29 Jan, 2020

News digest for 01/28/2020

Russia wants to change the Bering Strait border with the United States

“The issue was considered comprehensively. The discussion was exhaustive. The agreement is being applied and is being applied temporarily, both before and now,” Ryabkov told reporters.

Earlier, the parliamentarians proposed to work out the legal aspects of implementing the agreement, given that Russia has not ratified the document. Senator from the Kamchatka territory Boris Nevzorov noted that when signing the agreement with the Americans in 1990, Eduard Shevardnadze, then head of the Soviet foreign Ministry, made concessions to the United States, “for which he later received the post of President of Georgia.” As a result of the agreement reached, more than 77,000 square kilometers of the Bering sea, including the continental shelf, were transferred to the United States, and Russia lost the ability to produce more than 500,000 tons of fish and crab annually. Promising oil and gas fields worth hundreds of billions of dollars have been explored on the shelf, Nevzorov said.

Part of the responsibility lies with the Soviet Union

According to Ukrainian leader Vladimir Zelensky, Kiev supports the position of Warsaw, which blames the USSR for the beginning of the Second world war. According to Zelensky, Poland and the Polish people were the first to feel the ” collusion of totalitarian regimes»

“Poland and the Polish people were the first to feel the collusion of totalitarian regimes. This led to the beginning of world war II and allowed the Nazis to launch the deadly Holocaust flywheel, ” Zelensky said. According to him, Europe and the world as a whole “do not have the right to remain silent today, as it was in 1939.”

He said this during a joint press conference with Polish President Andrzej Duda in Auschwitz, broadcast by the Newsone TV channel.

Ukrainian plant ordered aluminum for American missiles in Russia

Ukrainian southern machine-building plant named after Makarov signed a contract with the Russian LLC “Industrial support “Alfa-Metal” for the supply of aluminum, according to the portal ” Ukraine.ru”.

The contract description States that the Ukrainian company needs metal to manufacture the main structure of the first stage of the American Antares launch vehicle: it is used for launches to a low reference orbit and is equipped with Russian RD-181 liquid-propellant engines.

Artem Chaika sold a stake in a major railway operator

The son of the former Prosecutor General of Russia Artem Chaika came out of the auction of a large railway operator “modum-TRANS”. Together with Chaika, the company’s share was sold by the CEO of the First non-metallic company, Alexander Samusev. In total, both owned 20% of the railway operator

New traffic cameras have appeared in Russia

In the Moscow region, new photo and video recording systems have been installed on the roof of passenger cars. According to Kommersant, unusual Lada Granta appeared on Moscow roads — cameras were installed on the roof of the car in a protected box, which replaced tripods

The interior Ministry calculated the damage from economic crimes in 2019

Material damage from economic crimes in completed and suspended criminal cases amounted to 447.2 billion rubles, according to the materials of the Ministry of internal Affairs “state of crime in the Russian Federation” for January-December 2019.

Igor Ozar, General Director of Sukhoi OKB, may resign.

According to the Vedomosti newspaper, the main reason for the personnel decision is the failure of delivery dates for the first su-57 fighter. At the end of December, on the eve of transfer to the Armed forces, the first serial su-57 crashed.

Golikova said that 18.5 million Russians live below the poverty line

About 18.5 million Russians are below the poverty line, Deputy Prime Minister Tatyana Golikova said at a meeting of the Bureau of the Supreme Council of the United Russia party. According to her, most of them are families with children.

According to Rosstat, in April—June 2019, 18.6 million Russians received income below the subsistence minimum, that is, 12.7% of all residents of the country.

The accounting chamber said about the risks of the Russian financial system

The accounting chamber analyzed the implementation of The main directions of financial market development in 2016-2018 and evaluated the Main directions of development for 2019-2021. According to the stability of the financial system as a whole, Russia ranked only 120th, “which indicates significant risks inherent in the Russian financial market according to international experts,” according to the report of the Department

Usmanov company sells Ural plant to Gazprom supplier»

One of Gazprom’s largest suppliers, Zagorsky pipe plant (ZTZ, owned by Denis Safin), is negotiating the purchase of the Ural steel metallurgical plant (owned by Alisher Usmanov and partners ‘ metalloinvest holding).

The share of small and medium-sized businesses in the Russian economy has decreased

In 2018, the share of small businesses from the entire Russian economy was 20.2%, which is significantly lower than previously observed. Such data was provided by Rosstat. For example, back in 2017, this figure was 22% of the entire Russian economy.

If in doubt, try thinking about it in a different language

People make more informed decisions when they think in a foreign language. This is the conclusion reached by American scientists. They conducted an experiment where students from different countries placed bets. When students made decisions in their native language, they spent less time thinking and took more risks. Scientists believe that the native language causes stronger emotions than the foreign language, and, following the lead of emotions, people often make rash decisions.

Tourists from China were blocked from entering Russia

Tour operators have suspended the admission of new tourist groups to Russia due to the aggravation of the situation with the coronavirus. This is stated in the message of the Russian Union of travel industry, reports TASS.

“Yesterday, some groups were sent to us, and visa-free lists were checked. Now all the lists have been canceled, all group trips of Chinese people to Russia have been stopped, ” the organization said. Thus, Monday, January 27, became the last day of receiving Chinese tourists, and the stop of entry will occur on Tuesday, January 28.

At the same time, it is noted that earlier Chinese citizens who arrived in the country will not interrupt the program and leave the Russian territory ahead of time.

The head of the SVR declassified the names of seven illegal intelligence agents

The General public knows about the activities of the scouts, as a hero of the Soviet Union Yevgeny Kim, the winner of the Soviet Hero Mikhail Vasenkov, the hero of Russia Yury Shevchenko and Vitali Natixe, who worked together with his wife Tamara Netikai. In addition, Naryshkin said, it will be told about the illegal intelligence officer Vladimir Lokhov, who died in 2002, and Vitaly Nuidin — another SVR employee who worked with his wife.

The number of illegal workers in Russia began to decline sharply

About 17 million foreigners come to Russia every year. Mostly, they are tourists and guest workers. After the introduction of labor patents, the number of illegal workers in Russia began to decline sharply.

“Today, we issue about one million 700 thousand patents. This gives about 60 billion rubles to the regional budgets, which is a significant amount. In addition, foreign citizens themselves feel free to get permits, they can work well. The next such important institution is highly qualified specialists, ” said the head of the main Department for migration of the Russian interior Ministry, major General of the police Valentina Kazakova.

According to Valentina Kazakova, many of the migrants seek Russian citizenship. Over the past year alone, the number of people wishing to have a Russian passport has increased by 85%. First of all, these are participants of the program of resettlement of compatriots, as well as citizens of neighboring countries.

Hong Kong suspends rail and ferry services to China

Hong Kong is suspending rail and ferry services to mainland China to prevent the threat of a new type of coronavirus. This is reported by TASS with reference to local media. Traffic between China and Hong Kong will be suspended on Thursday.

Bloomberg learned about Maduro’s plans to privatize the oil PDVSA

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro has proposed transferring a controlling stake in the state oil company PDVSA to major international corporations. This is reported by Bloomberg, citing sources.

Gazprom’s mega-project required new billions of dollars

The cost of the Gazprom and Rusgazdobych megaproject, which is being built in Ust-Luga in the Leningrad region, could increase by billions of dollars. This conclusion is made from the materials of Rusgazdobychi’s subsidiary, the Baltic chemical complex (BCH), which were reviewed by the Vedomosti newspaper.

Previous calculations did not take into account that new costs will be required for the construction of a sea terminal for the shipment of products. The money is also needed to store a reserve of ethane, which will ensure the smooth operation of the gas chemical complex for the time when Gazprom conducts annual prevention of the gas pipeline

Which public institutions are most trusted?

NGOs and businesses! Least of all, the government and the media. Of interest, the overall level of trust among the “highly informed” public is noticeably higher than among the “mass population”. The informed public, in contrast to the mass public, trusts the media more


Dmitry Medvedev decided to revive United Russia

The Chairman of United Russia and former head of the Cabinet of Ministers, Dmitry Medvedev, offered on behalf of the party to help the government of Mikhail Mishustin in the preparation of”high-quality bills”.

United Russia could help the government in this area, establish joint work to quickly prepare high-quality bills, ” Medvedev said.

According to him, consultations with the party will allow the government to speed up the process of lawmaking, the party can also help the new Cabinet in solving social and other “sensitive” issues, he said.

“In this context, I propose to organize a special meeting of the party’s leadership with the new government,” Medvedev concluded.

“Why are Russian industrial enterprises not investing

The main reasons for insufficient investment in Russian industry (excluding fuel and energy companies) are the lack of funds on accounts, expensive loans and strong uncertainty in the economy. This follows from the analytical note of the research and forecasting Department of the Bank of Russia “Why industrial enterprises do not invest: survey results”.

As noted in the document, almost 80% of companies in 2016-2018 made investments due to the need to replace fixed assets, often unscheduled. In the context of high economic uncertainty and geopolitical risks, after 2016, business sought to implement projects with maximum liquidity and quick return on invested money.

According to Rosstat, in 2016-2018, investment in the manufacturing industry increased in real terms by only 0.9%, while investment in the economy as a whole increased by 9%.

In Canada, the search for employees through social networks is growing

A survey of jobs and wages published by Statistics Canada found that employers used social media to help fill more than half of the available jobs in the third quarter of 2019. Four years ago, employers used social media to fill one in three vacancies.

“This was the recruitment method that showed the largest increase in usage in the four years since comparable data became available, ” it said.

Exclusively domestic State media

Deputy Minister of digital development, communications and mass communications Alexey Volin announced the possible inclusion of “a pair of Federal and regional mass media”in the list of free Internet resources.

“If we are talking about news agencies or Newspapers, they could be added to this social list,” Volin added, adding that we are talking about text media, “so as not to load operators with a heavy picture.”

On January 15, President Vladimir Putin proposed providing free access to “socially significant domestic Internet services” throughout Russia. He said that high availability of the Internet should become a competitive advantage of the country.

The Republic of Korea will provide China with personal protection and hygiene products

The Republic of Korea will provide China with personal protection and hygiene products, including 2 million medical masks, in connection with the spread of a new type of pneumonia, according to the Yonhap news Agency. In addition to masks, the South Korean authorities also plan to transfer 100 thousand protective suits and glasses to the Chinese side.

A prayer service against coronavirus was held in Russia

A prayer service for salvation from the coronavirus epidemic was held in the Moscow Church of St. Nicholas in Golutvin. Since 2011, it has been a compound of the Chinese Orthodox Church. More than 60 Chinese living in Moscow prayed for salvation, Orthodox activist Kirill Frolov told Interfax.

“Archpriest Igor Zuev, the rector of the farmstead, served a prayer service for salvation from the coronavirus pneumonia epidemic that has engulfed Russia’s ally China,” he said.

The Hamas movement called for a General mobilization

Hamas has called for a General mobilization of the people of Palestine to fight back against the so-called deal of the century, which is being prepared by the US administration to resolve the Palestinian-Israeli conflict.

“US President Donald trump’s plan to resolve the Arab-Israeli conflict represents a new aggression against the Palestinians and will turn into a tragedy for them, “Hamas spokesman Fawzi Barhoum told al – Mayadeen TV.

“Islamic state” is threatening Israel

The terrorist group “Islamic state” * has spread threats to attack Israel on social networks, the Times of Israel reports.

“We will make Israel a testing ground for missiles and chemical weapons,” the newspaper quoted an English translation of the group’s statement, which was distributed on Twitter.

According to the Kan bet radio station, the purpose of these attacks is to prevent the implementation of the US administration’s plan for a settlement in the middle East, which the media also calls the “deal of the century”.

Islamic state* – a terrorist organization banned in Russia

Benjamin Netanyahu withdraws the request for the parliamentary immunity

“A few minutes ago, I notified the Knesset President that I was withdrawing my request for parliamentary immunity… I will not allow a political scandal to interfere with the historical process I am conducting,” Netanyahu wrote on his Facebook page.

The statement was made an hour before the opening of the Knesset plenary session, where the issue of creating a Commission to grant judicial immunity to the Prime Minister was to be considered. In November 2019, Avihay Mandelblit, a legal adviser to the Israeli government, announced that he had decided to charge Netanyahu with taking a bribe.

Facebook and Twitter have not yet responded to Roskomnadzor’s request

Facebook and Twitter have not yet responded to Roskomnadzor’s request to localize databases in the Russian Federation, they have two days left to do so, otherwise measures will be taken against companies, the representative of the Supervisory authority warned.

Earlier, the head of the Department, Alexander Zharov, said that the deadline for responding to the request of Roskomnadzor expires on January 31

The court refused to accept the complaint of Daria Sosnovskaya, who was hit in the stomach by a police officer

The Basmanny court refused to accept a complaint about the inaction of the investigation from Daria Sosnovskaya, who was hit in the stomach by a police officer at a protest rally. This was reported to Rain in the human rights organization “Zone of law”. The judge considered that Sosnovskaya’s complaint is not subject to the Basmanny court..

“Not adopted in the jurisdiction, since they thought that at the time of making a complaint, she allegedly handed over to Resguardo for performance verification” – said the lawyer Tatyana Molokanova

An FSO officer will lead economic analysis for the government

Konstantin Kalinin, Deputy head of the Federal security service, is a candidate for the post of head of the Analytical center under the Russian government, two sources close to the government told RBC.

Nina Kalinina, Deputy head of the Federal security service, who has been protecting sports events for the past 10 years. Kalinin will replace Vladislav Onishchenko, a graduate of the Moscow state University Economics Department and a former senior expert of the Ministry of Finance, as head of the center.

The analytical center under the government is a structure that grew out of the Gosplan Computing center and prepares expert reports on all key topics – from Economics and Finance to high technology and strategic planning.

The richest people in the world demanded to increase their taxes

Dozens of the world’s richest people have published an open letter “Millionaires against pitchforks”, in which they demanded to increase their taxes. In order to prevent a “global crisis”, 121 billionaires and multi-millionaires are willing to pay 1% of their wealth. Otherwise, the problem of the global crisis cannot be solved.

In addition, they are encouraged to deal with the evaders, and demanded the reform of fiscal laws. According to the authors of the letter, if we take into account the scale of tax evasion, the case takes the scale of an epidemic.

“We want everyone to clearly understand that it is impossible to solve this global crisis without raising taxes on millionaires and billionaires, people like us,” he said expert.ru authors of the letter.

The son-in-law of the head of state Security of Kazakhstan found an estate in Serebryany Bor.

The son-in-law of one of the people closest to the ex-President of Kazakhstan, part-time Deputy Director of “daughter” of Russian Railways Azamat Kapenov was the owner of an estate in Moscow’s Silver forest, Open media learned. Now Kapenov put it up for sale and asks for elite housing 1 billion rubles

A former official and banker convicted of withdrawing money from Mezhprombank has been released

Sentenced in 2017 to seven years in prison, former Deputy head of the Federal tourism Agency Dmitry Amunts has already been released-he was seen yesterday at the Dali exhibition in the Manege. The former official served his time, because he was in jail since 2014-before the verdict, explained “Open media” lawyer Amunts. However, Amunts, according to the court’s verdict, still owes the state almost 30 billion rubles, which he is not in a hurry to pay

How many years have people been working in the same place in different countries of the world

In the first place in the ranking of countries with the most dedicated employees is Italy: for more than 12 years, the average Italian does not change his place of work. Koreans work less in one place – only 6 years on average.

Polyus increased gold production by 16%

At the end of 2019, Polyus increased its gold production by 16% to 2.841 million ounces (88,371 tons) compared to 2018, the company said. This is 1.5% higher than the company’s official forecast for 2019 of 2.8 million ounces.

Embraer and Boeing deal approved by Brazilian regulator

The deal to create a joint venture between Brazilian aircraft manufacturer Embraer and American aircraft Corporation Boeing was approved by the Administrative Council for economic protection (CADE) of Brazil on January 27. This is reported by the press service of the Antimonopoly Agency of Brazil.

Citizens were offered to return the loss of pension savings

Non-state pension funds (NPF) propose to legislate the return of lost investment income in the case of illegal transfer of savings of citizens. Currently, the law does not set rules for the return of funds, and the decision is left to the judges, who do not always understand the work of the pension system. In addition, experts add, the return procedure itself is extremely complex and only “a few Russians”can use it.

The Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation plans to issue loans in rubles to other countries

The Russian Ministry of Finance plans to issue more loans in rubles to foreign governments and organizations. This was announced by the head of the Department of international financial relations of the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation Andrey Bokarev.

In 2020-2022, the Ministry of Finance plans to issue more than 1 trillion rubles ($15.5 billion) to foreign governments and organizations, according to the materials to the budget.

Ukraine received 1.25 billion euros in Eurobonds

Ukraine has completed settlements on Eurobonds worth 1.25 billion euros with a yield of 4.375% and maturity in 2030. These Eurobonds are listed on the Euronext Dublin exchange, the press service of the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine reports.

The Central Bank of Russia announced payments on foreign debt

In the first quarter of 2020, net payments on the external debt of Russian non-financial organizations should amount to 11.5 billion US dollars, which is 14% higher than the same period last year. This is reported in a special assessment published on the website of the Central Bank (CB) of Russia

NOVATEK sold 8.2 million tons of liquefied gas from Yamal LNG in 2019

NOVATEK through its subsidiary Novatek Gas and Power Asia Pte. Ltd. sold 8.2 million tons of liquefied natural gas from Yamal LNG in 2019, according to a presentation by the company’s Deputy Chairman, Mark Jitway. In total, 119 tanker lots were sold from Yamal LNG last year.

Armenia is trying to agree on the supply of Turkmen gas through Iran

The Armenian authorities are trying to reach an agreement with Turkmenistan and Iran on the organization of swap deliveries of Turkmen gas to Armenia through the Northern Iranian provinces, Sputnik Armenia reports.

Residents of the Rostov region owe more than 550 million rubles for gas

The debt of residents of the Rostov region for gas at the beginning of this year amounted to more than 554 million rubles, the press service of the company “Gazprom Mezhregiongaz Rostov-on-don” reports. For the year the amount of debt became less by 127 million rubles

Xiaomi will close all its retail stores in China tomorrow

Xiaomi made an official announcement that the company intends to close all its stores located in China tomorrow due to the difficult situation that has developed as a result of the coronavirus epidemic.

Mishustin appointed head of the Russian environmental operator»

Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin appointed Ilya Gudkov General Director of the state company “Russian environmental operator” (REO) for a period of three years, the corresponding order is published on the government’s website

Chaika took up the post of presidential envoy to the North Caucasus Federal district

Former Russian Prosecutor General Yuri Chaika arrived in Pyatigorsk, where he was represented as the presidential envoy to the North Caucasus Federal district.


Mishustin instructed the Deputy Prime Ministers to audit the work on national projects

Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin held the first meeting with deputies, during which he instructed them to audit the work done on the implementation of national projects, the press service of the government reported.

Kaczynski said the Russian Federation is responsible for paying reparations to Poland

Jaroslaw Kaczynski, the leader of the ruling Law and justice party in Poland, told the German newspaper Bild that, in addition to Germany, Russia should also pay compensation for the damage caused to the country during the Second world war.

The us Supreme court allowed to tighten the rules for issuing green cards

The us Supreme court allowed the administration of President Donald trump to tighten the rules for issuing green cards, according to The Washington Post. Under the new rules, legal migrants can be denied a green card if the authorities suspect that they will rely on state benefits.

Peskov called Medinsky’s duties in the Kremlin

“Medinsky will be responsible for coordinating state policy in the historical and humanitarian spheres,” Dmitry Peskov, the President’s press Secretary, told reporters.

Putin updated the composition of the state Council Presidium

The state Council is an Advisory body that promotes the implementation of the President’s powers to ensure the coordinated functioning and interaction of public authorities, TASS explains. And the members of the Presidium are updated every six months.

The new Presidium of the state Council includes

  • Governor of Saint Petersburg Alexander Beglov,
  • Governor of the Altai territory Viktor Tomenko,
  • head of Bashkiria Radiy Khabirov,
  • the head of Kabardino-Balkaria, Kazbek Kokov,
  • Governor of the Volgograd region Andrey Bocharov,
  • governors of the Kurgan region Vadim Shumkov
  • Tver region Igor Rudenya,
  • the Governor of Sakhalin Valery Limarenko.

Russia is a great power

71% of Russians agree that Russia is a great power. This follows from the results of the Levada center survey (RBC has it). In 2018, the number of respondents who agreed with this statement reached a maximum of 75%, according to the study.

The percentage of respondents who do not consider the country a great power in 2018 also reached a historic low of 23%. Now it has started to grow again and amounted to 26%. Most of the respondents believed that Russia could not be called a great power in 2005 — at that time, 30% thought so, and 67% did not share this view.

Association with Belarus

Sociologists at the Levada center also asked respondents about relations between Russia and Belarus. 44% believe that the countries should cooperate more actively in the economic sphere, 28% – that it is necessary to maintain cooperation at the same level. 13% support the formation of a common state with a single leadership, 10% are sure that Belarus should become part of Russia.

In the US, tests of the unmanned wingman resumed

The American company Kratos has resumed testing of the xq-58A Valkyrie unmanned wingman demonstrator, which was interrupted last fall after an emergency landing was made by one of these vehicles. According to the US air force research laboratory, the first drone flight after the break took place on January 23, 2020 and was completely successful.

Physicists have explained the wrinkled shape of the leaves of aquatic plants

Scientists have created a model for the growth of aquatic plants, which allowed us to clarify the formation of leaves depending on whether they are lying on the water or suspended in the air. As a result, the variety of leaf morphologies could be explained theoretically, as well as confirmed in the experiment. The results may be useful in developing deployable biomimetic structures, the authors write in the journal Physical Review Letters.

Chemists have created a program for safe storage and disposal of reagents

American scientists have created a computer program to find safe and effective ways to store and dispose of chemical reagents. According to the analysis of the constructed graphs, the vertices of which are substances, and the faces are interactions between them, the program sorts chemicals by containers with the specified volumes. An article describing the publicly available ChemStor program is published in the Journal of Chemical Information and Modeling.

The Galileo navigation system started responding to the SOS signal

The European satellite navigation system Galileo has received support for responding to SOS signals. After receiving such a signal, it determines the location of the signal, transmits it to rescue services, and sends a notification to the person in distress that rescuers are already on their way, according to an ESA press release.

Critical incapacity of the Russian “Bulava” will be eliminated

The critical non-combat capability of the Russian R-30 Bulava-30 missile, which consists in the missile’s inability to pass through the ice, will be eliminated. Now the new ammunition is being tested as part of the nuclear submarines of the projects 955 “Borey” and 855 “Yasen” of the Russian Navy — – sources in the defense Ministry told Izvestia.

Germany refused to buy us drones

According to the source, Berlin refused to purchase a batch of unmanned aerial vehicles worth $ 2.5 billion. In return, Germany plans to purchase electronic intelligence aircraft developed on the basis of the Bombardier Global 6000 airliner.

China needs protection from military strikes from space

China must prepare to counter military strikes from space, expert Yang Chengjun said in an article for the Global Times. According to the expert, the creation of the us space force has caused concern around the world

“Despite the fact that the us space forces may take more than 10 years to develop real combat capabilities, the us space forces should not be taken lightly, we need to start preparing right now,” the article says.

Chenjun stressed that China must be prepared for emergencies, it must be able to effectively resist provocations from other countries and “even military strikes from space.”

Two businessmen were convicted of embezzlement during the construction of the Vostochny cosmodrome»

The court in Stavropol passed a verdict on the case of embezzlement of money during the construction of the Vostochny cosmodrome in the Amur region against two residents of Stavropol, the press service of the court reports. The attackers stole budget money worth more than 252 million rubles.

Salvador Dali exhibition opened in ” Manege»

On January 28, the Exhibition “Salvador Dali. Magical art». More than 180 paintings by Salvador Dali were brought to the exhibition — such a number of his works have never been presented in Russia at the same time. The exhibition space is spread over an area of seven thousand square meters. Right at the entrance, visitors are greeted by a huge photo portrait of Salvador Dali. The exhibition was organized with the support of the Moscow government by the Svyaz Vremya Foundation and the Faberge Museum.

Deep Purple will present a new album in Russia

On may 31, the legendary British rock band Deep Purple will perform at the Megapolis sports Palace in Moscow. She will present her new album. This is reported by the Agency InterMedia.

Fans of one of the best rock bands in history will be able to see and, most importantly, hear celebrities such as Ian Gillan, Roger Glover, Ian pace, Steve Morse and don Airey.

The transformers franchise will make two more films

Paramount Studio plans to return to the screens of the fantastic franchise “transformers” and launched two new projects about robots from the planet Cybertron. One film will be written by James Vanderbilt (“zodiac”, “independence Day: Rebirth”), and the second script will be written by Joby Harold (“king Arthur’s sword”, “Army of the dead”). Deadline sources claim that the Vanderbilt film will be based on the animated series “transformers: Battle of the beasts”, which was released from 1996 to 1999.

The shooting of “Batman” with Pattinson began

Director Matt Reeves spoke about the official start of filming the new movie “Batman”. He posted a photo with a traditional “firecracker” on Twitter, emphasizing that it was taken on the first day of production. On “firecracker” it is written that the 17th scene is being shot.

The movie “Something” will get a relaunch from Universal

Portal Bloody Disgusting reports that Universal Studio has launched a new picture of the universe “Something” in 1982. It is known that the basis will be taken from the Novella “Ice hell”, which for many years was considered lost. Also, the project will involve the Studio Blumhouse, with which Universal collaborated on the shooting of “invisible Man”.

Microsoft to release Windows 7 update

The final Windows 7 updates – installing updates KB4534310 and KB4534314, which the company released on the day of the end of support, led to problems with the Wallpaper. Deleting updates returns the Wallpaper to its place. Microsoft will update Windows 7 to fix a desktop design error and do it for free. This is reported by the Verge.

Avast antivirus caught selling user data

Shareware antivirus Avast began to be suspected of spying on users ‘ Internet activity, as well as selling the collected data to third parties. This conclusion was made by two foreign publications Motherboard and PCMag.

5G industrial network launched in Russia for the first time

Mobile operator MTS has deployed a closed loop of the industrial network in accordance with 5G and LTE standards at KAMAZ PJSC. according to ToDay News Ufa, with reference to Igor Yegorov, Vice President of MTS PJSC for regional development, the network is deployed on the equipment of Ericsson, with which KAMAZ cooperates for the production of unmanned trucks.

Oppo is preparing to present its first smartwatch.

There is no information about this model, and so far Oppo is in no hurry to disclose details about this gadget. So far, we only know that this new product will get a square screen. Therefore, we can assume that the Oppo watch will look like an Apple Watch. There is no information about whether this will be a full-fledged smart watch running the operating system or a fitness tracker in the watch form factor. It is only known that the smart watch from LG will receive the ECG sensor

A safety program has been created for inexperienced chemists

American experts have developed a computer program that makes it possible to correctly place reagents and not mix hazardous waste. Experts said that the basis of the ChemStor program was an Autonomous computing platform for safe storage and disposal of chemicals.

Scientists have made a material for batteries of the future from garbage

Employees of the American rice University have made graphene, which can be used in future batteries, consisting of carbon-containing waste. According to scientists, this invention can help reduce the number of emissions of harmful substances into The earth’s atmosphere.

New portable tool studies microbes in the environment

The portable device shows the health status of cells, and can be used to study microbes, identify antibiotic-resistant bacteria, and analyze algae that live on coral reefs.

Russia is creating a high-precision lie detector

It became known that employees of the Resource center for nuclear physical research methods Of the national research center “Kurchatov Institute” are developing a high-precision polygraph. The new device will be based on magnetic resonance imaging. Now the authors of the scientific work have a prototype of the device. The device is capable of two methods of verification – using a polygraph and using magnetic resonance imaging

Scientists have discovered a new type of neutrino in Antarctica

An international team of scientists in Antarctica working on the IceCube project has detected beams of previously undescribed neutrinos in the ice of the southern continent. This new type of elementary particles arose not from the atmosphere, but from the bowels of the planet, which “broke” the standard model of physics.

Belgorod scientists have created a fertilizer from gypsum waste

The technology and experimental-industrial equipment for processing gypsum waste of industrial enterprises were created by scientists of the Belgorod state University. Construction materials and fertilizers can be obtained from the remains of the citric acid plant, the press service of the University reported on January 27.

Abandoning concrete and cement can reduce CO2 emissions

A return to building houses made of wood and other biomaterials and abandoning the production of cement and concrete will reduce global anthropogenic greenhouse gas emissions by about 20%
The Japanese recorded a powerful explosion of the supermassive protostar G358-MM1

Scientists at the University of Ibaraki (Japan) were able to record a rare event. They observed the activity of the supermassive protostar G358-MM1, which was apparently caused by an explosion. In this case there was a lightening of the maser emission.

Masers – radio-wave equivalents of lasers observed in the centimeter frequency range – are, according to astronomers, lightened by a burst of accretion (the absorption of a huge amount of matter by a star).

The hottest exoplanet splits hydrogen molecules

Alternative models (in which there is no dissociation of hydrogen), considered by scientists, suggest that the planet should blow the strongest winds up to 60 km\c. according to the researchers, this is unlikely.

Scientists have found a unique extraterrestrial material in the Chelyabinsk meteorite

Russian scientists from the joint Institute for nuclear research (JINR) in Dubna have clarified the composition of the Chelyabinsk meteorite that exploded in the sky over the capital of the southern Urals on February 15, 2013. It was found an alloy of iron and Nickel — camasite, which previously could not be found in it, reports TASS.

Ethiopia has offered Russia its ground station to search for asteroids

Ethiopia offers Russia to use its ground station on mount Entoto near Addis Ababa to monitor outer space-tracking asteroids and satellites, according to the draft agreement (a copy is available to RIA Novosti), prepared by the Ethiopian side.

Dark matter can self destruct

Another potential source is dark matter, which makes up 85% of all matter in the Universe. After receiving the new results, scientists do not exclude the possibility that gamma radiation may appear after the interaction of TM particles in space and their self-destruction