25 Янв, 2021

News digest for 01/23-24/2021

Rallies in support of Navalny were held in almost all major cities of Russia. Not only in Moscow and St. Petersburg, but also in Vladivostok, Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, Khabarovsk, Ulan-Ude, Novosibirsk, Nizhny Novgorod, Rostov-on-Don, Sochi and many others

The main slogans are «Freedom!», «Release», «We are in power here», «One for all and all for one», «I’m not afraid»

According to OVD-Info, at least 3454 people were detained

According to various estimates, the rally in Moscow was attended by:

50 thousand people — such data was provided by the director of FBK Ivan Zhdanov.

40 thousand people — estimate by Reuters correspondents

4 thousand people — the assessment of the Ministry of Internal Affairs at the very beginning of the action.

Journalists covering protest actions

“Novaya Gazeta” reported that the security forces hit their correspondent Elizaveta Kirpanova on the head with a truncheon, she was bleeding: the journalist was knocked down and started beating.

An OMON fighter hit Meduza’s special correspondent Kristina Safonova, although she was wearing a vest with the words «Press» on it. According to her, the riot policeman began to beat her because she was filming the action.

A policeman grabbed Meduza’s photojournalist Yevgeny Feldman by the neck and held him for half a minute, the newspaper reported. They also tried to detain the photographer, but were immediately released.

VTimes journalist Yekaterina Grobman was also detained and soon released.

The security forces pursued Ruslan Terekhov, a photojournalist of «Sota.Vision», according to media reports: the police caught up with him in an alley, where they hit him hard on the knee.

The correspondent of «Dozhd» Aleksey Korostelev and the operator Sergei Novikov were detained — the police came and cut off the electricity to an apartment in the Pushkinskaya area, from the balcony of which «Dozhd» was broadcasting.

Roman Anin, editor-in-chief of Vostochnye Stories media, was detained in Moscow. However, before the paddy wagon took the detainees to the police station, he was still released.

At the very beginning of the action in St. Petersburg, photo correspondent of «Mediazona» David Frenkel was detained: at that moment he was in a vest and a special sleeve with the inscription «Press», which are given to journalists just to avoid such situations.

Also in St. Petersburg, Dozhd journalist Eduard Burmistrov was detained, and The Insider’s correspondent Vera Ryabitskaya was beaten during his arrest.

Arseny Vesnin, a correspondent of Echo of Moscow in St. Petersburg, was detained on the air. The police took away his phone.

Head of the Human Rights Council in Russia

These promotions are illegal. Not only are they not coordinated, but they pass during the period of epidemics. Of course, we must talk about the illegality of the actions, not about detentions. I don’t see any violation at all. Is this the first arrests with us? These are not the first uncoordinated rallies. This usually ends with the fact that they draw up an act on an administrative offense and release. I am sure that now, if there are no provocations, clashes with the police, the same will happen.

In addition, Fadeev called for a thorough investigation of the «involvement» of minors in the events. The head of the HRC saw outside interference in this.

Disgusting story. This requires investigation. Because the scale of the TikTok campaign, primarily encouraging minors to participate in these promotions, is very serious. Internet experts say that to launch such a campaign requires a lot of money or help from the platform, it is a very serious operation. I believe that it is irresponsible at least to involve minors in such actions.

Rallies for Navalny were held in many countries around the world.

Protest actions took place not only in Russia, but also abroad: in Amsterdam, Barcelona, ​​Prague, Rome, Vienna, Warsaw, London and other cities. Everything was peaceful there.

Criminal cases opened in Moscow after protest actions

In Moscow, after the protest actions, criminal cases were initiated on the use of violence against security officials, on hooliganism and on intentional damage to property. In particular, as reported in the department, on Sretensky Boulevard, several people beat up a riot police officer, and sprayed pepper gas in the face of two more. The Investigative Committee also informs about the beating of a Rosguard officer on Pushkin Square. On Tsvetnoy Boulevard, protesters damaged a car and sprayed tear gas in the driver’s face, the agency said. The Investigative Committee noted that photos and videos from the actions will be studied, and new criminal cases may be initiated

The Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation announced that there are grounds to consider Navalny a criminal

The founder of the Anti-Corruption Foundation (FBK, included by the Russian Ministry of Justice in the register of NGOs performing the function of a foreign agent) Alexei Navalny is a criminal, not a victim, said Russian Prosecutor General Igor Krasnov

Taking into account the conviction passed against him several years ago, which entered into legal force, there is every reason to call him a person who has committed a crime, ”he said in an interview with Kommersant

On Pushkinskaya Square, riot policeman hit Meduza journalist

Meduza reports that on Pushkinskaya Square a riot policeman hit Meduza journalist Kristina Safonova, dressed in a Press vest. According to Safonova, the OMON fighter began to beat her because she was filming the action.

Gazprom sets up a company to build a gas pipeline through Mongolia to the PRC

The Soyuz Vostok Gas Pipeline Special Purpose Company is registered in Mongolia, Gazprom reported on its Telegram channel. The company will become the operator of the Soyuz Vostok gas pipeline project.

Educational advisors to appear in Russian schools

The position of advisor to the director of the school for education and work with children’s associations will appear in educational institutions of Russia from March 2021. This was announced on January 22 by the Minister of Education of the Russian Federation Sergei Kravtsov at a press conference in Moscow, a REGNUM correspondent reports.

Residence of the Prime Minister of Sweden

The residence of the head of the Swedish government is located in the Sager Palace on the street. Stremgatan, 18 in the center of Stockholm. In a four-story building, it occupies no more than two floors, the official Instagram account of the Scandinavian state said. Its total area is only 175 square meters, and everything necessary for furnishing the interior is supplied from IKEA stores.

Mishustin expanded the program of concessional lending to defense industry enterprises

Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin signed a decree on the extension of the concessional lending program to subsidiaries of military-industrial enterprises, according to the government’s website.

Food prices in Russia rose more than inflation

At a meeting on economic issues, Russian President Vladimir Putin said that food prices in Russia had risen above the level of general inflation. He proposed to discuss this topic taking into account the results of January

The plane of the head of the Russian Ministry of Defense Sergei Shoigu intercepted over Bangladesh

The plane of the head of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, Sergei Shoigu, was deployed in the airspace of Bangladesh, due to the violation of the country’s airspace, forcing him to leave the borders of the state.

US Embassy comments on actions in Russia

The US Embassy commented on the actions in Russia, said that it is following «reports of protests in 38 Russian cities» and «supports the right of all people to peaceful protests, freedom of expression.»

The Russian Foreign Ministry appealed to the American embassy: take care of your problems and do not interfere in the internal affairs of other countries

Navalny warned his supporters that he has no suicide plans

Just in case, I declare. It is not my plan to hang myself on the window bars, or to open my veins or throat with a sharpened spoon. I walk the stairs very carefully. My blood pressure is measured every day — it is like an astronaut and a sudden heart attack is excluded. I do not drink moonshine and do not overeat rafaelkami. My psycho-emotional state is completely stable

The British authorities offered to support citizens financially

The UK government has proposed a £ 500 ($ 685) payment to citizens forced to stay at home due to a positive covid test. The measure should help allay fear of the risks of losing income

TV presenter Larry King dies

Larry King is known for his interviews with politicians, businessmen and other celebrities. From 1985 to 2010, he worked for CNN.

Russians rushed into foreign stocks

The Bank of Russia continues to record a boom in investment in foreign securities by citizens and companies in the Russian Federation. At the end of 2020, Russian residents brought abroad through portfolio investments $ 10.2 billion, follows from the data of the Central Bank on the balance of payments of the economy. Compared to 2019, the outflow of investors to foreign financial markets accelerated 5 times: then Russians invested $ 2.3 billion in foreign securities.

In 2020, the S & P500 index rose by 15.7%, and over the past 10 years has brought 233% return in dollars. The Russian market, although hitting historical highs in rubles, in dollar terms — according to the RTS index — sank by 10.5% over the past year and by 4.1% since 2010.

There is no reason to lift EU sanctions against Russia now

The new chairman of the Christian Democratic Union, Armin Laschet, believes that there is no reason to lift the EU sanctions against Russia now.

Restrictive measures were taken for the annexation of Crimea, which the EU considers an annexation, and the conflict in eastern Ukraine, Laschet said. According to him, in the east of Ukraine «from the position of the Russian-controlled side, there are hidden and open acts of aggression.»

“Therefore, at the moment there is no reason to lift the sanctions,” Laschet said.

According to the politician, the non-recognition of Crimea as Russian territory «remains the position of Germany and the West.» He also stated the need to make progress in the implementation of the Minsk agreements.

Pentagon chief confirms Japan’s readiness to defend disputed islands

The new head of the Pentagon, Lloyd Austin, in a telephone conversation with Japanese Defense Minister Nobuo Kishi, confirmed the US readiness to defend the Chinese-contested Senkaku Islands in the East China Sea

The United States sent a strike group with an aircraft carrier to the South China Sea

On January 23, the United States sent a strike group led by the aircraft carrier Theodore Roosevelt to the South China Sea to the shores of Taiwan, writes The Japan Times. The American Armed Forces said that a planned redeployment of forces is being carried out in order to ensure free navigation in the region.

Earlier, Taiwan, which is formally under the jurisdiction of the PRC, said that Chinese bombers were seen near the island. The State Department demanded that China stop putting pressure on Taiwan and said it would help the island «to maintain self-defense.»

China’s coast guard gets the right to open fire on foreign ships

People’s representatives in China passed a law according to which the country’s naval forces can fire at foreign ships in the event of an illegal invasion. According to Reuters, the Coast Guard was empowered to use any available means, if necessary and to prevent the threat that foreign ships may pose. Thus, China’s supreme legislative body decided to protect the sovereignty and ensure the country’s security.

In addition, the Coast Guard is now allowed to remove foreign structures that are located on reefs in disputed areas. The authorities of the border guards also include permission to inspect all sea vessels in the waters of the PRC. In the event that employees doubt safety, they have the right to prohibit ships from entering the waters of the PRC.

Scientists have found new species of unknown bacteria

An underwater volcano located in the New Zealand region has turned out to be a refuge for hundreds of species of microorganisms unknown to science. Marine biologists managed to discover the mysterious bacteria, who used a special underwater robot for this. An article on the topic appeared on the pages of the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

We found 202 species of bacteria and 83 species new to science, archaea. And this is just an incredible catch, which once again reminds us that we still know very little about the ability of life to exist in extreme conditions, say the biologists responsible for the amazing discovery.

Scientists have developed an airgel to extract water from the air

A team of scientists led by Professor Ho Gim Wei of the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department has developed an airgel. When viewed under a microscope, it can be compared to a sponge that does not need to be squeezed to get water. And no battery is required to operate. The gel collects water molecules from the air, turning them into a liquid. After conducting tests on the obtained liquid, it was possible to determine that the water obtained in this way meets the WHO standards adopted for drinking water. Research data published in Science Advances

It’s better not to open WhatsApp from a computer

The WhatsApp messenger has not yet fixed a vulnerability, due to which users’ phone numbers can be freely found on Google. This was announced by a cybersecurity specialist from India Rajshekhar Rajakhariya.

The leak occurs through the desktop version of WhatsApp. If someone uses WhatsApp on a laptop or PC, their mobile phone is indexed in Google search. It is not business accounts that are merging, but the numbers of ordinary users, — wrote Rajshekhar Rajahariya on Twitter.

A trailer for the drama «Boogie» appeared on the web

American writer, producer, restaurateur Eddie Huang presented to the public his directorial debut — the film «Boogie». The cast of the film includes Taylor Takahashi, Taylor Page, Pamelin Chi, Mike Mo, Jorge Lendeborg Jr., Alex Marek, Perry Jung and the rapper Pop Smoke. The release is expected on March 5 this year

A monument to Pyotr Tchaikovsky will be erected in front of the Mariinsky Theater

The monument to the composer Pyotr Tchaikovsky will be installed in front of the Concert Hall of the Mariinsky Theater in 2022, Deputy Governor Nikolai Linchenko said. As Linchenko explained to TASS, at the moment the issue of allocating funding for the first project, which will be implemented in front of the third stage of the Mariinsky Theater

Guy Ritchie’s new spy thriller

American actor Hugh Grant and Josh Hartnett will play in the new spy thriller Guy Ritchie. The picture has no official name yet. The script was written by Ivan Atkinson, Marne Davis and Guy Ritchie. The film was originally known as Five Eyes. Jason Statham will star in it, and Aubrey Plaza and Carey Elwes will also appear on the screen.

The plot will tell about the MI6 agent who cooperates with the international intelligence alliance «Five Eyes». He is tasked with tracking down and preventing a deal to sell deadly weapons. The release date of the picture has not yet been announced.