20 Jan, 2020

News digest for 01/18-19/2020

Russians are among the three most active home buyers in Turkey

Russian citizens in 2019 bought 26% more houses and apartments in Turkey than a year earlier, according to data from the Institute of statistics of Turkey, which was reviewed by RBC. With an indicator of 2.89 thousand transactions, Russians for the first time, at least since 2015, took third place among foreigners, ahead of last year’s citizens of Saudi Arabia, who with 2.2 thousand transactions fell to the fourth line.

The leaders in the number of purchases of Turkish real estate remain citizens of Iraq and Iran: respectively, 7.6 thousand and 5.4 thousand transactions in 2019. In General, the demand for housing in Turkey, if we take into account both the local population and foreigners, for the year decreased by almost 2%, to 1.3 million transactions.

India rejected the Hyperloop project

The idea of building a high-speed highway in India appeared in 2018. In this way, it was planned to connect the cities of Mumbai and Pune. Recall that Elon Musk proposed the Hyperloop train project in 2012.

Disney to remove Fox from 20th Century Fox movie Studio name

Accordingly, after changing the name, the logo of the film Studio, which has existed for 85 years, will change, the newspaper notes. In addition, the word Fox will disappear from the name of the 20th Century Fox subsidiary, Fox Searchlight Pictures. Disney has already started the renaming process, Variety writes, citing sources.

Regardie start to get invisible cars with drones

The first batch of new vehicles of communication, which are characterized by their invisibility and the equipment arrived in Resguardo. On January 18, RIA Novosti reported with reference to the press service of the holding “Roselectronics”.

Oil Corporation of Libya has declared a state of emergency

“The Libyan oil Corporation declares a state of emergency in connection with the stoppage of oil shipments in the ports of al-Barika, RAS Lyanuf, al-harika, Zaituniya and Al-Sadr,” the statement said. According to the company, stopping the shipment of oil will lead to daily losses of $ 55 million.

All the main export ports of the “oil Crescent” (the coast of the Gulf of Sirte) — RAS Lanuf, es Sidra, Marsa El Brega, El Hariga and ez Zuwaitina-were closed in protest, according to the official website of the NOC.

The influx of foreigners into Russia’s national debt broke the record in 2012

The Central Bank published data on the state debt of the Russian Federation in 2019. The inflow of non-residents into Federal loan bonds and Eurobonds in Russia amounted to $ 22 billion. These figures were significantly higher than in 2012 — 17.1 billion dollars, writes RBC with reference to data from the Central Bank

S&P affirmed the ratings of Russia

International rating Agency Standard & Poor’s Global Ratings has confirmed the long-term rating of the Russian Federation on foreign currency liabilities at the level of ” BBB -“, i.e. at the lower level of the investment level.

Gazprom Neft has offered Shell to enter into production assets on Sakhalin

Gazprom Neft has offered Anglo-Dutch Shell to enter the company’s production assets on Sakhalin, the Triton and Neptune projects. Vadim Yakovlev, Deputy head of Gazprom Neft, told reporters.

Tesla’s market capitalization is approaching $100 billion

On January 14, Tesla quotes rose to $538; however, by the close of trading on Friday, January 17, the shares fell to $510.5, the capitalization was $91.8 billion. If the quotes reach $554.8, the company will be worth $100 billion

Announced a sharp reduction in net capital outflows from Russia

The net export of capital from Russia by the private sector by the end of 2019 decreased by 57.6% (2.4 times) compared to the indicator of 2018, to $26.7 billion, the Bank of Russia said in a statement. At the end of January-December 2018, this figure was $63 billion.

In Russia, new rules for treatment under the MHI policy have been earned

Territorial MLA funds started receiving per capita funding for insured Russians – 12,699 rubles per person. Last year, the figure was 11,800 rubles. The waiting period for treatment in the hospital has been reduced from 28 to 14 days, for cancer patients-from 14 to 7 days. All Russians, having received directions, can do FGDs, colonoscopy, CT, ultrasound, MRI for free. If cancer is suspected, the diagnostic record is reduced to a week. The doctors will begin to receive the award for identifying deadly diseases.

In Russia, rent of micro-apartments has risen in price

For 2019, small-size housing rentals in Russia rose by 6.6%. This was reported to Stroygazeta in the analytical center “World of apartments”. The company noted that the most noticeable increase in the price of small-sized housing in Khabarovsk (+23.8%), Cherepovets (+23.3%), Cheboksary (+23%), Izhevsk (+22.8%) and Nizhny Tagil (+21.5%).

At the same time, in several cities, on the contrary, the prices for renting “malogabaritok” decreased – in Ulyanovsk (-11.9%), Kaliningrad (-10.9%), Smolensk (-9.3%), Tyumen (-8.1%), Perm and Lipetsk (-5.9% each).

According to experts, the most expensive “small-sized” cars are located in Moscow. Renting a Studio or apartment with an area of up to 32 “squares” will cost at least 20 thousand rubles per month, while the average price tag is at the level of 32 thousand rubles per month.

Among the cities with the most expensive rent “malogabaritok” – St. Petersburg, Khabarovsk and Sochi. The tenant will cost a micro-apartment in these cities in 21.6 thousand rubles per month, 19 thousand rubles per month and 18.8 thousand rubles per month, respectively.

The cheapest way to rent a Studio is in the cities of Volzhsky, Penza, Bryansk, Saransk and Kursk (7,2 thousand -7,7 thousand rubles per month).

120,000 Russians visited Japan in 2019

In 2019, about 120 thousand Russians went to Japan, which is 26.6 percent more than the same data for the previous period, according to the representative office of the Japanese national tourism organization (JNTO) in Russia.

In Mongolia, the Festival of camels

The annual festival of camels in Mongolia will be held from 6 to 8 March in somone Bulgan aimag of Omnogovi. According to the organizers, the goal of the festival is to develop winter sports in the country and increase the flow of foreign tourists to Mongolia. The festival will include a Polo on camels and an exhibition-fair of products made from camel milk and wool

Gazprom Neft wins IPTC international award

Gazprom Neft became the first Russian company to receive the Excellence in Project Integration award, which is presented annually at the International Petroleum Technology Conference (IPTC)

Gazprom Neft was awarded for the novoportovsky field development project — one of the largest oil and gas condensate fields being developed on the Yamal Peninsula. The award is given to a project with investments in excess of $500 million that has demonstrated outstanding achievements for the industry along the entire chain of creation: in management, Geology, drilling, engineering, construction, HSE, and regional development.

The Pentagon showed the form of the us space forces

The photo was posted on Twitter by the organization (United States Space Force). The uniform has a traditional camouflage color. Last December, us President Donald trump announced the creation of us space forces at the signing ceremony of the country’s military budget. Of the total amount of the us defense budget for 2020, which is $738 billion, $40 million will be allocated to space forces. Initially, the composition of the troops will form 200 people. Air force General John Raymond will lead the troops.

Unveiled the premiere date of the new Toyota TJ cruiser crossover

Toyota has decided on the date of the premiere of the new crossover, built on the basis of the TJ Cruiser concept. As it became known to the portal NJCAR.RU, the production model will premiere in may 2020. Recall that the prototype TJ Cruiser debuted in 2017 at the international auto show in Tokyo.

The US military showed a video test of an unmanned ” Gremlin»

The American company Dynetics, with the support of the Pentagon, published a video of the first flight of the X-61A drone, tentatively named “Gremlin” in honor of The gremlins program of the same name to develop new American military drones.

The Alliance of Japan and the United States guarantees prosperity in the world

The Alliance between Japan and the United States is an unbreakable Foundation for stability and prosperity in the world, according to the head of the Japanese government, Shinzo Abe.

Today, more than ever, the Japan-Us security Treaty is an unbreakable and stable pillar that protects peace in Asia, the Indo — Pacific region, and around the world. – Shinzo Abe, Japanese politician

Zelensky and Goncharuk met the plane with the dead Ukrainians

At Kiev’s Boryspil airport, a plane carrying the remains of 11 people killed in the crash of a plane shot down by Iranian air defenses near Tehran landed. These are the bodies of nine crew members and two passengers. Ukrainian leader Vladimir Zelensky, Prime Minister Alexey Goncharuk and speaker of the Verkhovna Rada Dmitry Razumkov met the plane

Mishustin named the main task of the new Cabinet of Ministers

According to Mishustin, the main task will be to implement the President’s message to the Federal Assembly, TASS reports. And first of all, he intends to deal with institutional reforms and management reform. The candidate for the post of Prime Minister believes that working with the problems of businessmen will be an important direction.

I will deal with the program, the national project “Digital economy”. Without a doubt, the state should be a digital platform that is created for people. This is how we tried to build a tax system, and the most important thing is to remove restrictions and barriers for business. – Mikhail Mishustin, Russian economist

The project on the elimination of parties for foreign funding was withdrawn from the state Duma of Russia

The state Duma has withdrawn a bill on the elimination of political parties that are funded from abroad. The relevant information appeared in the electronic database of the lower house of Parliament. Its authors were deputies Yevgeny Marchenko, Valentin Subbot and gadzhimet Safaraliev from United Russia.

Deputies from the United Russia faction intend to finalize the bill on financing political activities from abroad so that it provides for criminal liability for violating the law in the form of imprisonment for up to five years.

“We want to introduce an article in the criminal code on criminal prosecution, that is, if someone receives funding for political activities from abroad from foreign intelligence services or foreign embassies, including»

Single pickets against amendments to the Constitution are held in Moscow

In Moscow, on the afternoon of January 18, single pickets began outside the presidential Administration building against amendments to the Constitution proposed by President Vladimir Putin. The protest was initiated by journalist Ilya Azar.

Participants of the picket against changing the Constitution believe that “Putin has made a constitutional coup” and that he plans to usurp power and rule Russia forever, as Ilya Azar explained the reason for the action in his Facebook.

The us has tested the engine of a hypersonic rocket

According to today News Ufa, Generation Orbit Launch Services has developed a new engine for the x-60A hypersonic rocket. the tests were Conducted by the United States air force research laboratory at the space center in Jacksonville.

Sergey Lavrov was the owner of elite real estate

The Insider investigated real estate owned by foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov and found that its total value is about 600 million rubles. This is significantly more than the Minister could afford for the declared income of his family.

Sergey Lavrov’s country house discovered by the Insider is located in the elite suburban village of Landscape, the village of Zhukovka (adjacent to Barvikha). This is a white three-storey mansion with an area of 499 m2 and a plot of 28.4 acres. The house and plot were first declared in 2014 (and, apparently, then bought, although the rights to the house were registered only in 2015).

300 miners refuse to go to work

Earlier, we wrote about the miners of the Zarechnaya, alexievskaya and Oktyabrsky mines: about 300 miners refuse to go to work until all their salary debts are paid.

One of the miners of the Zarechnaya mine reported that only 14% of the debts for November were paid before the New year, and 50% should be paid after that. According to him, no one will go to work until they get their entire salary back, although several people still left on January 9.

The head of the HRC did not see a violation of freedom of speech

Valery Fadeev, head of the presidential human rights Council, described the ban on students from the Higher school of Economics (HSE) making political statements and signing open letters as “the norm.” The human rights activist assured that the decision of the University’s management does not restrict freedom of speech.

“I think this is normal, there is no restriction on freedom of speech. A University is a professional Corporation. Every Corporation has its own rules. As I understand it, there is no idea to limit the statements of employees, professors, the idea is only that these statements should not be associated with the University,” said Valery Fadeev, quoted by Interfax.

“Wet” journalists and bloggers for criticizing the government

The head of Chuvashia, Mikhail Ignatiev, believes that journalists and bloggers who criticize the government and distort information should be “wet”. He said this at an event dedicated To the day of the Russian press.

“Some journalists have not written a single article about the man of labor, putting a good heart and soul. I have always accepted specific criticism, there are no questions. But from morning to evening they criticize, they do not sleep all night — they criticize, they sit on orders, they negotiate on the shore. They were born on our land, and they write how good it is in Europe, how good it is in America… And we will have rallies on the streets, a troubled situation where we live. There will be no time to be engaged in improvement of yard territories, public spaces, to open new productions. We will only deal with disassembly, ” Pravda PFD quotes him as saying.

Venezuela will be saved by roulette

Nicolas Maduro ordered to open a casino in Caracas, where you can place bets using the national cryptocurrency Petro. You can buy tokens in the casino for convertible currency. According to Maduro, the casino will accept dollars, euros, yen, and yuan. As for the gambling establishment’s income, it will go to the needs of education and health care. The cryptocurrency gambling facility will be located in the Humboldt hotel.

Caracas launched the Petro cryptocurrency in February 2018 amid economic problems in the country. Petro is built on the Ethereum blockchain platform. It is linked to the new currency of Venezuela-the sovereign Bolivar, which was introduced after hyperinflation of the former currency-the Venezuelan Bolivar.

Who are the American police killing?

Mostly white men armed with firearms. Women are 20 times less likely than men. Blacks are one and a half times less likely than whites. 23 of the 930 people killed by police in 2019 were armed with toy weapons. 41 were unarmed.

Mishustin appointed a new head of the Federal tax service in his place

The new head of the Federal tax service (FTS) was Daniil Yegorov, who was previously Deputy head of the Department. This is evidenced by the first order signed by the new Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin.

Mishustin headed the Federal tax service in 2010, and Yegorov became his Deputy in 2011. RIA Novosti noted that in the year since joining the Department, Mishustin replaced all his deputies, who at that time were seven. Yegorov was born in 1975. in 1998, he graduated from the peoples ‘ friendship University Of Russia (RUDN) with a degree in law.

Report ” Best countries of 2020″

This year, the best country in the world remained Switzerland, where it holds its place for the fourth year in a row, according to the report on the best countries in 2020 from US News & World Report. Canada was ranked the second best country in the world, followed by Japan

The Best countries 2020 report and rankings are based on “how global perceptions define countries in terms of a number of qualitative characteristics, experiences that can stimulate trade, travel, and investment and directly affect the national economy.”

The UK will not automatically deport EU citizens

The UK will not automatically deport EU citizens who have not applied for the right to remain in the country after Brexit, sources say, citing a statement from Downing street and the European Parliament’s representative in the Brexit negotiations, guy Verhofstadt.

As explained, EU citizens living in Britain must apply to stay in the country after Brexit. In total, more than 2.7 million people submitted documents, and the deadline for submitting an application is June 30, 2021. 2.5 million have already received confirmation of the right to live in the UK, the country’s authorities refused only six “serious and permanent” criminals.

It is reported that EU citizens who missed the deadline will be able to apply after they explain why they were unable to do so under normal procedures. There will be no automatic deportation.

Uzbekistan plans to stop exporting natural gas by 2025

“By 2025, measures will be taken to stop exporting natural gas and expand its processing within the country, as well as increase production of value – added products,” Prime Minister Abdulla Aripov said.

The Prime Minister said that by the end of 2020, electronic gas and electricity meters will be installed for all energy consumers in the country, which will reduce energy consumption and prevent problems associated with charging unrealistic payments.

Amazon is creating payment terminals

They will get information about the Bank card holder by scanning the palm of their hand. Thus, the company expects to bypass competitors who create e-wallets linked to smartphones. It is assumed that the new product will speed up the payment process, since the customer will not have to get a wallet or phone. If successful, Amazon will get even more access to customer information.

Although the project is at an early stage, the company has already held talks with Visa about testing new technologies, as well as with JPMorgan Chase, Wells Fargo and Synchrony Financial, who are interested in the idea. In addition, Amazon has patented a “contactless biometric identification system”. Amazon also has yet to prove to regulators that the system is safe for consumers and will eliminate the risk of error.

Marshal of the Haftarot, has written an open letter to Putin

“Dear Mr. President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin, my dear friend!
I Express my personal gratitude and appreciation for the efforts of the Russian Federation to establish peace and stability in Libya.
I thank You and Express my full support for the Russian initiative to hold peace talks in Moscow, which should lead to peace in Libya. I confirm that we are ready to accept Your invitation to visit the Russian Federation to continue the dialogue that has begun.
Please accept our deep appreciation and respect.”

Apple will allow you to completely disable location tracking

The beta version for iOS 13.3.1 allows you to disable the U1 chip in iPhone 11, which allows you to track the user’s location even when geolocation services are turned off. Mashable writes about this with a reference to journalist Brandon Butch, who noticed the new option.

The main prize of the producers Guild of the USA was awarded to the film ” 1917»

The film “1917” directed by Sam Mendes received the main award of the producers Guild of America (Producers Guild Awards), according to the organization’s Twitter. The ceremony was held in Beverly hills. “1917” – a film about the First world war.

A new trailer for the series “Through the snow” appeared on the network

The network has a new trailer for the multi-part futuristic film “Through the snow”. The film is based on the French graphic novel “Le Transperceneige”. In 2013, a film of the same name with Chris Evans was released based on it.


The festival of magic Chinese lanterns starts in Sokolniki Park.

For almost three months, this place will turn into a small China. The Park will be decorated with more than 40 light structures. To assemble one such figure, you need more than 500 parts and a large amount of fine silk that covers the frame. Some of the lanterns reach more than eight meters in height and 20 meters in length.

Every day Sokolniki will host a colorful show — a kind of symbiosis of ancient Chinese traditions and modern technologies. The festival of magic Chinese lanterns has been held since 2005. It has already been held in the United States, Canada, Lithuania, the Netherlands, Italy, Estonia, Belarus, Germany, the United Kingdom, and other countries.

The Louvre has supported street protests

Staff at the Louvre Museum in Paris went on strike on January 17 as part of a protest against pension reform. Strikers blocked all the main entrances to the Museum. And under the glass pyramid, posters were placed with the words “Culture in danger” and “the Louvre is closed because of the strike.”

In Tbilisi and honored the memory of Alexander Griboyedov

The Tbilisi Russian drama theater announced the new year as the year of Alexander Griboyedov, Sputnik reports. 225 years have passed since the birth of the writer, composer, politician and diplomat whose name the theater bears.

On the occasion of the date, the theater held commemorative events. The creative team went up on the mountain Mtatsminda. Russian grave of an outstanding Russian poet is located in the Pantheon of public figures and writers of Georgia. In the Church of St. David, father Ioane served a memorial service for Griboyedov. According to the Director of the Griboyedov theater, Nikolai Sventitsky, an exhibition will open in Tbilisi, which will feature posters of “Woe from wit” performances staged in different countries. The theater itself will host the premiere of the play “Woe from wit”in October.

New York’s Carnegie hall to host first Tatar song festival

The festival of Tatar song “Wind of change” will be held for the first time on January 17 in new York, on the stage of Carnegie hall. The concert is dedicated to the centenary of Tatarstan’s formation. 75 artists – musicians, dancers, and singers-arrived from Tatarstan to participate in the Grand show.

Huawei has launched a new version of an alternative to Google services

Chinese company Huawei, announced the launch of a set of services and applications HMS Core 4.0 worldwide. Huawei hopes that this step will help developers create content for the AppGallery app store, which will become an alternative to Google Play.

Cargo Airbus Beluga XL made its first flight

One of the most anticipated aircraft in the world — the Airbus Beluga XL cargo liner-was commissioned and made its first flight on January 9, 2020. The Beluga XL is the successor to the Beluga or Airbus A300-600ST, a liner that began operating in 1995. In the current modification, the engineers lowered the flight deck and moved the huge cargo compartment to the fuselage, thus creating the shape of a Beluga whale. The new aircraft is six meters longer and one meter wider than its predecessor.

A new media management feature has been added to Google Chrome

The new version of the browser, which is already available for devices running Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems, adds a media management unit. By clicking on the new icon in the upper-right corner, the user can pause audio or video playback in any of the browser’s open tabs.