28 Янв, 2021

News digest for 01/27/2021

The 43-year-old head of the Reform Party Kaya Kallas has become the Prime Minister of Estonia. Callas took over as head of the cabinet following the voluntary resignation of the previous Prime Minister, the leader of the Center Party, Jüri Ratas, who stepped down due to allegations of corruption by the political party.

Thus, Estonia has become the only country in the world at the moment ruled by women — the elected President Kersti Kaljulaid and the elected Prime Minister Kaya Kallas. In addition, 6 more women entered the new Cabinet of Ministers. Together with the prime minister, this is almost half of the composition of the cabinet of ministers

Putin spoke at the economic forum in Davos

  • The President stated that the main task for the whole world is to get out of poverty, and the key challenge is socio-economic troubles. In second place are socio-political problems.
  • He also compared the global security system in the world with what it was in the 1930s and called the extension of START III a step in the right direction.
  • Putin named comfortable housing, decent wages and pensions, high-quality medicine and education as four top priorities for the whole world, and added that Russia is following this path.
  • The president also spoke about the growing threat of censorship from tech giants and cited the United States as an example.
  • Putin called on the scientific community to coordinate efforts around the world to deal with new forms of COVID and help Africa vaccinate.

They came to the apartments of Alexei Navalny and Yulia Navalny with a search.

The FBK director said that all searches in the apartments of Navalny and his family are carried out due to violation of antiviral norms.

«All searches are conducted by the Ministry of Internal Affairs within the framework of Article 236 of the Criminal Code. Antiviral searches, it turns out.»

Initially, Ivan Zhdanov reported that law enforcement officers tried to force their way into Navalny’s apartment in Maryino. In the second apartment, which belongs to the wife of the oppositionist, they also tried to break down the door. They also searched the shooting studio and the FBK office.

API reported a sharp decline in US oil reserves

The American Petroleum Institute (API) reported that in the week of January 16-22 this year, the US crude oil reserves, according to its estimate, fell by 5.272 million barrels.

US Senate approves candidacy for the post of Secretary of State

The Upper House of the American Parliament has approved the candidacy of US Assistant to the President Joe Biden Anthony Blinken for the post of head of the State Department. Reported by CNN.

Kurds reported on Turkey’s preparation for an operation in northern Syria

Kurds in Syria have prepared to fight Turkish troops along the entire length of the Turkish-Syrian border if the Turkish authorities decide to launch an offensive operation in the country. Co-chairman of the Kurdish «Defense Directorate of the Autonomous Administration of Northern and Eastern Syria» Zeidan Al-Asi stated this in an interview with the Kurdish ANHA agency. He commented on Ankara’s likely plans to attack the city of Derik in the northeast of the Syrian state.

«If Turkey launches an offensive or something similar in this part of the country, the war will not be limited to Derik, it will unfold along the entire border, from Derik to Afrin,» Al-Asi said.

Putin ordered all employers to index workers’ wages

The amendments to the Constitution, which were signed by Vladimir Putin, oblige employers to index the salaries of workers from the New Year. Since now the increase in wages to the level of growth in consumer prices, according to Rosstat, is enshrined in amendments to the Constitution of the Russian Federation, employers’ refusal to index will be read as a violation of labor legislation. The percentage by which salaries need to be raised — 4.9%

Hurghada Airport received a certificate from Airports Council International

Hurghada Airport has received a certificate attesting to its «crown safety», the Egypt Independent reported. According to the publication, Hurghada International Airport has been awarded the Health Accreditation Badge for Safe Travel by Airports Council International (ACI) as part of the accreditation program in the field of health.

The number of closed businesses has exceeded the number of newly created

In 2020, 2.4 times more businesses closed in Russia than they opened, and the ratio of closed and open companies turned out to be the worst in 18 years, the analytical service of the international audit and consulting network FinExpertiza calculated based on data from the tax service

Bosov’s heirs sold port and coal project to Rostec and partners

The companies of the heirs of businessman Dmitry Bosov — «Vostokugol» and «Sibanthracite» — sold 50% each in the port of Vera in Primorye and the Ogodzhinsky coal project in the Amur region to Rostec with partners

Russians are actively buying currency

At the end of last year, Russians began to actively buy up foreign currency. In November-December alone, the volume of conversion amounted to $ 4.7 billion, Izvestia reports.

Russian banks make money off inexperienced investors

A bill has been submitted to the State Duma that prohibits the sale of complex financial products to inexperienced investors before testing them for understanding the risks. Previously, the Central Bank paid attention to this problem. The regulator has estimated the investments of Russians in “muddy” investment products at 600 billion.

The Central Bank of Russia issues an investment gold coin

On January 27, the Bank of Russia issues the investment gold coin «George the Victorious», according to a press release from the Central Bank of the Russian Federation.

On the reverse side of the 50-ruble coin, there is a relief image of St. George the Victorious on a horse, striking a snake with a spear. On the front side there is a relief image of the State Emblem of the Russian Federation, there are inscriptions: «RUSSIAN FEDERATION», «BANK OF RUSSIA», coin denomination: «50 RUBLES», date: «2021», metal designation according to the Periodic Table of Elements D.I. Mendeleev, fineness, mint trademark and pure weight of precious metal. The pure mass of the precious metal in the coin put into circulation is 7.78 g. The circulation of the coin is up to 500 thousand pieces.

Microsoft’s quarterly revenue

Microsoft’s revenue for the last quarter reached $ 43.1 billion. It increased by 17% over the same period last fiscal year. Net income increased by 33% ($ 15.5 billion), and operating income — by 29% ($ 17.9 billion).

Gazprom will quadruple its financing of Power of Siberia

Gazprom will quadruple its financing for the construction of the Power of Siberia gas pipeline in 2021. The increase will amount to 192 billion rubles, last year funding was 55 billion rubles.

A special kind of black hole has been discovered that violates its uniqueness

Dr. Lior Burko of Theiss Research, collaborating with Professor Gaurav Hannah of the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth and the University of Rhode Island, together with his former student Dr. Subir Sabharwal, eventually managed to discover that there is a special kind of black hole that violates its uniqueness, or the so-called Hairless Theorem.

Moon dust turned out to be deadly for humans

As part of the mission to the moon, Apollo managed to receive and deliver dust to Earth from the satellite’s surface. A careful study has shown a negative reaction of human cells to contact with this whitish powder, reports Planet Today. A series of experiments with moon dust led to the death of 90% of cells not only in humans, but also in rodents.

FSB explained the no-fly zone in the Gelendzhik area with border protection

The no-fly zone near Cape Idokopas near Gelendzhik was established in the interests of border security, the Federal Security Service (FSB) of Russia told RBC. The FSB reported that the reason was «the increased intelligence activity of a number of neighboring states, including those belonging to the NATO bloc,» in relation to the territory where the border outpost of the FSB border administration in the Krasnodar Territory is located. The administrative complex was commissioned in October 2020, the department said.

The mansion, the actual owner of which the Anti-Corruption Foundation (FBK; recognized by the Ministry of Justice as a foreign agent) named Vladimir Putin. The president himself denies this. At the same time, the Federal Security Service (FSO) stated that there are no protected objects in the Gelendzhik area, and there are no restrictions on the part of the department.

Hyperchaos revealed in quantum computers

It is known that the hyperchaos was discovered by scientists from the National Technology Initiative Competence Center and Loughborough University. The point is that qubits in a quantum computer can be not only in state 1 or 0, but also in intermediate states.

Sometimes the meaning of qubits can lead to errors and cause not just chaos, but hyperchaos. Chaos is caused by two or three erroneous qubits, but when five or six interact, the biggest error occurs. They prevent the computer from storing and transmitting information.

The origin of the crystal was first recorded on video

Physicists were the first to record the formation and growth of salt crystals on video. To do this, they needed conical carbon nanotubes and a powerful high frame rate electron microscope. The video shows that the formation of the crystal lattice is preceded by a semi-ordered state of molecules, and also that the formation of crystals is indeed a stochastic process. Article published in the Journal of the American Chemical Society.

Spaceship «Orion» for the lunar expedition completed

After several years of work in the USA, the Orion spacecraft was completed for the first phase of the Artemis program — the lunar expedition. Orion is expected to be handed over to NASA in the coming days. The work on the ship was carried out by the Airbus and Lockheed-Martin companies

Sony unveils new flagship camera A1

the camera with a full-frame 50 megapixel sensor is capable of taking 30 frames per second and shooting 8K 30 FPS video. With a mechanical shutter, the speed is reduced to 10 photos per second. The novelty has received a full-frame Exmor RS sensor with built-in memory, the data is processed by the BIONZ XR chip. The engineers were able to get rid of the gaps between the microlenses and the anti-reflective sealing layer.

The sensor has a dynamic range of 15 stops, and its sensitivity range is ISO 100-32000. There is also a Pixel Shift Mode, which combines 16 photos into one 199 megapixel image. Sony A1 is priced at $ 6,500.

The Meizu Watch is so similar to the Apple Watch.

First, the Meizu Watch smartwatch appeared on the website of the China Quality Certification Center, which confirmed that the smartwatch has the model number M007W. Now, the same device has been discovered at CNIPO (China National Intellectual Property Office) along with the first images. The device has a rectangular screen with rounded screen and one button on the right side. The watch resembles an Apple Watch

Mozilla Launches Super Cookie Protection Browser

Mozilla has announced the release of Firefox 85. This fresh update brings super-cookie protection, improved bookmark management, and a one-click deletion of all data in the password manager. In addition, this is the first version of Firefox without Adobe Flash support, which developers have recently ceased to fully support.

Biden calls Nord Stream 2 «a bad deal for Europe»

US President Joe Biden believes that the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline is «a bad deal for Europe.» The press secretary of the White House Jen Psaki told reporters about this during a briefing.

Peskov revealed the details of the conversation between Putin and Biden:

  • The dialogue took place at the request of the Kremlin
  • The conversation was working and frank, the leaders spoke for just over 35 minutes
  • Putin explained to Biden the situation with Navalny when he raised this topic in a conversation
  • Leaders noted serious disagreements, but spoke in favor of continued dialogue
  • The possibility of a personal meeting was not discussed
  • There is no need to talk about a reset in relations with the United States yet, there are no conditions for this

Moscow authorities’ measures on COVID: what has been canceled and what remains:

  • Transfer of 30% of employees to remote work is now only recommended, the decision is up to the company’s management
  • Muscovites over 65 and chronic patients still have to work remotely
  • Night restaurants and cafes, bars, discos, karaoke, bowling alleys are resumed
  • But the requirements of Rospotrebnadzor for the seating of visitors there and compliance with the sanitary regime remain
  • Restrictions on holding mass events will remain
  • Occupancy in theaters is still limited
  • The decision to cancel distance learning at universities will be made additionally.

In the Arkhangelsk region, the police dispersed massive snowmen protests.

In the village of Zachachye, Arkhangelsk Region, the police dispersed a protest rally of snowmen. They «held» posters with the words «Down with the Tsar», «This is our country !!!» and «Peace to huts, war to palaces.»

The snowmen were blinded by Elena Kalinina, an activist of the Pomorie — Not a Dump Movement. As a result, the snowmen were destroyed, and Kalinin was taken away to draw up a protocol.

Rosgvardia decided to buy 2,500 body armor

According to Open Media, the agency is ready to give 175.5 million rubles from the federal budget for this purchase. This will protect the fighters of the Russian Guard not only from small arms bullets, but also from mines and grenade fragments, the terms of reference says.

Volodin believes that the policeman was prevented from performing his official duties

Volodin believes that the policeman who hit the woman during the rallies in St. Petersburg on January 23 was prevented from performing his official duties.

Nobody can take you, having seen this video, and so to speak [about abuse of authority]. In order to draw these conclusions, it is necessary that the situation be sorted out. He was acting, he was on duty. He was prevented from performing his duties. Further it is necessary to study it from the point of view of what kind of injuries were inflicted, — said the chairman of the State Duma in an interview on the radio «Komsomolskaya Pravda»

Police helmet manufacturer advises employees to use lubricant

Mikhail Silnikov, the general director of the NGO Spetsmaterialov, told the Podyom newspaper that the problem of the St. Petersburg policeman, who explained the woman’s blow in the stomach with poor visibility in a helmet, is not widespread and does not require design improvements.

“To prevent the visor from sweating, this issue is resolved differently. These products have been adopted by law enforcement agencies and are supplied in accordance with the documentation. Improvement is ongoing, but we do not have such information that there is a need for this. This may not have been widespread. There are different special sprays, lubricants, maybe just the day before it is worth [use]. Well, it also depends on the environment. »

On January 23, during a rally in St. Petersburg, a policeman kicked 54-year-old Margarita Yudina in the stomach. Later, an employee of the Ministry of Internal Affairs apologized and explained that his helmet visor was fogged up, so he did not see what was happening.

Lawyers classified the location of Margarita Yudina

The «Rise» was informed about this by the lawyer of «Team 29» Valeria Vetoshkina. The day before, she, together with her lawyer, took the woman to the hospital — Yudina acutely showed signs of a concussion, which she received at the rally.

“We spent the whole day at Margarita’s house, communicated with her. Toward evening, she became worse — she had a headache, dizziness and nausea appeared. In general, all those signs of a concussion, after which a day later she was in a hurry was discharged from the hospital. There were difficulties in order to call an ambulance to Luga, and we decided to take Margarita to the city. The place where she is is kept secret for her own safety, so that representatives of law enforcement agencies do not come to Margarita, as it was the first time. «

For the first time, Yudina was discharged from the Janelidze Research Institute a day after the policeman kicked her in the stomach at the rally, and she hit her head on the curb.

Shaman Gabyshev again wants to be taken to a neuropsychiatric dispensary

They want to take the Yakut shaman Alexander Gabyshev to a neuropsychiatric dispensary again, a district inspector who arrived at Gabyshev’s home with a group of policemen told Pravozashchita Postcard. Earlier, he announced a new campaign against Moscow in order to expel Putin. During his last «campaign against Moscow» to «expel Putin from the Kremlin» the shaman was already arrested and treated in a psychiatric hospital

«Godzilla vs. Kong» trailer released

American-Japanese sci-fi thriller directed by Adam Wingard tells about the confrontation between two famous monsters. The film will be based on a kind of ecosystem of giant super-creatures — both classic and new. The release of the picture is scheduled for March 26, 2021.

National Board of Film Critics of the USA chose the best film of 2020

The National Council of Film Critics of the United States chose the best film of 2020. As reported on the official website, it was a tape called «Five of the same blood», which was filmed by director Spike Lee