19 Янв, 2021

News digest for 01/18/2021

The United States and several EU countries criticized the detention of politician Alexei Navalny at Sheremetyevo airport and demanded that the Russian authorities release him immediately. Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova, in response, called on foreign diplomats «to respect international law, not to encroach on the national legislation of sovereign states and to deal with problems in your own country.»

The detention of citizen Navalny was carried out on the basis of a resolution issued on December 29, 2020 by the head of the Federal Penitentiary Service for Moscow, according to which the convict was put on the wanted list for systematic violations of the conditions of the probationary period with an order to take measures to arrest him when establishing his whereabouts, » release of the FSIN. — The further measure of restraint for Navalny will be determined by the court, until the court’s decision, he will be in custody — FSIN

Alexei Navalny was detained on January 17 at Sheremetyevo airport after returning from Germany, where he was undergoing treatment after alleged poisoning

Dmitry Peskov said that he had not heard of the detention of Navalny.

«I apologize. Was he detained in Germany? I don’t know, ”he said in a conversation with the Podyom newspaper. According to him, today was his last day of vacation and he did not follow what was happening.

American non-profit organization demanded through Apple to remove Telegram

American non-profit organization Coalition for a Safer Web has filed a lawsuit against Apple, demanding the removal of the Telegram messenger from the app store, according to The Washington Post. She stated that inappropriate content was distributed through it

Japanese Prime Minister intends to strive for a peace treaty with Russia

The Japanese government will strive to develop relations with Russia, including the conclusion of a peace treaty, Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga said at the opening of the parliamentary session.

Dutch government resigns after child benefit scandal

The Dutch government resigned in full after the child pay scandal. Prime Minister Mark Rutte also submitted a formal petition to King Willem-Alexander to resign.

Bill Gates became the largest private farmland owner in the United States.

Gates owns more than 1,000 square meters. km of land, including 979.3 sq. km of farmland. The lands are located in 19 states, the largest holdings are in Louisiana, Arkansas, Arizona and Nebraska. The entrepreneur buys part of the plots through the investment fund Cascade Investment, which he controls, writes The Land Report.

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation has a long history of developing and transforming agriculture. The foundation’s website states four goals of this work: to increase the productivity of small farms and their income, to develop the consumption of affordable and safe products for humans, and to increase the opportunities for women in agriculture.

Electrical brain stimulation has been shown to be effective in memorizing words

Scientists from St Petersburg University have found that electrical stimulation of the cerebral cortex helps people memorize words, reports MediaStream. Researchers from the Laboratory of Behavioral Neurodynamics at St. Petersburg State University have found that electrical stimulation helps in memorizing abstract concepts — those that denote ideas.

Geneticists said that there is a way to extend life five times.

According to ToDay News Ufa, genetic engineering can help prolong life up to five times. However, so far it has been possible to do this only on the simplest forms of life — worms.

Number of migrants in the world in 2020

The number of people who live outside their countries of origin or citizenship reached 281 million in 2020, up from 173 million in 2000 and 221 million in 2010, according to a report from the UN Economic and Social Council.

Russia in 2020 ranked fourth among the countries with the largest number of migrants. The main destination for migrants remained the United States — in 2020 there were 51 million migrants, which is 18% of the total number in the world. Germany ranks second in terms of the number of migrants — about 16 million, followed by Saudi Arabia (13 million migrants), Russia (12 million) and Great Britain (9 million).

A record number of Rolls-Royce cars sold in Russia

The company is talking about setting «a new historical record in Russia: brand sales in 2020 have reached absolute values.» At the end of last year, customers purchased over 200 vehicles. The European office said they are proud of Russia’s results, «especially in these difficult times.»

Nivea will refuse to sponsor the 2021 World Hockey Championship if it is held in Belarus.

“Nivea Men stands for respect, unity and against all forms of discrimination and violence. Looking at the situation, we decided that Nivea Men would not sponsor the 2021 Ice Hockey World Championship if it is confirmed that it will take place in Belarus. We have already informed the International Ice Hockey Federation of our decision and will closely follow the discussions, ”the company said.

Nivea Man has sponsored the championship for more than ten years, Belarusians in social networks asked the company to refuse support.

Earlier, President of the International Ice Hockey Federation Rene Fasel met with Lukashenka in Minsk. According to Fazel, he pointed out to Lukashenka that it is impossible to hold the championship to change the political situation in Belarus. The president of the federation added that Latvia offered to host all the championship games. The final decision should be made at the end of January. The tournament will run from May 21 to June 6.

Auto concern Škoda refused to finance the tournament in Belarus

The auto concern Škoda, the general sponsor of the World Ice Hockey Championship, following Nivea, refused to finance the tournament in Belarus.

“We’ve been supporting IIHFHockey for 28 years and we’re proud of it. But we also respect and promote human rights. Therefore, Škoda will refuse to sponsor the championship in 2021 if it is held in Belarus, ”the company said on Twitter.

Rostechnadzor fined Norilsk Nickel’s daughter

The Yenisei department of Rostekhnadzor, following an investigation into the causes of the accident at TPP-3 of the Norilsk-Taimyr Energy Company (NTEK, a subsidiary of Norilsk Nickel), fined the company 1 million rubles for violation of industrial safety standards. This is stated in the message of the department. This is the maximum fine for violation of industrial safety standards, Rostekhnadzor notes.

On May 29, more than 21 thousand cubic meters of oil products were spilled on the territory of CHPP-3 NTEK as a result of subsidence of the concrete platform and destruction of the tank with diesel fuel. Rosprirodnadzor has estimated the environmental damage at about 148 billion rubles.

At the parade in North Korea showed a ballistic missile for submarines

According to the Central Telegraph Agency of Korea, during the military parade on the Kim Il Sung Square, «the most powerful weapon in the world» — strategic submarine ballistic missiles — was demonstrated.

Lavrov appreciated the actions of the DPRK on the Korean Peninsula

Pyongyang is not taking any action to escalate the situation on the Korean Peninsula. This was stated by Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov. He believes that there are difficulties between the DPRK and the United States, as well as between North and South Korea, but the parties are not doing anything against each other in the military sphere.

Putin instructed to finalize a single plan to achieve national goals

Russian President Vladimir Putin gave a number of instructions following the meeting of the State Council and the Council for Strategic Development and National Projects. This was reported on the Kremlin website. Thus, the head of state instructed Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin to finalize the draft of a single plan to achieve national goals

Putin instructed to consider the issue of attracting migrants to construction sites

Vladimir Putin instructed the government to consider by March 1 the issue of organizing a simplified procedure for attracting labor migrants to construction sites. The corresponding document is posted on the Kremlin website.

Putin instructed to work out measures to support VNKH

Russian President Vladimir Putin instructed the government, together with Rosneft and Gazprom, to prepare possible measures of state support for the Eastern Petrochemical Complex (VNHK) by May 31, including tax incentives, the Kremlin press service reports.

Amnesty International recognizes Navalny as a prisoner of conscience

The international human rights organization Amnesty International recognized Alexey Navalny as a prisoner of conscience after being detained at the airport.

The arrest of Alexei Navalny is further confirmation that the Russian authorities want to silence him. His detention only underscores the need to investigate his claims that he was poisoned by state agents on orders from the highest level, said Natalya Zvyagina, director of Amnesty International’s Moscow office.

The organization called for the immediate release of the opposition leader and his supporters detained at the Vnukovo airport, as well as open a criminal case on the poisoning of Navalny.

Memorial recognizes Navalny as a political prisoner

The Human Rights Center «Memorial» (recognized as a foreign agent on the territory of the Russian Federation) recognized opposition leader Alexei Navalny as a political prisoner. The statement is posted on the website of the organization

Detentions took place in Minsk for participation in actions

Over the past weekend, Minsk police detained 30 people for participating in protest actions, the press service of the Minsk city police department reports. The department added that the detainees were placed in a temporary detention center.

Earlier, ex-presidential candidate in Belarus Svetlana Tikhanovskaya said that the protests in the country «were not blown away», reports RT. She noted that they may be changing shape.

Ozon capitalization approached $ 11 billion

Ozon shares in the course of trading on the Moscow Exchange rose by 7.9% (to 3829.5 rubles per share). According to the US trading platform Nasdaq, the company’s capitalization has reached almost $ 11 billion

Gold leads in the gold and foreign exchange reserves of Russia

For the first time in history, the share of gold reserves in the country’s gold and foreign exchange reserves exceeded the dollar value, InoSMI reports. In 2020, gold in reserves grew by 22.9%, while the dollar, on the contrary, fell by 2%.

Gold depreciates on strengthening dollar

The price of the February gold futures contract on the New York Comex stock exchange fell by 1%, or by $ 18.5, to $ 1,832.8 per troy ounce. Silver futures for March fell 3.66% to $ 24.852 an ounce.

Trade surplus of Russia for 11 months of 2020

The positive trade balance of the Russian Federation in January-November 2020 decreased by 42.7% compared to the same period in 2019, or by $ 69.2 billion, amounting to $ 92.7 billion, follows from the materials of the Federal Customs Service (FCS) of Russia

Octopuses can adapt to the increasing acidity of the oceans

All the excess CO2 we pump into the air, along with many other damaging effects, is known to increase the acidity of the oceans as these substances dissolve in the water, but octopuses can find ways to adapt to rapidly changing environments.

In a new study, a group of Octopus rubescens, a species of octopus common on the west coast of North America, has been observed regulating their normal metabolic rate (RMR) over a number of weeks in response to a decrease in environmental pH, water.

Why is it so difficult to learn foreign languages

Back in 2002, it was found that FOXP2, which is located on the seventh chromosome, is responsible for language learning. It turned out that it cannot directly affect the learning of languages, but it does affect other genes that are for the normal development of the brain regions associated with qualities such as coordination of movements and articulation of speech.

In addition, scientists learned that while learning languages, the white matter of the brain. His metamorphosis and ability to perceive and learn another language were due to the COMT gene.

Finally, when learning special tone languages ​​where intonation is important, the rs41310927 polymorphism works. However, he is only responsible for the ability to better understand these nuances, but does not help in learning the language in general.

Diabetic glasses created

A team of Brazilian and American scientists have created glasses that can measure the blood sugar level of a person with diabetes. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), the number of people with high blood sugar levels is growing steadily worldwide.

Military exercises of Russia and Belarus «West-2021»

The joint military exercises of Russia and Belarus «West-2021» will be held from 10 to 16 September. The exercises will be based on one of the options for a phased escalation of the military-political situation «around conditional countries.»

Works on the project of the so-called «Russian Prado»

UAZ on a new platform of the Toyota Land Cruiser Prado class for 1.5 million rubles) have been frozen due to coronavirus. But, as Sollers told RIA Novosti, the company is not abandoning the project — now a new investment schedule and plan are being developed

Russia expels two employees of the Dutch Embassy in Moscow

They must leave the country within two weeks. As the Ministry of Foreign Affairs explained, this is due to «the groundless announcement of ‘persona non grata’ in December 2020 by two diplomatic employees of the Russian Embassy in the Netherlands for alleged activities ‘incompatible with their diplomatic status’.»

The largest armies in the world

According to Global Firepower, China currently has the largest army in the world at 2.185 million. Second place India: 1.445 million Almost the same in the United States, 100 thousand less in the DPRK (1.3 million — but this is more than 5% of the country’s population!) And a little more than a million military personnel were counted in Russia. Further, the numbers immediately become noticeably lower (Pakistan is in 6th place with a result of 650 thousand people).

For reservists, the numbers are different: South Korea is the leader there, by a noticeable margin: more than 3 million people there are in the reserve and are ready to take up arms if necessary. We are in 2nd place with a result of 2 million people, and then again the countries of Asia: Taiwan (1.65 million) and Singapore (in this city-state 1.385 million people are in reserve — despite the fact that only 75 thousand people are in active military service ). 5th — Brazil, 1.34 million reservists