22 Jan, 2020

News digest for 01/21/2020

Iran admits two missiles hit Ukrainian Boeing

An International airlines of Ukraine (UIA) plane was shot down by two surface-to-air missiles after leaving Tehran. This is reported by Bloomberg, citing data from the second preliminary report on the investigation of the crash.

Armed Americans turn out for mass rally in Virginia

In the us city of Richmond, Virginia, thousands of local residents took to the streets. Participants of the action support the right to carry firearms. According to “Izvestia”, many came to the rally with their own weapons.

I will never allow our great second amendment to remain unprotected, even a little! — Donald trump, 45th President of the United States

Ukraine has declared its readiness to return Donbass by force

The Ukrainian army should be ready for the forceful “liberation” of Donbass, this option is not excluded. This was stated by Deputy Secretary of the national security and defense Council of Ukraine Sergey Krivonos in an interview with the Radio Liberty project ” Donbass. Realities».

“My opinion is that the Armed forces of Ukraine should be ready to liberate the territories of Donbass by force if such a political decision is made,” Krivonos said. Answering a clarifying question whether the implementation of the Croatian scenario (forcible return of territories not controlled by Kiev) is possible, he confirmed: “the Armed forces must be ready for this.” The extent to which this will be possible depends on the support of Ukraine’s foreign partners, Krivonos added. “Because if there was no support for Croatia from NATO countries, there would be no Croatian scenario,” he explained.

Russia presented UN evidence of falsification of chemical attack in Syria

According to the RIA Novosti news Agency, the discussion of this issue took place at a meeting on the “Arria formula” — an informal meeting not provided for by the UN Charter.

As a speaker from Russia was made by the Director of Fund of research of problems of democracy Maxim Grigoriev. He said that during a survey of eyewitnesses, it turned out that in fact there were no people injured by the use of chemical weapons in the Duma hospital.

As the Agency notes, Russian representatives failed to convince all the interlocutors. In particular, representatives of Estonia, great Britain and the United States expressed confidence that the initial report on the Duma was fair

Belarus bought a shipment of oil from Norway

Belarus has purchased 80,000 tons of Norwegian oil, which will be delivered via the port in Klaipeda, Lithuania, to the Naftan oil refinery, a representative of the Belarusian state concern Belneftekhim told RIA Novosti. According to him, the delivery of oil through the Lithuanian port is expected in the twenties of January.

Russia does not agree to supply oil to Belarus from Kazakhstan

“Perhaps Kazakhstan will be able to supply us with oil if Russia agrees to this. Strange: our ally does not consent to the supply of oil from our other ally. Well, this is the situation now for oil supplies, and we must deal with it,” Sputnik Belarus quoted Belarusian leader Alexander Lukashenko as saying.

In St. Petersburg, because of the transport reform will be ” travel for an hour»

Residents of St. Petersburg, who will have to travel with transfers after the cancellation of minibuses in 2020 as a result of transport reform, decided to help with a single travel ticket for 60 minutes. This was reported by Smolny officials to city deputies, the correspondent of IA REGNUM reports.

The Russian delegation will check the airports of resorts in Egypt

The Russian delegation arrived in Egypt on Sunday to check the airports of Hurghada and sham al-Sheikh, the Egyptian newspaper Akhbar El Yom reported, citing sources in the country’s civil aviation Ministry.

“The Russian security delegation will conduct an inspection trip to the airports of Sharm El-Sheikh and Hurghada to prepare for the full resumption of Russian flights to Egypt,” the newspaper said.

Kia will focus on crossovers and electric vehicles

By 2025, KIA will release 11 new models of electric vehicles and will take at least 6.6% of the global market with THEM. These and other plans of the Korean brand are reflected in the new strategy of gaining a leading position in the automotive industry of the future — Plan S

The savings Bank has submitted to “Intertorg” claims at 8 billion rubles

Sberbank filed seven lawsuits against intertorg for a total of about 8.1 billion rubles with the Arbitration court of St. Petersburg and the Leningrad region. Information about this is indicated in the file of arbitration cases. The claims were registered on January 20 and have not yet been accepted for consideration

The largest temple in the world is planned to be built in the Urals

Znak reports that it is planning to build the world’s largest temple near Yekaterinburg. The Church can accommodate 37,000 people at the same time. The Church will be placed on the territory of the Sredneuralsky convent of the icon of the mother of God “sporitelnitsa khlebov”.

The Cathedral will have three floors, its height will be 77 meters, while the height of the Central dome will be 22 meters, and the diameter will be 33 meters. The area of the lower temple will be 11 thousand square meters, the upper one-6.4 thousand meters. The project has already been approved by schiarchimandrite ili (Alexey Nozdrin), said Zhanna Ryabtseva, head of the Executive Committee of the all-Russian popular front in the Sverdlovsk region.

Construction is scheduled to begin in 2020. Entrepreneurs from China will take part in financing the project, znak reports. It is expected that up to 1,000 Chinese will be baptized in the temple every day.

A new route will take place along the Yenisei river: the ticket price is per million rubles

In may of this year on the Yenisei river starts on the first expedition cruise. The duration of the trip is 10 days. The trip was organized on the ship and Suite category under the name “Maxim Gorky”. Implementing the tourist product of river tour-operator “Vodohod”. As part of the trip, tourists are offered to go beyond the Arctic circle, enjoy Hiking in the taiga, visit the Northern fishing and conduct ethnographic research

PwC notes record increase in pessimism among CEOs

PwC consulting and audit company has published the results of the annual”survey of the world’s largest companies”. While 29% of top managers surveyed predicted a slowdown in economic growth last year, this year it was 53%, which was a record high

Scientists have discovered the anti-cancer effect of many conventional drugs

According to a study conducted by American scientists from the broad Institute and the Dana — Farber cancer Institute, certain medications for diabetes, inflammation, alcoholism, and even for lowering cholesterol and treating arthritis can kill cancer cells in the laboratory.

Netflix to show Miyazaki cartoons

Streaming service Netflix has bought the rights to the international display of cartoons by the Japanese animation Studio Ghibli, reports the Verge. Cartoons will not be shown in the United States, Canada, or Japan. In the US, the future WarnerMedia HBO Max service has already purchased this animation product.

Boeing has identified new problems with the 737 MAX

The American company Boeing found flaws in the software of the 737 MAX aircraft that were not previously known. During the technical check, the specialists found out that the 737 MAX system does not work correctly, which checks the performance of some units before the flight. Boeing said it is already working to fix the error. They hope to find a solution as soon as possible.

Pension reform has led to a decrease in the number of pensioners in Russia

The head of the Pension Fund of Russia Anton Drozdov said that due to the increase in the retirement age in the Russian Federation, the number of pensioners decreased by 800 thousand. This was reported by Rossiyskaya Gazeta.

“In 2020, the retirement of 800 thousand people will be postponed, but this is an increasing result – that is, taking into account those who have moved their pension in 2019,” he said.

Minsk and Moscow agreed on a method of compensation for dirty oil

Belarus and Russia have agreed on ways to determine compensation for contamination of the Druzhba pipeline with low-quality oil. BelTA reports with reference to the press service of the Belarusian government.

“The parties reached an agreement on approaches and methods of compensation for dirty oil,” the press service reported, without specifying the details of the agreements.

Russia offers to create a navigation system on the moon

Specialists of the NGO. Lavochkina developed a navigation system on the moon, which will consist of optoelectronic surveillance systems and light laser beacons. This is stated in the published abstracts of the report prepared as part of the XLIV Royal readings.

“We suggest placing artificial light sources on the surface of the moon-laser beacons that will be markers (signs that are located at a certain point on the surface with a known absolute height-approx. TASS) of the future system. This will allow you to build an optical navigation system with a maximum of three satellites and a network of laser beacons on the moon, ” the materials say.

Turkey has started a new stage of drilling on the Cyprus shelf

Official representative of the Turkish foreign Ministry Hami Aksoy said that Turkey has started the next stage of exploration of hydrocarbon deposits on the shelf of Cyprus — for work to the South of the island has already arrived drilling vessel.

Promsvyazbank opens RusHydro credit line for 20 billion rubles

“Promsvyazbank opens RusHydro a revolving credit line with a debt limit of 20 billion rubles for a period of 7 years from the date of conclusion of the agreement. The maximum interest rate on loans issued under the credit line is the key rate of the Bank of Russia, increased by 3% per annum, ” the report says.

Rosatom will help China in the development of advanced nuclear reactor

Earlier, the press service of NIIAR spoke about the readiness of Russian scientists to assist their Chinese colleagues in working on the creation of a promising high-temperature gas reactor HTR-PM600.

A tank with artificial vision has been tested in Britain

In the UK, the main battle tank Challenger 2, modified for urban combat, was successfully tested at the Salisbury training ground. This is reported by CNN, the video of the tests was posted on the official Youtube channel of the British army.

The tank is equipped with an augmented reality system Iron Vision made in Israel, which transmits to the helmet indicators of the tankers an image from external cameras of a circular view of the combat vehicle. The development of the tank was carried out by the Royal tank corps with the participation of the research center of the Ministry of defense of great Britain.



The state Duma simplifies employment for foreign students

The initiative was sponsored by deputies and senators headed by the Chairman of the lower house of Parliament Vyacheslav Volodin and the speaker of the Federation Council Valentina Matvienko, the correspondent of the Federal news Agency reports.

The document proposes to eliminate the need to obtain a work permit for the relevant categories of citizens. If such a law is adopted, they will be able to get a job on the basis of an employment or civil contract, Volodin explained earlier. According to him, these measures will “increase at least twice the number of foreign citizens studying in our universities and vocational schools”.

“This (employment) will slightly ease the financial burden of the family, the country where he came from. For the student himself, this is a good practice of learning the language, [forming] an understanding of what work is, ” said Deputy Vladimir Sinyagovsky

Iran offered a reward for the murder of trump

Iranian MP Ahmad hamze offered a reward for the murder of US President Donald trump. The life of the head of state was estimated at three million dollars, according to the Iranian Agency ISNA.

Syrian fighters transferred by Turkey to Libya began to flee

Fighters of the Syrian armed opposition, who were transferred by Turkey to Libya to help The government of national accord, began to run away, trying to move to Europe. This is reported by al Hadath TV channel

There is information about the facial recognition system used by the US police

The New York Times reported on a little-known American firm, Clearview AI, which provides services for the implementation of facial recognition systems for about 600 law enforcement agencies in the United States. Clearview AI is funded by Peter Thiel, co-founder of the PayPal online payment system and one of the first Facebook investors

According to the NYT, the Clearview AI database has more than 3 billion images that were automatically downloaded from “millions” of sites, including Facebook, YouTube, and Venmo. The tool developed by the startup allows you to upload a photo and match it with any image in the library.

A new algorithm from Toshiba has made ordinary PCs faster than supercomputers

Toshiba has invented an algorithm that allows desktop computers to calculate faster than supercomputers, including quantum computers. The new development can be used on server clusters and FPGAs. Toshiba specialists said that the new technology will be available for use only in a few decades.

Alcohol will be removed from the all-inclusive system in Majorca and Ibiza

Alcohol in unlimited quantities will be banned in the Balearic Islands. This is reported by ATOR. It is noted that this direction was the first in Europe, where such a decision was made at the legislative level.

So no more than three free alcoholic beverages will be offered to vacationers in Playa de Palma and Magaluf in Majorca, as well as in San Antonio. Thus, alcohol will have to be paid separately. In addition, supermarkets will stop selling alcohol after 21.30, and bars and restaurants will be banned from installing various promotions that encourage the consumption of alcohol, such as “happy hours”, “two drinks for the price of one” and others. Also, the bans apply to those who are engaged in conducting tours of drinking establishments.

In Britain, a coin was issued in honor of the Queen group

The British Royal mint has produced a commemorative coin in honor of the rock band Queen. This is reported by the press service of the mint on Twitter. In the video, the coin is shown by the band’s guitarist Brian may, who called this presentation a very unexpected moment.

“We have here a Royal coin of five pounds sterling. On one side is the image of Queen Elizabeth II, and on the other is the Queen. This has never happened before, ” he said.

The coin is the first in the “Legends of music” series and is available in various versions, priced from $17 to $2623.

Putin submitted a draft of amendments to the Constitution to the state Duma

Russian President Vladimir Putin has submitted a draft law on amendments to the Constitution to the state Duma. The document is published in the electronic database of the state Duma. The bill contains amendments announced by Putin in his address to the Federal Assembly.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has submitted a draft law to the state Duma on an amendment to the Constitution of the Russian Federation. The co-chairs of the constitutional Commission, Andrey Klishas, Talia khabrieva and Pavel Krasheninnikov, will represent the President of Russia when considering the draft law in the State Duma. – Dmitry Peskov, Russian statesman

NATO told about drones that can look deep into Russia

New strategic NATO Global Hawk drones will be able to monitor what is happening on the territory of Russia, according to the German newspaper Verdens Gang.

Trump to meet with leaders of Iraq and Pakistan at Davos forum

Us President Donald trump will meet with the leaders of Iraq, Pakistan and Switzerland at the world economic forum in Davos. This was reported by the press service of the White house.

“President Donald trump will hold bilateral meetings with the following leaders during the world economic forum in Davos in Switzerland: President of Iraq Barham Saleh, Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan, President of the Swiss Confederation Simonetta Sommaruga,” the report said.

Trump will also meet with European Commission chief Ursula von der Leyen, President of the Kurdish Autonomous region of Iraq Nechirvan Barzani, as well as with the founder of the Davos forum and its head Klaus Schwab.

Russia handed over a batch of tanks and armored vehicles to Laos

Russia handed over a batch of tanks and armored vehicles to Laos, and upgraded the airfield, the Russian defense Ministry told reporters on Monday. According to the report, on January 20-21, the delegation of the Ministry of defense took part in celebrations dedicated to the 71st anniversary of the formation of the Lao people’s army.

“On the sidelines of the ceremony, within the framework of providing military technical assistance, the Lao side received another batch of Russian military equipment – T-72 tanks and BRDM-2M armored vehicles, as well as the Thonghaihin airfield, which was modernized by Russian specialists, located in Siangkhuang province,” the defense Ministry said.

Putin instructed to create an organization for national policy

Russian President Vladimir Putin instructed the government to submit a draft decree on the creation of an all-Russian public-state organization for the implementation of the national policy of the Russian Federation, RIA Novosti reported.

In Baghdad, rockets fired at the us Embassy area

The “green zone” – a specially protected area of Baghdad-was again subjected to rocket fire. As reported by Reuters, citing sources in the Iraqi police. According to them, the shells were launched from the area of Zafaraniya on the outskirts of Baghdad

Serbia bought Russian air defense systems ” Pantsir-S1»

Last year, Russia and Serbia signed a contract for the supply of one battery of air defense systems “Pantsir-S1”, a source in the field of military-technical cooperation (PTS) told RIA Novosti. One battery includes six “Shells-C1”.

The developer of the “Sarmatian” creates reusable space rocket

JSC “state rocket center named after academician V. P. Makeyev” (MC Makeyev) is actively developing a reusable launch vehicle “Corona”, according to the company’s report published in the collection of abstracts for the XLIV Royal readings. This launch vehicle should become a reusable rocket capable of delivering up to seven and a half tons of payloads to earth’s low orbit

South Korea to send ships to Strait of Hormuz

South Korea will send a group of ships designed to fight pirates off the coast of Africa to the Strait of Hormuz, Reuters reported, citing a representative of the South Korean defense Ministry.

Japan will create a military unit to protect against threats from space

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said that the country will have a special military unit to combat threats from space, which will become part of the Air self-defense forces of Japan. This is reported by the Associated Press.

No one has been detained in the case of Ivan Golunov

Special correspondent of Medusa Ivan Golunov was questioned as a victim in the case of abuse of authority by the Ministry of internal Affairs. This was reported by Golunov’s lawyer Sergey badamshin in his telegram channel.

In a conversation with TASS, the lawyer said that he and Golunov tried to take a subscription for non-disclosure of the investigation, but they refused to give it. Badamshin added that no one has been detained in the case.

The Guardian reports the name of the new leader of the IG

The new leader of the terrorist organization “Islamic state” (IG; banned in Russia) was Amir Mohammed Abdul Rahman al-Mawli al-Salbi, reports The Guardian, citing representatives of the two intelligence services. Al-Salbi is considered one of the founders of is. He took over is hours after the death of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi in October. Al-Baghdadi’s successor was called Abu Ibrahim al-Hashimi al-kuraishi, but he was not recognized as a terrorist organization.

MTS launched the first Russian cellular network in Antarctica

The base station was launched together with the Russian Antarctic expedition. The signal covers the Progress residential and service modules, the airfield area, and the Bay where ships are moored.

Working pensioners face up to 2 years in prison

The Federal tax service is going to check the accounts of pensioners to find out whether they have additional income. If experts establish the fact of unofficial receipt of income from a pensioner, he can be attracted for fraud – up to 2 years in prison

The government has approved a bill on the marking and registration of Pets

The Ministry of agriculture of the Russian Federation explained that marking is the application, fixing or introduction of visual or mixed (visual and electronic) means of identification into the animal’s body. At the same time, certified specialists and employees of the State veterinary service of the Russian Federation will be engaged in accounting for Pets.

Earlier, the Ministry noted that the registration of animals is not mandatory, and citizens will be able to choose the method of marking (tattoo, tag, chip), while registration will be free.


Roscosmos will spend 255 million rubles to check whether the cost of completing the first stage of the Vostochny cosmodrome is overstated, according to the state Corporation’s materials published on the state procurement website.


The arrest of Gazprom’s assets in Europe on the claims of Naftogaz was lifted»

At the request of Ukrainian Naftogaz, Gazprom’s assets in England, Wales, the Netherlands and Luxembourg were removed from arrests and interim measures. This is stated in the message “Gazprom”, published on the website of the center for corporate information disclosure

The US and China have begun negotiations on the second part of the trade agreement

In turn, US President Donald trump noted earlier that negotiations on the second part of the deal are planned to begin immediately after the signing of documents on the first. Earlier, the “land of the Soviets” reported that the United States signed the first part of a trade deal with China.

Gazprom has cut supplies to Europe due to the United States

Gazprom is losing customers in Europe. If in 2018 the share of sales of its pipeline gas in the EU market was 45%, in 2019 it decreased to 42.5%. Gazprom’s competitor is American companies that produce liquefied natural gas (LNG).

Japan is preparing to introduce 6g communication systems

The Japanese government announced today the start of work on preparing for the introduction of sixth-generation communication systems, TASS reports. It is planned that even faster and more secure sixth-generation communication systems will work in Japan in 2030

Britain will stop investing in foreign coal mines

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Monday held the first ever British-African investment summit, where he announced that the United Kingdom will no longer make direct investments in the development of coal deposits and coal-fueled power plants abroad, according to a statement sent to RIA Novosti by the Prime Minister’s office.

The Chinese equivalent of the Toyota Land Cruiser 200 was sent to dealers

Hengtian has prepared a cheap copy of the Toyota Land Cruiser 200 SUV for market launch. On the eve of the Network appeared a fresh batch of photos of the serial version of the model. According to the portal’s own information NJCAR.RU, the first test cars have already begun to arrive in the brand’s dealerships, although the start of sales of new items is scheduled for March-April this year.

Merovingen will return to Matrix 4

The cast of the new Matrix continues to expand rapidly. This time, the team joined the picture Lamber Wilson, who performed in the second and third film the role of Merovingen, and Erendira Ibarra, known for the closed mini-series “the Eighth sense”.

Along with Keanu Reeves (“John wick”) and Carrie-Ann moss (“Jessica Jones”), the Matrix 4 cast includes: Yahya Abdul-mateen II (“Aquaman”), Jonathan groff (“mind Hunter”), Neil Patrick Harris (“How I met your mother”), Jessica Henwick (“Iron fist”), and jada Pinkett Smith (“Gotham”), who once again will return to the role of Niobe – captain of the”Logos” ships.

If you believe the rumors, the shooting process may start in Chicago next month. Warner Bros. Studio will release “Matrix 4” in theaters on may 21, 2021

Published trailer for “Wonderland” with mark Wahlberg

The film will be released on March 6, 2020. The network has a trailer for the detective Thriller “Srana Miracles”, where the main role was played by Oscar nominee mark Wahlberg (“Renegades”, “The third extra”, “Fighter”). The video was published on January 20 on the YouTube channel “ONE Media”.



Afro-Ukrainian women wanted to go to Eurovision-2020»

At once, 16 Ukrainian artists will compete for the right to go to the Eurovision song contest 2020, which will be held in Rotterdam. As reported “Страна.иа”, the winner will be determined on February 22, but you can look at the Ukrainian applicants now. Other candidates included the Fo Sho group, which included three Afro-Ukrainian girls.

Asus introduced a mini PC with the latest Intel chips and a set of ports

The new mini PC produced by Asus is called the Mini PC PN62. The size of the device is only 115 x 115 x 49 mm. the Price is not yet reported. The mini-PC is based on the tenth-generation Intel Core CPU from the Comet Lake family: from Core i3-10110U to Core i7-10710U. the amount of RAM will be 64 GB, while it is possible to install a pair of 2.5-inch and M. 2 drives. In addition, the device is equipped with a set of ports: three USB 3.1, a pair of USB-C, one configurable connector with the ability to choose between COM, VGA, DisplayPort, LAN and Thunderbolt 3.

Samsung invests $500 million in Indian smartphone production

Samsung is ready to invest $500 million in the construction of a new display manufacturing plant in India, January 20, the portal reports Techcrunch.com according to the portal, the South Korean company Samsung intends to produce displays for cell phones, as well as other components for various electronic devices at the new factory. To build a new factory, Samsung will expand its existing production in Noida.

The prototype of the flow battery was developed at MSU

In Russia, the first laboratory prototype of a flow-through battery was created, the electrolyte of which was a solution of vanadium salts. A significant disadvantage of the development is the high cost of the source material, vanadium.

The battery works like this: when solar panels or wind generators produce electricity, pumps pump the spent electrolyte through the battery core, where it is charged by an electrochemical reaction and returned back to the storage tank. When this electricity becomes necessary, a charged electrolyte is pumped through the core, which in the course of a reverse reaction returns the accumulated energy to the network.

A new non-removable Trojan for Android devices has been identified

Experts in the field of cyber security revealed a Trojan Android folder.Xiny.5261. The company Doctor Web reported that it was written for old versions of the operating system, writes “Kommersant”.

Huawei has found a replacement for Google Maps

A Huawei representative told Reuters that the deal with the Dutch firm to provide geolocation data has been successfully closed. As part of the collaboration, the Chinese smartphone manufacturer will get access to maps, traffic data, and the TomTom navigation service.

Yandex allowed to pay in stores bypassing cash registers and queues

The team of Yandex.Market has released an important update for the company’s Supercheck service. Initially, the service was designed to compare prices in stores. However, now the app has added the ability to pay for products from your smartphone and thus avoid queues at the checkout.

Instagram admits IGTV failure

Instagram never managed to make its IGTV app popular, and the company decided to remove the service icon from the main page. It is possible that in the future the company will decide to close the project, which is losing the war with Tik-Tok.

LG unveils transparent OLED display

LG Electronics (LG) has introduced a transparent LG Transparent OLED on the Russian market, behind which you can place any object and use the content to tell its story. A tempered glass screen can be combined into a video wall of multiple displays.

The appearance of a bond between two metal atoms was first filmed

Scientists from the UK and Germany who study the metallic bond of atoms that is characteristic of pure metals have become the first in the world to capture it on video.



In the United States made the first feathered flying robot

Scientists from Stanford University (USA) have created the first flying robot that can flap its wings like a real bird. When developing the drawings, the anatomical features of the pigeon were used, according to Science News

Scientists have found a key to treating the disease of Stephen Hawking

A team of scientists from the University of Malta has discovered an enzyme that can minimize the effects of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS). Before this discovery, this disease, from which the famous physicist Stephen Hawking suffered, was considered incurable. Details were published by the EurekAlert portal.

Scientists have found a way to cure cancer in a second

We are talking about proton radiation therapy for Oncology, which will help to instantly destroy a malignant tumor. According to scientists from the Abramson Cancer center at the University of Pennsylvania, photon radiation is most often used for this method of treatment.

Blue light will help in the treatment of traumatic brain injuries

According to a new study from the University of Arizona, therapy based on exposure to blue light early in the morning can help the recovery process after a traumatic brain injury (TBI). The results of the study are published in the scientific journal Neurobiology of Disease.

David Lynch’s short film released on Netflix

Video service Netflix released a short film by David Lynch called ” what did Jack do?”. This is a 17-minute black-and-white film shot in the Noir style. In it, the Director plays the role of a detective and interrogates a talking monkey named Jack, a suspect in a murder