3 Фев, 2021

News digest for 02/02/2021

52 percent of Muscovites admitted that they would like to continue working remotely, while 32 percent of those surveyed favored returning to offices. At the same time, women more often than men expressed a desire not to waste time traveling to work (56 percent versus 47). This was reported by RBC with reference to the Superjob survey.

Almost half of Russians reported a drop in motivation at work

The events of 2020 had a bad effect on the motivation of 49.4% of employees of Russian companies, writes RBC with reference to a survey of the Megaplan company. Almost 30% responded that the past year did not affect their ability to work and motivation in any way, while 22% said that the year of the epidemic and restrictions gave them an incentive to work harder.

34.4% of Russian residents suffered from nervous breakdowns due to work, 52.1% claim that such situations have never happened to them, and 13.6% refrained from answering

Medvedev recalled that Russia may introduce a four-day working week

Four days is definitely better than five, » Medvedev said at a meeting with reporters, adding that humanity is now moving towards increased time for rest instead of internal work, and recalled that the Soviet Union adopted a six-day working week.

Russians are looking for a part-time job

Every sixth Russian (17%) has a part-time job in addition to the main official job, 65% of Russians would like to find additional income, according to a study of the online job search service SuperJob, the results of which are available to RIA Novosti.

Spain is testing a four-day work week

The pilot project will be relatively small in scale, but could pave the way for the adoption of such a policy at a broader level. The measure should help cope with the consequences of the pandemic, writes the Independent.

For the first such initiative, the authorities agreed to allocate 50 million euros. The country’s finance ministry will provide financial assistance to companies that will reduce the working week to 32 hours without losing wages. Más País, the center-left political party of Spain, proposed to go to the four-day week.

Former Polish President Walesa announced his readiness to work as an electrician

Former Polish President Lech Walesa is looking for additional work due to lack of pension money amid the coronavirus pandemic. This is reported by the Onet website. According to him, he used to fly to the West to lecture at universities, but the pandemic deprived him of this opportunity, writes REGNUM.

“I’m ready to go to work as an electrician. I still perfectly remember Ohm’s law, Kirchhoff’s law and many other things. But now, of course, everything has changed, so I don’t even know if these cars will kill me now, ”he said. In his youth, Walesa was educated as an electrician, according to the website kp.ru.

According to the 77-year-old former leader of Poland, he cannot find an additional source of income. Walesa joked that his wife spends a lot more money than they receive income. After retirement, a politician receives about 6 thousand zlotys a month — about $ 1.6 thousand, while the average salary in Poland is 4.9 thousand zlotys.

Alexei Navalny’s punishment revised

The Simonovsky Court of Moscow decided to replace the suspended sentence for Alexei Navalny (the founder of the Anti-Corruption Fund — FBK, included by the Ministry of Justice in the register of organizations performing the functions of a foreign agent) for a real term of 3.5 years in a general regime colony.

At the same time, the term of imprisonment for Navalny will include a year of being under house arrest, so in total he will spend 2 years and 8 months in the colony.

France urged Germany to abandon Nord Stream 2

France calls on Germany to abandon the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline project in response to «repression in Russia,» said French Secretary of State for European Affairs Clement Bon. The French leadership has always considered this project dubious, the politician explained.

As for the sanctions against Russia, «you need to clearly understand that this is not enough,» Bon said.

Putin did not accept invitation to visit Greece

This has been reported in a number of Turkish media outlets. The published materials say that the refusal of the Russian national leader to take part in the events dedicated to the 200th anniversary of the country’s independence, scheduled for March 25, disappointed Greece.

Sweden offered the Russian Federation to disarm to reduce tensions in the Arctic

A disarmament initiative on the part of Russia, which will be picked up by Western countries, may contribute to the reduction of the arms race in the Arctic, Swedish edition Dagens Nyheter (DN) writes on January 31.

The DN article says that global warming and melting ice are leading to increased economic competition in the Arctic, which, in turn, leads to an increase in the international military presence in the region. The publication recalled that even China, located 1,500 kilometers from the Arctic, declared itself a «near-Arctic» country.

The first photo of China’s new nuclear submarine has been published on the web

A photo taken by the Maxar satellite with the tail section of a promising Chinese submarine, which is being constructed at the Bohai shipyard, has appeared on Google Earth

Erdogan admitted the possibility of creating a new constitution for Turkey

Turkish authorities may develop a new constitution. The Turkish President announced this at a press conference. Tayyip Erdogan noted that now may be the right time to discuss this issue. The government may start developing proposals in the near future. Erdogan added that the process of creating the document should be transparent. He intends to submit the final draft of the constitution to the court of the country’s population.

China warns Zelenskiy about sanctions

Insider reports that the People’s Republic of China has warned the Office of President Zelensky of extremely negative consequences for the country if sanctions are imposed against companies from the Middle Kingdom.

Panasonic abandons solar cell production

Panasonic will cease production in March 2022 at factories in Malaysia and Japan’s Shimane prefecture. The move marks a complete exit from the solar cell business after the Osaka-based company pulled out of its partnership with Tesla, the Nikkei Asia news agency reported.


Tesla will receive subsidies in Germany

Tesla will receive at least € 1 billion in government funding from Germany to build a battery factory near Berlin, Business Insider reports.

The European Union last week approved a plan that includes providing government assistance to Tesla, BMW and other companies to support the production of batteries for electric vehicles and help automakers reduce imports from China.

The EU approval of the € 2.9 billion European Battery Innovation project, which includes more than 40 companies, follows the launch of the European Battery Alliance in 2017 to support the industry in the transition from fossil fuels.

The court in the Netherlands received a response from Almaz-Antey in the case of MN-17

A judge in the Netherlands said that the investigation received a written response from the Russian Almaz-Antey in the case of the crash of the Malaysian Boeing flight MH17 in Donbas. It is noted that on February 1, hearing resumed in the case of the crash of MH17. They take place in the Schiphol court complex, RIA Novosti reports.

Democratic Party of the United States submitted to Congress a project to help citizens

A resolution on the approval of the US budget, which contains a package of measures to help citizens affected by the coronavirus, was sent to the lower house of Congress by representatives of the Democratic Party, the press service of the Speaker of the Congress reported on February 1.

The message indicated that the package of assistance to victims of the coronavirus includes assistance in the form of payments of $ 1.4 thousand for an adult and a child. The package of measures provided for the extension of the social security program until September 2021 with an increase of $ 400 per week from the federal government.

Google will pay in the case of gender discrimination

Google has agreed to pay $ 3.8 million to settle discrimination in employment and pay. Reported by the US Department of Labor.

According to the department, during the audit, it was found that male and female employees who held positions of software engineers in three divisions of the company received unequal salaries. Also, the ministry reported on racial and gender discrimination in employment.

Official number of HIV-infected in Russia

According to preliminary data, as of December 31, 2020, more than 1.1 million HIV-infected people have been registered in Russia, Deputy Prime Minister Tatyana Golikova said at a meeting of the Council on Guardianship in the Social Sphere.

According to RIA Novosti, she cited WHO data, according to which, at the beginning of 2020, there were 38 million people with HIV in the world, and two-thirds of them live in the African region. According to Rospotrebnadzor, HIV is now one of the most common infectious diseases.

Deputy Editor-in-Chief of Mash resigns from his post

Sergei Titov does not directly name the reason for leaving, but this happened almost immediately after the publication on Mash of a report from the «palace in Gelendzhik» and an interview with businessman Arkady Rotenberg, in which he calls himself the owner of real estate, whereas earlier in his project Alexei Navalny called the estate’s beneficiary Vladimir Putin.

«This whole cool story ended abruptly. I understand everything about Mash’s reputation, I understand about shameful things, but we really did everything we could (when we could). We fit in for Golunov, fiercely supported people in Belarus (just check our posts about it. We lived in this gray zone and fought desperately for the opportunity not to write shit. But there they decided differently. You saw the Vidos yourself. The work of talented people, my thousands of sleepless nights, the best practice of foreign incidents (I have no competitors here), all our experiences are simple crossed out the decisions of people in suits, who ***** (anyway) on journalists. I have great love for the holding (it treats employees perfectly), with great respect for Maxim (Iksanov — editor-in-chief of Mash — ed.) , but all this was not decided by them. And higher — as in the ****** USSR. And let them go *****. I would never work in the Republic of Tatarstan, VGTRK or the First. But no one asked people, they just took and turned us into this, so I had to give up my favorite work «, — wrote Sergei Titov (the author’s spelling and punctuation in the quote are preserved — approx. ed.).

HSE Terminates Contract With Lecturer Arrested For Repost

The Higher School of Economics terminated the contract with visiting professor Anna Wellicok. This happened after she was arrested for two weeks over a retweet about the rally on January 23, according to the Telegram channel HSE Press, citing the university’s press service.

The university noted that Wellicock was not a full-time employee. She was contracted to read a course in the magistracy. It consisted of 24 academic hours. The terms of the contract assumed the provision of «a specific service in a strictly fixed amount at an agreed time.»

The teacher is supposed to conduct classes on February 3, 4, 10 and 11, but due to the arrest she will not be able to attend these seminars. The university clarified that it was impossible to reschedule classes because of the «intensity of the curriculum.»

Neanderthals interbred with homo sapience

The evidence comes from teeth found in a cave on the island of Jersey, where Neanderthals lived about 250 thousand years ago. Experts initially decided the teeth were Neanderthals. However, they found the peculiarities of the teeth of a modern person. This suggests that the teeth belonged to some kind of hybrid, and not exclusively to the Neanderthal. And this despite the fact that the find is about 48 thousand years old.

Scientists concluded that interbreeding between modern humans and Neanderthals was likely common, far more common than is commonly believed. Moreover, experts have put forward a vivid hypothesis. It lies in the fact that the Neanderthals did not become extinct, but «incorporated» into homo sapience, becoming part of ordinary people

New generation artificial muscles developed

In the foreseeable future, exoskeletons and implants will seriously expand a person’s physical capabilities. Scientists at the University of Texas have been able to create muscles from carbon nanotubes that are 29 times stronger than their «classic» counterparts.

Scientists explain why «frozen» frogs survive after winter

The destruction of body tissues during freezing does not have negative consequences for tree frogs, according to a team of scientists from the University of Alaska and the Institute of Arctic Biology. The ability of tree frogs to resist tissue breakdown provides increased glucose levels. It allows you to retain water inside the cell and balance the amount of salt. During the study period, it turned out that laboratory specimens accumulated less glucose than those that hibernated in the open air ….

ASUS Chromebook Flip Tablet Details

Profile Edition Chrome Unboxed has shared images and details of the ASUS Chromebook Flip CM3000DVA HT0026 tablet, which has yet to be officially unveiled. So, the device will receive the operating system Chrome OS, a complete stylus and keyboard (attached with magnets), eight-core MediaTek MT8183 platform with ARM Mali-G72 MP3 graphics, 4 GB of RAM and 64/128 GB of flash memory, 10.5-inch IPS -display with a resolution of 1920: 1200 pixels and an aspect ratio of 16:10, a main camera of 8 megapixels and a front camera of 2 megapixels, as well as Wi-Fi 5 and Bluetooth 4.2 wireless adapters. The estimated price of the tablet is $ 500

MediaTek becomes a supplier of components for Apple

A factoryless Taiwanese semiconductor company that designs communications and optical storage components, MediaTek has become a component supplier for Apple. The information is provided by the iXBT Internet news publication.

But it should be noted that the company will not supply parts for Apple products, but for Beats headphones, a brand owned by Apple. There are no details to date. More detailed information will appear at the end of February 2021

IOS and Android have a new competitor

Now the main position is occupied by two operating systems — Android and iOS. But in the near future they will have a worthy competitor — the JingOS operating system based on Ubuntu. The project is at an early stage of its development, but the developers have already released a beta version of their OS.

It is reported that the system was designed for use in Tablet PCs with x86 processors. The developers are planning to adapt it to a wide range of mobile devices, including smartphones. The released prototype is less perfect than the already established OS, but it already has a basic set of functions, traditional for modern operating systems. Characteristically, the JingOS graphical interface has a lot in common with Apple iOS.

Disney to release a series based on the movie «Black Panther»

It became known that one of the largest media conglomerates of the entertainment industry in the world Walt Disney and the director of the fantastic action movie «Black Panther» Ryan Coogler have entered into an agreement, which implies the creation of a series based on the film.

Renata Litvinova announced Zemfira’s new album

The new, seventh musical record of the singer Zemfira will gain the glory of a brilliant album, says the Honored Artist of Russia, 54-year-old Renata Litvinova.

Today I listened to Zemfira’s new album. <…> This is a brilliant album, — summed up the artist. — And I don’t know if she will write anything better !.

Bennett and Lady Gaga have recorded a new album

American singer Lady Gaga and 94-year-old pop singer Tony Bennett, who was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease by doctors, announced the release of their second joint album. The artists recorded the new disc in New York at Electric Lady Studios for two years — from 2018 to 2020, reports AARP Magazine. …

Selena Gomez announced a new album and released a video for the track «Baila Conmigo»

Maluma unveils new album 7 Días En Jamaica

Reggaeton artist Maluma has presented the new album 7 Días En Jamaica. The video was published on his YouTube channel. In the new disc, Maluma «travels» around the homeland of reggae, visits beaches, discos, markets of the island. Ziggy Marley and Charlie Black took part in the recording of the album.

In the summer of 2021, the performer will resume his world tour, which was interrupted in 2020 due to restrictions on coronavirus. The plans include concerts in Zurich, Frankfurt, London and other cities.

Putin is not following Navalny’s trial

Russian President Vladimir Putin is not following the trial of the founder of the Anti-Corruption Foundation (FBK, included in the register of non-profit foreign agents) Alexei Navalny, press secretary of the head of state Dmitry Peskov told reporters

Germany offered to arrest the assets of Russian oligarchs

The EU sanctions should be directed not at the Russian economy and officials, but at the oligarchs who «have become extremely rich through corruption.» This was stated by Jurgen Trittin, a member of the Foreign Policy Committee of the Bundestag from the Soyuz-90 / Greens faction, Deutsche Welle reports.

He explained that he means the upper layer of the Russian elite, who are transferring to the European Union «most of their corrupt profits, their wealth, their money.» According to Trittin, the seizure of these illegally acquired capital would be «a really reasonable decision on sanctions.»

At the moment, the European Union is discussing possible sanctions against Russia for the poisoning and arrest of opposition leader Alexei Navalny, as well as for the government’s reaction to the peaceful protest on January 25. The parties failed to come to an agreement, as they insist on different approaches. For example, France is in favor of abandoning Nord Stream 2. This is not acceptable for Germany.

The Kremlin commented on the statements of Western countries on Navalny

Moscow is not ready to listen and take into account mentoring statements from abroad on the situation with Alexei Navalny, said the press secretary of the Russian president Dmitry Peskov.

This is a topic on which, as I said, we are not ready to listen to any statements. We are ready to consistently and patiently explain everything, but we do not intend to react to any mentoring statements and do not intend to take them into account, » Peskov told reporters, speaking about the situation with Navalny.

Ukraine imposed sanctions against Nicaragua for Crimea

The Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine approved the decision of the National Security and Defense Council (NSDC) to impose sanctions against Nicaragua for opening an honorary consulate in Crimea. Reported by TASS

Recession of the Russian economy at the end of 2020

The decline in the Russian economy at the end of 2020 amounted to 3.1%, being better than the authorities’ expectations, according to Rosstat.

The largest decline was shown by:
hotels and restaurants (-24.1%), culture and sports (minus 11.4%), transport (-10.3%),
personal services (-6.8%),
extraction of minerals (-10.2%).

In plus:
finance and insurance (by 7.9%),
healthcare and social services (by 0.3%),
information and communication (by 0.2%).

Iran launched a new carrier rocket, the republic’s defense ministry said.

According to him, the rocket designed to put satellites into orbit is called «Zuljanah» and among Iranian rockets it has the most powerful solid-fuel engine.

Pussy Riot has released a new video «Enrages»

Pussy Riot has released the video «Enrages» for the title track from the album, which is scheduled for release in May 2021. This is the same clip, the shooting of which in February 2020 at the Lenfilm studio in St. Petersburg was disrupted by the police under the pretext that it allegedly could contain «propaganda of homosexuality and incitement to hatred.» The video and composition are dedicated to Alexei Navalny, Pussy Riot participant Maria Alekhina and all political prisoners.

The court returned the case of the elder sisters of Khachaturian to the prosecutor’s office.

The Moscow City Court returned the case of two older sisters of Khachaturian, Krestina and Angelina, accused of murdering their father, for further investigation to the Russian prosecutor’s office.

The defense and the victims petitioned to return the case to the prosecutor’s office. The defendants’ lawyers pointed to the contradictions in the indictment, in which the motive and mitigating circumstances coincided, that is, “the criminal actions of Mikhail Khachaturian,” Aleksey Parshin, the lawyer of Angelina Khachaturian, explained earlier.

The victims asked to return the case to the prosecutor’s office because of the court’s decision, which allowed the investigation to initiate a criminal case against the father of the sisters, Mikhail Khachaturian, for torture and sexual acts against their daughters.

Criminal penalties for calls for sanctions against Russians

The bill on the introduction of criminal liability for the implementation of sanctions against Russia may add responsibility for calls for the introduction of sanctions against Russians. This was stated by the chairman of the State Duma Vyacheslav Volodin.

“It is not permissible to commit such actions. This should be reflected in our legislation. I do not exclude that the draft law adopted in the first reading may include an article in the Criminal Code for the second reading. There should be a very harsh punishment for this kind of action, ”he said.

Representatives of which embassies arrived in court in the Navalnog case.

USA, representatives of the EU, Great Britain, Germany, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Sweden, Austria, Czech Republic, Lithuania, Canada, Latvia, Poland, Norway

US billionaire paid SpaceX for first civilian space flight

SpaceX is preparing to launch a spaceship into space in 2021 with only tourists on board. The crew will be led by 37-year-old businessman Jared Isaacman

Shaman Gabyshev was hospitalized in a neuropsychiatric dispensary

The Yakutsk city court satisfied the claim of the local neuropsychiatric dispensary for involuntary hospitalization of shaman Alexander Gabyshev. The coordinator of the «Human Rights Protection of the Postcard» Alexey Pryanishnikov told MBH Media about this.

The Hockey Museum closed in Moscow

Funding for the museum stopped back in September, until December somehow managed — and now … In the year of the 75th anniversary of national hockey, such a sad story, — wrote commentator Dmitry Fedorov on his Telegram page.

The museum was opened in the Park of Legends on the first day of the World Ice Hockey Championship — May 6, 2016, among other things, it housed the Russian Ice Hockey Hall of Fame.

The largest sovereign wealth funds in the world

The largest public fund in the world is now the Norwegian State Pension Fund, with $ 1,122 billion (yes, over a trillion).

Who does not know: the pension fund of Norway adds up (and invests, of course) the country’s revenues from the sale of oil, so that by the time oil runs out / demand for oil falls, the country has resources for development. Plus the government has the right to use up to 3% of the fund per year for social purposes ($ 33 ​​billion this year)

The second largest government fund in the world is a Chinese investment fund, which also surpassed a trillion dollars this year.

Clouds help regulate Earth’s temperature

If you collect all the water in the clouds, you can cover the entire Earth with a liquid film the thickness of a human hair. Even such a meager amount of water makes our climate what it is.