27 Jan, 2020

News digest for 01/25-26/2020

The developer of Buran was offered a position as a cleaner at RSC Energia

The management of the Energia rocket and space Corporation offered Sergey Romanov, the developer of the Soviet space Shuttle Buran, a position as a cleaner. This is stated in the decree on the reduction of the position of the first Deputy General Director of the company, signed by the head of the Corporation Nikolay Sevastyanov.

The document, dated October 14, 2016, was available to RBC observers. The authenticity of the order to the Agency was confirmed by two sources in the Corporation. According to them, the order on reduction to Romanov was handed over only on January 13. If the designer does not now accept the employment options offered to him, he will have to leave the Corporation in two months.

Lukashenko approved amendments to the agreement with Russia on gas

President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko has approved amendments to the agreement with Russia on the procedure for setting prices for gas supplies. The corresponding decree is published on the national legal Internet portal.

The document gives the government of Belarus the right to negotiate the draft Protocol and, if necessary, make changes to it that do not have a fundamental character. In addition, Lukashenka allowed officials to sign a Protocol after reaching an agreement within the approved project.

The text of the draft Protocol itself is not published. At the same time, the decree decides to “temporarily apply the Protocol from the date of its signing until it enters into force”.

Police and asguardian in Moscow and St. Petersburg have established an allowance

The government of Russia has established an allowance for the complexity of the police and Regardie serving in Moscow, Saint-Petersburg, the Moscow region and the Leningrad region in the amount of 100% of salary. The government resolution is published on the website of the Cabinet of Ministers

In Russia, they are testing elements of a parachute for survival when landing on water

Experts are testing quick-release carbines that will allow skydivers to quickly get rid of the parachute dome in the water. This will help avoid death when landing on water. In Russia, experts are testing carbines designed specifically for parachutes.

The cottagers have reduced taxes on land

Tax on public land 5 times (from 1.5% to 0.3% of the cadastral value) reduced the tax rate on public land in the SNT.

Rosstat reported a reduction in the Russian population for the second year in a row

The permanent population of Russia on January 1, 2020 amounted to 146 million 745.1 thousand people, a decrease of 35 thousand 622 people compared to the beginning of 2018 (by 0.02%), according to the preliminary estimate of Rosstat, published on January 24

The tariff for garbage collection in Moscow has doubled

Moscow authorities raised the cost of services for the removal of solid municipal waste (TCO) and large — sized garbage from 2.34 rubles to 5.23 rubles per 1 square meter of total area-2.24 times. The corresponding resolution was signed by mayor Sergei Sobyanin on December 27 last year, RBC reports

Kaczynski said Russia is responsible for paying reparations to Poland

Jaroslaw Kaczynski, the leader of the ruling Polish Law and justice party, said that in addition to Germany, Russia is obliged to pay compensation to Poland for damage suffered during the Second world war. He said this in an interview with the German newspaper Bild.

Thieves robbed a secret government communications bunker in the Moscow region

In the Moscow region, thieves robbed a secret bunker of government communications. The bunker was equipped with FSO equipment that controls the security of special communications, as well as old ATC “Rostelecom”. That’s what the thieves took away, – writes the publication Baza.

Dmitry Medvedev took over the Russian government in may 2012.

At that time, there were 96 billionaires in the list of the 200 richest businessmen in Russia. When Medvedev retired in January 2020, there were 102 Russian billionaires, according to Forbes Real Time.

The Rothschilds are demanding that the Vienna authorities return their property

A lawsuit against the Vienna authorities was filed by descendants of the Rothschilds for the sale of their real estate, confiscated in 1938 by the Nazis, on January 25, according to the Financial Times. The family Rotshildov requires the claim to return their earlier property in full.

The Ministry of labor published the draft amendments to the FIU budget

The Ministry of labor has published draft amendments to the budget of the Pension Fund of Russia for the period from 2020 to 2022. This is reported by RIA Novosti with reference to a document posted on the Federal portal of draft regulations

It is noted that the projected total income of the Fund, according to the document, should increase by 177 billion rubles. According to the project, the Fund’s deficit should be reduced from 118.4 billion rubles to 118.35 billion rubles.

The bill on the widespread acceptance of the “World” of frozen

According to state Duma Deputy Anatoly Aksakov, the participants in the discussion have not yet managed to reach a compromise on the issue of these amendments. Currently, stores and cafes whose annual turnover exceeds 40 million rubles are required to accept Mir cards.

In 2020, Russia introduced a tax on bicycles

It will be one-time and is already included in the cost of the funds, its size will be 10% of the total amount. The fee will be levied only on imported models, and for Russian models it will be paid from the state budget.

The band’s song “Tattoo” went platinum in the UK

Russians know the song “All the Things She Said “called” I’m crazy.” In 2003, the album of the Russian band Tatu “200 Km/h In The Wrong Lane” received a gold status. The Tattoo group was created in 1999 by producer Ivan Shapovalov and composer Alexander Voitinsky.

The Turkish foreign Ministry suggested that NATO assess the compatibility of the C-400 and F-35

Turkish foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu suggested that NATO create a working group to assess the compatibility of Russian s-400 air defense systems with the Alliance’s defense system.

Created a varnish that protects against caries and restores enamel

Chinese scientists from Anhui medical University have synthesized a special tooth Polish that can fight bacteria that provoke caries. The new coating is a modified natural antimicrobial peptide that is produced by the salivary glands.

Apple has abandoned the same charge for all smartphones

According to today News Ufa, it became known that the European Commission wants to introduce a single connector for charging the battery in the development of smartphones, thus reducing the amount of waste created by old chargers, the total weight of which reaches 51 thousand tons per year. The American company opposed such changes, arguing that it would stifle innovation rather than develop it.

Putin instructed to check the legality of the sentence to Konstantin Kotov

President Vladimir Putin instructed the Prosecutor General’s office to check the legality and validity of the sentence of activist Konstantin Kotov, who was convicted under the article on repeated violations during protest actions.

The Tver court of Moscow sentenced Kotov to four years in prison on September 5, 2019. the Activist was found guilty under article 212.1 of the criminal code (“repeated violation of the established procedure for organizing or holding a rally”). Kotov does not consider himself guilty. In his opinion, he was sentenced to a real term for participating in peaceful protests.

In Turkey, Russia was accused of cheating with the s-400

In Turkey, many began to resent the fact that the Russian Federation did not transfer part of the s-400 SAM technology. In the media, however, note that the transaction never included the transfer of relevant documentation.

It is also reported that the delivery of the next set of rocket launchers may be delayed. The reason for this is the unresolved issues related to the joint production of these complexes. In comments under the news, the Turks started calling Russia a liar, saying that it did not fulfill its promises. Some users also noted that Turkish experts will be able to solve the secrets of the S-400 and develop their own missiles.

Soros to allocate $1 billion to fight authoritarianism and climate change

George Soros will allocate $1 billion to fight authoritarian governments and climate change. These two problems, according to the 89-year-old billionaire, threaten the survival of civilizations.

Iranian foreign Ministry: man who shot down Ukrainian plane is in prison

“The man who mistakenly shot down a Ukrainian plane in Iran is in prison today,” the Minister said. A Ukrainian Boeing flying to Kiev crashed shortly after leaving Tehran airport on January 8. All 176 people on Board were killed.

The Ministry of health announced a new system of remuneration for doctors

It is planned to be presented in April. This was announced by the head of the Ministry of health Mikhail Murashko on the TV channel “Russia-1”. He said that we are talking about the execution of orders from Vladimir Putin to optimize payments to doctors. Murashko also noted that every specialist is important for the country, regardless of where they work.

Earlier, the President said in a message to the Federal Assembly that the new system will be based on a single list of allowances and compensations for the entire country.

Giant spy drone made a test flight

Developed by the Italian company Leonardo, the remotely controlled Falco Xplorer drone with a wingspan of almost 19 meters, took to the air in the sky over Sicily and flew for an hour over the Gulf of Trapani.

The creators of the Falco Xplorer claim that in addition to the huge wingspan for drones, it also has a 24-hour endurance, a working ceiling of more than 9100 meters and can carry 250 kg of payload. The sensor system includes a multimode radar, an electronic SAGE surveillance system, an automatic Maritime identification system, a radio intelligence system and an electron-optical gun, New Atlas writes.

The US has created a flying target in the form of the Russian su-57

An unusual training target is prepared for their training by the US military. Photos published on Flight Global show a drone that simultaneously has the features of a Russian SU-57 and an American YF-23.

Representatives of the company do not hide that the new training target is intended to help the us military better cope with Russian and Chinese ground-based fighters.

The coalition the United States has suspended operations in Iraq

The anti-terrorist coalition under the leadership of the United States “basically” has suspended operations in Iraq, focusing on the protection of itself. This statement was made by the US special representative for Syria, James Jeffrey.

Columbia Pictures will shoot a new version of ” Anaconda»

The Columbia Pictures Studio is going to shoot a new version of the popular horror film “Anaconda” in the past, which told about the collision of a group of documentary filmmakers with giant snakes in the jungles of South America.

The Uncharted film adaptation was postponed for three months

Sony Pictures rescheduled the Uncharted film adaptation for three months. The film will now be released in the US on March 5, 2021. Earlier, the film company released a new date when it indefinitely postponed the release of the film based on the animated series “Lords of the universe”.

The musical “Mean girls” will be a movie

Tina fey and Jeff Richmond’s musical “Mean girls,” based on the 2004 film of the same name and a hit on Broadway, will receive an on-screen version. According to Deadline, the project will be handled by Paramount, which also released the original tape.

Rapper Wiz Khalifa released a music trailer for the movie ” sonic in the movies»

The network posted a music video with the participation of several hop-hop artists, which shows footage of the upcoming movie “sonic in the movies”. The video was published on January 23 on the YouTube channel of rapper Wiz Khalifa. Thus, the video is a trailer for a future movie.



Disney is going to make a remake of the cartoon ” Bambi»

Disney studios entrusted the screenplay of a feature film based on “Bambi” to Geneva Robertson-Duoret (“Capital marvel”) and Lindsey beer (“Footsteps of chaos”).

The new generation of Elbrus-16S processors will appear in 2022

According to today News Ufa, MCST told that this model 16C domestic processor “Elbrus” can be expected no earlier than in a couple of years, as the main work will end only in December next year, after the time will be spent on preparation and launch of mass production.

Google has named the date of the announcement of Android 11 and the new Pixel 4A

Google has declassified the dates of the Google I/O 2020 developer conference. As reported by ToDay News Ufa, Google CEO Sundar Pichai made a statement on the Twitter network, in which he suggested that users solve the riddle in which the dates of the Google I/O 2020 are hidden.

Rolls-Royce plans to produce small nuclear reactors

Rolls-Royce plans to launch small nuclear reactors. They will have a modular principle and can be transported using conventional transport.

US to tighten sanctions against Huawei

The Bloomberg publication, with which Minister Wilbur Ross shared the plans, reported that the country’s government is forming a new decree banning the products of a Chinese company produced in the United States and abroad.

Scientists have created an ultra-thin touch screen

Scientists have developed a flexible material that can be simply printed and rolled into a tube, like paper. This material is suitable for creating touch displays. At the same time, as the authors of the invention note, the new material is about 100 times thinner than the existing touch panels today.

Honor introduced new laptops for Russia

Honor presented updated magicbook laptops for the Russian market. Two models received 14-inch and 16-inch screens. Devices support Magic-Link 2.0 instant data transfer technology and devices running Windows 10. In Russia, Honor MagicBook 14 laptops will cost 44,990 rubles for the 256 GB version and 49,990 rubles for the 512 GB version

Facebook plans to introduce face recognition in Messenger»

Face recognition may appear in the Messenger app. According to the developers, with the help of the system, users will get a new level of protection. The innovation was discovered by a cybersecurity specialist from Hong Kong — Jane Manchun Won. According to the expert, the system is based on an algorithm similar to biometrics in the WhatsApp messenger. The annotation for the function States that the “Face ID” data from ” Messenger “is not passed to”Facebook”.

Google now has a convenient search system for data sets

“Search by data sets” began testing in 2018. Now the tool is available to all users. It will allow you to search for data in a convenient format among the approximately 25 million repositories that are freely available on the Internet.

Scientists have shown a model of the atmosphere of the ancient Earth

As reported by today News Ufa with reference to Science Advances, American scientists have recreated a model of the atmosphere of the ancient Earth. This was achieved thanks to a number of ancient meteorites that fell to Earth almost 2.7 billion years ago (Archean EON). At the same time, the first forms of life began to operate on our planet. Now experts believe that the ancient Earth was a very hot planet, which is why life originated in the water, where ideal conditions were created.

New discoveries by physicists may lead to a breakthrough in fiber-optic communication

Experiments with entangled photons, which were conducted by physicists from China and South Africa, showed new prospects in the use of quantum communication systems. The experiments revealed that entangled particles can be transmitted via an optical fiber.

“Ghost” signals were detected from the depths of the Earth

Scientists participating in the Borexino collaboration have presented new results for measuring neutrinos originating from the earth’s interior. Elusive “Ghost particles” rarely interact with matter, making them difficult to detect. Thanks to this update, researchers have now been able to access 53 events – almost twice as many as in the previous analysis of data from the Borexino detector, which is located 1,400 meters below the Earth’s surface in the Gran Sasso massif near Rome. The results obtained give an exceptional insight into the processes and conditions in the earth’s interior, which remain mysterious to this day.

Valuable metal from hazardous waste

The scientific journal Metals published a description of the technology developed by scientists of IMET RAS, thanks to which in the future it will be possible to dispose of hazardous waste from the aluminum industry. We are talking about red slime, from which, during recycling, they learned to extract a special grade of cast iron

Patriarch Kirill declared the genocide of Christians in the XXI century

Patriarch Kirill of Moscow and all Russia compared the persecution of Christians in the XXI century to the Holocaust. He wrote about this in a greeting sent to the participants of the V world forum of Holocaust remembrance in Israel and published on the website of the ROC.

Nuclear waste can be turned into powerful batteries

Researchers from the University of Bristol have developed and tested a new generation of diamond batteries. They use the energy of the carbon-14 isotope extracted from graphite blocks

“The ultimate goal is to create a plant based on one of the former power plants in the Southwest that will extract carbon-14 isotopes directly from graphite blocks for use in diamond batteries,” said Professor Tom Scott. He claims that this will significantly reduce the radioactivity of the remaining material.

Google has created the most detailed map of the neural connections of the fruit fly’s brain

Scientists at Google and the Janelia Research campus have posted a large-scale map of the brain that shows 20 million synapses and 25,000 neurons in the brain of a fruit fly.

“The map is undoubtedly a technical miracle,” says neuroscientist mark Humphries. — It won’t answer the most pressing scientific questions on its own, but it can show us some interesting riddles.”

The size of the studied brain was equal to a grain of poppy, and its studied segment was about a third of a human hair. The fruit fly has become a choice for scientists because it shows complex behaviors such as mating

Scientists have deciphered the genome of the pathogen opisthorchiasis

An international scientific project to decipher the genome of the liver Fluke (Opisthorchis felineus), one of the most common human and animal helminths, and the causative agent of opisthorchiasis, has been successfully completed.

“We were able to do this, which is confirmed by the great interest in the article with the results of the project, published in the journal BMC Genomics, our group members are invited to talk about their work at major international conferences,” explained Vyacheslav Mordvinov, doctor of biological Sciences, chief researcher of FITZ Itzig SB RAS.

Created a device that allows you to hold items without touching them

The device consists of miniature speakers that emit sound of a certain frequency and volume. This creates a kind of directional pressure wave that holds the object, lifts it, and can even stir it

Iran has prepared 6 satellites for launching into orbit

Another one is under construction. Mohammad Javad Azari Jahromi, the country’s Minister of information and communication technologies, wrote about this on his Twitter account.

“Satellite, satellite, satellite, satellite, satellite, satellite” – thus the Minister informed subscribers about the number of prepared spacecraft.

Iran attempted to launch satellites into space in January 2019. It was not successful at the time and was met with condemnation from some Western countries. They considered that the launch vehicle that Iran used to put satellites into orbit does not comply with UN security Council resolution 2231. The US and a number of countries interpret this resolution in such a way that it prohibits Iran from launching missiles.

The ISS crew confirmed the risk of depressurization because of the germs

The cosmonauts examined the International space station and found evidence that the ISS hull is in danger of depressurization due to exposure to microorganisms.

The ISS hull is threatened by corrosion and depressurization of residential modules, which is why new methods are being developed for detecting microorganisms that corrode the station, according to a study by the Institute of biomedical problems of the Russian Academy of Sciences, published in the scientific journal “Aerospace and environmental medicine”.

China delivered prototypes of orbital modules to the spaceport

Prototypes of two modules of the Chinese orbital station have been delivered to the Wenchang cosmodrome, the manned space technology Administration said on January 25, according to China Daily.

Prototypes of the imported modules will be used in ground tests of the Changzhen-5B launch vehicle, the space administration said. The main module of the station will be used for accommodation of the crew, which at the first stage will consist of three people. The control node will also be located in this module

In the US, the development of the XS-1 spaceplane was curtailed

The office of advanced research projects of the us Department of defense (DARPA) has confirmed the completion of the program to develop the XS-1 spaceplane for launching small satellites into earth orbit. This is reported by Space.com.

It was assumed that the cost of each launch using the XS-1 spaceplane would be brought to $5 million. the First stage of development of the XS-1 project was completed by DARPA specialists by 2017. At the same time, the Department of defense of the United States signed a contract with Boeing for the further development of the spaceplane.

The launch date of the Solar Orbiter mission has been announced

The launch of the automatic interplanetary station of the European space mission (ESA) Solar Orbiter is scheduled for February 5, reports Space.com.

The Solar Orbiter mission is being developed by ESA with the participation of the American aerospace Agency NASA. The Solar Orbiter will be launched using an Atlas 5 launch vehicle from the us air force launch pad at Cape Canaveral, Florida.

Zemfira returns to the stage to participate in five festivals

Zemfira will go on a tour of major festivals in Russia, far and near abroad. The singer’s festival season will begin with a performance at Kislorod Live Fest Benidorm, which will take place in Benidorm, Spain, on may 1 and 2, 2020. After Zemfira will perform at the “manor Jazz”, which will be held in Moscow on the territory of the Museum-estate “Arkhangelsk” on may 31 and 31, and the St. Petersburg festival Stereoleto in “Sevkabel Port” on July 4 and 5. In addition, this year the artist will take part for the first time in the festival “Rock over the Volga”, revived in Samara after a 7-year break. It will be held at the Samara arena stadium on June 27. Zemfira’s summer festival tour will end with her performance in the Belarusian Lake at The Veiska festival on August 29.

The us Senate demanded that Tesla rename the term ” autopilot»

A member of the Senate Committee on Commerce, science and transportation, Edward Markey, said that Tesla should rename its driver assistance system autopilot, and take additional measures to ensure that drivers pay more attention to the road when using this system.

Elon Musk’s fortune increased by $1.7 billion in a week

The fortune of businessman Elon Musk for the week increased by $ 1.7 billion and reached $32 billion, writes Forbes. This was due to the growth of quotations of the automaker controlled by Musk, Tesla, which in the week to Thursday, January 23, increased by 16% (since the beginning of the year-by more than 30%).

Manufacturers announced a reduction in the production of cigarettes

According to Rosstat, cigarette production in Russia in 2019 fell by 11.1% compared to 2018 – to 229 billion units. Sergey Slipchenko, Vice President for corporate Affairs at Philip Morris International (PMI) in Russia, noted that the decline in the cigarette market has been observed for several years.

“According to our estimates, in 2019, the total market volume decreased by 8% compared to 2018. The reduction is caused by a number of reasons, including quitting Smoking and switching smokers to alternative products with reduced risk. But the main factor is, of course, the continuing growth in the volume of illegal products: according to the Nielsen Agency, in the third quarter of 2019, the share of illegal products on the Russian market was already 15.6%, ” Slipchenko told RIA Novosti.

The profitability of Russian fish exports has increased

German Zverev, President of the all-Russian Association of fisheries enterprises, entrepreneurs and exporters (VARPE), said that the profitability of fish exports is growing faster than its volumes. According to the Federal customs service, in 2019, exports increased by 6.27% to $4.467 billion.

The head of the Bank of France said that cryptocurrencies should not be private

Cryptocurrency and other types of digital currencies can be useful, but Central banks should be responsible for issuing them, not private companies, said Bank of France Governor Francois Villeroy de Gallo.

Task to displace imported electronics

In Russia, to become a technological leader, it is necessary to increase the production of electronics until domestic products displace imported ones. The goal is specified in the development Strategy-2030, adopted by the new Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin.

According to the document, in 10 years, 60% of products on the Russian electronics market should be locally produced. We are talking about high-performance processors and integrated circuits, as well as consumer TVs and phones. Production volumes need to be increased three times, that is, from 1.8 trillion to 5.2 trillion rubles, and the share of civilian products – up to 87.9%.

Russian tour operator decided to evacuate tourists from Hainan island

The decision to urgently evacuate its customers from the Chinese island of Hainan in connection with the outbreak of the coronavirus epidemic was made by the Russian tour operator Rus-Tour, according to the company’s website. One of the reasons for this step is the increase in the number of cases on the island itself.

The new Boeing 777X made its first test flight

The new wide-body Boeing 777X aircraft made its first test flight, according to a broadcast on the us company’s website. The airliner took off from the airport in Everett (Washington) and a few hours later successfully landed in Seattle

US evacuates its citizens from Wuhan due to coronavirus

In China, employees of the American Consulate in Wuhan (Hubei province) and some United States citizens will be evacuated due to the outbreak of a new type of coronavirus 2019-nCoV. This was reported by the US state Department.

Mishustin introduced a surcharge for security forces working at protest actions

Employees from Moscow, the Moscow region, St. Petersburg and the Leningrad region will receive the bonus. Its size can reach 100% of the monthly salary. The resolution says that this decision will contribute to improving the level of social protection of employees of internal Affairs bodies .

The ROC explained the Golden domes and rich decoration of temples

The host of the program “Church and peace” on the TV channel “Russia 24” asked the Chairman of the Department for external Church relations of the Moscow Patriarchate, Metropolitan Hilarion of Volokolamsk, why it is impossible to save money on gilded domes, decorations, vestments of Ministers when constructing Church buildings, replacing gold with simpler materials, and directing funds to help those in need and charity.

Hilarion replied that the rich Church decoration and architecture of churches constitute the cultural value of the people: “This is all cultural heritage,” the Metropolitan explained, citing the example of the Diamond Fund and exhibits in the Tretyakov gallery and the Hermitage Museum. The Metropolitan stressed that this is why it is impossible not to spend money on churches.

In which countries do the population have the most weapons?

Of course, in the USA! The only country in the world, by the way, where the population has more barrels than the actual population (120 weapons per 100 people). In second place, with a gap of more than 2 times, is Yemen (53 units per 100 people), in third place is Montenegro-39 units.

In General, a peaceful and calm Europe is very well armed: in the top 25, after Montenegro and Serbia (the Balkans fought not so long ago, no wonder), Cyprus, Finland, Iceland, Bosnia and Herzegovina (well, also the Balkans), Austria and a bunch of other countries. Even a tiny Luxembourg was marked

Pompeo is going on a tour of Russia’s “neighbors”.

US Secretary of state Mike Pompeo will meet with Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky on January 30, where he will also hold talks with Ukrainian foreign Minister Vadim Priestayko and head of the country’s defense Ministry Andrey Zagorodnyuk. In addition, the Secretary of state will participate in laying wreaths in memory of those killed in the Donbass. The ceremony will take place in the St. Michael’s Golden-domed monastery.

On February 1, the Secretary of state will arrive in Minsk. There, he will meet with Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko and foreign Minister Vladimir Makei. Then Pompeo will go to Nur Sultan and Tashkent.

In the US, social networks are not trusted

Three out of five respondents in the US don’t trust social networks when it comes to protecting their privacy

“We are ready to give these companies the right to own our lives and they still get a profit for it.”