16 Jan, 2020

News digest for 01/15/2020

Kazakhstan has received a request from Belarus for the supply of oil

Belarus sent a request to Kazakhstan for the supply of oil, the head of the Kazakh Ministry of energy Nurlan Nogaev told reporters.

“The statement, request from Belneftekhim was sent to our address, to the Ministry. Representatives of this Department plan to come to Kazakhstan to discuss the delivery. We currently supply oil in diversified directions and will consider the proposal of the Belarusian side, ” he said.

Earlier, on January 14, Deputy Prime Minister of Belarus Dmitry Krutoy said that Minsk does not consider it appropriate to overpay Russian companies for oil and Belarus has sent proposals for supplies to several other countries. Poland has already refused, Azerbaijan is still in thought, and Kiev is silent.

Latvia has already stated that it is ready to participate in projects for reverse oil supplies to Belarus. On Thursday, January 16, the Prime Minister of the country arrives in Minsk and is going to discuss issues of delivery through Latvian ports.

Malta revealed the names of Russians who received ” Golden passports»

Malta became a member of the EU in 2004. since then, more than 3,500 people have received the country’s Golden passports. The Times of Malta found five members of the Qatari Royal family – former economy Minister Sheikh Mohammed Ahmed al Thani, his wife Anadi and their three children-on the list of new citizens.

Earlier, Cyprus began to deprive foreigners of citizenship who received so-called “Golden passports” for investing in the country’s economy.

Iran has detained a person who posted a video of a missile hitting a Boeing

As reported by the Fars news Agency, representatives of the Islamic revolutionary guard Corps (IRGC) of Iran detained a local citizen who published a video on the Internet with a missile hitting a Ukrainian Boeing. It is emphasized that the results of the detainee’s interrogation “will be presented to the General public of Iran without fail”.

Termination of support for Windows 7 threatens problems for Russian banks

According to the Statcounter service, as of December 2019, the share of computers with Windows 7 in Russia was about 32%. According to Cisco business security consultant Alexey Lukatsky, the ratio in Russian banks is lower — about one in five computers has Windows 7 installed

The Ministry of Finance supported the creation of private bailiffs in Russia

The Ministry of Finance of Russia supports the creation of private bailiffs in the country and their implementation, RBC reports with reference to the recommendation prepared by the Department. The Ministry noted that they approve of this idea, as it will optimize Federal budget expenditures and improve the system.

However, the introduction of the Institute of private bailiffs will take place in stages. In the first stage, the bailiffs will be engaged in the recovery of debt in favor of legal entities.

More than 70% of Russian residents do not believe that they will live on a pension

Their own savings will not provide a comfortable life in old age — according to more than 70% of Russian citizens over 50. Data from the survey of the non-State pension Fund (NPF) of Sberbank is given by Izvestia on January 15. 72.8% of respondents do not believe in the possibility of living comfortably in retirement.

Gazprom bought a farmstead in Crimea for almost 2 billion rubles

On December 16, LLC” Ecologo-tourist center in Parkovoye “(LLC” etc in Parkovoye”, owned by Gazprom) bought the complex “Yakov Zhukovsky’s Dacha “Novy Kucuk-Koi” from the Crimean administration. The fact of the transaction was confirmed to Interfax by the seller-the administrative Directorate of the property of the Republic of Crimea (subordinated to the property of the region).

According to the SPARK-Interfax analytical system, etc in Parkovoye LLC was registered in March 2007. its main activity is the activity of hotels and other places for temporary residence. The authorized capital of the structure, as of June 2019, is 8 billion 867 million 593 thousand 271 rubles. The sole owner of etc in Parkovoye LLC is Rissko LLC (St. Petersburg, the main activity is renting and managing its own or leased real estate), which in turn, according to data for March of this year, is 100% owned by Gazprom dobycha Orenburg LLC.

Journalists learned about Patriarch Kirill’s business relationship with Prigozhin

Patriarch Kirill of Moscow and all Russia may be connected to businessman Yevgeny Prigozhin through a certain Lydia Leonova, who was registered in the Patriarch’s apartment. This is reported by “Interlocutor”.

Leonova represented the interests of the Patriarch when he sued 19 million rubles from former health Minister Yuriy Shevchenko as compensation for dust during repairs in the house on the embankment. It is not known who Leonova belongs to the Patriarch, but “she was registered in the above apartment at least until the end of 2016-the moment when she purchased the BMW X3 xDrive28i car”. Judging by the code 178 on the car number, the car is related to St. Petersburg. In the city database of the unified state register there was one Lydia Mikhailovna Leonova.

The publication claims that this is the Leonova who is associated with the Patriarch. She is the co-founder of OOO “Valadolid”. Its business partner is Vladimir Lypar, who was awarded the Patriarchal award by the Primate of the Russian Orthodox Church. It became clear, as reports the edition, Lipari — General Director of OOO “Concord”, which is associated with the name of Prigogine.

According to “Interlocutor”, the Patriarch and Prigozhin “have interests in the Park of the Ministry of defense “Patriot””, on the territory of which the temple is being built, “and controlled by the” Kremlin cook ” LLC “Polar bear” provides cleaning services to the Park.”

Zeroing the personal income tax rate for the poor will reduce regional budgets

Zeroing the personal income tax rate for the poor will reduce regional budgets. Regions will lose up to 300 billion rubles if the authorities approve zeroing the income tax rate for the poor, according to the rating Agency ACRA.

The Ministry of industry and trade proposed to reduce the share of domestic medicines in the market

The Ministry of industry and trade of the Russian Federation proposes to reduce the share of domestic medicines in the Russian market. The Agency estimates that the targets for 2020 should be reduced from 50% to 32% in monetary terms. The Ministry is confident that the plans should be reduced for 2024 — from 53 to 36%. Offers are published on the portal regulation.gov.ru.

The rarest precious metal set a record

Prices for the world’s rarest precious metal, rhodium, have soared by 32 percent since the beginning of 2020 and reached their highest since 2008. On Friday, January 10, the cost of an ounce of metal was a record 7975 dollars.

Russia plans to limit grain exports

Russia can introduce a quota for grain exports – from January 1 to June 30, 2020 (i.e. until the end of the agricultural season), no more than 20 million tons can be exported. This restriction is proposed in the draft government resolution prepared by the Ministry of agriculture, which Vedomosti has read.

Maduro signed a decree on the sale of a large batch of oil for cryptocurrency

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro ordered the state oil and gas company PDVSA to sell 4.5 million barrels of oil for the Petro cryptocurrency.

The US Department of energy raised its forecasts for oil production in the country

The forecast for the average WTI oil price for 2020 was $59.25, and for 2021 – $62.03. The forecast for oil production in 2020 has also been raised to 13.3 million barrels per day in 2020 and 13.7 million in 2021.

Ukraine is ahead of Russia in terms of minimum wage growth

Ukraine has overtaken Russia in the rating of minimum wage growth. This is evidenced by Picodi data for the beginning of 2020. Resource experts analyzed the minimum wage (minimum wage) in 54 countries. Ukraine took the 15th place in the rating. Here, the minimum wage at the beginning of the year increased by 13.2% to $ 157 after taxes. Experts placed Russia in 29th place. Its figures are 7.5% and $166, respectively.

The first place in the ranking was taken by Nigeria, where the growth of the minimum wage was 64.8%. The minimum wage is $74. The top three also included Azerbaijan (37.7% and $140) and Argentina (37.1% and $253). Kazakhstan is in last place. This country is the only one on the list where the minimum wage fell by 1.1% and at the beginning of the year was $98.

Russian airlines increased passenger traffic in 2019

“According to operational data, from January to December 2019, Russian carriers served 128.1 million passengers, exceeding the indicators of the same period last year by 10.2%,” the message on the Rosaviatsia website reads.

It also indicates that passenger traffic for the same period amounted to 322.98 passenger kilometers, which is an increase of 12.6% compared to the previous similar period.

Sberbank’s net profit increased by 7.3% in 2019

Sberbank’s net profit according to Russian accounting standards (RAS) for the year 2019 amounted to 870.1 billion rubles, an increase of 7.29% compared to the indicator for 2018 (excluding events after the reporting date, spod). This is stated in the Bank’s message.

India announced its intention to invest in Vostok oil»

India is ready to invest in the Vostok oil project in the Krasnoyarsk region, Indian oil and gas Minister Dharmendra Pradhan told reporters.

“This is interesting. Yes, definitely, ” Pradhan said when asked whether India had made a decision to invest in Vostok oil.

The Vostok oil project combines the resource base of the largest fields in the Vankor cluster (Vankor, Suzun, Tagul, and Lodochny), as well as promising oil-bearing sites in the North of the Krasnoyarsk territory, such as the Payakh group of fields (owned by Neftegazholding) and the Zapadno-Irkinsky section.

Russia’s revenues from gas and oil exports are declining

According to the Federal customs service (FCS) for January—November 2019, Russia’s revenues from natural gas exports amounted to $ 37.74 billion, a decrease of 15.4% compared to the same period in 2018. Gas exports for eleven months amounted to 199 billion cubic meters, reducing by 1.6%

America reduces the production of shale gas

In December, average daily gas production in the United States reached 91.8 billion cubic feet / day. This value is 1.7% lower than in November. Thus, shale gas production in America has reached record lows.

Ukraine does not plan to create an insurance gas reserve for 2020

Ukraine does not plan to create an insurance reserve of gas for 2020, as in January it is pointless, said the head Of the “operator of the GTS of Ukraine” Sergey Makogon.

Iran plans to overtake Qatar in gas production in March 2020

Currently, Iran produces more than 56 million cubic meters of gas per day from the South Pars offshore platforms. It is planned that by March 2020, the total production at the field will reach 650 million cubic meters per day. Tehran is trying to get ahead of Qatar in terms of gas production.

Sibnedra estimates the exploration of a large oil production site in Siberia at 700 million rubles

About 700 million rubles will be required for the exploration of a large area in Western Siberia that is promising for the development of oil fields.

Minsk will ruin Gazprom following the example of Ukraine

Minsk may start taking away Gazprom’s property if Russia does not reduce the price of gas for Belarus. Such a tough scenario for “resolving” the current oil and gas contradictions between the countries is proposed by political scientist Alexey Dzermant, who is considered close to Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko, Free press reports»

How impoverished have Russian citizens become in recent years

From 2012 to the third quarter of 2019, real incomes of citizens, according to Rosstat, decreased by about 5%, although the Concept of long-term socio-economic development of Russia, adopted in 2008, assumed an increase of 64-72% by 2020.

US to cut military aid to Iraq for withdrawing us troops

The US has planned to reduce the amount of military aid to Iraq if Baghdad sends American soldiers out of the country. This was reported by the Wall Street Journal, which refers to the correspondence of American officials.

“The administration of (us President Donald) trump is preparing possible cuts in military aid to Iraq by $250 million… in case the government sends the us military, ” the Wall Street Journal cites e-mail correspondence of us officials.

Britain secretly funded Reuters during the Cold war

The British broadcasting Corporation (BBC), citing previously secret documents, reported secret funding of the Reuters news Agency by the British authorities in the 1960s and 1970s.

The Agency’s work in Latin America was funded through a shell company, and in the middle East through the BBC. This step was taken in order not to undermine the credibility of Reuters ‘ international reputation.

The British presented a production version of the largest aircraft

The British company Hybrid Air Vehicles has introduced a production version of the promising hybrid aircraft Airlander 10, the largest aircraft in the world. According to Flightglobal, the developers plan to start flight tests of the new device in early 2020. In the near future, the company also plans to start certification of a hybrid aircraft.

China refused to buy the su-57 after the crash of the fighter

The su-57 accident at the end of December completely blocked the delivery of the fighter to China. According to the Sohu newspaper, if earlier Beijing considered buying a trial batch of aircraft, now this issue is closed.

In five years, Poland has three times increased his army

The number of Polish army personnel has increased by more than a third over the past four years. This was stated by Polish defense Minister Mariusz Blaszczak. According to him, in 2015, the army numbered 95 thousand soldiers, and now — 128 thousand.

The us attorney General demanded that Apple give intelligence agencies access to the iPhone

Apple has refused the us attorney General to grant intelligence agencies access to the iPhone, citing the inability to unlock gadgets due to encryption. At the same time, the company added that there are no backdoors “only for good guys”, so their implementation will inevitably lead to security threats for confidential data. Meanwhile, the us authorities are demanding to find a solution that would suit both law enforcement agencies and IT companies.

U.S. attorney General William Barr said that Apple did not provide “sufficient assistance” when it was asked to unlock two iPhones in the case of the shooting at the U.S. naval base in Pensacola, Florida, according to the Verge.

Lavrov spoke about the gradual rejection of the Russian economy from the dollar

Moscow views de-dollarization as a response to the unpredictability of American economic policy, Russian foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said in an interview with the Times of India.

The Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation will increase the purchase of currency

From January 15 to February 6, the Ministry of Finance of Russia will increase the total amount of funds allocated for the purchase of foreign currency under the budget rule to 309.9 billion rubles from 195.5 billion rubles. the Daily volume of currency purchases in the upcoming period is 18.2 billion rubles (9.3 billion rubles in December 2019).

The number of bankruptcies of Russians for the year increased by almost 57%

The number of bankruptcies of citizens in Russia increased by almost 57% over the year. It follows from the data of “Medresurs”, which acquainted “Izvestia”. In total, 69 thousand Russians were declared insolvent in 2019.

The trade turnover between Russia and China

Trade between Russia and China increased to a record $ 110.75 billion in 2019. It exceeded the level of 2018 by 3.4%.

Democrats announced new evidence in the case of impeachment of Trump

The intelligence Committee of the us house of representatives has received new evidence in the case of impeachment of us President Donald Trump, which will be provided to the Senate. This is stated in a letter from the head of the Committee, Adam Schiff, addressed to the head of the house judiciary Committee, Jerry Nadler, according to Axios.

“I am handing over to the judicial Committee two flash drives containing additional records and other materials related to the impeachment investigation,” the letter reads.

Based on the Tu-204, a new anti-submarine aircraft will be built for the Russian Navy

Naval aviation will be strengthened by ultra-long-range hunters for “steel sharks”. The Navy commander-in-chief has already prepared technical requirements for the latest anti-submarine aircraft, which will be based on the Tu-204 passenger liner. The car will be equipped with the most modern weapons and equipment, including combat robots. This was reported by Izvestia, citing sources in the Russian defense Ministry.

The strike on the Tifor air base in HOMS province in Syria was carried out by the Israeli air force

The rocket attack on the Tifor air base (T-4), located in the Eastern province of HOMS in Syria, was carried out by the Israeli air force. This is reported by the Syrian state Agency SANA.

NATO has promised a response to Russia’s deployment of cruise missiles

NATO will respond proportionately and adequately to Russia’s deployment of Iskander systems equipped with the new 9m729 missile (according to the NATO SSC-8 classification).

“When it comes to SSC-8, we will work on air defense and missile DEFENSE systems, on conventional weapons, on improving combat readiness and on improving alert times,” NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg told German TV channel N-TV.

The state Duma responded to the claims of NATO on the placement of ” Iskander-M»

Russia will not report to NATO on the deployment of its weapons, but is ready to cooperate if the Alliance formulates an appropriate algorithm, said the head of the state Duma Committee on defense Vladimir Shamanov.

“All their conjectures with fakes do not work. We are ready to cooperate with them, but not on their wishes “you will drag your rocket beyond the Urals”. Don’t bring your missiles under our noses. Therefore, we have an absolutely open position, and we are not going to report to anyone, to any NATO…”, Shamanov told reporters

The Israeli foreign Ministry condemned the glorification of the murder of Jews in Ukraine

The Israeli foreign Ministry issued a sharp statement to Ukraine, condemning the increasing number of cases in this country of acquittal and even glorification of criminals who participated in the murder of Jews during the Second world war. It can be found on the website of the diplomatic Department.

In Ukraine, the volume of military aid from the United States for 2020 was revealed

Ukrainian Ambassador to the United States Vladimir Yelchenko revealed the volume of us military assistance to Ukraine in 2020. This is reported by UKRINFORM. It will amount to $ 698 million and will start arriving in February.

Yelchenko said that the Pentagon will provide $ 250 million of this amount. The U.S. state Department will provide $ 448 million in economic assistance, of which $ 115 million will go to security. Another 50 million will be allocated to Ukraine under certain conditions.

The Corvette “Rattling” tested a new weapon in the Barents sea

Project 20385 Corvette “Gremyaschiy” performed torpedo firing on underwater and surface targets, testing new weapons in the Barents sea, said the head of the press service of the Northern fleet Vadim Serga.

In Afghanistan for the first time used a rocket with blades

In Afghanistan, the latest AGM-114R9X missile with blades was used for the first time to eliminate one of the leaders of a local gang. On January 11, Afghan forces attacked the Imam Sahib district in Kunduz province.

The main target of the attack was the financial Director of the terrorist movement known as Mohibullah who were in the car. The car of the terrorist was hit by a r9x missile, which instead of the warhead has sharp blades that move out shortly before the collision of the missile with the target.

ISIS attacked the Syrian military in raqqa province

For the first time in the past two years, the DAESH terrorist group (Islamic state, is, ISIL — banned in Russia) attacked a convoy of Syrian military personnel at a considerable distance from the supposed areas where the remnants of ISIS remained — in the province of raqqa. This is reported by the portal “Military observer”.

The Admiral Essen frigate with Calibres conducted exercises in the Mediterranean sea

The Admiral Essen frigate is armed with eight launchers of the Kalibr-NK missile system, capable of hitting surface, coastal and underwater targets at a distance of up to 2.6 thousand kilometers. The frigate has been performing combat missions as part of the Navy group in the Mediterranean since December 2019.

The “doomsday” plane was shown in detail from the inside

The air command post of the United States air force E-4B Nightwatch, known as the “doomsday” aircraft, was shown in detail from inside. The corresponding video was published on AIRBOYD’s YouTube channel.

Golama food delivery service announced its closure

The Golama store delivery service has announced its closure. The company announced this in letters to customers and on its pages in social networks.

The court ordered Telegram to report

A court in the United States ordered Telegram to provide Bank documents on spending $ 1.7 billion received from investors to create the TON blockchain platform

Ivan Golunov recognized as a victim

Special correspondent of Medusa Ivan Golunov was recognized as a victim in the case of abuse of power by police officers. This was reported to Golunov by the investigator of the IC, who is engaged in this case. He invited the journalist for questioning on January 20.

The Prosecutor General’s office found no violations in Popov’s declarations

In November, the FBC released an investigation into the real estate of Moscow Prosecutor Denis Popov. According to the Fund’s estimates, the cost of real estate amounted to 3 million euros, Popov did not declare it.

The Russian Prosecutor General’s office said that it does not see “circumstances that allow us to doubt the reliability of information” in the income declarations of Moscow Prosecutor Denis Popov

Christmas trees “Night wolves” at the expense of the budget

Moscow authorities allowed advertising of new year’s trees of the Night wolves motorcycle club to be placed on city billboards for free. In the story of the fairy tale, the good heroes who represent Russia are fighting the evil-Western culture. It is symbolized in the new year’s show by the tower of Babel, the Joker and the IMF. The Moscow authorities considered that the advertising of this performance is aimed at “ensuring the public interests and the interests of the state”, found “Open media”.

Billion rubles a year for the current repair of the Crimean bridge

Arkady Rotenberg will earn on the Crimean bridge once again — this time on its maintenance. Rotenberg’s company will receive a billion rubles a year from the budget for the current repair of the railway and automobile parts of the bridge, Open media found»

The car was driving over the speed limit on a tow truck

The traffic police issued a fine to a Muscovite for driving her car over the speed limit on a tow truck (it was taken away for wrong Parking). The Muscovite herself decided not to even argue with the traffic police: “We live in Russia.” But a traffic police representative told Open media that the fine was clearly issued by mistake, and to cancel it, the owner of the car should only write a statement (without it, the service for some reason can not fix the obvious error itself)

Russians who rent apartments will be obliged to pay

The Ministry of construction of Russia in 2020 plans to deal with the withdrawal from the shadow of the housing rental market, said in an interview with the portal ” Future of Russia. National projects,” Deputy Minister of construction, housing and utilities Nikita Stasyshyn. According to him, now 5.2 million apartments are rented in the country, and after the legalization of the market, the budget will collect 200 billion rubles of taxes annually. A special platform integrated with the tax service will be created for this purpose.

We are still developing the platform, but we have not fully decided what it will look like. But I can already say that there will be accumulated services for concluding a lease agreement, registering tenants at the place of residence, housing insurance, tax agent services, ” Stasishin said.

Kazan eco activists were detained for holding a single picket

Earlier, law enforcement officers gathered and took away a tent camp of protesters against the construction of an incineration plant in Osinovo. A month later, they were allowed to pick up the shed.

Eco-activists were outraged by the actions of the authorities and came out yesterday on a rotating single picket demanding the resignation Of the Minister of internal Affairs of the Republic of Artem Khokhorin. During it, Elena Izotova was detained, and she was charged with organizing a series of alternating single pickets (part 2 of article 20.2 of the administrative code), although this form of protest is not prohibited by law.

Another activist Vera Kerpel stood at the police station in a picket line to support Izotova, and was also detained. She was accused of holding an uncoordinated group picket – it was considered a group picket, since a single picket was filmed.

The company “Russian Railways” intends to purchase computers based on processors “Elbrus»

Russian Railways intends to purchase 15,000 personal computers for its divisions based on Elbrus processors developed in Russia. The maximum cost of a set of equipment for one workplace is set at 72 thousand rubles, the total purchase price is 1.08 billion rubles, according to the documentation of the electronic auction announced by Russian Railways.

The MCST company, which developed Elbrus processors, said that the purchase of Russian Railways will be the largest transaction with equipment based on Russian chips and the first example of a large-scale delivery of equipment based on Elbrus not to the Ministry or Department, but to a state company.

The most common operating systems

More than half of all computers in the world run on Windows 10. And more than a quarter – on Windows 7. Just an overwhelming victory for Microsoft.

Mac OS of the latest version costs only 4% of computers, and the total share of all versions of the Apple operating system is about 9 percent. Ah and free software (Linux, if that) remained sad 1%

Guaranteed pension plan-not included in the plan

The draft of the new system of accumulative pensions-the guaranteed pension plan-was not included in the government’s plan of legislative activity for 2020. This means that the government has not planned to introduce it in the state Duma in 2020. The system was originally supposed to be launched on January 1, 2021.

Bills on the GPP system are being finalized taking into account the positions of interested departments and organizations received by the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Finance reported, adding that after the “conciliation procedures” are completed, the documents will be submitted to the government. The Central Bank declined to comment.

The introduction of GPP is stalling in all directions, the state is thinking about how to pull off another pension “scheme”, but the population no longer believes and does not want to get involved in it.

The US no longer considers China a currency-manipulating country.

This is stated in the Treasury’s semi-annual report on macroeconomics and currency policy of US trading partners. In its report, the us Treasury said that China had made “binding commitments to refrain from competitive devaluation” and agreed to publish relevant data on exchange rates and external settlements as part of a preliminary trade deal

Total moves its financial operations center from London to Paris

French energy company Total is moving its financial operations center from London to Paris in the face of rising costs due to the UK’s exit from the EU, which is due to take place on January 31, 2020.

Amazon named the cast of the Lord of the rings series»

Amazon in its official Twitter published the names of 15 actors who will play key roles in the series of the Amazon Prime service based on the fantasy trilogy “the Lord of the rings”. The list, in particular, includes such famous actors as Morfidd Clarke, Ismael Cruz, Robert Aramayo, Owain Arthur, Dylan Smith and more. Amazon was granted exclusive rights to the Lord of the rings film adaptation three years ago.

It is planned that the Studio staff will release a series of five seasons based on the novel by John Ronald Ruel Tolkien. Its action, according to the media, will take place in the era when the Ring of Omnipotence was created, but many nuances are still unknown….

Moby’s new album will be released in March

Moby announced a new album called “All Visible Objects”, which will be released on the Mute label on March 6, 2020. According to Pitchfork, all the money from the sales of the release will go to charity, and the profit from each of the tracks will be sent to your Fund.

The series “You” is renewed for a third season

In the third season of the series, Penn Badgley and Victoria Pedretti will return to their roles. Whether the plot will be based on the third part of the series of novels by Caroline Kepnes or the authors will develop the story on their own is still unknown. Recall that the second season was released in late December of that year.

Kolyada-theater Christmas festival starts in Moscow

In Moscow in the Theatrical centre “On Passionate” will be a great Christmas festival Yekaterinburg Kolyada-theatre. This was reported in the press service of the center

Acceptance of applications for the contest of the festival “WORLD of Siberia”-2020 has started

Applications will be accepted until March 31. Those who pass the jury selection will be able to perform at the three-day concert and get to the competitive exhibition. The best will be determined at the festival in Shushenskoye, which will be held from 10 to 12 July.

170 years since the birth of mathematician, writer and publicist Sofia Kovalevskaya

There is a legend that there was not enough Wallpaper for Sofia Kovalevskaya’s room, and her parents pasted the wall with sheets of mathematical formulas. Allegedly, this later led to the decision to become a mathematician. Kovalevskaya taught, wrote scientific articles, edited a major mathematical journal, and received prestigious awards. Everything ended abruptly and quite early – Sofia Kovalevskaya fell ill with pneumonia, and in 41 years she was gone.

Diplomat, poet, playwright Alexander Griboyedov is 225 years old!

225 years is celebrated on January 15 from the birth of Russian diplomat, poet, playwright and composer Alexander Griboyedov. Griboyedov left behind many works of art, but he entered the history of literature thanks to the first Russian realist Comedy “Woe from wit”, which was published in quotes, and the waltz known as ” Griboyedov”

Audience festival of author’s cinema

The second international audience festival of author’s cinema will be held in Moscow from 24 to 30 January. The main venue for the show will be the Cosmos cinema, where you can see 15 films – the best films of 2019 according to the editorial Board of “Art of cinema”, festival novelties and modern classics of Asian cinema.

Named best writer of 2019

Alexander Stesin with the book “new York bypass”was recognized as the best writer of 2019 according to the NOS literary award. The award ceremony was held on January 14 at the Sun Center. Meyerhold.

Concerts are given at Krasnoyarsk train stations

“Musical journeys through the city’s railway stations” are held as part of the XIV Surikov Winter festival of arts. The concerts will take place on January 15, 16, 17 and 20. City and municipal groups will perform.

Amazfit t-Rex smart watch goes on sale

The watch, which can withstand extreme temperatures, moisture and dust, went on sale. The buyer can choose the appropriate color of the model, it is released in five versions. It is known that the gadget has passed 12 tests

Google Chrome will prohibit tracking users via cookies

It is expected that support for such resources will be completely discontinued over the next two years. In this case, users will get more personal freedom and privacy, as well as control over their security on the world wide web

Xiaomi has released a smart air conditioner

Xiaomi Smartmi Air Conditioner A will consume about 20% less electricity than any other air conditioner of similar capacity. The Smartmi Air Conditioner a, like other climate systems from Xiaomi, can be controlled from a smartphone and linked to the smart home system.

Sberbank has created a company for the production of computers and peripheral equipment

Sberbank of Russia in October 2019, through Digital assets LLC, became the owner of a new company, Sberdevaysy LLC, created in the same month, according to the list of the Bank’s affiliates.

Instagram started testing private messages in the web version

Instagram in test mode launched private messages in the web version. According to ” Tj ” with reference to the Verge, this update is currently available for a limited number of users. According to the publication, direct in the web version will work the same as in the mobile version

Phone with four SIM cards and two flashlights

Russian brand BQ has introduced a new push-button phone BQ 2819 Tank Quattro. The new product received a brutal design, support for working with four SIM cards, two flashlights, as well as a” powerful “and” loud ” speaker, writes the iXBT portal.

In Russia, they started selling the server version of Mac Pro

In Russia, they started selling the server version of Mac Pro for 490 thousand rubles, which differs from the usual price and the ability to install the device horizontally, rather than vertically. This is done using the mounting racks that come with the computer.

The device is equipped with an Intel Xeon W processor with a clock speed of 3.5 GHz, an advanced AMD Radeon Pro 580X video card with 8 GB of memory, a power consumption of 150 W and does not require an additional cable to connect, as well as 32 GB of RAM. The Mac Pro frame is made of stainless steel. It provides system support and access to connectors for installing internal components.

A dangerous cat parasite has made mice fearless

A team of scientists from the universities of Geneva and Toronto conducted a series of tests involving Toxoplasma-infected mice. After analyzing the results, the researchers concluded that Toxoplasma does not make mice fall in love with their natural enemy, but reduces anxiety and increases curiosity.