislative activity for 2020. This is written by RBC with reference to the relevant document.

I think in the near future. Most likely, the government will make it. I think it will be introduced in February. They probably won’t make it in January. – Anatoly Aksakov, Russian politician

Media reports about Haftar’s departure from Moscow without signing the agreement

The commander of the Libyan national army, Khalifa Haftar, along with his delegation left Moscow without a signed agreement on cease-fire in Libya. This is reported by al-Arabiya TV channel. The information is confirmed by an informed Libyan source “RIA Novosti”.

Cigarettes in Russia began to rise in price due to excise taxes and labeling

The largest tobacco companies operating in Russia increased the maximum retail prices for cigarettes from October 2019 to January 2020, according to the register of minimum and maximum retail prices for tobacco products of the Federal tax service (FTS).

Thousands of Muscovites were left without free Parking

Thousands of Muscovites were left without free Parking: they can not renew the corresponding permit and are forced to Park in their area for money. This is reported by Kommersant.

According to the newspaper, the city authorities recognize the problem: to issue a Parking permit, it is necessary to check the owners of housing in the Unified state register of real estate (usrn), but the system gives answers with delays. In the Russian state register explained that a heavy load has created copycat websites, and robots. They also assured that they are taking measures to restore the health of the service.

The drought after the flood

The canals of Venice were dry after a heavy flood. In the media there were photos of them standing on the bottom of the nacelles. As specified by Corriere Dell ‘ Veneto, the water left up to 50 cm below sea level.

The heads of four districts of the Krasnoyarsk territory resigned

The Governor of the Krasnoyarsk territory, Alexander USS, accepted the resignation of the heads of four districts, his press service reported. Alexander Belov (Bogotolsky district), Anatoly Kireev (Idrinsky district), Sergey Ermakov (Yenisei district) and Nikolai Kozelepov (Mansky district) left their posts.

All heads of municipalities were elected in 2015 for a five-year term. Two months ago, the mayor of Divnogorsk Yegor Ol, who held this post for nine years, resigned at his own request.

Green snow was found in Chelyabinsk.

A strange touch of snowdrifts covered at the entrance to the city from Yekaterinburg. Experts conducted a check and concluded that the green color of the snow was colored by dust. Nearby is a granite quarry, where there is mining.

As the head of the Department of environmental education of the Ministry of ecology of the region Vitaly Bezrukov reported in the telegram channel, the dust does not pose a threat to the health of citizens, because it is small particles of natural materials and rocks.

The state Duma proposes to ban the launch of fireworks near residential buildings

“Unfortunately, today the lovers of pyrotechnics do not always think that in the next house there are families with young children, and in hospital there may be people in serious condition, and explosions of pyrotechnics in close proximity become an additional problem,” the appeal a proposal the state Duma Deputy Yevgeny Fyodorov was sent to the EMERCOM of Russia

According to the text of the appeal, the parliamentarian proposes to ban the use of fireworks and firecrackers at a distance of up to 500 meters from residential buildings and hospitals.

German veterinarians have launched a campaign against purebred dogs and cats

German veterinarians have extended the campaign against breeding fashionable breeds of dogs and cats. It is a question of breeds with a rare color, the changed form of ears, a muzzle, reports RIA “Novosti” with reference to chamber of veterinarians of Berlin.

Viktor Bout in a U.S. prison transferred to a special unit for terrorists

Victor Booth, who is serving a 25-year sentence in the us Federal prison Marion, was transferred to a special unit of super-strict regime. It is intended for terrorists. This was reported by the wife of the Russian Alla Booth.

More than 60% of those who want to take a loan were refused by banks

In 2019, Russian banks approved 36.9% of the total number of applications submitted by citizens for different types of loans, according to data from the National Bureau of credit histories (nbki, RBC has data), which is in the top 3 largest in the Russian market.

On January 1, the last stage of limiting the debt limit came into force in Russia. Under the new rules, the maximum amount of interest on loans for up to one year should not exceed the debt itself by more than 1.5 times

China will buy 200 billion dollars worth of goods from the United States in two years

This is one of the terms of the trade agreement, which will be signed by American President Donald trump and Chinese Vice Premier Liu he on January 15 in Washington.

The” first part ” of the trade deal provides for the import by the Chinese side of American industrial goods for $ 75 billion, energy – for 50 billion, agricultural products – for 40 billion, RIA Novosti writes.

Maxim Topilin told how salaries will grow this year

Real wages will increase this year by 2.3%, and real disposable income of the population-by 1.5%. This was told in an interview with “Rossiyskaya Gazeta” by the Minister of labor and social protection of Russia Maxim Topilin

Increase in tariffs for utilities in the Tambov region

on average, the growth of tariffs in the region will be:

thermal energy – 3 %, and in the town of Michurinsk, Rasskazovo and Uvarovo will remain the same as last year;
on GAZ-3 %;
electricity-4.8 %;
on drinking water, water disposal-7.5 %.
But the tariff for the export of TKO decreased by 5 % from January 1. Thus, it will be 4 %.

The first house built on escrow accounts in Kazan was more expensive by 8%

The price of the first house in Kazan, built using escrow accounts, increased by 8%. Such figures were given by the first Deputy head of the Executive Committee of Kazan for urban development policy Azat Nigmatzyanov at a business Monday in the city hall.

Forbes named a buyer of Gazprom shares for $5 billion

Two major transactions for the sale of quasi-Treasury shares of Gazprom ended with the fact that they were acquired by the UK “Gazprombank-asset Management”, according to Forbes, citing sources familiar with the details of the transaction. We are talking about two packages totaling $5.3 billion, which were sold in July and November last year.

The head of “Rosgeologiya” asked for more than $1 billion from the NWF for exploration

Rosgeologia CEO Sergey Gorkov asked Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev to allocate 65 billion rubles (more than $1 billion) from the national welfare Fund (NWF) from 2020 to 2022 to expand exploration in Russia.

The Germans intend to develop tourism in the far East and the Arctic

The German company Lernidee Erlevpisreisepgmvn intends to attract 1.36 billion rubles in the sphere of tourism development in the far East and the Arctic, the press service of the Agency of the Far East for investment promotion and export support (ANO API) told IA REGNUM. A cooperation agreement has already been signed.

In 2020, Charter cruises will be organized from Yakutsk to Tiksi, from Novosibirsk to Salekhard. There is an agreement to launch a new cruise on the Yenisei, as well as the second passage of the “Arctic train”. German tour operators say that there is quite an active interest of tourists on tours to the North pole, including on nuclear icebreakers

Companies can not rely on the calculation of all taxes for disputed transactions

The Ministry of Finance opposed the tax reconstruction in Russia. The Federal tax service, adding fines and penalties, is not obliged to calculate the amount of real tax liabilities of companies. The Agency sent a document signed by Deputy Prime Minister Anton Siluanov to the head of the Federal tax service Mikhail Mishustin

Ukrainian authorities for the third time put up for sale “daughter” of VEB

A stake in Prominvestbank (PIB, a subsidiary of VEB in Ukraine) in the amount of 99.7726% of shares is put up for auction, which will be held on the Ukrainian stock exchange PFTS on February 11, the exchange said in a statement.

Creditors intend to check the marriage of the ex-owner of ” Sibmost»

The meeting of creditors will check the decision on whether to pay for the forensic examination “to challenge the marriage contract” between the businessman and Lydia Koshkina, according to the materials of the bankruptcy case. The bankruptcy Trustee offered to discuss the examination “on challenging the contract of sale of shares” between Koshkin and Sibmost Group LLC. The absentee meeting is scheduled for February 17.

The previous Manager believed that the contract has a risk of abuse of the right, which can be expressed in the alienation of property to prevent foreclosure.

The state Duma has suspended the adoption of the bill on the collection of biometrics

“We have suspended its adoption, although the Bank of Russia insisted on early adoption, due to the fact that we carefully try to treat the adoption of digital laws,” — said at a press conference in TASS, the Chairman of the state Duma Committee on the financial market Anatoly Aksakov

He called this topic difficult, primarily related to the protection of citizens ‘ rights, personal data protection, and business protection.

The state Duma on July 16 passed in the first reading a bill allowing banks to collect biometric data of customers. The authors of the bill note that large banks-banks with a universal license have already begun to implement the necessary infrastructure solutions.

The Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation will increase the purchase of currency

The Ministry of Finance of Russia from January 15 to February 6 will increase the total amount of funds allocated for the purchase of foreign currency under the budget rule to 309.9 billion rubles from 195.5 billion rubles. the Daily volume of currency purchases in the coming period is 18.2 billion rubles (9.3 billion rubles in December 2019).

The Central Bank of China strengthened the yuan to the maximum in five months

The people’s Bank of China raised the Renminbi (the official name of the Chinese currency) against the dollar by 309 basis points to 6.8954 yuan per unit of the us currency. According to the regulator’s statistics, this is the maximum value since August 1, 2019.

Ukraine is ready to import diesel fuel and gasoline from Belarus

Ukrainian energy state company “Naftogaz” plans to start importing gasoline and diesel fuel from Belarus – under annual contracts with the Belarusian oil company (BNK). The relevant information was published on January 13 by several Ukrainian media.

CNOOC plans to increase production of hydrocarbons in 2020

China’s state-owned oil and gas company, China National Offshore Oil Corporation (CNOOC), forecasts hydrocarbon production growth in 2020 to 520-530 million barrels of oil equivalent, and the number of wells to 227, CNOOC said in a release.

Lukashenko was outraged by the price of Russian oil

Speaking at the ceremony of awarding a special award to cultural and artistic figures “for spiritual revival”, Alexander Lukashenko explained why they did not agree with the Russian Federation on oil supplies to the Republic. According to him, the Russian side offers to buy raw materials from it at a price higher than the world price:

“Why have we not yet agreed with the Russian President on oil? Because Russia wants us to buy their oil at prices higher than the world. Where has this been seen? – RIA Novosti quoted Lukashenka as saying.

The temperature of The world ocean has reached record high values

The ocean absorbs up to 90% of all heat generated by various human activities, such as burning fossil fuels or destroying forests. Scientists have at their disposal more than 3,800 free-drifting buoys and torpedo bathythermographs, which measure the temperature in different parts of the ocean. According to information received from various points of the planet, the water temperature is now warmer than ever. The situation has been particularly aggravated over the past five years. Temperature indicators have been alarming scientists for more than 10 years, and recently reached critical levels. In addition to changing weather conditions, mankind may be threatened by increasing storms, melting glaciers and other dangerous consequences. According to researchers, the level of the world ocean by the end of the century will increase by about a meter, which will force 150 million people to migrate.

US authorities intend to abandon the use of Chinese drones

According to the Financial Times, the cuts relate to the us Department of homeland security (DHS), which plans to abandon the use of about 1 thousand drones due to the fact that they can transmit confidential information to manufacturers and, accordingly, to Chinese agencies, reports TASS.

In the United States accused the GRU of Russia in the attack on the Ukrainian gas company

Russian hackers associated with the Russian GRU have successfully hacked the servers of the Ukrainian gas holding company Burisma, which became widely known thanks to the impeachment procedure of US President Donald trump, reports The New York Times (NYT). According to us media, the GRU launched a cyber-phishing campaign against Burisma in November 2019.

There was a second trailer for “Black Widow” with Scarlett Johansson

The film is released on may 1, 2020. On Tuesday, January 14, the network appeared the second trailer for “Black widow” with Scarlett Johansson. The video was published on IGN’s YouTube channel.

Doctors were required to disclose medical secrets of deceased patients

Hospitals are required to issue medical documents to relatives and friends of deceased patients. This decision was made by the constitutional court (CC) of the Russian Federation. Previously, doctors refused to issue medical documents, citing the fact that this information contains medical secrecy.

The decision, published on the website of the COP, notes that the refusal to receive such information significantly affects the rights of citizens and causes them suffering, especially when ” a spouse or relative has suspicions that the death of a person close to him led to untimely or poorly provided medical care.”

The us Treasury Department has imposed sanctions against seven officials of the Venezuelan government

The office of foreign assets control (OFAC) of the us Treasury has imposed sanctions against seven officials of the Venezuelan government. In particular, the list includes Deputy Luis Parra, who was elected on January 6 as the new speaker of the National Assembly instead of Juan Guaido.

At the request of the Ministry of Finance, defendants in the list has tried to seize control of the National Assembly of Venezuela on behalf of Nicolas Maduro, the US does not recognize the President of the country, and to prevent interim head of state Juan Guido and other deputies to participate in the elections of the leadership Assembly.


At the Deputy chief of customs on power of the Russian Federation, houses under a floor found about 100 million dollars in CASH…… and about 18 tons of gold bars.


800 million rubles for the purchase of special equipment, batons and handcuffs

Over the past year, Rosgvardiya spent almost 800 million rubles on equipment and special equipment, which are used, among other things, to disperse protest actions. MBH media made such calculations based on public procurement data.

Most of the funds — 364 million rubles-were allocated for the purchase of armored vehicles to disperse and prevent rallies and street riots. Thus, 195 million rubles were spent on the purchase of 13 armored vehicles “Patrol”, equipped with special sound and light systems to counter “aggressive groups”. For 68 million rubles were purchased six “Tigers” – special armored vehicles MIC-233 136. 50 million rubles Regardie spent on the acquisition of five armored vehicles “Federal”.

As part of the optimization, doctors were offered to work as tractor drivers.

“Alliance of doctors” reports the closure of the blood transfusion station in Yelets. The head with 39-year experience told representatives of the trade Union that his employees are being cut illegally, and he has already been offered several vacancies: a locksmith, carpenter, tractor driver or doctor with a salary of 12 thousand rubles.

“There is no question of any dovoz, compensation or anything else. In fact, unique specialists are thrown out on the street, ” the publication says.

The Alliance claims that by closing the station, the local health Department plans to save 12 million rubles a year. The regional health Department explained the decision that it is not profitable to keep it.

More than eight billion rubles for the production of the ship “eagle»

Roscosmos in 2021 plans to spend more than eight billion rubles on the production of the ship “eagle”, intended for manned flights to the International space station and to the moon-this is reported by RIA Novosti with reference to documents of state procurement.

Earlier, the rocket and space Corporation Energia requested 18 billion rubles from Roscosmos for the development of the Orel spacecraft, also known as the Federation, which has been under development since 2009. The first (unmanned) launch of a manned spacecraft from the Baikonur cosmodrome is scheduled for 2022.

The orphans ‘ money was spent on the temple

More than 45 million rubles donated to the orphans were spent by the Nizhny Novgorod charity Fund “Smile of the child” for the repair of the Church and equipment of the class, for lectures on spiritual development and the purchase of literature. This is reported in the case materials published on the website of the Avtozavodsky district court.

According to the court, the funds were transferred for the restoration of the Transfiguration Church and chapel in honor of the Archangel Michael. The Fund’s money was also spent on purchasing a washing machine, gas engine fuel, and other purchases.

The Yakut shaman again resumed his March to Moscow

Gabyshev noted that his “team will go peacefully” so that ” the demon was expelled by peaceful methods.” He stressed that no one is encouraged to take up arms

The Deputy-United Russia from the state Duma suggested to force Housewives to pay taxes

The Deputy of the “state Duma” from “United Russia” Sergey Vostretsov suggested to oblige Housewives to pay taxes. They are self-employed citizens, the parliamentarian is sure. About this Vostretsov said “Rosbalt”. According to the Deputy, in the country about 28 million people of working age evade taxes. The Ministry of labor can’t find them.

“Do they have no children, no INN, they don’t move? So let’s look behind them!”- suggested Vostretsov.

In the United States, a group of climate activists were classified as extremists.

We are talking about a group of American environmental activists, which was named “Valve Turners” (turning valves) after it closed the valves on the pipelines in 2016.

In Kostroma toxic soil was transported around the city

Construction company LLC “River” built residential buildings on the site of the former chemical plant. And in order not to carry to the landfill toxic soil from the construction site, it was scattered through the streets of the city, unloading directly under the Windows of residential buildings! A criminal case was opened on the grounds of a crime under part 1 of article 247 of the criminal code (violation of the rules for handling environmentally hazardous substances and waste) against “unidentified persons”.

The accounting chamber warned of an environmental collapse in Russia

The environmental situation in Russia remains unfavorable and continues to deteriorate: accumulated problems and climate change can lead to the fact that in the next 10 years the economy will lose 30% of GDP, warns the accounting chamber in the report on monitoring of the national project ” Ecology»

Today in Russia all rivers of the country are polluted, almost 40% of the population breathe polluted air. This is 56 million people from 143 cities whose health is at risk. The content of harmful impurities continues to grow, especially in the Asian part of Russia, the JV notes: at the same time, air pollution is associated with about 7% of deaths from lung cancer, 18% – from lung diseases, 20% – stroke and 34% of cardiovascular diseases.

The nominees for the “Oscar»

Best film

“Ford vs. Ferrari»
“Jojo Rabbit»
«Little woman»
“Marriage history»
“Once upon a time in … Hollywood»

Best direction

“The Irishman “(Martin Scorsese)
“The Joker “(Todd Phillips)
“1917” (Sam Mendes)
“Once upon a time in … Hollywood” (Quentin Tarantino)
“Parasites” (According To Jung Ho)

Best original screenplay

“Get the knives” (Ryan Johnson)
“The marriage story “(Noah Baumbach)
“1917” (Sam Mendes and Christy Wilson-Kearns)
“Once upon a time in Hollywood” (Quentin Tarantino)
“Parasites” (PON Jun-Ho and Han Jin-won)

Best adapted screenplay

“The Irishman “(Stephen Zellian)
“Rabbit Jojo” (Taika Waititi )
“The Joker “(Todd Phillips and Scott silver)
“Little women “(Greta Gerwig)
“Two dads” (Anthony Mccarten)

Best actor

Antonio Banderas (“Pain and glory»)
Leonardo DiCaprio (“Once upon a time in … Hollywood»)
Joaquin Phoenix (“The Joker»)
Adam Driver (“Marriage story»)
Jonathan Price (“Two Dads»)

Best actress

Cynthia Erivo (“Harriet»)
Scarlett Johansson (“the Marriage story»)
Saoirse Ronan (“Little women»)
Charlize Theron (“Scandal»)
Renee Zellweger (“Judith»)

Best supporting actor

Tom Hanks (“a Beautiful day in the neighborhood»)
Anthony Hopkins (“Two Dads»)
Al Pacino and Joe Pesci (both for ” the Irishman»)
Brad pitt (“Once upon a time in … Hollywood”).

Best supporting actress

Kathy Bates (“The Case Of Richard Jewell»)
Laura Dern (“the Marriage story»)
Scarlett Johansson (“Jojo Rabbit»)
Florence Pugh (“Little women»)
Margot Robbie (“Scandal”).

The Russian government will simplify the employment of migrants

A special bill will be submitted to the state Duma in the fall. Enterprises where migrants work will be exempt from scheduled inspections, the Izvestia newspaper reports.

There was a second trailer for the action movie “Bloodshot” with VIN Diesel

Sony Pictures has released the second trailer for the sci-Fi Thriller “Bloodshot” starring VIN Diesel. Diesel played former marine ray garrison, who was given superpowers as a result of an experiment with nanotechnology conducted by the RST Corporation.

The film “Silence of the lambs” will get a spin-off

The Oscar-winning 1991 Thriller “Silence of the lambs” will have a spin-off. The series will be produced by CBS, according to Variety. According to the source, the project will be called ” Clarissa”

Protein found that strengthens muscles without training

Scientists have found a way to maintain muscle tone without regular exercise. As reported by today News Ufa with reference to Nature Communications, scientists have discovered a protein that can solve problems of lack of physical activity.

The series “World of the Wild West” predicted a civil war in Russia

For example, we are talking about the environmental disaster in Indonesia this spring, the assassination of the us President-elect in 2024, and the second civil war in Russia in 2037.

Apple accidentally broke airpods Pro headphones with an update

Immediately after upgrading TO 2c54 firmware, users started complaining about the headphones ‘ performance. In particular, noise reduction has stopped working in AirPods Pro, or it works with failures and errors.

AMD 600 series chipsets will be released at the end of this year

The beginning of January brought a lot of new information about the release dates of AMD chipsets of the next generation. First, the more affordable AMD B550 and A520 may be delayed until the third quarter. Second, the flagship AMD 600 series chipsets will not appear until the end of the year.

Released a trailer for the movie “Morbius” with Jared Leto about a vampire scientist

SonyPictures released a trailer for the film “Morbius” in Russian. The main role of a vampire scientist with a rare blood disease was played by actor Jared Leto. In the story Michael Morbius decides to cure diseases of the blood and begins to experiment with the DNA of a bat.

Pearl Jam announced a new album ― the first in six years

American rock band from Seattle Pearl Jam will release a new album “Gigaton”on March 27. This is stated on the YouTube channel of musicians. In support of the album, the band will tour the United States and Canada

Russia is creating a gravity system for military equipment.

It will be independent of the satellite navigation system. Space geolocation is not required to determine the coordinates of an object. Therefore, determining the location of an object will no longer be associated with protection from interference, or from the effects of electronic warfare objects, or from weather and magnetic anomalies that disrupt the communication channel. This is written by the weekly “Zvezda”. And adds that the gravity navigation system is not suitable for civilian use.

It is based on a detailed map of the force of attraction that affects any material body, as well as the centrifugal force associated with the rotation of the Earth. Together, these two multidirectional vectors give a force of gravity that is uneven at each point on the surface. Micro-oscillations of gravity can be mapped by linking them to a specific route. Due to this, high-precision weapons, such as a cruise missile, will find their way even when the satellite navigation system is disabled.

The fight against piracy with the help of the blockchain: the United States filed the first patent

The Dish Network app creates a system that allows owners to embed an identification mark in content code that can be stored and updated regularly using a distributed Ledger. Dish claims that the new technology will help better monitor and enforce property rights by alerting platforms when their content is used without permission.

Voice control is now available in Firefox

Mozilla has released an experimental plugin that gives the Firefox browser voice control. Without touching the keyboard, Firefox Voice users can search the Internet, translate pages, navigate routes, play music, and quickly find open tabs.

Conversations of Skype users were listened to by the Chinese

Journalists learned that Microsoft hired contractors in China to listen to users ‘ conversations in Skype and with the voice assistant Cortana. No measures were taken to ensure the confidentiality of the records.

The new algorithm inserts a face into any image in a few seconds

Information about the new algorithm used in the Doublicat application has appeared in the network. So, with its help, the developers were able to teach the program to insert a face into any image in just a few seconds.

There are non-removable Trojans on low-income smartphones subsidized by the US government

Budget smartphones for the poor, subsidized by the US government, contain non-removable malicious components Purchasing one of these smartphones, the company’s experts found that the Wireless Update component, designed to update the software shells in the smartphone, is a type of known malicious (more precisely, “undesirable”) application Adups.

The performance of the Core i7-7700 was lower than the new Core i3-10320

According to the 3DMark benchmark test, Core i3-10320 is 8.9% ahead of Core i7-7700 in some tests. But given that some tests were not completed in favor of the new product (albeit with a smaller difference), the real difference in performance will be about 5-7% in favor of the Core i3-10320.

In the US, a new Collider construction site was chosen

The U.S. Department of energy has selected the Brookhaven national laboratory in new York state as the site for the construction of a new facility, the Electron — Ion Collider (EIC). The facility, with an estimated cost of about two billion dollars, will study the strong interaction and internal structure of protons and neutrons, and the first experiments should begin in 2029 or 2030, the Agency said in a statement.

The ultrasound stronger than 3D-printed parts made of alloys

According to today News Ufa, physicists printed the part with a titanium alloy, affecting it with ultrasound. The use of ultrasound changed the structure of the alloy and increased its strength by 12%. During the experiment, scientists printed one plate of titanium using ultrasound, and the second-without it

The main light source for fish has been determined

The researchers studied luminous cleaning fish from the Indian ocean and the Western Pacific, and determined that they draw their light sources from food. Fish feed on small crustaceans of the ostracod class, and they contain protein that allows the fish to glow.

Scientists have created robots from living cells

Scientists have managed to construct the world’s first robots from living cells. Experts called these living machines xenobots. Tiny robots contain between 500 and 1000 cells that can move around a Petri dish and self-organize.

A breakthrough has been made in storing donor organs outside the body

Scientists from Switzerland have created a device that can support the functioning of the liver and other large organs for a whole week. The press service of the University of Zurich writes about the prospects of its application in medical practice, citing an article in the scientific journal Nature Biotechnology.

Flirting in the workplace reduces stress levels

Scientists from the University of Washington studied the effect of light flirting on the well-being of employees. The results of the study showed that the majority reacted positively to flirting. Employees who experienced injustice from the management, flirting helped to get rid of insomnia, improve mood and overcome stress