24 Jan, 2020

News digest for 01/23/2020

“Four horsemen of the Apocalypse” by the UN Secretary-General

“I see the” four horsemen” among us – four impending threats that endanger the progress of the XXI century and threaten the opportunities of the XXI century, ” Guterres said, speaking at the UN General Assembly on the results of the world organization’s work last year and the goals for 2020

  • the highest geo-strategic tensions
  • the climate conditions
  • the growing global distrust
  • the dark side of the digital world

Nord stream 2 received aid despite US sanctions

The Russian gas pipeline “Nord stream-2” under construction received assistance despite the US sanctions imposed at the end of 2019, writes RBC owned by Grigory Berezkin, citing data from the MarineTraffic service. A Norwegian vessel leased by the Swedish company MMT SWEDEN arrived to inspect the site.

“Izvestia”, said the sources in response to the message of the President

The President’s initiatives put forward in his address to the Federal Assembly will cost 450 billion rubles in 2020 and a total of 4 trillion rubles in the next four years, Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin said earlier. It is reported that these expenses will be covered by free balances accumulated in Treasury accounts, as well as money from the government’s Reserve Fund.

According to the media source, there are two trillion rubles in the budget for the remaining four years and the same amount is not enough. The main source of funds for these tasks is likely to be the abolition of part of the tax benefits, according to a Federal official familiar with the calculations of the Ministry of Finance.

200 billion rubles found in the Russians the Ministry of construction and tax

The country rents 5.2 million apartments, and after the legalization of the market, the budget will be able to collect up to 200 billion rubles in taxes annually, explains Nikita Stasishin. The Deputy Minister notes that first of all this project is intended to provide citizens with safe transactions, Stasishin urges not to focus on taxes.

Mishustin instructed to prepare amendments to the law on the budget

Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin instructed to prepare amendments to the law on the Federal budget for 2020-2022 and the law on the budget of the Pension Fund of Russia for the implementation of the President’s address to the Federal Assembly. This is stated on the government’s website. It is specified that the amendments must be submitted by February 11 this year.

Cigarettes in Russia may rise by a quarter

The cost of tobacco products and e-cigarettes in Russia this year may increase by 25 percent due to the introduction of labeling and increasing excise taxes. This forecast was made in the Analytical center under the government of Russia.

They want to remove the concept of minimum wage from the laws

The Civil code proposes to remove the definition of the minimum wage (minimum wage). The Ministry of justice will have to develop such a bill. Already in December, the Department must submit the document to the Cabinet of Ministers, and in March 2021, submit it to the state Duma for consideration.

NOVATEK project in Yamal will receive new tax benefits

The Council of the Eurasian economic Commission (EEC) granted the request of NOVATEK’s Chairman Leonid Mikhelson to reset duties and taxes for gas carriers and chartered companies.

Sberbank told about the withdrawal of 250 billion rubles by customers because of a fake

Fake news about disabling Visa cards in 2014 led to panic and the fact that Sberbank customers withdrew more than 250 billion rubles from ATMs in a few hours, said Stanislav Kuznetsov, Deputy Chairman of the Sberbank management Board

The Parliament of Kazakhstan approved the agreement with Russia on a complex “Baiterek»

Kazakhstan supported Russia’s proposal for unpiloted launches from the Baiterek space rocket complex on Baikonur. As the head of the Ministry of digital development, innovation and aerospace industry of the Republic Askar Zhumagaliev told the media, according to the original plan, the complex was supposed to be manned, but the Russian Federation proposed to make it unpiloted. This will significantly reduce the costs of the Kazakh side and, as a result, more effectively manage the invested funds.

The first PD-14 engines for the MS-21 were delivered to the Irkutsk aircraft factory

The first PD-14 engines were delivered to the Irkutsk aircraft factory for installation on the MS-21 aircraft, the press service of the rostec state Corporation told RIA Novosti.

A lawsuit has been filed in a Moscow court to ban facial recognition technology at rallies

According to the MBH Media website, the authors of the appeal were lawyer Alena Popova and politician Vladimir Milov. Popova recalled that this is the second lawsuit in the public campaign against, as she put it, total surveillance. According to her, the plaintiffs demand to prohibit the use of the technology and delete personal information, in particular, biometric data. The meeting is scheduled for January 31. Earlier, the Savelovsky court of Moscow rejected a similar claim by Popova. She demanded that the city’s facial recognition system be banned.

Telegraph transmitter from the Titanic»

The company RMS Titanic Inc. asked the U.S. district court in Eastern Virginia to get permission to send a robot to lift from the sunken liner “Titanic” Telegraph transmitter from which on April 15, 1912, a distress signal “SOS” was transmitted, according to The Washington Post.

60 years ago people first descended to the bottom of the Mariana trench

On January 23, 1960, people descended to the bottom of the Mariana trench for the first time in history: the depth of the dive was just under 11 km. a Unique study was done on the bathyscaphe “Trieste” by the Swiss Jacques Picard, son of the device’s Creator, and the American don Walsh.

All Luggage from South-East Asia began to be checked because of the coronavirus

Due to an outbreak of coronavirus in China, all passengers and baggage that comes from this country are checked. Rosselkhoznadzor inspectors make sure that infected products do not get into Russia. Some experts suggest that infection is possible by contact if the parcel was touched by a coughing or sneezing sick person. …

The risk of transmission of coronavirus in contact with parcels, in particular from AliExpress, was not revealed. This was told in the press service of AliExpress Russia to Izvestia.

“It will be a good Minister»

Users of social networks are actively discussing a photo of the new Minister of culture of Russia Olga Lyubimova, on which she is depicted in a t-shirt with an obscene word. This is reported by the NSN.

“This will be a good Minister,” Ural playwright Nikolai Kolyada wrote ironically in social networks.

Lyubimova’s t-shirt shows the dictum of the hermit Nikolai Tarasov. In the once popular video, a man looking out of a window sends uninvited guests in a certain obscene direction.

Arab DP World has informed the Russian government of its plans to buy FESCO

The port operator DP World, which is controlled by the government of the United Arab Emirates, has sent a plan to buy 49% of Fesco (PJSC far Eastern shipping company) to the Russian government.

Approved the strategy for the development of the electronic industry until 2030

A plan for the implementation of the approved program has been established. According to it, the share of civil electronic products in revenue will be at least 87.9%. The share in the total volume of the domestic electronics market will be filled with domestic products by 59.1% in terms of revenue. By the end of the period, revenue from Russian products will reach more than $ 12 billion.

RDIF will start investing in projects without foreign investors

The Russian direct investment Fund (RDIF), a sovereign wealth Fund, will start investing in projects involving only Russian investors. The Fund’s reform was announced by its head, Kirill Dmitriev, at the Strategic Outlook on Russia session of the world economic forum in Davos. RBC followed the broadcast of the discussion.

“We are announcing for the first time that our Fund will invest in projects involving only Russian investors, not necessarily foreign ones,” Dmitriev said, adding that participation in such projects must be approved by the Fund’s Supervisory Board. Expanding the Fund’s capabilities will significantly increase investment from Russian companies, including in national projects, Dmitriev explained.

Also, together with the Ministry of Finance, the RDIF plans to create an Infrastructure Fund that will Finance up to 20% of expenditures on major projects, and the funds will be returned to the state through taxes from them. The expected investment volume of the Infrastructure Fund can reach up to 600 billion rubles over five years, the head of the RDIF said.

Kazakhstan has reduced oil exports to China due to contamination of raw materials

The press service of the Kazakh company “KazTransOil” reported a decrease in oil exports from Kazakhstan to China due to the excess of organochlorine compounds in it. For this reason, the schedule of oil deliveries for January 2020 was adjusted.

Arkady Volozh, will sell a small part of shares of “Yandex»

One of the founders of Yandex, Arkady Volozh, is going to sell a small part of its shares, the company said. Volozh is the company’s largest shareholder, currently holding 9.9% of Yandex’s capital and 48.6% of the votes. The message from Yandex did not name the reasons why Volozh decided to sell part of the package. The representative of “Yandex” has told Vedomosti that Volozh refused to comment.

Previously, two of Volozh’s acquaintances explained to Vedomosti that the co-founder of the company did not like the strict state restrictions imposed on the sale of his stake, and that he would like to be able to earn on his share. Moreover, Yandex does not pay dividends and, as the company’s interlocutors told Vedomosti, it is not going to pay them in the near future.

Ob LNG will insert a foreign turbine

Import substitution is stalling in the gas industry: despite plans to build a new gas liquefaction plant, Ob LNG, exclusively on the basis of Russian key equipment, NOVATEK will order foreign turbines for it. According to Kommersant, American Baker Hughes and German Siemens are competing for a contract worth up to €120 million. At the same time, Russian companies — REP holding or Kazancompressormash-can supply compressors for turbines.

Gazprom will report to the Ministry of Finance and the Central Bank on debts

Gazprom’s management has decided that the company will report quarterly on its debt load indicators. She will send documents with relevant information to the Ministry of Finance, the Central Bank, Rosimushchestvo and the Ministry of economic development, RIA Novosti reported. Alexey Miller, Chairman of the Board of the energy company, assumed responsibility for ensuring quarterly reporting.

The Ministry of Finance placed OFZ for 26.74 billion rubles

The Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation placed at auction OFZ-IN with an indexed par value of issue 26229 with repayment on February 2, 2028 in the amount of 26 billion 744 million rubles, according to the Ministry’s website. Demand at the auction reached 50 billion 376 million rubles.

URALSIB reduces the yield of two ruble deposits

Following the largest Russian banks, medium-sized credit institutions are tightening their Deposit policies. Now the Bank URALSIB reports on the decrease of interest rates in their Deposit products.

LUKOIL is not going to resume oil supplies to Belarus

LUKOIL does not plan to compensate for the losses of Belarus due to the tax maneuver in the oil industry and resume the supply of oil to the country’s refineries on preferential terms. LUKOIL CEO Vagit Alekperov told TASS on the sidelines of the world economic forum in Davos.

LUKOIL redirected the volume of oil that was previously sent to Belarus to other destinations. This did not affect the company’s production, Alekperov added. As REGNUM news Agency reported, before the New year, Russia and Belarus did not agree on oil supplies in 2020.

The state Duma of Russia called the timing of the introduction of a single currency with Belarus

The single currency of Russia and Belarus may not appear until 2030, said the first Deputy Chairman of the state Duma Committee for CIS Affairs Viktor Vodolatsky. According to him, the signing of the “road maps” for the integration of Russia and Belarus within the Union state is slow, as there are a number of contradictions.

Moldova explained the reason for the increase in the cost of gas transit

The commissioning of the Turkish stream resulted in some losses for the transit countries of Russian gas. Moldova will miss about $ 80-90 million due to the loss of transit, although it managed to get a discount on gas from Russia.

UK Parliament approves Brexit bill

Parliament has passed a bill to leave the European Union, which means that the United Kingdom will leave the EU on January 31 and we will go forward as a whole. At times it seemed that we would never cross the Brexit finish line, but at last we did. – Boris Johnson, British politician

He also called for leaving “anger and differences” and focusing on a bright future after the country leaves the EU.

In Britain, a new type of high-speed permanent memory has been created

In the UK, a group of scientists from Lancaster University has created a new type of ultra-fast permanent memory. The promising development was named UK III-V, and the performance of this device is not inferior to DRAM.

Bloomberg spent more than a quarter of a billion on campaign ads

Billionaire Democratic presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg spent more than $ 250 million on campaign ads, Bloomberg reported, citing a study by Advertising Analytica.

Turkey is interested in cooperation with Russia to develop gas from Cyprus

Turkey is interested in working with Russia to develop gas fields off the coast of Cyprus, Turkish foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu said in an interview with RIA Novosti on the sidelines of the world economic forum in Davos

The Russian Embassy in Cyprus has denied reports of plans to recognize the TRNC

The Russian Embassy in Nicosia denied the publication of a Turkish newspaper with a message about Moscow’s alleged plans to recognize the so-called Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC) in the occupied part of the island. “The publication does not correspond to reality,” the Embassy told RIA Novosti.

The Russians are planning to spend spring holidays in the country

This year, February 23 and March 8 fall on a Sunday, so Russians will get an additional day off on Monday, that is, in both cases, three holidays. According to experts of the Federal tourism Agency and industry unions, citizens will prefer to relax in their country.

Putin commented on the possibility of a parliamentary Republic in Russia

Answering a question about whether a parliamentary Republic is possible in Russia, the head of state noted that such a form of government is not appropriate for Russia. Russia needs a strong presidential power due to its multi-ethnic and multi-confessional nature, President Vladimir Putin believes.

Kiev intends to transfer the railway to the management of Deutsche Bahn

Prime Minister of Ukraine Oleksiy Goncharuk said that Kiev is going to transfer the Railways to the German operator Deutsche Bahn for ten years

Russia and Kenya shared 137th place in the corruption perception index

Russia was on the 137th place out of 180 in the rating (RBC has it) of the least corrupt States, which is compiled annually by the international organization Transparency International. Having scored 28 points out of 100, as in the previous year, the country rose one line in the ranking. The 137th place in the ranking is shared with Russia by the Dominican Republic, Kenya, Liberia, Lebanon, Mauritania, Papua New Guinea, Paraguay and Uganda.

The maximum number of points indicates the minimum level of perception of corruption and, conversely, the minimum number of points indicates the maximum level.

Members of the us Congress are concerned about the situation in Georgia

Four members of the us Congress called on the Georgian leadership to ensure “fair” parliamentary elections in Georgia in 2020 in a letter sent to Georgian Prime Minister Georgy Gakharia. The text of the letter was published on the government’s Facebook page on January 22. The letter was signed by congressmen Adam Kiesinger, Michael mccaul, Elliot angel and Gerry Connolly.

“Georgia is preparing for parliamentary elections in 2020 during the leadership of the [ruling party] “Georgian dream”. We once again urge you to respect the legitimacy of the elections and make sure that they are protected from domestic and foreign interference, ” the collective letter reads.

Japan released a document on negotiations with the USSR

In 1956, the Japanese authorities abolished the requirement that the issue of ownership of the Southern Kuril Islands be resolved in the course of subsequent negotiations on a peace Treaty with Moscow. The Japanese government made such concessions at the last stage of negotiations with the USSR in order to reach agreements on restoring relations as soon as possible and Moscow’s consent to Japan’s accession to the UN. This is evidenced by previously unpublished recordings made at the time by Japanese diplomats, the Asahi newspaper reports.

Russia and Israel signed an adoption agreement

Israeli environment Minister Zeev Elkin, in an interview with RIA Novosti, called the adoption agreement signed at the meeting of the co-chairs of the Russian-Israeli intergovernmental Commission historic. Negotiations on the conclusion of an agreement between Russia and Israel on the adoption of Russian children have been conducted since 2016

The us military gave Russia an unspoken ultimatum on Syria

The media reports that the US military gave the Russian Federation an ultimatum, not allowing their military to enter the Syrian areas where oil and gas is being extracted.

Russia to deploy radar against hypersonic missiles in the Arctic

The General staff of the Russian Armed forces has decided to increase the number of Resonance-N radar stations capable of detecting hypersonic targets in the Arctic from five to 10. This was reported on Monday TASS source in the military-industrial complex

Malaria cases are on the rise in Africa

From 197 million in 2014 to 213 million in 2018. And about 380 thousand deaths. The main reason for this increase is that 2 of the four main malaria pathogens have developed resistance to malaria drugs. And given the global climate change and the expansion of the distribution of malaria vectors-this is worth thinking about.

The Deputies demanded an explanation

In the Krasnoyarsk territory, the head of the administration of the Esaul village Council, Andrey Zaitsev, demanded written explanations from local deputies after they voted “against” paying additional bonuses to officials. This was reported in the Yabloko party, whose representatives Alexander Zagainov and Daria martemyanova received letters from local authorities.

Personal contribution of Nicholas II to victory in the great Patriotic war

In Omsk, in mid-January, the “Imperial ball” was held to mark the 75th anniversary of the Victory. It was dedicated to “the personal contribution of Emperor Nikolai Alexandrovich Romanov to the Great Victory,” the event’s poster read.

The Federal penitentiary service demands money from employees who tried but failed to work

Roman Lazarev, a former employee of the General regime colony in Kemerovo, received a lawsuit from the territorial administration of the Federal penitentiary service for almost 3 million rubles. He told open media about This. The penitentiary service wants to recover this amount from the court for the training of its former employee, since he left the system without serving a five-year term.

“I studied at a specialized University of the Federal penitentiary service, worked in a penal colony, and since childhood I wanted to fight crime. But after seeing how the service to the Motherland is implemented in practice, the desire disappeared, ” Roman said.

He worked for a year in a penal colony as a squad leader and then retired.

A published rating of democracy for all countries

The Economist Intelligence Unit, a British research company, compiled the annual “democracy Index” for 2019. The overall level of democracy in the world was the worst for all time — 5.44 points.

Norway came first in the list, followed by Iceland and Sweden. The last place in the “democracy Index” went to North Korea — it earned only 1.08 points. Russia took 134 place in it, being between Guinea and the Republic of the Congo, scoring 3.11 points (in 2018 – 2.94 points).

Macron turned out police officers who went with him to the temple in Jerusalem

Events unfolded at the entrance to the Basilica of Saint Anne, and the French President was outraged that the police wanted to enter with him. Macron, in high-pitched English, explained to the guards that he did not want them to break the rules because of him.

“I don’t like what you did in front of me, get out!”,- says the French President and points a finger at the exit behind him.

In Russia, access to the Startmail email service has been restricted.

The FSB reported that since November 28, 2019, more than a thousand messages about bomb threats in 16 regions of Russia have been sent from StartMail addresses. The letters mentioned 16,000 sites (courts, schools, hospitals, shopping centers) where bombs were allegedly planted. All reports were false, the Department stressed.

In Roskomnadzor, in turn, reported that the service did not provide information about the owners of mailboxes from which letters were sent about false mining. Roskomnadzor expects that blocking will make it difficult to distribute such letters.

WADA suspended the license of the Moscow anti-doping laboratory

The world anti-doping Agency (WADA) has temporarily suspended the license of the Moscow anti-doping laboratory, the press service of WADA reports. The Moscow anti-doping laboratory is prohibited from performing any work related to the analysis of blood samples for the biological passport of athletes. The decision to suspend the license will remain in force until the end of the disciplinary proceedings.

Zelensky refused to participate in the Holocaust remembrance forum

Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky refused to participate in the world Holocaust remembrance forum, giving the seats of his delegation to people who survived the tragedy. The head of state wrote about this on his Facebook page

Netflix will create an animated film on ” the Witcher»

Streaming service Netflix is working on creating an animated film based on a series of novels by Polish author Andrzej Sapkowski “the Witcher”. The online platform’s Twitter account says the project has been dubbed ” the Witcher: the Wolf’s Nightmare.”

Disney has revealed the trailer for the final season of “Star wars: clone Wars»

Disney showed the trailer for the final season of the animated series “clone Wars”, which will begin to be released on the streaming service Disney+ not on February 17, as previously stated, but on the 21st



The third series on “the Walking dead” will be released in April

On April 12, the third series in the Walking dead universe will be released. The new project is called ” the Walking dead: the World beyond»

Dwayne Johnson has announced the start of filming for his new film

Actor Dwayne Johnson made a post on his official Instagram account, in which he solemnly announced the start of filming of his new project-a Comedy action film called ” Red notice»

200 years of the composer Alexander Serov

The 200th anniversary is celebrated on January 23rd, the birth of Russian composer and music theorist Alexander Serov. Alexander Serov entered history not only as a critic and composer, but also as the father of the artist Valentin Serov.

The trailer for the film “Rider” from Netflix has been published

The network published a trailer for the drama “Rider”, where the main role was played by two-time Golden globe nominee Alison brie. According to the plot of the film, the main character Sarah is fond of needlework, horses and TV series about the supernatural.



The release date of the Motorola flexable smartphone has been announced

The Motorola Razr smartphone will be available on February 6. According to preliminary data, the device will be available only in the domestic market of China, and will reach other countries in the second quarter of this year.

Twitter is launching a new feature in private messages.

The developers added the ability to add reactions to the text in the form of emojis. Users can take advantage of the innovation by hovering the cursor over the message and clicking the corresponding button (the “heart” and “plus” icon) or by double-clicking on the message and selecting an emoticon from the pop-up window. You can remove a reaction at any time, and it will be removed from the message for all participants.

Antivirus on genetic maps

Intezer has attracted additional funding of $15 million to develop malware analysis technology using algorithms similar to genetic mapping, according to the TechCrunch portal.

Nanoparticles stopped brain edema in traumatic brain injuries

American researchers have created nanoparticles that slow down the swelling and accumulation of fluid inside the human brain in traumatic brain injuries. The results were published in the scientific journal Annals of Neurology.

“The results of our experiments exceeded all expectations. We suggest that these nanoparticles may become the first effective and practical tool for saving the lives of people with serious brain injury,” commented one of the authors of the study, Professor John Kessler of northwestern University (USA).

Geneticists have deciphered the DNA of ancient people who lived in Africa

For the first time, paleogeneticists were able to extract DNA fragments from the remains of Homo sapiens that lived in Africa in the stone age, and use their genomes to study the history of the last stages of human evolution. Their findings were published in the scientific journal Nature.

Chemists have created a material with a record anisotropy of thermal conductivity

An international team of researchers has created a material with heat-insulating and heat-conducting properties. The developers said that one of the advantages of the material was its extreme subtlety and transparency. Experts have also listed the areas where it is possible to use porous and lightweight substance.

Global warming is a third linked to freon emissions

According to one of the authors of the study, Professor Lorenzo Polvani of Columbia University, thanks to the Montreal Protocol, scientists are already struggling with the amount of freon emissions into the atmosphere. In the next decades, their contribution to global warming will continue to fall, the Professor said

A new way to generate powerful short ultraviolet vortices

Scientists from the SKOLKOVO Institute of science and technology (Skoltech) together with colleagues from the Shanghai Institute of optics and precision mechanics (China) and the Helmholtz Institute in Jena (Germany) have proposed a simple way to generate powerful short pulses of the ultraviolet range with an orbital angular momentum

Elon Musk will send a million people to Mars by 2050

Elon Musk said he hopes to build 1,000 reusable spaceships in 10 years, which SpaceX is already developing in South Texas. That is, 100 ships will be produced per year. The entrepreneur sees the main goal in making the flight to Mars affordable.

Water on Mars was suitable for life

Scientists from the Tokyo Institute of technology analyzed mineralogical and chemical data obtained by the Curiosity Rover when analyzing samples of ancient lake deposits in the Gale crater on Mars, and concluded that the water on the red planet was salty and rich in minerals

Astronomers have created the first map of the black hole’s surroundings

X-rays begin to reflect off the curved region, and researchers catch this signal to reconstruct the geometry of space-time around the supermassive black hole.

Chinese probe sent new images from the back of the moon

Recently, Chinese astronomers shared new data obtained by the probe instruments, in particular, high-quality images taken by the Chang’e-4 landing camera and the Yutu-2 panoramic camera. The photos were taken as part of 12 lunar days

China begins construction of an orbiting space station

The new launch vehicle Changzheng-5B (“Great campaign-5”) has successfully passed the tests and expertise of the Chinese aerospace science and technology Corporation. The launch vehicle has an increased payload capacity and will be used to deliver modules from the Chinese space station to earth orbit, which is expected to be completed by 2022.

The station will have a total weight of 66 tons with one basic and two laboratory modules. A large optical telescope is planned to be placed in the same orbit as the station.