4 Feb, 2020

News digest for 02/03/2020

The presidential election campaign officially starts

The first state, which is the traditional start of the race, Iowa. There, the so-called “Caucuses” begin-preliminary internal party voting. According to its results, it will become clear which of the candidates for the post of head of state will be in the lead, and who will be in the outsiders. There are now three participants from the Republicans, including the current white house host, Donald trump, and 11 from the Democrats.

The most famous among them are former us Vice President Joseph Biden, former new York mayor billionaire Michael Bloomberg, and Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders. It is he and Biden who, analysts say, have the best chance of reaching the stage when the nomination of candidates will be voted on at the General party meeting.

The us presidential election itself will be held in early November.

Billionaire Bloomberg proposed to introduce a tax in America for the rich

Bloomberg suggests taking an additional 5% tax on income of more than five million dollars a year. According to him, the reform will affect no more than 0.1% of taxpayers. He also proposes closing loopholes for the rich to reduce tax costs, raising property taxes and lowering the benefits of investors over workers.

Bloomberg intends to use the money received to develop infrastructure, improve housing affordability, education, medicine, and develop green energy.

The Arab League rejected trump’s “deal of the century”

According to the League’s member countries, the plan presented by us President Donald trump will not lead to a fair peace agreement. The statement clarifies that the Arab League will not cooperate with the United States, and Israel should not implement the plan by force.

Trump presented a new plan for the settlement of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict at the end of January. It provides for the creation of two States — Jewish and Palestinian, with Jerusalem to remain the indivisible capital of Israel, and East Jerusalem to become the Palestinian capital. In addition, according to the plan, the status quo will remain on the Temple mount in Jerusalem, the Palestinian movement Hamas should be disarmed, and the Gaza strip demilitarized.

The majority of Russians supported the amendments to the Constitution

About 80% of Russians consider the proposals proposed by President Vladimir Putin important and support them. This follows from the results of the VTsIOM survey published on February 3 by RBC. The survey was conducted on January 24, and the number of respondents was 1.6 thousand people.

In Russia, they want to toughen the punishment for noisy neighbors

In Russia, it is proposed at the Federal level to introduce fines for noisy neighbors, and to oblige apartment owners to bear responsibility for tenants. A group of state Duma deputies has already developed a corresponding package of amendments to the administrative Code and the Housing code, one of the authors of the bill, a member of the Committee on labor and social policy of the state Duma Olga Pavlova told Izvestia. According to the document, noise will be banned in residential buildings across the country from 23: 00 to 7: 00. The monetary penalty for violators will reach 150 thousand rubles. According to experts, today there is no Federal “law on silence”, so each region has its own rules.

Gazprom is the mainstay of the Russian economy

The rise in the price of Gazprom’s share prices in 2019 helped the Russian economy and supported the growth of the entire Russian stock market, according to Sberbank’s calculations, excerpts from which are cited by RBC. Gazprom’s shares accounted for 26 percent of the total growth of the Russian stock market last year. By the end of 2019, the RTS index, calculated by the Moscow exchange in dollars by analogy with the main index, increased by 42 percent, becoming one of the world leaders.

North Korea has closed railway links with Russia

North Korean authorities have indefinitely closed passenger rail links with Russia due to the spread of coronavirus, TASS reports, citing the railway ticket office in Pyongyang, which is the official public representation of the country’s Railways.

More than 70% of Russians expressed a desire to change their profession

Almost three-quarters of Russians surveyed expressed a desire to change their profession. This is evidenced by the results of a study of the Superjob service, Izvestia writes.

The desire to change profession is rooted in the wrong choice even when entering the University, says the founder of SuperJob Alexey Zakharov. About 60% of people who have received higher education in the last 20 years have not worked a day in the specialty that they have written in their diploma, he says.

A sharp jump in Moscow’s development

Moscow has made a sharp leap in development in just ten years, turning into an ultra-modern megalopolis, whose residents manage their lives using smartphones, writes the French newspaper Le Monde

How much does a big Mac cost in different countries of the world

From 2 to almost 7 dollars! The cheapest is in South Africa, 2 dollars and 15 cents. Almost as much it costs us: 2.20. Even in poor countries like India and China, it is more expensive. The most expensive – in Switzerland: a little short of $ 7.

In Chelyabinsk, the residents complain about the smoke and fumes

According to media and social media reports, the southern outskirts of the city suffer from smoke that smells of burning. Strong smoke is observed on the Trinity tract, the smell is felt even in Kopeysk

Russia will strengthen restrictions on public procurement of foreign goods

Deputy Prime Minister Yuri Borisov said that the volume of state purchases of Russian products is insignificant. The politician also believes that the Ministry of Finance and the FAS are not working effectively on this problem. This is reported by RBC, citing several sources familiar with the situation. He suggests that the government oblige state customers to buy at least half of the manufactured products from domestic companies. In addition, the official said that it is necessary to introduce quotas for purchases of Russian goods.

Russian debts have increased sixfold over the past decade

Overdue debts of Russians over the past ten years have increased six times: their volume per economically active resident of Russia at the beginning of this year was an average of 18-20 thousand rubles against 3 thousand rubles in early 2010, calculated for RIA Novosti in the National Association of professional collection agencies (napka).

Bank of China to help businesses suffering losses due to coronavirus

The people’s Bank of China promised to help a number of businesses that suffered losses from the coronavirus by lowering the interest rate on the loan and increasing financial support.

Latvian budget revenues in 2019

The Ministry of Finance reported that budget revenues in Latvia last year increased by 4.9% compared to the previous period and amounted to 11.41 billion euros, writes the LSM portal. The budget deficit was less than the forecast, within 0.5% of GDP, and was equal to 117.6 million euros.

Russia deports foreign citizens infected with coronavirus

Foreigners infected with the new coronavirus can be deported from Russia, said Mikhail Mishustin, the head of the country’s government.

The Network has the latest trailer for the remake of ” Mulan»

The latest trailer for the disney adaptation of the cartoon “Mulan” was presented to the audience at halftime of the broadcast of the super bowl final, the decisive game of the National football League in the United States, reports the Independent. This video was one of the first videos that were shown during the match.



Apple and Google will oblige to pre-install Russian apps

The Federal Antimonopoly service (FAS) proposes to oblige American developers of operating systems (OS) Apple, Google and Microsoft, along with manufacturers of smartphones, tablets and computers, to be responsible for pre-installing Russian applications and programs.

Apple, Google and Microsoft work in Russia through intermediaries and distributors, there will be no serious risks in terms of sanctions for them and companies are unlikely to agree to follow the requirements of the FAS, says chief analyst of the Russian Association of electronic communications Karen Kazaryan

Warm weather reduced Gazprom’s production in January

Gazprom’s natural gas production in January 2020 decreased by 6% to 44.3 billion cubic meters (from 47.32 in January 2019), according to Interfax calculations based on operational data from the Central Department of energy

Gazprom explained inflated prices at gas stations in Tatarstan

Methane at gas stations in Tatarstan in 2018 rose to 16 rubles. The cost of fuel increased by 2.5 rubles compared to 2017. At the same time, the actual cost price decreased by 14.22%. In General, since the beginning of 2015, retail prices for gas-engine fuel in the Republic of Tatarstan have increased by 54.29%, the Federal Antimonopoly service estimates

Gazprom gas engine fuel explained the high price of fuel in Tatarstan by the fact that they have no competitors in the region. The company pointed out that gas is cheaper in the Ulyanovsk and Saratov regions because Rosneft operates there»


Mass protests against corruption, unemployment and the existing political system continue in Iraq


Erdogan announced Turkey’s strikes on the Syrian military

Earlier, the Turkish defense Ministry announced the death of four soldiers and the injury of nine more as a result of shelling of their positions in Idlib. Ankara claims that the Syrian army conducted the attack, despite the fact that it was notified of the positions of the Turkish forces.

Russia refused to land a plane with German citizens from Wuhan

Russia refused to land the plane with German citizens who were evacuated by Berlin from the epicenter of the coronavirus in China, the Finnish newspaper Helsingin Sanomat reported. The aircraft was forced to land in Helsinki instead of the planned landing in Moscow.

Party for the nominees of the award “Oscar” will be vegan

According to the organizers, they were inspired by Joaquin Phoenix, who has long adhered to a vegan lifestyle and is active in animal protection. Actor and eco-activist Joaquin Phoenix was this year’s Oscar nominee in the Best actor category.

The first to exclude dishes of animal origin organizers of the traditional Breakfast of nominees, which was held in Los Angeles, writes the publication “Knife”. The next vegan event will be a private party in Beverly hills on February 7 from the William Morris Endeavor film Agency holding.

How many older people will be in Europe in 30 years?

According to the OECD estimates , there are a lot of them. Too much, even. In Spain, there are almost 80 elderly people per 100 people of working age. That is, on average, each employee will have to support another pensioner in addition to himself. Similar figures are expected in Italy and other European countries. In Russia, by 2050, the OECD expects 40 seniors per 100 employees to be 2 times more than they are now.

The state Duma proposed to ban the reception of parcels from China

The state Duma proposed to ban the reception of parcels with goods from Chinese online stores for the time of distribution of a new type of coronavirus 2019-nCoV. With this initiative, the Deputy Vitaly Milonov addressed the head of the Ministry of industry and trade Denis Manturov and the General Director of “Russian Post” Nikolai Podguzov.

Russia will create a new emergency response system

The non-profit partnership GLONASS has proposed to Roscosmos to create an emergency communication system under the working name Save+, the organization’s President Alexander Gurko told RBC. The technology is promising for finding people and controlling cargo, but the launch of the system will cost 31 billion rubles, and their source has not yet been found

The Ministry of internal Affairs proposed to introduce new combinations in the region codes for car numbers.

The published draft of changes to the departmental order drew the attention of the newspaper “Kommersant”. Divisions of the traffic police of the Russian Federation will be allowed to issue numbers with three-digit codes of regions starting with digits 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8 and 9. Appropriate changes are made to the order of the Ministry of internal Affairs. In Moscow, for example, motorists can get a number 677 or 999, in Yekaterinburg-666, and in the Altai territory-222. Today, there is a restriction: a three-digit code can only start with 1 or 7. This rule will be canceled in order to increase the number of possible combinations of state registration signs (GRZ).

Roscosmos Has started producing elevators

The enterprise of the Russian space Agency Ust-Katav car-building plant started production of elevators. This is reported by the United rocket and space Corporation (ORC), which is part of Roscosmos.

Personal data of Russian hypermarket chain customers leaked to the Internet

A database with personal data of customers of the Lenta network of Russian hypermarkets leaked to the Internet. According to the telegram channel “information Leaks”, it is for sale on one of the online forums.

The defendant in the case of torture in the Yaroslavl colony received a suspended sentence

Vladimir Kostyuk, a former employee of the Yaroslavl colony No. 1, accused of beating a prisoner Pavel Sokolov, was sentenced to three and a half years of probation with a four-year probation period.

The Kremlin told about the employment of all former members of the government

The Kremlin told about the employment of all former members of the government. Dmitry Peskov, the press Secretary of the Russian President, told about the new places of work for parliamentarians.

“Everyone is already employed,” Peskov said.

Who do people trust most?

According to surveys, on average, the most trusted people in the world are scientists (80%), their neighbors (69%), and citizens of their country (65%). We trust the very rich the least (only 36% are willing to trust them), governments (42%), and religious leaders (46%).

The Ambassador to Britain spoke about the fate of sanctions against Russia after Brexit

“Of course, they will certainly remain after the UK leaves the European Union. This has already been announced and there is a corresponding parliamentary law on this issue. First, sanctions will be imposed under the “Magnitsky act” and all the lists, stop lists, and so on that are made by the European Union will also be introduced. We have no doubt about it. Perhaps the UK will go a little tougher even than the EU does. But we do not expect any major innovations unexpected in the sanctions policy, ” Kelin said on the Rossiya 24 TV channel.

Share of those wishing to leave Russia

17 percent of Russians would like to move permanently to another country, according to a survey conducted by the ROMIR center. The results of the study are available to “Tapes.ru».

Most of the respondents — 14 percent of those who would like to leave Russia-consider the United States as a priority option. Eight percent of respondents said Spain and Germany. Seven percent indicated Canada, and the same number found it difficult to give an answer. Five percent of respondents would each choose Italy and Australia. Four percent of respondents liked Ukraine, Israel, Finland, and the “Europe as a whole”option.

In Syria, the militants attacked a Russian air base Hamim

Electronic warfare intercepted a group of drones sent by militants from the Idlib de-escalation zone to the Russian Hmeimim air base in Syria. This is reported by Interfax with reference to the Russian military. It is noted that there are no injuries or material damage.

In Northern Syria, the US military again stopped the Russian column

It is noted that in this area, American troops have already stopped Russian ones, which greatly complicated the situation and gave rise to rumors of a possible serious conflict. Some time ago, there was also information that a large column of military equipment from Russia was sent to the area.

Disciplinary liability for unlawful contracts for the supply of medicines

The Prosecutor General’s office of the Russian Federation reported on bringing to disciplinary responsibility officials of regional ministries of health who signed contracts in 2019 for the supply of medicines and medical equipment with ZAO “Firm Euroservice”.

As the Supervisory authority found out, in 2018 the company was brought to administrative responsibility for illegal remuneration on behalf of a legal entity (article 19.28 of the administrative code) and was blacklisted, prohibiting participation in public procurement. Despite this, the supplier, according to prosecutors, still got contracts for a total of 6.6 billion rubles.

Among the customers – the Ministry of health of Khakassia, medical institutions of Kursk, Chelyabinsk, Sakhalin, Jewish Autonomous region, the Republic of Buryatia and other regions, writes vademec.ru.

The Kremlin does not agree with the statements of Turkish President Erdogan on Crimea

The Kremlin does not agree with the statements of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan on Crimea and the situation with the Crimean Tatars, said the press Secretary of the Russian President Dmitry Peskov.

“In this part, we strongly disagree with our Turkish partners, we do not agree with the language used in this context, we have repeatedly spoken about the groundlessness of any concerns about the Crimean Tatars,” he said.

This is how he commented on Erdogan’s words that Ankara does not recognize that Crimea belongs to Russia and continues to monitor the situation of the Crimean Tatars.

The President of Ukraine welcomed the President of Turkey on Monday

“I am glad to welcome Erdogan to Kiev. This is our second meeting in the last six months, ” Zelensky wrote on Twitter. He also noted that exactly 28 years ago, on February 3, 1992, Ukraine and Turkey established diplomatic relations. “Over the years, Ukraine and Turkey have come a long way to mutually beneficial strategic partnership,” the head of state said.

The Ulyanovsk deputies have named streets in honor of Stalin and Putin

So people’s deputies of the Terengulsky district Council of deputies of the Ulyanovsk region announced the problem of the village of Lysogorsky. By order of the Governor, 800 plots were allocated there for beneficiaries, but for several years they did not conduct communications…

Valentina Prokudina, head of the Podkurovskoye rural settlement, confirmed to Kommersant-Volga that they have streets of Stalin, the 75th anniversary of Victory, Veterans, Peace, and Friendship. And assigning the name “Putin street” deputies had in mind the President of Russia.

“Maybe at least now they will pay attention to us, it will still be a shame, probably, that the 75th anniversary of Victory street or Putin street are in such a deplorable state. There is no gas, electricity, water and normal roads, ” the head of the rural settlement said

Religious representatives ask for the Constitution

The ROC, represented by the Patriarch, has already spoken about amendments to the Constitution. Patriarch Kirill offered to pray and work so that “God is also mentioned in our basic law”.

Talgat Tajuddin, head of the spiritual administration of Muslims of Russia, developed the raised topic. He suggested that the new order should include material support from taxes for citizens of traditional religions

French companies are banned to throw out unsold goods

According to The Guardian, according to the new law, all products that the company could not sell must be given to charity, reused, or sent for recycling. This applies not only to goods produced in France, but also to imports. Manufacturers of designer clothing and accessories, cosmetics and electronics were banned

The law also States that by 2023, all disposable plastic should disappear from the French fast food industry, and pharmacies, if possible, will start selling medicines in individual doses for each specific buyer.

What does the 10-day hospital in Wuhan look like from the inside

The construction of the Lakhta Center was called into question

Workers are being held up for wages and as explained to the builders of the complex, there is no money for several months, as the company “Gazprom” has paid taxes. Nevertheless, the workers ‘ salaries are promised to be paid in full in the near future.

The Turkish company Renaissance Construction is engaged in the construction of the second stage of the Gazprom business center. The General contractor was chosen because of the extensive experience in the construction of skyscrapers, explained earlier in the “Lakhta Center”. According to the website of the Lakhta Center, a total of about 250 people work at the facility, including technical support staff. Almost all the specialists were attracted by two contractors-the German firm Bauer and the St. Petersburg company Geostroy.

The main owner of Renaissance Construction is a billionaire from Turkey, Erman Ylijak. The company is part of the Renaissance Holding group and is active in the Russian market»

Forced to part with far Eastern hectares

A resident of Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, Yevgeny Shubenkov, and several other people (about ten in total) are forced by a court decision to part with their far Eastern hectares, because they have an owner. All the plots are located in the village of Sokol in the Dolinsky district, and people have already invested all their money in the construction of some of them, for example, they put supports for lighting.

Yevgeny turned to the editorial office of IA Sakh.com and he said that in 2017, he received a hectare in Sokol. I was going to develop agriculture there, but while I was thinking about how best to implement my idea, I learned that the land was taken away and now a debt was put on it. Yevgeny Shubenkov addressed Governor Valery Limarenko on Facebook. The Governor did not help

In Antarctica, warm water was found under a glacier.

In early January, researchers drilled a well 600 meters deep and 35 centimeters in diameter and installed a special device that found a layer of record-breaking warm water with a temperature of two degrees Celsius at the base of the glacier

Iran offered to pay $80,000 in compensation

Iran offered to pay $80 thousand compensation to relatives of Ukrainian citizens who were killed in the crash of a passenger Boeing 737 near Tehran. This was stated by Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky.

“It seems to me that this is not enough —” he said. — When the wife of the deceased says that her husband was the only breadwinner, and she does not have a job and the child needs to go to the Institute – $80 thousand is not enough.”

The President promised that Kiev will insist on increasing the amount, but noted that human life “is not measured by any money.”

Ukraine will appeal to the international court of justice, Zelensky added. He recalled that the authorities paid the relatives of the victims 200 thousand hryvnia ($8.3 thousand) “the Second part of the compensation-from” International airlines of Ukraine “through insurance companies,” – he said.

Russian creditors demanded 9 million euros from marine Le Pen

A Russian company linked to the security services has decided to repay a 9 million Euro loan issued in 2014 to French nationalist marine Le Pen. The Moscow arbitration court will consider such a claim in June, Open media learned. The French media believed that by issuing such loans, the Kremlin was trying to influence French politics.

A new trailer of the movie “Top gun: Maverick»

Paramount Pictures has released a new trailer for “Top gun: Maverick” starring Tom cruise. The video was posted on the company’s YouTube channel on February 2. The trailer shows new footage from the movie: training, flying, and aerial battles.



“1917” by Sam Mendes received BAFTA statuettes in seven categories

The historical drama “1917” by Sam Mendes received BAFTA statuettes in seven categories: “Film of the year”, “Best British film”, “Directing”, “Cinematography”, “Production design”, “Sound”, “Visual effects”.

The state Hermitage Museum increases the cost of tickets for foreigners

The Hermitage will increase the cost of a single ticket to the Museum from February 4 by 100 rubles-up to 800 rubles. Existing benefits for citizens of Russia and Belarus will remain in force: they will still be able to visit the Hermitage for 400 rubles. For people who have the right to free entry, the conditions for visiting the Hermitage will not change either. The reasons for the increase in ticket prices are not explained in the message.

Rostec’s daughter will develop equipment for 5G networks

Vedomosti newspaper reports that in Russia it is planned to organize the development of equipment for mobile networks of the fifth generation (5G). The project intend to implement the company “Globalinformation” (GIS) and concern “Constellation”.

An Australian scientist has announced the possibility of 6G

According to the University of Sydney doctor Mahyar Shirvanimoghaddam, 6G will be faster than 5G by thousands of times. Data transfer rates in sixth-generation networks can reach one terabit per second, according to PhonAndroid.

The expert’s conclusion States that in order to achieve high speed, many obstacles will have to be removed. In particular, the engineers will have to change the computer architecture and solve the problem of high heating of the materials that will be used to build the 6G infrastructure.

As of early 2020, 5G does not have a sufficiently developed global infrastructure for commercial use. At the end of January, it became known about Japan’s plans to launch a sixth-generation network by 2030. The report says that the development of 6G will help to build a new society in which priority will be given to the rapid transmission of data.

Developed a cheap way to amplify the Wi-Fi signal ten times

The mit artificial intelligence lab has developed a way to amplify the Wi-Fi signal almost tenfold. They developed the so-called “smart surface” RFocus. The prototype of such a surface, in fact, consists of more than 3 thousand miniature antennas. According to the developers, in combination with special software, the solution provides maximum signal reception.

Group Bi-2 presented a new video for the song ” Hell»



Lil Wayne has released a new album

New Orleans-born rapper Lil Wayne released a new album, “Funeral”, which includes 24 tracks, including joint recordings with 2 Chainz, Lil Baby, Jay Rock, deceased XXXTentacion, Takeoff, and other artists.

Google has created an alternative to YouTube

Users can now rate the new Google Tangi app. Similar to YouTube, the program has the same guides and different life hacks. The application of the American Corporation is experimental and developed in the Area 120 laboratory.

Google announced the release of a free SMS analogue called RCS

The high cost of SMS forces many customers to use other means of communication, but the situation may change soon. Google has announced the release of a free analogue of the “short message service” called RCS.

Microsoft Edge will block software downloads

Edge already uses the SmartScreen filter to protect against phishing and malware, but this feature can also block downloads that contain potentially unwanted software code. GLAS previously announced the transition of the Edge browser to the Chromium engine

The UN said about the dangers of digital voice assistants with women’s voices

According to the latest UN report, digital voice assistants with female voices reinforce gender biases, as users begin to treat the fairer sex as service personnel, that women should work as assistants, and at the same time be obedient as slaves, according to UN officials. They believe that technology companies have failed to take protective measures against offensive or sexist statements by users, thus showing inexcusable carelessness.

Robots made of polymer that absorbs liquid

Robots that have unique properties for mechanisms were created By scientists at Cornell University, writes New Scientist. The device looks like a person’s hand with fingers, they can take small items. We printed the manipulator on a 3D printer, the material is hydrogel. This is a polymer that absorbs liquid – it is under its pressure that the “fingers ” bend.

The temperature of the robot arm can be adjusted independently – thanks to the hydrogel, it is able to cool three times more efficiently than the human body. When heated above 30 degrees Celsius, the” skin ” of the robot arm opens pores through which moisture evaporates and cools the device. In 30 seconds, the temperature drops by 21 degrees Celsius. Almost perfect development has one drawback – the robot is not able to replenish water reserves.

“Robots that work through Autonomous sweating should also be able to drink,” the scientists state.



Rose fragrance improves learning during sleep

A new study has proven the effect of odors on learning success. Students were invited to conduct the study. They were studying English in a room filled with the smell of flowers. Training was conducted during the day and at night. Students memorized their vocabulary better when the scent of flowers was in the air. According to scientists, the supporting effect of fragrances works very reliably, it can be used purposefully.

Russian scientists have identified a mechanism that affects the division of cancer cells

Scientists from Sechenov University conducted a study of the mechanism of formation of microtubules that make up the cell skeleton, which will allow the development of drugs that prevent the division of tumor cells in the body. This is reported by the press service of the University.

According to research, microtubules are involved in cell division. So, they are affected by the most important anti-cancer drug paclitaxel. According to scientists, understanding the mechanism of dynamic instability of microtubules will now allow us to create even more effective anti-cancer drugs.

Scientists have found a way to fight herpes, hepatitis and coronaviruses

Scientists from the University of Geneva have created a sugar-based medicine that effectively fights viral diseases: from flu to coronavirus. The drug is not toxic and does not provoke resistance in infections. Its molecules destroy the viral envelope, preventing it from infecting the body. Cyclodextrin can be used in the form of a gel, cream or spray.

Relatives of extinct giant turtles found on Galapagos

Scientists who surveyed the Galapagos national Park found several dozen turtles that can help revive extinct species. According to experts, some reptiles are relatives of “Lone George” – the last representative of the Abingdon elephant turtles.

Fast music makes it easier to play sports

Scientists conducted an experiment that showed that the heart of volunteers who listened to fast music, beat as fast as possible and at the same time they almost did not complain about the load, according to Frontiers in Psychology.